[Chapter 113, scene card out of furnace]

Tang Muzhou's guarantee was indeed very important. After the Academic Affairs Department submitted Xie Mingzhe's application for suspension to the Academic Affairs Council for discussion, the school approved his application for suspension within three days.

Suspension is calculated on a semester basis, and Xie Mingzhe wrote in his application for three semesters, from September 3001 to January 3003. The addition of one semester was due to the fact that the second half of the league would not be finished until December, while the school had begun in September, and he would not be able to concentrate on the second half of next year's league phase if he applied only for one year.

In his application, he assured that he would return to school on time to complete his studies.

The first year of the Nirvana Club was the most important one, and he had to improve the card group as soon as possible, join his team in the professional league, wait for the club to get on track, and then he could play the game while attending school in the same way as Tang Muzhou.

Three days later, the "Notice of Suspension of Classmates of Xie Mingzhe" was officially issued and his student status was temporarily frozen.

In order to protect the students' privacy, the reasons for suspension were not stated in the notice. The students in the class were wondering, how could he leave after a month of school? Is something wrong at home? Xie Mingzhe didn't explain much either, smiling and saying goodbye to his classmates and teachers.

He told the people in the studio about his successful suspension.

Chen Qianlin had no opinions on this, and felt that the apprentice's approach was very sensible. Chen Xiao joked: “Are you a January tour of Tidu University? It's only been a month since I moved to school, and it's moving back! ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: “Brother Chen, when you say that, it does seem like a January trip! But it's not unproductive. If I don't go to school, how can I know Ko and Qin Xuan? ”

Chen Xiao nodded: “Yes, you've had a good month, looking for two strong teammates. The first year will be tough, so take a break and focus on the game. When the club is set up, the management of each department is familiar with the operation and the pressure is light, you go back to school. ”

“I think so, too. ”

“Xiao Xie, come back and live with me!” When I bought the cake for Xie Mingzhe, Fatty practiced it very happily.

“Of course, I was thinking about one of your drawer snacks! ”

Yu Ke saw Xie Mingzhe suspended from school, couldn't help but ask: “Do I need to suspend from school? ”

Qin Xuan sent two words: “Ask one another. ”

“You don't have to suspend, I'm suspending because there's still plenty of cards to make, and it's too late.” Xie Mingzhe thought about it and suggested, "You two should go to class first, wait for the professional player to register next year, play the game officially, and then we'll see what happens. ”

“Good! We don't have a lot of classes this semester and I will use my after-school time to train carefully.” Siege Ke promised.

“I'll help you keep an eye on the focus of each course and I'll get your notes sorted out for you when you get back for a quick review.” Qin Xuan rarely volunteered to help Xie Mingzhe. Apparently, he has seen Xie Mingzhe as a teammate, which is very comforting to Xie Mingzhe.

What made Xie Mingzhe happier was that Qin Xuan followed closely and sent another picture in the group, "The scene map of Blood Pool Hell, I drew the first draft, see what needs to be changed? ”

This painting is exactly what Qin Xuan is good at. The scene is dim, the ground is tumbling with hot plasma, there is red blood fog in the air, the whole scene does not have much decorative architecture, only two boulder feet are designed for both players to stand, the rest is full of blood pool, as long as the card falls into the blood pool, every second will be negatively affected by bleeding, and the environmental impact cannot be undone.

The whole scene was gloomy and horrible, and perfected under Qin Xuan's pen.

Yuko's eyes suddenly lit up: "Beautiful! ”

This guy's adjective is a mess, he says ghost cards are “so cute”, he says blood pool hell is “so beautiful”, which is also quite strange aesthetic.

