[Chapter 149, Team Results]

This match between Fenghua and Ghost Prison, the opening match of the 10th season of the regiment, naturally attracted widespread attention.

The screams of the fans who arrived at the scene today were almost overthrown, surrounded by journalists, and many other club gods came to the scene to watch the game, and hundreds of millions of viewers watched the event in the League Live Studios in Phoenix.

In the first inning, Ghost Prison outplayed its unexpected markup trick, beating the wind with a difference of 2 cards.

The second inning is the home of Ghost Prison. The fans of Fenghua are even more in a mood. Everyone knows how hard it is to play the home of Ghost Prison. Ghost cards themselves have a certain advantage in dark scenes, not to mention that every time Ghost Prison submits a scene map, it is particularly perverse.

This time, the scene chosen by the ghost prison is called the underground secret room, which is a negative effect map.

The map was designed in a ghost prison style. After the opening, all players took the elevator to the underground castle, entering a confined square space of 40 x 40 metres, with dim lights on their heads, clear glass walls all around them and a floating image of the "dead” outside.

Thirty seconds after the start of the match, the dead gather to slap the transparent windows and make some horrible screams. All cards in the full scene panic every 10 seconds for 3 seconds without releasing skills.

- This is equivalent to full map silence every 10 seconds.

The 3D map screen starts to play, and the scene is no less effective than the blood pool hell Qin Xuan drew before. Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but exclaim: “The scene is very well painted. It's just, once every 10 seconds, the whole picture is silent, and the pace is too fast! ”

Most of the negative effects of the scene he did earlier were triggered about once in 30 seconds. Once in 10 seconds, wouldn't that be a mess?

"This fast-paced map can be very stressful to command," said Chen Qianlin. "Not only should you pay close attention to the team's card situation, but you should also always pay attention to the negative effects of the map. This is not as simple as trying to use it. ”

Xie Mingzhe deeply admired Tang Muzhou and Zheng Feng. If it's him, don't pay attention to the 20 card skills, blood volume, etc., just the silence of the whole map every 10 seconds, he must have put out a bad rhythm, maybe put out the skills, just encounter the silence of the map, that's wasted.

Chen Qianlin followed closely: “For maps like this, a general offensive card would be easier to use, without eating skills. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “This picture of Ghost Prison is indeed well chosen. There are a lot of general attack cards attributed to the high damage caused by the ghost cards of Sirui. Liu Jingxu's demon card also has a number of general offensive classes. However, it is Fenghua's side. Brother should adjust the card set? ”

As soon as his voice went down, both sides began to publish the cards.

Xie Mingzhe glanced roughly and found that out of 16 cards, Fenghua actually changed more than 10 cards, and the formation changed blood!

The previous “Desert Rose”, "Millennium Divine Tree” and other group attack output cards were all withdrawn. Xu Changfeng's accelerating flow card “Fengxinzi” and "Wind Chimes Grass” were also replaced, leaving Shen 'an with a large number of fruit trees.

The fruit throwing pattern of fruit trees is a constant and widespread attack for a period of time, unaffected by silence. In addition to this, Tang Muzhou replaced five different types of vine cards with a set of bonus attributes, which he chose to "extend all card control skills by 2 seconds”.

Xie Mingzhe thought thoughtfully: "Looks like Brother is going to use the vine control field, can this break the ghost jail marking stream? ”

"This is the first new game of the season," said Chen Qianlin. Your brother's doing this is also a bold attempt, not necessarily winning or losing. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded and looked seriously at the big screen.

This game is very different from the upper game. The last round was around Xu Changfeng's accelerated flow, and Fenghua started aggressively, but in this round, Fenghua was clearly the opening defense, but Ghost Prison accelerated the pace of the offense.

Skills of both sides work together, and at 30 seconds the scene spirit begins to gather, triggering the silence of the first full picture at 40 seconds.

Xie Mingzhe paid special attention to the time slots on the field.

