[Chapter 155, Wood Set]

Zhuge Liang and Huang Yueying, the Golden Regiment Battle Cards. After Xie Mingzhe showed them to his master, Chen Qianlin also felt his eyes lit up. In particular, Zhuge Liang's "Grass Boat Borrowing Arrow” and “Empty City Plan”, the former amounted to mutant counterattack skills. The latter can be used as a group invisibility. If necessary, the group invisibility skills can be used as a team invincibility. The group invisibility for 5 seconds is sufficient to reverse the situation.

Chen Qianlin upgraded the two cards to full grade, and said to Xie Mingzhe: “Chen Xiao has also been making scattered cards suitable for team warfare these past few days, and has also made several additional auxiliary cards for Qin Xuan. When you're done with the wooden set, we'll consolidate all the cards and arrange a regimental battle. ”

“Master, you said that our Nirvana team is going to form a clay and wooden set of cards. When I make wooden cards, do I still try to do it the way I want to play a large-scale team fight?” Xie Mingzhe asked, "Individually pointing to the skills of a card is not easy to hit in group warfare, is the range and linear attack skills better? ”

“Yes. The battle is too chaotic to kill a core card out of 20 cards. It's too hard to kill a single kill to the most flexible Kirk. When you make a wood card, you do all the straight output and group control cards more often.” Chen Qianlin said: “Huang Yueying is a very well designed card. It is particularly useful in group warfare. Put down Zhuge Lianlian crossbow in the crowd to ensure that all injuries are done. ”

“I understand.” After Xie Mingzhe said goodbye to his master, he went back to his personal space and thought about it.

The biggest difference between team battles and individual races is the number of cards, the individual races face only 7 cards, the single skill is easy to hit, so a large number of single attack techniques are required to collect fire seconds to kill the core cards.

But unlike teamwork, both sides have 20 cards, and it's not that easy to hit a single kill skill in a 20v20 mess.

The great thing about Huang Yueying is that it “shoots automatically” and doesn't need to be too complicated. Minimizing card manipulation when designing team cards and doing more automated targeting, automated bleeding skills is also a very critical technique.

In addition, create team cards and consider other player card groups on your team.

Chen Xiao's plant Ka Xie Mingzhe has probably learned these past two days - the style is completely different from Tang Muzhou's.

Tang Muzhou is better at playing plant control fields. He likes to output with vine bundling, flower hallucination and other control field skill card rhythm. During the game, the petals and vines fly, and the visual effect is very gorgeous.

But Chen Xiao's dark plants are more of a sharp attack skill. He doesn't like slow control fields, but is better at “aggressive" tactics. For example, the "black magician" he made is a card with a very strong spell output. The "Chiba Takayama” purple and black pine needle range shoots, can tie the opponent into a hedge, more violence, how violent.

Since Chen Xiao made a lot of output cards, Xie Mingzhe decided to make some additional auxiliary and control field cards when forming the wooden regiment battle deck.

He has thought about making the Wei people into wooden cards. In Wei's conspirators' regiment, Guo Jia, Xu and so on, many people can make control cards. But first, he's going to be the master of a tree system, T, and he's going to be able to stand in front of his opponent's fire, otherwise Nirvana's lineup will be too brittle in the war.

This card, Xie Mingzhe thought of Cao Cao.

As the hero of the three kingdoms, Cao Cao, in the name of Han Tianzi, expropriated the Quartet, exterminated Yuan Shao, Lubu, Liu Tao, Ma Chao and other separating forces, subjugated the foreign regimes such as Wuhun and Freshly inferior to the outside world, unified northern China, and stabilized the turbulent world in the north.

Though Cao Cao was suspicious of his nature and killed many people accidentally, none of his political and military talents denied it. He loved talent very much and was good at using people. This is also the key reason why the talent of the Wei Nation became stronger and stronger at a later stage.

In addition, Cao Cao can write a good poem, and his sons Cao Cao, Cao Si and called “Jian 'an San Cao”, opened up prosperous Jian 'an literature, leaving many classic literary works for future generations.

Regarding Cao Cao, although there are many negative reviews in future generations, Xie Mingzhe likes him very much and feels that he is a man of character.