Xie Mingzhe said: “This picture fits perfectly with the idea of Hell in the Blood Pool in my mind. Thank you, Qin Xuan. ”

"'Fine,' said Qin Xuan. 'I painted it after three days of school. ”

Chen Qianlin made a more professional suggestion: “The design scene in the game not only draws the floor plan, but also makes a 3D version of the scene model. The exact size of the entire blood pool is how many square meters, and the percentage of cards that bleed per second should be marked in detail. ”

“According to Xiao Xie's idea, Blood Pool Hell is Xiao Ke's haunted cards home. To facilitate the harvesting of the remaining cards across from Nie Xiaoqian, I suggest that it would be more appropriate to control the amount of blood shed per second. If there is too much, Xiao Ke's fragile haunted cards are likely to be killed back by the opponent. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded seriously: “Master is very reasonable, specifically how many percent of the blood is lost, and Xiao Ke himself is looking for a touch in the arena. The amount of blood lost in the environment should be connected to the skills of your card. After Qin Xuan completes the 3D version of the map, Xiao Ke will try it in action to see how the design is most comfortable. ”

Maps that are not officially reviewed will not appear in the arena gallery, but players can privately open their own "Simulation Mode” exercises where players can invite their friends to compete.

There is a “Scene Maps" section dedicated to the forum, with many players' homemade maps for download, but these are unofficial maps for self-entertainment, and some of the girls draw warm and cute scenes such as fairy tale castles, toy houses, etc.

To import maps into the gallery of the competition, you'll have to wait until the Nirvana Club is officially inaugurated next March before sending the maps to the Alliance for approval.

Starcard Storm gave players the freedom to make the most of their brainholes in terms of originality and provided a "self-entertainment" mode that did not affect the game balance, which did make it easier for them to do cartographic research.

Qin Xuan said: "If the image does not need to be modified, I will finalize this diagram? ”

Xie Mingzhe simply nodded: “No problem! Qin Xuan, take the time to make the 3D version of the scene as well. ”

"'Before Friday,' said Qin Xuan. ”

After painting such a large scene in three days, I can make a 3D version by Friday. I really admire the speed of Qin Xuan painting. I thought this guy had a strange temper, a particularly sharp eye, and a very difficult appearance to get along with. But now I find that Qin Xuan is actually a good person and takes his work attitude very seriously.

I can hardly say how excited I am to think that I will soon have an exclusive scene.

I felt like I was dreaming. I offended the ruling guild not long ago for lack of money to take over the reward task, and opened a trumpet to avoid the murder of the ruling. Now not only does Uncle Fatty have a custom ghost card, but he also has the original scene... he is so lucky!

That evening, Xie Mingzhe moved her luggage back to Nirvana Studio and offered to invite everyone to a small dinner party.

Qin Xuan and Yike Ke are also present on time, the school's proximity is convenient.

Everyone talked about recent developments at the dining table.

Yike has mastered all the ghost cards that Xie Mingzhe gave him, but he also knows that if he goes to work, he is not good enough and must continue his efforts. Chen Xiao's number of dark plant cards has increased to twenty, and he can now build a complete set of cards. He shares all the cards with Qin Xuan, who also begins to practice plant cards slowly.

Xie Mingzhe hasn't made a card in the past 10 days, but the application for suspension went on, which is also quite a progress. Next, he can focus on improving the card group.

Everything on the Guild side is arranged in an orderly manner. Fatty and Kim Leap organize daily copies of the Guild, and are responsible for recruiting and reviewing people, and the overall management of the pool and youth. Weekly resource battles will still be attended. Therefore, the Guild warehouse has been running out of materials lately.

According to Home Office Chief Kim Yue, the first members of the Nirvana Guild have all earned enough points to redeem their welfare cards, with the largest number of members redeeming Zhou Yu. For the sake of motivation, after 80 percent of members redeem three cards, the Guild Store will have to add a new one, but that's two months from now.

Another guild event - the guild league - is now a top priority.

"This week's Guild League, I suggest we officially sign up to participate," said Chi Qing. At present, more than 500 players, more than 3,000 experts, have reached the Star Card Master Rank in Nirvana, and everyone has been very active lately. ”

The Guild's total number is 5,000, and over 3,000 star card experts play in the rankings, which is a very high percentage.

