[Chapter 151, Thoughts on Making Up Cards]

The next day was Saturday, Qin Xuan and Yike Ke were on vacation, and the two came to Nirvana Club after breakfast.

Chen Qianlin decided to let everyone look back at yesterday's two games. Although Nirvana Club has not yet formally organized training, we can watch more games, at least everyone will have a clearer understanding of the team battles.

There is certainly no objection to the coaching arrangements.

Chen Qianlin projected the video of the contest on the big screen and analyzed it while looking at it.

Last night you went to the scene to see, because the game was too fast to pay attention to many details, today there was a coach to explain from scratch, plus the video can be paused or slowly played back at key moments, so you naturally have a deeper understanding of last night's game.

Xie Mingzhe's heart is more admired by the commanders of Tang Mucheng and Zheng Feng. In such a chaotic situation, he can quickly make judgment and find the best way to respond. The consciousness of these great gods is not comparable to those of their newcomers.

After watching the video, Chen Qianlin followed closely: “Next year's eleventh season is the start of a new Star Card League, and there may be significant changes in the game system. In the unlikely event that the League adjusts the tournament time to the first half of the year, we Nirvana have not practiced teamwork so far, so we may not even be able to compete in the qualification. ”

"“ … "

If the Alliance did adjust the tournament to the first half of the year, it would be unthinkable how miserable Nirvana would die.

Chen Xiaowen frowned: “The tournament is usually the end of the year, shouldn't it be that bad? ”

Chen Qianlin glanced at his brother and said: “We have to make the worst plans. Now you don't know anything about team members' card sets and methods. Even if next year's tournament is still the second half of the year, in your state, going to a tournament is a litter game. ”

The coach is right, the four of them go to the team game, not to say to cooperate, but to influence each other to become pig teammates. For example, Xie Mingzhe was just about to play his skills and was blocked by a ghost card known as Ke; or Chen Xiaogang was about to attack, but the others withdrew collectively...

They don't need an opponent to set fire to them. How can they do that?

Master said it was unlikely, but not unlikely. What if the league adjusts the system and puts the tournament in the first half of the year? Are they waiting for Nirvana to die?

With this in mind, Xie Mingzhe immediately said: "Master, we have to arrange a division of labor for the tournament first, right? ”

“That's what I meant.” Chen Qianlin, “I also recently watched some videos of your practice. According to your personal characteristics, Xie and Chen Xiao were the main offenders in the team. Xiao Ke acted as an assassin in the team to find an opportunity to assassinate the leftover medal across the street. Qin Xuan is behind the aid and treatment, don't you think? ”

“Qin Xuan and I recently practiced double racing. Qin Xuan's character is calm and more suitable in the rear control field. Next, I will do some more control and treatment cards for Qin Xuan.” Chen Xuao turned his head to Qin Xuan and asked with a smile, "Qin Xuan, will you have any problem letting you play assistant during the tournament? ”

“Of course not.” Qin Xuan seriously said, "Auxiliary is also an indispensable part of the team, last night Ghost Prison can win Fenghua at 2: 00, Wei Xiaotian's auxiliary assistance is very key. I will practice and try not to drag you back. ”

Yike Ke also said seriously: "Me too! I'm better at assassinating, but I'm still too far apart from Godspeed, so I hurry up and play a personal arena for at least five hours a day. ”

Xie Mingzhe is better at offense, of course, he can also assist Qin Xuan in doing some control. At present, it is only a rough division of labour, and it will have to be accumulated in a large number of actual operations.

Chen Qianlin followed closely: “On the card group side, there are currently only two sets of cards in our Nirvana Club, one surrounding the soil system of Xiao Ke Ghost Card and the other is the wood system dominated by Chen Xiao Dark Plant. I will put together the basic framework first, and then you will make some additions on the cards. ”

"We have too few scattercards in our hands, Xiaoxie. You should also do some more scattercards next, preferably cards of 10,000 gold oil, to join any regimental battle system. ”

Team battles require 20 cards, and you can earn a "Set Bonus” effect for as long as you have 10 peer cards.

