[Chapter 105: The Strongest Crow Mouth]

After Xie Mingzhe walked off the stage, four more lucky classmates were drawn.

The four of them came on the big stage to challenge the guest Tang Muzhou personally, and Tang Muzhou, as always, confronted several siblings in a gentle way.

However, compared to Xie Mingzhe, the level of the other four people is difficult to say, there are those with the wrong skills, with the wrong cards, even after the start of the game, because of the nervousness, the card cannot be summoned for half a day, stupidity in place, 5 seconds after counting down to take over the burden...

The whole audience laughed out loud, Tang Muzhou was very helpless, even if he had the heart to guide, but after all, the few who could really understand, most of the lucky audience strength drawn to the stage was very ordinary, four people quickly lost to Tang Muzhou.

Networkers on the live broadcast platform also felt that the first challenger was the best, and others were asking about Xie Mingzhe's information: “Is the first little brother really from the art school? He's good-looking, he paints, he's my ideal type!” “This Xie classmate is really amazing. Although Tang Shen didn't do all he could, Tang Shen is still a champion in the individual race. It has been hard for him to fight Tang Shen for so long! ”

Most of the audience very much recognized Xie Mingzhe's face and strength, and the players in the professional league group looked more diligent and could see more details that the audience could not understand. After watching the game, they also felt Xie Mingzhe was worth cultivating, and many great gods began to say hello to the club--

Zheng Feng of the Haunted Prison Club acted the fastest, directly finding a Guild administrator at Tidu University, admonishing him: “After the game, go to the backstage to find Yu Ke, ask him if he is interested in a career! Also ask Xie Mingzhe to see if he wants to come to Ghost Jail for an interview. ”

Pei Jingshan also quickly asked the management of Tidu University Star Card Society, a more familiar teacher and sister, to contact the two students to see if they intended to be professional players.

But Nie Yuandao was not moved. After watching the game, he turned off the screen and turned back to the dormitory to prepare for a bath.

Mountain Lan immediately followed the past and questioned, “Master, are you not interested in these two new people today? I think both Ke and Xie Mingzhe have a lot of potential. If you cultivate them, you might be able to work. ”

"They do have a lot of potential, but it's not our turn to cultivate this. ”

Mountain Lan shrugged: “What do you mean... Tang Muzhou will do it first? ”

Neiyuan nodded and said seriously: “Tang Muzhou is at the scene of the event tonight. If these two students really want to sign the club as trainees, Tang Muzhou has no reason not to actively contact them. Secondly, there are ghost jails, which are better suited to ghost jails, and they will find ways to pull it together, so I said, it's definitely not the verdict. ”

At this point, a message from Ye Bamboo suddenly popped up in the coalition group: “I discovered that this set of ghost cards, known as Ke Ke's, is most afraid of the black invariant being killed in seconds. As long as the rhythm point of the black invariant explosion mark is stuck, and control skills such as chaos and backlash are reserved, the black invariant clearing field can act on himself in reverse! ”

Just now Xie Mingzhe burst the mark, which in turn cleared his own ghost card is proof.

Everyone discovered this, but Ye Bamboo said it directly in the group to discuss it, obviously interested in Uncle Fat's ghost card.

"It's not that simple," Nie Yuan said. “I think in Uncle Fatty's style, since he's going to make ghost cards, he won't just make seven or eight cards. There must be new cards that haven't appeared. ”

Yet Sway was confused about the other thing: “Are you not wondering what Ko has to do with Uncle Fat? Why do you think Ko has Fat Uncle's card set? ”

Everyone wonders when this question comes up - these ghost cards are definitely made by Fatty Uncle, but why did Fatty create a new ghost card for Metaphor? Who the hell is Yuko?