Xie Mingzhe thought for a moment, "I think the timing is about right now, the Guild League can sign up as long as the experts above, if more than 3,000 people, even if everyone scores 5 points on average, there are 15,000 Guild points, don't say 5 points, maybe get a few percent, I think the total points should be fine to break 50,000. ”

"The top three players in the Guild League last week were Fenghua, Judgment and Ghost Prison, with a total score of more than 100,000. The Guilds under these big clubs have always been very popular. There are also many great gods of death and loyalty, and there are especially many players who can play the arena. We really go to the Guild League, and may not compete with these Grand Guilds. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and said: "It's okay, you won't get fat in one breath, take your time. ”

Chen Xiao also agreed: “We are still a Level 6 Guild, the number of members cannot be compared to the Seventh Grand Guild, but our Guild members are very motivated. This time to participate in the league, the top 50 ranking is normal. If you can score the top 10 and get on the ranking list, you will be overdoing the task. ”

Yike Ke actively raised his hand and said: “I know many athletes of the Guild. In the next few days, I will mobilize you to try to get as many people into the competition as possible on the weekends! ”

The group quickly agreed on the weekend's programme of activities, and Ji Yingying went back to prepare the promotional release, and Ji Qing began to mobilize everyone in advance. And back at the studio, Xie Mingzhe began to think about card practices.

He summed it up with the master. At present, the ten cards in his card pool are one-time function cards. For different card groups, if he sees a hard card in the other party's open card at a later game, he can play dead cards and kill them in seconds.

For example, in the last confrontation with Tang Muzhou, Xie Mingzhe specifically took Lin Daiyu to his four seasons of Haitang.

Among the other competitive cards, there are four treatment cards, respectively, Formation Therapy Carshennon, Monomer Therapy Big Joe, Momentary Group Therapy Joe, and the Yellow Cap of the "Pseudotherapy Card”, whose earthly system relies on shields to return blood.

There are so many output cards. Admiral Wuhu of Shu Guo Cavalry Regiment is full of powerful Golden Crit cards. Zhou Yu of Wu Guo Arson and Lu Son will be quite helpful in the fire group attack during the regiment. There is also Sun Sangxiang, this harvest card can be used as a key card. If necessary, the effect of blood chasing may be to flip the plate instantly in a headwind situation.

The resurrection card is only for women. Lumont, Pangu, and Volkswagen are all pure control cards, but Xie Mingzhe's control cards are currently too few compared to other great gods' pools.

Chen Qianlin suggested: "You have already made fire and gold set cards, next you can try another department. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded seriously: “I want to try the water department's control flow card group. I'll sort out my thoughts for two days, wait for an idea and discuss it with Master! ”

His cards are quite complex and currently involve five series: gold, wood, water, fire and earth, because, from the very beginning, he did not confine himself to a particular department.

The professional league is famous for its original cards. They all have their own faculties. For example, Nie Yuandao attacked the fire department, Tang Muzhou fought the wood system, Fang Yu only used the water system card, Ling Xuantang and Zheng Feng were representatives of the gold and earth systems.

But Xie Mingzhe is different, he does all five series.

If he goes on stage in a professional league in the future, he will be the only player in the history of the professional league and mastery of the fifth class!

Xie Mingzhe didn't realize how awesome such an approach was, but Chen Qianlin had already discovered it. If Little Apprentice can really make a five-series set of cards, he is the first All-Federation card maker, and no one dares question him.

After returning to the studio dormitory, Xie Mingzhe lay on his bed, put his hands behind his head and thought about the new card with his eyes closed. Fatty was embarrassed to disturb him, so she ate snacks beside herself.

Suddenly, the light brain screen lit up and was a friendly message from the game displayed by the star card APP.

