[Chapter 65, Reasoning]

Tang Muzhou did not deceive Xie Mingzhe, in the professional alliance group, and indeed soon discussed four ways to crack this set of cards.

Pro players have seen countless lineups, the biggest advantage of Xie Mingzhe's card set is that the star 7v7 is facing the bomb, and once it reaches the dark card mode, it actually loses a lot.

Ling Xiangtang's method is the most decisive and straightforward: “Just one character is a dead card, grab the rhythm and drop Zhou Yu or Sun Sangxiang, Uncle Fat will not attack himself. ”

Zheng Feng concurrently said: “His card set skills are too closely connected, the error tolerance rate is actually very low, Sun Sangxiang's monomer output capacity is not very strong, she is only strong in the residual situation. My breaking law is to look directly at Zhou Yu and Lu Son when attacking the group, and one wave to kill him. ”

Liked by Lao Zheng's Turkish counter-attack to his counter-attack opponents.

"There is another way," said Neiyuan, "to start snatching speed and silence Sun Tse, single-player assault card seconds Daqiao. Only Big Joe in his card group is monotherapy. Killing him first would be a lot better. ”

To prove his innocence, Tang Muzhou also came forward and said a plan: “I can guarantee that his Sun Sangxiang will shoot his own teammates with a chaotic card control field. ”

Of course, there are other breaking methods, such as slow water control and consumption, dragging him to death. But none of the players in the water system are online, and no one has spoken voluntarily.

The discussion was lively, Mountain Lan laughed in everyone's ears: “Uncle Fat only played a few rounds of low-level cards mode, and it really shocked so many great gods to decipher his card group. It seems that everyone is very interested in Uncle Fat? ”

Ye Zhu couldn't help but vomit: “I can't wait to see him face to face PK, who told him to do so many dead cards for the whole league! ”

Pei Jingshan suddenly appeared and asked seriously: "Do you think Uncle Fatty would hit the Star Card Master position, participate in the National Star Card Master Invitational Competition, and then become a professional player? ”

The group suddenly silenced down.

This possibility, in fact, has been considered by everyone. Especially Zheng Feng, when he offered extremely generous conditions and even willingness to release the right to publish, pulled Uncle Fat into ghost prison, and was rejected by Uncle Fat. At that time, Zheng Feng guessed that Fat Uncle's aspiration was not only to be a card seller, but probably to play the league himself. The establishment of the Nirvana further corroborated his assumptions.

Nie Yuandao and Shanlan have also been suspicious that Uncle Fat's rejection of the ruling was very resolute and clearly a firm resolve long ago.

Tang Muzhou can be sure that Uncle Fat wants to be in the professional league, because Fat now walks exactly the same path as he did back then - first selling cards on the black market, accumulating funds to open stores to earn money, then making his own set of cards to play in the arena, as long as he can kill a blood road from the arena and successfully hit the Star Card Master position, he can participate in the next season's national invitation competition and get tickets to the professional league.

Besides, Fat Uncle now has high guidance behind him. No one in the group admitted to discussing who had guided him for half a day.

Tang Muzhou had a hunch that no one was lying, and the expert standing behind Uncle Fat should really not be the current god of the Alliance.

Nie Yuandao, Lao Zheng, Lao Ling and other senior gods are not so idle; the new generation of players like Pei Jingshan and Jingwei are not strong enough, let alone manage a stranger.

Most likely, it's him, Tang Muzhou.

Tang Muzhou, who won two individual championships in the fifth and ninth seasons, has now stood at the top of the Pyramid of the professional league. He can sit on an equal footing with Nie Shen and Lao Zheng, and is the strongest representative of the wooden card group. His apprentice Shen 'an won the Rookie Award. He can already think independently. The rookie of the second team has friends Xu Changfeng with him. Tang Muzhou is quite idle. He also did guide Uncle Fatty to do a lot of cards.

However, the data control of the Arena Card Group, Tang Muzhou did not interfere.

Although there are many obvious flaws in this set of cards, it is obvious from a glance at the data that it has been professionally adjusted. Those who can achieve this level are either first-class professional players in the league, or card designers and data analysts in major clubs. There is a lot of time to coach a new person on an online tour, and it is never possible to be an active player or designer or, more likely, a retired master who has left the league.