Ye Bamboo couldn't help but say: “Could it be that Ko is Fat Uncle himself? Don't scare me! ”

Nie Yuandao immediately rejected the presumption: "No. Uncle Fatty was cautious and could not bring a personally designed card to publicly play the game to reveal his identity. I'm more inclined to discover Uncle Fatty's talent and make him some ghost cards. ”

Ye Bamboo suddenly thought of something: “By the way, Ke Xiaokou's account number is Nirvana Guild people! The last time the Nirvana Guild won the Resource Competition, some video clips were posted on the forum, and I remember Ke Xiaokou as captain of the Guild Activity Investigation Team. Maybe he did too well in that game to get Fatty's attention, so Fatty gave him some ghost cards as a reward? ”

But Nie Yuanduo put forward a different view: “It is also possible that Ko was discovered by Uncle Fatty and became his new teammate. ”

Everyone was stunned and thought Nie Shen's speculation was very reasonable.

If it's just friends you meet online, feelings are definitely not as good as creating so many ghost cards for each other. Those ghost cards made by Uncle Fatty are all very impressive revenues and don't make sense to give them all to an internet friend.

Unless this man is someone he knows in real life and promises to be his teammate and play the Pro League together.

With this possibility in mind, everyone feels a little chilly in the back of their spine.

Shortly afterwards, Zheng Feng spoke in the group: “I asked the people at the club to contact Yu Ke, and offered him good conditions to invite him to the Haunted Prison Club, and Yu Ke refused without hesitation. Whose house signed him? So fast? ”

Pei Jingshan: “Our dark night capital is not yet ready for action. ”

Mountain Lan: “We ruled that there was no intention to act at all. ”

For a moment of silence in the group, Zheng Feng only had a headache: “I know, it is likely that old Nie's crow's mouth has been hit again. He may have signed Nirvana, intending to partner with Uncle Fat to play in the professional league next year. ”

"“ … "

Nie Shen is absolutely right in everything!

Neiyuan calmly argued: “I'm not a crow mouth, I'm just a rational analyst. Uncle Fatty had no reason to personally make ghost cards for Yuko unless they made an agreement to become teammates. ”

Zheng Feng laughed: “Anyway, if something bad passes through your mouth, nothing is inaccurate. ”

Nie Yuandao was also helpless, and recently he did say anything bad will be said, he has become the first crow mouth of the Alliance.

Ye Zhu couldn't help but vomit: “Uncle Fat's character card is annoying enough, now there are more friends who like to play ghost cards. If he plays double games in future professional leagues and mixes ghost cards with character cards, isn't that annoying? ”

People: "…”

Imagine that picture. It's annoying!

Later Liu Bei opened the "Peach Garden Synonym” Laipi another round, then Pangu “opened the sky and earth” suddenly ceased fighting for 5 seconds, then after a moment of impotence had to “I'm sorry I can still save 5 seconds”, then Meng Lao came out to feed a bowl of soup and forcibly forgot his skills...

Play a double match with them, they'll probably go crazy!

Do you want to fight or not?

He had just recovered his rhythm and was forcibly stopped by Pangu. The blood card just across the second was delayed by White Impermanence for another 5 seconds. Besides, Shennong self-explosion and blood, the resurrection of women, Nie Xiaoqian's split momentarily, and so on.

As for the current card pool, the combination of Fat Uncle and Metaphor is already difficult to deal with, not to mention that Fat Uncle may make new cards later.

These two men are traitors and will definitely turn into rogue gangsters who are angry with the dead.

The great gods felt that next year's professional league would have a headache, and Nie Yuandao calmly said: “At present, it's just a annoying card group and it's acceptable. Maybe after today's game, Uncle Fatty will open the door to a new world. For example, make a few annoying maps. ”

--Administrator Zheng Feng forbade Nie Yuandao to continue speaking.

--Administrator Nie Yuandao lifted his state of prohibition.

Everyone: “…”

Nejin, you really don't have to say it again, okay?