Xie Mingzhe closed his eyes and didn't see it. When Fatty saw it, he shouted and warned: “Xie Xie, you have news. ”

“Oh!" Xie Mingzhe opened his eyes and took a glance at his head and saw an ID he hadn't contacted in a long time. He sent him a private chat. It was very simple and very straightforward: “Hi Fatty, I'm Rain Fang from Frost City. Do you have any idea what I was talking about? ”

* * * * * *

[Chapter 114, First Dead Language Card]

This news of Fang Yu surprised Xie Mingzhe slightly and sat up from the bed.

Of course he hasn't forgotten, it's been in the first part of the memorandum.

It has been more than a month since he met the Great Rain God in the game. He will also think about what to do with the dead end card when he has time, but he has not been very creative.

At this time, Fang Yu suddenly mentioned it. Xie Mingzhe was quite embarrassed. He quickly explained. “I'm sorry, I've been too busy lately. I've always remembered this. I just don't have a very good idea. ”

Fang Yu said: "You made the ghost card of Yuko, didn't you? ”

Xie Mingzhe stunned: “How did you know? ”

“Do you remember Zhao Han, the contestant Ko met in the Tidu University Finals? ”

“Of course I remember. ”

On the day of the finals, he was on the scene. Zhao Han's strength was good. He was also a first-class master at school. He was just a little less colorful than the metaphor Ke. Remember Zhao Han used the water system card group, the first two innings played slow current control, sacrificed “Scorched Earth of Flames” this fastest paced map at the race site, and replaced it with a set of cards that strongly controlled a wave of currents...

Wait, water system? Does he have anything to do with Frost City?

With this in mind, Xie Mingzhe immediately asked: “Do you know Zhao Han? ”

"" He was one of the vice presidents of our Frost City Guild, "said Fang Yu." After the game, he sent me the video. I carefully watched his game with Yu Ke, making sure you made all the ghost cards of Yu Ke. And that's what everyone in the Alliance thinks. ”

Xie Mingzhe Khan Yan thought his vest was well covered, so did everyone know?

He asked somewhat puzzlingly, "How can you be sure that I must have done this when the cardmaker's LOGO was deliberately hidden during the kick-ass game? Maybe Kim knows someone else who can make ghost cards? ”

"'Your style is too bright,' said Fang Yu. ”

Xie Mingzhe was a little confused: “Style? I painted a ghost card. It's quite a difference from a character card, isn't it? ”

"I mean the design of the skills, the style of underbeating is very obvious. Nie Shen said that judging whether the ghost card was made by Uncle Fat, it was simple. If you want to beat up the author after seeing his skills, it must be Uncle Fat. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “..."

Nie Shen, should I thank you for your praise? Xie Mingzhe was really crying, but Nie Shen was right. Sometimes, seeing these strange card designs, he wanted to beat himself up.

“I've been busy matching up with the team card team in Frost City for a while now. I didn't think about customizing cards. These two days, plus you made a whole new batch of ghost cards, that's why I asked you if you had any ideas for a dead letter card. ”

Fang Yun paused and followed closely; “Everyone said you would create your own Nirvana Club and play the Pro League yourself. If you feel like doing a card for me and it conflicts with your club, the deal between us can be cancelled, and I won't force you. ”

Xie Mingzhe said softly: “Don't worry, I promise you I won't regret anything. Moreover, the customized cards agreed upon at the time did not involve copyright issues and were therefore not a conflict. However, I don't have the idea of a dead end card right now. I'm also free for two days. I'll think about it and get in touch with you as soon as I have an idea. ”

Fang Yu nodded: “Thank you first. ”

"You're welcome," said Xie Mingzhe. "I'm sorry for taking so long. I'll be there as soon as I can! ”

At the end of the dialogue, Xie Mingzhe was once again lost in thought.

Fang Yu is a special player. He is the first-hand disciple of Suyang, the water system's nose. He is the most powerful elder brother of the four in Liufrost City, and has pioneered a new way to play dead language. As the winner of the sixth season's individual game, his strength was undoubtedly top notch, but he was less popular than his second brother, Joe Creek, and the key reason was that he was too arrogant.

