[Chapter 59, First Entry into the Arena]

Under the personal guidance of Chen Qianlin, Xie Mingzhe made unified adjustments to the attributes of the full set of cards.

First of all, the most important “agile” attribute, the result of the final adjustment is Lumont, Sun Ze 100 full of agility, Zhou Yu and Lu Song followed closely, Xiao Qiao, Sun Sangxiang and Da Qiao are all between 75-80, to facilitate the connection of skills. Then the data balance of each card, the newly released Sun Sangxiang stacked the basic attack and criticism rate to the highest; Xiao Qiao and Daqiao's skills were also stacked to the highest because of the impact of the basic attack + criticism.

After all the adjustments, it was late at night. Xie Mingzhe was too excited to sleep. He wanted to go to the arena to experience the power of this set of cards in action. As a result, Chen Qianlin calmly said: “The Phoenix Star Arena Arena Ranking Competition closes promptly every night at 12: 00 p.m., refreshes at 8: 00 a.m., you should go to sleep first. ”

Xie Mingzhe saw that it was 1: 00 in the morning, and he didn't want to disturb Master anymore, so he said: "Master, go to sleep early, good night!” At this time, the Phoenix Star Realm on the Galaxy Navigation Chart was indeed closed and could not be transmitted. Xie Mingzhe had to remove his helmet and go to sleep on the second floor after washing.

Chen Xiao was smoking on the balcony. When he saw Xie Mingzhe come up, he put out his cigarette butt and asked with interest: “Is the card set ready? ”

Xie Mingzhe said excitedly: "Seven cards have been played in the arena, and Master has instructed me to adjust the data!” He opened the tablet and transferred the seven cards in the display cabinet to Chen Xiao, "Brother Chen, how about this set of cards? ”

Chen Xiao looked closely at the skills of the seven cards and praised them: “Very good! Attacks are well equipped and skills are well connected. The lower level of the arena is well played, and your set of cards just needs to be familiar with the timing of skill release enough to keep you rushing to the star cards expert. ”

“Brother Chan, how are your cards doing?” Xie Mingzhe closed his head and asked curiously.

“I'm not in a hurry.” Chen Xiaoxiao smiled and said, "The cancellation agreement has just been signed. If I make a large number of cards in two or three days, it will be difficult to explain clearly in the future. After this month, my brother moved in with us, and I started making cards. If Shaw had any suspicions, I would say it was made under my brother's guidance. ”

“Yeah, it's no harm to be careful.” There is no need to be defensive, not to mention that Shao is not a good person. It would be reasonable for Chen Xiao to make a card next month. Xie Mingzhe said, "What are you going to do next? ”

“I'll help Chi Qing develop the Nirvana Guild first. Now that the Guild is at level 3, I want to move up to full grade as soon as possible. Don't worry, I'll take care of it. ”

“Mm-hmm. Call me if you need help. ”

“By the way, those three membership cards, have you been painting these last few days? ”

“I've been making new cards in the arena today, regardless.” Xie Mingzhe scratched his head and said with some anguish, "Our guild is growing too fast. In the future, tens of thousands of members will be able to draw enough cards? ”

“This is simple, if you can rest assured, give me permission to reproduce the three welfare cards Sun Tse, Zhou Yu and Huang Gai. I'll take it and reproduce it directly. No, then there are more members, you can't even paint it.” Chen Xiao suggested, "The right to reproduce is just a copy of this card and cannot be modified. Cards are still copyrighted to you. ”

“Sure!” Xie Mingzhe trusted Chen Xiao, saving him time playing in the arena without spending hours every day drawing Sun Tse, Zhou Yu and Huang Li repeatedly.

“Tomorrow morning we'll go to the copyright center and get some sleep. ”

The two of them negotiated and then fell asleep.

Xie Mingzhe had a good dream and rose in a shaky mood at 7: 00 a.m. the next morning. Chen Xiao also came out of the bedroom gloriously. The two of them hit the balcony on the second floor. Xie Mingzhe smiled and greeted him: "Good morning, Brother Chen! ”

Chen Xiao also laughed: “I guess you must get up early to play in the arena. Are you excited to be a good card player? ”

Xie Mingzhe said quite frankly: “Of course, I've never been to the arena. Last night I dreamed of winning 10 times in a row! ”

Chen Xiao said: "Your card set is said to be 10 consecutive wins. Fifty consecutive wins are not difficult. ”

Xie Mingzhe was even more excited when he heard it, so he couldn't wait to put on his helmet and enter the game immediately.

