[Chapter 109, Chen Xiao's New Card]

Art college exhibitions are allowed to be traded on-site, but most of the students who participate in the exhibition are in a state of mind to show their work to everyone, and each exhibition can sell a handful of pieces.

Qin Xuan did not want to attend the exhibition, but Professor Chen sent him an e-mail asking him to take a diagram to try the exhibition. He thought that his dark painting style certainly didn't like many people, and he wouldn't attract too many people's attention to the exhibition.

And now someone wants to buy this painting? Is there a problem with each other's aesthetics?

Qin Xuan frowned softly and turned to the exhibition.

A tall man is standing in front of a painting of a vampire castle and watching his work carefully.

The man, dressed in a suited suit with a suitable cut, was quite tall, looked twenty-three or four years old, was young and handsome, had a shallow smile on his face, and stood among a group of students very eye-catching.

The president of the Student's Council took the initiative to introduce: "Mr. Chen, this is Qin Xuan, the author of this painting. ”

Chen Xiao turned around and looked at Qin Xuan. He reached out his hand amicably: “Hello. ”

Qin Xuan shook his hand for a moment and was indifferent: “You want to buy my painting? ”

"Yes, I really like your style," said Chen Xiao. ”

Qin Xuan bluntly said: “Sorry, I don't intend to sell this painting. ”

Chen Xuan glanced at him in confusion: "You refused so quickly, don't you listen to my price? ”

Qin Xuan said: “I am not short of money. ”

Chen Xiao: “…”

Well, there's no shortage of money, no desire to sell, and that's an irrefutable reason.

At the corner of the stairs, Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke Zheng sneaked up to eavesdrop.

This was Xie Mingzhe's idea. He asked Chen Xiao to visit the wind first to see if Qin Xuan had any intention of helping. He feared that if Qin Xuan directly appeared to join him, if the other party refused, there would be no room for circulation.

Besides, Xie Mingzhe doesn't want to expose his “fat uncle” without any certainty, let Brother Chen go first, if there is a play, Xie Mingzhe will be a helper.

But now it doesn't seem very optimistic?

Qi Ke whispered: "Cheol, do you really want Qin Xuan to join? This guy looks like he's having a hard time..."

Xie Mingzhe said; “He's a little proud, but he's used to it, too. I really like Qin Xuan's painting style, try to convince him, let him paint you a few scenes of the dark system. ”

Speaking of tailored scenarios, Ko immediately shut up.

At this point, they heard Chen Xiao say quite frankly: "It doesn't matter if you don't want to sell this painting, I came to you to make a friend with you - do you play Star Card Storm? ”

His conversation suddenly turned too suddenly, Qin Xuan obviously shrugged.

A moment later, Qin Xuan frowned: “What does it matter if you play games or my paintings? ”

"I set up a games studio with a few friends and will later develop into a professional card club," explained Chen Xiao. We are working on the original card and your style fits perfectly with our card settings and I would like to invite you to join us as our art director. ”

Qin Xuan looked at him silently.

Chen Xiao went on to say, "I came to the art exhibition at Tidu University today to discover talent in this area. Our club is still in its infancy, with several talented players, but lacking professional artists. If you are willing to join, you can offer your expected salary and we will try to satisfy you. ”

Raising his own salary, he offered conditions that were really tempting for a college student.

Qin Xuan, however, was not moved. "I don't want to lack money or make money part-time. I'm just a freshman, and if you're looking for an art director, I suggest you look for one of your senior year graduates who will be very happy to have you offer them a job. ”

Chen Xiao noticed that the guy didn't care about the money at all, so he changed the saying: “Dark plant card, have you heard? ”

Qin Xuan suddenly flashed a little light in his eyes. Chen Xiao looked at him and smiled. "Why don't you come with me to the club to find out? ”

Seeing Qin Xuan hesitate, Chen Xiao added: “Our studio is just across the street from the school, very close to here. If you're worried I'm a liar, I can show you some ID. ”

Qin Xuan slightly smoked the corner of his mouth. This man's ceremonial hall is not like a liar. Of course, he is not worried about what the other party will do to himself, but he resolutely rejected the other party's proposal: “Sorry, I'm not interested. I'm still a little busy, sir. Help yourself. ”

Looking at Qin Xuan's back as he turned away, Chen Xiao shrugged helplessly towards his two little partners at the corner.

Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke looked at each other in opposition.

When the three of them walked out of the exhibition hall, they found a quiet part of the school and started plotting.

"'You're such a tough housemate to handle,' said Chen Xiao. I almost broke my mouth and didn't see him shaking a bit.” Looking at Yu Ke, he looked at the teenager's bright and crystalline eyes. Chen Xiao couldn't help laughing and lowered his voice: “Still, Xiao Ke was so cozy, when he said to make him a ghost card, he immediately came over. ”

Yike Ke said seriously: "I'm not a fool, I'm a wise man! I think Archer and Brother Chen look like champions. Hahaha, if I join you, I will definitely be a member of the championship. ”

Chen Xiao rubbed the teenager's head with a smile: "You have a full spanking. ”

Xie Mingzhe said helplessly: “Qin Xuan's character is very indifferent. I lived with him in the same dormitory for a month. I have said no more than 10 sentences. I know very little about him. He never actively looks for me. I actively look for him. His answer is also very brief. I also have a headache in stalls like this...”

Chen Qiao rubbed his forehead corner: “What should we do? He said there is no shortage of money, people who can spend a lot of money on painting from a small age, the conditions must be good at home, I think he is likely to be a rich second generation, so long as he doesn't like it, we will not get paid any higher. ”

Xie Mingzhe was silent for a moment, his head suddenly flashed and thought of an idea: “Since the initiative to persuade him had no effect, let him come to the door himself! ”

Chen Xiao and Yike Ke looked at each other and found Xie Mingzhe's proposal very unreliable.

Metaphorically grabbed his hair: “Let this ice face come to the door? Is that possible? ”

Xie Mingzhe was confident: “Have you noticed? When Brother Chen mentioned the dark plant card, he obviously hesitated. Apparently, he was very interested in the plant card made by Brother Chen. He was too alert to promise you on the spot. ”

“I also discovered...” Chen Rolling Tong finally came back, “you mean, proactively put the cards we made in front of him and lure him to hook up? ”

“Yes.” Xie Mingzhe said with a smile. “Even if we were more enthusiastic about people like him, it would be hot to put a cold face on his ass. He would be annoyed if he talked too much. Let him take a keen interest in our studio first and then induce it slowly. ”

Looking at Xie Mingzhe smiled, he could not help but tremble slightly on Ke's back. “Why do I think you're setting a trap for hunting? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded frankly: “You feel right. It's also a normal way for Nirvana Studios to receive powerful teammates, dig a pit and wait for each other to jump. ”

Xie Mingzhe's got a thick face.

He couldn't help but feel sorry for Qin Xuan...

* * *

Xie Mingzhe started his own "abduction of teammates program”.

The three of them went back to Nirvana Studio to see Chen Xiaoxin's plant card.

In fact, Chen Xiao started making plant cards after Xie Mingzhe started school. However, for the sake of excellence, he modified several versions of the cards he had already thought of, and only recently finalized them.

With wooden nose ancestor Chen Qianlin guiding beside him, Chen Xiao made the card fast. To date, he has more than a dozen plant cards in his card group, all of which have been approved by the database.

Compared to Xie Mingzhe's character card, Chen Xiao's difficulty in making a plant card is almost exponential.

The Alliance does not have a particularly powerful character card player, and many of the star pictures of the temples do not conflict with Xie Mingzhe, so Xie Mingzhe can make full use of his brain hole and turn a large number of characters and mythical and legendary materials brought on the planet into cards.

But the plants are different, first Chen Qianlin, then Tang Muzhou. The disciples have done most of the common plants all over again. Chen Xiao wants to innovate on the basis of massive plant pools. This is not a general difficulty. He must first look for some deviant, unmade plants, and then give these plants useful skills not to crash with other cards.

For this day, Chen Xuan has been stuck for five years.

For the past five years, he has been thinking every day about future plant cards, some of the ideas he has in mind, because they were not made in time, they were used by others during the five years, and he can only mute and swallow yellow lotus, with bitter words.

It is a very painful process to constantly add and delete ideas to your notes, but not put them into practice.

