[Chapter 107, Strange People]

Tang Pastoral and Xie Mingzhe had eaten and chatted, and there was so much talk between the two people that they could not realise that they had been talking for hours. Xie Mingzhe's alarmed that it's 11: 30 and immediately stopped the conversation. “Brother, it's time for me to go back. The dormitory building closes at 12: 00! ”

As a student graduating from Teitou University, Tang Muzhou of course knew the rules of the school, and stood up: “I'll give you a lift.” To see Xie Mingzhe refuse, Tang Muzhou added: “I don't feel comfortable going back so late, I'll send you back to school. ”

Brother insisted on giving it away, Xie Mingzhe did not resign, simply nodded and followed Brother into the car.

Probably because it was too late, the two did not meet any paparazzi reporters on the way, and Tang Muzhou successfully sent his brother back to the back door of the school. Xie Mingzhe stepped out of the car and turned to wave at him: "Thank you, brother! ”

Tang Muzhou's eyes were filled with laughter: “You're welcome. Go back, before the boarding house stops you. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded and quickly walked into the back door and ran all the way to the dormitory.

Watching him rush into school, Tang Muzhou's lips laughed more deeply - this guy was really vibrant, and somehow, every time he was with him, he was infected by his emotions and his mood grew happier.

Tang Muzhou had been watching the back of his younger brother until his running figure completely disappeared under the street lamp before he closed his smile and started the car back to Fenghua Club.

The building management system at Tidu University is quite rigorous, with punctual access control at 24: 00 p.m. If a student returns later than the time of access control, he or she must go to the boarding center to register the detailed reasons for his or her late return. Such rules are designed to prevent young impulses from playing outside too crazy to tell parents anything unexpected. Those who return late more than three times must also declare with the school, which is particularly troublesome.

Xie Mingzhe hates trouble the most, so it's certainly better to go back before the door is closed.

He flew all the way back to the dormitory at the speed of the 100-meter race. Finally, he ran back to the dormitory floor with a gasp. At 23: 58, Xie Mingzhe finally relieved himself and smiled politely at the dormitory aunt, pretending to be calm and entering the dormitory building.

At 23: 58, access time is only 2 minutes away.

Fortunately, Tang Muzhou personally sent him back to school, and his strength was good enough. From the back door of the school to the dormitory area, he kept running. Such a long distance, he actually arrived in a few minutes, and came back before the door control, it was a false alarm.

Xie Mingzhe wiped the sweat off his forehead and adjusted his breathing against the wall.

At this point, another classmate quickly walked into the dormitory building with a stuck time point.

He wore slim trousers, a pair of legs cast on the ground and a long black shadow. He put a sleek braid on his head, but the figure was obvious to the boy... Xie Mingzhe slightly flashed, always felt the shadow of this man was extraordinarily familiar.

Until the other person walked into the building, two eyes opposite each other.

It turns out that Qin Xuan disappeared for days as his mysterious roommate.

I didn't expect them both to come back at a time that was stuck. Almost at the moment Qin Xuan walked into the dormitory building, the door behind him was closed.

The sound of the door closing in the night echoed extraordinarily clearly in the ears of two people. The two people who looked at each other in the lobby looked at each other. Xie Mingzhe touched his nose and broke the embarrassing silence in search of the topic: “Cough, Qin Xuan, are you back so late? ”

Qin Xuan bluntly said: "Well, did you just come back? ”

Xie Mingzhe said with a smile: “I went out to dinner and was lucky to be back by 12: 00. ”

Relaxed at the same time, the two returned to the dormitory one after the other, leaving only their footsteps in the open corridor late at night.

Xie Mingzhe came to the front of the dormitory door and opened the dormitory lights. The bright lights illuminated his face, which revealed Qin Xuan's face - his roommate looked very tired, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and there were obvious dark circles under his eyes.

