[Chapter 179: Picturesque Fans]

1/4 of the game came to an end, the game ended too quickly, so many fans on the field hadn't come back, until the great playback of the game started on the big screen, the sporadic applause in the audience finally got warmer, and then the tidy applause almost turned the roof - ignoring the shock the players themselves brought to you, the game was really great!

And of course, there was a lot of whistling in his applause, obviously all men's powders laughing at his “fat uncle” ID.

Seeing Xie Mingzhe slipped back to the back stage, Chen Xiaoqiao smiled and walked over. “Are you out of your mind? Your fans dropped their chins on the floor, it was spectacular. ”

Xie Mingzhe grinned and touched his nose: “I gave them a prophylaxis shot, because they all wanted to be crooked and thought I was ugly. ”

Metaphorically said, “Because Uncle Fatty can't even think of a handsome guy! This is all about names. When I first met you, I didn't dare believe you were Fat Uncle! Even if you call it a cat or a dog, it's less shocking than Uncle Fatty! ”

Fat, uncle, no word can remind you of a young handsome man. It seems that the name cannot be taken indiscriminately, and Xie Mingzhe has learned a lesson. Fortunately, the professional league has strict rules. All players enter the professional league under their real names, and Xie Mingzhe doesn't have to take any more Internet names. Uncle Fatty's ID should be used by him.

On his way back to the club, Chen Xiao drove in front of him, Xie Mingzhe sat in the back row and landed on his personal homepage. He wanted to see how many people scolded him, and found his personal homepage suddenly rose to 5 million fans?

He rubbed his eyes incredibly —— so much powder, how many came to scold him?

Xie Mingzhe decided to make an official statement. After all, he later represented the Nirvana Club and gave the passers-by the impression that he was “deliberately deceiving fans”.

After reflecting on the wording, Xie Mingzhe made a very sincere statement: “I'm sorry that I misled you with my ID, but I didn't mean to. When I went into the game, I felt that Fat Uncle was kind, so I took Fat Uncle's ID at random. I didn't expect to become a professional player in the future. I'm 18 years old, and this ID doesn't really suit me. In the future, you can call me Archer. I hope you pay more attention to my cards and games. What I look like is not the point —— you know me because of my cards, and please continue to support me because of my cards. Thank you. ”

fans: "…”

I didn't expect him to be young, so calm in the face of these challenges, and his ability to handle this kind of crisis public relations is a role model for professional athletes - a little too rational!

The fans were in a complicated mood. After all, everyone was comforting Uncle Fatty before. "No matter how ugly you are, we like you." He was comforting them all for nothing. He was not ugly. Instead, he was handsome like college grass. Wouldn't it be disgraceful if, at this point, everyone changed their faces and said, "You're so handsome, we like you better”? Though that's what I think, fans need faces too.

Once Xie Mingzhe sent this message, the message instantly broke. The girls looked at the photo attached to his message and wanted to lick the screen, but appeared to hold on to it, leaving messages saying: “For your sincere attitude, I will continue to support you!” Men's powder can't help spitting: “You look so good and you're called Uncle Fat, man, you're real leather, let us fat people live! ”

The message at the top was: "Too handsome, I can't powder it, I decided to turn black ~ ~" After a bunch of +1 queues, thousands of them lined up. In spite of what the message said, no one took him, obviously a lot of jokes.

Xie Mingzhe didn't care how many people really went dark, but he had no idea that the fans were so fierce in their fighting power that they put his statement at the top of the hot search list of the day.

# Fat Uncle Statement # 's topic triggered eyeballs, a lot of passers-by were confused and searched hot, and found that in addition to Xie Mingzhe's own statement, there were a lot of fun little pieces, such as a poem called "Fat Uncle I'm Not Fat” was forwarded to Shiva; there were also inspirational dynamic diagrams of "Fat Uncle So Skinny, You Don't Want To Lose Weight”, and many hand-painted Uncle Fat avatars in Q--

In just a few hours, fans made a lot of peer work, poetry, novels, drawings, filled with hot search topics. These images and avatars were widely forwarded and downloaded. Xie Mingzhe thought it was fun and downloaded a lot himself.