It's not easy to be such a calm man. Xie Mingzhe also admired Chen Xiao in his heart. Imagine, if he could not make a character card because of copyright problems, holding his head in creativity, waiting five years, he would probably go crazy.

It turns out that Chen Xiao's talent is not lost to his brother Chen Qianlin.

Chen Xiao's botanical card impressed Xie Mingzhe. The first one was the Dark Plant Card “Chiba Alpine Pine”. He painted a giant pine tree in ink green, the pine needle was incredibly hard and could be used as a dark device.

The pine tree reaches the official “three meters" height limit of the card, and its skill is called "Songtao Wan", a very powerful 360-degree pine needle shooting crowd.

Dense and numb pine needles can form hedgehogs on all hostile targets in the range, causing a lot of wood damage, accompanied by a "bleeding” negative state, not losing at all to the range of the “Millennium Divine Tree” in Tang Muzhou!

There is also a card, the rare “black rose”, pure black rose, in stark contrast to the red “desert rose” of Tang Muzhou.

Xie Mingzhe clearly remembers that Tang Muzhou's desert rose skill is called "Rose Flower Language” and that the red rose petals in the range cause a lot of bleeding. Chen Xiao's "Black Rose” skill is called "Death Scent”. Pure black roses cause fear in the 30-metre range. They can also put a "Death Curse” mark on all hostile targets. When black roses die, the mark explodes, causing massive group damage.

Chen Xiao's Dark Botanical Card is completely different from Tang Muzhou's botanical card painting style.

The more he looked at it, the more excited he was. It was a shame that Chen Xiao had signed a deed of sale with the Sanctuary Club because of his impulse, which left him silent for five years.

In the fifth season, ten consecutive defeats of Chen Xiao, encountering ten consecutive victories of Tang Muzhou, 0: 2 simply lost the game, was scolded by many audiences and even some say he was embarrassing Chen Chili.

Must be hard for a teenager to turn around and leave in the audience's spit?

If he didn't have to hide his true strength because of the contract problems, maybe Tang Muzhou's crowning road won't go so smoothly in the fifth season - Chen Xiao's level won't be lost to Tang Muzhou, even Tang Muzhou himself said after the game, wait for you to come back and have another real showdown.

Today, Chen Xiao, 23, is the founder of Nirvana Studios and the one who allowed Xie Mingzhe to radically change his destiny.

This time the fire is reborn and Nirvana returns, Xie Mingzhe believes that Chen will prove himself on the field - he is Chen Qianlin's brother, he has the gift of not losing to his brother, he is not a rookie scolded by others!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 110, Kidnapping Teammate Program]

Cards in the Star Card game can be made into physical cards that summon the Star Card illusion in the real world. Shortly after Xie Mingzhe was reborn, he saw a couple of adorable pets in the hospital with star card illusions.

The process of making a physical card is not complicated, just need to pass the database review, then connect to a dedicated printer, print the card out on special material paper, carry it with you, and you can summon the corresponding star card illusion in the real world.

However, in order to maintain order in the real world, there are several types of cards that are officially prohibited from summoning Star Card illusions.

The first category, of course, is the ghost cards made by Sirui. Those bloody beards disperse ghosts, so don't summon to the real world to scare children. The second category is beasts, animals like tigers and lions, who do scare passers-by by walking in the streets.

Official requirements are simple, visually aggressive cards are not allowed to generate reality illusions, and when audited, the database is judged solely on the basis of the card's image.

Plant cards and cute animal cards are the easiest to approve. Though Chen Xiao's plants are dark, the presence of black roses in the real world is not very scary, so the system easily passes several of his cards through physical audits.

Chen Xiaolian attached a dedicated printer and handed the cards over to Xie Mingzhe as entities with characteristic paper.

Xie Mingzhe pinched the card in his hand and connected it to his light brain. He saw a realistic cluster of black rose illusions appearing on the ground. He moved the card in his hand and the illusion would move with it. Does this seem to be using optical principles?

Xie Mingzhe, who first summoned the Star Card illusion in the real world, found it interesting that he angled the black rose and inserted it into an empty bottle on the table, which looked distant, fake and hard to discern, much like a real cluster of roses on the table.