There are so many examples of Cao Cao, Xie Mingzhe chose the most representative stories.

First of all, Cao Cao's wisdom was fully demonstrated by the practice of "blackmailing the heavens to order the nobles”. At that time, the Han dynasty will run out. The Emperor was only an empty shell and had no real power. But after all, the emperor is still there, and you obviously dare not rebel directly, but you despise the emperor in your heart. Cao Cao captured the emperor and, in the name of the emperor, “holy edict”. It is a wonderful trick for all parties not to listen to it, but to conspire against it.

This masterpiece is designed as a card skill that allows Cao Cao to forcibly control one of the opponent's core cards for a period of time to order the opponent's other cards to do the corresponding operation. For example, a key card across the street that can be used as a hostage to order other cards to stop attacking can be described as very raspy.

In addition, Cao Cao's classic phrase, "I'd rather teach the rest of the world to be negative than the rest of the world to be negative”, translated into card skills, is “I can hit you fine, but you can't hit me", Laipi's highest realm.

Turning it into a skill, Xie Mingzhe decided to call it "The Heart of the Worlds", a poem in Cao Cao's most famous poem, "The Short Songbook," which is also included in the language textbook, Xie Mingzhe can still recite the full text. The first half of the momentum was pounding, and the last sentence, "Zhou Gong vomited to feed, and the world returned to its heart", also showed Cao Cao's desire for the world's Yingjie to submit to his ambition.

The last skill, with Cao Cao's story of "killing in lonely dreams”, is said to be very vigilant when Cao Cao dreams. Whoever comes near him will be mistaken by him as an assassin and kill each other directly.

With three skill settings in mind, Xie Mingzhe took out nebula paper and began to paint the image of Cao Cao.

In Xie Mingzhe's imagination, Cao Cao should have deep eyes, with a thick beard on his chin and a crown on his head, is a very hegemonic troublemaker. Cao Cao's appearance is not handsome, his height is still a hard wound, but his aura has always been two meters and eight, his eyes glaring, can scare people into a frightening battle.

In order to bring the cards into the wooden system, Xie Mingzhe abandoned Cao Cao's metal weapon and let Cao Cao ride the horse, so that he doesn't have to worry about his height. Cao Cao's riding is called "The Shadow”, all hairs are dark and bright, is a famous horse of the Three Kingdoms era, and is said to be able to travel a thousand miles a day.

Xie Mingzhe painted Cao Cao and his mount “Shadow” very carefully.

After completion, Cao Cao, riding the horse, the wind and wind, does seem to have the aura of a "generation of heroes”, and his skill design can also give the opponent a very headache.

Cao Cao (Wood Department)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1200, Attack 500, Defense 1200, Agility 30, Critical 30%

Additional Skills: Blackmail the Heavenly Son to make the people (Cao Cao Caozhi was brilliant. When he turned on the "Blackmail the Heavenly Son to make the people” skill, he could search for hostile targets within 23 meters and take any designated target to his side as a hostage for 5 seconds. Hostage cards cannot release any skills, and will follow Cao Cao's orders and give the following instructions to teammates: 1. Stop releasing all attack skills; 2. Retreat all 10 meters; if 5 seconds arrive and teammates do not follow the instructions, the hostage cards will be killed. Hostage cards back if teammates are operating as directed; cooling time 10 minutes)

ADDITIONAL SKILL: Murder in Dream (Cao Cao's vigilance is so strong that when he falls asleep, he enters the Dream for 5 seconds, during which time he immediately counteracts the opponent once a hostile target attacks him, inflicting 100% of damage rebound; cooldown time is 60 seconds)

Additional Skills: Heartfelt (Cao Cao expects Yingjie to submit to him. When he turns on Heartfelt Skills, all attacks within 23 meters will automatically be directed to Cao Cao, while Cao Cao will draw 5% of his blood volume from all attackers; cooldown time is 90 seconds)

The hostage-taking design can be fun in field operations, especially if you take the key card across the street as a hostage, and in addition to keeping the hostage card from releasing skills, you can quickly interrupt the opponent's attack rhythm, otherwise the opponent will have to sacrifice the hostage.