At one time, Uncle Fatty's personal homepage attention increased again, surpassing the 6 million mark.

At this point, a few powerful, calling powders also began to take a stand in the group: “Uncle Fatty's first appearance today caused a lot of controversy, and the difference between his real image and everyone's imagination made many people psychologically poor, which is normal - but don't forget, we initially liked him because of the cards he made. As he said himself, cards are the point. ”

"He never said he was ugly," she said. I think you should be reasonable about this, and don't scold him because his image doesn't fit your fantasy. It's simple - stay as long as you can, and leave early if you want to de-pollow or go dark. ”

In that case, there are people who leave the group, but only a few are scattered and do not have a climate at all. And the massive queues in the message said that it wasn't a level at all to turn black.

"What about those who said they were going to turn black?" No backsliding. Is this true love? ”

Fans lined up quickly stood up and said, "We're just having a blast with the wind.” “Just kidding, I was waiting for him to play the semi-finals with his new character card.” “Everyone promises not to compliment him on his good-looking, we have to have principles and like his cards more than his face value!” 'Although he's a little handsome, we'd better not flatter him, lest he be too proud. ”

And then everybody said, "It's okay to exaggerate privately.” “He's really handsome hahaha! ”

Cluster management: "…”

What a bunch of powdered hearts and minds, just like Uncle Fatty!

The crowd manager smiled helplessly, "Leave behind the fans, don't just say, please act on the action, the day of the semi-finals is a weekend, can buy tickets to go to the scene, come to me to sign up as soon as possible. ”

Several of Xie Mingzhe's fans are particularly capable of managing, and so many posters appeared on the scene of this 1/4 finals, several of them with great managerial merit. These people were all from the Nirvana Guild. Not only was Fat Uncle Fat's Dead Loyalty Powder, but Zhou Yu and Sun Che's character brand Dead Loyalty Powder. Therefore, when Xie Mingzhe was disputed, several management immediately stepped out of the control field and quickly stabilized the situation.

Supermass-management sister said very aggressively: How big is it? It's not a black spot! Isn't it a bonus that we like handsome and talented? Continue watching the next game - the posters are all torn up and have to be replaced!


On Friday evening, February 6, the semi-finals of the Eleventh Master Games officially began.

When many passers-by watched the live broadcast before, they found a large number of Uncle Fatty's fans brushing the screen saying "Pink to Black”. They thought that there were not many fans watching the game, but they were shocked at the scene --

More than half of them are fans of Uncle Fat all over the game.

However, the words on the Jewel poster have changed dramatically: "Although you are neither fat nor uncle, we are a fan of principle and will of course continue to love you!” “We're gonna be skinny and lightning like Uncle Fatty! What do you mean" true love powder "? When he was found to be particularly handsome, he could still give up the powder.” “Look at the cards. Don't look at the face. Isn't it awesome? ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

The Jewel poster is spectacular, with all kinds of rhetoric in stark contrast to others' "XX Come on” and "XX Must Win” posters. The passers-by are very confused —— what about the promised powder turning black? Why are there more fans than in the last round?

Xie Mingzhe saw these posters backstage, and he couldn't help but laugh - suddenly he felt like a bunch of fans!

The female commentator couldn't help but exclaim: “It seems that the powder turns black just to say so. Admit it, when you see Uncle Fatty so handsome, you're all actually having fun. It's just embarrassing to show up because it makes you look superficial! ”

All fans laugh.

Especially the girls laughed so brilliantly. They're not superficial fans, and their favorite, of course, is the card made by Xie Mingzhe - who likes face value just by the way.

[Chapter 180, Semifinals]

Game 1 of the semi-finals, Chen Xiao vs Xingguang.

Since Chen Xiao's appearance in the 1/4 finals, his mature and handsome appearance, coupled with his counter-attack setup, immediately attracted the attention of a large number of fans and passers-by. Of course, the game is very much anticipated.

