[Chapter 7, Auction]

The auction venue has a total of five floors. Brother Qi quickly grabbed three tickets and sat down with two people.

Xie Mingzhe looked around curiously - the holographic scene looked extraordinarily realistic, and the faces of the people sitting around him were clear, but whether they were real or pinched in the game was unknown.

Due to the growing number of players entering, the auction venue was automatically upgraded, adding two more floors to the original five floors. Obviously, today's auction house is popular, tickets are sold out, and the system is automatically expanded.

Full seven floors, quickly and fully seated.

The auction venue of the Mountain Sea is more lively than the cinema at the beginning of the Earth's New Year.

The clock pointer points to 3: 30 p.m., and the entrance to the auction venue closes as soon as the time arrives.

The lights in the lobby suddenly went out, only the stage in the middle had warm lights on, and a virtual LCD screen 40 cm wide appeared simultaneously on the back of all the chairs in front of the audience, and the stage in the middle was magnified onto the LCD screen so that even sitting in the corner wouldn't worry about being blind.

A hot curly-haired beauty stepped in the middle of the hall with her high heels and smiled: "Good afternoon, guests, today's auction is about to begin! The list of items from the auction has been sent to the electronic screen in front of you. You can follow which items you are interested in in in advance! ”

As soon as the voice went down, a list of auction items appeared on the electronic screen in front of it.

Today's auction consists of four cards and ten shops.

The card's specific values are not shown on the manifest, only the lines, colors and stars on the back of the card are displayed. There are two four-star cards, a five-star card, and a seven-star black card that looks precious.

Xie Mingzhe waited with great curiosity for the next show.

“The first auction is the shop, look at the top view of the shop location on the screen.” The auctioneer smiled and introduced, "Ten shops, all located in the south section of the newly opened commercial street, close to the black market, with a store size of 50 square meters, convenient transportation and very stable passenger traffic, the starting price is 10,000 gold coins per month! ”

“Start auctioning the first room below! ”

There is no regional division in this game. Xie Mingzhe speculated that cloud storage technology could achieve a huge amount of data computation. Today at the auction, 10,000 players are crowded in the same venue. It doesn't even card at all. Everyone's appearance is clearly identifiable. This server is really awesome. If we can move a planet to the twenty-first century, we can definitely solve the problem of Guild Warriors dogging online instantly.

Since all players in the same area have a limited number of stores and new players face the embarrassment of not being able to rent a store, the game operator opens a new business street every month and rents it out to anyone who wants to do business.

Some players who don't want to continue to do business can also bring back previously rented shops for auction. Officially, paved rents are regulated according to the market, in such a way that the game's commercial system remains stable and does not result in a massive economic collapse of shops.

Xie Mingzhe asked Brother Qi: “The paved area next to the black market should be good, right? What is the usual rent? ”

Brother Qi said: "50 square meters of small shop, the monthly rent is up to 20,000, otherwise you will lose the cost. There are not so many people who do business in the game, and players who don't run stores lose money and usually go to the black market to set up their own stalls. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded - it was like opening a 24-hour self-service shop and going to the night market to set up a stall, each with some length.

People who do business usually open their own stores. Xie Mingzhe actually wants to open a store in the game. He is very good at calculating. He has also made some money playing online games before, but in the world of Star Card Storm, he is just a novice with two low-level cards in his hand. For him, the goal of opening a store was too far away.

Perhaps after a while, when he's completely familiar with the game, he can investigate the market and try some business?

Xie Mingzhe hid a small Abacus in his heart.

Brother Qi, who has five years of experience in gaming, is very knowledgeable about the auction. Indeed, the ten shops officially released are all traded at prices of less than 20,000 per month, and there will be no unjust price increase in excess of 20,000.

The beauty auctioneer went on to say, "The store is all auctioned up, followed by a rare card auction. The first thing to auction is a battle card, a four-star [flower demon]. The attributes of this card are very good. The basic attack power of the four-star card reaches 3600 points and the starting price is 1000 gold coins! ”

Flower Demon Card, just when Xie Mingzhe and Brother Chen painted a copy today, this card has much better properties than the card that Brother Chen got. Xie Mingzhe clearly remembered that Chen's four-star demon base attack power was only 3,000 points, and this one was 3,600 points. As the cards evolve, the basic attributes will continue to double, the basic attributes are high, and later cultivation is more valuable, no wonder it can be used for the auction.

This card was eventually traded in 3000 gold coins.

The auctioneer said: "Next up is the card, the five-star pet card - the Nine-Tailed Fox Card! ”

As soon as the voice went down, the card being auctioned appeared in front of everyone, along with the corresponding star card illusion - a vivid white nine-tailed fox with very clear turquoise eyes, a snow-white nine-tail curling up and a furry bunch, looking particularly cute.

Such a beautiful fox he's never seen before. Xie Mingzhe would love to buy one to feed, and he doesn't know how much it costs to sell it?

“This pet card allows you to bring out games and create star card illusions in the real world," the auctioneer said. The starting price is 5,000 gold coins! ”

The “…” bag contains only 100 gold coins of newcomers who can only follow the thrill. But Xie Mingzhe was curious about the price in the game, couldn't help but ask Qi, "What is the ratio of gold price in the game to real currency? ”

“The most recent price is about 10: 1.” Brother Qi said.

“Oh.” Xie Mingzhe calculated, 5,000 Game Coins, or 500 Reality Crystals, which is just the starting bid. There was a quick price increase around and the price on the screen jumped quickly until 8000 gold coins stopped.

