[Chapter 131, Gifts]

After the competition, many reporters will certainly interview Xu Changfeng and Shen An backstage. To avoid being stopped by reporters, Tang Muzhou did not greet the players of Fenghua Club and took Xie Mingzhe directly off the VIP channel.

It was only nine o'clock when he walked out of the room, and Tang Muzhou suggested, "It's early, why don't you come sit at my place? ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged; “Wanna go to Fenghua Club? Isn't that a good idea? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled: “Go to my house, not the club dormitory. ”

Xie Mingzhe felt that it was even more inappropriate to go to his house at this late hour, just to ask, but heard Tang Muzhou say: “I live alone, the place is very close. I have some information for you. I'll send you back later. ”

Brother said so, Xie Mingzhe couldn't refuse, so nodded to follow him.

Tang Muzhou drove around this bustling neighborhood and eventually stopped at the door of a nearby neighborhood. The car was released after a strict security check.

It's night, but the street lights are bright outside and you can still see the setting in the neighborhood - it's obviously a high-end residential area, full of single-family pool villas, shaded by green trees in the neighborhood, and you can't hear a noise. It's like a bustling city, a secluded out-of-the-wall source, completely isolated from the hustle and bustle with just one fence.

The price of the villa in downtown certainly goes without saying, it is not surprising to buy the villa from Tang Mu Zhou's income, Xie Mingzhe wonders why he brought himself here? What are you going to show yourself?

After turning a few corners, the car stopped in front of a villa door and Tang Muzhou walked in with Xie Mingzhe.

The lights in the house turn on automatically as soon as you enter the door.

Xie Mingzhe changed her slippers and looked around - the interior of the villa was cozy and refined with warm wallpapers and floors. Large living room with a set of soft fabric sofas, the beige color gives people a warm home, and even cuter, there are several fruit pillows on the sofa with pineapples, apples, oranges...

Tang Muzhou glanced at the naive pillows and explained with a smile: “This is from Xiao An. He ordered a batch of fruit pillows, one from the club. In order to express his gratitude to my master, he gave me five. ”

“…” Xie Mingzhe exclaimed: “He really likes fruit. ”

Tang Muzhou took his brother to sit on the couch and grabbed an apple pillow and handed it to Xie Mingzhe: “I usually sit on the couch and hug it, it feels good. ”

Xie Mingzhe held the rolling apple pillows in his arms and smiled. Don Muzhou must have been helpless to receive the face of the pillows from his apprentice at the time. Placing these pillows at home would make people mistakenly think that they had children under the age of 5.

Tang Muzhou looked at each other, the teenager sat on the couch, holding the fruit pillow and smiling down. Xie Mingzhe, like this, lost a few points of weekday naughty skin, but added a few points of warmth and cuteness. Especially under the warm lights in the living room, his slightly raised lips appeared to have a slight pink glow. Tang Muzhou's brain suddenly flashed a crazy thought and wanted to take him into his arms and kiss him hard.

Xie Mingzhe looked up: "Brother, what do you want to show me? ”

Against his dark and crystal clear eyes, Tang Muzhou's heart jumped, immediately converged his mind and rose to the study to collect the information.

Tang Muzhou returned soon, carrying several books to Xie Mingzhe: “Let me show you. ”

There are dozens of pages of fashion magazine-sized albums, each divided into four transparent plaids with a card in each plaid, all of which are beautiful physical cards printed on specialty paper.

Xie Mingzhe flipped back a few pages, and the more he flipped, the more alarmed he was.

Millennium Divine Tree, Fire Dragon, Ice Crystal Phoenix, Ghoul, Jade Butterfly, Cobra...

Many familiar cards, all famous cards of the great gods.

"This is a season memorial book published after each season by the professional league, featuring all the winners of the season, as well as the representative cards of the players," said Tang Muzhou. At the same time, these cards will be affixed to the Card Memorial Wall at the Career Union headquarters for permanent storage. ”

There are thousands of cards in the world of star cards, and many new cards appear every day to stand out from the massive number of cards, leaving their own work on the Alliance Card Memorial Wall, and no matter how many years Storm Star Card has been in operation, the designer's name will be remembered by later players - absolutely the greatest honor for a designer.

Xie Mingzhe started reading the first book.

