[Chapter 101, Freshman Champions]

The match between Ko and Lin Xiaorui was crushed at 3: 0, and the two remaining players were stuck in the semi-finals, and eventually the water player Zhao Han 3: 2 struggled to beat Zhu Jianing into the final.

“Congratulations to Mr. Ke and Mr. Zhao Han for successfully entering the Finals and inviting the two contestants to return to the Grand Stage! ”

In the warm applause of the audience, Ke and Zhao Han were called back to the stage by the host.

Zhao Han's participation in the freshman race has so far been a total victory, but today's metaphor has left him with no bottom line. Black-and-white volatility in the first round, Lu Zhi in the second round, Meng Bao in the third... will the finals metaphorically kick out more new cards? Where the hell did all this mess come from? He's never heard of it.

Metaphor is confident and has the necessary smile on his face.

A championship trophy with a golden base is placed in the middle of the big stage, alongside a brand-new smart helmet with the autograph of Tang Muzhou. The host smiled, “Whoever wins the championship trophy and bespoke helmet next in the final is yours. Before the game begins, do you have anything you'd like to say to each other? ”

Zhao Han looked at the metaphor for a head shorter than himself and said in a very stylish way: “metaphor for a head you are very good, but I also have great confidence in myself. Hope you can show all your strength in the next game!” With that in his mouth, he prayed silently: Don't bring out more new cards, he doesn't want to see messy ghost cards.

Yu Ke nodded seriously. "Don't worry, I still have a lot of aces to lose. I'll surprise you later! ”

Zhao Han: “…” No, I don't need a surprise. Will you be honest with your old card?

Zhao Han really had painful words in his eyes.

In the audience's audience's auxiliary voice, they each went to the rotating chair to sit down, put on their helmets and connected the game.

"I now announce the start of the championship competition for the freshman race," said the host. First, we asked the two contestants to draw lots. We saw that Zhao Han had drawn the blue side and had the right to choose the map first. Guess which map Zhao Han would choose? ”

Endless Snow Field.

A diagram confirmed by Zhao Han soon appeared on the big screen.

This is a typical snow scene where all cards are negatively impacted by a "50% reduction in movement speed” due to a thick layer of snow on the ground, very unfriendly to a group of cards injured by a general attack. If this map is not practiced intentionally, it is likely that there will be errors during skill placement due to reduced shift speed.

Combined with a white snow scene, the bright light is not conducive to the dark ghost card lurking, but it is easy to blend the ice blue water biological card into the scene, causing a visual misjudgment to the opponent - this map is the scene map developed by the ace player Rain of Frost City Club, perfect for the water card group.

Hundreds of sports maps are available in the Star Card Arena Map Library. Zhao Han did not hesitate to select "endless snowfields”, apparently planning to use this map against Metaphor.

Competition begins with both sides showcasing the card set.

Yike Ke's card set for this presentation includes Ghost Card Red Bride, White Haired Ghost, Headless Dolls, and the new Ghost Card Black Vagaries and White Vagaries that have just appeared today.

The host couldn't help but speculate: “Two dark cards, one of which is likely to be the Meng Lady he used in the semi-finals, and the other? Is it a new card? ”

Will Yuko come up with more new cards? The audience is looking forward to it.

At the same time, the Star Card official forum live broadcast area.

One of the most popular anchor “White Peacock” happens to be a student of Tito University. She is broadcasting the game live. The webmate who is following the game in the live broadcast room has exceeded six digits, and the ballistic area is about to explode: “Is this metaphor related to God?” “Suddenly showing so many strange ghost cards, aren't you the new guy the Ghost Prison Club is cultivating? ”

The news of a new haunted card spreads through the tens and tens of times, and it soon reaches the hearts of newcomers to the Haunted Prison Club who love to watch it live.

The two newcomers immediately ran aggressively to find Homestead.

Homestead is preparing for the Pro League Individual in two days, and comes to the training room with interest when he hears the news.

On the big live screen, the game has begun as Ke unleashes red and white ghosts and headless dolls, mixing up with each other's aquatic fish.

Due to the effect of the slowing effect of the snow, the attack speed of the headless doll was greatly reduced, and there was no way to chase the flexible fish. Both sides exchanged a wave of skills and all the blood was left behind. Compared to the ghost card blood volume of the selfie, the situation appeared to be very unfavourable to the selfie.