At this moment, when the race lasted 39.5 seconds, all cards of Fenghua retracted collectively under the command of Tang Muzhou, the branches of the great banyan tree in Tang Muzhou spread quickly, and the green shield landed like a giant umbrella, putting all the surrounding teammates in a protective shield - God Tree Bless, the whole group is invincible!

Almost at the same time, Haunted Prison also calculates this point. Wei Xiaotian opened the death stare mark, aimed at Shen 'an's output card, and Zhiwei and Liu Jingxup attacked the card simultaneously, trying to force Fenghua's core output card.

Unfortunately, all attacks are blocked by the green shield of the Divine Tree.

Xie Mingzhe was so excited: “Brother, this consciousness is really too strong. Precise prediction, 0.5 seconds away! ”

He couldn't find the right adjective to brag about Muchou. In such a chaotic group battle, closely follow the silence time of the scene, prejudge the action of ghost prison in advance, and release the entire regiment to carry this wave of fierce aggression. Tang Muzhou is the strongest player in the wood system today!

But Lao Zheng's strength was not blown out either. After the wave of attacks was invalidated, he was not in a hurry to stabilize the situation. In order not to rush past attacking cards against the opponent, he promptly retracted the safety zone under the protection of the earthly stone giant by letting the ghost cards belonging to Cirque and Liu Jingxu's melee card.

Ghost prison marking is essentially a strategy of forcibly tearing the gap in each other's lineup. Wei Xiaotian's first wave of markings was abolished, and there were also second and third markings.

Another 10 seconds, the map silence is about to trigger.

Xie Mingzhe stared nervously at the screen and guessed how he would solve the ghost fire this time.

The race time turned to 49 seconds and 30, only Tang Muzhou suddenly summoned an inky green vine, which protruded from his hand, like a spiritual tentacle, instantly split into countless tiny green vines and connected all his cards around him at a dazzling speed.

--Ivy, Vine Man Grow, The whole group cards spread all the damage during the vine link!

This operation stunned Chen Qianlin. The corner of his mouth couldn't help but smile. "Tang is really amazing, his ivy will share the damage, the markings of the ghost prison are more powerful to collect fire, and after the injury is flattened, none of the cards can be removed for a second. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Brother IQ, what else can he say besides admiration?

Tagged Strength is the automatic import of damage. All outputs of Ghost Prison, whether in a mass attack or a single attack, will be instantly imported into the tagged card. Thick cards will be killed in seconds. But what if the damage is "evenly distributed”? You get 200,000 single damage, and after being evenly distributed, you only get 10,000 damage per card, which is like scratching an itch.

Ivy's vine link will last for 10 seconds, and over the next 10 seconds, the Ghost Prison's marking stream will be completely scrapped, naturally it is time for Fenghua to fully counterattack.

At the same time, Tang Muzhou commanded, he also manipulated Vine Munka to forcefully control the key ghost cards belonging to Ci Wei. Xu Changfeng auxiliary flower group control, Zhen Munfeng and Shen 'an found an opportunity. Shen 'an's fruits were flying in the sky, and Zhen Muncan's snakes quickly crawled underground - the four of them joined forces, fully tacit, and killed the five cards of the ghost prison with one breath!

The fans of the scene screamed excitedly, and Xie Mingzhe couldn't help applauding: “Beautiful! ”

Chen Xiao sighed: "Tang Muzhou's sense of command is amazing...”

Though Chen Xiao and the teenager Tang Muzhou stood at the same starting point and may be able to make a tie, how many competitions has Tang Muzhou experienced as captain of Fenghua in the past five years? Chen Xiao raised herself in school and never played any games. Experience is lacking too much.

For example, Tang Muzhou could quickly come up with a way to deal with the marked flow of haunted prisons today, but Chen Xiao couldn't think of a way to deal with it. This is the biggest difference between experienced gods and newcomers.

Cards made by newcomers may be innovative, but a brutal playing field is not only innovative, but also conscious and reactive.

Chen Xiao reflected, and Xie Mingzhe looked at himself as well.

