[Chapter 33, Ghost Prison Club]

Zhuo Sirui is an ace player in one of the six major clubs of the professional league called "Ghost Jail” and is affectionately called "Ghost King” by his fans. He is the disciple of Zheng Feng, the founder of the earthly school, who came out in the fifth season, at the same time as Tang Muzhou.

When it comes to the earthly system, the fans first thought of Zheng Feng's “defensive counterattack” method. Zheng Feng made no less than 100,000 cards. He has lived on the field for a very long time. Especially his wild elephant cards, rough and fleshy, his defense is extremely high, and 200,000 people's blood volume can't be beaten for half a day. It is desperate.

Zheng Feng was also described as the "most enduring man in the game”.

The whole card making philosophy of the Turkish card group was influenced by Zheng Feng. Later, most players, when making the Turkish card, will also imitate Zheng Feng Dashen, heap the amount of cards of blood, use the Turkish card as the "meat shield” and "tank” in the card group, especially to fight a group battle, there is a Turkish card top absorbing damage in front, which will give the team members a great sense of security.

Zheng Feng is a particularly proud man. He is very comfortable talking and doing things. He focuses on making Turkish cards, so he attracts a lot of fans who like Turkish cards. He is also very popular in the Star Card gaming industry. In addition to laying the groundwork for the earth card group, he also brought out a very inspiring apprentice - the later King of Ghosts, back to Si Wei.

The little card group is very distinctive and stands on the heels of the league with a dark haunted card, such as a hungry ghost, a hanging ghost, a red bride, a white ghost, a headless doll, a powerful ghost, etc. Every time you watch him play, it's like watching a horror movie.

Holding a scary ghost card with one hand, it's not scary at all. Instead, the top player in the Haunted Prison Club, wearing silver-sided glasses, looks like Sven Junluang.

As he made ghost cards to scare crying children, the Alliance also gave a warning to Return Wisdom to change the card's image. Eversheds modified his card from scratch and removed all the bloody elements to keep the ghost from getting too frightened.

Officials also don't want to directly scrap their little ghost cards, so every time it's his turn to play, the officially changes the live broadcast angle to a friendly God's perspective so that the audience looks over the entire field and doesn't see ghosts scare half to death in person.

The popularity of small returns is very high among the younger generation of players, attracting a large audience that likes spiritual and horrible styles.

Although he is Zheng Feng's apprentice, but he makes a completely different Turkish card and master. His card does not focus on blood volume and defense, but wins with skill and speed. The attack of “Ghost” is ranked in the entire league and the pace of the game is extremely fast.

After seeing the curse of Nie God in the crowd today, Ji Sirui was somewhat worried. He couldn't help but say to Master: “I always thought Nie's crow mouth would work. Master, do you really think that month and a half will make ghost cards and die? ”

Zheng Feng shook his hand with a laugh: “What are you afraid of? You never know what Old Nie said. Besides, ghost cards are inherently necromancers. How can death be death? ”

To Sirui: “..."

If you say that, it's a crow mouth Buff, and you're not allowed to do it!

At this point, the door of the office was pushed open, and Liu Jingxu, the other cardholder in the haunted prison, walked in.

Liu Jingxu is now 28 years old and an old athlete, but he became famous later than Zheng Feng's apprentice. He belongs to the league's “slowest hot” athlete - he came out in the third season, but didn't become famous until the eighth season.

He is best at demonic cards such as fox demons, flower demons, cat demons, etc. Initially, his demon card was always beaten by Nei Yuandao's veterinary card, because the demon's positive combat ability could not be fought against by Nei's tigers, lions and hungry wolves. His kittens and foxes were almost invincible in front of the beast.

Without everyone looking at him, Liu Jingxu insisted on himself and has been researching and improving his card set. Finally, in the eighth season, he developed a "dual form” demonic card. Currently, all his cards have two forms, “demonic form” and “human form”. For example, cat demon is an agile cat in demonic form, becoming human form is a beautiful woman with a cat tail.

