[Chapter 104, Guest Challenge Competition]

“Congratulations to Mr. Ke on winning the 5th Teito University Freshman Exchange!” The host picked up the microphone and said in a loud voice, "Next, I'd like to invite our guest of honor, Senior Tang Muzhou, to personally present the award to Mr. Ke! ”

Tang Muzhou, sitting at the guest table, was invited to the big stage. In a round of warm applause, the man picked up the golden championship trophy and a special smart helmet, and walked to the siege, smiling out his hand: "Congratulations. ”

“Thank you, Tang Shen!” Xie Ke first saw Tang Muzhou up close, and the legendary male theologian was certainly more handsome than the publicity photo. He had just taken the trophy after shaking his hand, and then Tang Muzhou suddenly leaned over and lowered his voice and asked: "Are you Xie Mingzhe's new teammate? ”

I was stunned and didn't know how to answer for a moment.

Tang Muzhou went on to say, "Xie Mingzhe personally designed the card for you, it seems he appreciates you very much, don't fail to live up to his expectations for you. ”

He looked at each other in confusion: “How do you know these cards are made by Chul? ”

Tang Muzhou's mouth rose slightly: “I'm his brother, how can you not know? ”

He suddenly realized - Cheol mentioned Nirvana Guild's "Dead Wood Feng Chun” is his master Chen Qian Lin's trumpet, isn't Chen Qian Lin a mentor of Tang Muzhou? In this way, Tang Mayu and Archer are really brothers.

On the big live screen, Tang Muzhou jumped over and talked to the metaphor Ke. Many viewers saw this scene. Everyone thought Tang God was just encouraging his younger brother to say a few words and didn't think much about it. In the White Peacock's webcast room, a lot of the netizens frantically painted the barrage at the moment Tang Muzhou appeared ——

“Tang God deserves to be my male god. He's so handsome no matter what! ”

“Tang Shen is really gentle, the school invites him every time he does an event, as long as he doesn't collide with the race car, he will go! ”

“Lick Tang's face, love him so much! ”

“Looking forward to the next Guest Challenge, I really want to go on stage and fight Tang Shen personally, even if he abuses me! ”

The reason why the online live broadcast room of the white peacock is on fire is mainly because of the emergence of the "New Ghost Card". It is spread over the forum, attracting countless audiences, and the heat of the live broadcast room quickly climbs to the first place on the webcast platform. And Tang Muzhou's participation in tonight's Tetu University Freshman Exchange soon spread to the fan circle, and Tang Muzhou's fans immediately poured into the broadcast room to see the male gods.

Tidu University Star Card Association has a "Guest Challenge” session in every competition, the formal competition is over and the Guest Challenge becomes what fans look forward to most.

And obviously, the host is excited to go to the middle of the big stage and say, "We're going to have another interesting session. Do you know what that is? ”

The whole audience cheered: "Guest Challenge! ”

The host laughed: "Yes! There will be a guest challenge session in every freshman competition. First, please invite our Tang God to sit as a guest contestant! ”

The prop group had quickly pushed the rotating seat into the middle of the big stage. Tang Muzhou smiled and sat down. He wrote "Invited Guests” in front of his seat, with an empty rotating chair opposite, and “Challenger” in front.

Host: “Let me first introduce the rules of the guest challenge. The challenge is the 1V1 pair of the secret card model, for a total of five rounds, which means that five students will get the chance to face Tang Shen tonight. All students who are drawn will also get the perimeter memorial gift pack prepared by the Star Card Association - next, please ask Tang Shen to personally draw the lucky audience to qualify for the challenge! ”

Start scrolling the stadium seat number in the big screen.

The audience was so enthusiastic, many fans raised their hands and shouted, "Tang Shen punched me!” The fans in the webcast room are also brushing their screens wildly: "I'm so jealous that my classmates can watch me up close!” “I also want to personally challenge Tang Shen!” “We are so lucky to have a close match with the male gods and a limited perimeter. ”

However, three people at the scene did not want to be drawn by Tang Muzhou at all - Chen Qianlin, Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe.