What would I do if I were you? Can I do it again? Xie Mingzhe has been thinking about these as he watches the game, and the confrontation between Fenghua and Ghost Prison is like a mirror, clearly illustrating his current biggest flaw. If Tang Muzhou's consciousness is a master position, Xie Mingzhe is also a newly introduced apprentice!

As the competition intensified, this wave of counter-attacks regained the right of initiative, leaving the Ghost Prison Club at a temporary disadvantage.

The number of cards on both sides has quickly changed from the initial 20: 20 to 13: 9, Fenghua has the advantage of 5 cards and seems to be winning steadily.

But it's just superficial, and the next moment, all the audience's perceptions are completely overturned ——

Ji Sirui summoned the "Ghoul”, Wei Xiaotian summoned the “Puppet Master”!

Even Xie Mingzhe had to admire the design of this card. It's useless to start summoning a corpse eater, but in the later stages, a corpse eater that eats a corpse to increase its own attack power will turn into a terrible BOSS. At this time, there were 18 cards killed in action, and how strong would the attack be after a carnivore had eaten the body continuously?

His attack reached the official maximum, a general offense, which is equivalent to putting another card with a big, over-cooled trick, a continuous general offense, and a direct clearance!

This late harvest card is a counterwind turning lever.

After the Ghoul appeared, the situation instantly reversed, killing Fenghua 3 cards, before being forcibly controlled by Tang Muzhou.

However, Ghost Prison has a new card besides the Ghoul: the Puppeteer.

The figure of the puppeteer is a dry woman with some silk threads in her hand, and the other end of the silk thread is a puppet, controlled by Wei Xiaotian. The design of this card is also novel, with only one skill - Puppeteering: Puppeteers can use puppeteering to make a designated enemy deceased card their own puppet and assist themselves in battle for the next 3 minutes, limiting it once per game.

Less skilled cards are not necessarily weak. The strength and weakness of the cards depend on the skill, not so much on how the skill is designed. The puppeteer has only one skill, but this card is very flexible, with many choices about which card to manipulate as his own puppet.

At this time, Fenghua's deceased cards had 11 cards, and Wei Xiaotian chose Ivy.

Manipulated puppet cards, the color of the skill changes to a dark black system that conforms to the spirit of a ghost prison. The green vine, originally belonging to Tang Muzhou, reached the puppeteer's hand and turned into a purple and black vine.

Black ivy is rapidly spreading, connecting all nine remaining Ghost Prison friendly targets in range.

Tang Muzhou: “…”

Xie Mingzhe: “..............."

Wei Xiaotian is so smart, tooth for tooth!

In this way, the 9 cards of the Ghost Prison Club will split the damage, and Fenghua will not lose their blood cards!

Ultimately, the ghost prison won by one card, and Fenghua lost a little. After all, it was the puppet master who manipulated their cards to force a reversal, even Xie Mingzhe felt sorry for himself.

Tang Muzhou was very calm, he had a very stylish smile on his face. When the winner came to shake his hand, he stood up and hugged Lao Zheng for a moment. He followed him and Liu and patted Wei Xiaotian's 16-year-old shoulder for encouragement.

Xie Mingzhe sat in the bakery and watched the scene, feeling restless for a long time.

This game is a real 30% off the wave.

Initiating the ghost prison advantage, the middle wind relies on Shenzhu and Ivy to continuously decipher the marking stream, move back to the situation, kill each other 5 cards in a row, and the ghost prison suddenly reverses the situation, and finally wins with the advantage of 1 card.

This is so exciting!

This is the brilliant team battle, every step of the attack, defense, cracking, counterattack, just like two martial arts masters saw the trick, he was extremely addicted, I can't help but let the two families fight a few more rounds.

However, the regular game was only two rounds, and today Fenghua 0: 2 Ghost Prison, the game is over.

Seeing the score on the big screen and the scene of some fans being projected to the big screen to hold their heads and cry, Xie Mingzhe suddenly felt a little uneasy. Looking back at Master: “Feng Hua lost two games in a row, will he be scolded? ”

Chen Qianlin was calm: “He's used to being scolded. It's okay. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Want to comfort your brother?

