[Chapter 121, Impression Improvement]

Ji Ying has had a headache lately. Xie Mingzhe's made a rather annoying card skill. This is the consensus of everyone in the studio, but she didn't expect that this guy actually made ten cards in a row in a week. He put them together with the previous Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai to form a "Jinling Twelve Chai" set of cards, and gave her a story outline to improve the card encyclopedia.

The intricate relationship between the people made Il Ying almost faint.

In order to facilitate the clear understanding of the pool, Xie Mingzhe drew her a Character Relationship Form. The density and numbness is like a spider web. He seriously said: "Each card should write a small biography of the characters alone. If you encounter anything you do not understand, please ask me. ”

“Well, I'll sort it out first.” Pool Shining also loves this set of cards, I can't help but ask, "Can I have a collection? ”

“Sure, I'll make a physical card for you directly.” Xie Mingzhe said with a laugh, "If there are many people who will like this set of cards in the future, we can make Jinling 12-chai's set of cards into a fan perimeter. ”

“Great!” Pool Shining looked at the different beauties on the cards, "he said,“ many people will definitely like this set. ”

The lucid words quickly proved that the studio's Pool Qing, Pang Yu and Jin Yue loved this set of cards. Chen Qianlin was the first to see this set of cards, and the data was adjusted by him. He did not make any comments on the cards made by Xie Mingzhe. After Chen Xiao saw it, he couldn't help laughing and scolding: “You card, really destroy the spirit of the opponent! ”

Xie Mingzhe said: "Brother Chen, do you want to practice with me first? ”

Chen Xiao waved immediately: “No, I don't want to hear Wang Xifeng laugh once in 12 seconds. ”

“…” Once every 12 seconds, this is the result of Chen Qianlin's modification of the data. Chen Qianlin looked disgusted. Chen Qianlin pretended that it was none of his business and said calmly to Xie Mingzhe: "Xiao Ke does not know that you have made so many water cards yet. You can try Xiao Ke in action, just refining his psychological qualities. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Yeah, just find Ko! ”

At the same time, the metaphor for school suddenly sneezed a lot.

After class, Yuki snuck back to the dormitory with the book in his arms.

Since becoming a member of the Nirvana Club, he has been running to the Nirvana Studio from time to time for lunch, the studio is just across the street from the school, it takes only 10 minutes to walk, and the food cooked by Qing Sister is especially delicious, and more importantly, you can also see Archer, Chen and them, chat blow water, much better than eating alone in the cafeteria.

Due to the early hours of class today, Yuki went back to the dormitory in advance to prepare for dinner in the studio. As a result, he had just decided to go out with his helmet in his arms and suddenly received a message from Q-X, Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan always said words like gold, this time sent a video, the zoom image looks bloody, accompanied by a brief and concise explanation: “3D effect diagram. ”

Metaphor understood right away - the 3D effect map of Blood Pool Hell was finally made!

Two days ago, Qin Xuan made the first version. After sending it to the group, everyone thought it was good, but Qin Xuan himself denied it. He simply deleted the redo, because he was not very satisfied with it, and felt that the details still needed to be modified. Metaphor is a little confused and thinks he's really “perfectionist”.

I wonder what he's going to look like.

Ke Qiqi opened the video he sent, and it was so bright in front of him - this modified version is amazing!

Qin Xuan added some cadaver details to the blood pool hell. The white flower skull floated in the blood pool, displaying the shadows and horrors of hell completely, and it was accompanied by scene sound effects. From time to time, some demons came creepy screaming.

Yike Ke couldn't help but send a line of compliments: "It's beautiful aaaaaaaah! ”

Is this beautiful? Classmates, should you go back to junior high and learn how to use adjectives?

Enduring the urge to spit, Qin Xuan asked coldly: “Are you satisfied? ”

Yike Ke sent a big voice directly: "Satisfied, satisfied! Super satisfied! Especially the occasional ghost scream, I hear the scalp is going to blow up, especially excited, hahaha, the opponent will definitely be scared when he hears it, easy to distract, then I will take advantage of the opponent to distract them and kill them in a sudden defense! ”

Listening to the excited laughter of the teenager in his ear, Qin Xuan gently smoked the corner of his mouth. I always thought this guy was a little silly.

After Yike Ke said it, he realized the key, and asked: "Did you send it to them? ”

Qin Xuan said: "Well, they all said it was good. I'm going to take the 3D map to the studio tonight, import it into simulation mode, and try it out in action. ”

Yike Ke said: “I'll come downstairs to find you. Let's go together! ”

Shortly after the speech was finished, a knock sounded outside the door, and it just flew down.

