[Chapter 41, Determining Cooperation]

Hotel top floor, cafeteria inside.

Nie Yuandao and Shanlan walked in before and after, Tang Muzhou immediately went forward: “Gentlemen, it's been a long time. How could a reporter follow you? ”

“Perhaps because of the opening ceremony tonight, we just got out of the ruling club and were followed by reporters.” Shanlan smiled with regret and said, "Master drove a different way to dump the paparazzi and make everyone wait so long, I'm really embarrassed. ”

“You're welcome. Dinner's not ready yet. Come on in.” Tang Muzhou greeted the two of them into the lobby.

Hundreds of people actually arrived in the lobby, and Tang Muzhou saw the appeal of the League. Almost there, Tang Muzhou said in a loud voice: “Thank you all for your time. I think everyone is hungry. Let's eat first. We must have fun today! ”

“Thank you Tang Shen for your hospitality!” “Then we won't be polite! ”

The hungry people immediately took the plate and started picking food, and the restaurant became very lively. Everyone loves this private gathering more than the official dinners of the Alliance. After all, without the senior leadership of the Alliance, everyone can speak freely.

Tang Muzhou picked up the plate and was just about to pick up some food. He saw Xue Lin walking into the hall with a complex face. Her face seemed a little pale. Tang Muzhou walked up and asked, "Sister Xue, you don't look well. What happened? ”

Xuelin took a deep breath and seemed hesitant to tell each other. A moment later, she made up her mind, "I just saw Chen Xiao. ”

Tang Muzhou's eyes narrowed suddenly and lowered his voice: “Are you sure it's Chen Xiao? ”

Xiao Linxiang nodded: “Xiao Chen has changed a lot, but I can still recognize him. I greeted him, but he said I was wrong...”

Tang Muzhou frowned softly: "Where is he now? ”

"'You want to go to the restaurant on the 16th floor to eat,' said Sherin. ”

Tang Muzhou said calmly: "No need. From what I know about him, since I met you, knowing that the cafeteria had an alliance gathering today, he would certainly not have stayed at the hotel in case he ran into another acquaintance - I think he had left. ”

Sherin was flabbergasted and somewhat disappointed: “He pretended not to know me and probably didn't want to see you...”

At this time Shen 'an ran over and said: "Master, they asked you to go and talk. ”

Tang Muzhou patted Sister Xue's shoulder lightly to comfort her and turned around and left with Shen An.

* * *

In the elevator, Chen Xiao did press the next floor, apparently not wanting to continue eating on the 16th floor. And he laughed like nobody else, and he said, "I know there's a nice barbecue shop nearby. Didn't Fatty like meat? Why don't we go get some barbecue. ”

Xie Mingzhe knew that he was intentionally avoiding Xue Linxiang and immediately gave him a step down the stairs: “No problem, we'll come back to this cafeteria later. Let's go to the barbecue today.” Others, of course, have no problem.

The crowd led Chen Xiao across the road to a barbecue shop across the street.

The shops do have a nice environment and are very nicely furnished. Chen Xiao asked the waiter for a luggage room, large round table with eight seats, each seat has a BBQ tray, intelligent automatic heating, does not create smoke, roasted meat is delicious, spilled with secret spices, even Pang Yu who is quite picky about the food praised: “Yummy! It's delicious! Brother Chan, why haven't you introduced me to such a wonderful place before? ”

"Chen Xiao smiled.“ I'm afraid you'll be coming every day if you know what you're eating. ”

Pang Yu coughed: “You really know me! ”

This is also the finest barbecue shop Xie Mingzhe has ever been to, with elegant light music, thin slices of meat on a smart baking tray with a warm, aromatic nostrils, really covetous. In addition to all kinds of meat, many vegetables can also be put on the barbecue, there are more than a dozen types of sauce alone, and the buffet mode is especially considerate.

While eating and talking, Pang Yu was a little fat guy with no heart. He thought Xie Mingzhe could make cards and get some light on himself. He looked at Xie Mingzhe with a smile and said: "Thank you very much. You have 10 original cards in a week. Where do you get so many strange ideas? ”

Kim Jump followed closely: “Xiao Xie, your card style is very special, have you studied art? ”

"I've been painting since elementary school," said Xie Mingzhe. "I just took the art college at God's University this year. ”

Pang Yu admirably sticks out his thumb: “I have ideas and can draw. No wonder I can make so many original cards! According to me, don't go to any art college, you can earn more than many people earn for decades by drawing cards...”