Zhou Xingshen is the seed player of the temples. He is said to be a newcomer personally cultivated by the Great God of Lingxiang Tang. He has a style similar to Lingjin, and uses the Cold Weapon Card Group.

Chen Xiao plays Zhou Xingxing, in theory and on the face of the card, there is not much chance of winning - because Chen Xiao's style also favours violent offense, it is hard to beat the gold card team to win.

However, Chen Xiao's reaction speed is really too fast, and he is a first-rate walker.

Zhou Xingsheng's weapon card easily set fire to his Chiba Takayama pine. As a result, beautiful bananas and black roses set out collectively, or all the weapon cards were maimed. The first period was clearly dominated by Zhou Xingxing, but Chen Xiao's calculation of the injury was extremely precise. At a critical moment, he released the big trick of the black magician's card, turning into a group attack, aiming at the other party's lowest blood volume card, and the spilled injury instantly cleared up!

The spectators were greatly shocked by this method. The scene of violence appeared to be particularly intoxicating. A huge scream broke out in the audience room. Chen Xiao's fantasies said that he was too handsome to play the game!

In the second inning, Zhou Xingxing changed his strategy, wanting to second his black magician, and it did take all the firepower to force the black magician to kill. In addition to the Black Mage, however, the attack of Black Rose can also be freely converted between a single attack, Chen Xiao manipulates the Black Rose, letting all black petals sweep straight into the designated Key card, killing the opponent's core card and tearing the gap.

The attack power of the Dark Botanical Card, the data does not look as good as the gold weapons card, but the special skill mechanism, combined with Chen Xiao's hands-on operation, the game went on to 10 minutes, Chen Xiao won the victory with a single card!

At the end of the day, the rest of the beautiful bananas actually survived by sucking blood, sucking the last card across the street alive?!

The audience was applauded and the two games were extremely fast. Chen Xiao finally won the opponent at 2: 00 and all wins reached the final!

The fans who have just recently fallen in love with Chen Xiao are extremely happy, and they all brush their screens to indicate that Chen is handsome.

The narrative carefully analyzed: “Chen Xiao's set of cards is called the ‘multi-core’ method. His core output cards have four cards. Regardless of which card the opponent collects fire, he can quickly build advantage with the other three cards. When the opponent finally seconded one of his cards, he found that all his cards were also bleeding. ”

“Unless you're faster than him, second after second, or simply drag the healing cards to a later stage, he'll take your chances and crumble. Obviously, Zhou Xingxing is still slightly worse than Chen Xiao! ”

“Let's congratulate Chen Kao on making it to the Finals! ”

Chen Xiao turned around and walked back to the stage in a warm applause. Xie Mingzhe was waiting for him at the exit. When he came out, he took the initiative to hug him. "Brother Chen is very handsome! ”

Chen Qiao patted Xie Mingzhe's shoulder and simply said: "Come on, the finals are waiting for you! ”

That is the warmest encouragement.

Xie Mingzhe nodded forcefully: "Okay, I'll see you in the finals! ”

He smiled at Chen Xiao, took a deep breath and turned to the big stage.

The fans were so excited to see the handsome “Fat Uncle” show up, but they didn't scream so loud that many of the girls laughed with their mouths covered.

“Welcome to Xie Mingzhe, who is neither fat nor uncle's fat uncle," the female commentator said. Today's semi-finals, he's up against a rookie from Dark Night Capital Club, Ye Binbin. ”

“Binbin's card set is very special and is a charm curse. Remember in the eight to four games, Yu Ke met Ye Binbin and lost two games. I wonder if Cheol is ready today? ”

“Ye Binbin is also very powerful, and the customization curse is extremely flexible and difficult to handle. We can look forward to seeing what Chul will do.” She will not call “Fat Ming Cheol” by mistake. According to Xie Ming Cheol's statement, henceforth it will be called "A Cheol”, which seems kind.

Against the charm curse card set, the fixation curse is really key.

