[Chapter 111, Nirvana Club]

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiaoyi sang and said something. Qin Xuan actually didn't hear clearly. His focus was on “Chen Xiao made a lot of dark plant cards”. He was very curious about Chen Xiao's plant cards, so he followed them to Nirvana Studio. But Xie Mingzhe said his ID in the game was Uncle Fat?

Uncle Fat? This ID has been too red lately. As long as almost no player plays Star Card Storm, the discussion post about Uncle Fat has opened several tall buildings in the forum, and the distinctive character card group has attracted a lot of fans.

Qin Xuan couldn't make so many cards himself, so he was very impressed with Fat uncle who was able to original cards. He always thought Fat uncle was a gentle, kind, talented middle-aged man. As a result, Xie Mingzhe suddenly blew himself up and he was Fat uncle. Qin Xuan looked at him like he was affected by the negative state of chaos and couldn't speak for half a day.

Xie Mingzhe coughed in vain with a straightforward look at his superior roommate. “Qin Xuan, don't be angry. I didn't mean to lie to you. Brother Chen wanted you to come to the studio, but your guard was too strong to come. That's why I came up with this idea. Take the cards made by Brother Chen back to the dorm so you can see them and get interested. ”

Chen Xiao hurried to attach the peace: “That's right. We would also sincerely like to invite you to join Nirvana Studio, which currently has two original card designers, me and Xiaoxie, and your painter is so solid that it will definitely help us a lot. ”

"And we're going to design a club's own scene card in the future," said Xie Mingzhe. "You paint particularly well, which is why we want to pull you together. ”

Qin Xuan's confusion effect finally dissolved. He looked stiff at Xie Mingzhe's expression: “Are you really fat uncle? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and nodded: “I don't have to pretend to be Fat Uncle to lie to you. If you don't believe me, I'll show you my designer card now. ”

Xie Mingzhe also made a few cards while making the physical card for Chen Xiao, including Xishi and Zhaojun, the lovely Cao Chong children, and the handsome Zhou Yu and Sun Tse. Time is limited, he only made these five representative cards, and he intends to make all cards into physical cards in the future, which will be available to fans as club peripherals.

The physical card can summon the illusion of the star card in the real world, looking at the illusion of the characters appearing in front of it, Qin Xuan was completely silent.

Only the original card author has the right to take his card as an entity, and the person in front of him is obviously the author himself. Morning and evening friends are the great gods in the game... it feels like buying a lottery ticket on the street at random and winning 5 million, it's unbelievable!

Xie Mingzhe smiled and looked at Qin Xuan with a thick face: “I remember you just nodded your head, I take it you agreed to join our Nirvana studio, right? ”

Qin Xuan's mouth twitched, Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao just said too much to completely confuse his head. When he heard that Chen Qianlin Dashen was at the club, he was confused... now it is too late to deny it.

Xie Mingzhe saw that his roommate had no objection and was excited to say, "Great! After watching the cards, let's go to dinner together and give you a good introduction to our studio! ”

Qin Xuan: “……”

Does he seem to have to make a mistake?

After two people came to the living room, Qin Xuan found that it was arranged like a game hall, lined up with many rotating chairs and smart helmets. Several people were putting helmets into the game and therefore did not notice them.

Chen Xiao picked up the light brain and projected all the cards he had made on the virtual screen, one for Qin Xuan to introduce.

Looking at the dark plant cards in different forms in front of him, Qin Xuan's eyes lit up and his heart admired Chen Xiao very much. He scrapped a lot of brain cells in order to make a plant card, and eventually only made a few. I didn't expect Chen Xiao to be so powerful. A dozen cards didn't come with duplicates!

However, Qin Xuan still doesn't have much expression on his face - it's his habit.

Chen Xiao introduced him for half a day and found Qin Xuan as quiet as a wooden man. He couldn't help but ask: "What do you think? ”

Qin Xuan lowered his head and thought for a moment before giving a word evaluation: “That's good. ”

Chen Xiao: “…”

I'm tired of talking to him, and I've been talking dry for half a day. Just listen to him: Fine!

That's how little Xie Mingzhe said. Xie Mingzhe saw Chen Xiao eating a meal. He wanted to laugh in his heart, but with a depressing look on Chen Xiao's face, he still held up his smile and said seriously: “Let's call Qing Sisters, as well as Master and Xiao Ke, we'll all go to dinner together and welcome Qin Xuan to join Nirvana! ”

Chen Xiao also very much agreed, and later informed Jiqing that they had finished collecting their copies in a restaurant outside the district.