Chen Qiao frowned. "Brother, what if I smoke you? ”

It would be bad if Chen Qianlin walked to the big stage to be recognized. At the school's freshman exchange competition, the wooden nose ancestor Chen Qianlin unexpectedly appeared with his apprentice, Tang Muzhou. Whoever loses or wins, this can definitely turn into big news.

Xie Mingzhe was also worried about this, simply said: “Why don't you take Master Chen away early, the game is over anyway. ”

Chen Qianlin nodded and stood up and ready to go.

Chen Qiao asked: “Xiao Xiao Thank you for not leaving? ”

Xie Mingzhe said with a smile: “Let me see how my brother abuses people. Besides, he doesn't have to smoke me in the tens of thousands of audiences. ”

As soon as the voice drops, you can see that the number that keeps scrolling on the big screen is suddenly rated at a familiar number: Zone E 2806.

Xie Mingzhe stared widly - isn't this Nima's seat number!

Surely, he couldn't say anything. He just said he wouldn't smoke himself, but he did. Xie Mingzhe could not help but slap himself.

Hosted by: “Are there any students in Area E 2806? Put your hands up and let's see who's the lucky audience! ”

Xie Mingzhe scolded the organizers 10,000 times inside. The chase light came quickly. In case the master who had not left the scene was exposed, Xie Mingzhe had to stand up and block the master. He kept a smile on his face that was "so excited to be drawn”.

The big screen magnified Xie Mingzhe's face, only to see the man grow tall and handsome and smile brilliantly, waving “happily” towards everyone.

Tang Muzhou: "…”

He was surprised when he smoked his little brother.

In the live broadcast room, after Xie Mingzhe's face was magnified, the wind direction of the barrage immediately changed: “Ask for the information of the handsome man who was drawn!” 'Is the freshman face of Tito so high? ”“ Whatever you smoke is a handsome guy! ”“ Big brother, come on, wish you two more seconds in Tang God's hands! ”

“" This lucky classmate is invited to the stage, "said the host. ”

In the cheer of the audience, Xie Mingzhe walked to the big stage.

"As the first lucky audience to be drawn, let's introduce ourselves! ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled at the microphone and said: "Hello everyone, I am Xie Mingzhe, a freshman in the first year of art department, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to personally challenge Senior Tang Muzhou.” But he was spitting in his heart: he didn't want to be abused in front of so many people.

Tang Muzhou watched him try to act, forced to hold his smile, nodded at him in cooperation, and said warmly: “Brother, I am generally gentle with the challenger and won't let you lose too much. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Although it was simply impossible to beat Tang Muzhou at his current level, he could hear it, but Xie Mingzhe's war intentions were completely ignited.

He and Tang Muzhou have never officially confronted each other, and today he took the opportunity of the Guest Challenge to see how different he was from his brother. Just, what about the card crew? He couldn't have used Uncle Fat's character card set, which was tantamount to publicly removing his vest in front of everyone.

It seems that Xie Mingzhe's difficult to perceive, Tang Muzhou volunteered to remind: “The Guest Challenge can take your own card group or borrow from the players just now. What card set is your brother going to use? ”

Xie Mingzhe immediately grasped what he meant and smiled: “I want to borrow a ghost card from Mr. Ke, okay? ”

Yike Ke has been stunned under the stage, Tang Muzhou suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly drew Xie Mingzhe, his head didn't turn, heard his name, he finally went back and quickly rose to the big stage.

Xie Mingzhe gave him a look and said: “I really like your ghost card, can you give me temporary operating rights, thank you. ”

"No problem," exclaimed Yukiko. ”

In the past, most of the freshman exchange competitions were attended by guests with their own card groups. Examples of direct borrowing of player card groups like Xie Mingzhe are rare. However, today's special situation is that Xie Ke's haunted cards are brand new. Many viewers on the scene are interested in this set of cards. Therefore, Xie Mingzhe temporarily borrowed Xie Ke's account without arousing suspicion. Even the professional players watching on the live broadcast platform thought the classmate just wanted to experience a ghost card.

