[Chapter 177, Is He Fat Uncle?

Chen Xiao returned to the background after the game, by which time he had adjusted his emotions and his face was full of smiles. Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke stood up together without a date, and went forward and hugged Brother Chen.

Yike Ke's voice is shaking with excitement: “Brother Chen, aren't you too handsome! Seven cards across the street in a clear wave is even more powerful than my black-and-white mark! ”

Xie Mingzhe embraced him with a smile. “Good job, Brother Chen. ”

Chen Xiao hugged the two teammates and said frankly: “Thank you for the compliment, I took it all in. ”

This was the first time he had won the game brightly and positively in a publicly visible event, he no longer needed to count the CDs of his opponent's card skills and intentionally lose the game slowly and silently over the opponent - a game that was too tired to make any mistakes every time, like walking a wire.

Being able to play his full strengths without any hesitation, he really played well in this game today.

At this time, an official staff member knocked on the door and the girl in the ponytail smiled politely and politely: “The next match is between Uncle Fat and Nine Life Cats, ready to go in five minutes...”

She knocked on the door of several tournament bags and didn't find Uncle Fat. This was the last one. She thought Uncle Fat must be here. At first glance, all three were young people, of whom Ko Xiaokou and Yunxiao had already fought. Only one handsome guy was stranger.

The girl's eyes swept over the handsome man, "Excuse me, is Uncle Fatty here? ”

Xie Mingzhe stood up and said with a slight smile: "I am. ”

“....................." The girl couldn't believe her eyes, her mouth wide enough to shove an egg in!

Looking at the way she dropped her chin, Chen Xiao couldn't help but grin and touch her nose. She caught herself in Ke's ear and said: “I wonder how many audience jaws can be harvested on the scene today?” Xie Ke whispered: “Brother Chen, when you appeared earlier, the audience was quite surprised. Later, Chul appeared, I think they will be stunned! ”

Xie Mingzhe glanced at the two teammates and shrugged helplessly, then turned to the official staff and said, "Hello, please lead the way. ”

The official staff who arranged the appearance of the athlete is also a fan of Fat Uncle privately, so she actively came to the preparation area to look for Fat Uncle, looking for half a day, did not find anyone who matched her image at all, and turned out to be this tall, skinny little handsome guy in front of her?

The girl turned around confused and walked rigidly with Xie Mingzhe. The voice of the speech was not emotional, as a smart robot played the recording: “Uncle Fatty, come this way, the race is about to begin. ”

She's obviously out of nowhere, just mechanized to accomplish her mission.

Xie Mingzhe watched her walk like a foot and zombie, trying to calm the girl down, but eventually he still didn't feel comfortable talking, I was afraid the girl wouldn't calmly turn back and punch him.

* * *

At the competition venue, the two narrators carefully analyzed the last match and followed closely to introduce the next contestants.

The female narrator pulled out the player's profile and said: "This is the last game of the 1/4 final, Fat Uncle vs. Nine Life Cats. Uncle Fatty's ID believes everyone is familiar, recently a very hot original card player, he loves to make odd character cards, I think there are a lot of fans of Uncle Fatty on the scene today to tell me, do you like Uncle Fatty? ”

Thousands of followers shouted, “Love it!” There are a lot of screaming sounds from girls.

This popularity is no longer lost to front-line players in professional leagues.

“Uncle Fatty is indeed a charming man," exclaimed the man. “I remember last season's finals. Liu Frost City won the championship with his Sioux Ecard card, but Uncle Fatty was not proud at all, and humbly, Liu Frost City was able to win the championship solely because of the good direction of Fang Yu. As you can see, he is very stylish and no wonder so many fans like him. ”

“Today is Fat Uncle's first official appearance," the female commentator said. "We saw that the fans on the scene were very considerate and made many posters and slogans...”

The conductor immediately and wisely turns the camera to the audience.

There are a lot of fan-made slogans on the big screen, like "Uncle Fatty, we like your cards, not your weight”, "We're not superficial fans, we love you if you're fat", “Fat Cute", etc.

The crowd burst out laughing and the fans laughed happily.

Uncle Fatty had "very unconfidential" injected you with a prophylaxis needle in advance on his personal homepage, and said, "I hope you won't be too surprised to see me." So, Fatty's biggest fan group owner deliberately organized a lot of good sisters to come to the competition today to support Uncle Fatty. She wants to tell Uncle Fatty that we won't be pollinated, no matter how fat or ugly you are, we love your heart and it won't change because you are the most talented original card player!