Remember when Qin Xuan said he was going to take three days off, but came back a week later. Xie Mingzhe cared about two words: “Is everything in your family taken care of? ”

Qin Xuan gently rubbed his forehead corner and said softly: “Grandpa died, I came back after the funeral. ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged: “I'm not very comforting, you... don't be too sad. ”

That consolation is really a little bad. Qin Xuan looked at him in a hurry and gently smoked the corner of his mouth. “Don't worry, my grandfather is over a hundred years old. He has been living in the hospital for two years on drugs for life. This time, he walked peacefully. It may be a relief for him. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Well, the old man will rest in peace.” He had no relatives, he could not feel the pain of bereavement, he did not know how to comfort his roommates, and it seemed that they really did not need comfort.

So Xie Mingzhe wisely changed the subject: “By the way, the other day in class, Professor Chen named you. I told him that you had some business at home. He asked you to come back and explain it to him personally. ”

Qin Xuan: “…"

Professor Chen has gray hair and a long white beard. He is a famous stranger. He is versatile and well-known in the art world, but is very serious in class, often named to ask students to answer questions. If the student who was ordered misses the class, he will ask the student to resume his course directly next semester. Art students are scared of him, and a lot of people call him Weird Old Man privately.

Qin Xuan was unluckily named by Professor Chen on the day of the leave. Luckily, Xie Mingzhe immediately explained that he had family business to ask for leave. However, Professor Chen clearly disbelieved, after all, students who skipped class often used various pretexts of "sick leave” and “family business”, so he asked Qin Xuan to find him with a fake note.

"Don't worry, you have a school note," Xie Mingzhe said. "He won't bother you. In addition, he arranged an extra-curricular assignment for all students to draw a painting, the color can only be green, demanding different green to draw a sense of hierarchy and new ideas. This assignment will be credited to the final assessment at a rate of 10 out of 10. Next Wednesday, I have not finished painting. ”

Speaking of which, Xie Mingzhe is also a little upset. It's not that easy to draw an innovative painting in green. This painting counts as 10 points in the final exam. He needs to score at least 7 points, otherwise the final exam will be under a lot of pressure.

According to the elder sisters, Professor Chen has a particularly large number of people retraining in this class. The weird old man scores at random. No one knows what style he likes. Xie Mingzhe has no heart.

Qin Xuan asked: "The content is not required, just the color limit is green, is it? ”

“Well, all kinds of light green, dark green, and dark green can be matched," Xie Mingzhe said. "Green is fine, and no other colors can appear. ”

“I understand. Do you still have homework for other courses? ”

“Other classes don't have homework, only this one is due next week. ”

Qin Xuan nodded: “Thank you. Sleep first, good night. ”

The roommate turned back to her bedroom and Xie Mingzhe went back to the dormitory to take a bath and sleep.

I've been busy lately, not to mention the school curriculum is getting more and more, he has to draw himself a character card, give Ko a ghost card, think about painting the scene for Nirvana Club, and the picture of the person who promised to my brother... really not enough eight hands.

* *

After Xie Mingzhe was reborn, he developed a good performance, getting up every day at 7: 00 am on time and not sleeping lazily even on weekends.

On Sunday, he came to the living room after washing his face after waking up. He unexpectedly saw Qin Xuan put up a painting frame on the balcony in the living room. He was painting the homework arranged by Professor Chen, and Xie Mingzhe looked at it curiously when he passed away.

Qin Xuan painted very differently than Xie Mingzhe. For example, if you paint an apple, Xie Mingzhe will paint the outline first, try to paint it carefully and completely, and then paint the outline with color, even if it doesn't colour, you can see at a glance that he paints an apple. But Qin Xuan's draft is a “stream of consciousness". Can't you see if he painted apples, oranges, pears, or just a circle?

His sketches were like calligraphy, and the paper was filled with messy lines. Xie Mingzhe stood behind him for half a day and didn't see what the hell he was drawing.

However, the Qin Xuan divine color of the line being drawn is extremely serious. Usually, cold and serious boys rarely reveal a slight soft divine color when looking at their paintings.

The warm morning sun covered him through the window gauze. From the side, Qin Xuan's five officers were actually very handsome. Typically, a man with a braid will look very feminine, but Qin Xuan's aura completely holds this hairstyle, not at all feminine, but some artists' unique qualities.