Chen Xiao interrupted Fatty's words and looked at Xie Mingzhe: “Don't listen to Fatty, this matter is not in a hurry to decide. Actually, I think your better way out is to be a creative professional player, and if you're interested in that, I'll help you plan it slowly. ”

Brother Chen's words corresponded to Xie Mingzhe's heart, and he nodded immediately: “Brother Chen, if you don't tell me, I really wanted to be a professional card player. ”

Everyone heard this place and Qi looked up at Xie Mingzhe.

Xie Mingzhe calmly said: “I can do so many cards, but luck has taken the lead. These cards can sell for up to a month and the price will definitely fall. No matter how rich you are, one day you will be sitting in the mountains and eating the sky, why don't we plan something for the future. ”

He paused and went on to say, "The verdict and the ghost jail set great conditions for me to be a card designer, but I didn't want to work for them, and I had a lot of ideas in my head about making cards, so let's do it ourselves.” He turned to Chen Xiao and asked seriously, "Brother Chen, if we set up our own club, do you think it would be possible? ”

Chen Xiao was surprised and whispered a moment later: “It's not as simple as you think to set up a club. ”

"I know it's not going to be easy," said Xie Mingzhe. “But I want to set a goal and work in this direction first. If I can make a complete set of character cards, go to the game and set up a club if I get good grades. If not, we can take a step back and make money selling cards. ”

Chen Xiao smiled and laughed with appreciation: "You are quite ambitious. However, a self-created club like yours, the Alliance had a precedent, one of which was Tang Mu Zhou in the fifth season, which created Fenghua. The other is Pei Jingshan, who left for the seventh season and created the Dark Night Capital. But both of them have strong backgrounds. The Tang family is a business giant. The Pei family has great political prestige. They can easily pull investment, plus they have won championships, and have developed well since the establishment of the club. And you, you're not that big of a backstage, are you? ”

"'You are my backstage,' said Xie Mingzhe. ”

His words were easy to say, but everyone in the room was stunned.

Xie Mingzhe smiled slightly and went on to say: “It's really a lot easier for rich and powerful people to create clubs, but I think that most players' homes are fairly ordinary, and playing games is not a family background, the key or their own strength - as long as they have enough strength, everything is easy to say. ”

It is true that this sentence is bloody. If you're strong enough to win the championship, you don't have to worry about investing, and there will be plenty of players to admire. Except, the alliance is fiercely competitive. Does he really have that kind of strength?

Chen Xiao looked closely at the teenager in front of him and asked, “Xiao Xie, can you tell me what your parents are doing? Where the hell do you get all these weird card making ideas? ”

Xie Mingzhe was reborn with memories of the Earth's age, which could well cause him countless troubles if known. Chen Xiao asked today, and there will certainly be many more people curious about this question in the future. He carefully thought out a way to deal with it last night.

“Actually, I lied to everyone. I don't have a family. I'm an orphan.” Xie Mingzhe said calmly.

“Orphans?” Everyone stared straight into their eyes and couldn't believe that the joyous guy was an orphan every day.

“Exactly.” Xie Mingzhe was frank and explained, "I grew up in an orphanage. Fortunately, the director of the orphanage took care of me so that I could learn to paint. In June this year, I took the examination and was admitted to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Teitou University. I came to work for Teitou. I wanted to save some college living expenses. When I went to interview for work, I accidentally fell off the third floor and broke my head into a vegetable man. I lay in the affiliated hospital of Teitou University for a whole month. I didn't tell you the truth before, I don't want you to pity me. ”

So far, he's telling the truth. But the experience was kind of subtle, and everyone was half-believed.

Chen Xiao thought it was incredible: “So, what you said about hospitalization was that you broke your head and became a vegetable man? ”

“Yes,” added Xie Mingzhe, "I've loved fantasy since I was a kid, and I've been drawing and practicing pens with fun clips in mind. After a month of coma in the hospital this time, he woke up with more mental strength than before, and the inspiration for painting in his brain remained intact. ”

If he becomes famous in the future, his origins and background will surely be clearly picked up - he loved fantasy and painting since he was a kid, and the planter was more inspired when he woke up, which is why he gave himself the best arrow badge. Combining authenticity and falsehood, he said, the record of being admitted to a botanical hospital is clear, orphans, students of the Department of Fine Arts at Teito University, all of these identities are true. No one else can find any loopholes, even if they are suspicious.

