[Chapter 79, Truth]

Ye Suqian said only one name. Of course Xie Mingzhe would not be so stupid as to reveal the identity and trail of his travelers. In this strange world, he must be more careful. Despite the shock in his heart, Xie Mingzhe seemed calm, pretending not to know, calmly: “Really? I never heard you say this place. ”

Ye Suqian: “When I was a kid, Grandpa used to tell me stories. He said that there was an ancient Oriental country called China, with a very long history. He was the man of that country, but unfortunately he had migrated to Europe with his parents since childhood, received Western education, and did not know much about the culture of that country. He always wanted to go home, so he gave me that name when I was born. ”

“When I grew up, Grandpa told me that he was just telling stories to cheer me up, that those countries he said didn't exist, so let me not be serious. ”

“Grandpa left a note containing many fragmented Nordic and Greek mythology stories, and he asked me to publish this collection after his death so that more people could learn about these interesting mythology stories. ”

“…” Xie Mingzhe quickly sorted out the information provided in Ye Suqian's passage.

Ye Suqian's grandfather should be a Chinese diaspora who emigrated, because he grew up abroad, was educated in the West, and heard all about mythological stories from European backgrounds, so he left a note to preserve those Western civilizations before his death.

The old man said, "These are stories” and clearly did not want to raise doubts about his identity among future generations. He asked future generations to publish these mythological collections, and probably wanted the world to know the wonderful legends. Ye Suqian's name is a memento of his hometown, and he can't hear a problem if he's not a traveler.

“My grandfather also said that not many people really understood his story.” Ye Su migrated and looked at Xie Mingzhe, “The character card you drew is very similar to the way Grandpa told me the story, it's a fragmented story clip, so I thought, maybe you can understand what my grandfather meant? ”

“… I'm sorry, I don't quite understand.” Xie Mingzhe smiled.

“Really?” Ye Suqian's divinity was somewhat lost, "You really don't know where these mythology stories come from? ”

“Well, didn't your grandfather say that all he told you was a ‘story’? ”

“But I always thought the story Grandpa told was real. He said the country is huge, there are many provinces and cities, and there are lots and lots of good food. Did he make all this up? ”

“… it's probably the old man who wants to make the story better, so make the background more realistic.” That's all Xie Mingzhe can say, otherwise? Tell the old man that China is a vast region, rich in culture, full of food? Xie Mingzhe quickly shifted the subject, “What's the name of your grandfather's story book? I'm interested, go back and buy one. ”

“It's called the Myth Story Collection. It's a collection of many Nordic and Greek mythology stories. Grandpa wrote them very piecemeal and I took the time to sort them out carefully.” Ye Suqian seemed to think of the old man, the divine color became very gentle, “my grandfather told me the interesting mythological stories since childhood. I made the characters into cards, which was also a commemoration of him. ”

“He would certainly agree with you if he were still there.” Xie Mingzhe.

“Me too.” Ye Suqian smiled and looked at Xie Mingzhe, “The cards you made were also a small tale of many characters, which made me feel particularly kind. I'm looking for you today, in addition to asking you if you know any of the places my grandpa said, I'd like to make a friend with you. In the future, if you make a new card, I'll study it first. ”

“Do you want to find a way to crack my card team's friends?” Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but laugh.

“Well, both of your current card sets, I've come up with a way to crack it, and if you don't make stronger cards, you can't even make it to the professional league. Ye Suqian said very seriously," The alliance is not lacking in creativity, there are countless masters, and the key to the card is the design of skills, you have to work harder. ”

“I will.” Xie Mingzhe's lips are slightly flashed.

“Then I'll wait for you to become a pro, and we'll fight.” Ye Suqiu turned the wheelchair in front of Xie Mingzhe, looking up slightly, with a hint of excitement on his face: “I really like the card you designed, I hope to see you again next time, you can produce more interesting original cards. ”

“Of course.” Xie Mingzhe thought, "There are countless original cards he wants to play.

* * *

After leaving the temple and returning to his apartment, Xie Mingzhe quickly calmed down and thought about his plans for the future.

Seeing Ye Suqian made him confirm something - not only the loss of Chinese civilization, but the loss of all Western civilizations, no one in the world knows the Three Kingdoms and the Red House, and no one knows Zeus and Athena as well.