Metaphor's haunted cards are earthly, and with Xie Mingzhe's western tourist earthly cards, you can create a set of earth-based cards. Chen Xiao and Qin Xuan's Dark Botanical Card can naturally play wooden regiment battle cards.

Once you've picked 10 cards to trigger the boost, other cards can be chosen at will, and any attribute will not affect the boost of the entire team - these cards are called "loose cards”.

Many clubs make scatter cards to match different main lines. These bulk cards, mostly therapeutic, auxiliary, and field-controlled cards, will have comparative skills and match any card group.

Master and Brother Chen said that Xie Mingzhe also quickly understood the significance of scattered cards.

At the pro league stage, each player and club will have a common lineup, whether in individual or group matches, and once your lineup is guessed in advance, it is easy to fall into the opponent's trap.

The presence of scatter cards greatly increases the variability of the array.

Whether it's an individual 5 +2, a team 10 +10, 12 +8, or a scattered card, your opponent will never guess your full lineup. Perhaps in the western dirt card, it will mix in a few strong controls of the wood system. Alternatively, the Red House Water Card will be joined by several Fire Strong Attacks.

- Only athletes with variable formats and flexible ideas can laugh to the end.

When Xie Mingzhe used to make cards, he did it in a whole line. For example, the Dongwu Fire Card Group and the Westbound Earth Card Group are all designed to snap a ring. Once these cards appear, it is easy for the opponent to guess his way of playing and thus target them.

His scatter cards are currently only available in Shennong, Fengzheng, Volkswagen and Pangu, and there are too few.

After the meeting, Xie Mingzhe sat on the balcony and pondered.

The entire wooden card set of the troika series, he doesn't have a complete design idea yet, so why don't we do some all-powerful "scatter cards” first, which can be placed in any individual racing formation and can also be used in team warfare.

Xie Mingzhe wanted to make an auxiliary control card first.

Last night, Tang Muzhou's "Ivy Vine” card inspired him a lot.

Spread the damage evenly after the vine is connected to protect against the opponent's concentration of fire - this is a scatter card of Ten Thousand Gold Oil that can be used in any formation and prevents fire from being caught across the street at critical moments, thus reversing the battle and working better than a healing card.

Speaking of “connections," he quickly thought of a role - old age.

This mythical legendary immortal under the moon is in charge of all marriages in the world. In ancient and modern times, many people will go to old temples to worship the moon in order to arrange a good marriage for themselves and find good people.

And the way the old man arranges marriage is to tie the red line on two people.

The person tied to the red line, after seeing each other, would feel comfortable, so quickly fell in love, joyfully connected.

The skills of Zhou Yu and Ivy will simultaneously connect the range of group targets, the former being the conductive damage of iron wire connections and the latter being the equivalent damage of vine spreading connections. The red line connection of the old moon can't be designed as a range connection - after all, the red line of the old moon finger is a one-on-one connection, if the range is connected, then it becomes N horny love, it's a mess!

One-on-one connections can be designed as "shared injuries and healing", which also corresponds to the concept of "blessings and misfortunes" for loved ones. This design will be very flexible to apply. If you connect the opponent's output card with our core output card, the opponent will die when they set fire to our card. Injury to one thousand enemies and damage to self is one thousand, and needs to be measured carefully.

The presence of old age greatly limits the opponent's attack rhythm.

When Xie Mingzhe thought about the design, he connected to the card making system and began to make the card "Old Moon”.

The legendary moon was always a fairy with a crane hair, superior to hatred and hatred. He was holding red wire with one hand and a crutch with one hand. He hung a marriage book on the crutch, stood on the cloud, smiled and surrounded by fairies.

The character image of the card, Xie Mingzhe designed according to the mythological legend, painted the old age as a fairy with a haired child.