When he first lost, Brother Chen analyzed that frequent customized control fields must be interrupted.

Ye Binbin is essentially a shift control field method of "settling across the street to fly kites”, which poses a great threat to the melee card group. The skill cooling time of the charm card is extremely short, and the control, when connected, will allow the opponent to restrain the foot and not be able to carry out it at all, but equally, its defects are enormous - it operates too frequently and can completely break the chain of control by grasping one of the loopholes.

Xie Mingzhe's very calm. His five cards still released the Shu Guo Cavalry Formation, but the secret cards were replaced. The audience saw the familiar gold card group, it was all a fog - if you use only these cards, once Guan Yu, Zhang Fei are set, your skills can't be opened, Liu Bei's uncontrolled cooling time is so long, you will surely fall into passive!

Indeed, at the beginning of the game, Ye Binbin relied on the fixed character strong control field. Xie Mingzhe's cavalry was set in place when he couldn't move. His legs were about to be broken. He couldn't run at all, and his opponent beat him to death.

He looked passive and fans couldn't help but rush.

However, Xie Mingzhe remained calm on the big screen without panic.

Ye Binbin seized the opportunity to want to strengthen Huang Zhong for a second and was saved by Liu Bei's Golden Shield without risk. Ye Binbin also reacted extremely quickly, immediately gather the fire horse super, and turn his eyes to beat Ma Chao too!

It's a wise decision to kill Ma Chao, who wants a kite opponent, to speed up the whole regiment.

Ma Chao only had a few last drops of blood left. At this point, a huge, three-meter tall figure suddenly appeared on the field, only to see the huge axe wave in his hand, the field trembled like an earthquake, the map of the game was raw by the huge axe axe and split a ditch!

Pangu, splitting heaven and earth, forcibly truce!

Forced truce at a critical moment instantly interrupted Ye Binbin's control rhythm.

Ye Binbin was anxious to cross the ditch to forcibly kill the crippled Ma Chao.

However, the truce lasts for 5 seconds, and Xie Mingzhe quickly adjusted the card placement to spread all cards fan-shaped and let Ma Chao run farthest. This makes it difficult for Ye Binbin to complete the continuous control field.

At the end of the truce, another medal appeared -

Volkswagen, fishnet throwing, group setting!

Instead of dropping a huge fishing net from the sky, Ye Binbin's cards were all set in place!

Explain couldn't bear to scream: “Beautiful! This wave of counter-control to seize the opportunity directly holds the five cards across the street! ”

“He started off passively, not because he couldn't help it, but because he was calculating the time carefully, right? Just now, the opponent's skill CD was stuck in the blank, and he used Pangu and Volkswagen's strenuous moves to turn the situation around and regain his initiative. ”

“He still plays the game calmly. Volkswagen's fishing net is designed to cool down for a long time, but Volkswagen is a group and more effective than a monolithic control field! This is a reasonable way to deal with it. The opponent must have one for him and he must have everything across the street! ”

That's how Xie Mingzhe cracked it —— you make one for me, I make all of you. You use your tailoring skills more often and interfere with my rhythm more often, but I can completely reverse the situation with just one group.

This is the difference between "dots” and “faces”.

Frequent single-control and one-time group control, we cannot say who has more advantages, depending on who can seize the opportunity better.

Xie Mingzhe's ability to seize opportunities is extremely strong, relying on the voodoo clustering, and his burst quickly dropped a set of stereotypes across the street.

Although Ye Binbin still has several control field charms, once the control chain is torn open, his charms are too weak to withstand Guan Yu's violent knife.

In the first inning, Xie Mingzhe turned the wheel upside down.

He adjusted his strategy again in the second inning, and the same routine was boring to play with, and he wanted to come up with some fresh tactics. Thus, in the second inning, he removed the cards Volkswagen and Pangu and replaced them with Princess Iron Fan.

Princess Iron Fan is not a demon and has no ability to deform. Her true power needs to be linked to the Bull Demon King and the Red Child. But Xie Mingzhe didn't want to take out the westbound card group too early, and just took out this test water, which was amazing enough for the audience - the iron fan waved in the beautiful woman's hand, and the cyclone group displacement was strongly controlled!

