[Chapter 181, Navy]

The 11th Masters Final turned into the Nirvana Civil War, a news spreading as fast as a hurricane crossing, and the people in the Star Circle knew it all overnight, including, of course, Shobo, the owner of the Sanctuary Club.

A few days ago, Chen Xiao had been watching Chen Xiao's game since he appeared in the eight to four games. The more he looked at it, the more he felt something was wrong. For two consecutive games, Chen Xiao won both games simply and smoothly, sucking powder countless times. There was no shadow of the teenager in his body.

What's the matter, did you make a mistake or was Chen Xiao deliberately pretending?

The latter is obviously more likely, assuming that Chen Xiaogang had just broken his contract with the Holy Land and returned to the Masters Games in a completely new capacity, registering as a professional athlete, which is totally premeditated! Shao Bo opened his eyes and punched himself at his desk. He said to his men: “Chen Xiao suddenly became so powerful, there was definitely something wrong! Find out what he's been doing all these years! ”

When Chen Xiao's men immediately checked it out, they found that Chen Xiao had truthfully been attending school for several years and had never recorded any landing games. The trumpet "On the Cloud Xiao” was officially registered in September of this year after the cancellation of the contract. It had nothing to do with the Sanctuary Club.

All the cards he made, all the time after he broke the contract with the Holy Land, even if Shobo suspected him of something, he couldn't find any proof! Of course Shobo can't swallow that tone. Even without proof, it's not easy to smear an athlete? Shao Bo immediately came to the PR company and hired a large number of sailors to go to Black Chen Xiao.

On February 7, one day before the final of the Masters, some strange remarks suddenly appeared online -

“Chen Xiao's personality changed dramatically, just like he changed his personality!” “When people lost 50 rounds in a row, they suddenly became masters at making original cards? I don't believe it!” “Chen Xiao must have deliberately concealed his strength and deliberately lost the game, demanding that the professional league thoroughly investigate!” “@ Star Card Pro League, Chen Xiao blatantly violates the rules of the players, does the League not care? ”

At this time, the official communiqué of the Sanctuary Club also expressed its grievance: “Chen Kaoben is a signatory to our Sanctuary. Over the past five years, we have given him the best resources and conditions, carefully cultivated him. He said that he did not have the talent to compete, and to go back to class, we also respected his choice with great care and paid him his salary as usual. Unexpectedly, he has been hiding his strength, deceiving us, breaking the contract with the Holy Land as soon as the time comes, and returning to the Alliance. Said he didn't have the talent to compete? No talent to go to the finals? We're really sad to cheat on the club's feelings. ”

When they saw the Holy Domain statement, they didn't know how to stand the team. After all, they didn't know what was inside. According to the Holy Land, Chen Xiao is the "White-eyed Wolf” who took up the resources of the club and ran away as soon as the contract expired.

Xie Mingzhe laughed when he saw this statement. He ran to the dorm next door to find Chen Xiao. He opened his head and showed Chen his eyes to see the announcement that the sanctuary was set on top. He said: "Brother Chen, I guess this Shobo will not let you go easily. Tomorrow is the final. He invites a lot of sailors to deliberately hack you. This is to throw you a barrel of dirty water before your popularity is still unstable. By the way, it affects your attitude in the final. It's so shady! ”

Chen Xiao sat calmly on the sofa and said: “If he wanted to influence me with this trick, he looked down on me too much. ”

Xie Mingzhe asked nervously, "What are you going to do about this? They hire too many sailors. Public opinion is bad for you! ”

Chen Xiao thought about it carefully and suddenly smiled slightly, whispering in Xie Mingzhe's ear: “I'll do something simple. ”

He said, "Just bring it to your head, go to your personal homepage, and make a very serious statement..."

“There are some malicious speculations about me online, and I have asked my lawyer to take a screenshot of the evidence and submit it to the court. @ SanctuaryClub, please pay attention to the words. Firstly, the attached drawings show the registration records of my classes at school over the years, and I have not enjoyed what your club calls‘ best resources and conditions’, 365 days a year, and I have been in your club for no more than 5 days. Secondly, in front of my brother, President Shao sent me a little monthly subsistence allowance. The accompanying drawings are of bank runoff over the years. On the day of the cancellation, I had my lawyer refund all this subsistence allowance to the Sanctuary Club, as evidenced by the remittance records. That I lied to you about hiding my strength? Please give evidence. Blackmail without proof is not the way a club should behave. This malicious speculation has done a great deal of damage to my reputation. I will see you in court. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Seeing this statement, he can only give Chen a thumbs up to pay tribute.

The fans who are still watching are also shocked - Brother Chen is so hard! To sue the sanctuary directly?!

