[Chapter 137, Earth Attack Card]

Xie Mingzhe has made dozens of cards over the past two months and has gained some insight into the production of cards. When he was a Red House water card group, he was made according to different types of cards such as output, auxiliary, treatment, defense, and so on. He would also make them according to this line of thinking.

Both the white bone essence and the Pork Eight Rings are now defensive cards. Although white bone elves can attack opponents with "white bone claws” in demonic form, this is not her main skill, and most of the time she has to change to human form as a mockery card to resist harm for her teammates. Not to mention the high blood volume and defense, the Pig 8 ring is a dirt defense counterattack + displacement control card.

What you need to do next are control cards, treatment cards, and professional output cards.

There are so many materials to make output cards, there are so many monsters in the history of the western tour, he can't count the powerful monsters.

Xie Mingzhe first thought of a witch named "Piwajin”, the beauty fairy who hid in the Piwajin cave near the daughter country and stirred up the marriage between the daughter state lord and Tang monk.

Essentially, this is actually a Biwa-sized scorpion genius, brave and powerful.

She had three forks in her hand, two pliers for the scorpion. There's also a very poisonous tail, called Poisoning Horses. When she was listening to the Buddha scripture in the thunder temple, Rulai Buddha pushed her, she turned the hook to stab her hand, making Rulai Buddha's pain intolerable, even Guanyin Bodhisattva dared not approach her, it can be seen how toxic the scorpion is.

Tang Monk passed through his daughter's country. She was impressed by the scorpion elite. She swept Tang Monk away with a cyclone. She caught Tang Monk in Biwadong and forced Tang Monk to marry herself. Sun Wukong and Pig Bajie went to save Master, but ended up tied hands with her.

Among the many monsters in the Journey to the West, Biwajin's attack power can definitely be in the top ten. After all, Goku and the Eight Rings can't beat her, and eventually can only invite her Gu Xing Nippon official, the Great Rooster, to conquer her.

This demon is perfect as an attack card.

Demonic form, her true body is a big scorpion, with a scorpion's highly poisonous tail, can stab the opponent with a scorpion tail, making the opponent's body extremely poisonous and painful. Human form, she is a beautiful woman who likes to play piwa, plays piwa causing range sound wave damage, making people dizzy.

This card can be used as a Single Attack + Mass Attack Card to maximize attack data.

Confirming the skill set, Xie Mingzhe began to conceive the image drawing of the card.

The human form of Biwajing is a very beautiful woman. When seducing Tang Monk, he caused Tang Monk to confuse his mind. He had to chew iron and desperately read the scriptures to maintain calm. In painting the human Pippa essence, Xie Mingzhe used bright colors, luxurious clothing and hair accessories, and painted makeup on her face to make her look very beautiful and delicate.

The demonic form of her, finally revealed the original form, a scorpion elite, the dramatic poisonous scorpion tail behind can stab people, the original bright face also became fierce and spicy, the attack force is stronger than the human form, the dramatic poisonous tail stabbed even the Buddha hurts.

Xie Mingzhe painted two cards, followed closely by design data and skills, and stacked the cards in layers.

Biwaxin (earth)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic attributes: Demon Morphology HP 600, Attack 1200, Defense 600, Agility 30, Critical 30%

Basic Attributes: Human Morphology HP 800, Attack 1000, Defense 800, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Demonic Deformation (The original form of Biwaxin is a scorpion, she can be transformed into two forms: "Beauty with Biwaxing” and “Demon with a Human Head Scorpion”, each time the basic attributes are transformed automatically into ethnic/demonic initial data; deformation cooldown time is 30 seconds)

Additional Skills: Poisonous scorpion tail (In scorpion form, she can instantly reverse the tail with severe poison behind her, target an enemy monomer within 1 metre of the target, stab the target straight with a scorpion tail, inflicting 280% monomeric soil damage on the target, with a severe pain “bleeding” effect, bleeding 4% per second for 5 seconds. cooling time 30 seconds)

Additional Skills: Biwako (In human form, she can play the Biwako instrument in her hand, emit sharp range sound waves, attack hostile targets within 23 meters of herself, and inflict 100% group soil damage on all targets. The target hit by a sonic attack is stunned briefly for 2 seconds because she plays too much pizza. cooling time 60 seconds)

Melee Single Attacks have a negative effect of "Bleeding", with damage from a severely poisoned scorpion tail combined with subsequent bleeding, almost eliminating nearly 40% of the designated card's blood volume. Remote Mass Attack with 2 seconds of additional Stun can be used as a Mass Attack + Small Control Fields skill.