However, Niehuan wanted to continue: “I am not a crow's mouth, I am merely stating the facts. Each club has a home map and Uncle Fatty is only a card player and will definitely keep an eye on the map in the future. In his consciousness, it would be annoying to make a home map, and I couldn't imagine, in short, that the future of Nirvana Home would be a nightmare for everyone. ”

Before being shelled by the crowd, Nie Yuandao quickly said: “I'm going to take a bath, you guys keep talking. ”

--Administrator Nie Yuandao forbids himself for 24 hours.

After that, Nie Shen slipped away and went to the bath very calmly.

Shanlan glanced blankly at the man's back and found his master's footsteps intact and his lips slightly flashed, seemingly in a good mood?

Sure enough, as soon as he left, a bunch of people started cursing him--

“Shit, I found this mouth of Ne particularly annoying too! ”

“If Uncle Fatty really makes annoying map scene cards, as Nie God says, let's hit Nie God collectively first! ”

“Can you kick Nie's crow mouth out of the crowd? Every time he talks, he wins! ”

“He's management, he can't kick. And he banned himself for 24 hours, all I can say is, Nie Shen, you cow! ”

The crowd was lively for a while and everyone went back to prepare for tomorrow's game. With a joke on their mouths, the great gods are not afraid of Fat Uncle, they just find this person interesting and can't help but want to discuss it.

At this time, the freshman exchange competition at Tidu University is over. Tang Muzhou sent a message to Xie Mingzhe: "There are too many people on my side. Go wait for me downstairs at the coffee shop at the back door of the school, and I will pick you up in 10 minutes. ”

Xie Mingzhe replied “OK” and quickly slipped out of the stadium.

Master and Brother Chen left early after the Tang Xie Challenge. He was named the champion and was going to dinner with other players and organizers. The association also wanted to invite Tang Mu Zhou to dinner, and Tang Mu Zhou Wan refused: “I have some business at the club, so I won't go to dinner tonight. ”

He can come back to participate in the event, he has already given the star card association face. Of course, the pupils and sisters will not force him. Everyone has expressed their admiration and respect for him. After studying in the background photo, let Tang Muzhou leave.

To avoid being stopped by students on campus, Tang Muzhou deliberately detoured to the back door of the school.

The car he drives today is not usually the noticeable red sports car, but rather a very common private car, so it did not attract much attention when he left school.

Driving out the back door of the school, he saw a handsome man waiting for him under the street lamp. Tang Muzhou shook down the window and waved at each other. Xie Mingzhe quickly ran over and sat in the car. Looking left and right, Xie Mingzhe turned to his brother and smiled: “You have to sneak around for a meal, and the Great God is no good. ”

Xie Mingzhe was really handsome when he laughed, that kind of sunshine, bright smile, extremely infectious, seeing his smile would make people feel unbearably good.

Tang Mu Zhou pulled the corner of his mouth and said helplessly: “Go ahead and talk. If I stay here too long, I might attract the paparazzi. You're right, it's really not good to get popular, meet friends in private and be protected from being followed by paparazzi. ”

He quickly left the street behind the school door and asked, "What do you want to eat? ”

"'I don't know much about this side of the school,' said Xie Mingzhe. 'You can make up your mind. ”

Tang Muzhou lowered his head and thought, “It's getting late. Let's take you out for a light meal. There is a nice shop nearby. ”

Xie Mingzhe naturally has no opinions.

The destination arrived soon, and Xie Mingzhe couldn't believe looking at the hotel in front of him - what Tang Muzhou called a "nice environment” - was it the level of a luxury 7-star hotel? Even Xie Mingzhe has heard of this prestigious hotel.

Brother is really rich and lethargic, so he always talks about having a snack and a night.

Xie Mingzhe certainly can't act like a dirt bun and immediately follow his brother in a discerning fashion.

As he walked into the lobby, the lobby manager greeted him and bowed respectfully to Tang Muzhou: "Hello, Mr. Tang. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly and said politely: “Please arrange a bakery on the top floor, I will take my friends to dinner. ”

* * * * * *

[Chapter 106, Cousin's Guidance]

Tang Muzhou walked into the elevator with Xie Mingzhe. The landscape elevator climbed to the top floor. Soft light music was heard as soon as it walked out of the elevator. The restaurant was decorated in the style of an ocean pavilion, with many colorful fish in a clear glass bathtub.

