[Chapter 147, earth card supplement]

After finishing the game with Feng Hua II, Xie Mingzhe and his teammates watched the video of the three games together.

Although he won all three games easily, Xie Mingzhe also knew that the key to winning so smoothly was that he knew Fenghua's Pool better, and Fenghua's newcomers knew nothing about him.

He used Western Series cards today for the first time in the arena. Fenghua players had never seen these cards before and naturally did not come up with a strategy to deal with them so quickly. In fact, he took advantage of the "new card" to beat his opponent suddenly.

If this set of cards is used to fight the great gods of the professional league, it may be possible to win a few rounds unexpectedly at first, but the great gods have a lot of experience in racing and can quickly come up with a solution to crack it.

The same routing is unlikely to work all the time, and more refinement is needed on the card pack side.

Chen Qianlin analyzed: "This set of cards appears to be very powerful on the surface, but the restrictions on linkage technology are too harsh. Tang Monk, Pig Ba Jin, Sun Wukong and Bai Longma must all be present to trigger the interlocutor linkage. As long as the opponent understands the core of your linkage system and gives priority to your Tang Monk before the four cards are collected, you will not be able to unlock the linkage and the output of the entire set of cards will be greatly discounted. ”

Qi Ke wondered: “But Tang Monk's blood volume is 150,000, his defense is also very high, the earthly card is not that easy to get seconds? Besides, there are white bone spirits in this card set that can pull hatred. When the fire is too strong across the street, you can let white bone spirits share some damage. ”

Chen Xiaoqiao patted Xiao Ke's shoulder with a smile and said: "Have you forgotten the cards? ”

Xie Ke stunned and looked back at Xie Mingzhe, who nodded with a smile. “Brother Chen is right. My card set will be very difficult to play when I encounter a dead card. A cannibal flower has been made by the people, the Temples of the Dead. Demons are dead cards, there are sand monks I made myself. Whether it takes a cannibal second to drop Tang Monk, or a sand monk second to stop the pig, my card set runs the risk of collapsing. ”

Yike Ke: “…”

"Chen Xiao:“ The new people of Fenghua II team are too nervous today. When you open the second inning, Qin Yue Aeronautics appearing in the third inning can calm down and realize this. If you take the demon race directly, you will lose the pig's eight commandments in seconds, and the apprentice can't open the linkage. The newcomers still lack experience in the war, and you're confusing their brains. ”

Yike Ke: “…”

So, the star card world is fair, Xie Mingzhe has been pitting others, one day he will also pit himself.

He made so many cards to target the other great gods, and his own cards are being targeted today. People are dying and demons are dying. Just one card is dying and the linkage will be broken. In the field of professional leagues, Xie Mingzhe's seemingly strong linkage system. Can it be opened up or not?

Xie Mingzhe thought about it carefully and said: "It seems that the risk of this multicard linkage is still too great. As long as one of the cards is killed, the linkage cannot be broken. ”

Chen Qianlin said: “Therefore, most athletes make linkage skills, they make double card linkage, more than three cards are rare. Alternatively, dead cards pose too much of a threat to this set of cards, and you can consider what to do in advance. ”

Yike Ke's eyes lit up: “By the way, Cheol made Zhong Xuan to target the ghost card, in order to prevent Zhong Xuan from snatching my ghost card, didn't he then do Lu Zhizhou this card against Zhong Xuan, put the ghost card out? ”

Lu Dynasty went against Zhong Dynasty because the ghost card was captured, not killed, so Lu Dynasty could be released again. But demons and tribes will be killed by direct seconds. What should we do if we don't get them back?

Oh right, resurrection!

Xie Mingzhe suddenly thought of the resurrection technique. He let his Tang monks and pigs die. He revived the dead cards, and the linkage skills can still be triggered. Xie Mingzhe just felt that Musetton was opening: “I will make another resurrection card. If someone really uses a dead card against my linkage system, I will bring a resurrection skill to bring back the card that was seconded. ”

Chen Qianlin praised: “This is also an approach. However, linkage of more than three cards should be kept to a minimum, and the triggering conditions are too difficult. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Well, I intend to do the control field flow, and I'll sort it out again in a few days. ”

"Chen Xiao:“ I'll sort out the card set, too. When Chul finishes the wooden system, the four of us have to hurry up and practice cooperating. ”

Qin Xuan was unable to help in making the card, he said: “If there is a new scenario card design idea, you can tell me that the school is not very busy lately, I can also take the opportunity to make a few more. ”

Xie Mingzhe said: "Okay! Let's take a break and have a meeting tomorrow. ”

Xie Mingzhe slept perfectly that night. After waking up the next day, he had a new thought in his mind and decided to make a revival card for the earthly system to ensure that Tang Monk's apprenticeship linkage system could be struck out.