Fans carefully lifted up all the posters and brushed their presence. The female commentator couldn't help but smile. "Looks like Uncle Fatty's fans don't mind his face value. So, Uncle Fatty in the background, there shouldn't be much pressure right now! ”

Xie Mingzhe heard it here... the pressure is huge!

Because when he shows up, he punches fans in the face, and I'm really sorry.

In order not to be unfair to the official narrative attitude, the male narrative followed closely to highlight Fat Uncle's opponent: “Nine Life Cat, his real name is Li Yiu, he is quite fortunate with the number of nine, the current winning rate is also 99%, both the first and the repeat games are all wins, only lost one round in the hexadecimal eight, and his strength is very strong. ”

“He is a reserve player in the ruling club, using the most classic wild animal popular trophy card group. Last year the master race did not reach the end due to illness, luckily the ruling manager found that the signing of the ruling training for half a year, the level must have improved, so today's confrontation with Uncle Fatty, he also has hope to win. ”

The male narrative immediately summed up: “Yes! Although Uncle Fatty is more popular, the game is still a winning and losing experience. All right, the game is about to start, next, let's have two contestants! ”

Xie Mingzhe and Li Jiao went from different channels to the big stage, and the chase lights were projected on the two people, and the photographer accurately captured their faces and zoomed in on the live screen.

Nine Life Cats are ordinary and have a mediocre temperament.

But another ID says “Fat Uncle”, but he is a tall and handsome... teenager?!

Xie Mingzhe wore clothes for his age today, he was only eighteen years old, there was no need to deliberately dress as an old man. He wore a slim jeans in dark blue underneath that made his legs look straight and long. He stepped on white sneakers and looked youthful and vibrant. He wore a light grey turtleneck cashmere sweater, which he had bought in the mall in the same style as Tang Muzhou sweater, perfect for winter.

He retained his skilful short hair, thus revealing a glorious forehead. After the lens was magnified several times, the five officers were still handsome with no dead corners of 360 degrees, tall and strong nose beams, big and bright eyes, slightly thin lips gently lifted, with sunshine and bright smile on his face. This image, this temperament, is totally the grass-class male god on the university campus!

Audience: "…………"

Are you kidding me? How could you be Fat Uncle?

The scene suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Fans of Fat Uncle who were going to pick up the poster loudly screamed, collectively silenced, the voices all stuck in their throats.

It was embarrassing for the two uninformed explanations to look at each other beforehand. Especially the man said that the line he had originally prepared was "Welcome Fat Uncle Senior". As a result, he saw a very young handsome man come out and his words hardly swallowed back into his stomach, almost biting his tongue.

The female narrator said that the color was complicated, she was ready for Fat Uncle very fat and ugly, and suddenly came out of nowhere such a handsome young man with high face value. Instead, she was somewhat confused and didn't know how to introduce Fat Uncle.

- What about the "talented and inspiring uncle"? Why do you have to have such a face!

The fans felt he had fooled them.

The girl holding the “Uncle Fat Q" model balloon, painted with her own hands, hesitated for a moment, embarrassed to put the balloon down, gripped her teeth and squeezed the fat uncle balloon in her hand, swinging left and right between continuing the powdery uncle and the powdery black.

With huge posters in the front row, the fat students who wrote, "No matter how fat you are, we love you." His face was red and white, and he always felt a spicy pain in his face, like he had been slapped. One of the boys ripped the sign out of anger and whispered, "I'll go. Where's the fat guy? We also think he's fat and kind, turns out he's a skinny, handsome guy! ”

Fat fans say their hearts have been hurt by 10,000 critical attacks.

There was no massive shouting at the event, but fans put posters on their faces.

The video of the broadcast happened to be given to the audience, so, instead of going live, the audience watching the game in the webcast room also saw the spectacular scene of Uncle Fat's fan massive evacuation poster.

The fans can't hang on to their faces!

Fans who didn't go to the scene started scrubbing the slot: “Is he Fat Uncle? You can't go on the wrong set!” 'Is this tall, skinny, handsome guy Fat Uncle? This is definitely the funniest joke of the year! ”“ Nima, give me back my dear Uncle Fatty! ”“ The fans comforted him for half a day. I thought it was ugly. He turned out so handsome! ”" The pink turns black and doesn't explain it. "” It's too handsome. The pink turns black and I'm one. "

For the first time in history, a bunch of fans are brushing "black" because Uncle Fat himself is so handsome.