The advent of the two-form demon card finally allowed Liu Jingxu to fight a tumbling battle. After five full years of the Alliance, he rushed into the final of the individual game in the eighth season, winning the championship and proving his strength.

Everyone has great respect for this athlete. After all, it's hard to stick to his ideas for so many years. He is also one of the most inspiring players in the professional league.

Nie Yuandao once evaluated him in an interview: “Liu Jingxu's potential is immeasurable. Although he is not as famous as Lao Zheng and Xiaofu in a ghost prison, no opponent should underestimate him. ”

Liu Jingxu is a research madman, inspired by it. He can't feel hungry without eating all day in the lab.

He usually “doesn't listen to what is happening outside the window, he only does demonic cards”, so what is happening is that the affairs of the Lunar Half Card Store are boiling in the coalition group, and he still has a face “?” of the vague expression.

When Sirui saw him, he immediately walked forward and explained: “Brother Xu, there is a card author named Moon and a half, who made a large number of ready-to-die cards in the past few days, first for the flowers of Tang Shen, then for the butterfly card of Xiaozhu, the flying bird card of Xiaolan, and also the fish card with a very large proportion of water system. ”

Liu Jingxu nodded blankly: “Oh. ”

To Sirui's helpless forehead: “Just one ‘oh’ word? Don't you care about the big news? ”

Liu Jingxu smiled: “It's not against us anyway. ”

To Sirui: “………"

Don't say that, he really can't stop it...

Liu Jingxu's face calmed down and walked to Zheng Feng's face: “Old Zheng, help me look at this card I just made. ”

The two of them began to study cards with pleasure. Zhuo Siwei was helpless and could only pray silently that the dead cards announced tomorrow at 11: 30 pm should not be targeted so quickly.

* * *

In the game, Xie Mingzhe started making new instant death cards when he returned to his personal space.

The ghost card was actually very good for him. He had a vision long before Tang Shen proposed the "ghost card”, but because Daiyu and Baochai had been made before, he followed Xishi and Zhaojun's two beautiful cards in order to unify the painting style.

As soon as you enter the store, you can see the four neat cards in the display cabinet, which gives people a pleasing feeling.

Nowadays, four beautiful cards are enough to be the treasure of the town store. The next cards don't have to be in the middle of the display cabinet. You don't have to worry about the painting style. It doesn't matter if the card image is ugly.

According to ancient Chinese legends, as well as the descriptions in the western journey, people will come to the "ghost realm” to become ghosts. The person in charge of the ghost realm is “Yan Wang”. There are four judges under the command of Yan Wang, respectively, Wei Zheng, “Punishment Evil” Zhong Qiu, “Chas” Lu Zhou "and“ Yin Zhi ”Choi.

Among them, Wei Zheng is responsible for rewarding “good ghosts” who did good deeds in their lifetime. After death, they become ghosts and come to the shadows, they can find him to appreciate them. In the next life, they can also choose some people with better conditions.

The punishment for evil is naturally to punish the evil devils who committed evil in their lifetime. Depending on the magnitude of the evil deeds, they will suffer in one of the eighteenth layers of Hell. They will be reincarnated after the end of their service. If the evil deeds are serious, they will also be allowed to remain in Hell forever.

The other two judges, “Chas" Lu Zhiqiu, are responsible for making peace with the ghosts and shooting the snow, which is considered a "case judge”; “Yin Laws Division" Choi Yi is responsible for increasing the life expectancy, doing good deeds leads to long life, and doing bad deeds leads to short life in the next life.

Xie Mingzhe was also interested in psychic novels in the past, so in college he had checked the structure of the whole underworld, Yan Wang, four judges, black and white uncertainty, Mon Ma, etc can all be made cards.

However, Yan Wang, Meng Bao and other cards, he has to think again, all he needs to do is make a dead card.

The material was found from the four main judges, “Punishment Evil” Zhong Zheng is the closest, he can punish evil ghosts.

With this in mind, Xie Mingzhe began to conceive Zhong Zheng's painting based on the information he remembered.