For this card, he chose "Rulai Buddha Ancestor” from the Journey to the West.

Guanyin Buddha as a treatment, Rulai Buddha as a resurrection card, also conforms to the Buddha's compassion.

This card is made entirely in accordance with the "protection linkage system”. With this card, even if the opponent takes out a dead card to target him, he is not afraid of Tang Monk or Pig Bajie being killed in seconds.

Rulai Buddha Ancestor (earthly)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1500, Attack 500, Defense 1500, Agility 10, Critical 10%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Universal (If Buddha is merciful and can't bear to see the killing, he can specify any deceased card within 23 meters to bring it back to life immediately and restore 19% of his blood volume; cooldown time is 10 minutes)

Additional Skills: Five Fingers Mountain (e.g. Buddha stretches out five fingers, huge palms form five stone columns in the arena and circles a circular range of 30 meters in diameter. Both cards must act within the range. Cards out of range will be punished with a negative effect of 10% bleeding per second, which cannot be eliminated unless the card returns to the range. You can only release once in a match)

This is a purely auxiliary card to compensate for the shortcomings of the westbound card group.

With Rulai Buddha, first of all, it can ensure the smooth opening of the Tang Monk apprentice's linkage skills. After resurrection, the blood volume recovered by 19%, which coincides with the design of Tang Monk “trigger linkage when the blood volume is less than 20%”.

Secondly, such as Buddha's Five Fingers Mountain that year trapped Qi Tian Dasheng, the card's Five Fingers Mountain design was inspired by this masterpiece, the Five Fingers Mountain Circle is out of range, it is convenient to move the control field. The Pig Eight Rings forcibly carry the opposite card outside the Five Fingers Mountain range, the Iron Fan Princess blows the opposite card out of the Five Fingers Mountain range, and the Bull Demon King repels the card, all can trigger the constraint effect of the Five Fingers Mountain.

It's a magic trick, just the opposite. Most cards are structured to bleed hostile targets, such as Buddha's Five-Finger Mountain, but to bleed cards outside the range.

The next day, Chen Qianlin saw the card and his heart was full of appreciation - the little apprentice reacted really quickly, as soon as he found the card set was insufficient, he could immediately make a card to make up for the card set defect. With this awareness, his card pack will only get better and better.

How to design the rest of the wood card, Xie Mingzhe has been organizing his thinking all day.

He intends to let the wood system take the "negative state flow” approach.

At present, his card group, fire system group attack, gold series assault, water system control field, earth system counterattack + displacement, the wood system is already well suited to make all kinds of poisoning and bleeding negative state, he intends to use the advantages of wood system card to make a comprehensive set of cards mainly controlled and supplemented by negative state overlap, linkage technology design is as simple as possible, it is best not to show weaknesses that are too easy to target.

This evening, Xie Mingzhe tidied up his thoughts and was just about to go to sleep, but received a message from Tang Muzhou, whispering: “Are you coming to the tournament tomorrow night? I'll leave you five tickets to the VIP audience. ”

“Why five?” Xie Mingzhe had some doubts.

“For Master and your three teammates, you can come and see them together.” Tang Muzhou explained.

“You know how many teammates I have?” Xie Mingzhe did not tell him about Qin Xuan, and according to reason, Tang Muzhou did not know.

“Yesterday, when fighting Fenghua II, in addition to Master, Chen Xiao and Xiao Ke, there was a very strange person called QX, I guess your new teammate. Am I right?” Tang Muzhou asked with a smile.

“That's a good guess!” Looks like Brother is still concerned about the situation of his team. At a glance, he discovered Qin Xuan's trumpet from the crowd. Xie Mingzhe didn't deny it. Frankly, "he is also my alumni and will be introduced to Brother later. ”

“Okay.” said Tang Muzhou, “There's one more thing to remind you of. Your talents and consciousness are strong, there is no pressure on the players who play our Fenghua II team, but you have too many Tang Monk system linkage cards, which can easily be deciphered by seconds, especially dead cards. ”

This has been warned by the Master, and he has come up with a remedial plan. But Tang Muzhou, as a player of Fenghua Club, can offer Xie Mingzhe a generous suggestion to improve the card group. Xie Mingzhe is very happy - because he is really good for him.