In the first to fourth seasons, that was the age of the five-pronged family, the rules of the league were not perfect enough, and the rules of the game of cards were constantly searching and adjusting. Nie Yuandao, Ling Zhuangtang, Zheng Feng and Suyang each won a championship. Only Chen Qianlin, the sole tree ancestor, retired with regret.

Until the fifth season, Tang Muzhou won 50 consecutive professional leagues and finally won a championship for the Wood Clan. This season's souvenir album features a large number of original Tang Mu Zhou wooden cards, such as the Millennium Divine Tree, Mandolo Flower, Night Incense… you can see how terrible the impact on the Alliance was when the teenager Tang Mu Zhou.

In the sixth season, Fang Yu's water system death speech flutter was born, won the championship, and led the four Frost City division brothers to win the championship in the tournament. It was the most glorious year of Frost City, and a large number of water system death speech cards appeared in the memorial book.

In the seventh season, Pei Jingshan and Ye Bamboo came out of this combination. Pei Jingshan won the championship with a split team of vermin cards, Ye Bamboo won a rookie award, the Dark Night Capital Club was established, and the butterfly and vermin cards in the souvenir album were overwhelming.

In the eighth season, Liu Jingxu, the late player of the Haunted Prison Club, finally won the championship of the individual game five years after his exit. Temple player Xu Xingtu won the runner-up. Shen Ann came out and won the Best Newcomer Award. There are many demonic, divine and fruit cards in the souvenir album in very different styles.

In the ninth season, last year, Tang Muzhou once again took part in the individual competition and won the championship. Shanlan took the runner-up and Shirui took the season championship. Tang Muzhou is also the only god to have won the double championship of the individual race.

Today, the tenth season of the game is underway, and Xie Mingzhe watched two hexadecimal eight-degree knockouts today. The players are remarkable and the ultimate winner is still unpredictable.

Since the launch of the Star Card League Pro League, so many outstanding players, their experiences and cards, have been preserved by the League in the form of a memorial book, undoubtedly a "History Book of the Star Card Pro League," which gives Xie Mingzhe a deeper understanding of the historical changes throughout the League.

From the card team, he clearly saw the emergence of a large number of talented players from season five to season eight, as well as a wide variety of card group genres. But in the ninth season of last year, no original player appeared, and the memorial book was almost entirely full of cards re-made by the great gods, and no new player was recorded.

The top 16 players in the 10th season are also familiar faces, no new players have appeared...

Xie Mingzhe was somewhat confused: "Have there been no newcomers to harm in these two years? ”

Tang Muzhou nodded, explaining: "Because of the growing maturity of the Alliance's games, the card groups developed by the Great Gods have almost reached the saturation stage, and all the genres are involved in hunting. It will only become harder and harder to innovate. ”

After all these years, all cards have been made by the great gods, and it is really hard for new people to come forward.

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly at his brother's curious eyes. "That's why the card you made will attract widespread attention from the Alliance, because a lot of original cards like you haven't appeared in two years. ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged, "Are you showing me the souvenir books to tell me this? ”

Tang Muzhou said: "It would be good for you to learn more about the past history of the Alliance by giving you this set of books and flipping them over. ”

He handed the book over to Xie Mingzhe and went on to say, "I hope you really like Star Card Pro Alliance and will be better integrated into it in the future. Professional leagues, though highly competitive, but most professional players, are good people - they can be your opponents, but they can also be your friends. Do you understand?”

Xie Mingzhe finally knew what his brother meant.

Brother wants him to be part of this group, not isolated by the other great gods.

Now he's like a transfer student who suddenly arrives at a key high school, and although his grades are good, he won't necessarily be accepted by his classmates. He can only be recognized by other gods if he truly understands this place and likes it.

It's much more important than simply playing cards and games.

Xie Mingzhe took over the entire memorial book and held it in his arms and said seriously: “I will look forward to this information. I also admire the great gods in my heart. Rest assured, I will not be unable to see my place because of a small achievement. I know that I and the great gods are still far away. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled with comfort, reaching out and gently pressing Xie Mingzhe's shoulder. “Don't worry, the official memorial book for next season 11 will definitely have your name. The card memorial wall of the league will also contain the card of character made by you. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded confidently: "Hmm! ”

They looked at each other, and they could see a small abbreviation in each other's eyes.

For a moment, the air seemed to stagnate.