Yike Ke has some annoyance: “Why can't ghost cards be summoned in reality! I want to take the black and white impotence to class with me. ”

Chen Xiao scolded: “Come on, you walk on campus with these two illusions, you'll scare a bunch of cowardly classmates. ”

Qi Ke dissatisfied: “What about Nie Xiaoqian and Tu Li Ma? Can't such a beautiful ghost summon? ”

"" Officially limiting ghost cards doesn't allow you to summon, "said Chen Xiao." It's useless if you don't like it. ”

Yu Ke sighed, very sorry not to take black and white impotence to class.

Xie Mingzhe said: "According to the plan, when I return to the dormitory tonight, I will put the card made by Brother Chen in the living room. It will definitely attract the attention of Qin Xuan. When he comes to ask me, I will pretend not to know about today's painting exhibition. Please don't say anything. ”

They nodded immediately: "Got it! ”

Xie Mingzhe returned to the dorm with a black rose card and pretended to inadvertently leave the card in the living room.

As the card creates an illusion, he deliberately adjusts the angle and places the black rose illusion on the sofa - a clump of pure black roses in the middle of the sofa, more obvious than ever.

After all this has been done, Xie Mingzhe returns to the bedroom to open the Star Card Forum and search for the Freshman Exchange Repechage video with keywords.

Official releases only the entire video of the evening of the final, with neither the preliminary nor the resumption. Due to the division of several teams into simultaneous matches during the previous repeat phase, the scene was very chaotic and it was too difficult for anyone other than those who went to the scene to look back for the video of the match.

Xie Mingzhe focused all his attention on the group where Yu Ke was at the time. He didn't even find that his roommate was also playing the game, or he only saw Qin Xuan's name when the official website released the top 16 list.

However, Xie Mingzhe carefully searched the forum with a try attitude.

He actually searched for a post —— a video taken by a schoolsister in the art department herself with a camera -- and sent it to the forum, entitled "Supporting Little Brothers in the Art Department”.

The number of replies to this post was not very high, so it was already submerged by various popular posts in the forum, but Xie Mingzhe was fortunate that the video footage in the post was shot very clearly, and as soon as he opened the video, he saw Qin Xuan's game ID: Q-X.

This is a 64-by-32 match in the repeat phase, and with the start of the match, Qin Xuan's card group quickly appeared on the screen - a neat set of plant cards!

Several of these plant cards have never been seen by Xie Mingzhe. The logo of the creator on the back of the card was deliberately erased... were these cards originally created by Qin Xuan?

With this possibility in mind, Xie Mingzhe immediately sent the video to Chen Xiao: “Brother Chen, have you seen these cards? ”

Chen Xiao replied quickly: “I haven't seen it. Unlike Tang Muzhou's paintings, who made this? ”

"“ It's the card Qin Xuan used during the school competition, "said Xie Mingzhe." I suspect he made it himself. Looks like he likes dark plants too, no wonder he reacted so much when you mentioned it today. ”

"That's a coincidence," said Chen Xiaoqiao. "He made a plant card. The painting style is really very distinctive, but the design of the skills is not perfect enough, and the data is poor. I can tell he's just getting started. I can guide him in his design skills and let him paint dark plants for me. This combination is perfect. ”

Xie Mingzhe also felt that Qin Xuan's ability to join would indeed greatly enhance the Nirvana Squad.

Chen Xiao has a lot of creativity, but because he doesn't have any art foundation, sometimes his creativity doesn't necessarily perform perfectly. The plants he draws... To be honest, they're a little ugly.

This black rose, for example, is very skillful, just skewed, doesn't look natural.

Qin Xuan was a painting professional from primary school, but his experience in designing cards was obviously insufficient. Even Xie Mingzhe could tell that the skills of several plant cards he took to play the school inner race were not very good. Even if he did not abstain at the time, he would not necessarily have won a metaphor in the final.

Xie Mingzhe carefully watched the game.

Of Qin Xuan's seven cards, only four were original, and all other plant cards were used by Fenghua Guild welfare cards.

Even so, it's already amazing how many Dark Botanical Cards can originally be created. Besides, he reacted very quickly, and the game was a crush on the opponent.

The more he looks, the more he appreciates.

I really didn't expect the roommate to be so strong, it's like God gave his teammate.