This time and space, perhaps, is not a continuation of the Earth's age.

With 21st Century technology, several nail cap sized storage chips can bring out a wealth of valuable information. Even if the Earth is not fit for survival, as long as humans escape, those civilizations of the East and the West will not all perish?

Xie Mingzhe took off his helmet, picked up his tablet and went online to search Ye Lao's collection of mythology stories. There was an electronic version in the store, which he paid directly to read on the tablet.

It just says, "I've been dreaming a lot for years, dreaming that I've come to a different world, and I've heard a lot of interesting mythological stories in that world, and I've written them down and shared them with you. Dreams and realities can coexist. I hope you like the world I dream of. ”

Using “dreams” to ignore people, the surface looks unbroken. Only a true informed person knows that the key message that this self-order conveys is not dreams, but coexistence.

Dreams coexist with reality. Could it be a parallel world?

In fact, Xie Mingzhe was suspicious when he woke up. The same teenager, also known as Xie Mingzhe, had the same height and appearance. If it was the future world, how could it be so coincidental? Instead, the theory of parallel worlds makes sense.

He had been looking at that information for some time, but he had found out that the history of the world, from 2,500 years of the star to 3,000 years of the star, was a mere few hundred years, that history books were a record of humankind's triumph over alien creatures, that other history could not be justified, and that he was not sure whether the world was 3,000 years later in 2001.

Today, he finally has a clear answer.

The old man must have spent a lot of time investigating and studying it to leave clues of “coexistence” for future generations in his book.

Perhaps the Earth is still functioning normally, and his country still exists, and those ancient Oriental civilizations and the glorious history of Huaxia 5,000 years are still passed down from generation to generation in that country - a great psychological consolation to Xie Mingzhe.

If so many civilizations were completely extinguished, it would be an unbearable pain for mankind, and he would be distracted every time he thought of it.

Parallel space-time is much better. There's no need to worry about the identity of your travelers being discovered - because people here have no idea about the existence of the Earth, and there's no historical literature to justify it. Even if he tells another bizarre story, people will just think he's weird and not infer that he's from another time.

Since Nordic and Greek mythology can be written into a collection of stories and published officially, Xie Mingzhe can naturally produce Eastern mythology character cards, dreams are a smart excuse to spread those stories and protect himself.

Ye Suqian's appearance did not make Xie Mingzhe feel threatened. This man had no idea of his grandfather's identity and history, but the piecemeal collection of stories left by his grandfather made him more interested in the way Xie Mingzhe “tells stories" made cards - Eastern and Western cultures were not in conflict, he was his Athena and Zeus, I was my god farmer and daughter, just don't interfere with each other.

No matter where the mythological stories are, they are precious spiritual riches left behind by the rich imagination of the ancestors of mankind. They can be spread in different ways in this parallel world, and Xie Mingzhe is also very pleased.

Xie Mingzhe did not intend to ignore the star chart of the War Book, which was clearly a second-grade product. Ye Suqian searched for him, but the key was that he made special card skills, which attracted the attention of the Alliance's chief card maker.

As Ye Suqian said, cards are not about images and stories, but about skills.

Whether human or divine, images and stories are just representations. Skills are the real core. Only by designing powerful skills can we create a place in the Alliance. This is why Tang Muzhou's plant card is so strong.

Xie Mingzhe currently has only two sets of cards, and if it is just these cards, it is still too far from the professional league to be easily targeted, so the most important thing is to improve the cards group at this time.

To Xie Mingzhe's delight, knowing that this is a parallel space, he can make Oriental Mythology Cards without any hesitation, and he has endless and endless materials!

Speaking of the Divine Nation, Xie Mingzhe first thought of Pangu, the ancient legendary God of Creation of China.

It is said that a long time ago, the heavens and the earth were not separated, and the whole universe was chaotic. A giant named Pangu woke up from his slumber, raised his big axe to the darkness in front of him and smashed it. There was a loud noise in the heavens and the earth, and the light things rose to the sky, and the heavy things fell to the earth. Pangu held his head against the sky and stomped on the ground and forcibly separated the heavens and the earth. After so many years, Pangu finally tried to collapse. His body was transformed into rivers and lakes, forest mountains and rivers, so that the entire earth could flourish and grow.