Put on your helmet and give Xie Mingzhe temporary control of your account.

Xie Mingzhe landed in the character of "Ke Xiao Ke” and came to the officially designated challenge ring. Indeed, he saw that a person with the ID "Don” was waiting for him. This is the famous character who won 50 consecutive individual races in Tang Muzhou - Xie Mingzhe did not dare to expose Uncle Fat's large size with the character card group, but Tang Muzhou did not want to expose the digital trumpet playing in the arena.

The two men were silent and pressed Prepare simultaneously.

Hosted by: “The first game of the Guest Challenge begins immediately, ask the challenger to select a map! ”

As soon as the voice went down, the contest box appeared in front of Xie Mingzhe.

He chose the perfect map for the Ghost Assassination Fight: Dark Cave.

This is one of the darkest maps of all maps, a pure night view map with extremely low visibility, and many ghost cards can almost completely fit into the background, making it hard for the opponent to see. Competition on such maps requires a high level of awareness of the player.

Soon, both groups of cards were announced on the big screen.

Xie Mingzhe showed clear cards as black and white, bull head, horse face, Nie Xiaoqian, dark cards unknown.

Tang Muzhou showcased plaques including desert roses, gut grass, sleeping lotus, purple vines, and four-season prawns.

Seeing this set of cards, Tang Muzhou's fans were immediately excited: “Tang Gon, this is serious!” “I think Xie Mingzhe wants to be tortured by him...” “Tang God doesn't seem to want to show mercy to the challenger! ”

Occupational players are also discussing in groups.

Ye Zhu: “Bet, guess what Tang Shen's secret card will be! ”

Mountain Lan: “Perhaps I'll show you the most powerful mass attack in the wood system? ”

Zhui Sirui: "Will you bring the mandala flower to accompany the poison attack of the broken intestine? ”

Zheng Feng: “It is also possible to take the banyan tree opposite a wave of clear field! ”

Everyone guessed, there was no bottom of their minds. After all, Tang Muzhou's khaki was too deep for anyone to guess his secret card.

But you soon noticed that Xie Mingzhe had replaced a dark card after seeing his card set, and Tang Muzhou had not changed cards.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 104, Cousin's Guidance]

Competition begins.

Scenes in holographic games are extraordinarily realistic, bat thrills sound from time to time in the dark cave, and occasionally bat swarms fly by. Of course, these are scene effects. Bats in the map do not have any attack power at the time of the game, but as a scene dynamic, they cause some disturbance to the spirit of the athlete.

As a group of bats flew by, six cards quickly appeared in the scene.

Both sides started with the opening three cards. Xie Mingzhe summoned cowheads, horse noodles and Nie Xiaoqian, while Tang Muzhou summoned desert roses, purple vines and intestinal grass.

Xie Mingzhe's thinking clearly, the bull head and horse face group attack the blood line, creating the conditions for the subsequent appearance of black uncertainty, while Nie Xiaoqian can move flexibly, can stand 30 meters outside the scope of the opponent's attack, guarantee not to be charged, summon in advance, can also save the time to summon the card at a critical moment later. After all, everyone's mental capacity is limited and calling too many cards can't be manipulated.

Coincidentally, Tang Muzhou's fight is very similar to Xie Mingzhe's.

Desert Rose This card is one of the most heavily attacked cards in his group, and the first skill “Rose Flower Language" can land dense and numb rose petals within 30 meters, causing massive attack damage. The second skill, Rose Spike, is a passive defensive move where all opponents who attack a rose are stabbed to gain a Bleed Negative of 2% Bleed Per Second.

Tang Muzhou is also a strong original player, who has given plant cards a variety of great skills.