Half an hour later, the Nirvana Studio arrived full, plus a total of nine Qin Xuan.

Surprisingly, Qin Xuan actually saw a familiar figure - isn't this a metaphor?

With his cold eyes, Ke stood up in place as quickly as he had been stereotyped. “Hey, I'm also a Nirvana studio player. I didn't think you'd really like to join us. After that, we'll be teammates. Take care! ”

Qin Xuan: “… hmm. ”

Even the metaphor Ko is an official contestant? Plus yourself, a team like this going to a pro league, is that a sandbag for another club? Must have lost a lot...

Qin Xuan has begun to prepare psychologically for being scolded by internet friends in the future.

Xie Mingzhe didn't know that his roommate had no expression, but he had a lot of ideas in mind. He thought that Qin Xuan was just not used to hanging out with strangers and introduced him enthusiastically: “Qin Xuan, we Nirvana are just a studio now, but sooner or later we will officially create a club! ”

“This is Qing Sister, the president of our Nirvana Guild, our most important logistics butler; Pang Yu and Jin Yue are vice presidents of the Guild, in charge of daily copies and arenas, to help us collect materials; and Ying is our current publicity, future PR manager of the club. ”

“My Master Lin is the head coach of our club, and the rest of us, Brother Chen, Ko and you, are the four players in the club! However, we are understaffed now, and you will have to work part-time as art director, me and Brother Chen as card designers. ”

“..." Qin Xuan doesn't know what to say. Although only the studio of nine people looks extremely sour, but the sparrows are small and all dirty. Guild management, publicity, card designers, scene designers and chief coaches actually have them all.

“The tournament is a 4V4 model, we only have four players at the moment, which sounds weak. However, there are not many players, and there are only a few players in the big clubs who are not fully recognized, but there are only a few players who can make it out in the end.” Chen Xiao spoke of business and really had a big fan. He was a professional athlete. Naturally, he had a lot more experience than three college students. His eyes swept across the field and he smiled. “Since everyone in the studio is gathered today, why don't we have a meeting to talk about the next plan? ”

“Brother Chen, you know a lot more about professional leagues than everyone else.” Xie Mingzhe suggested, "Tell me how you plan for the future. ”

“I don't know anything anyway, I'll do whatever you want me to do.” He said with a laugh.

Qin Xuan looked at the teenager sitting next to him and just felt the hidden swelling pain in the temple - Chen and Xie Mingzhe looked a little more reliable. How did this metaphor Ke get in? In terms of appearance, the height of this meter and six dozen, the face of elementary school children, the guy who loves to laugh silly, doesn't look like a master? Why don't you try PK with him sometime?

Chen Xiao did not speculate, quite simply said: “The new season of the league begins officially in April, but it is possible to adjust the game system every season. The first half of this year, April to June, the second half of the year, August to December, are individual and team matches, not necessarily next year. But anyway, we have to be ready before next April. ”

“Professional players are registered in mid-February of each year, and the Star Card Master Invitational begins after New Year's Eve. In other words, after January 1st next year, we need to go to the National Star Card Master Invitational Competition, enter the top 16, qualify for professional player registration, and as soon as we become a full professional player, we have to register for the 11th season in April, the time is very tight. ”

“It's almost October and it's two months before the Star Card Master Invitational. In the meantime, we must improve the card team as soon as possible, improve the individual competitive level, and take the time to work with teammates to play some more double games and team games. Once next year's game is also the first half of the year, we will definitely go for abuse if we don't cooperate enough. ”

Xie Mingzhe wasn't too nervous before, he always felt that it was still a long way from the game. But Chen said that Xie Mingzhe also felt that time was really very pressing. Even more difficult is that he has to attend classes, the school curriculum is already heavy, and it is almost impossible to complete card design, competitive awareness exercises, and work with teammates simultaneously after school hours.

Professional athletes in major clubs spend at least eight hours a day training, with some more effort and even more than twelve hours training. If he's only practicing two or three hours a day, how can he compare to people? Talent does matter, but the Alliance has more talented players. Not only do people have talent, but they work harder than you. How can you defeat your opponents?

Aware of the seriousness of the problem, Xie Mingzhe put the matter of time on his mind and intends to think about it later.