Journalists are said to be the last player they want to interview. Fan meetups, peripheral sales meetings, he never attend, except for the necessary games, he will be personally present, he does not usually deal with other players in the circle, and rarely participate in various activities of the league, just to defend Liufrost City this acre of self-entertainment, can be said to be the ultimate man.

Xie Mingzhe's requirement to customize the card was always kept in the memorandum. He opened it and took a look. The first was to trigger control of the enemy's group after the card died, and the second was to trigger his own group gain.

Such a dead word card is undoubtedly a crucial turnaround when playing the game. When the opponent kills this dead word card, he will not only be mass-prosecuted, but the opponent will be attacked by a group of people, most likely by a wave of counter-killing.

Since it's a dead end card that works, the idea of making cards is completely different from other cards in terms of data. Other cards need to consider viability, so you can put in more skills for a while. But the dead card is "actively seeking death”, so the cards can have the lowest basic defense and vitality and can be killed as quickly as possible by the opponent.

But the opponent is not stupid, knowing that this card is a dead word, will trigger a very strong skill effect after death, the game encounters this card will definitely “put it away”, lazy to ignore you.

So, it's best to design another skill to actively absorb the damage yourself, to achieve the effect of "My opponent doesn't like me, I'm going to touch the porcelain to death”, only such a dead word card can play a role in the arena.

How do we design it? Xie Mingzhe frowned for a long time and still didn't have a very good idea.

It is not too early to look at it. Xie Mingzhe simply stopped thinking and went to sleep to feed his spirit. He intends to wait until tomorrow morning to get up and think about it when his mental state is best.

That night, he had a dream that all his cards were killed, one worse than the other, and that bloody picture was really cold on the back.

It's probably because I've been thinking about dead cards before I went to bed that I had this strange dream.

When he woke up the next day, Xie Mingzhe rubbed his head painfully - the scene in the dream was too realistic, all the cards were chanting spells before he died tragically, what “I curse you not to die well” and "I will not let go of you as a ghost”. The classic lines in these TV shows came out, and his dreams were really rich.

Wait, the person who put a curse on death... the most famous is Dong Eun!

He clearly remembers that this is an article in a high school language textbook, a rare script, adapted from the Yuan Dynasty playwright Guan Hanqing's comedy, "The Wrongs of the Moving Earth".

This play is about Doo Ee and Grandma Cai's life depends on each other. As a result, it was seen by a local gangster named Zhang Dongye. The gangster wanted Doo Ee to marry himself, and was categorically rejected by Doo Ee. Zhang Dongye resented his heart, poisoned Granny Cai's soup medicine, and tried to poison the old man to force Dong Eun to marry. Unexpectedly, Granny Cai did not drink this bowl of soup and gave it to the gangster's father. As a result, Yin Yang wrongly poisoned his own father, Zhang Dongye was so angry that he planted the murder charge on Dong Yi and sued him to Chuzhou Yingmen.

Don Eun was helpless, and Zhang Dongye paid to buy the capital of Chuzhou, and was finally sentenced to death. She couldn't handle all the grievances in the courtroom. She had to swear to God with tears. If God had eyes, my head would have been cut off and a hot blood would have been splashed on three feet of white practice, so that the snow would cover my corpse, and Chuzhou would have drowned for three years!

When she was beheaded, all her vows were fulfilled.

After death trigger the dead speech effect, Don Ee, this card is perfect for a dead speech department card!

Xie Mingtze's mind was clear, I thought about it a long time ago, why didn't I think of Don Eun? Now the idea is completely open, the customized cards of the Great Rain God have finally landed!

After breakfast in the living room grass, Xie Mingzhe rushed into the game wearing a helmet.

The character image of this card, he probably depicted it in his mind. Don Eun suffered a lot from childhood, she was a very thin woman, the five officials were very clear, and she was kind and filial.