It is now the tenth season, and there are countless players who have retired from service these years, but Tang Muzhou first thought of two people - the five nose ancestors of the year, the wooden Chen Qianlin, and the water Suyang.

Chen Qianlin is a mentor of Tang Muzhou and retired from the 5th season. Everyone knows why. Suyang's retirement is also the fifth season, but compared to Chen Qianlin's retreat, Suyang succeeded in his retirement - he took the quarterback, runner-up, palace champion and champion of the individual items in the first to fourth seasons, and took all kinds of trophies.

At that time, the four apprentices he had cultivated had gradually matured, and the big disciple Fang Yun was extremely calm and wise. Suyang felt that he had won all the awards he deserved. It was pointless to rely on Liu Frost City. Instead, he gave his place to the apprentices, so he simply left.

When Suyang left, Liufrost City held a solemn celebratory feast to send this kung fu. Chen Qianlin's departure was silent. The joyful and peaceful Frost City Club, and the cold and ruthless Sanctuary Club, form a stark contrast, which saddens many fans of Chen Qianlin.

So many masters have retired from the Alliance, but only these two great gods have painted a colorful stroke in the history of the Alliance.

Suyang is a typical “life winner”, has won all kinds of awards, and brings out four talented water disciples, succeeding, making people envious. Chen Qianlin left with unlimited regrets - he was the strongest in the wood family at the time, but he had never won a championship.

The first-season champion is Nie Yuandao of the Fire Department, the second-season is Ling Xuan Tang of the Golden System, the third-season is Zheng Feng of the Earthly System, and the fourth-season is Suyang of the Water System. Only Chen Qianlin, the founder of this wooden family, did not receive the championship trophy symbolizing the highest honor until he left the Alliance in the dark.

In the fifth season, Tang Muzhou won the championship with a wooden card set, and so far, the five-series has been completely balanced. But when it comes to Chen Qianlin, it will still be a shame. If it weren't for the copyright dispute, he would be standing on the championship podium in the fifth season, not his apprentice, Tang Muzhou.

Master's heart is probably a little upset, too, right?

How dare you?!

All that botanical card copyright belongs to the Sanctuary Club, and he must have been frustrated when he left. But as long as he calms down, he can't keep running, maybe he's brewing something, waiting for the right opportunity!

So is it possible that Master will return to the mountain?

Thinking about it, Tang Mu Zhou's heart suddenly beat violently!

If the Master is unwilling to leave the Alliance, there must be a trumpet who has been watching the Alliance over the years in the game. Fat uncle's character card made such a big move, he was attracted to Fat uncle's talent in the beginning, could Master also discover this person's talent, finger point?

Uncle Fatty just said it may be a surprise, or a surprise... This statement is very suspicious, whether surprise or surprise, indicating that the person guiding him should be related to himself, then it is very likely that Chen Qianlin, the master who has disappeared for many years!!

The more excited Tang Muzhou wanted, he immediately picked up his tablet and found the familiar name "Lin” from his contacts. He opens the dialogue window and sends a message quickly and simply: "Master, do you know Uncle Fat? ”

Chen Qianlin was surprised to receive this message. "What did you tell Tang? ”

Xie Mingzhe hastily clarified: “Master, don't worry, I never told you! He asked me today who was behind the coaching, and I said that one day he would find out, maybe a surprise, maybe a surprise, hahahaha, he definitely didn't think he had an extra cheap brother, and I guess by then, he was more likely to be scared. ”

Chen Qianlin helplessly: “He already thought about it. ”

Xie Mingzhe was totally obsessed: "Ah?? ”

Chen Qianlin calmly said: “You underestimate your brother's cleverness, he just contacted me to ask if I know Uncle Fat. Obviously after the deductive analysis excluded, I was locked in on this goal. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “..............."

It's called a wave over the head and someone grabbed the handle.

Xie Mingzhe regretted dying. He knew Tang Muzhou was so smart that he would stop talking nonsense. He was angry and guilty, so he sent a message to the master, “Why don't I start again with the trumpet? ”

"'That's not necessary,' said Chen Qianlin. 'One day he'll find out. Besides, it's not a bad thing. Now that he knows, let's get to know each other. Your brothers and sisters should know each other. ”

Xie Mingzhe was a little embarrassed: “He kept calling me Uncle Fat in the game, suddenly he knew that I was his brother, neither fat nor uncle. He must be in a complicated mood, would he want to beat me up? ”

Chen Qianlin couldn't bear laughing: “I didn't know that. ”

If two apprentices really fight, who will win? When Master suddenly had some expectations about what was going on.

