A square room that feels nostalgic somewhere.

A large blackboard that accounts for more than half of one side of a wall with four sides.

Beautifully plaid lined wooden desks and chairs.

Classroom, that's the only room I can call that from anywhere.

And around the center of it, five girls are seated in a side-by-side row, as if they were waiting for me.

"This is the Lord's sons. These are your new students."

The lady in maid clothes who had guided me so far said as if it had already been decided, pointing to the five men with her hands.

The girls stare silently at me.

One is like a worthy one. Another is like a disdain. And another one yawns boringly. Each of the five have different emotional colors in their eyes.

"These kids..."

When I knocked over that door, I was going to be ready for everything.

I was going to, but this is unexpected on the boulder.

Between people (...), (...) was (...) Ahh (...) Ri (...) Ahh (...) In front of those five girls with special (...) symbols (...), I could only look at them flashly.

- 1 week ago.

"Frey, you don't have to come tomorrow."

A large desk with piles of paperwork, an old man growing a white fine beard sitting across from it, said that to me.

"Is...? Dean of the Academy... what you're saying makes a lot of sense..."

"Hmm...... Well, let me be brief, because you mean K (...)."


"Yes, you're fired."

When the dean says so, he begins to process a pile of paperwork on hand, just saying that it is a story that has ended some time ago.

Am I fired... Fired...... Fired!?

"K, fired!? Me!? Why!?"

"Why? Isn't that what you know best?

The Dean now glances at me and says so in a cold tone.

Hidden behind thick glasses that I could only see for a moment, those eyes seemed to have a colour of even colder contempt than that tone.

"It's refreshing! We don't even know what to look at!

Looking back at faculty life, which hasn't been that long yet, I have no idea what it's like to be fired all of a sudden. You haven't done anything like that yet.

The dean exhaled loudly against me, arguing that way with his voice rough.

And I opened my mouth again with that look on its face that I had told him to do it.

"Several female students have informed me that they received inappropriate instruction from you."

"Phew, inappropriate instruction!?

I still don't feel it when I hear that word and think back again.

Inappropriate instruction for female students, the sound of the words alone is certainly quite inappropriate.

But naturally I don't remember doing that.

"Well, there have been multiple testimonies from other students who have not been harmed."

"Which students are you!? I refuse to do that."

"There's no way I can tell. It's not you I should protect, it's the students. And I'm not giving you the right to defend yourself."

Make sure you can cover my protest, and that's what the Dean of the Academy will tell you in a not-so-loud but clear tone.

From that tone of thrust, I can tell you that I am no longer a man to protect.

"This, even the right to defend...?

"Well, that was a unanimous decision by the board and the faculty. Accept it."

That said, lifting a slightly uneven pair of glasses, the Dean of the Academy offers me a piece of paperwork.

It says here that the board and the faculty unanimously decided to strip me, Frey Garnett, of my faculty credentials at this college.

"I don't..."

wrapped in a deeper sense of despair.

There is no such thing as a blue sky thunderbolt.

I had felt swordswallowing air since I was suddenly summoned by the Dean of the College on holiday, but I never imagined it would be this far.

"Frey, where are we?


I said, "Where are we?"

The dean will now look straight at me and ask me that question.

"Royal...... It's the Lux School of Martial Arts and Magic......"

I didn't think anything would change in answer to that, but I would answer that question with a conditional reflex due to the upward and downward relationship cultivated so far.

"Bye. And what's the philosophy?

"It is to find the next generation of young people with heroic vessels and guide them right…"

"Um, yeah. So you know that this college will be attended by a lot of promising people, mainly from some of the most famous families in the country?

"... Yes"

Hero of the Redemption, brave...... College in the name of Lux. Commonly known as the College of the Brave.

Fifteen years and still shallow in history from its inception, the best talent in the country is also gathered as faculty in sectors other than martial arts and magic under its name, and it is known as the highest level of education in the country by reputation.

Students gather young people with talents that are unmatched in some form of skill, mainly from the country's leading families, many of whom hold key positions in the country and the military.

So if you were innocent, you'd have to make that decision at the time of this.

"... is that because I'm out of the civilian...?

"... Frey, it's pointless for each other to go on like this. I wouldn't even call the guards, would I?

I couldn't spin any more words against the Dean of the Academy, who said a final announcement that would just unilaterally push him away without answering the question.

And left that room behind silently as it was.