Chen Xiao couldn't pick out the obvious problem from his words and looked at the pool brilliantly. The latter immediately said: “I heard my husband say that their neurosurgery department did have a botanist named Xie. He was unconscious for a whole month. He suddenly woke up from the hospital the other day. He also said that it was a medical miracle, that person could not be you! ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “What a coincidence? Your husband is a doctor at an affiliated hospital? ”

"'He's a cardiologist,' said Ji Ying. 'He's upstairs in neurology. It is said that examples of vegetable awakening are rare, and that many doctors know about your discharge, and the doctors say," Perhaps this is God's favor, otherwise a patient like you who is in a deep coma has a less than 1% chance of awakening. "”

Ji Yingying's husband happened to be the doctor of that hospital. Now he doesn't have to explain. Ji Yingying is his indirect witness.

In this way, the people present immediately dispelled their doubts, saying that Xiao Xie's luck was really good, he fell into a vegetable person, not only could he wake up, but he didn't turn into a fool, but he was more clever than before, isn't it just God's favorite?

Chen Xiao patted Xie Mingzhe's shoulder and exclaimed: “It's not easy for you to be an orphan for so many years. Rest assured, there will be a few of us in the future, and we will treat you like a family. ”

Xie Mingzhe has no friends in the world, and he certainly can't fight alone in the late war. Brother Chen is someone he can contact and trust. His talents were so terrible that normal people would be suspicious. Today, Chen Xiao and they dispelled their doubts before they could truly help him later.

Xie Mingzhe took the initiative to raise the glass and said sincerely: “It is also my luck to meet you all. If Brother Chan hadn't given me the chance, I wouldn't have touched the game of Star Card Storm, let alone discovered my card making talent. Brother Chan, you are my nobles. Let me propose a toast! ”

Chen Xiaoshuang raised the cup softly: “Okay, now that you've said that, everyone will be one of us from today on. I hate Nest Reverse the most. Whether it's setting up a club in the future or opening a store to sell cards, I want everyone to work together to help Xiao Xie! ”

Everyone was thrilled to lift their glasses and drink them up.

Xie Mingzhe drank red wine and immediately got to the point: “Since we decided to partner up, we also discussed the sharing with you today. Brother Chen previously said that each person earned 2% of the store's income. What are your opinions? ”

Pang Yu heard the eyes shine: “If I remember correctly, today's noon store revenue alone is 6 million gold coins, give me 2%, that's 120,000 gold coins, compared to the previous half of the month, that's too high, right? ”

"" Fatty is right, "said Chen Xiao." 2% of the commissions are really high. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and said: "A truly concerted team can be obtained if it is not rich, just follow Brother Chen's instructions.” He wants to find several genuine partners who are willing to help him, no matter what happens in the future, at least behind him. Money can be earned again, but trusted partners can't afford it.

Chen Xiao listened here and looked seriously at Xie Mingzhe: “The store will earn more and more money. You really want to share such a large profit with us? ”

“Why not?” Xie Mingzhe said softly, "You'll get more motivation when you get your share. Although our store has just opened, I am confident. ”

The point is that he has confidence in his brain hole. Daiyu and Wusong accidentally bumped into good luck, but later Xue Baochai, Xishi, Wang Zhaojun, Cao Chong and other cards, his ideas were completely presented. His talents were also recognized by the great gods of Nie Yuandao and Zheng Feng, who offered to invite him to join the club, indicating that he did not regard himself highly, but that he did have the ability to follow the path of "original card”.

A great deal of character material is stored in his mind. He will definitely make more cards in the future, why can't he look a little longer? Why don't you start your own business?

When he was an orphan before, he went through worse situations. What's to be afraid of?

Chen Xiao looked at the frank and confident appearance of the juvenile in front of him and was extremely shocked in his heart. Since Xie Mingzhe is so confident and has original card talent, it seems that his plan should also be put on the agenda...

Chen Xiao bowed his head and pondered.

* * *

The crowd was excited to play outside all afternoon until dark at night.