Chen Qianrink stopped this strange thought, "I'll call him out for dinner during the league holidays for a while. Don't worry, Tang, although there are many bad ideas, but you are his brother, he won't really do anything to you. ”

Xie Mingzhe soothed: “That's good! ”

Chen Qianlin followed suit to Tang Muzhou and asked: “How did you guess mine? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled and his voice was very gentle: “You and Suyang, the top retired expert, have four apprentices, and Suyang has no time to coach strangers in a game. I think Master must be unwilling to leave the league completely, maybe he saw the cards in Uncle Fat's boutique and was as interested in him as I am, which is why I fingered him. ”

"'Almost,' said Chen Qianlin. I had long noticed that the month and a half was a dead specialty store, but I didn't expect that Chen Xiao would bring the card maker himself to me and ask me to accept. I gave him an exam and asked him to make a copy card, and he really made it, so I took him as my apprentice. ”

The smile on Tang Muzhou's face gradually stiffened: “Did you take this fat uncle as your apprentice? ”

"'Yes, Uncle Fatty is your brother now,' said Chen Qianlin. ”

Tang Muzhou: “……”

It's not a surprise. It's a real surprise!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 66, First encounter]

Xie Mingzhe sent a message to Tang Muzhou, and the tone was obviously liking: "Hey, hey, I didn't expect you to be so smart that you inferred from one of my words. Did Master tell you? ”

Tang Muzhou didn't have a good airway: “Yeah, Uncle Fatty! ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

He called it a bit odd, Xie Mingzhe can only be serious: “First of all, if we meet in the future can't hit people, I didn't mean to deceive you, and I didn't expect Lin Shen would accept me as an apprentice. ”

Tang Muzhou silenced for a moment and was in a bad mood to accept the fact that he had an extra brother. His tone also calmed down a little: “I wanted to take you as an apprentice. You refused me because you didn't want to join Fenghua Club. Today, you are lucky that your father took you into his own hands. Follow him and learn. Don't let him down. ”

Xie Mingzhe took it seriously: “Don't worry, I will learn carefully. ”

After a pause, he couldn't help but wonder: “With a fat uncle as a teacher, Tang Shen seems rather disgusted? ”

Tang Muzhou was laughed at and said warmly: "No. I appreciated your gift when I said I would take you as an apprentice. Competition is not about the world of faces, it's about strength. Whatever you look like, as long as you can prove yourself on the field, you'll be recognized. ”

Xie Mingzhe was just kidding. I didn't expect Tang Muzhou to say something quite philosophical. After this period of contact, he can feel that Tang Muzhou is a very elegant person. Promoting or changing the status of the alliance increases the tactical variability. Tang Muzhou has a longer vision than many young players. He really loves the game and has been working for what he loves.

Such a master is worthy of respect.

Xie Mingzhe felt lucky. He recognized Chen Qianlin as a teacher. With Tang Muzhou as his brother, he also had Chen Xiao as his teammate and four partners, Ji Qing, Ying, Fatty and Jin Yue, who were dedicated to managing the guild.

He will definitely step up and try to reach the same height as Tang Muzhou one day.

Tang Muzhou followed closely: “I can tell you how to crack your card group. But I think it would be easier to tell you directly if you went to the field experience yourself, the secret card model of the expert slot, your card set is not easy to play, you will soon understand. ”

Xie Mingzhe said, "Well, I'll go to war myself.” It's boring to get away with it, and he wants to wrap it up for himself.

After finishing the conversation with Tang Muzhou, Xie Mingzhe discovered that Chi Qing had sent him a private chat: “Xie Xie, that Ke Xiaoke said he was a fan. He had just joined the Guild. His specific strength and background had yet to be examined. I divided several people to let him play the arena with him. If he behaved well, give him another position in a few days and let him specialize in the competition. ”

Xie Mingzhe remembered the smart teenager who liked ghost cards and said: “Do as you please about the guild, but don't easily promote the Vice President's management of such high-level authority. There are many examples of the Grand Duke being disbanded by undercover. This population says it is a fan of mine, but it can't be fully believed. ”

"“ Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you. ”

* * *

This evening, Xie Mingzhe did not go to the arena anymore, but went back to his personal space to review the previous video of the game and learn from God's perspective. Tang Muzhou said there were four ways to crack his card set, and he studied it carefully and probably came up with several.