Qin Xuan not only has a solid artistic background, he paints complex scene drawings, but also makes cards. Although the quality of the cards he makes is not high, if he can combine with Chen Xuao, the two people complement each other, Chen Xuan provides ideas for creativity and skill design, Qin Xuan to improve the card image setting, that would be really perfect.

We must find a way to recruit Qin Xuan!

I was thinking, suddenly there was an opening noise outside.

Qin Xuan pushed the door in and walked to the living room, he couldn't help but stay where he was - only saw a cluster of pure black roses blooming on the sofa in the living room. The rose was delicate and seemed to still have morning dew on it, which looked like it was true.

However, as soon as he approached him, he reached out and touched him, his fingers went straight through the middle of the black rose.

- It's a star card illusion.

It's just, who's gonna leave the illusion here?

Qin Xuan frowned and took a closer look. Soon he discovered that there was a beautiful card on the table. This card was a reality card generated by special paper printing. The palm of his hand was the same size, with a soft glow under the illumination of the rooftop light. In the middle of the card was a small cluster of black roses, with some text descriptions.

Black Rose (Wood Department)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 400, Attack 1200, Defense 400, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILL: Death scent (Black Rose releases Death scent toward surrounding 23m, causing group fear of hostile targets within range for 3 sec; cooldown time 30 sec)

ADDITIONAL SKILL: Rose Kiss (Black Rose petals scatter quickly around, “Death Curse” marks appear on all hostile targets within 23 meters of contaminating petals, each petal is stacked with a layer of markings, black roses automatically wither when all black rose petals fade, all death marks erupt, each layer of markings causes 70% monosomal damage)

Qin Xuan's eyes narrowed suddenly, and his fingers picked up this card could not help slightly shivering.

Dark Botanical Card with Powerful Fear Mass Control and Flexible Self-Bombing Mass Damage!

It is conceivable that by the time of the actual battle, the black rose suddenly blossomed, the group feared while releasing a 2-skilled rose kiss. If all the black rose petals were stacked on the same card across the street, when the black rose petals disappeared, the other card would most likely be instantly killed. And when all the blood is left across the street, the petals of the black rose can selectively make a mass attack!

This card appears to have simple skills and is extremely complex to operate.

There are countless ways to stack a two-skilled dead petal, with a total of seven black rose petals stacked with one card, three cards or a group stack marker that can be changed at any time depending on the situation on the field.

The effect of explosive monomeric attacks can be either centrally stacked or extensively stacked to depress the blood lines of all cards on the other side. A simple skill, extremely flexible to use!

This card was designed by the top gods.

Qin Xuan's heart beat began to accelerate constantly. He turned the card over and saw the LOGO area in the lower right corner with a “roll” written on it. He shrugged. Soon he remembered the young man he met at the painting exhibition today. He happened to mention that he would make some dark plant cards. Is that the man who made this card?

But why did they show up in the dormitory?

Qin Xuan pinched the card and pondered. At this moment, Xie Mingzhe pushed open the door of the bedroom and came out. He saw Qin Xuan pinching the black rose card. He smiled slightly and said: “Qin Xuan, you're back! ”

Qin Xuan asked: “Is this card yours? ”

Xie Mingzhe replied: "Oh, this card belongs to my friend. I just left it in the living room, didn't I scare you? ”

Qin Xuan: “… no. ”

Xie Mingzhe went on to act seriously: “One of my brothers made some plant cards himself, and I thought this black rose was special, so I asked him for a physical card that could summon the star card illusion - it could summon a bunch of black roses at any time, and it felt really cool, much more interesting than the cute pets the girls summoned. ”

Qin Xuan looked at him calmly.

Xie Mingzhe's smiling brightly and his expression doesn't reveal anything uncomfortable.

Qin Xuan's heart is suspicious. Is it a coincidence?