Fatty and Kim Jump drank high and went straight back to the dorm to lie dead. Pool Qing sent Pool back home. Xie Mingzhe and Chen were very sober. After bathing, he came to the balcony on the second floor and saw Chen Xiaozheng standing on the balcony smoking cigarettes. Guess what Brother Chen has to say, he pushes the door open and walks in: “Brother Chen still not sleeping? ”

Chen Xiao turned his back and looked seriously into Xie Mingzhe's eyes.

On weekdays, hanging young people as decadent young people rarely get a serious look.

The man's eyes were particularly deep and asked in a unique sandy voice: "Xiao Xie, since you are really going to go down this path of original cards, I have something I would like to help you with, or say, please help me. ”

“You help me, you ask me to help you?” Xie Mingzhe was annoyed by him. "What is it, Brother Chen? ”

“I want to take you to meet someone.” Chen rolled over and said, "I shouldn't have shocked him, but I think he can definitely help you. ”

Chen's attitude was so cautious and obviously very important when he was only accompanied to meet someone.

Xie Mingzhe nodded and said, “No problem. Who are you meeting? ”

Chen Xiao was silent for a moment and said in a slight tone of nostalgia: "My brother, Chen Qianlin. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Didn't your brother die? Xie Mingzhe thought his brother was gone...

Wait, Chibayashi is a familiar name?

Thousand Forest Restaurant?

Xie Mingzhe suddenly remembered that Tang Muzhou's restaurant in the game is called Qian Lin Restaurant. Could it have anything to do with Chen Qian Lin? Sister Xue clearly knows Chen Xiao today, so it seems that Chen Xiao's brother and Tang Muzhou are very likely to have a relationship.

Xie Mingzhe withstood the curiosity and asked: "When will you see your brother? ”

“Tomorrow, this can't wait any longer.” Chen Xiao came over and patted Xie Mingzhe's shoulder with encouragement, whispering, "My brother is a very powerful man, he's a real card maker. If he were willing to coach you, you would certainly be able to master the skill of making battle cards faster. However, he has been away from the Alliance for a long time and doesn't really... like to see me.” Speaking of which, Chen Xiao's eyes flashed a slight loss, but he quickly pulled himself together and said with a smile, "I will try to convince him to accept you as his apprentice. Rest first, get up early tomorrow, we leave at 9: 00. ”

Seeing the complexity of the man's face, Xie Mingzhe nodded wisely and without asking much: “Good night, Brother Chen. ”

* * * * *

[Chapter 42], Chen Qianlin

In the dormitory, little chubby limbs opened wide and slept very sweetly in bed.

Xie Mingzhe stepped to the bed, opened the drawer and took out his laptop.

Failure to ask Chen Xiao about his brother Chen Qianlin in person is afraid of the other party's embarrassment, it is difficult to talk. Xie Mingzhe decided to find out for himself. He entered the word "Chen Qianlin” on the search site and instantly showed tens of millions of search results. Xie Mingzhe jumped - this traffic is comparable to being a red star in Earth-Age entertainment.

“The sanctuary has been brought to court by star card league super popular player Chen Qianlin over the copyright issue of his card...”

“The Sanctuary Officials came out to clarify that there is no contract conspiracy! ”

“The copyright dispute between Chen Qianlin and the Sanctuary Club will be heard on December 25. ”

“Chen Qianlin lost the lawsuit, and Holy Land demanded that Chen Qianlin pay 80 million in liquidated damages! ”

“Chen Qianlin retired after the Summer All-Star Games. ”

“At the start of the fifth season of the professional league, 18-year-old rookie Tang Muzhou won 30 consecutive individual games, breaking the record of the highest consecutive wins of the individual games. According to the source, Tang Muzhou's true identity is that of the protagonist apprentice Chen Chianlin accepted in the game! ”

Seeing this news, Xie Mingzhe stopped. He guessed that Chen Qianlin was related to Tang Muzhou, but did not expect to be Tang Muzhou's master. So did Chen Chi Lin own the “Chi Lin Restaurant” in the game?

He looked down with doubt...