This set of cards is particularly powerful, but the secret card mode is actually easy to target and not perfect enough.

Most of the players in the lower segments are quick-to-boom, and rarely encounter soil and water card groups in the later stages of slow rhythm. But he is confident that he will soon encounter an upgraded star card expert position at a universal level.

All he had to do was go to the arena a few more times to get abused, look at the strengths of the other card sets, and analyze his flaws.

Xie Mingzhe summed up the day's harvest and left the line punctually at 12: 00.

Chen Xiao was sitting on the lounge chair thinking thoughtfully. When Xie Mingzhe went upstairs, he looked at Chen Xiaofa. Both of them stunned. Chen Xiao quickly adjusted his expression and asked with a smile: “How was the war today? ”

“Thirty consecutive wins hit junior experts, especially tired," Xie Mingzhe said. ”

Chen Xiao gave a thumbs up: “It's not often that you can win 30 consecutive games directly to the experts. You have such a talent, and you can hone it for a while. You will definitely get good grades for playing the Masters. ”

Xie Mingzhe asked curiously, "Brother Chen, if you fight now, you won more than 30 games in a row, right? ”

"" You can't compete with me, "said Chen Xiao." I played with my brother for a long time and was a season pro for a short time. ”He paused for two seconds, suddenly shifting the subject:“ By the way, Xie, could you do me a favor? ”

Xie Mingzhe wondered: “What's the matter? ”

Chen Xiao seemed a little embarrassed when he touched his nose. He coughed slightly a moment later and whispered: “It's my brother's birthday in three days. I want to celebrate his birthday, but because of our brother, uh... there was such a misunderstanding, he might not be too happy if I went alone...”

Xie Mingzhe already guessed what Brother Chen was going to say. Indeed, the next moment Chen Xiao looked sincerely at Xie Mingzhe: “My brother loves you as a little apprentice, so I want you to come with me and take some time. We will give him a birthday together, and when he is happy, we will persuade him to come back to live. ”

He persuaded Chen Qianlin to disgust him. After all, he once held his brother and kissed him and chewed him and confessed, but Xiaoxie appeared different. He also had to find a step down the stairs... The room was especially tidy and he hoped that his brother would move in.

Xie Mingzhe said with pleasure, "No problem. I should have been there for Master's birthday. I just don't know what he likes. I want to give him a gift. ”

Chen Xiao smiled and his eyes were slightly tender: “He, I'm not interested in anything else, I just like plants. I used to save money to buy him plants on my birthday every year. In fact, the succulent plants on the flower stand in this house are a few pots that I bought him for his birthday. ”

Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but laugh: “Is he so fond of plants? Are you still giving plants this year? ”

Chen Xiao thought about it and said, "I'm ready. Since you have studied art, why don't you send him a painting? It will be more memorable. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded because he thought it made sense: "Well, I'll think about drawing something later! ”

When he got back to his bedroom, he thought about it. What do you want me to draw? Drawing a tree as a birthday present is a bit strange. Drawing a peony is too gorgeous. Master should prefer a more elegant flower.

By the way, plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum four-piece set!

This is what former literary mockers loved the most. Many people will hang a set of Meilan bamboo chrysanthemums in the study, called “Four Gentlemen” in the flowers. The proud snow blossoms of cold plums symbolize the high, clean and unyielding aspirations. The empty valley orchids symbolize the sophistication of faint fame. Bamboo is a shrewd modest gentleman, and the chrysanthemums symbolize the hermits of the world.

Does it feel more consistent with Master's characteristics?

With the idea in mind, Xie Mingzhe drove out with Chen Xiao early the next morning. Chen Xiao first went to the botanical garden to get the bonsai he had ordered, a small pine tree, the curved trunk was very unique in shape, and the green pine needle emitted a soft glow under the light.

This basin actually costs 100,000 crystalline coins.

Xie Mingzhe has some doubts. Is pine so expensive? In the age of the Earth, this one-meter high bonsai was just a few hundred dollars, and some of the better varieties were thousands of dollars, and 100,000 was too exaggerated.

Probably a famous variety, hard to find.