Qin Xuan opened the door and looked at the little guy who kept smiling. He frowned. “You go ahead, I still have a picture to draw, and I'll be there at 6: 30 for dinner. ”

“I'll wait for you on the couch. I'll be there at 6: 30.” Ke ignored Qin Xuan's indifferent gaze. Since Qin Xuan became a teammate and promised to paint him a scene card, he has not been as afraid of Qin Xuan as before.

In the past, every time Qin Xuan glared at me, it was as if Ke had been imposed a "negative state of stereotyping", and he dared not move. But now, being stared at by Qin Xuan, he will automatically decontroll and still jump alive, because deep down in his heart, he has changed his impression of Qin Xuan from “people with strange personalities who are difficult to get along with” to “people who look a little cold, but are actually very good".

Not knowing that he had received another good person card, Qin Xuan saw Xiao Ke refused to go, so he had to open the door to let the other side in.

Metaphor puts his head together on his light-brain photo production page, looks at the dense, numb grid multiplied by countless times, and asks somewhat curiously, "What are these you painting? Art department homework? ”

Qin Xuan bluntly said: “The scene picture of Ghost Castle is a modified version of the picture on the exhibition. ”

Qi Ke stunned and laughed and praised immediately after returning to God: "Are you making the second scene card too? You are very efficient, the scene style of the painting is super perfect and the details are super perfect, it's great to have you in Nirvana! ”

Qin Xuan: “...”

He hates being kissed on the ass. But with this metaphorically sincere eye, this guy again sounds like he's telling the truth. Qin Xuan was boasted a little embarrassed in person. His face turned stiff and said: “Sit on the couch for a while. I'll finish the drawing soon, leaving at 6: 30. ”

“Well, I wait for you!” Anakin turned around and sat on the couch.

As soon as he sat down, he received a message from Xie Mingzhe: "Ko, are you out of class? Come back to the studio for the evening and we'll have a little consultation to see how you've been doing lately. ”

Xie Ke immediately excited: “Okay, I'll come with Qin Xuan at 6: 30! ”

Xie Mingzhe wondered: “Why come with Qin Xuan? ”

Metaphor said: “By the way, bring the Blood Pool Hell scene card to fight in action. I'll be more confident to beat you on the new map! ”

Have you been thinking too much?

Xie Mingzhe looked confident and said with a smile: "Sure. Then tell Qin Xuan to come over for dinner. We'll cook more dishes at night. ”

* * *

At 6: 30, Qin Xuan definitely stopped working punctually and took the painted plans of the ancient castle of Ghost with him.

When I came to Nirvana Studio, I smelled the familiar food fragrance as soon as I entered the door. I ran to the restaurant looking for the smell. I couldn't bear to envy the abundance of food on the table: “I'd love to move in with you too, so many delicious things every day...”

Xie Mingzhe patted him on the shoulder: “Hold on. You don't have a place to stay right now. After we rent our own office building, everyone will have a single dormitory. At that time, you and Qin Xuan can come and stay any time. ”

Yuko also looked forward to the day the Nirvana Club was officially established.

Chen Xiao is recently looking for a new team base. The studio is now a duplex home renovation by his brother Chen Qianlin. It is too small for several people in the living room to sit down. The bedroom upstairs is also a double room with poor conditions.

Hearing this, Chen Xiao said: “I will let the intermediary hurry up and find us a better base address for the environment. I will definitely move before the new year. Let me handle this. ”

Brother Chen was assured of Xie Mingzhe's business. Everyone had a pleasant and harmonious dinner around the table.

After eating, everyone went back to the living room and sat down. Qin Xuan handed over the 3D map to Xie Mingzhe, who immediately connected the game and imported the map into a private gallery. Since it did not pass official review, this map can currently only be used in simulation mode.

Chen Qianlin, Chen Xiao, Qin Xuan and Yike also found a rotating chair to sit on and enter the game.

Uncle Fatty pulled all four accounts to the simulation stage.

Once the Blood Pool Hell scene is imported into the simulation stage, you'll be able to visit the site. The effect animation produced by Qin Xuan is more obvious than looking at the light brain. This scene card is truly the best in the dark scene, especially the white bone setting floating in Qin Xuan's later added blood pool, making the whole scene more scary and realistic.