Xie Mingzhe's heartbeat was outrageous, some uncomfortably shifted his gaze, brother gave him help and encouragement, countless more. Every time he was bottlenecked and confused, brother would always give him a little dial to open up new ideas.

Maybe Tang Mu Zhou just thinks of him as his brother? And he... mind ape mind horse, wild thoughts.

Tang Muzhou found his brother again avoiding his sight and sighed softly, whispering: “Chul. ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged, his brother used to call him Xiao Xie. Today, he suddenly changed his name so that he could not react for a moment... Xie Mingzhe and Qin Xuan also called it that, but Tang Muzhou's low, gentle voice, when he called out “A Zhe” in his ear, Xie Mingzhe felt his scalp was numb for a while, his back was like it had been swept over by the current.

The man's voice is too lethal.

Xie Mingzhe sat down and answered with a hard face: “What's wrong? ”

Tang Muzhou looked at him gently and whispered: “You have limited time, put your mind on the game first, wait for the professional league next year before thinking about something else. What do you think?”

Xie Mingzhe did not understand the meaning of Tang Muzhou. You want to play first, then think about something else? There's nothing wrong with that!

So Xie Mingzhe nodded: "Hmm. ”

Tang Muzhou's deep eyes flashed with a touch of complexity, and finally nothing was said.

When it was too late, he simply sent Xie Mingzhe back to Nirvana Studio.

On the way home in the car, Tang Muzhou listened to the light music in the car and sighed helplessly.

Previously, when I went to school with Xie Mingzhe to suspend from school, I suddenly raised the urge to hug him. If it was just sympathy at the time, what would the later reaction explain?

I always wanted to see him, so I asked him out under the pretext of ”watching the game" and I just took him home... It was Tang Muzhou's private residence, and no player from Fenghua Club went in, Xie Mingzhe was the first guest he invited to come to the door.

I just saw my little brother sitting on the couch with a lovely pillow, and he even had the urge to overwhelm him and kiss him on the couch.

If he can't breathe in his kiss, will he scream with his red face in his arms?

I used to feel that I took care of Xie Mingzhe as a brother, because he was a brother and always took care of him more as a brother. Now it looks like it's not just my brother...

Tang Muzhou could feel that his brother also seemed to have some hazy feelings for him.

When I accidentally kissed my ears today, my brother's hidden eyes and reddish ears were clearly seen in Tang Muzhou's eyes. Unless you can look at it as frankly as you used to, Xie Mingzhe is clearly out of his mind.

However, Xie Mingzhe is still too young to understand what these reactions mean.

Tang Muzhou didn't want to force him.

As just said, time is limited, and this hazy feeling does not have to be rushed to poke, which will become Xie Mingzhe's burden, now Xie Mingzhe should focus more energy on the competition.

As for the ambiguity that just sprouted, let it grow slowly in Xie Mingzhe's heart.

Permeation, little by little, is the best way to make Xie Mingzhe really like himself.

In the deep eyes of Tang Muzhou, a glimmer of strength emerged in the necessary firmness.

It's his. He can't get away with it. Such a good little brother, how could he let someone else?

* * * * * *

[Chapter 132, Chaos Control Card]

Tang Muzhou's strategy was indeed correct. If he directly stabbed this layer of window paper, Xie Mingzhe would definitely get tangled up and even cause a rebound. He would not dare to see his brother again in the future. Instead, it penetrates slowly, making it easy for Xie Mingzhe to take off his psychological precautions and get along more. We'll confess when we're sure, won't we?

Xie Mingzhe's personality has always been optimistic and heartless. When he returned to the studio, he forgot about today's events and focused on his research card information.

He studied the essence cards from the last nine seasons of the Alliance and was deeply impressed by the ideas of the Great Gods.

At the same time, he took some notes out of his optical brain.

There are many types of control cards currently published officially, some of which cannot be removed, called "dominance control”, such as floating, flying, confusion, pulling...

Dominance means that the card changes its skills or displacement after being instructed by the opponent. Whether the cards are thrown into the air or run around after being confused, this “dominance technique” can only wait for the effect to end and cannot be unmanipulated.

Xie Mingzhe's “Bitter Taste Mumba Soup” will make cards forget their skills. Nie Xiaoqian's "Long Hair Dance" will throw the designated target to a certain position with her hair. The former will change the skills of the opponent and the latter will change the displacement of the opponent. This is a "compulsory domination” skill that cannot be uncontrolled and exempt from control.