Let's not say that culture is different in this world, and that the species of plants and animals are different from the times of the Earth. May, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum in this world? Xie Mingzhe thought of this, and immediately took out the optical brain to search for the information online. There are, of course, quite a few varieties. There are only a dozen kinds of orchids. However, the four plants combined did not say "four gentlemen”, and it seems that the related culture has been lost.

He suddenly had an idea - didn't Chen want to make a plant card next month? Can we make a four-man plant linkage, or give these four plants a whole new skill according to their characteristics?

Later, when Chen Xiao makes a plant card, discuss it with Chen.

Xie Mingzhe, afraid of forgetting himself, simply opened a memo in the light brain, wrote down the "event reminder”, then followed Chen to the drawing center, bought a stack of painting paper and a whole set of brushes and paints.

He has studied art since he was a kid, and of course he has all this stuff, unfortunately it's all the cheapest stuff, and the paint has a pungent smell. Now that you have the money, of course you have to use good materials, and the paintings will be more beautiful than before.

Card making in the game requires only mental strength. Card drawing is simple for someone like him who has an art foundation, but in reality drawing is a bit difficult, fingers are not as clever as the original owner, accidentally draw the wrong line, scrap several sheets of paper, you need to practice well.

Fortunately, he had a clear and complete memory, combined with physical memory, which slowly returned after an hour of practice.

Jiqing and others were shocked when he suddenly drew flowers and grass. Fatty asked directly: "Xiao Xie, are you going to switch to a plant card? ”

Xie Mingzhe explained: "It would be more sincere to give people a birthday present and paint with their own hands. ”

Everyone was curious. Chen Qianlin pulled several people into the living room, briefly explained Chen Qianlin's collection of Xiaoxie as a student, and greeted everyone well in advance, saying that Chen Qianlin would move in with them for some time.

Everyone was shocked. I had no idea that Chen Xiao's brother was the famous Chen Qianlin...

Looking at the chubby face, Chen Xiaoqiao couldn't help but laugh: “Why? You think my brother's dead? ”

Fatty hey hey scratch head: “After all, your sad look looks like your brother has... Psst, I don't mean to say that Lin God is okay, Lin God will join our team, I can't believe it! ”

Ji Ying was also excited: “I can't believe Brother Chen was looking for a master. I used to be his loyal fan. ”

Chi Qing calmly said, “Can he get used to living with so many of us? ”

Chen Xiao gently lifted his lips and said: “My brother's temper is actually quite easygoing. There is no shelf at all. It's very nice to get along. You don't have to stress. He came to live in the master bedroom on the second floor. He likes to be quiet, we usually move downstairs, just leave him alone. ”

Everyone nodded and understood.

Upstairs, Xie Mingzhe was still focusing on drawing. He made a few sketches first and started writing when he was satisfied.

After an afternoon of painting, only 80% of an orchid chart was completed. In reality, painting was really difficult. It was much harder than using mental energy in the game. He drew his fingers quickly and cramped. He thought that it would be Master's birthday in two days. Xie Mingzhe had to continue painting with his scalp.

Xie Mingzhe did not log in to the game the next day, busy preparing gifts, so that the more proficient he became when he returned from the painting feeling, he did not complete all four Mei Lan Zhu Ju diagrams until the morning.

Chen Xiao looked at him seriously and was very emotional. This guy was not only smart, but also very grateful. Unlike some people, talking about the good guys is actually white-eyed wolves. Xie Mingzhe is the kind of person who remembers to repay ten times his heart as long as you treat him well. His mind is quite simple.

Chen Xiao walked up to Xie Mingzhe and patted him gently on the shoulder. “You paint beautifully and my brother will love it. But why four? ”

Xie Mingzhe scratched his head and laughed: “The four pieces are just in one set! Can you make it tomorrow morning? ”

"'It's perfectly within your time,' said Chen Xiao. 'I'll take you there in the morning. ”

* * *

The next morning, Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe came to the Book and Painting Building to find a shop specializing in framing the four paintings with a sandalwood elegant border. The four paintings lined up immediately became tall and even Xie Mingzhe felt good.

Although the painter is still a little young, this is already the best he can do so far.

Chen Xiao's gift is also very careful. This ornamental pine tree is said to be quite precious, especially difficult to find. He bought it at a high price from the botanical garden's gardener. It took him six months to wait. It can be seen how much he valued his brother's birthday.