Skills 2 and 3 can be used in action as a companion. For example, Cao Cao first pulls ridicule within the scope of "The Heart of the World", followed closely by "Killing in Dreams”, so that he can rebound the attack while absorbing all attacks within the range, and suck 5% of the blood from all cards that attack him.

When playing the group, the more cards Cao Cao attacked, the more blood he could suck, which really meets the “adulterer" setting.

As a mockery card, Cao Cao's skill design is different from most mockery cards, his own blood volume and defense are not very high, but his skills make it difficult for him to be killed by an opponent's fire, and his ability to defend himself is top notch.

At critical moments, Cao Cao can also "blackmail Tenzi” the control field.

Xie Mingzhe himself loved the design of this card, which can be said to embody Cao Cao's personality.

He's just a little worried about auditing. The key is that the first skill takes the card across the street as a hostage, and in turn orders the other card to stop the attack and retreat. Just like the kidnappers in reality are threatening the police retreat, this operation is so annoying, I don't know if the official datalogists will curse him?

Xie Mingzhe connected the database with a keen mood and was submitted to the manual review channel.

Lately, his cards were getting stranger and stranger, and the official datagraphers had gotten used to seeing the "month and a half” card making LOGO. After some controversy, everyone eventually passed the review, but instead of cooling down for 10 minutes, they changed it to “one game only”.

Xie Mingzhe can almost imagine the indescribable expression of the datalogists. A single match, equivalent to "limited skill", must remain in the rescue field at the most critical moment. You can see how strong Cao Cao's skills are.

As long as it passes!

Xie Mingzhe smiled and put Cao Cao in the card display cabinet.

Next, he intends to make the cards of Jian An San Cao Zhong Cao Cao Cao Cao and Cao Si Cao. Of course, with these two brothers, we cannot afford to lose a key figure - Zhen Zhen, a well-known beauty of the three kingdoms known by future generations as the “Los Angeles”.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 156, Brothers Fried]

Zhen Yan's reputation is not worse than that of Jiangdong Erqiao, and there are folk rumors that "Jiangdong Erqiao, Hebei Zhenqiao". Zhen Yan was said to have been a stranger since childhood, and other girls were studying female workers, but she preferred to read and read, believing that she could not tell the truth without reading.

Probably responds to the phrase "red-handed", and her life experience has been very cumbersome. After losing his father at a young age, he was chosen by Yuan Shao as the daughter-in-law of his second son, Yuan Xi. Later, Cao Cao led the army to take down the city, and Zhen's family was impressed by Cao Cao because of her beauty. She was remarried to Cao Cao.

Originally, the couple were in harmony, and Zhen Yu also gave birth to Cao Yu's son and daughter, the East Township Princess. However, after Cao Yu succeeded Wei Wang and called him Emperor, the Empress gradually became more numerous in the rear palace. Cao Yu was blessed with Queen Guo, and Zhen Yu fell cold. She returned to the palace with Queen Guo, but left the Zhen family behind. Zhen Zheng's heart was lost, and the letter to Cao Zheng also revealed some sad and jealous words. Cao Zheng was furious and gave his death and buried her in Qingcheng.

Her death warrant was said to be extremely bleak, and it was not until her son Cao Qiao succeeded her that he sealed the title of "Queen Wen Zhaozhen” and moved her coffin back to the Imperial Palace. Zhen Zhen's life was truly miserable, his ex-husband was killed, his remarried husband was happy and tired of falling cold on her, and eventually he was saddened and given death by Cao Zheng. Though the son has inherited the throne, she is unfortunately invisible.

Zhen Zhen's skill in this card, Xie Mingzhe decided to design according to the legendary "Lo Shen Fu".

Cao Shi's "Lo Shenfu" is a thousand ancient passages of Wencheihua Beauty. Some say it was written to Zhen Yan. The beautiful woman "Lo Shen" is Zhen Yan, but because Zhen Yan is his sister-in-law, Cao Shi can't name names, so he used Lo Shen to describe Zhen's beauty. But there is another argument, Cao Sik uses the image of Lo God to express his admiration of the monarchy, reflecting the bitterness that his heart cannot be regarded by the king.