“Who can stop talented teenagers from winning 50 consecutive games in Tang Muzhou? ”

“Has the unstoppable Tang Mu Zhou come to avenge Master Chen Qianlin? ”

“Chen Qianlin Lovers Tang Muzhou defeated the old earthly player Zheng Feng and entered the 1/4 final! ”

“Tang Muzhou defeats the ruling chief hand Nie Yuandao to enter the 1/2 final! ”

“Tang Mu Zhou defeats the Golden Nose Joe Ling Tang to enter the Finals! ”

“Tang Mu Zhou defeated Su Yang, winning the fifth season of the Individual Championship, the youngest champion in the history of the professional league! ”

“The newcomer Tang Muzhou won the individual competition championship. He publicly thanked the teacher for his training. Chen Qianlin did not show up at the award ceremony! ”

“ …… ”

Seeing this striking news, Xie Mingzhe could almost imagine the dramatic wave that swept the Alliance five years ago.

Tang Muzhou, a newcomer who has just emerged, won 50 individual games in a row, defeated countless great gods and won the championship with unstoppable momentum!

And that season when Tang Muzhou came out, coincided with his master Chen Qianlin's retirement.

From various information in forums and news, it can be seen that the Starcard Alliance has always had the term "five-pronged nose ancestors”.

As early as the first and second seasons, the Star Card League had five very good professional players, laying the groundwork for the five classes of gold, wood, water, fire and earth - the founder of the Golden Armor Card, the developer of the Fire Beast Card Group, Nie Yuandao, the earthly defensive counterattack nose, Zhengfeng, the water system control flow of Suyang, and the founder of the Wood Plant Card Group, Chen Qianlin.

These five are also the "founding fathers” of the Star Card League Pro League.

Without them, there would not have been so many colorful quintiles later.

At that time, the five great gods were very popular, and Chen Qianlin had countless fans, so his lawsuit dispute boiled down, almost shocked the entire professional league and Star Card game official, and finally, the lawsuit was defeated, sparking a huge wave, his fans collectively surrounded the Sanctuary Club, brushed the Sanctuary website to paralysis, and Chen Qianlin's retirement also completely changed the pattern of the league.

As a result of this copyright dispute, all the clubs of the Alliance revise the player contract, Nie, Ling, Zheng, Su and many other early great gods took the opportunity to separate the original card copyright in their own hands, several players jumped through the contract and the whole Alliance was upset. Major clubs have begun to pay attention to copyright issues, and later contracts have become more demanding.

In the fifth season, Starcard League's most powerful individual is Sauyang, the founder of the water system from the Frost City Club. In addition to Suyang, Nie Yuandao, Ling Xuantang and Zheng Feng are also very powerful gods. Relatively speaking, the overall downturn in the wooden card group, coupled with the retirement of Chen Qianlin, the wooden ancestor, made the entire league one of the best wooden players. Ten games are sometimes invisible to even one wooden set of cards in the arena at the top of the internet tour.

It is in this case that "wooden cards are sung down as a whole”, Tang Muzhou was born across the sky.

Eighteen-year-old sharp teenager, the original plant card group, fought a frightening war in the whole league. Even old players such as Nie Yuandao and Zheng Feng could not help but appreciate the talent of this junior player.

The young man looked handsome and smiled politely. At first glance, he could not feel a threat from him. However, once on the field, the young man's fight was extremely decisive and harsh. The range of the Millennium Divine Tree was hanged, and the bundling links of all kinds of vines became a unique scenery on the field.

After winning the individual championship, Tang Muzhou was interviewed, and he said a very long story with a smile in front of the show--

“The Millennium Divine Tree card was made to thank my mentor Chen Qianlin, so the name of the card included the word 'thousand’ in his name. But I didn't come to avenge him. Master is a well-known man, retirement is his own choice, and he will not want me to go to the game with a vengeance. I came to the league just because I loved the field. Winning the championship this season does not prove that I am the strongest, many seniors are more conscious than me, I just have a little more luck. In the future, I will continue to enrich my card pack to bring you more amazing games. ”

“Master has decided to leave and no longer cares about the Alliance. He has found a better life for himself, and please don't disturb him again. Later, the wooden card group, there's me. ”

Wood card group, there's me.

Simple words reinvigorate the confidence of all players who are disappointed with the wood card!

At that time, Tang Muzhou was only eighteen years old, but he was able to say such words, so that countless senior gods could not bear to appreciate them.

Also from that day on, Chen Qianlin completely withdrew from the historical stage, the wood system, and with Tang Muzhou, the more terrible player.