Ancient people could not reasonably explain the formation of the universe, using mythological stories. Nordic mythology, Greek mythology, and Chinese mythology all have deities like "Creating the World”.

Since Ye Suqian can make Western gods such as Hades, Lucifer the Fallen Angel, and so on into cards, how can the Great Pangu God in Eastern mythology be absent?

Xie Mingzhe quickly figured out how to design this card - thanks to the many star pictures of the temples and the inspiration of Yejuku!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 080, Pangu]

The image of Pangu's character should be a giant with strong limbs, developed muscles and a tall body, able to tread on top of his head and feet. His height, Xie Mingzhe decided to set it to three meters - which is also the maximum height of a card in the world of star cards.

Pangu has a huge axe in his hand, which naturally falls under the category of gold cards.

As for the design of skills, Xie Mingzhe intends to supplement his card pool. For example, in the match with Xu Xingtu today, Liu Bei was instantly killed by a dead card across the street. His rhythm was chaotic, and the thinking behind him was also chaotic.

If you can have a card as a buffer, you can be more accommodating in disadvantaged situations.

Pangu's skills are set to "open heaven and earth”, giving disadvantaged people a whole new opportunity to open heaven and earth!

Xie Mingzhe came to the console in the study to make the cards as soon as he was set up.

As his mental strength slowly injected, a long-haired adult man appeared on the card.

The man had clear muscles all over his body, and his thoracic and abdominal muscles were extraordinarily developed, because he was the god of creation, and he was naked, with a cloud around his waist covering the key areas. Raise your arms high and hold a huge axe in your hand, which is broken enough to break any obstacle. Three meters tall, the biggest card ever made by Xie Mingzhe, such a huge divine clan can shock your opponent by appearing alone!

After drawing the cards, Xie Mingzhe connected to the data center for review, and soon heard the sound coming from the ear to approve--

Pangu (Golden System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1000, Attack 0, Defense 1000, Agility 30, Critical 0%

Additional Skills: Open Heaven and Earth (Pangu opened a whole new heaven and earth with a giant axe in his hand, splitting a straight ditch in a designated position, and forcibly isolating the battlefield of the match. Within 5 seconds of trench presence, all attack and control effects of both parties will be automatically absorbed by trench; cooling time 120 seconds)

Additional Skills: Genesis God (Pangu does not actively attack while ignoring all controls and attacks. When all of our teammates are killed, Pangu will automatically disappear. When you have teammates, Pangu helps fight and won't leave)

Zone animals, plants, ghost cards, cold weapons, to forcibly kill Oriental God of Creation Pangu?

Pangu told you; don't even think about it.

The second skill Xie Mingzhe gave Pangu is equivalent to “false invincibility”, which means: kill my teammates first, beat me to no use. I leave when my teammates die, and my teammates don't die, so I've been there. Pretty raspy, to say the least.

The first skill “opens the heavens and earth”, and the “Raipie” is maximized.

Pangu opens the ground at a critical moment, allowing the opponent's offense to be completely nullified, while also giving himself a chance to make haste in a disadvantaged situation. It means: stop fighting, 5 seconds to truce. I'll summon a few cards and add some blood relief.

If the opposite side is chasing the blood card to kill a wave of seconds, or wants to use a dead card to go to Liu Bei for a second, and then Pangu comes out, an axe opens the ground, isolates the battlefield, and both sides cease fighting for 5 seconds, will the opponent be angry to death?

This skill can also be used when the card skill cools down. For example, Huang Zhong, Ma Chao and Guan Yu's skills are all cooled down. They are being chased down by the opposite side. At this time, the plates are set aside and the battlefield is suspended for 5 seconds. Let their card cooldown time refresh and then rush up to the opposite side.

Truce, both sides of the enemy are fair, no one can hit anyone.

But because Pangu is in his own hands, it will certainly be more beneficial for him, because Xie Mingzhe knows better when truce is better, and he will definitely force truce when he least wants it across the street.

Opening up a whole new heaven and earth, which is half as good as playing cards and suddenly re-washing cards. The opposite hand is directly scrapped, and the other hand can wait 5 seconds before starting again. It's a tool for the downside!

Xie Mingzhe found that the cards he had made had gone further and further down the path of anger.

If I take this card to the Pro League field, will it be sprayed by the players?