Whatever the real history, Zhen Zhen is thus called “Lo God”, using the words written in the Lo God's gift as her skill name. For example, "Fluttershy, Wan Yulong” in Lo's divine gift describes a woman's light figure. These two sentences are not excessive for the beautiful woman Zhen Zhen, after all, is indeed a famous beauty recorded in history.

Xie Mingzhe painted a beautiful woman, and soon drew an ancient beauty in shape on nebula paper, holding a fan that was very popular at the time.

Zhen Yi (Wood Department)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 800, Attack 1200, Defense 800, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Surprised (Zhen Zheng is a famous beauty, lightweight as a frightened geese, and when she turns on her "Surprised” skill, dodges all enemy "non-locking” attack and control skills for the next 10 seconds; cools down for 30 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Wan Ruojung (Zhen Ruojung moves like a moving dragon, when she turns on the "Wan Ruojung” state, immediately increases her movement speed by 500% for 15 seconds. During the opening of Wan Ruojung state, she can lock one of the lowest blood volume hostile targets within 23 meters, accelerate her movement to the other party, and attack the target with a group fan in her hand, dealing 80% wood tyranny damage per attack, dealing an additional 100% wood tyranny damage after three consecutive hits; cooling time: 30 seconds)

This is a high dodge card that dodges to avoid harm across the street.

Most of the card skills in the Star Card Arena are not locked, but attacked in groups or directed to skills, so once Jin Ji has dodged, he can be almost invincible for some time.

The second skill is the simplest and roughest assassination technique, relying on flexible movement speed to assassinate one of the lowest blood cards. During the team battle, because the other card is difficult to lock, Zhen Ji's skill design adds a "minimum blood lock” design, which allows her to quickly target the opposite blood card, rush into the past harvest and make up for the shortcomings of our single attack.

Making Zhen Ji into a card with high evasion and high assault is entirely inspired by the description of "Lo Shenzhen Fu". Xie Mingzhe wanted to make her into a dead end card, but Zhen Ji's dead end desolate dead end language skills will collide with Jia Yingchun's dead end language skills in the red building. Rather, it would be more useful in a team fight if it were a high evasion card.

After Zhen Ji, there are still two brothers, Cao Xi and Cao Xi.

Xie Mingzhe wanted to make the "Jian 'an San Cao” linkage, let Cao Cao, Cao Cao and Cao Sik write poetry together, but at best, do it as a gain BUFF, like other linkage cards, it doesn't seem very innovative. Besides, Cao Cao already has three skills, linking them will reduce his attributes. Isn't it embarrassing if he can't hold back hatred and hang himself?

If Cao Xiao and Cao Xi made a double card link, Xie Mingzhe came up with a very clever idea.

That's the famous story of brothers in history.

Wu Guo and Shu Guo's successors are mediocre, but Cao Cao's successors are better than one, with the eldest son Cao Ang, and the “prodigy" Cao Chong who would have been known at a young age. After Cao Ang and Cao Chung died, there were two candidates Cao Cao and Cao Sik.

During Cao Cao's reign, the ministers were divided into two factions. There were those who supported Cao Cao, and there were those who supported Cao Sik. In the end, of course, the Cao Cao Party won, and the successor to the throne became “Wendy Wendy”. But Cao Xiao's personality has always been ruthless. After becoming emperor, he has always been constrained by his talented brother Cao Xiao, so he deliberately asked Cao Xiao to write a poem within seven steps, otherwise he would be executed.

Cao Sik knew what his brother was thinking. He immediately calmed down and thought, and really wrote a poem in seven steps that had been passed down to the present day: “Boiled beans hold a spoon and think juice. It burns under the kettle, and the beans cry in the kettle. What's the rush? ”

A few simple poems not only embody Cao Xi's extraordinary talent, but also tell Cao Xiao: you and my brother should not be suspicious and resentful of each other. After listening, Cao Xiao was ashamed. Since then, he has abandoned the idea of killing Cao Xi, letting Cao Xiao become an idle king.

This classic of "brothers frying” can be made with a very distinctive linkage technique, let Cao Xiao initiate, Cao Xi react passively, and then have some impact on the surrounding area.