The Pipa Essence card, with its output capability in earth cards, will definitely reach the top tier.

This output card alone is not enough. Xie Mingzhe thought about it carefully and decided to design the three members of the family: Bull Demon King, Iron Fan Princess and Red Baby, just in time to make a linkage technique.

The Bull Demon King is the righteous brother of Sun Wukong. The red child is also nominally the nephew of Sun Wukong. Unfortunately, the little guy is rude and vicious in nature. Occupy Mountain is the queen who has maimed many spirits. When he heard that he could live forever after eating Tang Monk's meat, he took Tang Monk away.

The infant's martial arts are extraordinary, and he practiced on Flame Mountain for 300 years, refining it into "Three True Fires”. He spits fire in his mouth, is extremely aggressive, and learns the art of terror, and disappears without a trace. Not only did the baby have a high value for force, but he also had a high level of intelligence and cunning. He also pretended to be Guanyin Bodhisattva and conned the pigs into captivity.

Sun Wukong temporarily had difficulty surrendering this demon king of the world. Fortunately, Guanyin Bodhisattva came to help, extinguishing the true fire of Sanya with the manna of the jade pure bottle, subjugating the red child, making him a good fortune boy by his side, and rescuing Tang Monk.

The skill design of this card can make "Sanya True Fire” into a powerful mass offensive, “The Art of Land" into escape and displacement skills, while the plot of "Red Baby Disguised as Guanyin Bodhisattva Deceptive Catch Pig Eight Commandments” can be made into a demonic card transformation skill, let Red Baby deceive the enemy card.

The red baby has a cute exterior, a round doll face, a flaming red belly pocket, a little red mole on the brow, a red robe, naked feet, and a very charming little friend.

The weapon in his hand was a fire-point gun that could spray fire on the enemy. At the same time, he can spray Samadhi True Fire directly with his mouth.

The attributes of this card are very complicated, the weapon "Fire Point Gun” is metal and can be classified as a gold card; the sprayed Sanya True Fire belongs to a fire attack and can be set as a fire card; dirt art, deformation, these are the characteristics of the dirt card.

When a card has several attributes at the same time, the system cannot directly determine the card's attributes, which can be determined by the card maker. Since both the Bull Demon King and the Iron Fan Princess will be set to earth, it is best for red babies to be earthy as well for easy linkage.

According to the five-line phase rule, fire birth soil, fire and soil can coexist, so the baby can be made into a ground-based card, which can bring the skills of fire tying. If it is a phase relationship and the fire card has water skills, it will definitely not pass the review.

After drawing the original card of the baby, Xie Mingzhe followed closely to draw a temporary deformation of Guanyin Bodhisattva as the baby. The image of Guanyin Bodhisattva was set according to the television drama. He was a holy fairy in white. He had a fine look and a white veil on his head. He had a jade pure bottle of white as a jade in his hand. In the bottle was a draped willow, and a gentle smile and mercy.

It's a phony fantasy that Red Baby turned into. It's used to deceive Pig Bajie. True Kannon Xie Mingzhe will also make cards later.

Xie Mingzhe looked satisfactorily at the two finished cards and immediately followed them to connect the card making system, superimposing the two cards.