There has been a history of "Zhong Xuan Ghost Catching Map”, many people will also put “Zhong Xuan Ghost Catching Map” on the door during the Spring Festival, trying to scare away evil spirits and keep their homes safe.

Folklore has it that he is iron-faced, leopard-headed, ugly looking, but straight, not afraid of evil, good at exorcising evil.

Such a character, completely inconsistent with the four beautiful paintings that Xie Mingzhe painted earlier, can also be shown to those who follow the card store - Moon and a half are not just good at drawing beautiful cards.

After Xie Mingzhe conceived it, he connected his mental power to the card making system and made Zhong Zheng this card.

A man of great stature was dressed in a big red dress, his hair was thick on his big head, his eyes were angry, his face revealed, and the child was afraid to see him. But Zhong Zheng was disgusting and good, and he only caught those ghosts who did evil things.

Skill design, Xie Mingzhe first tried to make ghosts as death skills, but the system reminded him that "production failed”, because ghosts are already dead, can't continue to die?

Xie Mingzhe thought for a moment, since the immediate effect of death can not be made, you can let Zhong Zheng punch the ghost card into hell to abolish all skills or arrest the ghost card, doesn't that make much difference to "instant death”? He modified his skill description according to his understanding and took a large pocket in Zhong Zheng's hand, and soon the card was made ——

Zhong Yi (earth system)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 200, Attack 0, Defense 100, Agility 30, Critical 0%

Additional Skills: Catch Ghosts (Ghost Realm Evil Stone, 30% chance of catching Ghost Cards in Goku Bag and disabling them from mobility)

It can't be instant death, but he can catch ghosts in a bag and keep them out of skill!

Kwan Kun Bag is the weapon set by Xie Mingzhe for Zhong Kun. Ghosts are not entities, but souls. It also makes sense in principle to capture souls in Kwan Kun Bag. The effect of this card is actually similar to that of a dead card. The only difference is that the execution method is different, that is, the dead card will kill the opponent's card directly, and the clock is to catch the ghost in the bag.

Xie Mingzhe looked excitedly at the fresh out card.

Another vision came true, which gave him a little more confidence in himself.

Then comes the demon card.

Speaking of monsters, I had to mention the work of "Journey to the West". The monsters in Journey to the West were all kinds of mess on the way to Tang Monk's scripture. There were also many adults deceiving Tang Monk, but none of them were discovered by Sun Wukong's fire eyes.

Sun Wukong is easy to die as a demon. Fire eyes and gold can discern disguise, the golden hoop stick goes down, one stick smashes one to death.

But Xie Mingzhe didn't want to waste the card, the official rule is that the dead card can only bring one skill, and the dead card is a little small. As for the Second Brother Pig's Eight Commandments, there is no connection with imminent death, but it is a sand monk...

Xie Mingzhe suddenly thought of the Sha Monk's weapon - the demon scepter!

The demon scepter, also known as the "Thoreau scepter", comes from Thoreau Immortal Wood in the Moon Palace and looks like a black scepter, and is said to weigh more than 5,000 kg. When the Sha monk worshipped the curtain general, the Jade Emperor gave him the "demon scepter" as a weapon. Later, the Sha monk violated the heavenly rule and was devalued to the Liusha River, killing many people at the vicious end of the Liusha River.

Later, when Tang Monk passed the Liusha River, he received Sha Monk as his apprentice, and Sha Monk realized Buddhism through Guanyin, and was given the law "Sha Gou Jing”. On the way to the west to collect the scriptures, this demon wand also never left.

This weapon is used to fight monsters. That's a good one.

Xie Mingzhe's eyes lit up, so why don't you turn Sha Monk into a dead card for demons first.

As a child, he watched the western journey many times. The remembered monk was a very bald monk with a thick beard and a necklace with black beads around his neck. He simply painted the card according to the video and visual image of the memory, and soon completed the concept of the figure image.