Desert Rose This card's wood-lineage damage is not particularly high and only kills about 20% of the opponent's blood volume, but it cools very briefly for only 25 seconds. The rose was covered in thorns and the passively triggered "stab wound to bleed" was very annoying. Xie Mingzhe decided to ignore it for the time being and just kill it before it cooled down for 25 seconds.

In Brother's card group, the card that gave him the headache was actually another card —— Sleeping Lotus, a group sleeping for 4 seconds under strong control.

With Tang Muzhou's consciousness, just hold Xie Mingzhe's ghost card with the sleeping lotus herd, and four seconds is enough for him to forcibly kill the most critical black uncertainty in the Xie Mingzheka group. Therefore, Xie Mingzhe must leave a big trick against Shu Lian.

Both sides were cautious in the opening, the desert roses of Tang Mu Zhou were sprinkled with rose flowers and rain, and the cowhead and horse face were also laid on the other side of the place - red petals in the sky, red flowers on the ground, if the scene wasn't too shady, this would be beautiful.

The next moment, however, the landscape formed by this flower was completely destroyed.

Gastrointestinal grass. Toxic spread!

On the other side of the blood-red flower, the dark green broken intestine grass suddenly grew insane, and the scene was filled with a very poisonous fog.

This Bowel Cutting Grass is the core card in Tang Muzhou's "Wood Toxic Attack" and the Alliance's strongest botanical group poison attack card at present. As soon as it appeared, Xie Mingzhe's cowhead and horse face were instantly stacked four layers of poison, and every second he bled out!

The most annoying thing about this card is that its skills can form a 30-metre poison circle, and enemy cards that step into the circle range are stacked with poison, which is constantly stacked with poison. The amount of blood lost per second after stacking four layers is pretty scary, and without a treatment card to recover, it can easily be consumed to death.

The host said nervously: "Xie Mingzhe has a bad start! Gastrointestinal grass is still stacking poison, if you don't want to deal with this card any more, his card will probably be poisoned by a slow stack of poison! ”

Xie took a deep breath and made a bold decision.

He directly abandoned the two cards, Bull Head and Horse Face. At the moment when the two cards were poisoned with intestinal grass, he suddenly summoned both black and white uncertainties and opened up his white uncertainty protection skills - all damage delayed by five seconds.

All of his cards will not be affected by the heavy poison overlap in these five seconds, so Nie Xiaoqian can make a wave of harvest with the black constant!

The three Kasan Roses, Bowel Grass and Purple Vines summoned at the opening of Tang Muzhou were all under 40% of their blood volume due to a wave of cattle head and horse face attack, combined skills smashed down. As long as Nie Xiaoqian takes the shot, Kurofu can completely stack out three markers.

Nie Xiaoqian split the phantom very decisively. She instantly moved into the intestinal grass drama circle like the wind. She crippled the most central female grass of the poison array and threw it hard. She threw the highest strain of intestinal grass directly into front of the black uncertainty and let the black uncertainty prevail to take it away!

The unfavourable situation, which has been compounded by drug attacks, has finally been alleviated.

Nie Xiaoqian continues to kill the desert rose. She travels too fast between the phantoms, and can also move instantaneously with black uncertainty. In the night scenery environment, it is difficult for the opponent to determine the position of black uncertainty.

Nie Xiaoqian and Dark Volatile were about to join forces to kill the desert rose. The next moment, the audience just felt a bright light shining in front of them, a soft white light flashing through the dark cave, and then a beautiful, shining tree appeared in front of them.

—— Night Tree, a special tree containing luciferin that emits pure white fluorescence at night, illuminates scenes within a 30-meter radius, and makes invisible and phantom objects within the range all truly visible.

One of the hidden cards of Tang Muzhou is actually a luminous tree with lighting and hidden skills!

The appearance of this card left Xie Mingzhe's plan to use the terrain to sneak up on him. The position of the black uncertainty was clearly illuminated. Nie Xiaoqian was photographed by the night tree. All the illusions were clearly presented. Tang Muzhou first found Nie Xiaoqian's true body. He did not hesitate to throw out the purple vine. The dark purple vine spread as quickly as a tentacle, strapping Nie Xiaoqian directly into place.