Xie Mingzhe said with a slight smile: "Qin Xuan made the map, the details are really great. ”

He really liked it when Ke Ke stood on the rockfall in the middle of the blood pool, surrounded by a pool of water that was constantly grunting with strange blood, and there were still hidden white bones in it. Yu Ke couldn't help but stretch his foot to the edge of the blood pool and probed, “If I fell into the blood pool, would I bleed? ”

Qin Xuan said: "No, the blood pool will only bleed out your card. As suggested by Lin God, I designed the initial bleeding volume to drop 3% per second. We can revise the data if it is not suitable. ”

Since the drop point is about one square meter, only the player can stand, the summoned cards will surely fall into the blood pool, bear a negative state of 3% bleeding per second, and this is a “negative state of the environment” and cannot be removed by the skills of the uncontrolled class.

The long and wide design of the blood pool is 50 meters, the furthest release distance of skills in the game is 30 meters, 30 meters from each other to attack the opponent's card, and the flexible moving area of about 20 meters after the two sides have set up the formation allows the card to move.

This scene is not complicated, you can see the end at a glance, but the bleeding out of the blood pool can be annoying.

There are two theoretical methods of fighting blood pool hell. First, according to Xie Mingzhe's original assumption, Xiao Ke's ghost card attack is high. Under the influence of the blood pool scene, all cards continue to bleed, and the amount of blood itself is very unhealthy. It is understood that Ke can take advantage of the outbreak and harvest the field to achieve "fast".

The second way, Xie Mingzhe also suddenly thought of it after being there in person - the Red House Card Team could also win by dragging on a later stage. So what if you attack harder? I can get my blood back in half a day. After a long time, it must be the opponent.

Sacrifice this Scene Card when attacking the Fast Trash Card Set, on the one hand, allowing the bleeding state of the environment to compensate for the insufficient output of the Red House Card Set, and on the other hand, allowing the Red House Card Set to use various controls and aids to drag to a later stage to win by blood volume difference.

This scene card works, so does Xie Mingzhe!

Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe smiled and said, "Kirk, shall we try PK in action? ”

Metaphorically pressed the prep: "Come on, let's see how I abuse you. Hey, hey! ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Not yet, you put Flag behind your back!

He didn't know what Xie Mingzhe had done recently. He thought it was just one of the previous gold card groups. When the two sides were ready, he looked at the clear water beauty card in front of him at the lighting stage. He was completely stupid.

Jia Yingchun, Jia Tanchun... what is all this!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 122: The Metaphor of Heart Breakdown]

Private PK for two people is also the most common dark card pattern for games.

Xie Mingzhe is familiar with the cards he used to play, and his five distinguished cards are Black and White Impermanence, Bullhead Horse Face and Nie Xiaoqian.

Xie Mingzhe's cards are Yingchun and Tanchun sisters, healing Ka Miaoyu, single-control Ka Xiangyun, and output card Wang Xifeng. The secret cards are Qin Keqing and Qiaojie. The array is state-assisted, has a controlled field, and the key is dual therapy, which maximizes the survival of the card set, and the opponent can easily be dragged to death by the bleeding of the scene as long as he lives.

After experiencing the initial shock, Xie Ke calmed down immediately and quickly observed Xie Mingzhe's card group using half a minute of the countdown.

Yingchun is a dead letter card. After scoring and mocking, it can still silence the opponent; Tanchun monomer output, Xiangyun monocontrol, Miaoyu treatment, Wang Xifeng group output...

Though these cards are strange, they can be regarded as first-rate, and Xie Mingzhe's thinking quickly became clear.

Bring a treatment card, which means dragging yourself to a later stage with time.

Now you have two choices. First, whether or not the opposite party delays, you continue to use a quick tactic to quickly resolve the opponent's core cards before the other party drags the game to the late stage. Second, you exchange the late cards from Wei Zheng and Turima's ghost card set into the dark card and drag the other party into the late stage together.

For a moment of hesitation, I decided not to change.

Because his secret cards are carried by Mumbai and Judge Choi, Mumbai can completely target Xie Mingtze's treatment card, so he is not afraid that Xie Mingtze will procrastinate. A bowl of soup from Mumbai will be fed. Miaoyu directly forgot his skills, so what else will he treat? Moreover, the judge can play the highest output card across the street, with the judge present, the other party's core output card will be greatly threatened.

The competition began soon.

This massive bleeding scenario cannot summon too many cards at once because it can cause the whole group to bleed and overburden the treatment.