"Red Boy" card data was quickly generated on nebula paper--

Red Boy (earthly)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: Body HP 800, Attack 1200, Defense 800, Agility 20, Critical 30%

Basic Attributes: Deformed HP 500, Attack 300, Defense 500, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Sanya True Fire (Baby breathes deeply, followed closely by a hot Sanya True Fire sprayed from his mouth, burning an indelible bear-fire in a fan-shaped range of 23 meters radius and 180 degrees on the front for 10 seconds. All hostile targets within the range are affected by Sanya True Fire, damaged by 220% of the group fire system and put into a "burning” state, reducing mental strength by 10 points per second until the flame is extinguished. cooling time 60 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: The technique of earthquake (Infant learns the technique of earthquake to instantly disappear and appear anywhere within 23 meters. Cooldown time 60 seconds)

Additional Skills: Guanyin Deformation (Infant can change his appearance disguised as Guanyin, basic data automatically transformed into a deformed state, he lures opponent to "drop slaughter knife” to stop attack in the image of Guanyin, can designate hostile targets with output skills within 23 meters, allow opponent to listen to Guanyin instruction and confess until Guanyin deformation ends; cooling time 10 minutes)

Not only can the infant's "Sanya True Fire” group attack cause a lot of fire damage, but it also comes with a "Burning” control field, forcing the other party to quickly summon the card. The technique of dirt ensured his displacement and ability to escape. After Guanyin deformation, it is equivalent to monomer control technique. As long as the baby becomes Guanyin, specify the other party's output card, the opposite output card must cease fighting and listen honestly to the Guanyin teachings.

Next to the game, Fake Guanyin is there to educate people, opponents must also listen... This image is matched by Cao Chong's description. Practical damage to athletes who are mentally tortured far beyond their skills.

However, Cao Chong described it as a banishment technique. The banished elephant could not return to the arena. It belonged to the "Dead" function card. It could only carry one skill and the basic attributes were very low. Babies have many skills, so the control of Guanyin is only temporary. As long as the infant dies or Guanyin deformation ends, the card deceived by False Guanyin will of course immediately wake up and return to the arena.

Xie Mingzhe put the Red Baby card aside for the time being and continued to be his parents - Princess Iron Fan and Bull Demon King.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 138, family of three]

The matter of the red child being taken away by Guanyin made the mother iron fan princess hate her heart.

She lived in Cuiyun Mountain Babana Cave, a thousand miles from Flame Mountain, and possessed the Fabo “Babana Fan”, which put out the fire.

When Sun Wukong walked past Flame Mountain, he was too hot to walk. Sun Wukong went to the Iron Fan Princess to borrow a banana fan. She remembered what happened to her son. Of course, she refused to help Sun Wukong and opposed Sun Wukong's trickery. Sun Wukong could not borrow the fan, so he had to change his strategy to consult with the righteous brother Bull Demon Wang.

The Bull Demon King was also unhappy that his son had been taken away by Guan Shiyin, and refused to accept it. Sun Wukong Soul Machine moved and stole Fabao of the Bull Demon King and turned him into a Bull Demon King, deceiving Princess Iron Fan into a banana fan. When the Bull Demon King found out, he turned into a pig's ring and tricked the fan back. Finally, Tota Li Tianwang and what scolding helped Goku catch the Bull Demon King alive, Princess Iron Fan, this is the only way to dedicate the banana fan.

Xie Mingzhe remembered the plot very clearly. The big fan of Princess Iron Fan is particularly useful, directly fanning Sun Wukong a fan without a trace, can make a control field card. As for the Bull Demon King, he became a powerful warrior card, able to fight the resistant kind, and conforms to the original set.

The Bull Demon King fights his opponents closely and is ideal for making cards that rely on a universal attack to eat. His body is a giant white cow that can be directly topped with horns, causing high damage. He also has a particularly powerful defensive skill, cut off his cow head, he can grow another one around his neck. He actually has more than a dozen heads...

These features can be found in the design of the card.

Xie Mingzhe drew the Iron Fan Princess first.

Princess Iron Fan is said to be a decent fairy, very pretty. She is not a monster, there is no original demon shape, so there is no need to design the deformation, just make a single dirt card, which is very simple for Xie Mingzhe, who has already done the Jinling Twelve Chai card.

The image of a beautiful woman was extraordinarily handy. In his impression, Princess Iron Fan was a magnificent woman with a lot of gold and silver jewelry on her head. She had a Fabo banana fan in her hand, which could extinguish the flame, as well as stir the wind to make the flame more fierce.

