[Chapter 21, The Auction's Millionaire]

Card properties that can appear at auctions are generally good. Because auction houses charge 500 gold coins a day for management, line up for at least three days, and if the cards don't sell well, don't say make money, but lose money. Players who bring garbage cards to the auction will never know how to do it.

So when I saw "Moon and a Half”, a particularly new stranger, LOGO, most of the audience didn't like it. This card was missing, so I wanted the host to finish the program and auction the more precious seven-star card.

The host continued with a smile: "Next, please take a look at the positive data on this card! ”

On everyone's screen, the cards are flipped simultaneously --

Just saw a beautiful woman in a long dress on the front of the card, the woman's appearance was clear and her body was thin. The weakness made people worry. She threw some light pink petals at the ground with her hands. Her wet eyes were filled with tears, and she felt sorry for herself and almost immediately cried out.

Such a special beauty! Many casual players have brightened their eyes and this character card is very distinctive, if the price is right, you can buy your girl home to collect. But most athletic players still focus on the cards' properties and skills after they have lamented the beauty of the girls on the face.

Daiyu Lin (Wood Department)

Card Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Available times: 1/1

Basic attributes: HP 100, Attack 0, Defense 15, Agility 15, Critical Rate 0%

Additional Ability: Daiyu Funeral Flowers (Heavy damage to flower cards, 30% chance of triggering Death)

Daiyu buried the flowers? The audience was a bit dazed and stared at the cards - the skill had an effect on "floral cards”, so they could only play the arena and brush copies was useless. Immediate death? I have never seen such a skill description.

However, cards sent by the Grand Duchy to the auction house, when the experts saw the card, they all spoke as quickly as chicken blood to their own president: “Boss, the auction house shows up with a magic card, judging the death of the flower system! Chairman, the auction house sells dead cards for flowers!” 'Oh, my God, this card seller is the enemy of Don Mucho! ”“ What about the boss, someone sells dead cards for the floral system! ”

Tang Muzhou: “………"

Uncle Fatty, you're not very friendly. If you don't answer our emails, you can take Daiyuka out for auction?

The news soon reappeared through the presidents of the congresses to the ears of professional players.

Star Card Alliance Pro Player Chat Group -

Zheng Feng: “Hahaha, let me smile for a moment. Tang Shen made an instant death judgment. I didn't expect anyone to make flowers or death cards against him! ”

Qiao Xi: “Poor Tang Shen. Should we go to the auction house and rob this card? ”

Ling Zhuangtang: “At this moment, I just want to express my mood with a [smile]. ”

Ye Zhu: “Hahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing! ”

Shen An; “Don't laugh at my master! Be careful what you get, and be targeted yourself! ”

* * *

At the auction, the host said: "The starting price of this card is 3000 gold coins! ”

A lot of the audience heard this place spitting in their minds: "Is this guy crazy about money? A one-star card usually starts at 500, right?” “A one-star card is so expensive, the cost of raising a seven-star card is not considered?” “Isn't the card author a little too confident? ”

But there are also a lot of people who know the card, who don't talk, who nervously put their fingers on the price increase button and are ready to grab the card.

As soon as the host shouted "Start," the auction price on the big screen--

3500…… 3800…… 4000……

Within a minute, the price went up to 5,000 gold coins.

5,000 gold is a kanr, and people who often follow auction houses know that most of the lower cards that sell at this price are better cards because they have to consider the cost of feeding the lower cards to the seven stars, and it takes a lot of material to go from a one star card to a seven star card. Really rich people prefer to buy seven-star cards directly. And the middle class in the game, before buying a lower card, will also measure whether their card set is missing or not.

Doesn't seem like a big shortage? The people who were supposed to bid also stopped thinking about it.

”" 5000 gold coins once, 5000 gold coins twice...

Xie Mingzhe sat in the crowd and waited calmly. Daiyuka must be more than that price. Aren't players in the arena willing to buy a dead card? Or is it the first time that this judgment has appeared, and many people have yet to understand it?

”'5,000 gold coins, three..." said the host.

Before I could finish, a number suddenly emerged on everyone's screen.



A lot of audiences are stunned. Could this not be some homeowner accidentally pressing the wrong price increase button?

The moderator's intelligent role reacted quickly and immediately continued according to the set procedure: "Increase the price to 10,000 gold coins, is there anyone else who can increase the price? ”


Another doubled bid!

Until now, leisure players who don't know how to fight cards realize, maybe this is a really good card? And the card-minded players know - the cards experts sent by the Grand Guilds to the auction house, finally!

Sure enough, the price of the card is starting a new round of fighting!

- Thirty thousand!





Stop when you get 100,000.

Starcard Storm has been in operation for so many years, the lowest level 1 star card can capture as high as 100,000, only five years ago Tang Mu Zhou's Vine Monka. Prior to Tang Muzhou, there were no vines in the plant card group, and he started a new vine warfare genre, originally filming that vine in Tang Muzhou at the auction, which was his later mentor - which was also a beautiful story for many fans on Jinjin Road.

Five years ago, of course, there was no comparison between the price and now, when 100,000 equals more than 300,000 today.