But in fact, all the fans are just spitting on his mouth, it doesn't really turn black. After all, Xie Mingtze's face value is really too high. For his handsome sake, he talks about turning black and his heart is honest! Especially some of the girls, such as the campus male gods, who don't dare?

Xie Mingzhe knew he would definitely be scolded when he showed his face, so he tried to keep a polite and friendly smile, hoping to pull the audience with a smile.

And then he smiled, and the fans got angrier -- laughing butt! We made a bunch of posters to support fat people and called you "Fat Uncle Senior” for so long, you should take this handsome guy a thousand knives to get rid of hate!

In the professional league, watching live Ye Bamboo couldn't help but jump out--

Ye Zhu: “I X! Is he Fat Uncle? Are you kidding me! ”

Ye Zhu: “I am so blind! ”

Shanlan; “I didn't expect Uncle Fatty to be not fat at all, nor uncle, but handsome more than I thought...”

Pei Jingshan: “So skinny and so young, actually called Uncle Fat, it seems that his name is the other way around? ”

Qi Sirui: “Seems younger than me, thanks to me I still consider him a senior..."

Zheng Feng: “I want Cao Chong to weigh his weight with a boat, then lock him up with a boat and expel him from the field! ”

Ye Bamboo was also “dark to deep natural powder”, which turned completely black: “This fat... thin and tall guy is really annoying! Cheat us around, see each other later and I won't kill him. ”

"- [sic]“ If you want to beat him, add me one. ”

Zheng Feng: “How could you do something like this without me? ”

Pei Jingshan: “How can you fight better? Single shot or rounded up? ”

Ye Zhu: “What's the difference? ”

Pei Jingshan said in a very dialectical spirit: “Single choice, he chose us all. Beat him up, all of us. ”

Ye Bamboo did not hesitate: “Then surround him! ”

The professional league started discussing “100 Deaths of Fat Uncle” and “What to Do with Fat Uncle's Body”. Watching this scene, Tang Muzhou smiled and touched his nose. He said, "Want to hit him?" You have to get past me first. The money for the treat is ready. Leave my brother alone and come after me, will you?

It is estimated that in a few days, the group will begin discussing a hundred ways of dying in Tang Mu Zhou...

* * *

Xie Mingzhe, who had been unloaded eight times in many languages, smiled at the scene.

Li Xiao is the most shocking one. Others see Uncle Fat through the screen, he is face to face! Close observation, this guy is really tall and handsome, but why is this smile so unbeaten?

When I think of him as Fat Uncle who makes a lot of strange character cards, Li Yiu is really in a complicated mood.

Xie Mingzhe reached out politely and said, "Hello. ”

The pre-match handshake was just to show the players' style. The other party reached out. Li Xiao had trouble keeping him in place and had to shake his hand with a bandage. The tone was very stiff: “Fat... hello. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “My name is Xie Mingzhe, just call me Xiao Xie. Come on, the game. ”

Li Jiao: “……”

Cheering up your opponent before the match doesn't seem to bode well?!

Li Xiao returned to sit on the spinning chair with a complex divine colour, and the two conflicting narratives finally returned to God. “Cough, Uncle Fat... Well, his name is Xie Mingzhe, and his image and what everyone thinks of as a middle-aged Fat Uncle are a little different. ”

After a dozen seconds of ideological struggle, the female commentator decided to continue powdering - the face is justice, who called this handsome guy too good-looking, so she actively cleansed Uncle Fatty: “In fact, he never said on any occasion that he was a middle-aged fat uncle, so it was not deliberately deceiving, just that everyone remembered himself as an uncle, and it was unrealistic and normal to name him in the game. ”

Seeing as colleagues have begun to help Fat Uncle White, the male narrative has to be exhausted: “Yes, I have a male friend in the game ID or a little princess, equating ID with myself, is actually very irrational behavior. Cough, the game is about to start. Let's focus on the game first! ”

The bullet screen in the live broadcast room had been brushed insanely, until Xie Mingzhe's face disappeared into the screen and the scene of the match was replaced, so everyone paused to talk too much about his face value and ID difference and started watching the game.