Skills like this are the best in the arena and can't be solved across the street.

But these skills are equally flawed - in the case of mass control, the duration of action is very short, usually only 3 seconds, not as good as the normal 5 seconds of freezing, dizziness and other mass control.

3 seconds of control passes in a flash and does not pose too much of a threat when both cards are healthy. But in residual situations, 3 seconds of compulsory dominance crowd control tends to be a tool for turning the disk over.

This is also why the dominant control technique of “chaos” is particularly popular.

The last time we had a guest contest with Tang Muzhou, Tang Muzhou's white opium poppy opened up at a critical moment, causing Xie Mingzhe's black indefinite mark to blow up his own people. With good prediction, confusion control allows the opponent's output to hit his own!

Xie Mingzhe looked through the card sets over the years and found that all the cards of the Great Gods had at least one confusion card. Even the butterfly card of Ye Bamboo had a "patchwork butterfly” that could create a range of confusion.

His own set of cards, which currently has a Volkswagen, is a group chaos + group specific dual-control card.

Volkswagen's advantage lies in its dual control, which can be linked to women's volkswagen. However, Volkswagen is not necessarily compatible with all card sets, especially Red House water based cards. Xie Mingzhe decided to make another mess card, preferably with a protection skill that would go well with the late Red House card set.

Since the Red Building card group is positioned to control, slang, and drag on the late stage, causing the opponent's mental breakdown, it is better to maximize the control.

Suddenly, Xie Mingzhe suddenly thought of the scene...

It was in the dream of Red Mansion. It happened when Lin Daiyu first entered Jia Mansion.

Young Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu met for the first time. Jia Baoyu saw this fairy-like girl and felt like she had known each other and was very happy. Jia Baoyu wore a jade around his neck, which read "Don't forget, Xianshou Hengchang” eight words, said to have been carried at birth, similar to the amulet.

Jia Baoyu asked Tianxian-like sister Lin if she had this jade. Of course Lin Daiyu did not. Jia Baoyu was very unhappy. He thought that this jade did not recognize good luck, even the fairy sister did not have it. What's the use of asking for this shit?

He picked up his balls and fell to the ground. A group of people were horrified and the whole scene was out of control. Everyone lay on the ground to find him a jade.

Jia Baoyu's scene of jade wrestling can be made into a "mass chaos” strong control.

In addition, Jia Baoyu had a famous saying: “Women are made of water and men are made of mud." He had great respect for women. In that era of feudal male power, he could say that. This ideological awareness was not generally high. Most Red House cards are water based cards, and Baoyu's other skills can be used as protection cards, dragging them along with Red House water based cards.

The only thing that made Xie Mingzhe regret was that Daiyu and Baochai were both set to die too early.

Officially, there is only one skill for a dead card, and Daiyu and Baochai can no longer make a linkage card with Baoyu. Therefore, in the design of Jia Baoyu's card, Xie Mingzhe decided to make a skill similar to "summoning”, summoning Sister Lin and Sister Bao to assist in the battle. Such a red building card group would be satisfactory.

It was 12: 00 a.m. and Xie Mingzhe was thrilled to think of new ideas.

He came downstairs, put on his helmet, went into his personal space and started making cards.

The figure image of Jia Baoyu was particularly clear to him. He also described Baoyu as very handsome in the original book. Juvenile Jia Baoyu was a fine rich boy, wearing the iconic bundled gold crown on his head, Qi Mei strangled the gold smear of "Erlong robbed the beads”, wearing a large red dress, wearing green satin boots on his feet, face like crown jade, eyebrows like a star.

The handsome man still had a jade hanging from his chest, and the jade stone said “Don't forget, Xianshou Hengchang” eight words.