Of course, before making linkage skills, you have to make two cards: Cao Qi and Cao Xi.

Cao Qiao was a mean, ungrateful, harsh and poisonous man. Although he was a very powerful politician, he eventually lost some of his flavor. He could give his wife Zhen Qiao direct death, and almost forced his own brother to die. It can be seen that in his heart, the concept of humanity is very cold.

However, from the perspective of a monarch, Cao Xiao is also a very productive emperor. After his succession to power, he insisted on the monopoly of power, set up the Chinese scripture province, and adopted the "Regular System of Nine Grades” officials selection system, which has a very important significance throughout Chinese history. The creation of a future system of scientific practice was also influenced by Cao Xiao's "Regular System of Nine Grades”.

In literature, Cao wrote a "classical thesis" that pioneered “critical literature”. It was a nose ancestor of critical discussion papers and played a crucial role in the development of literature at the time. Among the poems he wrote, he was more famous for "The Swallow Song," describing the social phenomenon at the time from a woman's perspective, such as “The Dalit Concubine Keeps the Vacant Room, worried that the King will not forget, and will not feel dressed in tears”. A man can write such poems. It can be seen that Cao's writing is still very detailed.

This card was designed with three skills in mind.

The first skill is derived from Cao Zhi's political means. He is very good at political struggle. After winning the struggle, he will not kill the opponent directly. Instead, he is accustomed to banishing the opponent to remote places, such as Hanzanti, and later Cao Sik and Cao Chang, all of whom were banished by him to distant places without affecting his rights. Designed as a card skill, cards can be expelled instantly from a range.

The second skill is centralization, and he believes that being an emperor must have power and not be dispersed. Centralisation can be used as a skill to absorb aggression, allowing Cao to gain a very strong outbreak in a short period of time.

And that's his literary contribution, and the Dictionary, as the first critique in history, can critique a designated card and use it as a control technique.

After thinking about Cao Zhi's card skills, Cao Xi is next.

Compared to Brother Cao's harsh heart, Cao Sik is actually better suited to be a idle poet, his political talent is no better than that of Cao Xiao, which is also the key reason for his failure in seizing power.

Cao Si's most famous example is "seven steps into poetry”, which is a card skill that allows him to sing a poem within seven steps and has some influence on hostile targets within the range. In addition, he wrote "The Emperor of Los Angeles", a centuries-old poem that was magnificent and made many poets and words from future generations appreciate it.

Cao Sik usually likes to drink and write poems, but also because he misses things. On one occasion during Cao Cao's outing, Cao Sik was drunk, took a booze, took a private ride on the royal horse, and opened the door of the palace “Sima Gate” without permission. Not only that, but he was also riding a wagon on a forbidden road where the emperor had a ceremony to walk, which was a treacherous crime.

Cao Cao was furious and particularly disappointed in Cao Sik. Cao Sik also lost his father's petition and fell into the wind in the capture of Cao Xi's position.

Drunk intrusion into Simon is an important turning point in Cao Sik's life. Designed as a card skill, it can be used as an interference skill against enemy groups, completely disrupting the opponent's formation.

Xie Mingzhe kept in mind the skill designs of Cao Xiao and Cao Xiao cards and drew their image closely.

None of these brothers have low facial value, but their temperament is completely different.

Cao Zhi's appearance appeared rather shady. As an emperor, he wore a black robe symbolizing his primacy, wore the crown of the emperor, was harsh and spicy, and had a flash in his eyes that made him afraid to look at him. Cao Sik is a casual poet, not so formal in his clothes. Cao Sik, who often drinks alcohol, looks very flirtatious and handsome.

Xie Mingzhe, according to his understanding, finished drawing Cao Qi and Cao Shi and followed closely in designing skills for them.