Shobo had no idea Chen Xiaolin would be so resolute and simple. In his impression, Chen Qianlin's brother Chen Xiaolin always looked like a little pussy around his brother. He had no opinions. It was particularly deceptive. Chen Xiaolin was happy to sign a copyright-buy contract when he only used "Let you play a double match with your brother"...

How could someone so stupid suddenly bite back? Shobo suddenly lost his guard.

Chen Xiao listed a clear screenshot of the evidence, the class records and bank statements were sufficient to show that he had not enjoyed the "good treatment” of the Holy Land at all. The time expired to cancel the contract and liquidate all accounts. Instead, it is a statement that the sanctuary captures the wind, and cannot stand in front of Chen Xiao's evidence.

Now that the announcement has been deleted, I am not going to delete it. This announcement is indeed inappropriate speech... The announcement was really too impulsive, I had no idea Chen Xiao's response was so fierce!

He's not really going to court, is he? Shobo was about to bald his head. This time he was really bald. He called his assistant with a headache and asked the PR team to deal with the matter quickly.

But I don't know, Chen Xiao has just received a message from a lawyer: "All the announcements of the Holy Land have been screened for evidence. They asked the Navy to discredit you. I also asked the people to look into the evidence. When will they prosecute? ”

Chen Xiao was pleased to say: "Tomorrow is the finals. After the game, sue. Thank you, Senior. ”

Counselor Zhang laughed: "You kept me watching the movement of the Holy Land. I didn't expect the Holy Land to sink, did you? The forensics process went very smoothly, Shobo, and now you're going to have to plant a big one in your hand. ”

Chen Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly and a sharp color flashed in his eyes: “He thought I was the child he bullied, but forgot that for five years, it was enough to change a person's life. ”

Chen Xiao has survived without a brother for several years.

He didn't move a penny of the money he gave him when he left. He didn't spend a penny on what Shaubo called “living expenses." He worked to earn money while finishing his studies. In a guilty mood, he pushed himself to the limit. If he couldn't grow quickly in this environment, it would be his IQ.

He became good at arithmetic and masquerading. He could smile and shake Shaubo's hand and wait for the time to stab him hard in the back - he wasn't that simple, silly Chen Xiao back then.

Xie Mingzhe looked at Chen Xiao's complex face and sighed in his heart. He pressed his shoulder hard. "Brother Chen, it's all over now. I can understand your previous difficulties, but I will be there later. We will fight together. I will never watch anyone bully you. Sanctuary better learn to be honest. If you dare to be a demon again, let's just destroy their club! ”

Chen Xiao warmed his heart and said with a smile: “It's okay, I can take care of this. Go back and rest. ”

Xie Mingzhe said seriously: "Tell me where you need my help. ”

After Chen Xiao nodded and sent Xie Mingzhe, he banged on the door of Chen Qianlin dormitory next door.

The door quickly opened, Chen Qianlin just finished bathing, wearing pajamas, white skin appeared at the collar, with a hint of water vapor, pupils that were already lightly colored, crystal clear under the vapor, like a beautiful gem washed by water.

Chen Xiao still didn't dare to look his brother in the eye. When he saw him who had just taken a bath like this, Chen Xiao's breathing quickly became impatient. He quickly moved his gaze from Chen Qianlin over his head and lowered his voice: “Brother, cough, are you still asleep? ”

Chen Qianlin asked faintly: “What can I do for you? ”

Chen Xiao touched his face, so he said calmly: “Nothing, just to let you know, after the game, I will sue the Holy Land and ask them to compensate for the moral damage. According to the number of clicks they announced, this compensation will not be low. Of course, losing money is secondary, mainly trying to kill them, so that they don't bother me anymore. ”

Chen Qianlin looked at the man with a low head in front of him - no matter how hard and decisive he behaved in front of the fans, he was also the less confident younger brother in front of himself.

When he was a kid, he kept spinning around himself. Chen Qianlin couldn't help but sigh, reach out and pat his shoulder, encouraging him: “Nirvana, that is to start over, let go of the past completely so that your mind can truly stabilize. I saw your statement. Good job this time. Regarding Shobo, think of him only as an irrelevant passers-by in the future, instead of focusing more on your teammates. ”

Brother's understanding promptly allowed Chen Xiao to regain his fighting spirit and raised his head: “I know! Give him a hard lesson this time, I think he will not come to touch the mold again, as long as he doesn't bother me, I will not bother him. ”

Chen Qianlin rarely revealed a smile: “Go back to bed early. Tomorrow's game with Xiao Xie, you have to work hard too. ”

Chen Xiao was in a great mood. After returning, he had a wonderful dream. The next day he woke up refreshed and completely unaffected by the Navy.