“Thanks for the heads-up. I'll keep an eye out.” Xie Mingzhe, “come on tomorrow's game, brother, get some rest! ”

“Well, it's cold out these days, so remember to get dressed when you go out tomorrow.” Tang Muzhou's low voice is full of concern, "Winter cold is not easy, if you get sick, it will affect your next state... don't be careless, you know? ”

“Yes." Xie Mingzhe had been an orphan since he was a child and had not been cared for. At first, Tang Muzhou said these words. He was not used to them, but he talked to his brother every day for a few moments. However, he slowly got used to them. Bedtime chatting has become a routine.

Two men have a voice chat every day before bed, either discussing card groups and games, or explaining what's good to eat and getting dressed when the weather is cold, which is like… off-site couples talking before bed.

Strangely enough, he didn't dislike it.

Even think that talking to your brother before bed is the most relaxing moment of the day.

Xie Mingzhe didn't really know why. All he knew was that he loved to talk to his brother. Whatever he talked about, he couldn't get tired of hearing Tang Muzhou's low, warm voice ringing in his ear.

After the call, Xie Mingzhe closed his eyes and slept well.

The next afternoon, he had dinner with his teammates and came to the team.

In every season of the game, the team stage is the most popular and hot atmosphere. Individual games have only players' own fans, but the team games bring together fans of the myriad great gods, club fans and fans of the card team, which is much more lively than individual games!

For example, Fenghua and Ghost Prison, the first duel of the day, are old clubs. Fenghua's four cardholders, Tang Muzhou, Xu Changfeng, Shen 'an and Zhenzhen, each of whom is carried out individually, are a myriad of big fan gods. Together, the four are not only four times more popular, but also countless people who love the plant card group.

The Haunted Prison Club is no different in popularity. Zheng Feng is the founder of the Turkish card. He is the founder of the Turkish counter-stream, the most powerful defensive player in the whole league. Plus, the five officials are tough, and the delightful tough character attracts a lot of fans. As the pioneer of ghost cards, Though small, his fans are especially loyal. Liu Jingxu's demon card, many people like it.

These three names, Xie Mingzhe, can be said to be like thunder.

He's a stranger to the fourth player in Ghost Prison. He doesn't know who it will be, and he rarely hears about it.

At 7: 30 p.m., the big screen on the field of the competition lit up and two familiar faces appeared in the narrative room --

“Hello and welcome to the Star Card Pro League Season 10 Club League! This evening is a showdown between Fenghua Club and Ghost Prison Club, first let's focus on the contestants in this competition! ”

“The four players from Fenghua Club, Tang Muzhou, Xu Changfeng, Zhen Mun and Shen An, should be familiar!” With the introduction of the narrative, a photo of the four players from Fenghua appeared on the big screen. "The contestants from the Haunted Prison Club were Zheng Feng, Hui Sirui, Liu Jingxu and Wei Xiaotian! ”

The same photograph appeared, Xie Mingzhe looked at the teenager in the photograph and was somewhat confused.

Chen Xiaotian also didn't recognize this person. “This Wei Xiaotian should be the new recruit promoted from the second team, right? ”

“I've watched all the games in the top 16 of the individual races," Xie Mingzhe said. "I'm sure there's no one there. ”

Qiao Qiao asked curiously, "Didn't he hit the top 16? ”

At this time, Qin Xuan opened his mind and pointed to the information he had searched from the Internet. "Wei Xiaotian, only sixteen years old this year, is an auxiliary player in the second team of the Ghost Prison. This year's personal contest he did not participate at all. ”

Xie Mingzhe touched his chin thoughtfully - it seemed that the new guy was a good player for a team game.

In team games such as LOL, King's Glory, and so on, there are some players who specialize in supporting positions. But Star Card Storm is not a game that requires more than one person to work with, and everyone can go to the game if they match a set of cards. As a result, most of the Alliance's more famous players are also highly single-handed. Pure assistant players rarely get famous.

