[Chapter 9, First Original Card]

The black market is located in the alley behind the commercial street and is an underground city. Unlike the prosperity of commercial streets, where the lights are dim and materials are piled up in chaos, it's like the "night market for selling land" of the Earth's era.

Of course, you have to be patient to go shopping in the black market. Luckily, Brother Qi knew the light car here well, and soon brought two people to a large stall. The owner of the booth was a blessed middle-aged man and greeted him warmly: "What are the three of you looking for? ”

“Do you have nebula?” Brother Qi asked quite simply.

The boss smiled and closed his eyes: "Yes, yes, I have all the grades here.” Take out five stacks of white paper in a row, from left to right, grades 1-5 of nebula paper, and the higher the grade, the better the sheen.

“Is premium paper made of premium cards?” Xie Mingzhe asked.

“No, original cards made by players are one-star, but card data from premium paper can be relatively good, but the key is to look at the talent of the cardmaker. A talented cardmaker can make good cards with low-grade paper. If you have average mental strength, high-grade paper can also make garbage cards.” Brother Qi, “if you're just trying to play, I suggest you buy a piece of paper. High-grade paper is expensive. ”

“I'll buy some of the cheapest ones and try them.” Xie Mingzhe looks back at the boss, "how much for Tier 1 Nebula paper? ”

“A 10 gold coin. ”

“Can it be cheaper? ”

“This is already the lowest price! ”

“Give me ten for 70 gold, will you? Novice has no money in his pocket. ”

Besides, Brother Qi also said that the black market can cut the price, not white.

When he cut it to 70% off, the boss looked a little strange: “The newbie is no longer poor, not even 100 gold coins, right? ”

Xie Mingzhe looked seriously: “My money just went to buy a card, there are only 70 gold coins left in my pocket, can I have ten? ”

Boss helpless: “Okay, here you go. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: "Thank you boss! ”

Brother Qi is a little speechless - this guy is really good at calculating, looks like he's going to bring this cheaper player to the black market later.

After buying the next level of paper, Brother Qi took two more people to the card stall to pick and pick, and bought three suitable battle cards, all Samsung Evolution cards.

[Fireflies] Skill [Fireflies]: Illuminates an area within a 10 meter radius of the surrounding area for 5 minutes.

[Black Crow] Skill [Air Attack]: Deals 100% lightning damage to all hostile targets within a range of 10 meters.

[Water Elf] Skill [Slow]: All hostile targets within a range of 10 meters apply a Deceleration Negative Condition for 3 seconds.

Firefly only sells 150 gold coins and the other two are 200 gold coins, which is really cheap compared to an auction house card. Brother Qi gave the firefly card to Sis, the water elf card held it himself, and the black crow card to Xie Mingzhe.

Xie Mingzhe was somewhat confused: “These two battle cards are also equipped with group attack and mass control skills. How can they be sold so cheaply? ”

"The skill range is too small and the coefficient is very low," said Brother Qi. Good mass offensive cards all range over 20 meters. ”

“Can't the range be upgraded when the card is upgraded? ”

“Grade 10 is only 1m up, and Grade 70 is up to 7m up. Tang Mu Zhou sells so much at night because its two range of group control skills is 30 meters - 30 meters is the official maximum range of group skills. ”

“So that's it.” Xie Mingzhe nodded. He found out that Brother Qi was like an "encyclopedia of games” and knew everything. It was a wise choice to join this couple, and I learned a lot along the way from Brother Qi.

Brother Qi brought two people to the southernmost "Dark Cave” of Bailu star to brush the monster, where you can't see a single piece of black pressure. The effect of the holographic game is too realistic. Though the thought is afraid of the dark, it still remains calm on the surface and quickly summons the firefly card. Within 10 meters around it, this brightens up slightly.

