[Chapter 75, Shu Guo Cavalry Regiment]

Xie Mingzhe took the newly made "Shu Guo Cavalry Regiment” to the arena that evening.

Tang Muzhou said, "Find me when you think the card team is perfect enough." Xie Mingzhe doesn't think that if you go to Tang Muzhou now, you can win the two teams of masters - card team strength is on the other hand, proficiency and consciousness are also important.

This brand new set of cards, he hasn't practiced in the arena yet, and the timing for releasing various skills is not enough, especially as Matthew's group accelerates, while accelerating so many cards he's likely to be unable to operate. Zhao Yun's seven innings and outnings were also, seven straight innings in a row, if he didn't practice much, it would be bad if his hands and feet burst into his own face.

So Xie Mingzhe decided to go to the arena to practice for a while, wait until he had mastered the card set, and then asked Tang Muzhou to find the second team to abuse him - not this time, maybe he could kill back.

Xie Mingzhe is now a "junior star card expert” in the fourth class, winning 30 times in a row. Due to the high winning rate, the system will naturally carefully select him when matching his opponents.

His first game into the ranking hall matched a player who also won 30 in a row.

Being able to win 30 consecutive wins to the star card expert slot means that this player is not weak and must not be underestimated.

This player is a Lori named "Running Water" with a water-based card.

Xie Mingzhe spent 30 seconds counting down to quickly observe her card set - all five cards placed were clear water based marine life cards, blue whales, sharks, octopus, coral fish, devil fish, among which the skills of blue whales and sharks were monomer water poisoning and increased monomer water system damage, octopus, coral fish and devil fish were extensive group water poison belt group water system injuries.

From the plain card set, this player should be using the "State Frozen Flow" method in "Water System Chronic Control”.

The characteristic of this method is that the card set has more than three cards with a group of cards and a monolithic water toxicity effect, which marks the opponent's cards with water toxicity, which can be ejected and stacked between hostile targets, and when the water toxicity mark reaches five levels, the opponent's cards are frozen for five seconds - a technique that is complex but extremely flexible and can quickly disrupt the opponent's rhythm.

The last time I met Fenghua team player PK, Xie Mingzhe met a girl who had a good water system “state frozen stream”. She opened four groups of water poison, instantly stacked all his cards in four layers, then found the right time to stack the poison, first freeze Zhou Yu, then freeze the life-saving Big Joe, two cards in a row Xie Mingzhe.

The player card group I met today is very similar to the Sisters of the Windward team that day. Xie Mingzhe was once abused by Fenghua's frozen stream, but at that time not only was his card team imperfect, but his consciousness was poor. Today he is no longer the abusive novice, and he has found ways and means to crack the frozen stream.

His five cards were played by Shu Guo Wuhu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, neat and tidy cavalry regiment. Two secret cards that were not shown to the other side. He had originally played Liu Bei and Daqiao. After seeing the opposite card group, he immediately switched up Xishi.

After Xishuk fish, the pre-made dead cards are finally useful!


Running water sees this neat and tidy five character cards on horseback, which is a little dull for a moment.

She is an old player, played intermediate star card experts last season, scored zero in the new season, was downgraded to the first level, and only played again these two days.

Her set of cards mimics the card set of Qiao Xi Dashen, a member of Qiao Frost City Club, she can get a number of guild welfare cards, along with studying water-based frozen punching techniques from arena experts. She has won 30 consecutive times to the junior star card experts, and she is quite confident in her card set, technology and consciousness.

The character card on the horse she'd never seen before was a little confused. But she quickly understood the other party's thinking - monomer seconds, what Guan Yu, Huang Zhong, Zhang Fei are all monomer attacks.

Flowing water is a pleasure - that's it. There is no strong control card across the street, probably hiding a healing and meat shield in the dark card, she can freeze the control field directly later, making the opposite freeze completely messy!

The countdown ends in 30 seconds and the showdown between the two sides begins.

The running water summons a devil fish. This is the first time Xie Mingzhe has seen this fish. His body is black and white. The shape is very similar to that of a flying bat. The devil fish moves extremely fast and can be invisible without telling you, making it difficult to capture its specific location.

Xie Mingzhe was not in a hurry, he summoned Huang Zhong first - Huang Zhong was his Five Tiger Admiral's defense to the highest card, not easy to be seconded.

Both sides in the opening are probing and no one is actively attacking.