In the morning, in the sun, the painting boy, this scene is really like a footage from a literary and artistic film...

However, the beautiful image was quickly broken, and a knock was made outside the door: “Cheol, are you up? Go to breakfast! ”

The door was open, Yike Ke directly pushed the door in. The other day, the two of us had breakfast together. Yike Ke also went directly downstairs to the dormitory to call Xie Mingzhe. I just didn't realize there were more people in the dorm today. Because of his loud voice, he quarreled with Qin Xuan, who frowned uncomfortably. When he turned around, his eyes sharply looked like he was going to stare out a hole in Ke's face.

Yike Ke was stared at by him and immediately froze in place, as if he had been pressed with a fixed key.

Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but laugh and quickly walked over to block the metaphor Ke. “Qin Xuan is painting, don't disturb him. ”

Yu Ke relieved herself and slipped away with oil on her soles: "I'll wait for you at the door! ”

After the metaphor Ke left, Xie Mingzhe smiled embarrassingly. “Ke didn't know you were back, did you interrupt your inspiration? ”

Qin Xuan bluntly said: “It's okay. ”

"'I'll go downstairs for dinner,' said Xie Mingzhe. 'Take your time. ”

He changed his clothes and went out, saying that Ke was waiting at the door. When he saw Xie Mingzhe come out, he hurried to pull him aside and whispered. “You're so friendly and scary, can you get used to living with him? Why don't you apply for a new dorm and move in with me? Our major boys are singular, my number is the last, just one lives alone, and the other bedroom is empty. ”

“Isn't that great?” Although Xie Mingzhe is not used to hanging out with people like Qin Xuan, he can suddenly apply for a change of dormitory and the school will not approve it without reasonable reason. I can't say, my roommate doesn't play games with me. I'm gonna play games with Metaphor instead?

“Anyway... I think he's weird.” Xie Ke remembered the sharp look he had just had, his heart palpitated.

“He's colder, but he's not bad, just staring at you because you disturbed his painting. If you don't like him, you can message me directly in the future, just don't come to my dorm.” Xie Mingzhe stopped talking about it, "he said. ”

“Hmm.” Xie Ke also did not continue to talk about Qin Xuan, excitedly said, "By the way, the customized helmet for the nascent championship prize really worked great. I used it to log into the game last night, and I felt the scene was much clearer, went to the arena to rank, and beat 10 straight wins in one breath. ”

“Really?” Xie Mingzhe patted him on the shoulder with a smile. “With a new helmet, go and practice all the ghost cards. You've never used Turima and Wei Zheng, have you? ”

“Yes, I'm going to focus on later fights with treatment cards! ”

The two of them came to the school canteen for breakfast as they chatted.

On weekend mornings, a lot of classmates slept lazily, and there weren't many people in the dining room. Occasionally, a classmate passes by and sees that Metaphor always throws a curious look - the freshman Metaphor has won the championship and has made a difference and is now a small celebrity.

The surrounded metaphor Ke was uncomfortable, holding Xie Mingzhe to the corner to sit down, whispered: “Last night I was asked by the management of the Ghost Prison Club to join me as an intern in Ghost Prison, and I refused. ”

Xie Mingzhe had long thought of this: “You must have caught the attention of Ghost Prison with a ghost card. You didn't say who made the ghost card? ”

Yike Ke immediately promised: "I didn't even mention it! However, I think they will soon guess, after all, my account with Ko Xiaokou is in the Nirvana Guild, Fat Uncle has been so hot lately, a little reminiscent, it is easy to think of me joining Nirvana. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed; “It's okay to be guessed. Wei Zheng and Tu Li Ma in your card group are new cards that have not been exposed yet. The tactics surrounding the two cards are completely different from the way the black constant explosion mark is played, you can practice again. I'll be making you a new card in the future, and I had some ideas last night about creating a scene card for your ghost card. ”

Yike Ke stared widly: “Do you still want to do scene cards? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: "Well, every club has a good home map, and we Nirvana can't be too sour, it's always someone else's map. The first scene I've made for you, I've thought about setting it up, it's called -- Blood Pool Hell. ”

Blood Pool Hell, Dark System Scene Card, can turn the game scene into a horrible Hell of Blood, all cards entering Blood Pool Hell are tortured, bleeding heavily every second, and all cards in Hell Scene are forbidden from resurrection, lest opponents revive control cards at critical moments to fight a wave of countercontrol.