Xie Mingzhe is quite interested in this 16-year-old Wei Xiaotian: “There has not been a particularly good new recruit this season. Since Lao Zheng dares to put this 16-year-old into the team game, he may surprise everyone. ”

When people heard about it, they thought it might not be easy for this little guy to look up and focus on the big screen.

After the two narratives, the two players followed with excitement: "Next, please invite the two contestants tonight, Fenghua Club Delegates, and Haunted Prison Club Delegates! ”

The cheer of the competition scene will flood the scene as if it were tidal. Even sitting in the bag room, Xie Mingzhe can clearly feel the enthusiasm of the fans. The backup will raise the brand “Fenghua Come on" and "Ghost Hell Must Win” high. Many girls wave the cartoon avatar in their hands excitedly. Before the competition begins, the fans on both sides will be darker and stronger, louder than anyone else.

Watching the game live is loud, but this lively atmosphere also allows Xie Mingzhe to adjust well in advance to the competition environment. When the Nirvana players are in the middle of the stage, at least they won't be frightened.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 148, New Ways to Fight]

In the screams of the entire audience, both Fenghua and Ghost Prison players appeared on the big stage, neatly dressed in team uniforms.

It was the first time Xie Mingzhe saw his brother in uniform.

Individual athletes can wear whatever they want, but for group honor, the League requires that contestants wear club uniforms.

Fenghua's uniform was very small and fresh, white as a base color, embellished with some green leaves and vines, Tang Muzhou had a high face, put on the uniform, then turned, instantly became the gentle male god in the school idol drama. He was young and wearing this uniform to make a movie on campus was completely uncomfortable.

Though Xu Changfeng, Lao Zheng and Hui Si Wei were all quite handsome and distinctive, Xie Mingzhe was still instantly attracted to the sight of his brother. This charm is truly difficult for others to learn. Probably because he was familiar with Tang Muzhou, Xie Mingzhe looked at him more and more smoothly. He couldn't help but look for a few more seconds until the camera moved to the ghost prison.

The Ghost Jail uniform is pure black with a bloody skull logo on the shoulder, which matches the style of the club perfectly.

Lao Zheng is quite a delightful character, pure masters tough five officials. Though he manipulated a ghost card, Zhuo Sirui himself was not shady at all, and his smile was very sunny. Liu Jingxu is said to be a research madman with a serious face, playing a game like a scientist walking into a lab.

Xie Mingzhe noticed that on the last day of Wei Xiaotian, the 16-year-old had not yet grown. He was about the same height as the metaphor Ke, about 165, a very small one, and there seemed to be little presence behind the team. But the teenager's eyes were bright, and Xie Mingzhe had a hunch —— this guy might surprise you.

The players sat in the rotating chair while wearing helmets and switched to the scene of the match on the big screen.

Xie Mingzhe had learned some of the rules of the tournament before, but it felt completely different when he came to the scene.

Team games are much more complex and intense than individual games. At the pre-match preparation stage alone, he sensed a rivalry between the two sides in command of the "platoon formation”.

Since the first inning was the home of Fenghua Club, Tang Muzhou was undoubtedly in command. The map he submitted was the "Forest Trap”. There were many traps under the cover of the leaves. The cards falling into the trap would be set for 3 seconds and the requirements for leaving were very strict.

At the announcement card group stage, Xie Mingzhe took his eyes off.

Unlike the 7v7 in the individual race, the team is a 20v20 battle, with 16 open cards and 4 secret cards. It is up to the commander to decide exactly which cards will be delivered to which team member. In some extreme cases, there may even be a situation where one player manipulates four dark cards.

The addition of a set of cards is particularly important at the team level.

Individual matches receive set bonuses for more than 5 gay cards, while team matches receive set bonuses for more than 10 gay cards.

The 16 cards announced by Fenghua are single-color wooden cards, and the set attribute chosen by Tang Muzhou is “All Card Skills Cooling Reduction by 20%”. Obviously, Fenghua wants to focus on Xu Changfeng's “cooling flow” method.

Ghost Prison is undoubtedly a dirt set, and Lao Zheng's chosen set attribute is "All Card Critical Damage +20%”.

The female narrator analyzed: "Old Zheng Choice Critical Boost, did not choose defense, it seems that this round does not fight defensive counterattack? ”

"Ghost and demon cards go hand in hand, and the assault damage is terrible, and this prison should be more proactive. ”

Even more confusing is that after Fenghua announced the card set, Lao Zheng quickly removed the secret card and exchanged four cards in a row.