Xie Mingzhe saw him squeezing the card and didn't play it. “Do you like this card too? I'll send it to you if you like. Anyway, the physical card can be copied indefinitely. I'll just ask him for a black rose some other time. ”

Qin Xuan finally got hooked up and asked: "Your friend, how many of these plant cards have you made? ”

"'A dozen, I think,' said Xie Mingzhe. ”

Qin Xuan's eyes flash fiercely: “Is that so much? ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: "My buddy runs a studio, and he makes a lot of cards out of boredom. I had lunch with him today, and he handed me a souvenir. ”

Qin Xuan couldn't help but ask: “Has he come to the school painting exhibition today? ”

Xie Mingzhe opened his eyes in surprise: "How do you know? ”

"'I've seen him at the exhibition,' said Qin Xuan. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and said, "That's a coincidence. He said he wanted to come to our school to see the exhibition, specifically why I don't know, or whether I gave him my ticket. ”

Qin Xuan always felt something was wrong. He could look at Xie Mingzhe, but he found that the other party always had a bright smile on his face. He looked innocent like he “had no idea”. Qin Xuan had to ignore the doubt from the bottom of his heart and said: “I want to see the plant card he made. Is it convenient? ”

One foot of the prey has been trapped.

Xie Mingzhe was about to blossom, but he pretended to be calm on the surface: "No problem, there was a dinner tonight, I'll introduce you. ”

* * *

That night, Xie Mingzhe took Qin Xuan to a restaurant near the school, and soon saw Chen Xiao walking in.

Xie Mingzhe smiled and introduced: “Brother Chen, this is my cousin Qin Xuan. This is Chen Xiao, the owner of Nirvana Studio. ”

Chen Qiao's face was full of surprise: “Do you guys know each other? Qin Xuan and I happened to meet Qin Xuan at the exhibition today. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: “What a coincidence! Since it's so auspicious, I'll treat you tonight so you can get to know each other. ”

Chen Qiao patted Xie Mingzhe's shoulder. "He's your roommate, so it's a good idea. You can also persuade me. Come on, Qin, let's eat and talk. ”

Qin Xuan's face was rigidly dragged into the restaurant.

Xie Mingzhe was very proud to place a table of dishes, and as he waited to serve them, he pretended to be curious and asked: "Brother Chen, take out the cards you made and give me more insight. ”

Chen Kao raised his mouth and smiled. He took the card out of his pocket and brushed the table.

Qin Xuan looked at the large row of dark plant cards on the table and his eyes were straight.

"'I actually have a lot of cards to do,' said Chen Xiao. 'But I've never studied fine art, and some of the details have been set to make me nervous. I came to the school painting exhibition today and saw Qin Xuan's painting. It suits my appetite in particular. Qin Xuan, in front of my good buddy, can you think about my previous suggestion? ”

Xie Mingzhe pretended to be foolish: “What advice? ”

"'I want you to help me,' said Chen Xuao. 'I want you to be the art director for my studio. Of course, if Qin Xuan is willing to play the game, we can also work together to make some more dark style plant cards. ”

Xie Mingzhe's eyes lit up and looked back at his roommate: “Qin Xuan, think about it. Brother Chen's studio is particularly reliable, and I joined in, as well as the wooden nose ancestor Chen Qianlin, the great god, is becoming the general coach! ”

Qin Xuan: “..."

The two of them cooperated in the act, singing one song to the other, Qin Xuan was quickly told by them.

Chen Xiao: “Our studio benefits are very good, and it doesn't affect your learning. Anyway, the studio is just across the street from the school. You can come back after class. When the cards are finished, we will go to the game together next season. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “Yes, Brother Chen is very nice to talk to. Qin Xuan, if you can help, it would be great! ”

Qin Xuan was told a little heartbeat, but ultimately it shook him, which was Xie Mingzhe's saying--

“Although we are just getting started and have little fame, we will have original cards and a promising future. Let's all work together, maybe we can get a trophy back next year. ”

Qin Xuan finally nodded stiffly.

That night, he was tricked into “visiting” the Nirvana studio by two people in partnership. Indeed, he met the legendary Chen Qianlin Dashen. Qin Xuan was very excited. He felt that there was a great god as a coach. This club should be reliable.

The next moment, however, Xie Mingzhe smiled and extended his hand to him: "Welcome aboard, my ID in the game is Uncle Fat. ”

Qin Xuan: “..."

You told me you were a fat uncle in the game? It's not scientific!

Qin Xuan finally reacted. The two actresses tricked him together, didn't they? No wonder there were so many weird coincidences from beginning to end, apparently Xie Mingzhe had already prepared the script and deliberately left the black rose on the couch to arouse his interest.

Cheated by a bunch of black roses onto the thief boat, Qin Xuan suddenly had a headache: Can we still regret it now?

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