Just then, Zhao Han suddenly summoned a group frozen, wanted to freeze across the street and beat a wave of small groups to extinguish, which turned out to be almost a wonderful trick for Meng Lady Ke, forcibly feeding a bowl of Meng Lady soup to the opposite group control card.

The newcomer hurriedly pointed at the screen and said: "Brother Rui, this is the Meng Lady! Emerging Ghost Cards! ”

Watching the record of the battle played in real time on the field with great interest, “Forgot skills? This design is really interesting. ”

The next moment, Black and White Impermanence go out at the same time, Black Impermanence kills four cards across the street, stacks four layers of markings and then clears the scene directly.

"Black and White Impermanence? And these are the new ghost cards that came out today? ”

The newcomer nodded like garlic: "That's right! We've been watching the live broadcast of White Peacock. We beat Lin Xiaorui in the semi-finals with the same routine! ”

But the same routine cannot be used again and again, Zhao Han is not a fool, he deliberately left two cards for black and white uncertainty. Immediately after the black invariant explosion mark, he summoned a single frozen card to freeze the white invariant that could delay time before killing the black invariant!

At this time, Zhao Han launched a fierce assault using the snowfield environment as a cover, taking away all three residual blood cards of Xie Ke in one breath!

The host couldn't help but say, "It's dangerous! Although there are now 3 cards left on both sides in terms of the number of cards, it is embarrassing to say that the remaining Mumba and Vain are auxiliary cards without any attack skills...”

That's why the game kills the core output first. Once the output card is dead, the rest of the auxiliary is just waiting to die chronically.

Zhao Han has three cards, one of which is a group control card with short forgotten skills, and his skills are still cooling; the other two are water-based single-attack cards, and the range of water poisons can be constantly superimposed.

Zhao Han was so excited that his fingers were trembling, he thought he would win this round!

Even if it is self-evident that Ke summons the great late Ghoul, the more bodies the Ghoul devours, the more aggressive the Ghoul will be. At this time, there are a total of 8 death cards on the scene. If Ghoul really eats eight dead souls, the aggressive power is really terrible.

But the key is that the more dead ghosts they eat, the bigger they become, and the heavier they get - this is a map of the snow, and the heavier ghosts can't walk, and they can't catch up to the flexible fish!

Seeing here, Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but admire: “This Zhao Han consciousness is not bad, in case Xiao Ke punched the double core large posterior lineup with the ghost and black impotence, he deliberately used the snow field map to crack the pursuit of the ghost. ”

"'Unfortunately,' said Chen Xiaoqiao, 'he doesn't know how deep Ko's pool is. ”

At the moment Zhao Han thought he was holding the ticket, a pure white figure suddenly appeared in view.

A beautiful woman appeared on the field, Zhao Han had not yet seen each other, the long-haired beauty instantly split three phantoms, each behind his three cards - Nie Xiaoqian, the Ghost of Qian!

The audience just felt like there was a white wind floating in front of them. Flexible female ghosts quickly moved behind the fish, such as long hair stretching and spreading like ink, tightly wrapped around the fish, and severely strangled the fish fantasy into pieces!

Originally, Zhao Han of the Great Ultimate Bureau did not react at all. Nie Xiaoqian used the flexible pursuit of the "Ghost of Qian" state for 7 seconds to forcibly kill his three water-based cards!

In 7 seconds, three instantaneous shifts, three serial kills, how horrible Nie Xiaoqian's output can be!

Many of the audiences on the scene stared at the scene and didn't dare to believe it.

In the live broadcast room, countless barrage screens have been painted, and the number of online netizens has rapidly exceeded a million in the short term ——

“Where did this metaphor come from?! ”

“Is this year's freshman race at Teito University so high? ”

“Could it be that the second Tang Mu Zhou is coming? ”

“I think it's the second one to come back. He uses all the ghost cards. Too few players like horror style! ”

“I'm very fond of this little boy. It's so exciting to kill back every time! ”

“A teenager who likes horrible styles is super cute, wondering if a professional club will like him! ”

When he saw the scene, his eyes flashed fiercely and immediately asked, "Do you know who the producers of these ghost cards are? ”

The two newcomers to the club looked at each other and said: “I don't know, the cardmaker's LOGO was deliberately hidden during the game, and I don't know what the hell is going on! ”

"Intentionally hidden? ”

In an official contest, contestants can selectively hide the logo on the back of the card. Metaphor cards, apart from the familiar cards with the word "ghost” written on the back of the card, other emerging ghost cards, the logo on the back is hidden.