Xie Mingzhe looked forward to seeing this scene: “Four cards in a row, do they have secret weapons? ”

Qi Ke curiously said: “Will you bring Daiyu? That is, you can only bring one card in a game of dead cards. If you play with style, it works great with Lin Daiyu. Maybe Fenghua will take Cao Chung to restrict Lao Zheng's elephant. ”

The team of cards is rapidly assigned by both parties and the game officially begins.

Fenghua side, even recruited seven or eight cards in the opening, Tang Muzhou's banyan stands in the middle protection, Shen 'an fruit tree is ready for attack, Xu Changfeng is accelerating, Zhenmeng's venomous snake is set in formation on the ground, the four people cooperate with the tacit agreement, all cards are kept within 30 meters of the banyan tree shield, and can always correspond to each other.

On this side of Ghost Prison, Lao Zheng's civil defense card rushed forward, and a group of demons followed closely.

There are too many cards in the team battle to take care of the overall situation, which requires a very high level of command awareness.

Both sides in the opening are in quick line, and the big war is on fire. Until the moment the two sides reached 30 meters, Tang Muzhou decisively ordered: “Fight! ”

Fenghua's side did show up Cao Chong, the boat in the hands of the children quickly zoomed in, directly shut down the elephant Zheng Chung in front of him, and a shout broke out at the scene. This scene looks really funny.

The audience spat: “Guess how long it will take Cao Chong to finish the elephant?” “This card made by Uncle Fatty is disgusting!” “sympathize with the elephant.” “Give the kids an electronic scale! ”

Explain helplessly: “Elephants are banished, and the ghost prison's defense system will surely be affected! ”

However, Lao Zheng's tooth for the tooth, immediately let Lin Daiyu drop Xu Changfeng's accelerating card messenger.

Seeing the sudden acceleration of the pace on the field, Xie Mingzhe also understood more clearly the significance of brother promotion as a dead card.

Dead cards are the cards that target some of the core cards of both parties, destroy the opponent's attack and defense system as quickly as possible, and force the opponent to quickly change his mind. If the command is not calm enough, the spiritual shock will likely affect the judgment of the battle situation when your key card is killed with blood in less than 1 second.

Conversely, if players are conscious enough, the presence of dead cards will only interrupt the pace of the game and will not affect the wins or losses of the game.

Fengxinzi's death made the fans of Fenghua very disturbed, but the next moment, Xu Changfeng directly summoned a phoenix flower tree, revival skills opened, Fengxinzi reopened beautiful white flowers, the whole group accelerated!

Tang Mu Zhou's rose floral language is spreading, Shen 'an's apples, bananas and pineapples smashed into the past!

There is no fear on this side of the ghost prison. Lao Zheng opened the dirt wall directly, and the whole group fought back. Shen 'an's fruit was all bounced back and smashed onto his plant card.

Almost at the same time, Tang Muzhou opened an invincible range - the Divine Tree Guardian!

The green barrier accurately protects teammates within range and the entire regiment is invincible for 3 seconds!

This wonderful wave of offensive swaps not only thundered the audience, but Xie Mingzhe couldn't help clapping.

The banner drums are pretty good and the opposite of the needlepoint is a team battle, it looks really too much fun.

He sat upright and stared closely at the big screen with clear eyes, fearing missing a wonderful clip.

A wave of skill against each other, both sides had cards left with blood, Zhen spread in the battle of the regiment similar to an assassin, she first found the opportunity to release Bamboo Leaf Qing and Black Mamba Snake, rushed directly into each other's formation, instantly bite two blood medals!

Unwilling to fall behind, in a chaotic situation, the ghost hung out of the rope in his hand and strangled Shen 'an's apple tree at a distance. Liu Jingxu's fox demon followed closely, exploiting the advantages of the demon clan Ka Agile, one tail killed Xu Changfeng's flower medal.

At this point, a blood-red eye suddenly emerged in the view of the entire audience.

Deaths Gaze.

Wei Xiaotian, a 16-year-old newcomer to Ghost Prison, opened his card skills to target the Millennium Divine Tree that Tang Muzhou had just summoned.

At the moment when the blood red eyes opened, Shirui, Liu Jingxu's ghost card, demon card collective action, the Millennium Divine Tree had just been summoned, even without the skill set, was killed directly in seconds!