Red Baby's Sangami True Fire is a range of group attacks. Princess Iron Fan can help her son and burn the fire even more.

Based on this design philosophy, Xie Mingzhe decided to give Princess Iron Fan two skills.

Princess Iron Fan (earth system)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1200, Attack 300, Defense 1000, Agility 30, Critical 30%

Additional Skills: Banana Fan · Winds Up (Princess Iron Fan owns the Fabo Banana Fan, she can raise the Banana Fan and fan the wind in the specified direction. If there is a flame on the path when the wind blows out, the flame will spread rapidly in the direction of the wind, and the more it burns, the greater the damage to the fire system will be increased by 50%. cooling time 60 seconds)

Additional Skills: Banana Fan Wind Roll (Princess Iron Fan swings a banana fan, fanning a violent hurricane at a designated location, leaving the target group within 5 m x 5 m open and swept to a designated location according to the direction of movement of the hurricane. Cooldown time 60 seconds)

The first skill aids the baby, expands the range of Sanya True Fire and increases damage. The second skill is Range Domination Cluster Control, where Princess Iron Fan can wind up all the targets in the range and throw them somewhere else.

Bajie's daughter-in-law can only carry a single card. Princess Iron Fan's big fan can sweep away and blow away a group of cards. Each of these cards has advantages and disadvantages, and can cooperate to disrupt each other's card station together.

In action, the key key cards were carried away by Pig Bajie. A bunch of auxiliary cards were blown away by Princess Iron Fan. In front of so many shifting strong control cards, it is difficult to form cooperation. Once the formation is messed up, we can defeat them one by one!

Xie Mingzhe put away the Iron Fan Princess and followed closely to make the Bull Demon King.

The shape of the Bull Demon King on a weekday is a man with a big head and a big body, wearing a cape, holding a club of iron, and looking mighty. His original form, a large white bull, the two horns on his head are raised as tall as two towers, huge in shape, the original description is “more than a thousand lengths long and 800 heights low”, but in the star card game, the size of the card is strictly limited, the original shape of the Bull Demon King, at most, is made into a huge 3 meters tall, similar to the old Zheng white elephant.

Xie Mingzhe painted his original shape and figure separately, stacking cards.

The Bull Demon King is an output warrior, and the optical attack power is certainly not as good as the pure output cards of Red Boy and Pippa Essence, but he strikes a balance, his blood volume and defense are relatively high, he can stay in front of the formation, resist damage while also playing a good output.

Bull Demon King (Earth System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: Demonic HP 800, Attack 1000, Defense 800, Agility 10, Critical 30%

Basic Attributes: Human HP 1000, Attack 800, Defense 800, Agility 30, Critical 30%

Additional Skills: Demonic Deformation (The original form of the Bull Demon King is a large white cow, which can be transformed into a "bull-headed person” human form, as well as a "huge white cow” form. At each deformation, the basic attributes are automatically converted to race/demon initial data; deformation cooldown time is 30 seconds)

Additional Skills: Horn Strike (When the Bull Demon transforms into a giant white bull, he can automatically turn on the Strike for 30 seconds. The Bull Demon Strikes into enemy camp, increasing Basic Attack, Attack Speed, Critical Damage by 50%, and hitting hostile targets within 3 meters of himself with a pair of Horn Crazy Top, dealing 70% soil damage each time. After two consecutive Top Strikes, the target can be repelled by 10 meters. cooling time 60 seconds)

Additional Skills: Rage of the Demon King (When the Bull Demon King is transformed into a bull-headed figure, he falls into a state of anger, pulls up a hybrid iron stick in his hand and hits the designated hostile target within 3 meters, inflicting 220% damage to the target with a single earth system. Cooldown time 60 seconds)

The use of the Bull Demon King card is an assault fighter. He can rush into the enemy's camp, hit the bull horn everywhere, 30 seconds of general attack boost, can quickly hit the opponent causing extensive earth damage, can also repel the opponent, completely disrupt the other party's formation, when he sees the other party's blood medal, the Bull Demon King can also immediately deform, use the third skill, grab the blood card and kill a stick for a second.