As soon as the light was shining, the three of them heard a sharp scream in their ears. Sis was scared to hide back immediately. Brother Qi reached out and protected her. "You turn off the sound of the game in the corner, only the lighting. I fought with Uncle Fat. ”

Thoughts nodded and quickly retracted the corner with a firefly card on to serve as a lighting street light.

Brother Qi turned to Xie Mingzhe: “This dark cave is a good place to brush weirdness. Xiaoweiweird sees the light will automatically come together. Xiaowei has a high attack power but very weak defense power. We will pull an extra group and fight directly. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded, just follow the old hand, know such an efficient brushing place.


An hour later, everyone reached level 15 and the card evolution material was flushed.

Brother Qi said: "I'm ready to eat, we'll upgrade together after dinner. “

"My mother was rushing me to dinner," she thought. "I'll be off the line first.” She opened the space transfer door and walked up to the door and asked back, "By the way, Fatty, are you coming tonight? If you come, let's continue to upgrade together and brush straight to level 35 tonight! ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Coming. ”

"Uncle Fatty, I'll see you tonight! ”

Xie Mingzhe waved goodbye to the two of them: "Goodbye. ”

After they left, Xie Mingzhe returned to his personal space, took out the paper he had just bought from the black market and tried to make his own cards.

Place the nebula on the card console and the system prompts: "Do you want to make a card? ”

Xie Mingzhe chose yes.

System: "Please concentrate on importing the card image of the spiritual world into nebula paper...”

Xie Mingzhe began to imagine —— he magically discovered that when mental power connected to nebula paper, what came to mind would appear on the paper.

He had just subconsciously thought of the scene of drinking with his roommates on the planet before he was reborn. Due to the confusion in the image in his mind, the image presented on nebula paper was also very confusing, and only one beer bottle had an extra clear shape.

Xie Mingzhe shrugged and immediately stopped imagining.

System: “Card making failed. Nebula paper has been crushed. Do you want to start again? ”

Xie Mingzhe chose no.

Waste a nebula paper, he has to calm down and think about it, can't try it like this.

That's when he realized it was really hard to make cards.

The imagination of the human brain is extremely rich. It is difficult to concentrate on just one thing. Even if you only want to concentrate on the person you want to paint when you paint, there are external factors that will always interfere with you. Especially if you encounter bottlenecks somewhere, your mind will run completely off and your mind will be confused.

And in the storm of star cards, the cards made are not allowed to show up in chaos.

When I thought about the evening of pure white as jade at the auction, Xie Mingzhe suddenly had some admiration for the man named Tang Muzhou.

The Tang god, he can actually make such a raw flower card as "Night Incense”, and such a complex plant card as "Millennium Divine Tree” - the giant tree that covers the sun, every branch, every leaf must be painted with spiritual strength, can't make a slight mistake, his spiritual strength must be more than 300?

I feel a little hard to make cards with my own 300 spiritual power...

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the type of card he wanted to do.

Plants, with masters like Tang Muzhou, should have little room to play. Animals, all kinds of nine-tailed foxes, long-eared rabbits and other pet cards have appeared in the world. Pet designers rely on a lot of imagination to make a lot of pet cards. He also found all kinds of realistic Persian cats, teddy dogs, giant pandas and so on in the hospital at the time. Lions and tigers are probably rotten in the street, and he can't think of new ones.


By the way, people! Brother Qi said that the review standard of the character card is to read the five officials, the official requirements cannot be imported from the real world, what if painting is a comic book style character? Isn't it unique?

Painting skills are not white school, and comic-style characters are not difficult for him.

Xie Mingzhe found his way and was excited to hold his fists tight.

Who should I draw?

A fragment suddenly flashed through his mind.

A slender woman sat by the river, spilling a grain of petal to the ground, coughing gently and tears all over her face.

Daiyu buried the flowers.