Due to the limitation of calling cards in the arena within 5 seconds, prolonged dragging without offense would be judged a negative game. Soon, both sides began to quickly summon cards, and the running water continued to summon octopus and coral fish, while Xie Mingzhe released Matthao and Zhang Fei.

- Group water poison!

Several claws of octopus quickly attacked Xie Mingzhe's three cards, while the Devil Fish was invisible and laid a large area of water poison circle at the foot of the character card, brightly colored coral fish flock like a sword!

Almost instantly, Xie Mingzhe's three cards stacked with four layers of water poison!

Water poison keeps the cards bleeding, bleeding 2% per second. Xie Mingzhe didn't bring a treatment card in this round, so the battle had to end in a short time - dragging the water card group that was good at rhythm control was something stupid to do.

Xie Mingzhe did not hesitate, let Zhang Feiqiao lift the eight snake spear in his hand, accelerated 500% towards the large octopus, and stabbed the octopus straight in the head!

Octopus cards have over 100,000 blood volume, Zhang Fei's hit triggered additional damage, and octopus was instantly knocked out of 2/3 of its blood volume!

The running water is not a rookie. Although Zhang Fei's injuries are so frightening to her heart, she quickly brings back the devil fish to protect it. The devil fish's water poison ring is released to the enemy. That is water poison + bleeding, but it is the shield of the water system that slowly returns blood.

A shield appeared on the octopus and the blood volume was slowly returning. Xie Mingzhe immediately pushed the horse beyond his hand - adding skill first, moving instantly to the target and stabbing the target with a long gun in his hand. If the target had less than 100,000 blood left, additional damage was triggered.

Octopus was stabbed with a bullet!

The running water looks at the octopus' corpse and the back of the spine is cold - the opponent's monolithic ability to fire is too strong! Her octopus, 100,000 blood, was killed by Zhang Fei and Ma Chao in almost 3 seconds, which made her unable to react.

It must be resolved quickly and no other cards can die.

Running water immediately summons dark cards to save lives: turtles and dolphins.

A giant turtle appears in the center of the site - a mockery that transfers all attacks on friendly targets to itself.

Lovely Dolphin - Add a Water Shield to your friend's target and restore 10% of HP per second for 10 seconds.

Both protection cards have high blood volumes, the biggest turtle has the most frightening blood volume, 190,000 is 10,000 less than Lao Zheng's white elephant, if you beat slowly it is estimated that you will not be able to kill for a few minutes. However, Xie Mingzhe saw the turtle appear and couldn't help but laugh at the corner of his mouth.

Just waiting for you, high blood volume card!

Huang Zhong - Arrow has no flare.

Only a glittering arrow was seen, splitting the sky in a "flash" and accurately shooting the turtle in the head.

Huang Zhong's arrows inflicted 50% of the damage, and the 190,000 blood turtles instantly turned into 95,000 blood!

Running water is already a little panicky at this time, octopus hung up, devil fish and coral fish skills cooled down by 10 seconds, she can not wait for these 10 seconds in vain, must play a single card and quickly drop at least two cards across the street in order to have a chance.

Sharks and blue whales travel simultaneously, and the size of these two marine creatures scares people, especially the shark's sharp teeth, which bite almost everything when they open their big mouths.

At this time, Xie Mingzhe was present with all four layers of frozen cards. As soon as the shark and blue whale came out, Huang Zhong, Zhang Fei and Ma Chao were all frozen, and all three cards' skills were cooled down.

The shark jumped directly at Huang Zhong, Xie Mingzhe pulled two cards in a row at lightning speed - Liu Bei, Xishi!

Liu Bei's 1 skill group lifted the negative state and removed all teammates from the freeze.

Sissy sunken fish, fish die!

She looked weak and the white gauze waved in her hand, and the big shark fell directly in front of her with both eyes.

Running water: “…………"

This nimma, isn't she too raspy? That's a dead card!

I didn't expect Uncle Fatty to hide a fish or dead card in her secret card. She couldn't stand it!

However, the dead cards belonged to tactical cards and the defenses were pitifully low, and the shark died while the coral fish next to her touched her slightly and Xishi fell down instantly.

One for one, no loss at all for Uncle Fatty.

He switched the Ace card across the street to attack the shark, and the rhythm across the street was completely messed up!

The running water cracks the headache.

The current scene was extremely unfavourable to her, with 190,000 blood turtles being shot half of the blood by an arrow, octopus being seconded, sharks being replaced by instant death cards, and two herds of devil fish, coral fish, and dolphins remaining as healing cards.

Fortunately, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong's skills have already been used, and Liu Bei's decontrol has had a long CD, you must use this time of the opposite skill to control the scene quickly!