They ran off excitedly to find Chen Qianlin with a gift.

At the same time, Chen Qianlin's door was knocked.

Chen Qianlin saw the smiling face from the screen and opened the door somewhat surprised: “What are you doing here? ”

The person who came was Tang Muzhou, with a delicate gift box in his hand, and his voice was low and gentle: “Master's birthday, of course I have to come on such an important day.” He handed Chen Qianlin the gift box, "a gift for Master. ”

Chen Qianlin took the gift box and looked at the young man standing in front of him. “I didn't expect you to remember my birthday. I almost forgot myself. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled: “I wrote a key memo for Master's birthday. I wanted to come here last year, but I couldn't get away with arranging the competition. I took a leave of absence from the club this year. ”

Chen Qianlin took him to the living room to sit down, told the robot to pour water, turned around and sat on the couch next to him, "Didn't you participate in the personal competition? ”

Tang Muzhou is serious: “I just won the championship last season, and it's not good to go and grab trophies with newcomers all the time. ”

Chen Qianlin smiled softly: “How do you sound like an old senior? ”

Tang Muzhou: “My apprentice has won the Rookie Award. I'm an old player in the league, too. ”

The disciples looked at each other and were very emotional. Five years went by really quickly. Chen Qianlin had both apprenticeships and grandchildren. He was also the apprentice grandson who won the Best Newcomer Award. He was curious: "Is Shen Ann busy playing? ”

Tang Muzhou: “The little guy is very active and wants to go to a personal contest to get a trophy. However, I think it's quite suspenseful, there are a lot of players in this season. Although the old god didn't sign up, Ye Zhu and Shanlan are especially strong in the younger generation, but I still encourage Little Ando to practice, he is too young. ”

Chen Qianlin doesn't know what to say.

This apprentice was brought out by his own hand. After five years of sedimentation, Tang Muzhou is no longer the sharp teenager who won 50 consecutive individual races. He is more restrained, more stable and more atmospheric.

He is the lead card player of Fenghua Club. He has revitalized the entire wooden card group by himself. He has also fully promoted the circulation of dead cards. Such an apprentice is enough to make Chen Qianlin proud.

The charming young man was more handsome than he remembered after his long appearance. If it weren't for the familiar smile in his eyebrows, Chen Qianlin would have dared not admit it.

Five years, enough to change a person's body.

Today, Tang Muzhou is perfectly suited to the name "Tang Shen”.

Chen Qianlin was feeling sad and listened to Tang Muzhou smile: “With regard to Uncle Fatty, my new brother, is Master not going to introduce you? ”

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang, Chen Xiao's face magnified in the screen, "Brother, it's me and Xiao Xie. ”

Chen Qianlin smiled slightly and looked back at Tang Muzhou: “I don't think I need to introduce you, your brother is here today. ”

“Oh?” Tang Muzhou gently picked his eyebrows, stood up from the couch and opened the door himself.

As soon as the door opened, Chen Xiao saw the man in front of him. “Why are you here? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled and reached out his hand: “Long time no see. ”

Chen Xiaojin shook his hand with complexity: “It's been a long time since I've seen you. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked at a strange man with some confusion as he poked his head behind Chen Xiao.

The man in front of him was very young, more than a meter and eighty-five tall, eyebrowed and quite handsome looking. A man dressed in a casual suit, a light suit that is difficult for ordinary people to hold up to, can be worn on him, but blends perfectly with his charm.

With a smile on his face and a slight lifting of his lips, he does not feel light, but rather is a gentle and friendly prince, with a low voice and a magnetic voice, a perfect first love object for many girls.

However, when Xie Mingzhe's bright eyes, the smile on the man's face stifled, his mouth slightly twitched, obviously extremely shocked inside. His face was obviously unbelievably complex, and he looked at Xie Mingzhe and asked: “You are Master's new apprentice... Uncle Fat? ”

Xie Mingzhe stunned: “You call him Master? Are you... Tang Shen? ”

Tang Muzhou: “……”

Xie Mingzhe: “...”

This is awkward!

Fat uncle is not fat, not uncle, but a handsome 18-year-old boy.

It's time to meet, no dog blood misses, misunderstandings, haha! Crazy two, give praise to the crisp author, will you?