Ye Binbin's key charm spell was blown away by Princess Iron Fan's fan and flew straight to the sky!

This autumn breeze sweeps away the same image of fallen leaves the audience laughing out loud.

Cards are out of range, Ye Bin Bin can't even control Xie Mingzhe's other cards. After all, the rookie was inexperienced in the competition, and after the three cards were blown away, he was a little busy. The blown cards need a lot of action from the players to get back within the range of the attack. At the same time, they also have to deal with the front rush of the Xie Mingjieca team. Ye Binbin is not busy at all and loses the second round faster than the first.

——2: 0, another winning streak!

Xie Mingzhe took off his helmet and walked into the middle of the big stage, smiling and bowing to the audience.

This time, the fans had apparently adapted to his face, applauding excitedly, and many fans in the back raised the poster with Fat Uncle Q's big head to the heights.

Live applause was deafening, 6666 was brushed in the live broadcast room, and many passers-by congratulated Uncle Fatty and Brother Chen on a smooth tournament in the final: “This year's master racing has many masters, I didn't expect it to turn into Nirvana Civil War!” “Chul and Chen Xiao are both so handsome, winning that is just plain cool!” “The Nirvana Civil War must have been wonderful too, don't you know who's going to win?” “Both men are currently winning the battle, who will end who?” “I just look forward to more fun cards in the finals! ”

The professional alliance group is quiet because Ye Bamboo, the number one black powder, has not spoken for a few days. In fact, all the great clubs watching the game were surprised by Xie Mingzhe's tactical abilities.

Two games, breaking Ye Bin's charm flow card group in different ways, it seems that this Xie Mingzhe not only has the gift of card making, but is also very good at queuing formation - his tactical skills exceed many people's expectations.

Will use a set of cards, that's just junior pro player.

Will always adjust the card set according to the opponent's lineup, that is the real master.

Mountain Lan said curiously: "Today a new princess of iron fans appears. How many cards has he not yet taken out? ”

Nie Yuandao was calm: “There was no obvious attribute bias in the cards he made. He took out gold and fire cards in the Grandmaster's Games, but Princess Iron Fan was a dirt card. If I guessed correctly, he probably did all five sets of cards. ”

Mountain Lan: “…”

Master's bad prophecy has always been accurate, and it looks like Uncle Fatty's Pool is much deeper than anyone thought.

So far, the Xie Mingzhe you've seen is just the tip of the iceberg. Even Tang Muzhou can't be sure. How deep is Little Brother Khachi?

During the master competition phase, Xie Mingzhe and Fenghua team fought the water and earth card groups of the wheel battle has not yet appeared, not to mention his last wooden set of cards and a large number of scatter cards.

To see all his cards, obviously wait until the eleventh season, Tang Muzhou is also very excited, the little brother will bring you surprises and surprises.


At the end of the match, Xie Mingzhe sent a message on his personal homepage: "Glad to be in the finals with Brother Chen on @ Yunshou. The finals were a civil war in Nirvana. Brother Chen and I have always been good brothers. Whoever wins in the end, we congratulate each other. Please support Brother Chen as much as you can. We will try to bring you a wonderful finals on the 8th at 8pm. ”

fans: "…”

This guy is really smart, afraid of fans on both sides, so sending a statement in advance is friendly?

Chen Xuao smiled and forwarded Xie Mingzhe's message: “Cheol is right, although the final turned into a civil war, we will not deliberately let each other go. Respect the spirit of competition, try your best to win or lose. ”

Brother Chen also said this in a particularly audacious way. At this stage of the competition, they don't care about the outcome anymore. Anyway, the champions are all Nirvana, everyone takes the same. Winning this game doesn't mean you're better than the other guy.

Chen Qianlin will not favour either party, so he did not coach either party before the competition.

He just wanted to see the results of the tactics studied by two people during this period.

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