Metaphor hides the identity of the card author, which is also what Xie Mingzhe said before the competition, because Xie Mingzhe doesn't want to expose too much information about Nirvana Club, let alone let people know that he is the famous “Fat Uncle”.

And that's why there's a lot of spectators online wondering if the metaphor Ke has anything to do with Zhiwei.

Of course, Eversheds didn't play these cards. His first reaction here was, "Is it possible that Kirk would make his own cards and hide his LOGO in order to keep a low profile? ”

The two newcomers looked at each other, and one of them moved and warned: “Brother Rui, Tang Muzhou was there today. Teitou University is his alma mater and invited him back to be a guest today. ”

Su Rui and Tang Muzhou are both apprentices of the fifth class of nose ancestors. It's a good personal relationship. When he hears about it, he sends a message to the other party: "Muzhou, you were at the freshman competition at Tidu University, right? What's wrong with Yuko's ghost card? Any news? ”

Tang Muzhou replied with surprise: "Aren't these ghost cards yours? ”

Ci Rui: “…"

Load up! Load up! Tang Muzhou must know something!

Turn to Master Zheng Feng immediately. Lao Zheng also came to watch the live broadcast with interest: “New ghost card? Hey Bombay, nice design! ”

Almost at the same time, in a group of professional leagues, Ye Zhu came up with a message: "Did you hear that? There are so many new ghost cards in this year's freshman competition at Tetu University! @ Zheng Feng"

Ye Bamboo became almost a “journalist” for the professional league, and whenever there was any wind and grass, he was the first to come out and tell everyone. Others were apparently still out of the picture and saw the news blown up.

Mountain Lan: “New ghost card? Takeshi, what's going on? ”

Ye Bamboo sent the address of the live broadcast room and said: “I'm watching the live broadcast of the white peacock. I'm interested in watching it! ”

Coincidentally, Ye Zhu watched the broadcast live because of Pei Jingshan.

Pei Jingshan, like Tang Muzhou, is a graduate of Teitou University, and also called Tang Muzhou a “senior”. This year's Didu University event would have invited him, but Pei Jingshan had a game to attend tomorrow morning. He couldn't leave for now, so he declined the invitation.

Ye Zhu knew that Tang Muzhou had been invited to be a guest. Curious enough, he opened the live broadcast room of the white peacock and watched the live broadcast while eating melon seeds. This beautiful woman, a red anchor on the Internet, is a third-year student at Teito University, and she's live at the school stadium tonight, broadcasting a live freshman exchange.

Looking at it, Ye Bamboo felt something was wrong.

I thought these haunted cards were the masterpieces of Citrix, but the style doesn't look like much. He hurried to send the news to the crowd and blew up a lot of people to see the noise.

The first inning is over and Ko is temporarily 1: 0 ahead.

In the second inning, Ke chose the map, and once again he chose Ghost Castle - a scene that Haunted Prison Club particularly liked by Spirit.

The two parties announced the card group stage. The five distinguished cards announced by Ke Ke this time were Black Impermanence, White Impermanence, Mon Bao, Nie Xiaoqian and Ghoul. The two dark cards were not published.

Ye Bamboo suddenly had a very strange feeling, as if Ke was replacing the card group that belonged to the great god of Si Wei step by step.

In the first half of the semi-finals, the five cards were all works by Ci Wei, and the two dark cards were black and white infinity.

In the second round, there was an extra road for the new cards. In the third round, there was an extra Momma on the new card. Just now, in the first round of the final, his fourth game tonight, there was an extra Nie Xiaoqian in the new card.

By now, in the fifth round, four of the cards are new, while only one of the ghost cards left to be made by SWIRE. The secret card doesn't know yet.

Ye Zhu saw this place and finally couldn't bear to send a message to Shanlan: “Brother Lan, this metaphor seems to replace the ghost card pool little by little. Did he make many new cards, can he completely replace the ghost card of God? ”

Mountain Lan didn't know what the reason was, so he had to go to his master for help.