Xie Mingzhe envisioned that a large number of bleeding scenarios could quickly depress the blood volume of the cards, allowing Xiaoqian Nie and Xiaoqian Xiao Kuang of Xiao Ke to complete the harvest, replenishing the damage of the card group to make it quick.

This is just one of the scenario cards he envisioned, and I'm not sure exactly how to draw him.

Other scenes also have a lot of ideas, but lately, I have been too busy to take time to paint complex large scenes. I wish I could find a great assistant, especially a painter with a great painting scene.

Xie Mingzhe is an orphan in this world. Although he has studied art since childhood, most of them are self-taught. When he was a child, he did not have the money to hire a professional teacher, and his basic achievements were not particularly solid. He's good at painting characters, but painting big scenes, which is his weakness.

There are too many details to consider in the scene diagram, and the space requirements of the scene design are quite high. The scene drawn on the plan may not work well after 3D zooming in. At the current level, Xie Mingzhe has not been able to paint large scenes independently.

This is a very professional field, and even in the age of the planet, scene designers of games are rare talents.

This matter is not in a hurry. Xie Mingzhe thought, why not look in art college. If you have a solid background and can paint large scenes, you can invite high-tech students to the Nirvana Club to become scene designers.

And there's a very easy way to find this kind of talent —— a painting exhibition at the beauty parlor.

After one month of school every year, the Academy of Fine Arts hosts an exhibition of paintings from all over the Academy, open to freshmen and senior students, and puts their best works in the exhibition hall, passing the addiction of opening a painting exhibition.

College art exhibitors are as good as the clouds, and perhaps people who can find scenes from them.

Anyway, it's been three weeks since school started. Next Saturday, the exhibition hall in the college will be officially opened. Xie Mingzhe decided to call Brother Chen to take a look. Maybe he can really find a powerful assistant!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 108, Far from the Sky, Close to the Eye]

After breakfast, Xie Mingzhe came to the Nirvana Studio with his self-explanatory note.

Chen Xiao knew Xie was going to be very supportive after the scene card. However, Chen Xiao himself is not professional in art. He can also help with large scenes, but can recruit talent in this area.

Xie Mingzhe suggested: "The college of fine arts at Tidu University is a gathering of masters. I want to find a painter in the school. People my age will be more convenient to communicate with, and, if it's close, I can always discuss things. ”

Chen Xiao nodded: “I think yes, it's best to find a graduate who can stay in the Nirvana studio full-time and make scene cards while also helping us close the design of other battle cards, as the art director of the studio. ”

"" Then this man must be reliable! Otherwise, if we design cards that are exposed in advance, it won't be easy in the future. ”

Chen Qianlin cautioned: "When signing the contract, pay attention to adding confidentiality and breach of contract clauses. It is best to investigate the details of the other party. ”

"Don't worry, brother, I've got a professional lawyer and reformulated the studio contract," said Chen Xuao. ”

Several quickly reached a consensus.

At present, Nirvana still has too few people, Xie Mingzhe's going to be under a lot of pressure. Not only does he have to make cards for himself and Metaphor, but he also has to hurry to practice the consciousness of playing games in the arena. If he also wraps up the work of the scene card, his energy will not be enough.

With regard to the Scene Card, Xie Mingzhe's thought that he would propose some design ideas and scenario elements, specifically how to draw a spatially sensible picture of the scene, and leave it to the professional painter in the studio to complete, so as to achieve both his vision and save him a lot of time and energy, so that he could focus more on the production of the Battle Card.

No one is all-powerful and all-encompassing.

If a club is to grow, different talents must be able to do their part and work together.

Although the current Nirvana is not famous, it has begun to have a scale. At least on the Guild side, Pool Qing, Shining, Fatty and Jin Yue can completely control it. The big back gradually stabilizes, and everyone's mind is stable.

