[Chapter 3, Initial Game]

The next morning, Dr. Qin handled the discharge formalities for Xie Mingzhe, and Xie Mingzhe went to talk to the insurance company to settle the medical expenses.

The world's health insurance system is so perfect, he bought critical illness insurance just in time to include accidents, full reimbursement of medical expenses, Xie Mingzhe's stone finally let go. The so-called "debt free", although a little poor and with little savings, has no external debt, and the pressure will naturally be much smaller if you just need to feed yourself.

After a busy morning, Xie Mingzhe finally got out of the hospital. He thanked Dr. Qin and turned around and walked out the door of the hospital.

The sun outside was a bit dazzling, slept for a month and stood in the sun, Xie Mingzhe's head suddenly fainted. He took a few deep breaths over his head, and the world in front of him became clearer.

With all sorts of floating cars flying through the air, the world of tall buildings seems to be covered in mechanized ice.

Xie Mingzhe stood in the street for a while, and a strange high-tech environment made him feel deeply about the fact that he had been reborn.

Farewell to AD 2018, rebirth star 3001 years, turned into another fallen teenager Xie Mingzhe. Though he got a shitty hand in the opening, it's okay that he has two memories and has the confidence to live well in this world on his own.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and smiled with a clear smile on his face, turning to the nearby public suspension station - with hands and feet and brains, he did not believe that a large living person could still die of poverty and starvation.

Taking a hover to the terminal on the outskirts of the city, Xie Mingzhe walked to a dilapidated residential building based on his memory. He came to the 10th floor and saw a middle-aged woman waiting for him at the door. The middle-aged woman obviously blessed herself, but stepped on a pair of very thin heels. When she saw Xie Mingzhe, she rolled her eyes. Cold and cold: “Finally, you're back. I thought you were missing intentionally to escape the rent! ”

Xie Mingzhe handed her his case file with apologies: “Aunt Zhang, I didn't mean to. I've been living in the hospital all month. ”

Aunt Zhang didn't pick up the case and looked at him obliquely: "Hospitalized? You're not looking for this shitty excuse to pay my rent, are you? ”

Her tone of ridicule was so obvious that she clearly looked down on him as a poor boy. Xie Mingzhe simply forwarded the $800 rental cell phone to her in person, "Sorry for the delay of a month and the inconvenience.” Whatever their attitude, defaulting on rent is indeed their fault.

The middle-aged woman received the transfer and followed closely: "What are you going to do with the August rent? ”

Remembering the balance of the bank card 200, Xie Mingzhe hastily said: “I've had some problems lately, can you wait for me to start paying the rent in August?” With a month's grace, he would have thought of a way, but with Aunt Zhang's attitude, he shouldn't speak so well.

“When you start school?” Indeed, Aunt Zhang's voice immediately pulled up and looked at him with disdain. "Either turn it in now or move it away now! You can't pay the rent. You can go to the charity shelter. Don't come to me! ”

“…” Xie Mingzhe frowned slightly. He had seen many of these mean little citizens, especially Xie Mingzhe of the world, who had suffered from cold eyes since he was a child. He didn't want to whisper and beg, just nod his head and say, "Okay, I'll move out as soon as I can. ”

Thought the teenager would beg her. As a result, Aunt Zhang raised her head in confusion and glanced at the teenager's bright eyes.

That look was completely different from the frustrated teenager she first met, but with well-deserved confidence and candor.

Seeing her head up, the teenager bent her eyes and smiled: "Without saying goodbye, we shouldn't be seeing each other again, thank you for taking care of me for a while. ”

Polite and serene goodbye, so cultivated, on the contrary, made Aunt Zhang very embarrassed to speak harshly.

Watching him turn around and pull out his thin back, Aunt Zhang suddenly had a very strange feeling in her heart - she always felt that the teenager was much more spiritual than before, and she was even more handsome to laugh at, not as frustrating to look at as she used to be. Unfortunately, he's no longer handsome, he's just a poor kid with no reason why he can't turn the saltfish upside down?

Aunt Zhang held on to the unwinding of her heart and frowned and turned away.

Xie Mingzhe swiped the card into the house.

The room was small, with the exception of the bathroom, where the rest of the space was covered with beds and closets with little room for feet, and his suitcase could only be placed under the bed. Xie Mingzhe leaned over and opened the suitcase, all with clothes, daily necessities and a particularly old computer.

He has all the memories of the original owner, so it's not surprising to see these things.

After packing quickly, he sat beside the bed and turned on his computer, searching for the keyword "part-time earnings”.

After scanning all kinds of part-time information at first glance, his eyes quickly fell on a small line of mixed words: “The Nirvana Studio near Diguang University recruits temporary workers between the ages of 18 and 25. Since the dormitories are double rooms, there is currently only one vacant male bed, so only males are recruited. Bag and pack, $3,000 a month. ”

He is of the right age and gender, convenient to work part-time in the immediate vicinity of the school and, more importantly, “pack and tuck”, which can solve his biggest predicament at present. But what exactly does this studio do? Xie Mingzhe, curious, simply sent a text message to the site, politely asked: "What is the work of the studio? I want to come over and apply. ”

The other party quickly replied: "We are a game leveling studio and our main business is card repair and card cultivation for Star Card Storm, which requires at least one year of experience in Star Card Storm and familiarity with all the rules of the game. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Your sister, the job advertisement, the key requirement is that you don't write clearly!