After Nie Yuandao heard about it, he immediately walked over to watch live broadcast.

In the scene, Yike Ke and Zhao Han have started a fierce rivalry.

What surprised the audience was that Yukiko once again took out two brand new haunted cards at a critical time: cowhead and horse face.

Huangquan Road in Bullhead, the other side of the horse flower, a wave of group attack, combined with linkage technology, directly defeated Zhao Han's card team!

2: 0, Ke is ahead!

Nie Yuando looked at the live feed and said calmly: “Wait for the third inning to see if he will continue to play the new card. ”

* * * * * *

[Chapter 102, Final]

Zhao Han, confident, was already a little panicked at this time. In the first inning, he clearly chose Xueyuan to restrain the opponent's post-general offensive method. Who knew that Ke hid a Nie Xiaoqian in a secret card after seeing the map of Xueyuan!

Nie Xiaoqian's phantom split is not affected by the slowdown of the snow. Within 7 seconds, he split the phantom, and three instantaneous shifts directly took him for three seconds.

In the second inning, two new cards, Bull Head and Horse Face appeared in the deck. Double-cluster attack, and linkage, a wave of clusters hit down at the critical moment, Zhao Han's crisp pickup card almost instantly lay down.

What other cards will he give in the third inning? Can't it make people feel any better?

Zhao Han was freaking out in his heart. He always felt like this bastard was slowly torturing him...

In fact, Metaphor didn't think too much.

As Chen Qianlin said, Ke usually has no heart, but is surprisingly calm on the field. He did it just to test the bottom line of his opponent. No one would be foolish enough to put all the cards out in the first inning, so he slowly put them down, changing one or two new cards in each inning, slightly changing his tactics, while suddenly beating his opponents.

He always dreamed that one day his pool would be deep enough to change cards at will during the game.

Previously, he was just a little transparent, earned some pocket money on bounty assignments, held a handful of ghost cards in his hand, and couldn't swap cards at will. But now it's different. Xie Mingzhe has made ghost cards for him. There are 11 brand new ghost cards that he can use. Plus the ghost cards that were previously returned to the great god of Si Wei. At present, he has 18 cards. All kinds of formations can be tried. The feeling of Cado is that it feels good!

In the third inning, it is Zhao Han's turn again.

The two moderators sang a song and sang a tune: “Yike Ke is now 2: 0 ahead of the game and has already won the track! ”

“If Zhao Han wants to stabilize the situation, he must do an article on the map. However, Nie Xiaoqian is a card that is not restricted by any map at all. It is extremely flexible. Zhao Han is in a really difficult situation..."

“and maybe there are other new cards that have not come out! ”

In the forum of the Star Card Association, the "Who's the Champion” voting channel in the sticky post has slowly risen from less than 10% support in the beginning, and by then, the backlash has become 70% support!

Xie Mingzhe saw this result and lifted his lips slightly, heart: Xiao Ke, come on, you will definitely be the strongest black horse in this freshman year.

The metaphor on the stage is so calm and horrible, obviously the young man who loves to laugh usually, as soon as he sits on the field, he can instantly dedicate his whole body and mind, everything outside can not affect him.

The teenager's eyes lit up almost brightly, his eyes stared at the images in the game, and his expression reached the extreme.

Under the exciting analysis of the host, the pitch of the self-styled Ke has officially started.

This was Zhao Han's selection map, and he hesitated for a long time, eventually biting his teeth and choosing a map - the scorched earth of flames.

Professional leagues have a strict rule that all game maps must be set in a negative state, such as the deceleration of the snow fields, where all cards decelerate together, and the "Scorched Earth of Fire” map shows a 10 point reduction in mental power per second.

Professional players know that full player mental strength is 240 points, and summoning a seven-star card requires 30 points of mental energy. Theoretically, the summons of 7 cards consumes 210 points, leaving 30 points, and there will be no mental inadequacy. However, the effect of the "Scorched Earth of Fire" map is that both players automatically deduct 10 points per second of mental power and start the game for more than 3 seconds, which means that the game won't call 7 cards at all.

You want to slow down, mill down? Sorry, the negative state of mental energy deduction can make it impossible for you to delay the late stage.

The ruling club frequently uses this map, mainly because Nie Yuandao's personal style is very good at rapid aggressiveness, his most annoying late card group, more annoying to hit half suddenly by the opponent's covert card calculation.