At 7: 10 a.m., two people came to the restaurant after washing. Chen Xiaoshun grabbed bread and milk prepared by Pool Qing from the refrigerator and chatted with Xie Mingzhe at breakfast.

"'You know the rules of the arena, don't you? ”

Xie Mingzhe: “I only know the upgrade rules. I haven't had time to find out the rest yet. I'll check back later. ”

"In fact, it's very simple," said Chen Xiao. "The apprentices, apprentices and interns of the first to third classes are generally low. A good set of cards is easy to win, and the game mode used is the star mode. ”

Xie Mingzhe was curious: "Ming Zheng mode? Is that the opening bright card set? ”

Chen Xiao nodded: “Hmm. At the beginning, the opposing party brightens 7 cards at a time, illuminates 7 cards and uses 7 cards directly, both cards 7v7 face to face, all cards cannot be replaced. ”

Xie Mingzhe thought that this “clear card mode” was used in the lower segment. Obviously, the official took into account the players in the lower segment, and the number of full cards in their hands was not very small. Let them adjust the formation. They did not have many cards to replace. Instead, they could take these seven cards and brighten up the confrontation directly. Simple and rough.

Chen Xiao went on to say, "Starting with the Star Card Expert segment in the fourth class, the rankings will turn into a more interesting dark card pattern. In this mode, five of the cards illuminated at the same time by both opening parties are open cards, two are dark cards, you can't see the secret cards, and the dark cards can be replaced. Both sides have 30 seconds to adjust the array in a targeted manner. This dark card pattern is used in high-end professional leagues and various cup tournaments, and psychological games between players are also a major focus. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded.

The Dark Card mode allows you to adjust two dark cards and adjust the array in a targeted manner when the player's pool is deep enough. For example, if you meet the local athlete Zheng Feng Dashen on the field, and you see an elephant with 200,000 blood in his star card, you can swap Cao to fight off his elephant. By the same token, if Zheng Feng Dashen fears that the elephant will be targeted, he can hide the elephant in an invisible secret card. It will be difficult for the opponent at this time. Do you want to go to Cao Chong or not? If there's no elephant across the street, isn't that a waste of space?

Not only is the card group important, but psychological games, analytical reasoning, and platoon layout are also very important. The targeted replacement of two dark cards is a testament to the athlete's grasp of all kinds of tricks in the arena, and a line of dead brains is definitely not a good idea.

Xie Mingzhe currently has only the Dongwu arson team set, if he goes to play the dark card mode and encounters the Alliance's great gods, he will definitely be pressed to the ground.

But it doesn't matter, he's a newcomer to the arena now, and his experience can be built up slowly, and cards can be made again, six months away from the next season, enough to enrich his team.

Chen Xiao also said: "Don't worry, you have enough 7 cards in Ming mode. Be familiar with the release of these 7 cards and take your time. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: "Well, I'll see you in action later. ”

After breakfast, they went to the copyright center of Aquarius. Xie Mingzhe handed over the reproduction permissions of Sun Zhe, Zhou Yu and Huang Li three guild welfare cards to Chen Xiao. After completing the formalities, he returned to his personal space. It happened that it was 8 o'clock. Xie Mingzhe sent them directly from the galaxy diagram to Phoenix.

Welcome to Phoenix!

In the middle of Phoenix is a huge square surrounded by several buildings of different styles, the building just north of which bears the awakening goal sign of "Star Card Rankings"; to the east is the "Star Card League Professional League Watch Entrance”, to the west is the "National Star Card Master Invitation Entrance”, to the south is the "Guild Competition Entrance”, and there are several buildings without names, which should be reserved for various cup competitions organized by sponsors, each skyscraper corresponds to a different course.

Xie Mingzhe has a "Star Card Ranking Ticket” which is valid for 6 months and he can use this system to enter the Ranking Building to rank in the next 6 months.

Xie Mingzhe came to the rankings hall with excitement.

It's 8: 00 in the morning, but the hall is overcrowded.

He just walked into the lobby and heard a system tone in his ear: “Dear Fat Uncle, welcome to the Phoenix Star Ranking lobby. Your current slot is [1st Class - Star Card Apprentice Level 1], matching your opponent based on your performance, please wait...”

