Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Epilogue Face-to-face

That night...

Disguised as the lord of the second law, I returned to Pavlohetara Palace.

When I moved to the courtyard with my feet, my dad and mother were waiting for me in the shopping cafeteria "The Wind of the Great Ocean Plains".

There are white tablecloths, candlesticks, vases, and other items on the table.

The food seemed to be well prepared, and the fragrant smell of baked bread floated.

What do you look like?

That's right, I have to be rude to meet Misha-chan and Sasha-chan's mother

That's what my dad said.

By the way, I forgot to ask, but what's your mother's name?

Mom asks me.

It's Erenesia.

"...... Erenesia is definitely in the magic bullet world...?"

My father and mother have been spending some time in Pablo Hetala. He also read the Demon King newspaper, where the Death King rose, and he has a good knowledge of the Silver Water Sacred Sea.

“The god of creation. There is no god or head of state in that world right now, but she will act as a substitute for the rest of the world.”

I'll explain.

"Oh, god of creation..."

Your dad swallows his spit.

"Well then, Sasha-chan and Misha-chan are in the magic bullet world..."

Mom is nervous and turns to Dad.

"The princess at the God's house...?"

My dad says it in a terrifying tone.

There seems to be some misunderstanding and confusion.

"There is no notion of princess in the Divine Clan. Misha and Sasha are from the same Militia world as us."

"Oh no! Does that mean...!?"

What did you think this time? My father opened his mouth as if he had been shocked.


I can hear you from the back.

Turning around, the gods of creation were Erenesia, Misha, and Sasha.

"Thank God you're here."

That's what I said, and I pointed my hands at my dad and mom and introduced them.

My father, Gustav, and my mother, Isabella.

"I am the creator of the magic bullet world, Ellenesia. Please be familiar with it."

My dad bowed his head in a daze.

"T-That's my father!" It's nothing ordinary, but thank you for your patience! "

Father, are you going to be my daughter-in-law?

But Mom laughed like she was going to follow right away.

"Please sit down, Mr. Ellenesia." Misha and Sasha. I baked you some delicious bread. Let's all eat together. ”


And, for some reason, my dad is responding.

Apparently, I'm nervous all the time.

"Dad, you don't have to be hard."

Then, my father whispered his ears to me, shoulder to shoulder.

"Don't worry, Anos. Dad, I'll do my best. Looks like a hundred battles."

Like a battle-sensitive mercenary, my dad told Kiza.

"I don't think the two families met each other."

That seems rather problematic in a hundred battles of polishing.

I don't think I've ever seen Celice Voldigord in her life.

If you turn your gaze toward her,


She was laughing softly.

"Great, your battle will be rewarded."

She said.

“Gusta, I've got something for you today.”

Then my father's face tightened.

"I don't think I remember."

Ellenesia put her hand on her chest.

From the inside of her roots, a purple lightning ran and a round mass appeared.

It was a concentrated bead of lightning magic --- "Extinguishing Purple Thunderclap Eye."

“I want you to take it.”

Dad turned his attention to the magic bead.

Then, the magic bead glowed pale purple. As it resonated, my father's roots emitted light, and purple lightning ran through his eyes.

My father's eyes, which were supposed to be devil's eyes, were stained with purple.

Dad put his hand in front of him.

"Now is not the time."

I said that with an optimistic expression.

Like my father, Cerris Voldigord.

"... what do you mean?"

"It's for my son."

My dad says.

The father of the Ellenesian world knew that he could not be completely reincarnated and would lose his strength and memory.

That's why I deposited it in a trusted one before my reincarnation.

In other words, my father now has memories of his previous life...?

"... what does it matter that you're no longer the last Voldigord?"

That's what Ellenesia asked as she groped.

With a strange face, Dad nods.

"To not make my son the last Voldigord."

In the world of Erenesia, my father Celice was called the last Voldigord.

Is it related to this bloodline that has been inherited from cotton, and the roots of destruction?

What's that?

Seriously, Ellenesia asks.

"I know exactly how it feels not to recognize a man who takes two daughters together as parents."

The flow has changed.

"So Anos thought. It's impossible to get two daughters, so I think I should go to my son-in-law!"

Anos-chan is so sweet!

Your mother's backup fire has arrived.