Chen Xiao continued: “Since we need to set up a club, we should also distribute the work now - Xiao Xie and I are in charge of card pool production, A Qing, Jin Yue and Xiao Fat are in charge of guild management. After the gloom, they became player brokers, responsible for accommodation arrangements, advertising endorsement and other daily affairs; Qin Xuan, you assisted us in drawing scene cards, and by the way, helped me to turn off the image design of plant cards. Is there a problem for everyone? ”

Everyone said no problem. “Rest assured, I will try to collect all the card materials you use in the future. The Guild warehouse has been upgraded to level 5, and everything is almost gone. ”

"'I've never been a broker,' said Ji Yingying. 'But I'll try to learn. ”

Qiao Ke raised his hand: “What about me? What am I responsible for? ”

Chen Xiao patted the teenager's shoulder with a smile: “Just take care of yourself. Practice your skills. Come on, fight! ”

He nodded. “Oh, I see! ”

Chen Qianlin added calmly: "Build a group of studios and contact them later. ”

Chen Xiao immediately pulled everyone's social accounts into a group. His name was “Nirvana Club”. Xie Mingzhe looked at a familiar ID, and his heart was really delicate.

Finally, we have all the people. Although we have very few people, we can at least form a team.

The reason he counted Qin Xuan on the regimental battle list is because he sent the video of Qin Xuan's game to the master to see. Chen Qianlin felt that Qin Xuan, whether conscious or responsive, was not defeated by metaphor, and could be cultivated to see. Xie Mingzhe felt comfortable dragging Qin Xuan into the water.

According to Chen Qianlin's idea, Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe will be the main attackers in future group battles. Qin Xuan can be assisted in the rear as Ke seeks an opportunity to assassinate.

The alliance stipulates that the card set with the club players can be shared. Chen Xiao's dark plant card can be used directly by Qin Xuan. Xie Mingzhe used a character card. He called Ke a ghost card. He mixed it all together and had to practice more in cooperation.

After Chen Xiao finished speaking, Xie Mingzhe took the initiative to raise the glass. “Come on, let's drink to celebrating our new membership in Nirvana! ”

Everyone raised their glasses and Qin Xuan held them up stiffly for a sip.

So he became a member of Nirvana, and he went back to the dorm with a little trance, always dreaming.

Xie Mingzhe gave serious assurance; “Qin Xuan, don't worry, you won't regret joining us. Brother Chen has already said that you can use his plant card. My character card and Kirk's ghost card, you can take it if you like, and we'll all share it later. ”

Qin Xuan actually joined for this reason. He is particularly interested in the odd cards. In addition to Chen's dark plants, there are character cards and ghost cards. He also wants to operate them himself.

Probably because he became a teammate, Qin Xuan's expression stopped being so indifferent this time. He looked at Xie Mingzhe: “You really can't hide, we have a lot of your fans in our class. Yesterday I also listened to them discuss Fat Uncle's card has a high face value. If I knew you were Fat Uncle...”

Xie Mingzhe made a “shush” gesture on his lips and smiled brightly: "Don't tell anyone at school who knows who I am, just you and Ko! I have too much hatred in the game, and in case the school has the management of the grand councils, maybe I'll get beaten up in the corner of the wall. ”

Qin Xuan smoked at the corner of his mouth and said "hmm” rigidly. Thought he was quite self-aware?

Xie Mingzhe said: "By the way, I have an idea about the scene card. Let me tell you something. Look, can you paint it for me after a few days? The scene is called Blood Pool Hell..."

He gave Qin Xuan the details of his thoughts on Blood Pool Hell.

Qin Xuan was, after all, a specialist in elementary art. After hearing Xie Mingzhe's approximate description, he quickly created a dark system scene with black and red as the main hue. The rolling plasma on the ground, causing all the cards to bleed heavily, coupled with the rendering of environmental colors, is really easy to describe as a ghost card for an accidental assassination.

After the idea, Qin Xuan quickly pulled out some lines on the paper with the drawing board and pen, and asked Xie Mingzhe: "Can you see such a design? ”

Xie Mingzhe's blind to the drafts of his consciousness flow!

Qin Xuan saw his roommate's face full of confusion, and knew that his draft was really... more messy, so he said: “I'll show you when the painting is complete. I'll revise it and draw it in three days. ”

Xie Mingzhe's eyes lit up: “You're so efficient, I'll wait for you to draw! ”

Qin Xuan nodded and turned to improve the draft.