He had a bit of a problem in his heart. As his teammates got up and left, Xie Mingzhe had to get up and keep up with his master.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 150, Clumsy Consolation]

The game was too shocking for everyone.

On the way back, it was quiet in the car, and everyone was remembering the great footage.

Metaphorically drooling his head, it was obviously a wise manipulation that embarrassed him. He's really bad compared to God. If he goes to a group fight, he must be busy and clumsy and not know what to do. Eversheds has always been calm, and his cooperation with Liu Jingxu is perfect. He can't even compare to the 16-year-old Wei Xiaotian in Ghost Prison.

Chen Xiao wondered that after five years, the gap between himself and Tang Muzhou was not ordinary and more experience would have to be accumulated.

Xie Mingzhe was worried that Tang Muzhou would be scolded.

There are a lot of sprays online. As early as Earth's era, those E-Competition teams lost games, they were often scolded by Keyboardman. What, "Don't come out embarrassed”? Just like you, you hit ADC, “" Strength band breaking teammates ”and“ How much did you pay across the street ”? How can you scold them? There are even some E-Competitioners who can't withstand cyberviolence and retire.

Now in the Star Age, Xie Mingzhe doesn't know if people still retain the tradition of spilling negative emotions online.

Afraid, he opened his head and searched for the keyword "Tang Muzhou”.

The tens of millions of results he searched scared him, and the popularity of his brother was terrible.

The first result is "Tang Muzhou's Personal Home Page." He clicked in and looked at it. It was a bit like a tweet from Earth, but the interface was very refreshing. In addition to the personal details on the homepage, it was divided into visitor message boards, owner's daily activity, card display area, etc.

Xie Mingzhe entered the card display area and saw classic wooden cards made by Tang Muzhou such as the Millennium Divine Tree and Desert Rose. Tap into daily activity, and the first is the message he forwards, from the Star Card Pro League ——

[Event Broadcast] The 10th season of the regiment opens, Ghost Prison rookie Wei Xiaotian leaves the first show to perfectly close, beating Fenghua at 2: 0!

Tang Muzhou not only forwarded this message, but also added a comment: "The new way to fight Ghost Prison is interesting, you can watch the game play back [smile]. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Brother really big heart, 0: 2 loss still so calmly forward the official message?

The message below has increased to hundreds of thousands in just ten minutes. You can see how much attention Tang Muzhou's personal homepage has received. Xie Mingzhe roughly counted his fans and has already broken hundreds of millions...

A lot of comments abusing him in the message were put on top: “Are you ashamed to forward it? 0: 2 Aren't you ashamed?” “Fenghua can no longer be seen, the individual games can barely be seen, the team games are ridiculous.” “What a mess, losing two rounds in a row!” “This fenghua will definitely not make it to the final season! When are you retiring? Can you not embarrass the wood system? How much did Ghost Prison pay you? It's too fake to lose a big advantage! ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Certainly, in the interstellar age, some people's online negative-energy problems have not changed. Because he was wearing a vest and did not need to be responsible for speaking, he cursed his mouth with complete disregard for the consequences.

Tang Muzhou was scolded very badly. Although there are a lot of death and loyalty fans in the comment area, they can reason with those black fans who come in to scold people, it doesn't make sense at all.

Rarely encountered Fenghua 0: 2, Tang Muzhou's black powder group went out, brushed the home page, the comment area was simply unsightly, all kinds of poking messages, made Xie Mingzhe look angry.

My brother commands so well, you are here to curse the yarn!

Xie Mingzhe is not a great god, but after playing the game so long, he also has his own analysis and judgment of the game. In today's two innings, the first can be said to be that Ghost Prison came out with a new way to make the wind fall short of defense. But in the second inning, Tang Muzhou, to be perfectly assured, had handled it well, even broken the mark several times, and had a strong sense of the field, and could not have done better than him in the direction of any other club.