As for the other assistants, you can look slowly again.

Everything is going in good order.

Xie Mingzhe had to complete the assignment arranged by the professor, so he had no time to draw cards in the past few days.

On Wednesday, all students handed over their homework on time, but Professor Chen's grades quickly came out. The majority of the painting class scored 6-7 points, no more than 10 points over 8 points, and only two students received 9 points.

One of them is the class flower of painting class, named Liu Xue's Bai Fumei. She is said to be super rich in her family. She has studied painting since she was three years old. She has visited famous painters as teachers and won numerous awards since childhood. Young people have held independent painting exhibitions. After graduation, she will definitely follow the professional painter's route. Xie Mingzhe didn't say a word to her and didn't know her well.

But what surprised Xie Mingzhe was that another work that was beaten by the old man by nine points was actually his acquaintance, Qin Xuan.

How dare a roommate be so good?

Xie Mingzhe scored 8 points for this assignment. He painted bamboo grove. He was quite singular in composition. Good thing he painted every bamboo wonderfully unique, so the teacher gave him 8 points. He was already satisfied.

Qin Xuan scored 9 points. Don't know what he drew?

Unfortunately, the professor did not disclose the assignment in order to protect the students' privacy.

After returning to the dormitory, Xie Mingzhe saw that Qin Xuan was packing the paint, and came over voluntarily and asked: “You can get 9 points for this assignment. It's amazing. What is the painting? ”

Qin Xuan's tone was very blunt: “Pond. ”

Pond? Only use green to render pond, he should also draw lots of grass, lotus leaves, etc. The composition must be complicated to get the professor to score a high score of 9.

Xie Mingzhe chuckled, shifting the subject: "By the way, the video material for the first and second rounds was not on the forum. You were in the contest that day, and I didn't see exactly what card group you were using. If you don't give up in the top 16, will you win? ”

Videos from the finals were forwarded everywhere, even if they were not students from Tito University, many of the netizens knew about this guy and his special new haunted card group.

Qin Xuan of course knew Yike Ke. Xie Mingzhe asked. He finally silenced for a moment and said: “I'm in the competition, I'm just playing for myself, I never thought of winning the prize. ”

He did not answer the question positively, and Xie Mingzhe was more confused about his true strength.

I don't know why, Xie Mingzhe always feels that there are many secrets about his roommates and should be a great character. Midway waivers, maybe they have the strength to compete for the championship?

* *

It's Saturday.

Early in the morning, Xie Mingzhe asked Chen Xiao to come to the school to see the exhibition.

The exhibition hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Teito is open to the public today, and in addition to our students, other members of society can visit the school.

The exhibition hall is four stories tall enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time as a large gymnasium. Ground to fourth floors, displaying the work of first to fourth graders respectively, can also be purchased at a bid if there is a preference.

Xie Mingzhe booked the 10: 00 a.m. session, Chen Xiao was there on time, and Yue Ke also came to gather the fun.

After the ticket examination, Xie Mingzhe suggested: "Let's start with the fourth floor, which is the work of the students who are graduating this year, and the overall quality should be the highest. ”

Chen Xiao also agreed that it would be easier for students graduating soon to sign into Nirvana Studios.

After walking up to the fourth floor, Xie Mingzhe began to observe carefully the first painting.

Charts such as characters, still life, flowers, etc. were dropped by his PASS, specializing in finding the artist who can paint the scene.

He notes the complete composition, solid painter and his own unique style in the memo and intends to conduct a second round of screening later.

Unable to understand the art, I saw some particularly bright paintings. I thought they were beautiful. But Xie Mingzhe actually swept them at once. He flexed his head in vain and decided to be an audience with peace of mind.

Chen Xiao was also a doorman, and the exhibition drawings in different styles looked like his eyes had been spent, so he frankly stuffed his hand in his pocket and followed Xie Mingzhe behind him - looking for a painter or something like that, let the insider Xie Mingzhe decide.

Xie Mingzhe did not hesitate to take on the big responsibility and brightened his eyes in the dense and numb exhibition painting, looking for a master who matched his aesthetics and was good at painting scenes.