Nie Xiaoqian's most powerful part is that she can move flexibly within 7 seconds after the split phantom, while Tang Muzhou's Night Tree and Purple Vine have restrained her, almost directly abolishing Nie Xiaoqian's 1-skilled Qian Ghost.

Brother Nie Xiaoqian's role was halved due to his strong consciousness. But Xie Mingzhe was not panicking. Nie Xiaoqian was tied up and unable to continue transient output. He still had black uncertainty!

Once the Dark Volatile 1 Skill “Peace in the World” opens, both Attack Power and Attack Speed have been greatly improved, not to mention he still has 2 Skills Volatile that can be moved instantly!

Seeing the black invariant move directly behind the desert rose, the horror can't hit the desert rose in 3 seconds and give it a second!

Black Aristocrat, a card that uses a universal attack to fight injury, just stacks up the number of hits, and the output is really frightening to watch, scratching tens of thousands of blood loss.

The live audience shouted out loud, and the audience on the live broadcast platform was even harder to believe: “This handsome guy is pretty good! Tang Shen's card was actually killed two times in a row.” “Really good consciousness and quick reaction! ”

Xie Mingzhe's assault method was calm and sharp, even Tang Muzhou couldn't help but appreciate it - Little Brother is really progressing very fast, can not panic when his plan is disrupted, compared to the guy who was abused by Fenghua II in the first two weeks in the seventh inning, it's like judging two people.

Killing two cards in a row is black and uncertain. He has two negative marks on his body. He also has a negative "stab wound" effect because of the attack on the rose. He bleeds 2% per second.

Xie Mingzhe's cowhead and horse were killed, and Nie Xiaoqian was tied up and unable to move. Tang Muzhou's desert roses and intestinal grass were killed, the role of the night tree rendered the dark environment ineffective, and the purple vines were tied to Nie Xiaoqian.

The card ratio between the two sides has changed to 5: 5 and is rarely at an impasse.

Soon, however, the impasse was torn apart!

Blackconstant's 1 skill has 30 seconds of Attack Boost. After killing two cards in a row, he quickly moves behind the Vine and kills 40% of its blood with a terrible hit damage!

The number of cards is 5: 4, Xie Mingzhe actually has a slight advantage?

The audience couldn't believe it. Networkers in the live broadcast room didn't dare believe it. They scratched the screen and talked about it: “Tang Shen was killed by three cards in a row. This new guy is amazing!” “Tang Shen's rhythm is not quite right, there is always a strange feeling.” “Yeah! Tang God's sleeping lotus never came out, and the four seasons of the sea tongue never came out. What is he thinking? ”

The audience was confused.

But Nie Yuandao, who watched the live broadcast at the ruling club, quickly said the key: “Tang Muzhou is playing a coaching match. ”

Shanlan shrugged: “What Master means is that Tang Muzhou is playing cards at the other party's rhythm, guiding the other party to make a response? ”

Nie Yuan nodded: “With Tang Muzhou's strength, Xie Mingzhe's card would have been dead if he had done all he could. He initially left the Night Tree open, allowing Xie Mingzhe to strike a wave in the dark environment, and himself to strike with desert roses and weasel herbs, balancing the blood volume of both cards. Now the number of cards has also been in balance. ”

Mountain Lan: “…”

Tang Muzhou has won two championships in the fifth and ninth seasons of the Individual Games. With his strength, it is not difficult to defeat newcomers like Xie Mingzhe. It is difficult, however, that he has skilfully maintained a balance on the field from the beginning to the end, so that neither side's cards' blood volume nor the number of cards will close a clear gap.

He has been really hard at heart and has been working with Xie Mingzhe's rhythm to guide him to the most correct response. It is also the most commonly used tool in many clubs for senior gods to train newcomers, and can unleash the potential of newcomers.