Xie Mingzhe only summoned Xiangyun a single control, which was obviously not stupid. He only summoned White Ambiguous, a card with a thick amount of blood that could hold the damage. However, there is a five-second call to a new card in the arena, and the next card to be played by the opponent is the key.

After the countdown of 5 seconds, Yike Ke simultaneously summoned the cowhead and horse face, and Xie Mingzhe summoned the healing Ka Miaoyu.

Yike Ke's thinking is clear. First, keep all the cards and blood on your field low, then rely on Nie Xiaoqian and Kurofu Harvest overlay marks. The group attack linkage on the bullhead horse will definitely cause a lot of damage to Xiangyun and Miaoyu on the field!

However, at the moment when the cowhead paved Huangquan Road and the horse opened the flowers on the other side, Xie Mingzhe suddenly summoned a card.

Jia Yingchun!

Yingchun's first skill, "Meet the Endurance", can be used to scoff and absorb all attacks into one's body.

Thus, as soon as Jia Yingchun appeared, she absorbed all the attack of the bull-head horse face. Jia Yingchun was so brittle that he almost instantly hung up. After his death, he triggered a dead speech technique. The enemy group remained silent for 3 seconds, and the friendly healing effect increased for 10 seconds.

Jia Yingchun's death enhanced Miaoyu's healing effect, so Xie Mingzhe followed closely to summon Wang Xifeng. He is not afraid of the scene bleeding at all. The more cards on the field, the better.


A laugh suddenly rang in his ear. I didn't see his person, I smelled his laugh first. I heard a woman laugh in her ear. At a moment, she was a little obsessed and thought she was hallucinating.

Is there a ghost laughing in this scene? Qin Xuan's scene sounds not like this, right?!

Until a few seconds later, he saw Wang Xifeng appear within 30 meters, laughing hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

At this point, all three of his cards were silent and unable to release their skills.

Wang Xifeng attacked in a wave, followed closely, Tanchun appeared, and instantly moved close to him and smoked a bull's head and an ear scraper.

For a moment, he finally recovered and calmly analyzed the war situation.

At present, his cowhead and horse noodle attack skills are cooled down, so he is not in a hurry to release the linkage technique. With all the vain skills, Wang Xifeng and Tanchun's attack pattern is particularly annoying, one laugh attack and one slap attack, the damage caused is not very high.

However, the negative effects of the scene must be taken into account. The blood loss is 3% per second, the rhythm is too fast, and the blood loss is 30% directly for 10 seconds. At this time, there is only half the blood left on the bull-head horse face, which is aided by the thickness of the white anomaly. The blood volume is maintained at more than 60,000.

Because of the presence of Miaoyu, Miaoyu can only offer tea, and all cards will carry a "tea drinking" blood buff, and must not allow the other party to develop their therapeutic skills.

Thinking about it, Ke resolutely summoned Muang and the judge!

Bombay forcibly fed Bombay soup to Miaoyu, so that Miaoyu temporarily forgot his "tea service” treatment skills, and the judge would automatically pick the highest output card for a period of time to hit. Since Wang Xifeng is a group attack, the output data is higher than Tanchun's single attack, so Judge Choi's assault greeted Wang Xifeng directly. With the effect of the scene bleeding, Wang Xifeng instantly became half-blooded.

It's time to harvest it!

Metaphor no longer hesitates to summon all remaining cards.

Nie Xiaoqian, the black constant, the appearance of the two main outputs, quickly grasped the initiative of the competition, only Nie Xiaoqian's figure instantly split a few shadows, automatically followed Xie Mingzhe's character card.

Nie Xiaoqian's assault was still quite fierce. A set of outbreaks directly beat Wang Xifeng into a bloody skin. He followed Wang Xifeng with his hair and threw him into front of the Black Insanity. He let the Black Insanity take off his head and obtained a Yin and Yang mark.

Xiao Ke's quick attack was really strong, and Chen Qianlin's heart watched greatly appreciated it.

However, Wang Xifeng also had dead speech skills. Xie Mingzhe actually guessed that Xiao Ke was going to do this, but did not save Wang Xifeng and let her die. Phoenix will hand over half of her basic attack power to her teammates when she dies. Xie Mingzhe certainly does not hesitate to let her add the attack to Tanchun.

Tanchun is a standalone output card. The original attack can only be counted as superior. After receiving Wang Xifeng's 50% base attack bonus, Tanchun became a very scary top single-attack card. With little hesitation, she punched the bull's head, which had just been slapped in the face, into a little bloody skin.