The dining environment on the top floor of the hotel is quite romantic. Xie Mingzhe secretly wrote down the address here. He thought that if he had a boyfriend in the future, he would also bring him here to eat. Dating your boyfriend in a romantic environment will definitely warm your feelings up quickly. Isn't that what the book says?

Tang Muzhou walked Xie Mingzhe into the bag room and sat down, gently asking, “Do you have any bad taste? ”

Xie Mingzhe shook his head: “No, brother, just order two dishes, I'm not really hungry. ”

Tang Muzhou took the light brain of the order and quickly selected some food.

The waiting time for the dishes was a bit boring, Tang Muzhou walked to the floor window and waved back: “Come here. ”

Xie Mingzhe walked over to him in confusion and stood beside him. He looked out in his eyes and was stunned.

This building, one of the tallest in the Emperor City, is located in a bustling area in the heart of the city and stands on the top floor, overlooking the night view of the Emperor City.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, a skyscraper is brilliant with intersecting sky lanes, and a whole 10-story lane is like a neon ribbon extending far away, twisting and invisible; the lights of the vehicle are like stars glittering in the night sky, and the lights of the skyscraper converge to form a perfect night view that highlights the city's prosperity.

This is the most spectacular night scene Xie Mingzhe has ever seen.

Tang Muzhou smiled and explained: “The restaurant on the top floor of this hotel is the best place for emperors to see the night view. In addition to the night view, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of clubs —— look over there, the fire red building, the seat of the ruling club headquarters. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked at the past with his eyes and saw a building dozens of stories high pulling up, like a sword pointing to the sky, the building's appearance painted a flaming red color, very prominent in surrounding buildings, the club icon of the "verdict” burning in the night, like a burning flame, the Guild icon seen in the game.

It was ruled that the headquarters was in a bustling area in the heart of the city and that the club was truly wealthy.

Tang Muzhou Road: “The black building over there is the Ghost Prison Club. ”

Xie Mingzhe turned his head and found that the style of the ghost prison was quite special. The pure black building was hidden in the night and the outline could only be rarely seen under the illumination of the surrounding lights. There is no lightbelt decoration on the floor, just the unique “Ghost Hell” club icon on the rooftop, glittering in the dark, like a faint light from the depths of hell.

If there were not too many tall buildings around, a single building like this would be reminiscent of a horror film.

Xie Mingzhe shifted his gaze and looked forward, pointing to the building in the distance, and said, "In the southeast direction, that light effect is mainly green vine, it should be Fenghua Club headquarters, right? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled and said, "Yes. Around the city centre, three clubs, Style, Judgment and Ghost Prison, are just at the top of the waiting triangle, all built office buildings that were bought by three clubs and renovated in different styles. Being able to buy the floor in Didu is in itself a symbol of the strength of the club, especially downtown. ”

Hearing about this, Xie Mingzhe was impressed that he was able to create the Fenghua Club on his own. In addition to playing too strong a game, his own financial resources are not insignificant, and the sponsorship funds are estimated to be astronomical figures.

The next moment, Tang Muzhou suddenly said: "It happened that all three clubs had invited you, but you refused.” He turns to his little brother, who is incredibly serious, “if you promised any family, maybe this season you will be packaged as a very popular professional player, without having to fight from scratch. Will you regret it? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled confidently: "I never regret doing anything. Joining these top three clubs does have great prospects, but I think it would be more fun to plant a fruit tree with your own hands and wait for the harvest than just taking someone else's fruit. It was also a challenge for me. ”

Looking at the vibrant appearance of juvenile gods, Tang Muzhou discovered for the first time that his younger brother was actually much stronger than he thought.

Little ones, it's really hard to have such strong convictions.