Xie Mingzhe sent the good news that Qin Xuan was going to design the Blood Pool Hell Scene Card to the Nirvana herd. Qin Xuan you are so kind! ”

Qin Xuan: “?? ”

Unsurprisingly, he took a good guy card, but for him, it was just the right thing to do. Now that Nirvana has been added to the card for fun, it's his job as a scene designer.

Thinking of this, Qin Xuan said: “The painting of the ancient vampire castle on the exhibition can also be used for you. The crows in the scene become a random dynamic effect, and every once in a while, the crows fly through the sky, shielding the moonlight, making the map completely black, convenient for you to move around in the dark, you see? ”

Yike Ke was so excited to go downstairs and run in circles: "Great! I won't be able to sleep tonight! Blood Pool Hell, Bloodsucking Castle, these are my home maps from now on, hey hey hey hey! ”

Qin Xuan: “……”

It's like an excited little puppy who eats bones.

Xie Mingzhe also found Qin Xuan's scenario idea very interesting, the crowd environment dynamic effect, very convenient to say that Ke carried out the assassination, which gave him some inspiration - maybe many ancient famous military war maps can also be designed as scene cards, he has to think about it!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 112, Decision]

After returning to the bedroom, Xie Mingzhe thought of the pressure of time and sat beside the bed sending a message to Tang Muzhou: “Brother, I heard that you were in the competition while you were in school. Is there enough time to play the professional league while completing your studies? ”

Tang Muzhou quickly replied: “Not enough, so I went to the school to apply for a long holiday at the start of the game, and went back to the school during the recess period, which is what college has been doing for four years. The summer and winter semesters at Tidu University coincide with the league's recess for just one month. I go back to school as soon as the league takes a vacation, and I spend a month studying for three months. I'm very tired. ”

That's a good idea, but Tang Mu Zhou is not quite the same as him.

Before Tang Muzhou went to the game, he had been playing in the game for a year and recognized Chen Qianlin as a master, creating an extremely rich plant card pool. However, Xie Mingtze's current card pool is not perfect enough. Besides, he should not only make a character card for himself, but also make a ghost card for Ko, and even consider the design of the scene card...

Two months until next year's Masters Invitation, there's really not enough time!

You can't let your teammates lose money because you don't have time.

The establishment of Nirvana was his idea and that of Brother Chen. Nowadays, he also dragged Yuko and Qin Xuan into the water. If Nirvana fails to achieve good results, he will feel ashamed of the teammates he dragged into the pit.

Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe said: “Next, I'm going to play a lot of ghost cards and character cards, and I usually have to take the time to practice with my teammates. If I go to school, I'll have less than four hours of free time each day. Two months is really too hasty. I was wondering if I could just apply for a suspension from school? ”

Tang Muzhou: “Suspension is OK, but the materials must be well prepared, you may not approve the school for this reason, because the Nirvana Club has not been officially established yet, you are not even a professional player, and the Masters tournament will only start next year, you cannot provide sufficient evidence that you are going to play. ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged and his brother did have a lot of experience, pointing out the key at once.

Suspension is a serious matter, the school can't just approve it, he can't say, I'm going to suspend school to prepare for a future game, right? Then how can the school judge him to be really going to the game instead of looking for excuses to escape?

Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but have some headaches.

Nirvana cannot be suspended until he is officially established; and if Nirvana wants to be founded, it must be approved by the Alliance, which is based on the premise that the club has a registered professional player… this is in a death cycle.

Tang Muzhou sent him a video conversation and Xie Mingzhe connected immediately.

The man appearing on the virtual projection screen had apparently just finished his bath, his hair was wet, he was dressed in loose pajamas, revealed a large sexy chest and even his abs were hidden.

Tang Muzhou is sitting beside the bed, and this environment is his bedroom at first glance, which is why he dresses so casually.

They were all men, even if they wore them face to face.

After all, Xie Mingzhe liked the man, suddenly saw Tang Muzhou after the bath, adult male healthy body close to the eyes, hormones almost overflowed the virtual screen, visual shock made him heartbeat, some didn't dare to look directly at the sight of the brother, instantly moved his gaze away.

Tang Muzhou looked down at his little brother and thought he was thinking about his heart. He asked with a smile: "Are you sure you want to quit school? ”

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and adjusted his heart beat. This raised his head to the other party's gaze. He deliberately ignored the abdominal muscles, chest and other areas, and only looked at Tang Muzhou's face. Turns out, looking at his face alone was also difficult to maintain calm. After all, his brother's face was too handsome, and his eyes were full of tenderness...