Looking at the cowhead about to hang up, Ke Ke wanted this card to play its final value before he died, so he decisively broke the link between the cowhead and the horse.

Evil Spirit Fall Out!

Huangquan Road and other shore flowers overlap rapidly over the range, cowhead and horse face double card links, causing massive attack damage!

If these people go down, Xie Mingzhe's already bleeding cards must have been broken.

The next moment, however, a little girl in a pink tux appeared suddenly...

It's a blessing to be killed. It's a blessing!

Once Qiao's healing skills were opened for an excessively long cooling time, the bull-headed horse and horse combined group attack turned into a blood return, giving back all the cards of Xie Mingzhe's blood volume?!!

After understanding the skill mechanism of this card, I can't help but take off my helmet and beat Xie Mingzhe right away!

Can he be a little more scoundrel? I knew he had this card, and Momma should have kept the skills to scrap it. And Qiao can be resurrected!

Qiao Xifeng revived her mother Wang Xifeng and triggered the linkage. Wang Xifeng's skills were refreshed and she laughed even louder.


The magical laughter echoed in his ear, saying that Ko really wanted to spit blood!

Wang Xifeng's laughter group attacked, Tanchun's single attack, and the double card joined forces to kill the horse face.

Xiangyun, this card, summoned from the beginning, slept on his own stone bed, as if ridiculing his opponent with a posture. Yike Ke wanted to deal with Wang Xifeng and Tanchun first, so he ignored her. But Xiangyun's single control can work wonders at critical times!

Nie Xiaoqian and Kurofu just joined forces for a second, Wang Xifeng. The next target is definitely Tanchun, who has gained bonus from the attack!

Xiangyun Xiangyun's somnolence control made Nie Xiaoqian unable to continue releasing his skills.

However, black invariance is a general attack card that will not be affected by silence. Even if he does not release his skills, his general attack caused quite a terrible amount of damage. In a blink of an eye, he gave Tanchun a second!

Metaphor's interpretation of the situation is very sensible. Xie Mingzhe's set of cards. Tanchun is the core output card. As long as this output dies, Xie Mingzhe will fall into a dilemma of insufficient output.

Soon, there was another burst of laughter in his ear.

Ha Ha Ha!

Another Sound Wave + Spiritual Attack!

Until then, he suddenly noticed something was wrong.

It doesn't matter if Xie Mingzhe's output card dies. The two sides fight each other, and the winning and losing look at the number of remaining cards.

At this time, all the cards of Xie Mingzhe were full of blood due to Qiao's vicious luck. On the other hand, even after the last appearance of Kurofu and Nie Xiaoqian, there is only about 40% blood left...

No, if you bleed again, your cards will die!

The opponent must be resolved in 10 seconds!

Think of it here, Yuki no longer hesitates, and opens up the protection skill of White Impermanence "All Damages Delayed by 5 Seconds” directly.

White Impermanence is a skill that also works well for environmental effects, because it is “all damage delay calculation”, environmental bleeding is also considered injury, delay calculation for 5 seconds, buy Nie Xiaoqian, Judge and Black Impermanence for 5 seconds.

Nie Xiaoqian's silence effect was lifted and immediately went to kill Miaoyu.

Miaoyu has just been fed Meng's soup to forget her skills, but not permanently. Her forgetfulness is time-limited. She must be given a second before she can recall her skills. Otherwise, once Miaoyu is treated, she will lose the game.

Nie Xiaoqian and Kurofu jointly attacked really is not blown. After Xiaoqian wrapped around, Kurofu instantly came to cooperate. Two high-hit ghost cards joined together, even Miaoyu with a HP of more than 80,000, was forcibly killed in just 5 seconds!

The Yin and Yang markers on the body of Kurofu became 2.

Xie Mingzhe's card, Yingchun dying speech card is considered to have touched porcelain death, Tanchun, Miaoyu was killed, Wang Xifeng was killed and then resurrected. At this time, Wang Xifeng, Qiao Sister and Xiangyun remained on his field card, holding a Qin Keqing in his hand.

Meanwhile, Ko's cards, bull-head horse face all died, Mung, judges, white uncertainty due to early summoning time, blood volume is around 30%, black uncertainty and Nie Xiaoqian blood volume is around 40%, but there is still a delay of 5 seconds 15% not settled.