However, the “puppeteer" card in Ghost Prison is a bit annoying. The key moment is to manipulate Ivy into becoming your own puppet, or Ghost Prison will surely lose. In the end, Fenghua lost just one card, and Xie Mingzhe found it perfectly understandable.

The more outrageous they looked at the black powder, the more they even began to physically attack, Xie Mingzhe resisted the urge to scold back, and when they returned to the dormitory, they sent a message to Tang Muzhou: “Brother, I think you did well, today's two games were particularly great, the fair duel of the flag drum was very intoxicating, don't mind the comments of those black powders. Anyone who understands the game will naturally know that you did your best today and are a great conductor! ”

Tang Muzhou had just returned to the club dormitory and suddenly received this message, his lips slightly flashed, and he read the text carefully again.

Xie Mingzhe continued patching: “Your fans are defending you! Ignore the words of the blacks as the clouds in the sky. Anyway, in the eyes of the black powder, you have faults from head to toe, and the hair is wrong. ”

Tang Muzhou laughed softly and said, “Are you comforting me? ”

Xie Mingzhe listened to the low laughter in his ear, his cheek was a little hot, and felt like he was really doing a lot of this.

Who's Tang Mu Zhou? In the fifth season, he won the fiftieth consecutive crossing of the league in the Individual Game. He founded the Fenghua Club with his own hands to discover Xu Changfeng, Zhen Mun, Shen 'an and other outstanding players. He fought the Individual Game in the ninth season and won the Championship again. He was the only Individual Champion in the entire league.

He's a man who's been through a big wind wave, and he doesn't care about personal gain or loss, he looks at the development of the entire Star Card Career Alliance. His original idea of a dead hand was to change the state of the Alliance's slow-motion game.

Such a person would be saddened by a few negative comments about black powder? Is that possible?

is to make a big deal out of yourself. Seeing those black powders scold Tang Muzhou so badly, somehow, he only felt a rage attack, his mind buzzed, more angry than he was scolded!

- This is my brother, one of the strongest players in the league with a strong consciousness, fast response and first-class command. How can you people insult yourselves!

Xie Mingzhe was impatient and couldn't bear to comfort his brother for a few words, but now he can't get off the stage.

Listening to Tang Muzhou's laughing voice, Xie Mingzhe replied embarrassingly: “I know you don't need any comfort. I just think that you did a good job, and they scolded you so badly, you're out of your mind! ”

Little brother actually learned to “protect short”, which made Tang Muzhou happy.

This time really didn't help him, if he watched his brother get scolded, he didn't react, Tang Muzhou would really feel cold. The consolation at this time, though a little awkward, softened Tang Muzhou's entire heart.

Tang Muzhou's voice got softer and softer: “I'm fine. Five years ago, I learned to ignore black powder selectively. It's just a regular game, and today Ghost Prison comes up with a new tactic, but we're not the strongest. Winning and losing in the first game is not important, and we all know it. ”

Hearing him say that, Xie Mingzhe immediately relieved himself, "This is the best way to lose the anti-normal game, the impact on the later period is not very great. With the strength of the wind, it will definitely be fine to enter the final season. ”

Tang Muzhou did not hesitate to change the subject: “Did you come up with a solution for the marking of hell? ”

Xie Mingzhe has been thinking about this, since he asked, he just said and exchanged his views: “Open invincible fire collection in advance, Kato spread the link equally damage, brother, your solution today is good, in addition, there are group chaos, group freezing and other strong control, just, in [underground secret room] this map, because when the ghost hell fired the mark collection, seized the silence of the whole map, this strong control skill can not be released. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled with comfort: "Yes. So, the key to losing today is the map, and the 10-second silence limit on the whole map is too great. After today's competition, other clubs will definitely study it well, you can look forward to next week's competition to see how old Nie will break the ghost prison system over there. ”

Xie Mingzhe was very happy to talk to his brother and said, "Do you think the verdict will work out a way? ”

Tang Muzhou said: “I have a lot of confidence in Old Nie. Don't look at him personally. He can only spell positively. The sense of command in team warfare is also top notch. If I guess correctly, he's probably going to beat the riot, and he's going to shoot the core card of the ghost prison before he catches fire with it. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

This is indeed a simple and crude countermeasure.