Nie Yuandao is a hard-won player who loves the front side, so the ruling club created this map to force the opponent to summon all seven cards before his mental strength was cut off.

Zhao Han's choice of this map in this inning is actually risky.

Or worse - he wants to die happy!

It feels too uncomfortable when the opponent suddenly turns over an unknown new card that always has a big advantage. It would be better if Metaphor opened up and brightened up the card set, so that he can prepare himself psychologically.

Chen Xiao in the audience saw this place and couldn't help but whisper: “Zhao Han was anxious, the water system slow-controlled flow card group, but he used fire system to attack the map scene, he is good at digging his own grave. ”

Chen Qianlin said: “Not necessarily, wait for the card group to announce. ”

The competition begins when both parties announce the card set.

This time, Ke Xiaoqian's famous cards, including cowhead, horse face, black and white uncertainty and Nie Xiaoqian, were completely replaced with new cards.

And Zhao Han's announced card group surprised the audience - he actually changed all five cards and completely changed the line!

In the first two rounds, Zhao Han used a water-based slow control method. Many flexible fish in the card group were consumed by adding water poison. But in the third inning, he switched to a strong water system control wave!

No wonder he chose this map of Scorched Earth, which he obviously wanted to bet on and fight with his opponents.

Chen Xiao touched his nose: “Looks like I underestimated him. This guy is not as good as Ko, but he has some ideas. ”

Zhao Han brought two frozen group control cards, and the remaining five were all water-based output cards, while the output of the water system had a characteristic - water balloons could eject continuously between opposing targets, the higher the output data would be if there were more opponent cards.

Zhao Han even recruited seven cards at the beginning of the match due to the scorched earth of flames forcing his mental strength down every second. Yike Ke likewise recruited seven cards, and the audience discovered that there was a new face in his card group - Judge Choi!

Zhao Han was stunned, but he quickly recovered and a wave of frozen crowd control quickly smashed the past.

Yike Ke was cleverly dispersed and only three cards were frozen, coinciding with Monkey, White and Black.

The blackness of the three cards is the brittest, the opposite side will definitely kill the blackness of the great threat, the fact also proves that the blackness of the instability was dropped directly by the fire in just 4 seconds, the audience burst into shock, and it is also a pity to watch live webcam friends outside the field: “Once the black instability dies, metaphor is hard to hit!” “Don't know what skills new judges are? ”

You're discussing, at this point, the freezing effect is lifted, and Ko immediately begins a full-scale counter-attack.

Bowl of soup was forcibly fed to the opposite group control card, so that the other party forgot its skills, and the frozen group control could not be smoothly connected; closely followed, the bull-headed horse and horse group attacked, and the whole field pressed the opposite blood line down; Nie Xiaoqian opened the phantom, and the seven white phantoms that split up followed each other's seven cards, Nie Xiaoqian moved back and forth between the phantoms at windy speed, turning his eyes and beating several cards across!

The judge has an ink pen in his hand - the whole trial, the opponent has just output the highest card automatically punished, a lot of blood is shed!

In just a few seconds, Zhao Hanmei stunned to discover that all seven of his cards had been broken...

No! All the bleeding didn't get killed, could it be that Ko is...

As if to corroborate his idea, Judge Choi picked up the book of life and death in his left hand and changed the life of the black uncertainty. The black uncertainty that had previously been killed suddenly resurrected in situ.

White Impermanence delays death by 5 seconds, Mumbai's sweet soup, all thrown to Black Impermanence to save life.

- Then comes the moment of the Black Arcane show.

Move over and kill one first, then hit again, three, four, five!

Black invariant breath kills five cards in a row, explodes the yin and yang mark, instantly clears the field.

The audience was silent when they looked at the body of the water system that had fallen from the ground, but the silence lasted only three seconds, followed by a thunderous applause!

The live room was brushed completely invisible by the 666 barrage.

The host shook his voice with excitement: “Congratulations to Metaphor for winning the finals. The champion of the fifth freshman race at Tito University is Metaphor, our strongest black horse with less than 10% pre-match support! ”

Xie Mingzhe raised her mouth slightly in the audience.

Nice work, Kirk.

Let's see what a real explosive power is!