I'm gonna second you and you're gonna end up in a truce?

Xie Mingzhe wanted to ask Master first to see how he reacted.

After reading it, Chen Qianlin asked: "What is the idea of skill design? ”

Xie Mingzhe explained: "I can't keep up with a lot of good people right now, and the disadvantage is easily collapsed. The Pangu Quarantine Battlefield can be forcibly dragged for 5 seconds and restarted, allowing me to adjust the pace as quickly as possible. The advantage is equally valid, when you finish a wave and wait for the other side to fight back, truce, leaving a lot of skills across the street empty. ”

Chen Qianlin nodded with appreciation. He looked at the Pangu card in his hand with some confusion and asked: “Your painting style is completely different from other people's cards. Why don't you wear clothes? ”

Xie Mingzhe touched his nose: “This... because he is a god, ancient technology is not so well developed that he can't make clothes. ”

Chen Qianlin frowned softly: “Is it a divine brand? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Hmm. ”

"In order for him to return to the Divine Card, the encyclopedia needs to be systematically and rigorously vetted, and you need a complete system to clarify your mythological story," said Chen Qianlin. Are you sure you can write this down? ”

Xie Mingzhe said with a smile: “Of course I won't write a full novel, but the story of a single mythical figure is fine. Pangu's story, written in hundreds of words, is a mythical explanation of the origins of the universe by dividing the universe and dividing the chaotic universe from the gods of creation in heaven and earth. ”

Chen Qianlin: “..."

Little apprentice brain hole really breaks through the sky, people card doing it, starting to be divine again.

He's going to play a ghost card in a few days!

Chen Qianlin rubbed his temple and said: “The card race is currently only affected by instant death judgment and linkage technology. In fact, it is not important, key or skill. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked carefully at the master and looked forward to: “What do you think of the Pangu I designed, how are my skills? ”

Chen Qianlin was silent for a moment and couldn't help but say: “Let me really want to hit you. ”

Xie Mingzhe stunned and looked back. “Hey, Master wants to hit me, it must be a very headache card. It would be very strong to take to the arena, right? ”

Looking at his excitement, Chen Qianlin's corner of his mouth rose slightly and patted him gently on his shoulder: "Add this card to your golden card team and go to the promotion competition. You are about to start school, you need to quickly ascend to the star card master. When Chen Xiao makes the card, I will guide you to improve the card group together. ”

“Master, don't worry, I'll be promoted tonight!” Xie Mingzhe went to a new card game.

Looking at the vibrant appearance of the little apprentice, Chen Qianlin thought with a headache that the apprentice was truly clever. These strange skills could not be evaluated. When he joins the professional league one day, many players in the league are expected to blow up.

* * *

The first one to blow up was an innocent passerby with an ID called "Ice Blue," a girl in an ice-blue long skirt.

This player is currently a 70% chance star card master.

Don't look at her winning by less than 100%, but her most recent tournament has been a Master Ranking.

At the top of the list of "Star Card Masters," it's quite remarkable to maintain a winning rate of more than 60%, because there are numerous professional gods hidden in this spot, and there are many folk masters, even such gods as Tang Muzhou, the winning rate is about 75%, this is what Xie Mingzhe found in his small number.

After all, Tang Mu Zhou may also hit other players' trumpets in the rankings and cannot guarantee an end to the victory. So this player has a 70% chance of winning, and Xie Mingzhe dares not relax.

How could a matching promotional contender be weak? The system is definitely not that kind.

At the beginning of the match, Xie Mingzhe quickly observed each other's card sets.

The Ice Blue Girl uses a beautiful set of water-based cards - five jellyfish of different colors, the most beautiful set of cards she has ever seen.

Jellyfish are a special marine creature, and most jellyfish are transparent, but there are also some self-contained luminescent elements. Xie Mingzhe has seen a large number of jellyfish in the ocean museum, floating freely in the water, and changing colors under the lights, like elves in the water.

The other party announced five cards, the first sea moon jellyfish, skilled in monomeric freeze control; the second peach jellyfish, made of pink, transparent interior of the body like a peach blossom, skilled in range water poison; the lighthouse jellyfish, radiant illusion of range; the silver coin jellyfish, range water poison; and the shell jellyfish, shaped like a shell, capable of firing water-based marbles, rapidly projecting between targets.