Master told her that the CD time for playing arena card skills is important, so when all the skills across the street cool down, you can launch a full offense without any hesitation.

Coral fish and devil fish, massive fish flock out again, quickly stack poison, group stack poison reaches the fourth level!

Xie Mingzhe can't let her stack the water to the fifth floor and freeze it again. Liu Bei's decontrol skills are cooling down, and there is no way to freeze him again. With this in mind, Xie Mingzhe resolutely summoned Zhao Yun - seven in seven out!

Only Zhao Yun, riding a white horse and holding a speargun, rushed back and forth in the water poison circle at extremely fast speed.

Zhao Yun ran straight into each other's fish, scattered all the coral and devil fish, and used himself as a shield, blocking the projectile of water poison across the street.

But then, Zhao Yun's water poison instantly stacked on the fifth floor, frozen in place!

The other side finds an opportunity to send the big whale over to Zhao Yun for a strong second.

And just then, the last card, Guan Yu appeared.

Xie Mingzhe left Guan Yu at the end of the day in order to unite the three brothers together in the peach garden.

If Guan Yu appeared too early and either Guan Yu or Zhang Fei were frozen across the street, Liu Beikai's linkage to clear the CD would have no effect. The Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei brothers will be temporarily safe only when Zhao Yun attracts firepower and lets Zhao Yun gather fire across the street.

Guan Yu rode the Red Rabbit Horse, picked up the Green Dragon Moon Knife, quickly rushed towards the turtle whose blood volume was slowly recovering. His passive skills ignored the defense, chopped it down with one knife, and the turtle was cut directly into mutilated blood!

At this time, Liu Bei released his skill - the Peach Garden Nomenclature!

Linked Techniques: When Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were present, Liu Bei released the Taoyuan Synonym, which can clear the CD of all the skills of both brothers.

Guan Yu, who just chopped a knife and didn't chop a big turtle to death, immediately reset his skill. Another knife to see if you're going to die?

Tortoise shells are about to be chopped up by him...

After Zhang Fei's skill reset, he can also use heavy hitting and roaring. He roared and feared the blue whale that was attacking Zhao Yun, waving the eight snake spear to kill the big whale.

Ma Chao decisively broke off the group acceleration technique, and Zhao Yun was cut into a little blood skin. The freezing effect was just lifted. Immediately, he rushed to the blue whale with the brutal blood burst technique "all over his body” - the big whale was killed!

Running water: “..."

She was bruised on the scalp.

Almost instantly, four of her cards were brushed to death. These people on horseback cards moved too fast and had too much fire-fighting power. That Liu Bei could clear the CD and let Guan Yu and Zhang Fei cut it again. It was a scoundrel!

All she has left are Devil Fish, Coral Fish, two Mass Attack Cards, and Dolphin Grandma... how do we play the six cards across the street?

The running water cried and his face pressed the surrender button, with one sentence: “If your card set is shameless enough, it won't kill you at once, can you clear the CD and cut it again?! ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “Thank you. ”

Card sets that kill opponents in the arena - the ones that really succeed.

Yesterday, when he confronted the girl from the second team of Fenghua Club, he was controlled by the water system across the street. He had no temper. The penalty station was not yet reacted to. What happened was that two cards had died.

The slow control of the water system is really annoying, freeze your key card if you can't move.

Now that he has Liu Bei, he is not afraid of freezing. He has Huang Zhong, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, and can instantly collect fire and drop key cards across the street. He also has Zhao Yun, who can completely disrupt each other's fish stocks. Xishi, the fish die, one for one, replaces the key card across the street and prevents the other from smoothing the frozen control field - he finally made a set of cards on his brain hole to fight the abuse of the water system!

It felt so good to be abused and now to go back.

Xie Mingzhe looked at 31 consecutive rankings and raised his lips slightly.

He is going to continue to hit the winning streak, hone himself well, and try to impress both Brother and Team 2 players the next time he plays against Fenghua Club experts!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 76, Deciphering the Counter Strike Flow]

Winning this 30th consecutive water player makes Xie Mingzhe more confident in his card team.

His card set is too powerful to kill a single second. The 190,000 blood turtles were quickly dropped by Huang Zhong and Guan Yu. Will there be any cards that won't let the Shu National Cuisine Knife flow for a second?

Even the thickest elephant in earth still can't stop Shu Guo Cavalry's knife!

Besides, elephants still have Cao Chong to deal with!