As for skills, Xie Mingzhe also thought about it, so he was set to die as a demon...

Sha Monk (earth system)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic attributes: HP 200, ATK 0, DEF 100, AGI 30, CRIT 0%

Additional Skills: Cane Down Demon (Waves the cane in your hand, inflicting Heavy Damage to Demon Cards, 30% chance of triggering an Immediate Death Effect)

After the successful production, Xie Mingzhe picked up two cards with excitement and chatted about Tang Muzhou in private: “Tang Shen, I made two more cards to die. Would you like to see them? ”

Tang Muzhou was almost seconds back: "Okay, pull me to your apartment. ”

Xie Mingzhe invited him to his apartment to show Tang Muzhou two new cards.

Tang Muzhou: “..."

Hunting ghosts, surrendering demons, this time it's the Ghost Prison Club's turkey card.

Tang Muzhou wanted to laugh, but he was embarrassed to laugh. He could only bear to laugh. He said to Xie Mingzhe in earnest: “Let me give you another suggestion. Since you are targeting ghost and demon cards, why don't you also target the biggest BOSS in the ground-based card group. ”

Xie Mingzhe asked with interest: "What is the big BOSS with the earthly card? ”

Tang Muzhou said: "Lao Zheng's elephant card is particularly hard to hit. How can you kill his elephant if you think about it? ”

Xie Mingzhe: “..."

Don't blame the Great Gods on him, it's not his fault alone, it's Tang God has been giving him the idea of making cards.

Tang Muzhou is the real culprit!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 34, Tragedy of the Earth Card]

Xie Mingzhe quickly thought of ways to target elephants.

The most clear person in his memory who can relate to elephants is Cao Chong, a prodigy of the Three Kingdoms.

It is said that Wu Wang Sun Quan gave an elephant to Cao Cao in that year. Cao Cao was curious and wanted to know the weight of the elephant, but Wen Wu Baiguan did not think of how to weigh something this big. Cao Cao's son, a six-year-old prodigy, Cao Chung came up with a wonderful trick--

Put the elephant on the boat, make a mark on the hull when the water sinks, and let the boat load something else. When the water reaches this mark, weigh the total weight of these things and you'll know the weight of the elephant.

Cao Chong's story was widely circulated in the folk. He actually used the "equivalent substitution method” commonly used by scientists later, replacing large elephants with countless small stones, which is equivalent to breaking down elephant volume fragmentation, making “large” into “small”.

Tang Muzhou called elephant cards, most famously the white elephant of earth player Zheng Feng, with a blood volume of 200,000.

This enormous giant stops there, slowly grinding its blood volume is really time-consuming, and if you can get rid of an elephant card with instant death skills, it will really speed up the pace of the game dramatically.

When Xie Mingzhe thought about it, he said: "I have an idea, I don't know if I can make an immediate death effect. ”

Tang Muzhou: “Try it. ”

Xie Mingzhe connected his mental power to the card making system and, as he envisioned, first drew a cute little prodigy Cao Chong on the card, then drew a smaller version of the elephant, as well as a boat, and put the elephant in the boat.

Skill design is called "Symbol” and the object card triggers and dies.

The extensive card making experience that Xie Mingzhe had accumulated allowed him to complete the card quickly.

However, this card review took a very long time and was completed in the previous minute, this time for three minutes. Then the system pops up with a prompt: “The card could not be audited by the database, please modify it. ”

Unable to approve?

Zhong Zheng did not pass the review, Xie Mingzhe presumed that the ghost card belonged to the “dead spirit” and could not continue to “die”. But the elephant is a creature, Cao Chong this person must not be duplicated in the database, is it the skill description crashed with someone else's card?

Xie Mingzhe was confused and turned to Tang Mu Zhou Dao: “Tang God, what does this mean? ”

Tang Muzhou also heard the system tone that just sounded. He took a look at the card and thought about it for a moment, and concluded: “That is, death judgment cannot be made, because the official has data control, whatever the skills, no more than 150,000 monomer damage can be caused at once. ”

In other words, players make cards that have a limit on the amount of damage they can do, so they can't just make a card and lose 200,000 blood on other people's defense cards.