* * *

[Chapter 178, Very Emotional Confrontation]

Before the competition, Li Xiao was quite confident in himself. Fat uncle was stronger. At least he was not trained professionally. He trained under the whip of Nie and Lan gods for half a year. In terms of actual combat experience, he was far more than Fat uncle.

After taking a deep breath and ignoring the shock that Fat Uncle's face brought to him, Li Yiu quickly calmed down and started choosing the map.

The first scene was his home, and he did not hesitate to choose his favorite map of the ruling club, "Scorched Earth of Fire," to reduce his opponent's mental power every second, forcing him to quickly summon all his cards and make a positive assault.

In the group of cards he brings today, the lions, tigers and wolves do not rely on skill to eat and can tear up close to each other in the shortest time to inflict extremely high damage, while the "unicorn black rhino” is a rough and fleshy range ridicule, protecting their output cards from seconds, the "giant zebra” is the range fear control and range attack gain. Two other dark cards, one of which is an automatic mockery card that protects your own blood volume below 30%, and the other is a single Crit + Single Stun.

This set of cards has been paired with the help of the Grand God of Mountain Lan before the game. Double ridiculous cards. The survival of the entire set of cards is extremely high. The opponent wants to solve the two cards with more than 150,000 blood in a row, “Black Rhinoceros” and “Brown Bear”. It must take a lot of energy, while Zebra's mass control and Red Fox's single control guarantee that the other three cards will lose the opponent's core cards in the shortest possible time.

The entire set of cards is fully staffed and balanced.

Xie Mingzhe had long guessed most of his opponents' cards. The style of the ruling must have been at least three punch cards. Therefore, he sent five gold series cards, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Ma Chao and Liu Bei.

Seems like a simple counter-bombing tactic to repress the riots, but in the secret cards, he joined the healing and resurrection card ladies, two cards sufficient to guarantee his ability to fight later.

In doing so, Xie Mingzhe is actually a psychological war.

The opponent will think he wants to face the spell, but in fact, Xie Mingzhe wants to delay later, Bao Huang Zhong.

Huang Zhong, this card attack is very far away, pulling the long bow to fire the arrow is calculated based on "50% damage to basic blood volume”. Shooting an arrow can knock out the opponent's half blood. Shooting a second arrow, regardless of the thick card, will kill him.

Although the card cools for a long time, dragging it to a later stage is terrifying - two arrows shot one card and the defense was no use. Works especially well against high blood taunt cards.

The map was loaded and the two sides engaged in a confrontation.

Li Jiao did think that the other side was going to fight him positively, and there was a bit of burglary in his heart - because he fought positively, very few people could beat the beast card group that ruled. You have to cool down for a dozen seconds. But my beasts are all close bites, even if a single attack is low, but they don't have to wait for the skill to cool down, and the damage done in a unit of time is definitely higher than yours.

This is the strength of the general offensive.

However, the general offensive is not simple to operate, it needs to allow the herd to rapidly fire the opponent's key cards, and the output of high beast card defense will be low, in case one or two of the cards are seconded, you will face the embarrassment of “insufficient backup".

So Li Jiao fought very proactively.

At the beginning, he summoned all the cards directly, first with the zebra's group fear control field, followed closely by the release of lions, wolves, tigers, a group of brutal beasts to Xie Mingzhe walked to the front of Guan Yu, the scene really seemed infiltrating.

Fortunately, Xie Mingzhe was used to all kinds of strange star card illusions. Seeing that all the herds of animals were pounding on Guan Yu, he immediately asked Liu Bei to put on a death-free gold shield for his second brother and opened up his uncle's decontrol skills.

Guan Yu absorbed a wave of damage, but he had a shield on him that didn't die for a while. Xie Mingzhe accelerated Guan Yu's skills by 500% and rushed into the herd with his third brother Zhang Fei.

Xie Mingzhe operated extremely fast. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei jointly cut the output card across the street. After one round, Liu Bei immediately opened the "Peach Garden Synonym” linkage, refreshing his skills and chopping the second round!

The output of both rounds of violence did indeed maim all three of Li Yiu's output cards.

But Li Xiao was not afraid at all because he had already summoned the brown bear.

The design of this card is ingenious, and its ridicule is not active skill ridicule, but passive ridicule - as long as it exists, within 30 meters of each other, and the target's blood volume falls below 30%, the attack on the target automatically shifts to it.

So, don't look at Li Yiu's three output cards now, but in the presence of the brown bear, these three cards will never die.

