I am a common stone in Korea.

A man in the right hands, in the right hands, in the right hands, in the military, in the right hands, in engineering. Of course, it is not a natural monument that has never held a woman's hand before.

In fact, I had to stop studying in the undergraduate department, but I went to graduate school curiously.

There was no goal of becoming a professor. The whole point was to get a degree and get a job at a decent lab. As long as you get a lot of salary.

Anyway, today was a special day. In many ways.

It was the day of entertainment for the judges before the final examination of the masters' papers. Horses are for dinner. I went to the second place and played really loud.

Everyone but me has left a string of rationality in the alcohol. I opened up my wallet a little more to blame me for spending more money. Where did you sell your social status as a professor?

I had to hear a lot of bitterness in the process. Starting with the words, "I wouldn't have given you a passing grade if it weren't for a master's paper," I was insulted by what this is.

But I endured it.

I am not dull enough to not know my position. I am thorough.

It wasn't even stamped on the paper yet. I needed to fit their insinuations as best I could.

I knew right away that this side was dirty. You should have listened to them for a day or two. It's because I'm a man, and if I was a girl, I might have done worse.

It's the tip of the iceberg. It's enormous just to see it with my own eyes. If we investigate properly, there will be many professors looting on rainy days.

I went to school on my own and ended up like this, but if I got a little greedy and went to another school, I could get caught up in it.

But in the meantime, there was a proper professor.

My supervisor.

The only time he didn't play with the girl, he told me with a drunken face.

“Soo-hyun! Grab a cab. I have to go home.”

“Yes, sir! ”

You're glowing!

It was the only intellect of this age.

It's the greatest blessing of my life to have a professor like this. Don't you think this is what you're getting into?

I swiftly called a cab after my room. Soon after the taxi arrived, I picked up my advisor and pushed him out of the cab.

“Go in safely! ”

“Yes. Good work today. Don't worry too much about judging! Even if the professors say that, they are looking at it positively. Hahahaha!”

“Then…. ”

“Get ready for a Ph.D. You're not gonna finish your master's degree, are you? ”

“Of course!”

This is the moment when slaves are reborn as enhanced slaves.

I felt an excitement. Yeah, I study this flavor. After switching to thermal mode for a while, I want to get into Ph.D. and work properly.

Get a great job, get a beautiful wife, have kids like rabbits, and now my life is Copernicus' transformation!

Earth isn't the only round thing.

My life is round too. It's sunrise when I'm on my bike.

So I took a cab, woke up for a while and sat down on one side. The other professors in the room will be busy rubbing your ass anyway.

If you know Eul, I think you'll like him a little bit.

But I feel something cool.


Headlights are on one side.

I turned my head inadvertently. A massive truck races at a terrifying speed with a clock.

It was too late when I realized something was wrong.

The truck's movements are unstable, wondering where the problem is. It came rushing towards me. I froze to the brisk sound of it.

“Damn……. ”


In an unexpected place, I found a rumoured revival truck.