The number of cards is self-evident as one more card, but Xie Mingzhe clearly dominates the overall blood volume.

Chen Qianlin said: "Xiao Ke is about to lose. ”

Chen Xiao smiled and said, "Well, Chul still has an annoying secret card. ”

A white invariant delay of 5 seconds to settle does not mean that you will not settle. After 5 seconds, all ghost cards will suffer a one-time 3% × 5 = 15% environmental bleeding damage accumulated during this period!

Darkness must be preserved, otherwise the Yin and Yang markers will not explode at all.

As soon as 5 seconds arrived, Xie Ke did not hesitate to unlock the Bombay Tang's gaining skills, feeding the Black Volatile, so that the Black Volatile completely forgot the damage over the next 5 seconds.

He's pretty smart at this.

White Impermanence is delayed by 5 seconds to settle, Bombay is directly oblivious to the injury, which is equivalent to forgetting the part of the damage that is delayed. So, when the other cards arrived in 5 seconds, the group bled 15%, but the black constant forgot to hurt, safe and sound!

Xie Mingzhe also appreciated Xiao Ke's wisdom, and it seems that he is becoming more and more comfortable with the use of this ghost card set.

Too bad, Kirk, you missed a little.

Black and White Impermanence linkage must be activated in the presence of Black and White Impermanence simultaneously.

Normally it is true to keep the black constant, white constant defense high is hard to kill. But today this bleeding map has dropped your blood volume to 15%...

Xie Mingzhe summoned Qin Keqing with a smile.

With Wang Xifeng laughing again, Qin Keqing, a weak woman, appeared on the field.

However, Yike Keqing suddenly fell down before he could see what the other card was.

Yike Ke: “?? ”

I didn't kill him! I didn't do anything!

Cards that were killed directly when they appeared, I really don't know what to say. Moreover, after Qin Keqing's death, he went directly to the effect of two dead words. At the end of the dream, she sent Wang Xifeng to dream. She was immune from any attack or control for the next 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, her defense decreased but her attack increased by 50%. At the same time, she let Vain hang herself.

Qin Keqing showed his spirit after his death, and let the designated target hang himself. Effective when target blood volume is less than 30%.

Although White Impermanence has a high blood volume, this skill is calculated as a percentage. At this time, White Impermanence has only 15% of the blood. It can only contain hate that Qin Keqing can be persuaded to hang himself. The tongue spitting out in his mouth seems to be complaining about his dissatisfaction.

Yike Ke: “...............”

If I die, I can kill myself with my card.

Once the White Impermanence dies, the Black and White Impermanence explosion mark linkage is completely abolished.

Other cards, even if Xie Mingzhe leaves them unattended, will be affected by the bleeding state of 3% of the environment per second...

Yike Ke was about to collapse. In the blink of an eye, Meng Lao and the judge all died because of the bleeding environment.

The highest blood volumes of black uncertainty, although very vigorously killed Xiangyun, Qiao Sister, the mark on his body is stacked on the whole five layers, but, in the absence of white uncertainty, he can't even explode the mark! What's the use of more eggs?

Wang Xifeng was dragged by Qin Keqing, dreaming, unable to attack...

After 5 seconds, Wang Xifeng's dream ended and his defense dropped, but his attack increased by 50%.


As Xifeng laughed with joy, the game ended.

Nie Xiaoqian Ben only had a little blood skin left. Even with the dual protection of White Impermanence and Meng Lady, after all, the protection time had long passed, he had also been bleeding, two blood medals, and Wang Xifeng, who had been attacked and boosted, attacked the clear field.

- Failure!

Looking at these words that pop up on the screen, I can't help but laugh.

It doesn't matter if he wins or loses, but the psychological suffering is the most horrible thing he's ever done in the arena!

Hahahaha laughter, even after the game, still haunts my mind, makes me feel like a headache.

Yingchun absorbed the damage and actively begged for death. Qin Keqing died of his own illness as soon as he appeared. He also persuaded others to hang himself, which is too much!

Looking at Ke's face and spitting blood, Xie Mingzhe was in a good mood. Removing his helmet he asked with a smile: “Ke, what do you think of my card set? ”

"Don't talk to me! I also have a laugh echoing in my head. ”

"" ………… "

Poor Kirk, I think I'm going back tonight for a nightmare.

Qiao's skills are too strong, the cooldown time is changed to 10 minutes, and the game is played once. When his mother Wang Xifeng died, the linkage was reset once.

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