“8,000 gold coins once! 8,000 gold coins twice? Eight thousand gold coins three times! Deal!”

As the hammer fell, the Nine-Tailed Fox Card was taken by a buyer.

Since they are all buttoned up on the seat, it is likely that only the official will know which buyer is on site, and this is also to ensure the buyer's privacy.

Looks like the price in the game is high! How can a pet card be so expensive for $800? It's worth his rent for a month.

Xie Mingzhe was very curious, the flower demon card sold 300 yuan, how did this nine-tailed fox card sell 800 yuan, is the gap so big? When he thought about it, he stumbled into Brother Qi's ear and asked softly, "Why is the nine-tailed fox card so expensive? I don't think its basic data is very good, and it doesn't have attack skills. ”

'Cause it's the original card. ”Brother Qi said softly:“ The original card was made by the player himself. It will not fall in the game. The copyright of this card is in the hands of its author, who has the right to dispose of it at will. Nine-tailed fox cards are expensive. Its author is the famous pet card designer in the circle, Min Sister Min, who copies dozens of nine-tailed fox cards each month and sells them. Girls love to have this furry pet, and naturally someone spends a lot of money robbing it. ”

Xie Mingzhe suddenly realized that the flower demon card was not worth much because the Boss in the game would fall and anyone who wanted it could brush it. But the nine-tailed fox card is different. It is not something that can be painted in the game, but the player's own original card. The copyright is in the author's hands. The author sells it whenever he wants. Each month, he copies dozens of cards and sells them for 800 yuan. The author of the nine-tailed fox card must have earned it!

Xie Mingzhe couldn't bear some envy.

After the previous card auction, the beautiful auctioneer suddenly smiled mysteriously, "Next is today's highlight, the most precious seven-star card! ”

As soon as the voice went down, a master came to the middle of the stage with a sophisticated box and slowly opened it under the spotlight.

Just in a velvet box, lying quietly on a black card.

A plain black card back with a touch of metal shine and a light green pattern on the back of the card.

Xie Mingzhe remembered his two-star card, the blue back had no pattern, very monotonous. However, this seven-star black card, with a gorgeous and beautiful pattern on the back, a green pattern as thin as silk thread, curved and stretched concavely on the back of the black card, the green pattern has no pattern, but does not appear cluttered at all, but rather resembles a masterpiece of art carefully engraved by the engraver, which is also very three-dimensional.

The back of the card alone is so beautiful, even Xie Mingzhe, the outsider of the door, thinks this card is definitely worth a lot.

And he carefully discovered that in the lower right corner of the back of the card, there was a very small word --


At this moment when the camera stopped on the word "Don”, Xie Mingzhe heard a sudden scream from his sister sitting behind him: “Oh, my God, it can't be Tang's work!” “Ahhh, it must be a masculine work! He's the only one who can use this logo. Nobody dares to copy it!” There's another uncle's voice in front of me: “Fuck! Looks like Trail News is correct. Do you really have Dom Mucho's card today?” “How did Tang Shen's card get to the auction house? ”

From the beginning, the surrounding voices whispered, gradually becoming noisy and chaotic, like putting □ □ into the silent lake, suddenly provoking the tremendous waves - the giant waves of sound kept rolling, instantly completely submerging the entire venue.

Xie Mingzhe sat in the crowd and was almost deaf from the noise.

Who is Tang Mu Zhou? So much influence?

The auctioneer picks up the microphone and keeps order: "Quiet, quiet, quiet please! ”

Three times in a row, the excited audience calmed down, the beautiful hostess continued: “This seven-star card is made by Tang Muzhou, Tang Shen, personally!” She flipped the black card carefully, "she said.“ Please look at the card face data! ”

On the electronic screen, Xie Mingzhe also clearly saw the front of the card.

Just on the front of the card, you can see a cluster of white flowers, each with a very clear pattern. Some petals also have crystal clear dew, white flowers gathered together, stacked, white as jade, and vivid, and seem to convey a hint of scent through the face of the card.

Night Fragrance (Wood Department)

Card Level: Level 70

Evolution Star Rating:

Available times: 7/7

Basic attributes: HP 100000, Attack 0, Defense 50000, Agility 100, Crit 0%,

Additional Skill: Fancy (Hostile target within 30 m absorbs special scents, creating random hallucinations for 5 sec)

Additional Skill: Dark Night Descent (Hostile target group blindness within 30 m for 3 sec)

Once the card data was released, another scream broke out!

There was a heated discussion behind it: “100,000 lives, 50,000 defenses, 150,000 blood together, are nearly as good as blood bulls!” “100-sensitive card, can be the quickest group control when playing in the arena, or hallucinations and blindness, strong control. Isn't this card fantastic?” “I remember Tang Shen used this card in the league before?” “Such a good card, why would he sell it! Did he find a better card to sell it to? ”

When the host saw that the atmosphere was almost created, he smiled: “Seven stars full [Night Incense], the group controlled the Divine Card, and the auction officially started! The starting price is 100,000 gold coins! ”

Xie Mingzhe: “What??? ”

Are people in this world crazy about money?

100,000 gold coins, equivalent to 10,000 yuan in real currency, enough to cost him a year's living!

Is a card that expensive? Will fools buy it?

However, Xie Mingzhe was soon hit in the face - this card was not only bought but also bought by many, many people, grabbed!

As soon as the host called the auction to begin, the price on the screen rose wildly.

110,000… 115,000… 125,000… 125,000…

Xie Mingzhe looked at the rolling numbers and his eyes almost fell off!

Lots of money! You rich people are really good at playing!