Just thinking about it, the next round of the system actually matched him with a player who played a dirt card, ID called "Earth Light," which is the image of a middle-aged man brought by the system.

Before, Xie Mingzhe was impressed by only two people who met him in the game. One was Ke Xiaokou, who met him in the promotion race, and one hand was a ghost card, which was a Turkish assassination and assassination method. The other player is Fenghua Club Team 2, Tang Muzhou called him Zhang, using an orthodox dirt defensive counterattack method, the signature skill dirt stone wall, can instantly rebound all injuries.

There are generally three types of play in the earthly system. Defensive counterattack methods are the most mainstream, and are pioneered by Zheng Feng, the earthly nose. Ghostcard's assassination stream is a masterpiece of Wisdom. There is also a demonic card play method, because demonic cards are dual morphology, volatile, extremely complex operation, not many people can master.

Among the five open cards announced by the Turkish players encountered today, one white elephant is 200,000, and the other four open cards are stone spirit, stone giant, stone lion, stone statue guard. Among them, stone spirit and stone lion are very high single attack cards. The stone statue guard and stone giant have a strong defensive ability, relying on general attack damage, and their blood volume exceeds 150,000.

The most annoying thing about this set of cards is not that the white elephant 200,000 blood is too high, but the "stone wall” skill of the "stone guard”. The earthly wall can instantly rebound all the damage. If Huang Zhong goes to shoot the white elephant, shoot 100,000 blood at a time, and it happens to be rebounded by the stone wall, then you can rebound yourself to death!

So play this set of cards, be sure to pay close attention to each other's "Stone Guard” card summons time.

This is also the experience of Xie Mingzhe's confrontation with Fenghua's new recruits.

There are white elephants across the street, the secret card must go to Cao Chong, specifically to target white elephants.

The other six cards remain unchanged and the defensive capabilities of the earthly card can be slowly delayed. He is practicing the cooperation and operation of the Shuguo Cavalry Regiment.

The countdown ends in 30 seconds and the showdown officially begins.

At the beginning, the opposite side summoned a huge white elephant, that huge three meters tall, four feet on the ground, the ground seemed to shake along, the seismic appearance effect of deterrence was truly amazing. If you replace most of your opponents, you will definitely get a headache when you see 200,000 ultra-high blood volumes. However, Xie Mingzhe doesn't panic at all - his secret card is Cao Chong!

As soon as the other elephant came out, Xie Mingzhe summoned Cao Chong - only a lovely child suddenly scaled the toy boat in his hand, put the big white elephant directly into the boat, and then hid to weigh it.

Earth Voice: "????? ”

The player named Sound of the Earth has just returned from the new season. The Guild of Ghost Prisons' Arena veteran has not been in the game for half a month due to work reasons. He has not followed the recent news. Therefore, he does not know Uncle Fatty, let alone Cao Chong's target for the elephant.

Seeing Cao Chung calling the elephant beside him, his whole body was circled and standing in place.

Until the system prompted him not to summon the cards for 5 seconds to directly negative, he violently recovered and summoned 4 cards in a row!

Soon he figured out that Cao Chong's skills were similar to instant death cards. The elephant was caught by Cao Chong and weighed. It was equivalent to banishing two cards from the field simultaneously. The elephant was useless, but Cao Chong himself was useless.

Kids and elephants play beside each other, one for one, though it's a loss but barely acceptable.

He doesn't have to panic, because the current scene, where both sides lose a card, turns into a 6v6 opponent.

6v6 still gives him a big chance. His earthly card defense is high, the blood volume is not less than 100,000, he is not afraid of seconds killing, can drag the opposite end of the period, he summons four cards at once and is not afraid at all.

Xie Mingzhe must also summon a new card at this time. The elephant has been caught by Cao Chung. The highest blood volume on the scene is the "Stone Giant” card, 150,000 blood. The stone statue guard next to him has a stone wall with rebound damage. Good thing the skill cools for a longer time, 40 seconds.

Why don't you let Huang Zhong, who has less cooling time than him, fool his stone wall? As long as the other party is a master, knowing how terrible Huang Zhong's attack power is, when Huang Zhong shows up, he will definitely open a stone wall against Huang Zhong.

Xie Mingzhe earned a living and immediately summoned Huang Zhong, shooting an arrow at the stone giant with the highest blood volume.

Opposite this player is first class conscious, saw the percentage of blood drawn by Huang Zhong appeared, it did open the wound!