In fact, in the previous games, Ko played steadily and tried his opponent step by step. But in the final round, Zhao Han's backwater battle, choosing the fastest paced map “Scorched Earth of Fire”, instead forced the true burst force of the metaphor Ke.

When it comes to attacking a wave, you can also play a wave of ghost cards!

However, his waves require a lot of manipulation, such as the linkage padding of the bullhead horse, the targeted blood pressure of the judge and Nie Xiaoqian, and the eventual harvest of black uncertainty. As long as one of these links is not done well, it may not be possible to clear the scene eventually.

However, the card set Kit has been practicing for a long time and didn't even sleep until 3: 00 a.m. last night.

This is his strongest fight so far, being driven out by his opponents and shocking the audience.

In almost 7 seconds, he suddenly manipulated the limit of seven cards, a wave of clear field directly beat the opponent to death!

Such strength is the champion of the freshman race!

At first, people who did not like the metaphor for Ko felt beaten in the face. Many students at Tidu University even glanced at each other and began to ask their law school classmates if Ko had any idea of recognizing their sister.

In the live room, countless players who like ghost cards almost cry out: “Can ghost cards still play like this?” “This little guy is amazing!” “The final round was instantly cleared. He's so handsome! I decided to become the first fan of Ko Junior!” “Add me a powder, boy 666! ”

Shanlan looked at Nie Yuandao and asked in a low voice: "Master, have you analyzed the results...”

Nie Yuan said peacefully: “There are two possibilities, first, that Ke is Fat Uncle; second, that Ke is Fat Uncle's friend, Fat Uncle is most likely at Tidu University. Anyway, the designers of these ghost cards must be Uncle Fatty. ”

Mountain Lan: “……”

No wonder these ghost cards are so weird that the card's skills look familiar.

Mengbo Tang, Judge Pen, Huang Quan Road, Xianhua, Qian Female Ghost...

Who else but Uncle Fatty can use these strange words for skill design?

Besides, the ghost card doesn't follow the horror route. What do you want to do with Nie Xiaoqian so pretty?

Mountain Lan rubbed his temple with a headache and said: “This fat uncle really won't let the Alliance rest one day! ”

Ghost Prison Club, I couldn't help but get excited: “Yike Ke this little guy is nice, talented, his ghost card whoever made it, I really can't wait to play with him for a few rounds! ”

Zheng Feng laughed haha: “Who else could have done it? Look at this strange skill name! ”

Su Wei shrugged: “Is it Uncle Fatty? ”

In the league, Ye Bamboo couldn't help but say, "Do you think these cards have a strange familiarity with their skill design? ”

Zheng Feng laughed: “Very familiar, such as Cao Chong Zheng. ”

Frost City players also emerged: "For example, Xishi sunken fish. ”

Ye Bamboo's eyes lit up: “Baochai Pu Butterfly, Peach Garden Synonym, he really likes to give his skills four names! ”

Shanlan softly said: “There are also three words, such as the judge pen, Meng's soup, and the life and death book. ”

Everyone was silent for a moment.

Su Rui was very confused: “In other words, the card maker's information was hidden by Mr. Ke, how can you all be so sure that the card maker is Fat Uncle? I can play ghost cards, too! ”

Ye Bamboo: “You're not as curious as he is! ”

Mountain Lan: “That is, your ghost card is much more than his integrity. ”

Qi Sirui: “Is this a compliment...”

In the end, Nie Shen summed up: “Fat uncle made a card that has a feature, when people see the card, they want to catch him and beat him up. ”

"" ………… "

Nie Shen is so right that even if the card making LOGO is hidden, everyone feels very familiar with the “unbeaten” card temperament.

Who else but Uncle Fatty?

Xie Mingzhe also thought that if Ke hid the card making LOGO, people would not necessarily guess his head. As a result, the card style he made was so unique that he instantly dropped his horse in the Alliance group.

Tang Muzhou couldn't help laughing when he saw his little brother fall in the group.

Alas, Little Brother, this increasingly skinny style of card making is so obvious that it takes less than 10 minutes for the Alliance gods to remove the vest. I'm afraid he'll be beaten up by players when he comes to a professional league game.

When you are a brother, you should protect him a little. You can't let the younger brother get beaten up in the hospital.

Congratulations to Clever Kit for winning! Congratulations to Uncle Fat Ghost for dropping his horse:)