Xie Mingzhe reacted and asked, "So the instant death card I used to do can be systematically audited because the flowers, birds, butterflies, demon cards I was targeting didn't have more than 150,000 pieces of blood? ”

Tang Muzhou nodded: “Most of these are attack cards, with low health and defense, and can theoretically be killed in seconds. My night scent is the highest blood in the wooden card group, but it's only 100,000. Elephant cards belong to the earthly system. There are currently three types of white elephants, black elephants and wild elephants. They are all cards with a blood volume of more than 150,000 super strong defenses. Second-destruction skills cannot be triggered. Therefore, the card you do cannot pass the database review. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked at the card in his hand and scratched his head: “So, like cards can't do the immediate death effect, what should we do? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly, referring to the card he made called "Zhong Hui Hunting Ghosts”. He said: “Even ghost cards can't make an immediate death effect. Didn't you use the clever ‘ghost hunting' method to scrap the skills of ghost cards? To describe this skill, you can also modify it in this way and change it to a strong control of elephants. ”

Xie Mingzhe's brains flashed and immediately connected to the card making system for modification.

Five minutes later, a new card comes out--

Cao Chong (Earth Department)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 100, Attack 0, Defense 100, Agility 30, Critical 0%

Additional Skills: Symbol (Prodigy Cao Chong weighs the elephant, forces the elephant into the ship, cannot move, cannot release the skill until Cao Chong weighs the weight)

Xie Mingzhe happily showed it to Tang Muzhou; “Tang Shen, can you see this? ”

Tang Muzhou: “…"

Okay, great!

This hole is weird, too. If you can't get rid of an elephant in a second, you can't get the elephant out of the boat, right?

In the card, the adorable prodigy took a model of a boat and put the elephant in the boat. Tang Muzhou is in a complicated mood. If this card shows up at a card store in the middle of the month tomorrow, Lao Zheng will probably laugh.

Cough, it's none of his business, he just dialed Fat Uncle, everything else Fat Uncle thought of himself.

Also, thanks to the curse of Nie God. Remember that Nie Yuandao cursed ghost and elephant cards in the group today. This crow's mouth has a 100% hit rate and should be awarded a "Alliance Best Curse Award”.

Xie Mingzhe gave Tang Muzhou one of the three new cards. Tang Muzhou was also polite and was happy to put away the cards.

* * *

During the afternoon, Xie Mingzhe stayed in his personal space drawing card.

Every time he makes a card, it takes mental energy. The more cards he makes, the less and less brain power he finds himself using. When he makes about 20 cards, he will have headaches. Once he makes a card when he has a headache, there will be problems with the card data, so he makes an hour of cards and takes a few minutes off the line, combining labor and leisure.

The afternoon quickly passed, and the cards Xie Mingzhe made today set a record.

First, he drew 10 copies of Daiyu, Baochai, Xishi and Wang Zhaojun. The new card was sent to Tang Muzhou and left a display case in the store, so Zhong Xuan, Shamon and Cao Chong drew 12 copies each.

The headache is about to explode.

Chen Xiao saw him rubbing his temple on the sofa and walked over to care for the tunnel: “Don't worry too much, the cards can be drawn slowly. It is also a burden on your mental strength if you continue like this, it may affect your body for a long time. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Brother Chen, I know, but I have been selling dead cards for three days. The cardmakers of other clubs are not stupid. They must also be rushing to study dead cards according to my thinking. I can't relax for a few days. I can sell as much as I can before the price is reduced. ”

Chen Xiao patted him gently on the shoulder: “I can't help you with the card making, but I will prepare the materials you want. The three cards you made this time were all earthly cards, rising to 70-7 stars of earthly material, and we had them all brushed up. ”

“Thank you, Chen.” Thanks to his cooperation with Chen Xiao at the time, otherwise, he alone, even drawing cards are tired and have a cracked headache, there is really no energy to take into account other things.