Yike Ke poured him a glass of milk early in the morning and actively ran over to comfort him: “Brother Chen, ignore the sailors. I dare them not to speak when I open the trumpet. Haha, the fighting power is simply not possible!” Qin Xuan also came along voluntarily: “Brother Chen doesn't have to be angry with the little man. ”

Chen Xiao warmed his heart and hugged the shoulders of the two teammates. “Thanks, it's not a big deal, I'm not paying attention. Tonight's game. Do you support me or do you support Chul? ”

Qin Xuan and Yike Ke looked at each other with a very difficult expression.

Finally, he said wisely: “The left hand supports Brother Chen, the right hand supports Archer! Palm, palm and back of hand are flesh, too hard to choose, anyway, all I know is that the champion is our Nirvana! ”

Xie Mingzhe walked over and said, "Well, let's just say in advance, the champions and runner-up trophies are in this showcase where we enter the Nirvana Club, and everyone gets the same. However, the winner's bonus is higher. He has to buy dinner. Can Chen? ”

Chen Xiao simply said: “No problem! ”


Competition starts at 8: 00 pm, so it should be stressful for both of us. After all, everyone wants to win the championship when they get to this point. But at 4 pm, they were still singling out in the arena, training as if nothing had happened.

For tonight's game, Xie Mingzhe has no heart, so why don't he just relax completely and play his level and the championship runner-up will all be the same?

According to the weekday's track record, Chen Xiao punched him in 10 games and won 6. The key is that Chen Xiao touched the game longer than he did and understood the game better than he did. He has made rapid progress during this period, relying on the mentoring of his master and the help of his brother, but strictly speaking, he has only played the game for six months, experience, consciousness and Chen Xiaobi.

But he also has advantages.

Just because he touched the game for a short time, his mind was much more flexible, and he was good at breaking stereotypes, finding new tactics, and making cards that were not limited to existing routines. Brother Chen's style is more violent, Xie Mingzhe is flexible and varied. If you really want to win, maybe you can start in this area and see how to restrain Brother Chen's "Multinuclear Critical Stream” plant card group.

The Civil War Xie Mingzhe of the Grand Master Games did not want to expose too many pools, so he only matched them in a limited set of cards and scattercards, and found some solutions to deal with Brother Chen. Can it work? Only wait for tonight's final to prove it.

At 6pm, the entire Nirvana Club arrived early after dinner.

Today's venue is more lively than usual. In addition to Xie Mingzhe's fans still holding strange slogans, Chen Xiao's fans also occupy a large area, holding huge posters of "Welcome Chen back”, and fans who both like to simply hold up the Nirvana Guild's giant badge, while supporting the two athletes.

After an exciting introduction, Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe appeared at the same time.

The two of them stood side by side on the big stage, not to mention the many eyes.

Chen Xiao is handsome, mature and stylish; Xie Mingzhe is young and energetic and handsome in the sun. Before the start of the race, the other players were politely kept at a distance, they were fine, stood together on the big stage and chatted, hugged each other after the conversation, which led them to sit back in the spinning chair and put on their helmets.

As soon as they put on their helmets, they become opponents who know each other best.

EXPLAIN: “Ladies and gentlemen, the finals of the 11th National Master Invitational are about to begin! The two contestants are all from the Nirvana Guild and they are ready to cheer them up with a warm round of applause! ”

Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe, wearing helmets, were already focused on the game.

The system accessed the player data, the two were automatically loaded into the competition room, Chen Xiao drew lots to blue, and the first game finally officially started!

* * *

[Chapter 182, Nirvana Civil War]

All of Xie Mingzhe's cards Chen Xiao knows. Likewise, Xie Mingzhe also knows Chen's card pool. The two people usually cut each other's style, rhythm, and habits are well known to each other.

Such a duel is bound to be great!

In the first inning, Chen Xiao chose the map of the Misty Forest, a copy of the Misty Forest in the game, a dimly lit forest scene with lots of mist, to facilitate the integration of Chen Xiao's dark plants into the environmental control field.

Both groups of cards have not changed much, Chen Xiao is still the set of dark plant cards used in the semi-finals, Xie Mingzhe is still a gold cavalry set, both only adjusted the dark cards, Chen Xiaodou brought a control, and people are dead cards, Xie Mingzhe brought an extra healing and flowers are dead cards.

With a dead card, it's also a very tacit decision for the two of them to try and accelerate the pace of the match by dropping the opponent's key card directly.

Since the final is five rounds, it's normal for two people to use a regular card set in the first round.

From the start of the game, the battle was extremely intense!

Brother Chen, that's completely unwelcome. A large wave of rose petals spread down the sky and cover the ground. The black rose's range damage added to the bleeding effect of the stinging wound, then combined with the range pine needle firing of Chiba Takayamatsu. Xie Mingtze's cavalry group was beaten down half a blood in the blink of an eye. The plant's mass attack power is indeed terrible!

In order to deal with Brother Chen's violent group attack, Xie Mingzhe brought a group therapy brand Shennong.

