[Chapter 18, Golden Finger Awakening]

Olive branches in front of you. Pick it up or don't pick it up?

Xie Mingzhe was both excited and surprised, and Nie Shen invited him to join the ruling, which meant that he was really talented in card making, otherwise he would not attract two professional players from Nie Yuandao and Shanlan, and offered 300,000 dollars to buy the copyright of his Wuzong card.

After all, Xie Mingzhe is not an 18-year-old pure teenager - he chews happily when someone gives him a fleshbone.

He had two memories, and the experience of both worlds allowed him to quickly remain calm and make decisions without impulse after a major incident.

What Lan Gon just said made him feel like a complete idiot! Having just entered the game, I actually went to the black market to sell cards at a low price... Now, people who really know how to walk show up, Wu Songka was offered a high price of 300,000 copyright fees by Nie Shen, which is only for a white tiger.

What about Dai-yu? It's for the whole floral system!

Even though Nie Shen said that card designers could get 20,000 monthly salaries and make good cards with high bonuses, it moved poor boy Xie Mingzhe very much. But Xie Mingzhe finally calmed down and said with a smile: "Wuzongka's copyright transfer is fine, but I have to reconsider it when it comes to ruling that the club is a designer. ”

Vice Chairman Yang frowned, unhappy: “Fat uncle, we Nie Shen personally invited you to see your talent, we ruled that the club is the number one club in the star card league, many designers can't get in. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled with a good temper: "Well, I know the verdict is strong. But I can't just say yes to something so important. I have to go back and think about it and talk to my family.” He made an excuse to buy himself some time.

Niehuan Dao and Shanlan looked at each other.

Mountain Lan said in a gentle tone: "Uncle Fatty, we sincerely invite you to join the ruling, and the copyright price we offer you is much higher than the market price, you don't believe you can investigate. Our club has a nice environment and excellent treatment, and the dining room is especially delicious. Besides, the club has an apartment that will give you a share of the house. When you come to the verdict, all you need to do is focus on the cards and nothing else to worry about. ”

Lan Shen's ad was very moving. Xie Mingzhe forcibly stabilized his mind. "Thank you, Lan Shen, I will think about it and get back to you as soon as possible. ”

Baoyang glanced at the fat uncle with a smile on his face in the game and thought he was particularly ignorant of lifting.

Chairman Fantasy Moon was much calmer and stepped back: “Uncle Fatty, let's add some friends first. You can go to Baiyang for card transfer later, and our Guild territory has been open to you. You can come to us first when you think about it, or just send me and Baiyang friends a private message. ”

“OK.” Xie Mingzhe approved the friend application of the chairman and vice chairman, Chaoyuan Dao and Shanlan Dao, “Goodbye to the two great gods. ”

Zhiyang led the way ahead, and Xie Mingzhe turned away from the adjudication office with the vice president.

It wasn't until the two of them walked away that the illusion moon came together: “Nie Shen, this fat uncle, in such a short period of time, raised the probability of Wu Songka's imminent death by 30%, and his potential seems far more than that. ”

Nie Yuan nodded and whispered; “It's a good seedling indeed, get it as soon as possible. I'll be offline and let us know when I hear from you. ”

"'I'm leaving too,' said Shanlan. 'Goodbye, sir. ”

Immediately after seeing the two of them leave, Fantasy Moon summoned several members of the guild to continue carpet-type searches for other cards made by "Moon and a Half” on the black market, and verbally delivered a friendly voice to Uncle Fatty, listing the advantages of the ruling club in great detail, more careful than the official advertisement.

* * *

Xie Mingzhe followed Xieyang to Mercury's service center.

The service center building is dozens of stories tall and can help players solve a variety of problems. Card copyright department on the 16th floor, Baiyang brought him to copyright department, Xie Mingzhe connected the database to verify the identity of his author, and then transferred the copyright of [Wusong Card] production to the ruling association.

After the copyright transfer, he can no longer make Wusong cards - but that's okay, Wusong is only for tigers and his skill range is narrow. He could also do Daiyu, targeting a wider range of flowers.

Xie Mingzhe ran beautifully to the star card bank next door with a huge 3 million dollar game coin in his pocket.

In front of the Star Card bank counter, Xie Mingzhe politely asked the smart teller, "Hello, how do you convert game coins and reality crystal coins? ”

The smart teller replied: "Today's reference price is 10: 1, you can set a price for the game coin you want to sell, place it in the Star Card Bank Gold Buy window, and bind your card information. If a player purchases your game coin, your bank account will automatically receive a transfer. ”

Is that the built-in currency trading platform of the game?

Xie Mingzhe quickly entered the information - he intended to split 3 million into 10 copies to hang in the trading window, which should be easier to sell.

When I walked out of the Starcard Bank, Xie Mingzhe was in a good mood and felt the sky was bluer than it had been.

At this point, a system prompt sounded in his ear: "Received a voice message from a friend from the phantom moon. ”

Xie Mingzhe pressed to answer, and Chairman Fantasy Moon said a bunch of the advantages of the ruling club, apparently trying to pull him into the ruling. He didn't want to make hasty decisions, so he politely replied, "Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I'll think about it."

Voice prompt immediately after the system: “Dear player, you have been online for more than five consecutive hours. Holographic games can drain people's mental strength. Long-term online is not good for your health. Please reasonably schedule your game time and get offline as soon as possible. ”

Holographic games connect people's five senses and do burn the brain. After eating at night, he went online at 6: 30, and by almost 12: 00, Xie Mingjie noticed that his headache was getting worse and worse, so he simply went underground.