Xie Mingzhe first designed Baoyu's image and followed the design skills--

Jia Baoyu (earthly)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1200, Attack 100, Defense 1000, Agility 30, Critical 0%

Additional Skills: Strike the Jade (Jia Baoyu yells “I don't want this jade anymore” and then slams the jade on his chest to the ground in the distance. Within the range of 23 meters, the enemy target is horrified, and the group is in a state of chaos for 3 seconds. Friend targets help Jia Baoyu find the jade and can restore 20% of Jia Baoyu's blood volume when found; cooling time is 5 minutes)

Additional skills: Men are dirt, women are water (passive moves. Jia Baoyu thinks that men are made of dirt and women are made of water. When the blood volume of the Friendly Water Female Card is less than 30%, Jia Baoyu will stand up and help her absorb all damage and apply a 10% earth shield to Jia Baoyu's basic HP)

Additional Skills: Golden Yu Lianglian, Woodstone Front Alliance (Summoning Technique. Jia Baoyu can summon Xue Baochai and Lin Daiyu to assist in the battle, triggering the effect of "Jinyu Lianglian” and “Woodstone Former Alliance” respectively. The summoned Xue Baochai and Lin Daiyu are not themselves aggressive and inherit 30% of Jia Baoyu's basic blood volume. Xue Baochai smiled every 10 seconds and applied a 5% basal blood shield to Jia Baoyu. The shield can be constantly stacked. Lin Daiyu covered her face every 10 seconds to cry, the tears flowing into a water-based treatment, allowing Jia Baoyu to restore 5% of her shield's blood volume. If the treatment spills, she automatically transfers to the card with the lowest blood volume of her friends. When Xue Baochai and Lin Daiyu died, they could not be reconvened until 10 minutes later)

Xie Mingzhe: “..............."

Seeing this card, Xie Mingzhe had a headache himself.

This is the longest card he has ever described.

But with simplified understanding, Jia Baoyu is actually a very strong meat shield card.

As Jia Baoyu of the earthly card, the basic blood volume itself is very high, the first skill “falling balls” is the range chaos domination control field, although the cooling time is very long, but it is sufficient to release it once at a critical time.

The second skill, the man is the native woman is the water, Jia Baoyu will take advantage of the blood thickness and height protection of the native cards to help the red building card group protect the weak water cards from harm. And this is a passive move, as long as the blood volume of the teammates is less than 30%, then all subsequent damage will be transferred to Jia Baoyu, the proper team owner T, Jia Baoyu will not die, don't kill the water girl in the red building card group.

After the summoning technique, because the skills Daiyu and Baochai themselves entered in the database are “Daiyu Funeral Flowers” and “Baochai Butterfly”, it is impossible for Jia Baoyu to summon Daiyu to go to the flower card opposite the second, which is equivalent to a dual use card. The audit is definitely not closed.

Xie Mingzhe thought that Xue Baochai and Lin Daiyu, who had been summoned, possessed assistive skills like the baby girl's, only added some state to Jia Baoyu. Sister Bao added shields and Sister Lin returned blood, making Jia Baoyu the hardest meat shield card to kill in the entire league.

If the opponent's output is not sufficient, if Jia Baoyu's card is not disposed of as soon as possible, it is likely that Jia Baoyu will fight for half a day. Don't say that Jia Baoyu is bleeding. Instead, he has stacked several layers of shields and his blood volume is getting higher and higher.

Summoning two girls, crying and laughing, the opponent will probably freak out.

Jia Baoyu's card looks complicated on the surface, but it's actually very simple to figure out the principles of skill - passive ridicule to protect your own water-based blood card. The summoned Baochai, Daiyu and Shield and Blood Return, as long as he stood on the field, the entire card group would become an indestructible little strength.

Don't know if the system will pass?

Xie took a deep breath and was in the mood to connect the cards to the database.

This audit took a very long time. After five minutes, Xie Mingzhe suddenly received a message from a system: "Sorry, database review is temporarily unable to reach a conclusion, please wait for manual review. ”

Xie Mingzhe was shocked —— is he too big for a smart database to make a decision? What is the situation with manual auditing?

At this time, at the official headquarters of Storm Star Card, an office was lit, and several data clerks were convening an emergency videoconference.