After only 3 seconds, a prompt pops up: "Have you found an opponent for you, enter the arena now? ”

The speed of this match can be described by “lightning”, and it can be seen that the base number of players playing the rankings in the game is quite large, as is the number of rookies like Xie Mingzhe who have just entered the arena.

Xie Mingzhe clicked in with his finger.

- Welcome to Arena Ranking, player information loaded successfully.

—— Randomly generate the contest map for: Fountain Square.

—— Please set up a battle card group in the card group panel, counting down to 10, 9, 8...

Seven spaces pop up in front to put your card on. Xie Mingzhe quickly placed the seven cards of Wu Guo and pressed the confirmation key.

- Five Fire Series cards have been detected in your card set with Arena Set Assembly Requirements. Choose from the following options for the Mars Asylum Pack Bonus attributes: HP, Attack, Defense, Critical Damage, Healing Effect, Control Time.

The card boost effect will automatically open in the arena. Since Xie Mingzhe is going to play a wave, he naturally chooses the attribute of "Critical Damage”. In his card group, Lu Son's fire attack and Sun Sangxiang's harvest both need to be criticized. If he can't lose a second, he will be matched for nothing.

- Both groups of cards are about to be displayed and the game will officially begin in 20 seconds, please prepare.

This information is followed by a pair of cards on the screen in front of you.

The top row is the seven cards of Xie Mingzhe and the bottom row is the seven cards of the opponent.

Xie Mingzhe's card set looks delightful. Four handsome men and three beautiful women can kill their opponents in seconds just because of their facial value.

The opponent's ID is called "Stupid Bear” and the card team is a little hard to say. Xie Mingzhe found his card group very messy, one animal, one plant, two demon cards and three ghost cards.

The countdown of 20 seconds is reserved for players to observe and analyze each other's card group. Xie Mingzhe hurried the time to observe each other's seven card skills. The other side formed a ground-based set of cards. The five ground-based cards of haunted cards and demonic cards are the main output power. The tree-based plant cards are group therapy cards, and the aquatic animal cards are state aids.

This player is supposed to be a fan of the Ghost Prison Club and the style of the Ghost Card is a little creepy. Xie Mingzhe ignored the strange feeling of "seeing all kinds of ghosts" in the game and simply pressed the prep key at the end of the countdown.

Stupid bear was surprised by Uncle Fat's neat seven character cards. He didn't have time to look at his skills. He looked at Sun Tse, Zhou Yu, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao and other people's face value.

As a result, the game officially started when the person's face was not finished!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 60: Painting Qingqi Ethnic Card Player]

The moment the countdown turns 0, both sides are transferred to the map of the competition: Fountain Square.

This is the simplest battle map in the game, with a fountain in the middle of the venue, as the fountain does not block the player's view, so both sides can clearly see the opponent's location.

The clear card mode of the lower level segment is very simple and rude. I am afraid that the player will not be able to summon the cards. At the beginning of the game, the system will carefully display all the cards of both sides directly, promptly summon seven cards according to the agile attributes, creating a situation of 7v7 confrontation.

Full player's mental power, the system defines an initial value of 240, and summoning a seven-star card requires 30 points of mental power. Theoretically, a one-time summons of 7 cards consumes 210 points, leaving 30 points, and does not result in insufficient mental power.

This model is very beneficial for Xie Mingzhe - just in time for Zhou Yu and Lu Son to join forces!

At this time, three ghost cards, two demons, an animal, and a plant appeared next to the stupid bear.

He obviously didn't react fast enough. Seeing Uncle Fatty summon up a bunch of characters in a flash, the stupid bear is totally stunned. I don't know which one to hit?

However, at this moment of hesitation, Xie Mingzhe took the lead.

Lu Meng - Baiyi Dujiang, soldier is not a blood blade!

Lumont, wearing a gown and a white robe, opened up mass control skills, and the silly bear instantly turned dark in front of his eyes.

- Mass blindness control!

It was so dark in front of me, I couldn't see anything, and the stupid bear panicked completely!

At the same time, it was already difficult to control seven cards, now blind, dumb bear's heart panicked, no idea what to do. When he opened his eyes again, the stupid bear saw an extremely shocking scene--

I saw my seven cards tied together by a very strange chain, and all the cards were on fire. The flames of the bear continue to burn, the blood volume of the card drops rapidly, the more flames burn, and triggers critical damage!

At this time, Xie Mingzhe's Zhou Yu and Lu Son fire group attack has been released.