When the design of this card is complete, Xie Mingzhe will bring the Iron Fan Princess and Red Boy together and put them back on the card console.

The next step is a linkage, where three people work together in the arena, and the linkage is called "Working Together."

Infant Linkage Technique: When Father Bull Demon King and Mother Iron Fan Princess are present, the baby is encouraged by the parents. The more intense the Sanya True Fire, the more obvious the burning effect on the enemy's mental strength, the more the mental power is reduced by 12 points per second.

This is designed to force the opponent to quickly summon cards and disrupt the pace of the opponent's game, otherwise his mental strength is burned out and the rest of the cards cannot be summoned.

Princess Iron Fan Linkage Technique: When husband Bull Demon King and son Red Child are present, Princess Iron Fan's banana fan, skill release speed is improved, banana fan fan rise, wind roll skill can be instantly released.

Since Princess Iron Fan's skills are similar to those of a "floating” control field, this type of skill, when released, will have a forward rocking delay of about 0.5 seconds, a super conscious master who can react very quickly to escape the wind direction. After the linkage, the control of the hurricane float became an instantaneous skill that could not escape.

Bull Demon King's Linkage: When the Iron Fan Princess and Red Child are present, Bull Demon King's Attack Speed is increased by an extra 50% in the form of a large white bull.

In this way, the Buffalo's collision skills became a very fast general attack, and after the Bull Demon King rushed into enemy camps, his ability to interfere and output was greatly improved.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and connected three cards to the database for review.

The Iron Fan Princess and the Bull Demon King quickly passed the review. The baby's review card took a long time and was submitted to the manual review channel. Probably there was a problem with the skills of Guanyin persuasion.

He was right. The afternoon card, he didn't receive the system email until 10: 00 p.m. Indeed, because of the problem of time control, he set the discouragement that, as long as the deformation of phonetic sounds existed, the designated cards would always listen to the teachings of phonetic sounds, and if it existed for more than 10 seconds, the single control time exceeded the official limit.

So the official added a description: "Pseudo-Guanyin exists for up to five seconds. ”

Xie Mingzhe could only accept it and make changes in accordance with official requirements.

What he doesn't know is that, at this time, a lot of people in the conference room at official headquarters are complaining--

“This fat uncle used to play cards according to the rules. Since the beginning of the water card, he has become less and less regular! ”

“Not to mention these strange deformations, this skill design is enough - Pig Bajie's daughter-in-law, Red Baby turns into a fake Guanyin education opponent card, Bull Demon King rams directly, the Iron Fan Princess's big fan can still let the opponent fly in the air, if I am an opponent, I can be bored by him. ”

“Hahaha, Pork Bajie carried a daughter-in-law, Princess Iron Fan rolled away a batch of cards with the wind, Bull Demon King hit back a few cards with the horn, this must be particularly confusing! ”

“I'd rather take off my helmet and go straight to his real PK than play in the arena with him! ”

Uncle Chubby, this has become a daily routine for official designers.

But at this point, the designers didn't know that Fatty had made a bunch of strange scene cards in addition to making a bunch of strange ones. For example, the Grand View series of scene cards is currently in Xie Mingzhe's personal space.

Because next March, before the start of the new season, the Alliance will review the scene images submitted by the major clubs, it is also not official to know that Xie Mingzhe is quietly making a series of angry scene cards.

The scenes of the Red House series made eight copies. When the Grand View Gardens are all connected, he will also make new ones, such as the joint poems of Haitang Poetry Club, Grandmother Liu entering the Grand View Gardens, and raiding the Grand View Gardens.

Qin Xuan recently happened to have some free time, and the scene card of the western tour series can also be made.

Now that the cards of the Red Baby, Princess Iron Fan and the Bull Demon King have been made, how can it be possible to lose the classic scene Flame Mountain from the West Tour?

Xie Mingzhe called Qin Xuan and Xiao Ke back that night to show his newly made Turkish demon card to his teammates.