Even Ye Bamboo found out, couldn't help but live in the crowd and spit: “Tang God is too gentle with this newcomer, right? Is this a coaching tournament? ”

Likewise, Pei Jingshan, a graduate of Didu University, said: “After all, Brother Tang is a guest back at school. His strength is well known to everyone, and he can't be said to have directly abused his brother. Instead, it is more stylish to coach him in the competition. ”

It is also a tradition for guests to play a friendly coaching tournament.

However, Tang Muzhou is quite careful today and perfectly matches Xie Mingzhe's rhythm.

He seems to be tailoring a coaching competition for Xie Mingzhe, in accordance with his habits and ideas, so that Xie Mingzhe can make the most of his strengths while clearly realizing his shortcomings.

Such guidance is really hard to ask, the players of the second team of Fenghua Club are a little jealousy - when did Tang Shen ever be so gentle with them? The new people in the training camp didn't get this chance to get Tang Shen to point it out himself!

At the scene of the match, Xie Mingzhe's black uncertainty had three marks, and Tang Muzhou had only a lonely night to center.

Black Arcane 30 seconds of attack boost time is over, then there will be a 10 second gap period, good thing Nie Xiaoqian is free after the killing of Zivine, her 1 skill cooling will soon arrive.

Xie Mingzhe speculated that the next brother would definitely do something.

Indeed, Tang Muzhou summoned Sleeping Lotus directly - a group coma!

But Xie Mingzhe had long prevented this move. Almost at the moment Sleep Lotus appeared, he immediately summoned Mung.

A bowl of poison soup was forcibly sprinkled onto the sleeping lotus - plants cannot drink soup, but sprinkling the soup liquid onto the body is equally effective. Being influenced by Bombay's skills, Sleep Lotus doesn't say to hold the opponent, he forgot what to do.

Bombay's control was indeed timely, even the host couldn't bear to vomit: “Sleeping Lotus directly forgot his skills...”

The bullet screen in the live broadcast room is even crazier: “Hahaha, I'm going to wax Tang Shen!” “Why do I want to laugh so bad? Tang Shen's Sleeping Lotus failed to stop the opponent, but fell asleep!” “Momma, this card is a scoundrel! ”

On the track, Tang Muzhou smiled slightly. He gave a compliment to the wise little brother and followed closely to summon the Four Seasons Haitang.

Four Seasons Haitang is a very strong attack card. One skill "Four Seasons Bloom” has four different modes: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Spring and Autumn are a single attack. Winter and Summer are a mass attack. You can choose one of the four modes.

Tang Muzhou chose Flowers Four Seasons Autumn, causing high wood damage to designated single targets.

He aimed at the nearest Nie Xiaoqian, a set of knockouts, and actually gave Nie Xiaoqian the bleeding straight seconds!

At this time, Tang Muzhou had 4 cards left, and Xie Mingzhe had 4 cards left, and neither of them had a secret card.

Four seasons of Haitang's output is too strong. Nie Xiaoqian's instant killing is proof. You can't keep this card to continue killing Black Ambiguous. If Black Ambiguous dies, Xie Mingzhe completely loses.

With this in mind, Xie Mingzhe summoned the last of the dark cards immediately.

Only skinny beauties suddenly appeared on the field.

Lin Daiyu raised his fibrous hand and threw several small petals onto the four seasons of the prawns.

Dai-yu buried the flowers!

Turns out, this card that Xie Mingzhe hid in his secret card was the secret card that he replaced after seeing his brother's card group: Lin Daiyu.

Flowers die, take away Tang Muzhou's extremely aggressive Four Seasons Sea Tongue!

There was an outburst of shouting, and the audience in the broadcast room couldn't believe it: “This freshman is going against God!” “I still want to laugh, hahaha, Tang God's four seasons of sea tongue has been beaten by Daiyu's sister for a second!” “Tang Gon also has today? Little brother 6666! ”

The audience is praising Xie Mingzhe.