After being wrongfully imprisoned in the cell, she changed into a plain white prison suit, her hair scattered behind her head and her waist appeared slightly messy, and a lot of messy Liu Hai drooped over her forehead, with no decorations all over her body or down.

Her body was tied with a rope and her hands were tied behind her, and behind her was a sign representing a condemned prisoner with a brush stroke that read "Chop-Offender Sinus”. The word "beheaded” was circled by the red line, indicating that she was about to be beheaded.

Character image is better, then the top priority - skill design.

The first skill, called "beheading with grievances," is a proactive hate pulling skill that forces the other party to kill itself in seconds to trigger the next dead end.

The skill behind it, because there are three poisonous oaths by Dao E, and if one card removes the linkage technique, the independent skill usually makes two, up to three. Xie Mingzhe can only choose two of these venomous oaths suitable for playing in the arena.

The first is the June snowfall, the sudden snowfall in the summer, it is God can't even see Don E's grievance, so the range of snowfall can directly freeze the opponent group, which is a strong control technique.

The second skill is Blood Splash Practice, Splash your own blood into the sky, inspire the anger of allies within range, and allow all teammates to significantly increase their attack power in a short period of time.

As soon as everything was set up, Xie Mingzhe connected the spiritual forces to start making this card.

With the infusion of spiritual power, a poor white woman soon appeared on Nebula paper. This character card still retains the cartoon style of Xie Mingzhe's character card, which is very beautiful.

Dou E (Water System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 100, Attack 0, Defense 100, Agility 30, Critical 0%

Additional Skills: Includes Wrongful Beheading (Passive Skill. Dong Eun was wronged and sent to the courtyard to behead him for murder. When the death row inmate Dong Eun appears, the attack on the hostile target within 23 meters will automatically be transferred to Dong Eun)

Additional Skills: Blood Splash Exercise (One-Time Dead Language Technique. Dong Er was full of grievances. When she was beheaded, she made a venomous vow. When she was beheaded, there would not be a drop of hot blood in her neck falling on this filthy ground. All the blood splashed into the air. Within 23 meters, her friend's target was infected with grief. The group increased its attack power by 100%. Duration: 3 seconds)

Additional Skills: June Snowfall (One-Time Dead Language Technique. The second of the poisonous vows made by Dong Eun when her head was beheaded, only heaven could know her wrongs, so when she died, it snowed heavily, all hostile targets within the range of 23 meters were affected by the heavy snow of goose fur, and the group was frozen for 3 seconds)

Dead language cards are very rare in the database, so this card is easily approved.

Xie Mingzhe looked at the skills on the card and was very satisfied.

Dong E is also technically an auxiliary card with buff and group control, but the advantage of dead language cards is that the opponent will have a very headache when playing cards. Should we hit her or not? Once she was accidentally killed, she triggered a dead speech technique, and a wave of strong control crashed into herself.

This card is ideal for teamwork and works with other Water-based Attack Cards in Frost City for short-term bursts.

Moreover, one of her skills “beheaded with grievances” can be used as a mockery technique. When the opponent wants to lose a core card with a big move seconds, summon Dong Eun, force the opponent to attack himself, which is tantamount to scrapping the opponent's big move, and also trigger a dead speech technique, allowing his teammates to burst out in the next 3 seconds.

The success of this card ecstatic Xie Mingzhe!

Not only did he complete the customized cards presented by the Great God of Fang Yu, but he also opened up his new thinking.

Blood and sacrifice cards!

Would his opponent be more annoyed if he added some of these post-bleeding trigger cards to his pool?

Since so many skill annoying cards have been made, why don't we finish off the annoyance and give him a very high rating from Feni God: after seeing the skill, we want to beat the author up.

Xie Mingzhe felt that his personal safety could still be guaranteed in a rule-of-law society, and the Great Gods wanted to beat him in their hearts, not really do it - anyway, his hatred was big enough, he didn't mind pulling any more!

The Great Gods saw the new card and only wanted to play Pippitje. I hope everyone would like to see the new card Author:)

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