This set of water cards is similar in principle to the "state frozen stream” that Xie Mingzhe had previously encountered, but the card set is very different because the jellyfish are lightweight, extremely agile, and move very fast. It will be difficult to capture if they move around among the crowd. If the other party has strong positioning skills, they can forcibly avoid a lot of skills, which is definitely harder than the water players they met.

Flexibility is what makes jellyfish cards strong, and the transparent bodies of jellyfish can be difficult to see clearly in the light, causing great confusion to the sight of the opponent.

Xie Mingzhe was observing Ice Blue's card group, and Ice Blue was observing him as well.

This neat cavalry regiment shook her up a bit and was full of gold cards.

She is one of the best in the arena in Frost City. Fat uncle's name is naturally. She has heard that Fat uncle is said to be strong and wins 100% in a row. However, she sees a 98% chance of winning - 49 in 50 rounds. So Fat uncle's promotion in 50 rounds is over?

Ice blue took a deep breath and thought, I must continue to terminate him and show him the strength of the water card group!

Both sides quickly summon cards from the start of the match.

The jellyfish card group's frozen flow method is not to drag the rhythm slowly with people, but to quickly freeze the opponent with the characteristics of high agility and velocity, quickly tearing a breakthrough out of the opponent's array.

Ice blue started with three jellyfish, and Xie Mingzhe also summoned three cards against her.

In the arena, the balance of the number of cards between the two sides will be slightly better, and if their cards are significantly less than each other, they can easily be fired for seconds. When there are significantly more than the other party, it is easy to encounter group confusion, group coma and other control skills, which is even more difficult.

After playing in the arena for so long, Xie Mingzhe has discovered this pattern.

If most players want to test their opponents steadily, start by calling a defensive high card to watch the opposite movement. If you are confident that you will defeat your opponent, calling 3 cards is the most common way to start. 7 cards, sending 3 cards, attackable, repellent, and more flexible.

At this time, Xie Mingzhe's Ma Chao, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei existed, while the other three jellyfish were all cards with negative water toxicity.

Transparent jellyfish quickly floated around Xie Mingzhe's ethnic card, water spilled all over the place, and at first glance Xie Mingzhe's three cards all stacked to four levels.

At this point, the lighthouse jellyfish suddenly appeared and a glimmer of white light flashed in front of him - a bright hallucination!

There are two types of blindness control fields, one is dark blindness, the other is dazzling blindness, and the jellyfish's blindness control obviously belongs to the latter.

Xie Mingzhe couldn't see anything, he knew that the other party would definitely launch a full offensive, relying on four levels of water poison directly seconds his three cards!

1, 2... Xie Mingzhe is silent in his heart.

The single attack of the water system was limited, killing a card for a maximum of 3-4 seconds, and he suddenly summoned Pangu--

splitting the heaven and earth apart!

The giant three meters tall appeared on the field, and the huge axe in his hand hit the ground all at once. The whole floor of the arena was shaking violently, and Pangu broke a deep ditch on the ground, forcibly isolating the battlefields of both sides, unable to attack each other for five seconds.

Xie Mingzhe was blind and couldn't see where the jellyfish was across the street, but he remembered where his card was.

As long as the trench is broken in front of the three cards, the forced truce guarantees the immortality of the own cards, and during the trench, it is equivalent to washing the cards again, all attack and control skills will be absorbed by the trench.

At this time, if there was a God's perspective, the audience would find that the jellyfish's water beads were being ejected everywhere, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei had all been maimed. If they ejected one more round, they might kill two cards.

But at this time, Pangu's opening of heaven and earth broke a deep gulf directly into the center of the fighting between the two sides and forcibly ceased the war.

Ice blue: “?? ”

Truce, your sister, she only wants to curse!

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have only a little blood left, okay? A truce at this hour? Would you stop being so raspy?

Not only did the ditch cease fighting, but it also helped to solve the control. After all, it had to reopen, blindness control was sucked away directly by the ditch, waiting for the field of vision to be restored in front of him. Xie Mingzhe summoned Liu Bei and Zhao Yun immediately. He asked Liu Bei to put a shield on Guan Yu to prevent Guan Yu from being subjected to seconds.