Xie Mingzhe was helpless, so he had to fight the brown bear and let Huang Zhong shoot an arrow at a distance!

Old Master Huang Zhongzi's arrow caused the sudden half-blood of an extremely high blood volume. At this time, Guan Yu carried a shield to protect him from death. Liu Bei's shield skills were in a cooling state. Knowing Huang Zhong's horror, Li Xiao immediately shifted the target, taking advantage of the opportunity to force Huang Zhong to kill, intending to wait for Guan Yu's shield to finish, and then remove the two cards opposite at once.

Seeing that Guan Yu and Huang Zhong had less than 10% of their blood volume, Xie Mingzhe suddenly summoned Shennong.

Due to the speed at which the map reduces spiritual power, Xie Mingzhe summoned Shennong almost at a stuck point in time, and the calculation of spiritual power is extremely accurate.

Only once Shennong appeared, the surrounding area was suddenly bushed with grass, and large chunks of green grass spread quickly on the ground - Shennong's group therapy technique, all allies within the scope of the formation returned blood volume per second by percentage!

Almost killed Guan Yu and Huang Zhong, actually gave back the blood volume.

Li Xiao really wanted to spit blood.

Hiding a treatment card? What about the deal to confront tyranny and violence? No such deceitful feelings!

The fans in the broadcast room also had a hard time saying: "He's such a rascal, I'm going to cheer up Nine Life Cat!” “Nine Life Cats are going to be pissed off, right? Huang Zhongzhong was easily beaten, and Nima set up a cure!” “Shennong added a lot of blood, and the formation lasted a long time. The first wave was completely white, and I felt painful for my opponent.” "Uncle Fatty said," Surprise, surprise? I can add blood if you fight for half a day. ”“ Upstairs, you sound like a lousy punch, okay? Of course, Uncle Fatty probably really thinks that he's not a serious person at first glance. ”

The road people were wondering: “... Uncle Fatty's fans, how do they fan like black? ”

Some passers-by who knew the truth said, "It's called flirting! I think Uncle Fat's fans, the painting style is as clear as Uncle Fat himself! ”

The fans are also upset. If he loses and feels like he can't waste so much time, if he really loses, doesn't he prove blind? But let's see him win. Why is he so upset? So I spat on my mouth and cheered my Uncle Fat's opponent, but I actually hoped that Uncle Fat would win - a particularly contradictory and complex mood.

Xie Mingzhe's fight made Li Yiu extremely uncomfortable.

A half-day return from bleeding is equivalent to doing useless work. Li Yao took a deep breath and continued to kill Huang Zhong against Shennong's blood return array - you return 10% of the blood per second, I will lose more blood per second than you return, is that it?

Therefore, Li Xiao began to rave Huang Zhong, Xie Mingzhe summoned Ma to speed up, allowing Old Master Huang Zhong to quickly run on horses.

Strange images of "a bunch of beasts chasing the old man on horseback" appeared on the scene.

The beast chased for half a day and finally bit Huang Zhong.

Li Xiao relieved, thinking about the next second you Guan Yu, anyway, the gold shield on Guan Yu is no longer there.

As a result, he just turned the herd of animals to kill Guan Yu. He saw that Guan Yu had only 10 drops of blood left. As a result, the old man Huang Zhongzi, who had been killed, actually stood in place. A large chunk of green grass appeared in the range. Then, Huang Zhongzi, who stood in place, and Guan Yu, who had been beaten to death, quickly returned to his blood volume?!

Li Jiao: “???? ”

Girl, baby is back. Shennong tasted the herbs and self-destructed a lot of blood back to his friends!

Xie Mingzhe is stuck again at the time point, in the near depletion of mental power, the limit summons the girl!

The female narrator said excitedly: “He counts for a little bit of mental strength, looks like he's very familiar with the map of scorched earth of flames, fat... cough! ”

Men's commentary also appreciates: “Opening two skills together not only preserves Guan Yu, but also revives Huang Zhongmang and retreats far away. This wave is 99 points away, and he's still 1 point away from being proud! ”

Li Yiu's current herd of beasts has already set fire to kill Guan Yu on the other side. He can't reach Huang Zhong at all. Huang Zhong's position is very safe. And Huang Zhong's skills were cooled down, and one more arrow shot out, and the brown bear died directly.

Follow closely, Baby Girl marks across a bloody card, and Ma Chao rushes over gently to a general attack, and the lion hangs up.