This reminds Tang Muzhou of his 18-year-old self. Many people persuaded him on his way to the professional league, and his family was very opposed to it. But he always tried to prove himself, and no one would listen to him.

Father said to him that if one day he regretted it, he would still give you a way out when he returned to Tang's house. Remember who you were and say without hesitation: "You will not regret it. ”

Such an obsessive and proud teenager seems to be gradually overlapping with Xie Mingzhe in front of him.

He always wanted to help Xie Mingzhe, because Xie Mingzhe's in the same mood as he was in the past. Tang Muzhou couldn't help but think about his predecessor's identity and give his brother some pointers so that he could make fewer turns.

Thinking of this, Tang Muzhou's eyes were softer. He looked into Xie Mingzhe's eyes and said softly: “I'm sure you can do it too. Perhaps in a few moments, your Nirvana Club will have its own base in this flourishing empire. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded forcefully: "This is my next goal! Even if we can't afford a high-rise building in downtown Nirvana, we will never confine ourselves to Chen's studio. In the future, when the club expands, I intend to rent an office building. ”

Tang Muzhou said: "Remember to invite me to your new base for a spin. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Sure! ”

The two smiled at each other, and Xie Mingzhe was particularly excited by the feeling of "encountering acoustics”.

Tang Muzhou founded the Fenghua Club himself. He must be very familiar with the process and gave himself a lot of pointers as a brother. Xie Mingzhe really appreciated him, but never had the opportunity to express himself.

The two of us were alone today. Xie Mingzhe thought about it and said: "Brother, you asked Fenghua team two to find me card team defects. Today's guest tournament is still so dedicated to guiding me. I've always wanted to thank you very much, or I'll treat you to this meal! ”

Tang Muzhou smiled softly: "Please eat, this kind of Xiefang is not innovative? Let's do it another way. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked up at him seriously: "What do you want me to thank you for? ”

Tang Muzhou's heart jumped sharply.

The colored lights outside the window illuminated the house, and the pupils of the teenager were as clear as precious stones, so he looked up at him, his eyes sincere, like a sudden crash into the softest part of his heart.

Looking at each other at such close range, even warm breathing clearly passes through each other.

Xie Mingzhe's lips had a natural pale pink color, his teeth under his lips were white and neat, and the smile on his face was purely bright. He watched carefully, Tang Muzhou found his heart beating seemingly faster.

Taking a deep breath, ignoring the difference in mind, Tang Muzhou lowered his voice: “You owe me first, wait till I think about it later. ”

Xie Mingzhe, of course, was not so simple, immediately objected: “No, to the extent that you are full of bad water, I think the phrase 'owed first' is definitely a huge pit, I don't want to owe you a debt of love, maybe you will sell it in the future. ”

Sounds like a smart little brother doesn't plan on getting hooked?

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly. “You really know me. Let's see, since you like drawing cards so much, magnify the [Tang Mu Zhou Card] sent to me today and paint it ten times on paper, put it up and give it to me, and I'll hang it on the wall as a souvenir. ”

Xie Mingzhe was a little embarrassed: “I painted that character card to play with, I designed the skills for you, gentle appearance, full of bad water, etc... if someone sees it, it's not good? ”

Tang Muzhou softly said: "I like it just fine. Besides, I won't let anyone see the card you gave me, I'll hang it in the bedroom, nobody dares go into my bedroom. ”

In that case, Xie Mingzhe had to say, “Well, I'll go back and draw you a new one. ”

It was at the right time that the waiter knocked on the door, and the two stopped the conversation and turned around and sat down at the table.

Tang Muzhou ordered a rich table of food, mostly light vegetarian dishes. It's already after 10: 00, it's too greasy to digest, and the dishes here are very delicate at first glance, which makes Xie Mingzhe's appetite open.

Tang Muzhou handed him the chopsticks: “Try it. ”

Xie Mingzhe clamped up and tasted it and closed his eyes immediately: “This is delicious, isn't it? ”

The chef at this hotel is absolutely top notch for making vegetarian dishes so delicious.