When Xie Mingzhe came online again, he saw that Jiqing had raised three new cards to full star and placed them in the card display cabinet on the ground floor. The showcase on the second floor is neat and tidy with 70 1st class cards to sell tomorrow.

Xie Mingzhe wandered around the store and went to sleep satisfied.

* * *

The following day, at 11: 30, Xie Mingzhe's lunar half-card boutique opened on time.

As yesterday, the store squeezed in countless people as soon as it opened, including the presidents of the major guilds, and countless people watching the crowd… including, of course, the super popular players from the Haunted Prison Club.

As soon as he entered the store, he rushed to the second floor, relying on the professional athlete's extremely fast reaction speed and hand speed, and came to the back three rows of the display cabinet to see what the card painting was, and bought it directly.

He was so fast, he actually grabbed three new cards.

He then returned to the ground floor satisfied to observe today's new card skills in front of a full card showcase.

In the middle of the display cabinet on the ground floor, lined up with four beauties, Lin Daiyu, Xue Baochai, Xishi and Wang Zhaojun, he has seen them all. The four beauties have different styles and the cards are enlarged in the display area in the middle of the store, which is really pleasing.

Four beauty cards on the side rear, with three new cards that just came out today, were also upgraded to full grade.

Ji Siwei walked over with curiosity and looked...

Earth Card [Sand Monk], Additional Skill [Wand Demon], Demon Card dies.

Liu Jingxu calmly said yesterday, "It's not for us anyway”. He must have been hit in the face! So why did you say that? Can't even stop it! It hurts a lot, Brother Xu.

Earth card [Cao Chong], skill [Symbol], prodigy Cao Chong weighs the elephant, forcing the elephant into the ship, unable to move, unable to release skill...

Has Master's elephant been targeted?

Although not an instant death verdict, what's the difference between living and dead elephants who cannot move or release their skills while on board?

Patience the impulse to beat the author and keep looking back.

Earthbound cards [Zhong Xuan], additional skills [Ghost Hunting], capture the Ghost cards into the Gong Kun bag, rendering them incapable of action.

Zhuishui: “???????? ”

Nie, thank you so much!

If you curse one, we'll be damned if you curse us!

Returning wisely to weep without tears, he immediately took off his helmet and turned to find Master.

In the next room, Zheng Feng sat on the sofa, holding his arm and looking back at the game last season, there was a large plate of fruit on the table, which looked extremely relaxed. Zheng Fenghaha laughed when he walked in with depression. “What's wrong with you? Is it true that the half-card store sold your card that month? ”

Su Rui pushed his glasses with bitterness. He said helplessly: “He made a card called Zhong Zheng, but instead of ghosts dying, he caught my ghost in the bag. ”

Zheng Feng smiled with no heart: “Hahahaha, apprentice, you are so miserable, in case your white ghost is taken away, this is hard to beat! ”

"Do you have a master who jokes like this?" He's after you, too! ”

Zheng Feng continued laughing haha: “Really? He can still target me? ”

Zheng Feng was shown this card in front of Zheng Feng when Zhui opened the smart tablet of data interconnection.

Zheng Feng's smile suddenly stopped and froze on his face.

After a long time, Zheng Feng returned to God and rubbed his stiff face. He couldn't help but say: “I wipe! Catch my elephant and weigh it in the boat? Can you still play like this? ”

At this time, Liu Jingxu, who had always “ignored the external affairs of the window”, walked in.

When he saw that the two gods were strange, he calmly said: "Don't worry, the month and a half didn't target us anyway. ”

Zheng Feng: “…”

"" …… "

Liu Jingxu, a late maker, also always beats slowly in life. He had no idea that his demonic cards were also targeted.

Without wishing to speak, Sway sighed helplessly and showed him the three cards on his smart brain.

Zhong Xiao captures ghosts, Sha Xing surrenders demons, Cao Chong describes...

Liu Jingxu's face, originally calm, finally broke apart.

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