Li Jiao: “………"

This nimma, self-destructing, baby resurrected, can you be a little more skinny?!

Li Yiu's card bled out and couldn't be answered. Fat uncle's card bled twice on his dead face and resurrected once more. It was actually hard to drag him through three consecutive waves of assault, and then quickly killed his core card!

Li Yiu's heart is simply crumbling.

This feeling, like being toyed with by a dog, is particularly painful!

After losing the first round, Li Yiu's mentality was already a little broken.

In the second round, Uncle Fatty Home, Xie Mingzhe chose a map called "Snow Plains”, which is a common map of Stream Frost City. The snow scene will reduce the speed of all cards, making it impossible for the Veterinary Card to use its power with a fast universal attack, while his Golden Series Card set has a huge advantage due to the full group speed boost of Marshall, as well as a 500% speed boost when opening skills.

Xie Mingzhe's second inning tournament house abandoned the late game of women and Shennong to send Wusong and Sun Sangxiang directly.

Wusong beats the tiger, and before the other party summons the brown bear, he decides to drop the tiger opposite the second. Sun Sangxiang, in cooperation with Huang Zhong, can carry out a wave of rocket harvesting when the opposite side is completely disabled.

Li Jiao's second inning was squashed, the tiger appeared for seconds, his beast could not get close to the opposite body, he was beaten to death by Uncle Fat's cavalry, then Huang Zhong and Sun Sangxiang appeared, one arrow, two arrows, three arrows - the Golden Arrow and the arrow with the spark cut the sky together, and shot the beast herd directly into the sky with four feet!

——2: 0!

The first round was won by a healing and resurrection drag, and the second round was marked by a wave of violent assault.

Uncle Fatty won two consecutive rounds and succeeded in killing the top four!

The female commentator said excitedly: “Congratulations Fatty... Ming Cheol has won the last four seats! ”

Originally she wanted to call her "Uncle Fat”, but when she saw this face, the female commentator said she immediately changed her mouth, and then “Fat… Ming Zhe” appeared as such an uncanny term.

Xie Mingzhe was really handsome in both games, even the great gods of professional leagues watching the game had to be sure that he was quick to react and had a strong consciousness in picking out the card group.

The live broadcast platform was flooded by a full-screen 6666, and apparently his performance was still recognized by a large audience.

In the league, because the number one black powder leaf bamboo does not come out to speak, other great gods will naturally not come out publicly to praise Uncle Fatty for playing well.

Theoretically, fans on the scene should be excited to cheer at this time.

But fans say it's not over yet. Is it over? Everybody's a little grumpy. You must be a little too quick to settle quickly. Did you have more than 15 minutes in both games?!

Fans reacted faster in the live room, collectively chanting: “Fat... Ming Cheol, that's a great new name! Did you win so soon? Who can end his winning streak!” 'Everyone must turn to the dark, don't forgive him for his good looks. ”“ Yes, we are a fan of principle, we will not turn black on him because he is ugly, we will only turn black on him because he is handsome ~ "

And of course, there were some serious remarks by some of the girls: "He's talented, he's handsome, why hack him? What if I like him more!” “+1, I know I have no principles, but his face is worth it, I can't hate it! ”

Though a lot of fans online are saying "fans go black," in fact, fat uncle's personal homepage fan attention doesn't go backwards - from the previous two million, one breath soars to five million!

Don't say it turns dark, but after he shows up, he attracts a lot of new powder.

At the end of the game, Xie Mingzhe smiled and shook Li Yiu's hand, and then learned to bow politely to the audience as Brother Chen.

When Brother Chen bowed just now, he harvested a warm round of applause.

When he bows...

How come there's only sporadic applause and 90% laughter and whistling?

Xie Mingzhe saw the posters torn apart from the audience, smiled faintly, immediately confessed, fled and ran back to the stage.

Some readers have misunderstood this chapter. Fans brushing the screen "turning black” is obviously just a twist. If you watch the game live, you will know that there are not many fans who praise idols in the ballistic area. Most fans who watch idols die and celebrate “hahahahaha” and "Dead handsome” are the ones. This book may have too many readers who don't play games, so it's misleading, and it's actually normal for fans to brush their idols.

I don't want Pippicher's fans to be a bunch of idiots. His powder is definitely one of the most combative and talented groups.

I like it not by mouth, but by actual action, we'll see next game:)