Within three seconds of blindness control, releasing three skills in a row: wire links, burning red walls, and burning battalions is not particularly difficult for people with online experience like Xie Mingzhe. Besides, this set of tricks he's been doing in his head countless times, and he's long been familiar with it.

Previously, online gaming was a keyboard placement technique, and your hand might not be able to press slowly. Holographic games nowadays are direct mental manipulation, so long as you keep your mind clear, it's much cooler where all the cards are played than pressing the keyboard!

Dumb bear sees all seven cards are bleeding and is in a bit of a hurry to immediately open the plant card group treatment skills.

However... what's wrong with not responding?

Little Joe, Long River!

Strange violin sounds in the ears, group silence, and no cards within range can release any skill for 3 seconds.

Stupid bear can't even develop healing skills!

At this time, Sun Sangxiang made a move.

Xie Mingzhe had Sun Sangxiang aim at the ghost card with the lowest amount of blood in the seven cards - the Red Ghost.

In the card group of stupid bear, the main output should be this red ghost, with long red and black hair covering her face, the image is quite frightening. But the blood volume and defense of this haunted card was not high. It was very brittle. Zhou Yu and Lu Son attacked it with a set of fires, and at this time there was only about 1000 points of blood left.

The woman's blood strip flashed red and was in danger.

Sun Shang Xiang pulled open his long bow and with a flaming arrow “bang” he shot straight at the leper card - instantly killing!

The haunted card disappeared from the field into a piece of green smoke.

Sun Sangxiang's "Bow Ji" skill randomly adds an attack once he kills the target!

Random six choices, Sun Sangxiang just chose the demon card next to the ghost card. The little fox demon is also bleeding at this time, with a blood volume of about 3,000, Sun Sangxiang shoots out an arrow--

Instant kill again! Continue to trigger pursuit!

One arrow, two arrows, three arrows, four arrows, five arrows...

Sun Sangxiang, how strong this card is, the harvest in a bleeding situation is desperate!

Only the last two of the seven cards of the stupid-looking bear are left, one of which is the heaviest animal card, not lost in seconds, and the other is a ghost card with a "Critical Damage Resistance” effect.

Incredibly changed from 7v7 to 7v2...

The stupid bear didn't react. What happened? Sun Sangxiang shot him off five cards in a row. The desperate stupid bear pressed directly to surrender. He thought he must have met the Great God, the Super Great God!

At the end of the competition, system settlement data, this MVP card is undoubtedly Sun Sangxiang.

Congratulations on winning the arena for the first time and increasing your Ranking Points by 5 points.

—— Do you want to start the next match?

Xie Mingzhe's in a very excited mood.

After he fell asleep last night, Dream has been simulating this set of card team play, this is his first actual practice, Dongwu Arson Battalion is amazing indeed, skill matching as long as the perfect control chain can be formed, the opponent has little chance to fight back!

Just now, the stupid bear was forced to lose five cards directly in seconds.

Losing in the hands of this set of cards is not unjust. After all, it is a brand new character card set made by Xie Mingzhe himself, and the data has been personally adjusted by Chen Qianlin Dashen, and the skills are particularly smooth to connect!

Xie took a deep breath and pressed the "Start Next Round” button.

The system rematches the opponent and still matches one in 3 seconds.

The matching opponent ID this time is called "Bean”, a very soft and adorable image of the girl.

The girl had her ponytail on her head and her eyes were big and bright in a white princess dress - but Xie Mingzhe would never be merciful because she was a girl, who knew if she was just pinching her legs? He pinched a fat uncle himself, and the girls in the game don't necessarily have to be real girls.

So Xie Mingzhe was relentless and another set of tricks to bomb...

The beans were also completely unresponsive and beaten to shyness.

It was dark in front of the opening. When she regained her view, she found herself unable to release her skills. Sun Sangxiang, the arrow with the flame, fired arrow after arrow, gave her whole card set for seconds?!

Seven arrows in a row. Is that science?

Beans couldn't help typing: “I wipe! Who are you? A new way of eating? ”

"I'm not a great god," said Xie Mingzhe. ”

To be honest, he's also a novice, except he's a clever, highly coached novice.

Beans want to vomit blood. This feeling of not being able to fight back at all and being pressed against the ground is too bad. Say he's not a god. Who believes? This set of cards goes perfectly together!

Congratulations on winning Arena, winning second straight, increasing your Ranking Points by 7 points and currently 12 points.

- Do you want to start the next game?