Tang Muzhou didn't have much appetite, but he couldn't help but eat some more. Delicious food slips into your stomach and eating a snack with someone you can talk to seems like a pleasure.

Halfway through the meal, Tang Muzhou broke the silence: “Do you really understand everything I taught you today? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Well, let me start with my understanding. If it's not right, you can tell me more about it.” He put down his chopsticks and coughed softly to clear his voice, "First of all, my ghost card set actually has a huge flaw, no unmanipulated cards, and being accused will easily collapse. If Bombay slows down and fails to scrap the opponent's control skills in time, he will most likely be taken away by the other party's wave of strong control...”

“Secondly, this set of cards relies too much on the black invariant burst mark to clear the scene. In case of confusion and rebound by the opponent, clear your own people. The output method is too single, I also need to do some more output cards to refine the tactics. ”

“Third point… I don't know if I understand right, Brother, are you summoning up the Night Tree to remind me not to rely too much on the Night View Map for sneak attacks? Maps, too, are the key factors in the game? ”

Listen to him carefully analyze one by one, Tang Muzhou's heart is full of appreciation.

clever and clever little brother, the more you look at it, the more you like it.

Tang Muzhou raised his lip angle and couldn't help but soften his eyes. “You're right, points one and two can be solved by refining the card set. The third point is that the map is not in a hurry, but sooner or later you have to consider the impact of the map. ”

“Officially, many contest maps are produced, but each club can also submit its own home map during the new season. For example, the map of 'Scorched Earth of Fire’ used in today's competition was developed by the ruling club in the fifth season, because Nie Yuandao is particularly good at spelling out injuries in the front. This map reduces mental power by 10 points per second and forces the opening to summon all cards. It is suitable for Nie to attack directly. ”

“The opposite is true of maps that Frost City specializes in, and they love slowing down maps like snow scenes, pools, etc., which can greatly reduce the damage to their opponents' punch cards and drag the game to a later stage. ”

“Most of what Fenghua Club specializes in are forest maps with negative conditions; Dark Night Capital specializes in trap maps...”

“Although the Alliance does not make it mandatory for each club to make a scene card, after so many years of playing the game, everyone knows that a tailor-made home card will definitely have more advantages. You're going to set up a Nirvana Club, and you're going to have to do some scene cards for your own players. ”

The production of scene cards will be more difficult than ordinary battle cards. After all, there are a lot of details to pay attention to in large scenes. Professional painters simply draw a complete scene map for several days. Besides, they have to customize more advantageous scene cards according to the style of their own players. Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe asked: "Is the Scene Card also a database for review? What are the limitations? ”

Tang Muzhou explained; “Scene cards are submitted to the League Organizing Committee for review one month before the start of the competition, and are then added to the league atlas. Making a Scene Card requires that the positive and negative status must be valid for all cards. For example, slow down, so all cards slow down together, and you can't slow down the other side or accelerate yourself. The scene needs to be absolutely fair. ”

Xie Mingzhe touched his chin thoughtfully: "In other words, it seems that a scene card is fair to everyone on the surface, but actually, because each club's card set has a fixed style, different scenarios can give some advantages to one party. However, the scene is only a comparative advantage, not to say that the Home Map can definitely win. ”

Tang Muzhou praised: "That's right. The home field is not a good fight, but it is not. We won the home games of several clubs last season, and the key is the players' awareness and cooperation. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded excitedly: “I get it, thanks for the reminder, I'll go back and study the scene card production, we at Nirvana Club definitely can't always use other people's scenes, I also need to have some home map that I can handle! ”

Looking at his confident face, Tang Muzhou smiled slightly, “I look forward to seeing that Nirvana Home may turn into a nightmare that many athletes don't want to play. ”

The two smiled at each other.

Xie Mingjietun thought that if their brothers and sisters joined forces to pit people, all the great gods would suffer.

Fortunately, it's not a club, otherwise the value of hatred is terrible.

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