Xie Mingzhe has never played Star Card Storm, but he is familiar with game leveling. When he first went to college, he used his free time as a hero league and king honor leveling, giving several clients the highest ranking. He was even approached by an e-sports club to invite him to become a professional player on the e-sports team, but at the time his idea was to find a steady job after graduation, so he declined.

Does the future world actually have a "game proxy" profession?

This old business should do well. Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe was a little excited and quickly replied: “I haven't played Star Card Storm, but I've been a proxy for other games for several years. I'm very familiar with the business. Can I come to your studio to apply? ”

The other side wonders: “What game? ”

Xie Mingzhe thought that games such as the League of Heroes and the King's Glory would not exist in the world, and he didn't dare to say anything. “I play small games, but I have a lot of experience in my generation. I also know a little bit about Storm Star Card, and I promise to learn it within two days. ”

They hesitated: “If you haven't played Star Card Storm, it will definitely affect our efficiency! ”

Xie Mingzhe took an immediate step back: “Then I'll be an intern for the first month. I'll only get half my salary. Would you look at that? ”

The other side was amazed: "You mean, you can accept 1,500 salary? ”

Xie Mingzhe did not hesitate: "Yes! ”

Even if the mosquitoes are small, they are meat. The world's crystalline coins are about the same as the Renminbi prices of the Earth's era. 1500 college students can live on enough for a month, saving some food and spending a little more money. If he's officially hired, 3,000 a month, isn't that Aesthetic? The key is that the studio is close to the school, packed and packed, and if it's well timed, you can consider working part-time.

Xie Mingzhe's head turned quickly and decided on the idea: “Just give me 1,500. I'll be an intern first, and then you'll hire me. ”

The other side quickly sent a message: "Try it. See you at 2: 30 p.m. ”

Xie Mingzhe glanced: “Thank you, I will be there on time! ”

* * *

At 2: 30 p.m., Xie Mingzhe arrived at the interview site with his packed luggage.

As he had originally imagined, the proxy studio was like a "black internet cafe," with a row of computers in a room closed to the environment, and several dead homes with acne stared at the computer screen and tapped on the keyboard with no expression.

However, when he arrived at the scene, he was surprised - only to see neat helmets and rows of spinning seats lined up in the lobby, with an ultra-large virtual LCD screen in the middle of the room, constantly refreshing some data.

Looking at these high-tech things, Xie Mingzhe thought he had come to the science fiction movie space station.

A 278-year-old boy walked in with a cigarette and his hair was a little messy and his shirt was wrinkled, as if it had been picked up from somewhere, with dark circles indicating that he must not have slept well last night. He looked at the curious teenager like a monster and asked, "You're the one who can't play Star Card Storm, but comes to recruit a game rep? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded with a thick face: “I have not played Star Card Storm, but I have been a proxy for other games, the game is solid and will learn quickly.” He tried very hard to sell himself.

The man laughed out loud as if he heard a funny joke.

Xie Mingzhe was not ashamed to look at each other openly: “I'll try it first, if it doesn't work, I'll leave again, will you give me a chance? ”

The teenager looked sincerely and was not frightened at all. The man raised a little fondness for this courageous guy and waved to him and said, "Okay, come here. It's actually not hard to brush the material, you can brush it a few times. ”

The man said, taking Xie Mingzhe into the next room and handing him a brand new helmet: "Now that you've been practicing, you should know the rules of our line, just complete the customer requirements as soon as possible, so you have to be very familiar with the game yourself. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded seriously: "Mm-hmm. ”

This helmet is exquisite. Xie Mingzhe studied the helmet for a moment and saw how it was worn. He asked: "Brother, what do you call it? ”

The man listened to him dutifully call me Brother, his heart is very comfortable, his attitude has improved a lot: “My name is Chen, everyone calls me Brother Chen, you can call me that in the future. And you, what's your name? ”

“Xie Mingzhe, just call me Xie Xie.” Xie Mingzhe's nickname is actually “A Zhe”. It was all called by a good friend in previous life. It just felt strange to know him, let him call him Xiao Xie.

“Xiao Xie, you first set up an account and go into the game yourself. The game is not complicated, it will take a few hours to play.” Brother Chen ordered, "come back to me before 9: 00 p.m. when you are familiar with the rules. ”

Xie Mingzhe shouted "Oh” and put the helmet on carefully.

After wearing the helmet, the world in front of you quickly changed, with a few lines of characters floating in the air, a different game landing interface - it seems this helmet can connect most of the holographic games, and Star Card Storm ranks first enough to see where Star Card Storm stands and how hot it is in the game world.

Xie Mingzhe hand-picked "Star Card Storm".

Sounds like a seven- or eight-year-old boy with a crisp system sound in his ear: "Welcome to the magical world of star cards! The system has detected that you are logged in for the first time. Please create your account and bind your ID number. ”

Xie Mingzhe quickly followed the instructions to build an account.

System Audio: “Please enter a character name and create your image in the star card world. ”

The video of the game quickly imported his own appearance, as realistic as a mirror. Xie Mingzhe looked at his nearby “virtual” self and marveled at the advanced technology of today's era.

He certainly won't play online games with his true image. Isn't it embarrassing to meet someone he knows in the future?

Xie Mingzhe thought for a moment and made some adjustments to the character's appearance - 10 centimeters tall, gained 30 pounds, adjusted his face a full turn, and added a few beards - very good, smiling fat uncle, looking friendly.

As for the game ID, Xie Mingzhe took one at random - Uncle Fatty - to make people feel very friendly.

At the time, he had no idea what a tremendous wave the name would cause in the Starcard world.