The hotter Xie Mingzhe hit, the more he immediately entered the next round.

There was no difficulty in the third inning, a wave, Zhou Yulusson group fire pressed the blood line, Xiao Qiao silently did not allow the other side to add blood, Sun Sangxiang harvested the hand, quickly dropped the opponent several cards, and directly pressed the surrender opposite.

4th, 5th, 6th...

Sun Tse and Daqiao don't need to play, even the opposite side of the move is basically dead.

Xie Mingzhe became more and more skilled in the management of the card team and won more and more smoothly.

After an hour of playing in the arena, Xie Mingzhe actually won 10 straight times!

The promotion rules for the Star Card Rankings match are similar to the LOL he played in the Earth's era, the Rankings match wins bonuses, loses points, and wins in a row get extra points. Each large segment is divided into 5 small bits, 20 points for each small segment. With 100 points, you can go to the promotion and win the promotion to the next higher level.

At the beginning of the game, Xie Mingzhe's position was “Star Card Apprentice Level 1”. After winning 10 consecutive rounds, he has become "Star Card Apprentice Level 3”. He can upgrade fast and go to Star Card Apprentice Level 5 to play promotion.

Keep trying!

Xie Mingzhe continued to press the button to “Next inning”.

The opponent ID encountered in the 11th inning is called "Wolf Soul”. The figure is a gray-haired old man. The card team matches well. He has played 10 rounds and won 10 straight.

Xie Mingzhe immediately became vigilant.

Obviously, he had just won too many consecutive wins, and the points reward was getting higher and higher, and the system matched him with an equally ten-consecutive opponent when he had won ten consecutive wins.

This group of "Wolf Souls” cards is much more professional at first glance than the adorable newcomers we met before- seven neat animal cards, using the fire-based animal card system, and may be fans of Nie Yuandao.

Xie Mingzhe quickly observed his card set and found that one of his cards was a Psychic Fox. His skill was Psychic: All Friends +20% Agile Attributes and +20% Attack Speed.

- This is a boost support card for all accelerations!

In other words, as long as the Spiritual Fox card is present, the other card group will move faster than itself!

In this way, Lumont will certainly not be able to get ahead of him, and it is possible that he will lose his key card immediately and quickly across the street. No wonder he beat ten straight wins, it looks like he has two brushes.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath, took a short time to sort out his thoughts and think about how to deal with them.

20 o'clock agile, put in the arena about 0.5 seconds time difference, within 0.5 seconds set fire to kill a card, if the other party is Nie Yuandao, it is perfectly possible, Xie Mingzhe can surrender directly.

But Xie Mingzhe believes that the player must not have the reactivity and consciousness of Nie God, 0.5 seconds is the blink of an eye, can he manipulate several cards at the same time in such a short period of time is still a question mark!

Xie Mingzhe calmed down and thought about the response.

The countdown is over and the game begins.

The presence of Spiritual Fox definitely allowed the other side to grab the first hand, and the other side directly released the three cards of Wolf, Tiger and Lion to want Zhou Yu in strong seconds! This person's consciousness is good, and it's probably a quick analysis of Zhou Yu's key role in the Fat Uncle card group.

Zhou Yu's wire links can greatly increase the damage from burning the red wall and burning the battalion, and Sun Shangxiang's harvest must be based on all the blood across the street. Zhou Yu is indeed the key to this set of cards. Once Zhou Yu hangs up, Lu Song and Sun Sangxiang may not be able to make the harvest.

The other three beasts pounced on Zhou Yu. This week Yu was brittle. He was caught on fire across the street and instantly bled!

Xie Mingzhe has been staring at Zhou Yu's blood volume and Sun Tsai's skill reading time. Just at the moment Zhou Yu's blood volume is less than 200 points away, Sun Tsai's skill reading is over. Xie Mingzhe resolutely let Sun Tsai go - only Sun Tsai on horseback stopped Zhou Yu at extremely fast speed. Tsai Mayang's skill opened up, scorn, and forced to absorb hatred!

The subsequent attacks of the three beasts all bit Sun Tsai's body - fortunately Xie Mingzhe reacted quickly enough and Sun Tsai protected him in a timely manner, otherwise he would have died three times already!

Sun Zhi's range of mockery lasted 8 seconds, which is enough time for Xie Mingzhe to make an adjustment.

He lets Sun Tse, the heaviest in blood, absorb the firepower in front of him, and then opens Big Joe's skill - hiding.