Tang Muzhou, the winner, did not sign any clubs. He himself set up the Fenghua Club with the red candle of the manager Xue Linxiang and Fenghua Guild, and added a supplementary agreement to the contract “All original [Tang] logo cards, copyright belongs to Tang Muzhou”.

Fenghua was the only player at the time. He did not recruit a number of like-minded and wooden card enthusiasts until the sixth season. Today, Fenghua Club has been able to contend with the ruling, the old brand clubs of Frost City. Tang Muzhou can see that besides his top personal strength, his ability to lead the team is also top notch.

In the impression of the fans, Tang Muzhou has always been a charming and atmospheric athlete, young but long term, he not only supported the emergence of various new genres, but he also spearheaded the idea of instant death cards. He is now in a position to compete with the elders of Nie Shen, Zheng Feng, Ling Xuantang, and he himself brought out a genius little apprentice, Shen An.

However popular it may be, Tang Muzhou never hides his gratitude to his mentor.

He even said something like this: "In my mind, Master is always the best professional player. ”

Due to Tang Muzhou's many public thanksgiving to the master, the relationship between the two was also completely picked up by the reporters - it was said that Tang Muzhou knew ignorance to go to the black market to sell many good cards at a low price, and then took the cards to the auction because they were famous. After Chen Qianlin found out, he went to the auction to photograph his vine cards at a high price, took him as an apprentice, carefully guided, Tang Muzhou only made rapid progress, quickly made a whole set of plant cards in the short term, and became an excellent professional player.

Unfortunately, Chen Qianlin never showed up again.

Perhaps it was because the defeat hit him so hard that he didn't want to stay in the coalition; or he was just tired of it.

Anyway, Xie Mingzhe turned over dozens of pages of news. The news about Chen Qianlin only stopped at the moment he retired.

Where did he go after he retired, what he was doing, nobody knew.

He just disappeared for almost five years.

* * *

After watching the news, Xie Mingzhe's been in a mood for a long time.

He didn't have time to participate in the turmoil of the fifth season, but he could clearly feel Chen Qianlin's calm heart and the unstoppable sharpness of Tang Muzhou's youth from the words and pictures he left behind.

This pair of apprentices are legendary characters of Starcard League, I didn't expect to be involved with both of them.

Xie Mingzhe finally understood why Tang Muzhou had been patient in guiding him, as his appearance was very similar to Tang Muzhou's history on the black market. Five years ago, Tang Muzhou, an ignorant teenager, was fortunate enough to have been taught by Enshi Chen Qianlin, so when he saw such talented newcomers as Xie Mingzhe, Tang Muzhou would help him, which is also a memorial to Enshi.

Xie Mingzheben thought that he and Tang God were just friends in the game. In reality, there would be no intersection. I didn't expect that Chen Xiao's older brother, Chen Qianlin, the owner of his practice studio, was actually Tang Muzhou's master.

He happened to join Chen Xiao's leveling studio, and happened to make Daiyu burial flower card for Tang Muzhou, black market card sales attracted the attention of the Fenghua Guild, the auction Daiyu card was photographed by Tang Muzhou at a high price, Qian Lin restaurant met for the first time...

Countless lines connect them together, eventually pointing to the same end point - Chen Qianlin.

He became friends with Tang Muzhou in the game. Tomorrow, he will also meet Master Chen Qianlin of Tang Muzhou.

Is that what this is all about?

Tang Muzhou is strong enough, the master can't even imagine how good Xie Mingzhe is. The legendary "wooden nose ancestor”, if Brother Chen can really convince this Lin God to accept him as his apprentice, it is definitely Heavenly Ganlin for Xie Mingzhe.

There are so many holes in his brain right now, but what kind of cards are good fighting cards? What team of cards can you use to play high-end leagues? Without a lot of gaming experience, it may take a long time to find out by himself as a newbie, and the resulting cards may not be useful.

If Lin God is willing to coach him, it really excites him more than winning the lottery.

Xie Mingzhe slept beautifully in bed with excitement and anticipation.

Tomorrow, he must perform well in front of Chen Qianlin!

There were too many mats in the previous period, and many people guessed that Chen Xiao's brother was Tang Muzhou's master.

Taking on a brother who's not in a club, but who's going to be in love, you didn't guess that, hey hey hey hey:)

See you all tomorrow!