Tang Muzhou's complexion changed: “Not good. ”

Xu Changfeng was also somewhat alarmed: “What is this? ”

Tang Mu Zhou Dao: “Dark cards, marking skills, everyone retreat 10 meters! ”

By an order, Fenghua retreated. But followed closely, and another witch in black was released from this side of the ghost prison. The witch lifted her cane and read words in her mouth, and then a black shadow appeared on the head of the wind chimney grass of Xu Changfeng - the death mark.

At the next moment, the ghost and demon cards of Surui and Liu Jingxu were marked as “navigation”. They gathered automatically and quickly dropped Xu Changfeng's entire treatment card.

This happened too quickly, and the audience on the scene was very frightened.

Xie Mingzhe sat in the audience and was horrified. He didn't even understand why the speed of the ghost prison fire was so fast. Among the dozens of cards, he suddenly attacked and killed Tang Muzhou's full blood output card and Xu Changfeng's full blood treatment card.

The strategy of capturing the King first and the Ghost Prison killing the Key card really greatly disrupts the rhythm of Fenghua.

Though Tang Muzhou quickly reacted and Fenghua began to quickly adjust his position in search of a chance to fight back, this wave of rhythm caused Fenghua to have 2 fewer cards than Haunted Prison instantly.

At the end of the battle/battle, the entire Windward Card team was killed, and the hard side of the ghost prison relied on the defensive advantage of the earthly system to preserve Lao Zheng's Stone Spirit and Stone Giant 2 cards.

First inning, Ghost Prison wins!

Xie Mingzhe naturally hopes to win on his side of the affair, but this game of Ghost Prison is really pretty. What makes him wonder is, at that rhythm point, how the hell did Ghost Prison suddenly lose the Millennial Tree and the Windchimney in so many cards?

Chen Qianlin saw him confused and explained in a low voice: "This is a new markup flow method. ”

Xie Mingzhe turned back: “Master is saying that suddenly the eyes of death stare? And the witch's death mark? ”

"" Well, I paid special attention to both of these secret cards, "said Chen Qianlin." These two cards were newly submitted by Haunted Prison this season. They were operated by the newcomer Wei Xiaotian. Wei Xiaotian did nothing but stare at the opposite key card and mark it as soon as the other key card appeared. Tags automatically attract their own haunted cards and import all outputs onto the tagged cards. ”

Output Import! So this is the horrible thing about the markup stream!

The teamwork is chaotic, the most fearful thing is to scatter the firepower, beat the opposite side completely but can't kill it, to get the other party's treatment card back is equivalent to a white fight. Once marked, the surrounding output, like being navigated, is automatically transferred to the tagged card, and no matter how well Tang Mu Zhou's Millennium Divine Tree is protected, it is instantly killed in seconds.

Chen Xiao exclaimed: “Mark Stream, ghost jail is really fun. I just looked at Wei Xiaotian's cards. Witches, Reapers, and Cursed Dolls carry death marks, death stares, and death curse skills, respectively. When three cards are present at the same time, they can also trigger the linkage of group marks and increase their own Critical Damage. ”

Qi Ke excitedly said: “Is this the markup flow? Fire Key is really powerful! ”

Xie Mingzhe was lost in thought.

He has active and constant calligraphy materials, not bad consciousness and talent, and has always been quite confident in himself. But today's tournament is like throwing a bowl of cold water in his head and making him realize -- he's actually quite a cook.

He will not command the regiment at all. The Alliance is much more powerful than his great gods.

Personal races, maybe he can get some good grades with the odd card pack.

But what do we do with Nirvana? So many cards, look at the cooperation between Fenghua and Ghost Prison, 20 cards attack, retreat, the formation is orderly. Where's Nirvana? Four people go up and it will probably turn into a pot of porridge...

Now Nirvana, encountering the clubs of Fenghua and Ghost Prison, is pressing for the lives of those who have been abused on the ground.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath to calm himself down. Yike Ke and Qin Xuan are both pulled into the club. Once the official game starts next year, Yike Ke and Qin Xuan will definitely have to suspend their education as well. Otherwise, time is not enough. He doesn't want to let the two alumni leave with disappointment and regret. Individually, he wants to win, and Nirvana's team can't be too vegetarian.

He was only thinking about himself when he made the card, and it's time to study his teammates' card sets.

Just leave a message to encourage it, okay?