In fact, to date, Xie Mingzhe's ability to fight champion Tang Muzhou has made many professional players unbearable to appreciate.

After Daiyu buried the Four Seasons Tongue in seconds, Xie Mingzhe decided to blow up the mark.

There are four markings on the black invariant, and if they blow up, both the sleeping lotus and the luminous tree that are alive will be killed.

Will there be a historic moment in today's freshman exchange? Freshman defeats guest god?

The viewers held their breath nervously.

But the field is always changing instantly, and no one can predict what will happen in the next moment - the moment Xie Mingzhe explodes the black invariant mark, Tang Muzhou summons the last of the dark cards.

White opium poppy.

Pure white opium poppy blossoms on the field, a strange scent spreading rapidly - mass chaos!

Confusion can lead to "Offset of Attack", the Offset of a Monomeric Attack, which may be from Target A to Target B, while the Offset of a Group Attack will only be from Opponent to Teammate!

Black-and-mouth markings would have inflicted a great deal of damage on the enemy. As a result, the white opium poppy was chaotic and the black-and-mouth was indeed cleared.

Clear is the place for our own people.

Seeing as all the ghost cards were blown to death by Yin Yang, Xie Mingzhe almost spit out his old blood.

It turns out Tang Mu Zhou was fighting this bad idea! Brother Tang is so full of bad water!

The whole audience was stunned for 5 seconds before the host could cry: “This... Congratulations to Tang God on his victory. Xie Mingzhe blew up all his own ghost cards and coughed up... thanks! ”

Xie Mingzhe rolled his eyes in his heart. Indeed, the style of the division door was not correct. His brother was more angry when he played the game.

Are you okay, Master?

Chen Xiao glanced at Chen Qianlin and found that he was serious and made no comment on the confrontation between the two disciples.

Tang Muzhou smiled and shook Xie Mingzhe's hand.

Xie Mingzhe helplessly said: “You're the one who beat me like this. Let me blow myself up. That's the idea you decided from the start, right? I stepped into your trap step by step! ”

Tang Muzhou's smile was gentle and harmless: "Well, it's nice to see you hooked up. ”

Xie Mingzhe silenced for a moment and said softly: "Thank you. ”

Tang Muzhou shouted: “What? ”

Xie Mingzhe suddenly got serious and looked into his eyes and whispered, “I know you're playing coaching, I know what you taught me. Thank you, brother. ”

Tang Muzhou: “…”

Looking at Xie Mingzhe's bright eyes, Tang Muzhou's mood is a little complicated.

He did teach Xie Mingzhe himself in this way, and rarely did he know all about it.

I give you everything you can understand, such a tacit agreement makes Don Mu Zhou feel rarely better.

He suddenly felt that his participation in this freshman exchange was the most correct decision, and it was an unexpected surprise to get a small thank you during the challenge.

Thinking of this, Tang Muzhou's eyes couldn't help but be gentler. He caught Xie Mingzhe's ears and said in a low, gentle tone: "Wait for me at the school door later, please have a snack. ”

Xie Mingzhe simply nodded: “Okay, I want to talk to you too."

Applause thunderneath the stage, the two people gathered together to say something, no one could hear, thought Tang Shen was encouraging his disciples.

To avoid arousing suspicion, Xie Mingzhe immediately took a step back, politely shook his hand with Tang Muzhou, revealed a smile to him, then turned back to take over the limited peripheral gift sent by the host, waved handsome to the envious audience, turned around and walked down the big stage.

The shadow of a handsome teenager quickly disappeared into the crowd.

At that time, no one in the professional circle had thought - he was the famous fat uncle in the game and the real “little brother” of Tang Muzhou!

I've been flying around for a few days and I've been stuck in traffic on my way back to the hotel orz and finally sent it up!

The 9th is still evening, if you sleep early, brush the next day, wait for the 10th to come home and resume the noon update, OK!

Though Tang Xie is not yet together, this tacit agreement is not usually comparable, and it will only be sweeter to be together in the future:)