Xie Mingzhe's heart beating faster and couldn't help but whisper: “Can you get dressed first? ”

Tang Muzhou shrugged, looked down and found his pajamas loose and about to fall. He had to smile softly. “Sorry, I'm used to being naked. Sleep. I was just about to go to sleep. I had to videotape you to put on a dress.” He packed his pajamas quickly, which is why he kept asking: "Suspension is not a joke, just think about it. ”

Xie Mingjie's ears are burning. She always feels like a psychopath. She actually asks him to put on clothes. Do you think he is strange?

Anyway, I can't take back what I've already said, he had to pretend to talk calmly about the main topic: “I don't want to do anything uncertain. If I don't suspend from school, my time is completely insufficient. Before the start of next year's Masters Games, I have to get everyone's card pool in order, I can't let my team members follow me because the card team suffer. ”

Didn't expect the little brother to be very responsible and responsible.

Young enough to make such a painful decision, Tang Mu Zhou Min greatly appreciated it and couldn't help but look softer: “If you apply for suspension, you will have to delay graduation, which may have an impact on finding a job in the future. ”

Xie Mingzhe said quite frankly: "It's okay, I've got enough money in my hands to spend the rest of my life. After graduation, I will not go to various companies to find work as an artisan. After that, Nirvana will be my career. I will run this club well. Even if I don't play games in the future, I can be the boss behind the scenes. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly and praised: “Have courage! ”

Xie Mingzhe was somewhat distressed: “The key now is, what if the school doesn't approve my application for suspension? ”

Tang Muzhou softly said, "Don't worry, there's a brother here. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked at him in confusion and said, "Can you help me? ”

Tang Muzhou nodded: “Although your application is insufficiently justified, the school may suspect that you are making a false statement, but if someone who can speak up vouches for you, the situation is completely different. ”

Xie Mingzhe glanced: “Will you vouch for me? ”

Tang Muzhou said: "Of course, you are my brother. Who am I not helping? ”

Xie Mingzhe's excited and her cheeks are red: “Great! That way, I can suspend my school temporarily and use the next two months to make cards, and I and Kirk will have a few more chances of winning the Master Games! ”

Tang Muzhou Wen said: “Don't worry, Pei Jingshan was suspended from school to play the game. I asked him to write you a written application for reference. You can change it according to his format. Then I will be your guarantor and take you to the teaching office to submit the information. Teacher of the Academic Affairs Department. I also had dealings with them. I know them all. They should be good to talk to. With my brother as the guarantor, the school doesn't make any sense. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded hard: "Well, thank you very much! ”

Tang Muzhou raised his lip angle: “You're welcome. The new season starts next April, and the club needs to submit maps for Alliance approval in March. You have to make character cards, ghost cards, and design maps. The time is really short. Now that you've made up your mind, do your best and don't be sorry for yourself. ”

His warm words of encouragement were like a heartbeat pill for Xie Mingzhe.

Yes, if you are determined to be a professional player, you must do your best. Otherwise, you will not be able to get good grades in the game. Aren't you so busy for so long?

If you don't do it, do your best - it's always been Xie Mingzhe's principle.

Tang Muzhou was extremely efficient, and Pei Jingshan and his alumni were very close. In just a few minutes, he sent Xie Mingzhe a document containing the application for suspension of Pei Jingshan from school, as well as a detailed process for completing the suspension.

After reading it, Xie Mingzhe felt the bottom of his heart and overnight rewrote his application.

On Monday, Tang Muzhou arrived at the teaching office to meet Xie Mingzhe on time.

Xie Mingzhe looked at his brother, dressed in plain clothes and wearing a sunglasses mask. Sorry: “I'm going to trouble you again...” He must be busy as the leading cardholder of Fenghua Club, but he came to school deliberately because of his own business, and he also had to find a way to avoid the paparazzi team. Xie Mingzhe was very grateful.

Tang Muzhou took off his sunglasses, and the color was gentle: “No trouble, I didn't take part in the personal competition this year, I've been idle lately anyway. ”

He walked Xie Mingzhe into the office of the teaching office and handed over all the materials.

The teacher at the teaching department asked, "Does your family agree with the suspension? We also need parents' signatures. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “Teacher, I don't have a family, I can make my own decisions. ”

Tang Muzhou glanced at the teenager beside him, but found that he had no sad look on his face. Instead, he was confident and open.

He... doesn't have a family?

Tang Mu Zhou's heart was suddenly sore, as if it had been gently stabbed with a very fine needle tip.