Yike Ke commented: “Pork Bajie this card is so cute! Can you carry my girlfriend back? ”

Xie Mingzhe was helpless: “Your focus is wrong! Look at the skill, this is the single shift strong control, in the future we will play a double match, I will use this card to cooperate with you, turn the opposite blood card over to give you your black constant head. ”

Smile and curl your eyes: "Oh! Sounds great! ”

Chen Qianlin looked at these earth cards made by his apprentice and said the key: “Earth system, are you going to use the 'displacement control field’ method? This technique is difficult to operate and is not easy to confuse. But with it, the opponent will have a very headache. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Well, Nie Xiaoqian can also use the hair control to shift in Xiaoqian's ghost card, so I thought, make a few more shift strong control cards, then play a double race, and completely disrupt the opposite formation. ”

Chen Xiao praised: “The team can also play on this set. Your ground-controlled displacement formation, to be honest, is more annoying in action than in water. The water system is just Wang Xifeng's voice attack gives the opponent a headache, the earth system controls the displacement, and pulling the opponent's card without moving will make the opponent particularly mad. ”

Qin Xuan briefly commented: “Looking at skills alone is a headache. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and said: “That suits my personal qualities! ”

He immediately followed up with another painted draft map of Flame Mountain, and gave it to Qin Xuan. "The flame mountain scene, the map is not complicated, is a very high temperature mountain range in the great desert. Mainly the scene effect, I intend to make a random event scene, set an iron fan princess NPC to extinguish the fire with a banana fan. Every other time, a range of fire is extinguished by a banana fan, cards are not affected by the burning effect, while the more flames burn elsewhere, the more fire damage caused to all cards will continue to overlap. ”

The banana fan can extinguish the flames of Mountain Fire, so whenever the event triggers, whenever the iron fan princess comes to extinguish the fire, both players will have to adjust their positions to allow their cards to quickly enter the fire extinguished safety zone.

However, the banana fan has limited action, the flame can only be extinguished for a brief period of more than a dozen seconds, and will soon burn again. The players will have to continue to adjust their position to find a new area to be extinguished by the banana fan, otherwise their cards will be burned alive by the flames.

In this way, the Fire Mountain Map will require a lot of placement.

Xie Mingzhe's dirt card has a lot of displacement control skills. In a mixed war situation, he can force his opponents to enter the flame zone and burn the opponent's card into blood.

Frequent displacement, and also controlled displacement by the opponent, will definitely be one of the most annoying maps.

Chen Xiao said quite simply: “This map is not difficult to draw, the whole map desert pavement, the underground burning fire, the elements are relatively single, there are no obstacles. It was Princess Iron Fan's incident that triggered the effect that made it more troublesome...” He looked at Chen Qianlin next to him and asked softly, "Brother, what do you think would be more appropriate? ”

Chen Qianlin thought about it, "If you want to fight the shift control field, it is best to closely connect the event trigger with the skill CD. First, it is designed to be once a minute. The area of banana fan fire extinguishing is designed to be a square area of 10 meters by 10 meters. If the range is smaller, the cards of both sides must occupy their positions in a timely manner. Xiaoxie, do you think? ”

“I think so! Let's do this.” Xie Mingzhe turned to Qin Xuan and said: “Qin Xuan, leave it to you. ”

“Well, this map isn't hard to do, and there's a 3D effect map in three days.” Qin Xuan is calm. He has become accustomed to Xie Mingzhe's various strange brain holes. It's not particularly strange to see such frequently triggered displacement scenarios as Flame Mountain compared to the Grand View series of scene cards.

Xie Mingzhe had a nice night's sleep with his teammates.

The earth system has made six cards, white bone essence, pig eight quit two defenses, Bull Demon King, Biwajing, baby three attacks, iron fan princess control field, just do two more protection and healing cards, then bring out the Great Saint and Tang monk, he counts as finished.

By the end of next week, he will be able to fight the Fenghua II team again.

This new ground-based shift control method will definitely surprise the players of the second team!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The main characters are the card groups in the order of fire, gold, water, earth and wood, the western tour is the earth system, and the subsequent wood system will also be fun, and the competition will be officially opened when all is done.

Thanks for the support, give everyone a love dash.