The sound of the broken arrow sounded in his ear, Huang Zhong's arrow was bounced back by the stone wall opened in time by the other party - this is 50% × 150,000 whole 75,000 monomer damage, Huang Zhong was wounded backwards, then surely he will die!

However, just moments after Huang Zhong fired the arrow, Liu Bei was summoned by Xie Mingzhe - King of Rende - to inflict a gold shield on a friendly target to resist a fatal injury.

The rebounding arrow, an arrow shot through Huang Zhong's shield, while Huang Zhong... safe and sound, not a drop of blood.

A single Critical Damage Resistance will fail the bounce of the stone wall!

Liu Bei is a secret card. The earth's voice had no idea that Fat Uncle would still do this kind of operation. It was a bit of a shock.

Uncle Fatty used Huang Zhong's "Arrow Without Vacancy” and Liu Bei's "King of Jen De” skills to trick him into cooling down to 40 seconds of "stone wall bounce”! In the next 40 seconds, Uncle Fatty will be able to attack with impunity and no longer have to worry about being killed backwards.

You're good! The voice of the earth sighed in his heart and immediately concentrated and watched Uncle Fatty's movements with alarm.

Xie Mingzhe quickly summoned Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

Zhang Fei first struck the most aggressive Shi Ling, Guan Yu followed closely the replacement knife, two people beat Shi Ling to 30,000 blood in one breath, then let Ma Chao go, one second kill!

Following closely, Liu Bei opened the Taoyuan Synonym Reset Skills CD, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei finished the round, and started the second round again - and let the stone lion next to the stone spirits out of breath for a second!

- This is a vegetable knife, another vegetable knife?!

The earthly voices were all loud, the group of stone giants quickly petrified, and Liu Bei instantly uncontrolled them.

He had to summon two dark sand snakes and a giant lizard!

Sand snakes are ground-based attack + group petrification, while giant lizards have the ability to "bounce 80% of their damage back to the attacker" and are a powerful ground-based card for monomeric backlash.

The petrification of this Bossa snake, due to the cooling skills of Liu Bei, Xie Mingzhe could not be removed, so that Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Ma Chao at close range were petrified, all turned into stone statues.

Full fire across the street killed the most powerful Guan Yu!

At this time, Xie Mingzhe still has 5 cards left and the other side only has 4 cards left to win and lose.

Zhang Fei, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong skills are all cooled and the other card skills are all cooled, but the "giant lizard” card is really strong, it has more than 150,000 blood volume, extremely high defense, 80% of the damage rebound is hard to kill. Besides, it sweeps across with its big tail, and the damage from the general attack alone is super high. It is very good at dragging down the cards of its opponents in the later stages. If the giant lizard continues to attack, Zhang Fei and Ma Chao will also die soon!

After Xie Mingzhe considered it, he summoned Zhao Yun immediately.

Petrochemical control was lifted, Ma Chao decisively broke off the group and accelerated. He rode the horse with Zhang Fei and Huang Zhong quickly to evacuate the battlefield. Zhao Yun was alone, seven in and seven out of the sprint harassment.

Zhao Zilong was agile in his body, held a dragon gall bright silver gun, dressed in a white robe, and rushed into the enemy's camp alone!

Xie Mingzhe used his mental power to precisely control the direction of Zhao Yun's assault. Seven times in a row, he would pass the "giant lizard” anti-injury card. In the blink of an eye, Zhao Yun was rebounded by his own attack to below 10% of his blood volume. Xie Mingzhe did not hesitate to open 2 skills - he was full of boldness, straight line assault, causing 300% group gold damage to the target on the path!

Zhao Yun, who is in a bleeding state, can inflict explosive damage.

Not surprisingly, Zhao Yun was injured and killed by 80% of the giant lizards.

However, Xie Mingzhe deliberately sent Zhao Yun to interfere and self-destruct!

Zhao Yun's seven strikes, with his own blood explosion, each time passed the position of the giant lizard, pressing down all the blood of the card across the street, not to mention that the giant lizard's blood volume happened to be hit by him to 70,000, while the original blood volume of the giant lizard was 150,000!

At this time, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong's skill cooldown time is ready. Xie Mingzhe let Huang Zhongyi's arrow shoot at the giant lizard -

An empty arrow sounded in his ear, and as the arrow hit the lizard's head, the massive giant lizard was instantly killed by Huang Zhongsec!

The basic blood volume of the giant lizard is 150,000, Huang Zhongyi 75,000, Zhao Yun just punched back and forth and put his own blood to grind out half the blood of the giant lizard, Huang Zhongyi shot dead, of course the already dead giant lizard can't bounce back injury.