After being offline, Xie Mingzhe rubbed his swollen temple. At this point, the phone popped up with a text message: "Dear user, Received a transfer of 30,000 crystal coins from Starcard Bank with an account balance of 30,200 crystal coins.” “Dear User, Received Transfer 30,000 Crystals from Starcard Bank...” “Dear User...”

Ten consecutive bank SMS screens!

The final balance turned into 300,200 crystal coins.

Xie Mingzhe looked at the balance of the bank card, some unbelievably rubbing his eyes.

Originally a poor man with only 200 deposits in his bank card, he is now a 300,000 and 200 small haughty!

This is the first money he made after he was reborn. I didn't expect that copyright fees for an original card alone would make so much money. Seriously, he hasn't seen his card save so much since he was a kid - 300,000!

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and went to the bathroom to wash his face. The whole person was refreshed. Just as Panyu had just finished washing his face offline. To live with Pang Woo in the future, Xie Mingzhe followed Fatty to the dormitory upstairs.

Pang Yu was very familiar, and when he entered the house, he talked to Xie Mingzhe: "Xie Xie, I think you're quite young. You must be under 20 years old. ”

“Well, I'm just 18 years old. Work part-time while you're on vacation and earn some living. ”

“Not bad, not bad.” Pang Woo gave him a thumbs up.

“By the way, Brother Yu, do you know the ruling club? How was the club?” Xie Mingzhe began to spy on the news.

“The verdict? That's amazing, one of the six giants of the Star Card League.” Pang Yu enthusiastically introduced, “the ruling club is mainly the veterinary card group, the most famous player is Nie Yuandao, he traveled for almost 10 years, is the oldest player in the league and is very respected by other players... What do you ask the ruling club for? ”

“I was curious to see Nie Yuandao's introduction when I checked the data before.” Choosing a job is a big deal, you must investigate before making a decision. Xie Mingzhe continues to ask Pang Woo, "Brother Woo, do you know the card designer? What are the prospects for this job? ”

“The big club's chief card designer gets millions a year, and the average designer gets hundreds of thousands, of course the job that ordinary people want.” Pang Yu's envy, “however, once he became a signed designer of the club, the copyright to the cards made belonged not to him, but to the club. Therefore, most original designers with higher mental abilities will design their own cards and go to games themselves. They will only become professional designers if their mental abilities are not met, or if they are not allowed to play intense games at their age. ”

“ ”Xie Mingzhe was shocked when he heard this.

Thankfully, he kept his eyes open and was not tempted by the immediate interests - to voluntarily agree to the invitation to adjudicate.

Once he became an adjudicating card designer, all the card copyrights he designed were in the hands of the adjudication club, wasn't that tied to a tree? I'd rather be free and design some more good cards to sell!

Although Xie Mingzhe currently sells only one card, everything starts out difficult, and with the first one there will naturally be a second one.

After Wu Songka's copyright was bought by Nie Shen at a high price, Xie Mingzhe had a hidden feeling in his heart - don't people in the world know Wu Song? He thinks the design of the cards is quite ordinary. Isn't it the bridge section of Wusong Tiger in the water? How can you admire him so much?

Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but ask Pang Yu: “Brother Yu, have you seen" Shui Yu "? ”

Pang Yu stunned: “Squirrel? Can a tiger swim in the water? ”

“...” Xie Mingzhe could not laugh. To be sure, he continued to ask, "Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan do you know these people? ”

Pang Yu's confused expression: “Who are you talking about? ”

Xie Mingzhe said: "Sun Goku, Jia Baoyu, have you heard? ”

Pang Yu laughed: "No, are these your classmates? Interesting name. ”

“……" Xie Mingzhe's heart beating violently.

I'm such a jerk!

When Daiyu Funeral Flowers went to the black market to sell the card, he should have noticed - everyone didn't know Sister Lin, just said the card face was beautiful, the painting style was beautiful, the card owner was also studying the properties of the card, and he didn't care about the sophisticated picture of Daiyu Funeral Flowers.

At the time, he thought there were too many Star World cards, and his drawings were too ordinary to be popular. Nowadays, it's not that his card isn't good enough, but that people don't even know who he paints, and they think it's just a crying girl.

Nei Yuandao and Shanlan obviously didn't know Wusong either, which is why they thought his design was particularly good and came to him personally.

It seems that the cultural context of the world is completely different from that of China on the planet in the twenty-first century, and perhaps what humankind has experienced in order to destroy those radiant civilizations of the past.

No wonder there are a bunch of planets like Venus, Jupiter and Mars in the navigation charts of the game galaxy - but there is no Earth.

At the time, he wondered, if the background of the star card game had been added to the Solar System, how could humans live on Earth and go to Gemini?

In 3001, centuries have passed since 2018, before he was reborn.

Those glorious cultures and 5,000 years of Huaxia's historical civilization, have disappeared in this world?

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and stabilized his fierce heartbeat.

He realized he had made a huge mistake - despising his card making potential too much, thinking he was a small player with no talent and very common cards, and making Daiyu and Wusong to sell on the black market at low prices was stupid enough.

But now he knows that he actually possesses a tremendously valuable treasure - a treasure trove as vast and rich as the vast starry sky of the universe that no one else can imagine!

Wu Song sold 300,000 copyrights, and there can be a hundred orders and eight generals.

Daiyu hasn't sold yet, the skill set for Daiyu will definitely not be lower than Wu Song's price, and there are also Red House Jinling Twelve Chai!

Not to mention that so many characters in his favorite Three Kingdoms can make cards out of their brains!

Xie Mingzhe clenched his fists and was full of energy.

He loves to read novels, but unfortunately he can't write novels and recover them with novels.

But he can put those wonderful stories in his card!