Martial Peak

Chapter 6066, Postscript Adding New Book

Mood is complicated, I don't know why, write it.

On October 17, 2012, Wu Lianfeng began to serve, on September 25, 2021, and Wu Yong ended.

Almost nine years, 18.33 million words.

When the whole book is finished, the whole person seems to be taken out, exhausted, free, more is not.

Even if you raise a child, the child has grown up for nine years.

For me, Wu Xia has raised the nine years of children to go to me today, it is very uncomfortable.

I often see a book friend asked, I am still a junior high school student when I look at Wu Lian, and now my child is soy sauce ...

In fact, in the process of Wuyi Creation, there have been two end programs. When the secret star story is over, it is an end of the starry plot, but because some external and my own reasons, this plan is extended.

How many years can people 's life, the little Mo is now the old Mo.

This nine years can be said to be the most important nine years in my life.

During this period, the children were launched, let my life character from her husband to the father. Today, this society, the cost of born children is too big, and if there is no military, there is no child's diaper, milk powder money.

So, here, the little Mo's family in the family, thank all the book friends, thank you, thank you for the support of this nine years, it is your subscription and reward, let us get Health and thrive growth!

Thank you sincere!

Nine years of time, 18.33 million words, the speed is not fast, especially in the late, everyone should be aware that the update becomes very slow.

Because I had already entered the end of the countdown, I wrote that it is very complicated. It is very troublesome. It takes too much thing. I have to consider, I'm really can't go, I write a chapter, I means that the distance is more close. I am afraid that there is already this plan in my heart, but it is really tangled when I really implement it.

But after all, you still have to say goodbye ...

In today, the Wu Lian is officially completed. In the future, I used the text to knock out, and I haven't need to do it, this is a very sad thing.

Recalling this nine years, I am most proud of it, I haven't broken more (I have made an oolong, I have sent a new book of Wu Xia to the new book, causing many misunderstandings), even if it is I haven't broken it in the sick hospitalization.

The acute gastroenteritis, very serious, lived in the hospital for a week, still in the codeword, the result is a few times in the hand, and the hand is swollen with the steamed bun., I also have a few needles.

Hey, there are a lot of words that I want to say, but I don't know why, my thoughts are messy ...

so be it.

Finally, the new book has been released. As an old man who has not issued a new book in nine years, there is a rule of the list of books today, do not understand, but no matter what rules, eventually can't leave the brothers and sisters. Vigorously support.

The old age has passed, the new era is coming, please ask all the people to move the new book, and support me for this old new support.

When there is a lot of interesting ideas, there have been a lot of ideas, because they don't meet the worldview and strength systems of Wu Lai, but they are not used in the new book.

If you can see everyone's familiar faces in the new book, it will be my biggest comfort.



PS: The new book "Human Dao Sheng" has been released, begging for support! ! !