Most of the works exhibited at the exhibition were delicate still life drawings. Large scene drawings were already rare. Xie Mingzhe quickly finished walking through the fourth floor and picked only two good notes.

Only three pictures were selected on the third floor. However, at the corner of the second floor, I saw a huge two-meter scene picture of parents leading a few children to play in the playground. It was very dynamic, and the amusement facilities such as roller coaster, carousel, etc. were complete. Not only was the scene huge enough, but the character's divine color was also flexible.

Chen Xiao said, "Isn't this nice? ”

"'I'll write it down first,' said Xie Mingzhe. 'I'll contact the author later. ”

"Chen Xiao nodded. A lot of great students don't necessarily want to sign up to be scene designers at our club, after all, Nirvana Club doesn't have any reputation right now, so we can raise the salary appropriately. ”

Xie Mingzhe sighed softly and said: "Overall, this is indeed the best picture of the scene, but I don't particularly like his style. Alas, if we can't find it in school, we can only send the job openly to the internet friends, but in that case, the interviewers don't necessarily have to be reliable. ”

"" Yeah, I prefer to look from school, too, "said Chen Xiao. I haven't seen it on the first floor yet, let's see it again. ”

As we were talking, suddenly I heard Ko “hey”, pointing to the painting at the corner of the ground floor: "Look at that painting. It's weird! ”

Xie Mingzhe looked at it with his eyes and saw a very special painting around the corner.

The hue of this painting is very depressing. In the dark, if a mysterious ancient castle is hidden, the top of the castle is bright with a bloody red light. The trees around the castle have long withered, and there are old crosses stained with blood hanging on them. There are crows flying through the sky, covering the cold moon. After a gust of wind, the cross cast a messy shadow on the ground, like a demon with teeth dancing claws.

A man advances alone in the night, dressed in a pure black cloak, his body almost merges with the night, but his eyes are blood-red in colour, pale as paper, with a sharp fang at the slightly raised corner of his mouth.

Chen Xiao saw the painting and was surprised: “Is this a vampire? ”

He scratched his head and said: "This picture is comparable to a vampire movie I've seen. Do painters like the style of terror? ”

Xie Mingzhe's eyes lit up and immediately ran downstairs to look closely at the author next to him in front of the painting.

Academy of Fine Arts, drawing class, first grade Qin Xuan.

It's the work of mysterious roommate Qin Xuan!

This “Vampire Castle” is mixed in with lots of brightly colored exhibitions around it, and the painting style can be described as very bright.

Even more surprising to Xie Mingzhe, Qin Xuan reached the ultimate in the use of color. He rendered a horrible, gloomy late-night scene with only three simple colors: black, red and white. His painting was too realistic. Standing in front of the painting, he seemed to feel the cold wind blowing through the ancient castle and hear the crow screaming in the sky.

This guy is definitely a ghost.

If you let him paint the Blood Pool Hell Scene Card, he might achieve his desired result.

Xie Mingzhe was delighted. Compared to the playground he saw upstairs, Qin Xuan painted this ancient vampire castle, obviously more in line with Xie Mingzhe's appetite - the person he wanted to find was far from the sky and close to his eyes.

Qin Xuan, you can't escape. You must join us in Nirvana! Xie Mingzhe looked at the painting with a smile and began to wonder, how can he convince his roommates to join him?

In the distance, Qin Xuan, sitting calmly by the window drinking tea, suddenly sneezed a big sneeze.

What's the matter with having a feeling of being targeted?

Qin Xuan frowned and was just about to get up and leave, but saw the president of the Student Council of the Beauty Academy who hosted the event rushed to him and said: “Brother, someone wants to buy your vampire painting and ask if you want to sell it? ”

Once Nirvana's team is in place, they will make a full card + scene!

If you are interested in scene setting, you can click into the author's column to see my previous e-sport novel "Divine Summoner", World Series volumes, national teams all have special scene pictures, Chinese team scene pictures are fun!

The scene of this book will be mainly ancient, Pippitje's paintings will be unified, Blood Pool Hell is just the first water test, and there is more annoying after:)