As for the skills description, he decided to design three skills for the elderly.

Although the more skills you have, the worse the cards' basic attributes will be. Years old are pure auxiliary cards. When they play games, they do not prioritize fire-fighting auxiliary cards, and with the protection of teammates, they are not so easy to hang up.

Old Yue (Wood Department)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1000, Attack 0, Defense 1000, Agility 20, Critical 10%

Additional Skills: Old Red Line (Passive Skill. The old man can manage the marriage by pulling a red line, and when he shows up, he automatically gets a red line and an extra red line every 10 seconds. Old age can accumulate the red lines obtained and delay their use, but not more than 3 red lines present in the hand at the same time. The target distance connected by the red line must be within 30 meters, if the distance is exceeded, the red line will break automatically)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Thousand Mile Marriage Line (Moon elders throw the red line in their hands and connect the two ends of the red line with any two designated targets, regardless of their enemies. In the state of being connected by the red line, both parties will have difficulty and love each other. After falling in love, the two cards decide to share blessings and suffer the same difficulties. During the red line connection, the two cards divide all gains and losses equally, and spread all treatment and injury data equally until the red line breaks. Cooling time 20 seconds)

Additional Skills: Love (Cards connected by a red line, because they love each other so much, when one of them is bleeding, the other side is heartbroken and willing to share their HP with the other side, sharing 10% per second until both sides have equal blood volume)

The design of this card excites Xie Mingzhe. Compared to being carried away as a daughter-in-law by Pig Bajie, it is connected by the red line of the old moon. Forcing “love” is also annoying!

More importantly, the old red line will be very flexible to use in action.

Connecting our blood card with each other's high blood volume cards can force our cards to suck blood from the opposite body. For example, a card with only 10,000 blood left, linked to a card with 150,000 blood, will slowly suck blood from each other until both sides become 80,000. This red line sucking skill is pretty scary in the residue and can suck some thick cards to death.

The key is the second skill. Both parties with red line connections will share all treatment and injury data, which will prevent our key cards from being killed by enemy fire. At the same time, we can guarantee that when our cards are killed, we will be able to play one card across the street and die together, at least without loss.

Xie Mingzhe put away this card of old age, and there was a new thought in his mind.

Now that you're old enough, how can you lose the key scenario - Marriage Tree!

Legend has it that the matrimonial tree is a giant tree of female and male homosexuality, and people, out of their desire for a good marriage, have done many wishmarks that write their wishes on the matrimonial tree. The whole marriage tree looks extraordinarily festive with a big red wish mark.

Xie Mingzhe decided to make the scene a square surrounding the marriage tree.

The wishful marriage tree stands at the center of the scene and the wishful tree falls like rain every once in a while, two at a time. Wishes with moonlight blessings and red lines have a very special function - to quickly fall in love and fall in love with the two cards that have been smashed.

Two cards in a state of passion, of course, do not attack the opponent, but rather share treatment and injury because they love each other.

After Xie Mingzhe struck out the draft map, he called Qin Xuan and told him what he thought.

Hearing the design of this map, Qin Xuan's mouth twitched slightly twice and couldn't help but say: “You mean, this map of the Marriage Tree is a map of... making cards fall in love, right? ”

Qi Ke Tu said: “Chul, that's enough! Daughter's country made the card pregnant with a baby card, the marriage tree forced two cards to fall in love, can we play well? I don't want to fall in love with any cards! ”

Xie Mingzhe said with a smile: “This map will be interesting in action. In order to win the game, if necessary, hand over your cards and let the leftover cards fall in love with the high blood volume card across the street. Isn't it good to split the blood volume? ”

Yike Ke: “…”

Somebody's fucked up and dropped a drop!

Happy New Year to you all, let's start with a chapter, more before you go to bed at night when you're not finished.

Give each of you a red line of old age and wish you a happy New Year.