But before Tang Muzhou took Vine Manca to auction, it had gained fame on the black market, and fans were countless. And now this guy named "Moon and a Half," who never showed up, came to the auction for the first time, and made a dead card —— a skinny beauty, a skilled Daiyu burial flower —— actually got the price of 100,000? Was it the second card maker who was born in the sky?

The audience stared wide at the melon and stared carefully at the screen.

The buyers of the Grand Guild are going crazy, and they immediately use their private voice to talk to their president: “I don't know how many people are robbing, I've got 100,000 level 1 cards! Is there a Fenghua Guild at the scene? Afraid this card won't be good for Tang Shen, so you're trying to steal it?” 'Shall we take it all? ”“ The chairman asks for instructions. Do you want to keep robbing? "”

In fact, not only was Tang Muzhou present in person, but the ruling guild accepted the orders of Chairman Lunar Illusion - in any case, to take them.

Card prices rose again to 120,000 during this period of time when Grand Duke buyers chatted privately with the chairman.

The chairmen promptly sent instructions: "No shortage of this money, rob!” “We can take it within half a million! ”

But there is also a calm chairman said: “This author only auctioned the first one, and will definitely sell it in bulk in the future. There is no need to be this big wrongdoer, the first one, let's look first. ”

The price of the auction, like a treadmill stepping on the bottom of a throttle, went wild all the way!


- 180,000!



The audience at the scene dropped the jaw of the ground, how many people are grabbing this card?!


When this price was captured, the buyer of the ruling guild was also frightened and couldn't help but chat with the chairman in private: “Boss, I'm guessing that Fenghua is determined to take this card, are we really going to argue? It's already a bad price! ”

The phantom moon frowned and pondered, 300,000 game coins, ruling such a grand duke would be indispensable. But what if Uncle Fatty doesn't want to judge the club as a designer once he realizes he can sell his own cards at a high price?

That's right, he's such an idiot! Helping Uncle Fatty raise the price at the auction???

Thinking about it, the phantom moon immediately replied: "Stop! ”

The verdict was suspended, but there are still some clubs that don't know the truth and want to take this dead card against Tang Muzhou.



The auction site has been completely lit, many viewers are excited to turn on the video system, live broadcast the auction bid to kill, many online friends who can't get into the auction have also turned on live video, excitedly witnessing a record breaking moment in the price of one star card!

Grand Guild buyers have some back hair and the chairmen are not sure.

Is this some kind of malicious price increase? You shouldn't have lifted it so high!

Five years ago, Tang Muzhou's one-star card sold to 100,000, when the gold price ratio was 3: 1, equivalent to more than 300,000 gold coins today.

According to the theory, even if a one-star card is superb, selling 300,000 gold coins is the limit now, because it costs a lot to raise a seven-star card. Even if the Dead Skills first show up, you don't have to spell it that way. The author didn't just sell this one. Maybe there will be many more at the auction tomorrow. If the author sells the first card in bulk in the future, won't he be the big one?

The presidents hesitated.

However, Tang Muzhou did not hesitate. He narrowed his eyes slightly and continued to press the button for the price increase.

A line of numbers suddenly appeared on the screen.


This number is rated there, like silently saying to everyone, "If you keep adding it, I'll get it. ”

Even Xie Mingzhe was stunned.

Who's the millionaire? That's 666!

The venue suddenly calmed down, and the host's clear voice sounded all over the hall: “660,000 once, 660,000 twice, 660,000 times -- 660,000 times -- deal! ”

As the hammer fell, Xie Mingzhe sat in the hall with his mouth shut.

It's gone!

This card sells 660,000 gold coins, which he had no idea. Because this is the first card, he guessed that the price of the cards would be too high for the Grand Duke to raise each other's prices. He thought it was 200,000 days. After all, it was just a 1-star card, not a copyright purchase. He could make many more cards in the future...

The initial Level 1 card sold to 660,000, which is a little scary.

How many guilds may be competing to raise the price, and they lose it?

The next auction, Xie Mingzhe didn't listen, and he didn't care how much the other cards sold.

He sat anxiously waiting for the auction to end, and was glad that there were no cards made by particularly famous designers at today's venue, but rather his first-class card sold at the highest price. By 8: 20, the auction was all over.

Xie Mingzhe came to the auction house back-office excitedly to find NPC to pick up the gold coins he could get.

However, as soon as he arrived at the auction house backstage, NPC said, "The buyer of the Lin Daiyu card left you a message, check it out. ”

“Hi Uncle Fatty, I have already paid you 10% off after the auction house is closed. I would like to buy Daiyu cards in bulk from you. If you would like to see me, please visit me at the Chibayashi Restaurant on the north side of Peacock Star Center Square. ”

“…" Xie Mingzhe looked at the message unexpectedly.

Auction houses do not disclose information about buyers and sellers to avoid disputes. But after a deal, the buyer and seller can leave a message directly to the other party through the system NPC, and the other party ignores you, depending on their mood.

How does this guy know his name is Fat Uncle? It's impossible to deduce the name "Fat Uncle” from the “Moon and a Half” logo. Could you have known yourself a long time ago? Xie Mingjiebeith couldn't understand it.

He had no idea that the person who took this card - Tang Muzhou!

In order to wait for him to show up, Tang Muzhou has been waiting for three days to attend each auction in person.