The jellyfish card across the street is not much more than 100,000 blood volume, Zhang Fei's role is less than Guan Yu's, so priority is to protect Guan Yu.

Armistice time is up, the rhythm across the street is all messed up by this time.

Xie Mingzhe counted the time, deceived her a lot of skills, and once Pangu came out, many of her skills were empty! Especially the shell jellyfish jellyfish, it has been released and can't be retrieved, it's so angry!

Ice blue quickly adjusts the walking position to prevent the opposite bounce. However, Xie Mingzhe did not intend to give her an opportunity.

At this point in the cooling down of his skills, Xie Mingzhe struck a fierce counterattack!

Zhang Fei went up to fight for a while, Guan Yu chopped a knife, Liu Bei Peach Garden cleared the CD, brothers one more round!

Liu Guanzhang joined hands to attack the jellyfish. Zhao Yun was beside him in a frantic harassment. Xie Mingzhe followed Huang Zhong closely. The distant Master Huang Zhong shot out an arrow at the card with the highest blood volume, while Ma Chao immediately drove to accelerate the collective run when he summoned a new card across the street to try to control it.

Ice blue is a pain in the brain. What's the strongest rhythm in the water system? It was all smashed by Pangu's sword!

Though in the end she killed the already bleeding Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, she lost too much money and it was totally not worth it to swap five for two across the street.

At the end of the day, only two jellyfish were left in control, unable to fight at all, and Ice Blue pressed the surrender very simply.

- Victory!

Xie Mingzhe was thrilled to see the big golden text popping up on the screen.

He won, he hit the star card master position!

He knew his shortcoming was that he was not reacting fast enough, and Pangu's forcible division of the battlefield truce gave him time to adjust, making him passive and taking the game with a wave of counterattacks.

Pangu, the strongest part of this card is the rhythm of the critical moment.

When the opponent takes the initiative to launch a fierce attack, Pangu can instantly regain the initiative, and waste the rhythm chains that the opponent has so easily built up to take the initiative back into his own hands, which will be crucial in high-end competitions.

Whether the advantage is truce adjusted to prevent counter-attacks, or the disadvantage is forced to drag the pace to look for counter-attacks. Pangu, a card that has a seat in any card group, can serve as a function card for uncontrolling, scratch-free and forcibly snatching rhythms.

This is definitely a magic card that can be taken to the finals.

Although Pangu does not have attack skills, his presence will greatly deter his opponents, who will never be able to make smooth pacing connections. The control chain and output chain are forcibly interrupted.

Xie Mingzhe looked at “Star Card Master Level 1” appearing over Fat Uncle and raised his mouth happily.

In a week's time, he rushed from the lowest level of "Star Card Apprentice” to the highest level of "Star Card Master”, not only was his card pool supplemented by seven new cards, but his awareness and response to the arena had been steadily increasing.

More importantly, he found a lot of material to make “Mythical Legend” cards.

Perhaps after a while, he will be qualified to stand on the platform of Tang Muzhou organization, and with practical action, tell Fenghua team two people: "Every three days, when you look at him, Uncle Fatty is no longer a rookie who leaves you to squeeze round and round.

Star Card Masters, a stadium for less than 10% of premium players in the game, is a sine qua non for participating in the National Star Card Masters Invitational and is also the only way to enter the professional league.

He has finally taken the first step towards a professional league!

I don't want the Chinese civilization to disappear completely (even to write a book), so put Xiaoxie in a parallel space, our great Huaxia civilization is still circulating on Earth, and the two spaces do not interfere with each other, which I think is the best explanation.

Previous pavers were also intended for this interpretation of "parallel space-time”. There can't be two crossers fighting each other at the same time, so I can ray. Ye Suqian appeared, first, to round out all of the temples' flush pens, and second, to reassure Xie Mingzhe to boldly open the Oriental mythology legend brain hole. Ye had no idea what crossing was, he was just one of the late opponents of the lead character.

The protagonist will not separate wins and losses for Ye Suqian Shenzhen fights, that is too childish. The main character still has the first goal of perfecting his card group, his eyes are not so narrow, waiting for him is a large number of opponents and a wide professional league stage, not confined to divine fights.

In the future, if the serial encounters some doubts, it is recommended that you wait for an explanation of chapter 1-2, do not hurry to discard the text.

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