The family conditions are particularly good. It is difficult to imagine how Xie Mingzhe has lived by herself since growing up in Tang Muzhou under the patronage of her parents. What is even more rare is that, even without his family, he works so hard, steadfastly, confidently, without being depressed or inferior at all because of his poor descent.

Tang Muzhou gently placed his hand on Xie Mingzhe's shoulder, gave the other party a silent encouragement, and said to the teacher of the teaching office: "Teacher, the family signed the column, I will sign it for him. ”

Teacher of the teaching office and Xie Mingzhe stunned at the same time and looked back at Tang Muzhou.

The man smiled and said, "I am Xie Mingzhe's brother, or rather his brother, and I will supervise his serious preparation of the competition after his suspension and ensure that he returns to school on time. Teacher, you know my situation very well. With me to vouch for you, are you afraid he will run away? ”

Xie Mingzhe's orbit had a slight fever, deep in his heart, because he had no family for two generations and was in a lonely, dark corner, like a melting sun, warming his whole heart.


Tang Mu Zhou really didn't have to tell him how good he was. Probably his luckiest chance to meet such a brother again...

The Academic Affairs Department is not familiar with the situation of Xie Mingzhe, but the prestigious school in Tang Muzhou knows that, together with the power of the Tang family, even the headmaster will give up three points when he sees Tang Muzhou.

Since Tang Muzhou personally sponsored it, the teacher of the teaching department also believed in Xie Mingzhe's talent and determination as a professional athlete, and his attitude immediately subsided. “Xie, your situation, and Muzhou personally sponsored you, I will truthfully reflect with the school council that you will continue to attend classes before the application for suspension is approved, and I will inform you of the results of the school council discussion within three days. ”

Xie Mingzhe immediately bowed politely: "Thank you teacher! ”

After stepping out of the teaching office, Tang Muzhou said with a slight smile: "Don't worry, this should be done. ”

Xie Mingzhe silenced for a moment and suddenly said: "Don't you ask me why I don't have a family? ”

Tang Muzhou gently extended his hand and patted him gently on the shoulder. “Don't ask, this should be something you don't want to talk about. It's okay, you work really hard, you're better than a lot of people, and you can spell out a career on your own. If your parents don't give you a home, you can have a happy home yourself, can't you? ”

“Yes.” Xie Mingzhe smiled. “Actually, I grew up in an orphanage and had no idea about my family, but in the future, I would definitely find someone I liked to marry and have a lovely baby. A lot of things that God didn't give me, I had to fight for myself. ”

Tang Muzhou suddenly wanted to hug him. The strength of this teenager was really impressive and heartbreaking.

But eventually, Tang Muzhou just took his hand back on his shoulder and said with a smile, “I'm sure you'll meet someone who'll make you happy.” At this time, comforting embraces are superfluous, and Xie Mingzhe does not need comfort.

Tang Muzhou knew the scale well, didn't say much about it. After completing the formalities, the two had lunch together, and he left. Before he left, he also reminded Xie Mingzhe that if he made the card and looked for him at any time, the players of Fenghua II could wait to come back to the ring with Uncle Fat.

Xie Mingzhem sent his brother away, and the stone in his heart finally landed.

With a brother to vouch for, applications for suspension should be approved soon.

As a Nirvana card designer, he would feel guilty about losing because the pool wasn't perfect in the future, so he had to make a decisive decision to give more than 90% of the cards first in the next two months.

Cards can be added later in the Pro League.

But at least, there's absolutely no problem with the cards in the Grandmaster Competition.

The top 16 players in the country sound like a lot of places, but the national player base is so large, the number of players enrolled in the master competition each year exceeds one million, to stand out from so many people, it is not that easy to kill all the way to the top 16.

Without adequate card group support, going to the top of the 16th would be Tianfang Night Tan.

Finding teammates and setting up Nirvana Studios is the first step, and the next step is far more important.

Now that you have a goal in your heart, do your best, as Brother said, and don't leave any regrets for yourself!

The power's out at home. We've been waiting a long time!

I hope the emotional transition between the two will be natural. At present, it's just a bit of a good feeling, but they understand each other and support each other. It will definitely be sweet together. Tang Shen will super adore his little brother, and Pippicher will fully support his brother. I love the warm love of this long stream of fine water.

At the end of volume two, volume three is a massive process of making character cards, ghost cards, divine cards and scene cards. Please continue to support Nirvana?