Only Zhou Yu, who had been hung up by the fire, suddenly disappeared and was forcibly retracted from his hand by Xie Mingzhe.

Once the card is withdrawn, it becomes directly full of blood in its initial state. When Sun Tse's ridicule was coming to an end, Xie Mingzhe reconvened Zhou Yu - full of blood Zhou Yu - to return to the arena.

The opposite player was completely obsessed with the next line of ellipses: “...”

He had observed Uncle Fat's card group. Once Zhou Yu died, Lu Son's fire damage could not strike out a critical attack, and Sun Sangxiang could not do the harvest. So he started collecting fire to kill Zhou Yu, so he easily beat Zhou Yu to 200 points of blood skin, which he died after a slight touch.

Didn't expect a sudden appearance of Sun Tsai to protect Zhou Yu, then... Zhou Yu was taken back opposite?

Took it back?

I'll fight for half a day. You take it back? Isn't this Nima too raspy?

In the meantime, Xie Mingzhe began his skills cycle--

Baiyi Dojiang, Soldier's Blood Blade, Iron Ring, Fire Red Wall...

A skill loop continued, and the animals across the street were mutilated. The silence of the small group of Qiao prevented the other party from adding blood. At this time Sun Sangxiang made another move, seconds of air, can't stop it!

In a blink of an eye, a bunch of dead animal cards filled the floor.

The wolf's soul was disgusted and typed directly on the public screen: "You are a skilled rascal! ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: "How can you win if you play well in the arena? Stand honestly by you for a second? ”

Wolf Soul: “…”

That makes sense and cannot be disproved.

At the moment of quitting the arena, the wolf spirit was bad for everyone. He is the brain powder of Nie Shen. The card group is a fire-style animal card purchased by Nie Shen's Critical Second Kills. After joining the judgment guild, he also visited a master in the arena who hit a senior star card expert position and guided his thinking in the arena.

Win 10 consecutive games by grabbing the key card across the second of speed. He has always believed that offense is the best defense.

But Uncle Fatty taught me to be a human being!

Failed to drop Zhou Yu in 0.5 seconds, Sun Tse forcibly blocked a wave of injuries. Even more exaggerated, the Big Joe skill in playing the piano really exists like a BUG. Can you take the card back for half a day and then re-summon it?

Big Joe is just finishing up this monomer second kill card set!

The wolf's soul was depressed and he turned to look for his master with tears: "Master, my winning streak was interrupted, I encountered a set of character card groups, and I actually took back my broken card! ”

The other party was surprised: “Character card group? Show me the video! ”

The wolf's soul sent the video to the master, and he looked at it and shocked: “I wipe it, isn't it Fatty?! The fat uncle who broke the record by making a copy card! He hasn't tortured the copies these past few days. He's gone to the arena? ”

The wolf's soul was blinded: "Who's Uncle Fatty? ”

Master Language has a long center of gravity: “The Red Man in the recent game. Don't worry, I'll show the video of this match to the vice president! ”

* * *

The 11th inning was won without risk, and Xie Mingzhe was much happier this time.

The opponents encountered in the first ten rounds are all typically new, let alone tweaking data and matching card set skills. Many of the seven cards are random, and some players even recharge the single-skill cards that play copies.

Xie Mingzhe and these new and adorable rivals won especially easy. The opponents were basically unable to resist and were killed by Xie Mingzhe's Dongwu arson squad in a wave of seconds.

Only this opponent after 10 consecutive wins made Xie Mingzhe feel challenged.

Fortunately, Sun Tse was quick enough to protect Zhou Yu in time and let Daqiao retrieve a little bloody Zhou Yu and re-summon him. Otherwise, if Zhou Yu was seconds away, he might lose.

Card sets are just the foundation, random strain is the key!

This is just the lowest level of the game, and many of the players are new to just seven cards to try the water.

Xie Mingzhe knew that there was nothing to be proud of if he beat 11 straight wins - because the real challenge was in the highest star card master stage, where the great gods were gathered!

Big Joe's hiding chapter should be understood. It's similar to resurrection technology. It also reduces the number of card deaths and saves money for repairs. But seclusion requires a lot of operation, and when the cards are dying, they are withdrawn immediately, not even for a second. Revive skills can be found several seconds after the card dies, making it less difficult to operate. Advantages and disadvantages.

Pippitzer's Dongwu Arson team won 11 consecutive battles, begging for a wave of nutrient solution, everyone!