Tang Muzhou went on to say, "Puppet Master, what do you think of this card? ”

Xie Mingzhe immediately said his thoughts brainlessly: “The puppeteer can control the deceased card of the opponent to become his puppet. If the opponent is strong, he is weak, he is weak. This card is really hard to handle, and Wei Xiaotian is very smart, making the puppeteer into a human race, not a ghost card. ”

Tang Muzhou said: "Well, Wei Xiaotian is truly the new guy that really brightened my eyes this season. That is, he can only carry one card per game, so he deliberately distinguishes the puppeteer's race from his teammates, so that if he wants to target ghost cards or demon cards, he won't lose his puppeteer. ”

Xie Mingzhe asked curiously: "How do you think it would be better to understand? ”

Tang Mu Zhou Dao; “Single dominance skills, such as your soup of Grandma Meng. ”

Xie Mingzhe's eyes lit up: "Yes! The monolithic domination is beyond control. Since the puppeteer can drag my card away as a puppet, I can also forcibly control her and quickly set fire to it while she is accused! ”

After a moment of discussion, Xie Mingzhe felt that his consciousness had improved a bit. Tang Muzhou was obviously teaching him some of the tactical ideas of the regiment during the war, which benefited him a lot.

Until almost bedtime at night, Xie Mingzhe suddenly asked: "By the way, is your birthday almost here? ”

Tang Muzhou was somewhat surprised: “How do you know? ”

"Today," said Xie Mingzhe, "search the news and tap into your personal homepage. It says here that you are on November 25th, Sagittarius. I don't know if it was random or really on November 25th? ”

"It's true," said Tang Muzhou. "The Alliance demanded that the players' data should not be fabricated. ”

Xie Mingzhe opened the calendar and took a look at it. Today is the 7th. It is two weeks away from his brother's birthday. You can prepare a gift and surprise him. Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe got a little excited and asked, "Are you spending your birthday with the club people? Or with the fans? ”

“I don't have much interest in birthdays. Why do I suddenly ask? ”

“I'm just asking.” Xie Mingzhe pretended to be calm.

Tang Muzhou also didn't poke at each other, smiling: "Okay, go to sleep. ”

He guessed that his younger brother might have to prepare a birthday present for him, what exactly, or just look forward to it.

At the end of the conversation, Xie Mingzhe took out the "Tang Muzhou Card" from the drawer, which played only half the draft.

Previously in the school competition, he randomly painted Zhang Tang Muzhou. As a result, Tang Muzhou liked it. He painted it as a painting, framed it and hung it at home. Xie Mingzhe decided to paint this huge card and give it to his brother for his birthday.

Of course, there's only one painting, and it feels too flashy.

After all, Tang Muzhou was very helpful to him, and he should be prepared for Tang Muzhou's birthday.

It's been cooling recently and it's really cold out there. Watch them wear uniforms during the game today. The material of this uniform is obviously not that thick. The brother will definitely be cold on the road. Why not buy him a sweater and let him wear it in the uniform during the game, which is both light and warm.

Sweaters, although somewhat ordinary, are useful in the winter. Even if he doesn't lack a sweater in his wardrobe, he can change it if he sends another one. Anyway, there are so many styles of sweater, it won't be outdated.

Xie Mingzhe immediately went online to search Tang Muzhou's height and weight, and decided to go to the mall another day to pick a dress that suited his personality.

Xie Mingzhe had no idea that sending clothes to friends was a big taboo, because, in general, only intimate lovers send clothes to each other —— and to each other, the sub line is, one day, I'm going to take them off myself.

On the last day of 2018, thank you for meeting the star card master.

2019 Please continue to accompany Xie Mingzhe, accompany Nirvana Team to the Star Card Professional Alliance, love everyone!