It wasn't until then that players across the street felt cold on their backs.

The best way to fight back in the earthly system is to accidentally fight back against his opponent. However, in this round, all of his counterattacks failed. The first stone wall counterattack was blocked by Uncle Fatty with Liu Bei's shield. The second fat uncle directly calculated the blood volume, letting Zhao Yun fight to kill and maim the giant lizard and then Huang Zhongyi shot and killed.

Uncle Fatty must have fought this dirt card before, and every step counts as exquisite.

So the scene turns into a 4v3.

His sand snake skills are cooling, the stone walls of the statue guard are 20 seconds away, the stone giant is not very aggressive, he cannot lose a second, he can only drag.

I dragged it to the stone wall to fight back and end the cooling. As a result, Zhang Fei shouted and feared that the stone wall's skills would not be released.

The guard dropped his full fire across the street, and Ma Chao immediately drove to accelerate his escape.

The voice of the earth: "…”

Isn't this Nimah too rough?

A group of people came on horseback to chop, chop the first round and then the second round. If the situation is not right, it will speed up the run, it is so angry!

Ultimately, Xie Mingzhe, at the expense of Zhang Fei, left Liu Bei, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong, killed all the other three cards and won the game!

Earth Voice typed on the public screen: "Awesome! ”

Xie Mingzhe replied with a smile: "Thank you. ”

This is the longest round Xie Mingzhe has ever played, and Huang Zhong's skills have been dragged out four rounds.

Xie Mingzhe also clearly realized that Master gave Huang Zhong heap of defense, heap of blood - the delay is too strong!

Huang Zhong's arrow flawlessness is calculated based on the percentage of card-based basic blood volume. For example, the basic blood volume of a giant lizard is 150,000. Each time he shoots an arrow, it is 75,000. As long as his teammates work with him to keep the amount of giant lizard slightly low, Huang Zhong can have one arrow second!

There's nothing Huang Zhong two arrows can't solve. If the opponent returns blood, drag time to shoot the third arrow.

This is different from Sun Sangxiang's blood harvest. Later, you can selectively harvest cards based on the opposite array.

If opposite is a brittle skinned array, Shang Xiang can be harvested in one shot. If it is a card group with a large late-stage earthly system and lots of meat shields, Bao Huang Zhong, let his teammates maim the blood volume, Huang Zhong survives to the late stage, and can still have one arrow second!

The victory of this game doubled Xie Mingzhe's confidence in his card team.

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei's linkage, cut a round of resetting the CD and cut another round, secondarily dropping 1-2 cards is definitely not an issue; Ma Chao's entire regiment can accelerate the attack, withdraw and protect the team's survival; Zhao Yun's ability to interfere is really strong, and if necessary, he can actively rush into the enemy camp to sell blood with rebound damage, helping his teammates to lay the mat; Master Huang Zhongzi stands in this formation as a tool to harvest far away!

Shu Guo Cavalry Regiment, with two victories, proved the strength of the covert card pattern of the lineup.

Looks like the simplest and most rugged dish knife flow, in fact, is full of operational details - when Liu Bei will appear, when Ma Chao will speed up, which card Huang Zhong should shoot, who Guan Yu Zhang Fei gathers fire, and against whom Zhao Yun punch, all this needs to be carefully considered, the operator's view of the big picture and the timing is a great test.

In the last two games, Xie Mingzhe was highly focused and not relaxed for a second.

It's just two victories, and you can't be proud.

Xie Mingzhe knew that besides being a strong card player, the key was that his opponent's strength was not top notch.

The same set of cards, the same routine, it will definitely not be so easy to meet a real professional player, maybe they will be killed back. He also needs to continue to refine and continue to strengthen his thinking on the battle.

Brother Chen is right, there are only a few months left until the opening of next year's Master Games, and there is not much time left for him.

Xie Mingzhe gently grabbed his fist and quickly started the next match.

Sprint toward higher levels to challenge more masters. There's nothing to be proud of when you win two junior star card experts. The highest-class star card master, the premium match of the professional league, that's what he's after!

I know everyone wants to see it as a card, but the protagonist can't make cards every day. I don't know the strength or weakness of the card team if I don't fight in real life ~ ~

He will soon have other inspiration, Wei Guo is not in a hurry, because the extent of Wei Guo's Lai Pi can make the whole coalition spit blood, I have to think about it.

Pippitje is about to start school, the new card group will definitely surprise everyone! Thank you for your support. Love you!