The first woman, wearing silver-sided glasses, said calmly: "There is a card database that cannot be judged. It has been submitted to the manual review channel. Please comment as soon as possible. ”

White shirt man helpless forehead: “It's Uncle Fatty's card! His skill design is getting really weird. ”

The girl with the ponytail said with a smile: "This design has never been seen before. The Alliance's most famous summoner, Shao Dongyang, is just a big lion summoning a little lion. No one can summon any Xue Baochai or Lin Daiyu. ”

A skinny man objected: “One card summons two cards, which is equivalent to one card and three uses, in violation of the principle of fairness, such a design must not pass! ”

The ponytail girl smiled: “I don't think this design is a card, because Daiyu and Baochai Xue he summoned do not possess the skills of Daiyu burial flowers, Baochai butterfly, that is, he summoned not the two cards, but the two characters, can also understand them as the followers of the war, only give the main card some added effect. ”

The middle-aged man sitting next to him agreed with the nod: “I agree with Xiaoning, it's just that the figure has the same image, and Daiyu and Baochai don't have the skills of the original card, so it's not a card calling card. I think it can be passed, but the data side has to be recalculated. ”

The shirt man sent the calculated form to everyone: "Xue Baochai's shield is once every 10 seconds. In a matter of minutes, if the opponent does not attack, Jia Baoyu can stack a dozen shields on his body. His blood volume easily exceeds 300,000, which is terrible. ”

"You can limit the number of layers, for example by stacking up to 8 layers," suggested the ponytail girl. "A 10 second automatic stack can also be changed to an active release with cooling time, making it more difficult to operate. ”

Everyone presented their opinions, and some disagreed, but most agreed.

When Xie Mingzhe designed the card, he did consider the card summons card BUG, so let the summoned Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai only possess the skills to assist Jia Baoyu, without the original card to determine death.

In fact, he could have let Jia Baoyu summon two little girls to assist him in the battle. However, Bao Dai-chai's linkage skills have not been able to be made. That's why he designed it so that Bao, Dai and Chai, the protagonists of the Red House, could compete with Taiwan.

After a heated debate at the emergency meeting, Zhou Jiayao, the official data director, calmly said: "The voting will begin next. ”

Five of the seven were in favour, one abstained and one objected.

Vote adopted.

The skinny man who objected threw up: “You're too spoiled for this fat uncle. What kind of card did he pass? ”

Data Director Zhou Jiayao said calmly: "Our official principle has always been to encourage players to create cards. As long as you control the card's data, it doesn't affect the balance of the game, it doesn't matter if the cards made by Uncle Fatty are any stranger. ”

The phrase shut up the opinionated completely.

Zou Xiaoning, a ponytail girl who has always supported Fat Uncle, excitedly said: “This Jia Baoyu that came out today is probably the strongest meat shield card yet, right? I wish Uncle Fatty's cards would show up on the field as soon as possible and it will be fun next season! ”

Officials have always encouraged new cards to appear, so when they are reviewed, they are generally approved as long as you are not copying someone else, have your own ideas, and do not affect the competitive balance. Jia Baoyu's card was submitted to the manual audit channel, mainly because the intelligent database could not determine the rules of calling cards to other like-minded people, and the designers were required to analyze the gateway.

Fortunately, there are a few very enlightened people in the official datalogist team who support a variety of fresh ideas.

Xie Mingzhe did not know that the cards he made shocked so many official datagraphers in the middle of the night, he only knew that the official spoke very well, because the next morning he received a long e-mail.

--Congratulations, the card you made was approved by Jia Baoyu. Please modify the card according to official requirements.

Detailed proposals and justifications for the changes are set out in the letter.

The skill of the summoned character must become active release.

Xue Baochai can apply a 5% basal blood shield to Jia Baoyu, stacking up to 8 layers, each time the shield cools for 15 seconds. Lin Daiyu can restore 5% of Jia Baoyu's blood volume. The spill treatment is transferred to the Friends Minimum Blood Volume Card, which also cools for 15 seconds.

In this way, the difficulty of operating this card will increase in a straight line.

In action, Xie Mingzhe needs to manipulate Bao, Dai and Chai at the same time. Moreover, Baoyu's shield is limited to 8 layers, that is, up to 40% of the blood shield, which will keep Jia Baoyu's blood volume within a certain range, so as not to beat the skin thicker and affect the competitive balance.

Official is well deserved, simple changes make this card both powerful and reasonable.

Xie Mingzhe put it in the middle of Jinling Twelve Chai, the leftmost side of the display cabinet, with a smile and a modified and approved Jia Baoyu card.

With Jia Baoyu's super strong earth protection card, the 12-cheese card team will be truly successful!

Today, Auntie, my stomach hurts so much, it's late. Sorry.

Bao-Dai-chai can't make a linkage technique, only let Bao-yu summon, how can the 12-chair-card team lose Jia Bao-yu:)