"But as a parent, that's not the problem!" My son-in-law begged me to have my two daughters with her! That's why I came to give it back today! Take the jewel instead of the gratuity! Isn't that right, Erenesia-san! "

Totally my dad.

I can assure you that my father, Cerris Voldigord, has no memories of dust.

"Gusta, please listen to me. You misunderstand."


That's what Ellenesia said, but my dad also said he would lose.

"It's true that I'm a misunderstanding, and I may not be able to flatter you!" But that's all I know about Anos! "

My dad is driving like an unstoppable runaway train.

"He's a surprised guy, but he's always serious!" I've always been serious, and I've been confronted with both of your daughters! Anos always treated Sasha and Misha fairly and always said it was like a habit! ”

With a sincere expression on his face and a serious face, Dad spat out his sincere thoughts.

"'Did you think that just because it's two strands wasn't pure love?' That's...!"

I didn't say that.

"That's the kind of guy!" You're a straight liar, but no matter how impossible it seems, you're going to make it. It was this guy who saved the Militia world, and so was the [Silver World Magic Bullet (Zoneid)] this time. I've done miracles many times... so I'm sure...! "

Dad bows his head vigorously.

"Please, Ellenesia-san!" I won't tell you to admit it now. Give him a chance! Just a little more and see what he's doing! Please! "

Ellenesia is overwhelmed by her father's momentum and is half stunned.

"... what is the magic bullet and what is the full moon?" It depends on the person. "

After the silence, Ellenesia cut it out.

"What is pure love and what are the two strands?" No one knows that. "

"You know exactly..."


Sasha and Misha muttered to their mother's thoughts, which were too spectacular after harsh days.

The Second Demon King Muto had values that were difficult for her to understand.

That's why I can follow my father's claims without knowing why.

"Since these children are originally alone, I may have thought that one alone is not enough for pure love."

"Well then..."

With a gaze full of anticipation, Dad looked at Ellenesia.

"You may not remember, but once we fought together in the world of Ellenesia. This was taken from you at that time. Proof of our bond that we could not have given back."

Ellenesia gently handed the magic bead to her father.

"I'm proud that your battle has now shifted to happiness."

Ellenesia saw her mother.

"I am proud that your dedication has borne fruit here."

Mother looked back at her with a dazzling face.

"Wonderful. I feel like I've seen you somewhere before, with Erenesia..."

Mom waved her hand in embarrassment.

"I-I 'm sorry...!"

“No, I don't mind if you call me that.”


Ellenesia nods quietly.

Mom said, shining her expression suddenly.

"Great. I didn't get a chance because Anos grew up sooner, but I wanted a mom friend!"

"My daughters are now fifteen years old, like babies."

And if Ellenesia speaks,

"That's true as a god tribe..."


Sasha and Misha muttered again.

"In other words, this magic bead (Mahoju) is the previous life of your father...?" There must be a memory of him, right? You don't remember anything, do you? "

Sasha says that and looks at my dad.

"...... I thought...... I came out!"

Dad grips the magic bead.

It was overflowing with bees and purple electricity.

"My dad wanted a friend too...!"

"Looks like I can't..."

Sasha blurs.

"It would have been unexpected for my father to lose his power altogether." Well, under some condition, that demon eye might become familiar with my current body. "

Just as the Second Demon King Muto had cast magic on his roots, it was not surprising that his father, Cerris Voldigord, had some sort of magic to activate.

My father manipulated the magic that embodied his potential. We could have prepared for more possibilities than Muto.

"Don't be in a hurry. Let's have a meal."


We sat down at the table and ate mom and dad's baked bread and dishes.

As Celice Voldigord, my father made a covenant with Erenesia and fought for peace.

As Luna Artsenon, she visited the world of Erenesia and supported him.

The Creator God, Ellenesia, saw the end of the two of them until the end of the world.

There must have been a story, but now they don't have that memory.


What's your hobby about Ellenesia?

"... observing the world..."

"Fufufu, that's nice." What are the highlights? "

"The magic bullet world will rain at a set time." But there are times when it's just a few seconds off. In a few seconds, the personality of the rain is revealed. "

"I know! So does Anos-chan..."

But now the three blossoming in the middle of an incomplete story were certainly won by those who fought in dreams of a day that would never come.