Cao Yi (Wood Department)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 800, Attack 1200, Defense 800, Agility 30, Critical 30%

Additional Skills: Exile (Cao Qiao is very good at political struggle, he will not directly execute anyone who threatens him, lest he leave his name behind, but deport the other person in a “exile" manner to a remote area that will not affect him. When Cao Cao turns on the "exile” skill, the designated card can be expelled to any location 30 meters away from himself and the card cannot be moved for 5 seconds; cooling time 60 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Criticism (Cao Likes to criticize some bad articles and specializes in a critical essay; when Cao Li turns on his "Critical” skills, he can critically educate the enemy's designated cards, leaving them in silence and unable to release their skills for 5 seconds; cooldown time: 60 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Centralisation (Cao Cao believes that when leaders must concentrate important rights in their own hands so that their people can listen. When Cao Cao turns on the "Centralized” skill, he can draw 2% base attack power from all friends and enemy cards within 30 meters of himself in 5 seconds. Once absorbed, attack in the specified direction, dealing 220% wood Crit damage to all hostile targets on the path; one match is limited)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Brothers frying each other (linkage technique; when Cao Xi is present, Cao Xi worries that his brother is threatening his position, forcing his brother to write a poem within seven steps, if Cao Xi cannot complete the poem within seven steps, then Cao Xi kills Cao Xi; if Cao Xi successfully releases the seven-step poetry skill, Cao Xi feels guilty, exiles Cao Xi to a designated position, and allows Cao Xi to immunize all injuries within the next five seconds)

Cao Sik (Wood Department)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1200, Attack 800, Defense 1200, Agility 30, Critical 30%

Additional Skills: Seven Steps into Poetry (Cao Si Wencheifan, can write a poem within seven steps. When Cao Si opened the "Seven Steps into Poetry” skill, he quickly walked seven steps from the spot to the designated position to conceive poetry. During the walk, he was immune to all controls and injuries. At the end of the walk, Cao Si wrote a poem, surrounded by hostile targets within 23 meters to admire Cao Si's culture, and fell into collective silence for 3 seconds; cooling time was 60 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILL: Los Angeles Sadness Song (Cao Shi wrote a "Los Angeles" to describe a beautiful woman, but unfortunately he can only meet this Los Angeles in his dreams. Cao Sik recites the poem "Lo Shen Fu", and the sadness infects the surrounding hostile targets, reducing all hostile targets' defense by 50% for 5 seconds; cooling time is 60 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Tsao Sik usually likes to drink, this time drunk and unconscious, he makes a big mistake riding the horse to the forbidden land; when opening the "Drunk Insert Simon” skill, Tsao Sik can summon his ride, roll over the horse, increase movement speed by 500%, and rush from a specified direction into enemy camp, repelling the impacted hostile target by 3 meters; cooling time 5 minutes)

Additional Skills: Brothers frying each other (linkage technique; when Cao Xi initiates linkage technique, forcing Cao Xi to write poetry within seven steps, Cao Xi can use the "seven steps into poetry” technique to respond to brother linkage. If this skill cools down, Cao Xie is killed by Cao Xi. After Cao Xi's death, he triggers the "brothers frying” dead speech technique, leaving all enemy cards stunned in a state of fear, unable to do anything for 3 seconds)

This pair of brothers is one of the best hybrids currently designed by Xie Mingzhe.

Because it can choose the linkage.

When Cao Xi released the linkage, if Cao Xi can make seven steps into a poem, Cao Xi would not kill Cao Xi, exile Cao Xi, which is equivalent to letting Cao Xi move to a designated position in an instant. Cao Xi then opened the "drunken breakthrough Simon” skill to disrupt the enemy formation, which can be said to be a transient control field cooperated by the brothers.

If Cao Xi does not respond to the seven-step poem, Cao Xi will kill Cao Xi in seconds, and then trigger the "Brothers Fried” group fear control field.

If you get to the field, your opponent may be really stunned.

Uncle Fatty, the lunatic, made the cards crazy and even killed his own brother.

What can we do if we kill our brother and make us fear each other? You can only stare at your brothers and perform.

Readers are advised to play the game directly and not write cards. But if I don't write these card designs, let Xie Mingzhe take Cao Cao, Cao Cao, Cao Sik, Zhuge Liang and Huang Yueying across the second to 20 cards. Does this game look interesting? It must be foggy and most readers won't understand it.

This book is a game of cards, cards are the core. I want to be responsible for this book, for every card that Pippicher has carefully designed.

Hope you enjoy these cards instead of just looking at the protagonist playing face. How to play without cards, right?)