This was the night before his rebirth, when he went out to see a young man in the dorm who was revisiting the 87th edition of the Red House dream, and he joked, “How do you feel to see Sister Lin crying so sadly? Do you have the urge to cry? ”

The roommate laughed: "Roll, roll! My girlfriend sent it to me so I could revisit the classics. ”

Xie Mingzhe glanced at the computer screen and sighed: “Or is this version of Daiyu the most elegant? ”

The picture was so beautiful, it was deeply engraved in Xie Mingzhe's mind. In particular, the tears in the eyes of Sister Lin and Chuchu's pathetic appearance are too painful. Even a man like Xie Mingzhe felt a little distracted when he saw her crying.

So I put it in my head.

Extremely clear.

Xie Mingzhe's eyes lit up - what if this scene is a card? I don't know if Daiyu buried flowers in Starcard World?

With this in mind, Xie Mingzhe immediately activated the card making system.

He placed the nebula on the console, closed his eyes and carefully portrayed that image in his mind...

Green trees, flowers, beauty standing next to trees, buried petals, and tear marks all over her face.

The clearer you think, the more concrete you think, the more complete you think.

Once he's focused on portraying this image completely in his mind, a system prompt sounds in his ear: "Congratulations, card making is complete, please place the card in the card slot in the top left corner, connect to the star card database, and review your card. ”

Xie Mingzhe immediately put the card in as prompted.

- Cards are the first step, and whether they pass or fail is the key.

There are probably too many cards in the database, and this review took a little longer.

Five minutes…

10 minutes…

Xie Mingzhe also thought the system was dead, he just wanted to restart his helmet, and then suddenly there was a sound in his ear: “The card was approved. You can print your unique logo on your card as a copyright proof. ”

Pass! Xie Mingzhe is so excited, just use the word "Zhe” directly, put it in the lower right corner of the back of the card - this is from the study of Tang Muzhou, his word “Tang” looks very pushy, especially cool.

However, as soon as the word "philosophy” was typed in, the system prompted, "LOGO repeats, someone has already used it, please modify it. ”

Xie Mingzhe was helpless. It seems that the renaming rate of the word "Zhe” is too high. This game has been tested for another 10 years. All kinds of LOGOs must have been robbed. Since you can't pretend, let's use the ID in the game. To avoid repeating the word ”fat”, Xie Mingzhe simply typed “month and a half”, which finally passed.

On the back of the card that was approved, the original pure white nebula paper gradually showed a soft green glow.

Green cards are the lowest star cards in the game, and the player's original cards are all one-star cards. Anyway, the card can be upgraded and upgraded. As long as the attributes are good, it costs the least to make a one-star card. In the future, just slowly raise Daiyu to seven stars.

Xie Mingzhe rubbed his hand and took the card on the console and looked closely at it.

He painted comic-style Lin Daiyu, as a color-controlling painter, painted the value of Lin Daiyu's face, which is not to be said —— unique temperament, Chu Chu poor ancient costume beauty, standing by the tree to bury the petals in the land, the whole scene is also wonderful, depicting the scene of Daiyu's burial flowers in nine points.

Xie Mingzhe looked at the cards' properties again.

Daiyu Lin (Wood Department)

Card Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Available times: 1/1

Basic attributes: HP 100, Attack 0, Defense 15, Agility 1, Critical Rate 0%

Additional Ability: Daiyu Funeral Flowers (Heavy damage to flower cards, 10% chance of triggering Death)

Xie Mingzhe circled.

What kind of skill is this? Heavy damage to flower cards?

Daiyu buried the flowers, so he had to play the opponent's flower card? Isn't it useless if your opponent doesn't have a flower card?

15 Defense, remember Tang Mu Zhou's full Night Lai Xiangka seems to be 50,000 Defense.

Cough, it's too big a gap.

The system gave its own little ice snake. Before it was upgraded, it had 50 defenses. Didn't Daiyu 15's defense crunch like paper? Poor sister Lin, as a card, her body is so weak...

Xie Mingzhe started having headaches.

The data on this card is really not good enough to see that you are doomed not to “get rich in one night”.

I didn't know this card was for sale on the black market. Will anyone want it?