Chen Xiaoyi broke down a wave of attacks and Xie Mingzhe resolutely opened the treatment array to resist each other's violent attacks.

The next moment, Chen Xiao's "Beauty Banana” appeared, the plant's blood-colored flower pot was extremely capable of sucking blood, and after sucking blood, it would also cause a massive blood explosion to the designated target. Xie Mingzhe waited for this card to summon Lin Daiyu as soon as the beauty banana appeared -

Daiyu buried the flowers, one move!

He seconded Brother Chen's beautiful banana, just because this card monomer erupted so horribly, in case this card broke him up, Brother Chen followed the big trick of opening the black magician, aimed at the residual blood medal, spilling all the damage into a group attack, he is likely to be annihilated.

Xie Mingzhe operated extremely fast, and Chen Xiao's beautiful banana almost died without releasing her skills.

But Chen Xiao operates faster!

The next moment, Xie Mingzhe summoned Liu Bei, trying to switch the linkage skills of Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei. As a result, Chen Xiao suddenly summoned cannibal flowers, and the strange petal opened its huge mouth and swallowed Liu Bei into his stomach.

The commentary exclaimed, “You're welcome! Cher just seconds after Chen's flower card, Chen gave his teeth back to second his character card, the two people know each other very well, they both grabbed the key in each other's card group, use the dead card to target! ”

Fans of the live broadcast platform are also particularly excited to see: "Chess opponents, too fierce!” “Can I say that I didn't see clearly...” “I didn't see +1 clearly, my eyes blinked, why did I die of two cards! ”

Beauty banana was seconded and Chen Xiao's rhythm was definitely affected, but he quickly adjusted his tactics and began to slow down.

The output of the three group tags was clearly more fierce than Shennong's therapeutic array.

When Shennong's therapeutic skills are always cooled, Chen Xiao just needs to ensure that his output cards are immortal, and Xie Mingzhe's cards can always be grinded to death. Xie Mingzhe also knew this, set fire to kill Chen's output card, however, Chen Xiao brought an extra dual group control card in his secret card today!

One wave of mass control, another wave of mass control, combined with Chen Xiao's first-rate stepping skills, card dispersion, Xie Mingzhe's Liu Bei has hung up, can't solve the control, it's difficult to gather fire to kill the opponent's output card in the short term.

By the time the game lasted 8 minutes, Shennong bled back and couldn't resist the violent mass attack of Chen Xiao's three cards - the first round, Xie Mingzhe lost!

The fans in the broadcast room are in a very complicated mood: “Uncle Fatty's winning streak is over. He was actually terminated by his teammates. I don't know whether to brush 666!” “Brother Chen played well in this round. Liu Beiseconded correctly. Once Liu Beibei died, no one in Chul's card team could unmanipulate it. He would be very passive later.” “It feels like we both have to adjust our tactics. It's not good to know each other too well! ”

The other party knew exactly what they were going to do, and it was impossible to continue using the same strategy.

The two men in the second inning did adjust their strategy, and at the same time pulled down the dead card. Chen Xiao added two wooden group offensive output cards to the secret card, vowing to carry out the violence to the end. And Xie Mingzhe, in a secret card, brought Big Joe and Little Joe.

When Big Joe and Little Joe were first made, he became a gold medal. The treatment relied on the criticism, Big Joe's single milk + single recovery, and Little Joe's group milk + group silence. Because of these two gold series cards, Xie Mingzhe changed the line of cards. He only brought Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, and the remaining two output cards for last week's Yo and Lu Song.

This confusing pair of cards coincides with 5 gold series and 2 fire series and still triggers the gold series boost.

The idea of matching the card group should be flexible during the game, anyway, the Shu National Cavalry Regiment may not be all up, this round Xie Mingzhe intends to attack the pavement with fire system + gold-second standalone method. As soon as Chen Xiao saw his card team, he knew that he was Zhou Yu, Lu Son, Liu, Guan and Zhang Ji Fu's blood medal, and the chosen map was also the fiery scorched earth that forced the opponent to quickly summon all the cards.

Flaming scorched earth cuts spiritual power extremely fast and starts for no more than 15 seconds, promptly summoning 7 cards from both sides.

In this way, Xie Mingzhe can directly put Zhou Yu in a chain of iron, burn the red wall, and Lu Son will burn the battalion. The combined fire group attack can definitely burn Brother Chen's wooden plants!

However, Chen Xaoqiao's skills were superior, Zhou Yu's chain eventually connected to only four cards, and the first wave of attacks did not produce the expected results. Fortunately, Xie Mingzhe adjusted quickly, putting Guan Yu and Zhang flying over, aiming at the burned card is a slash.

Liu Bei appeared in the peach garden and cut another round. Chen Xiao's plant cards died instantly.

But Chen Xiao said that he was carrying too many output cards in this round, two dead... and three more!

Black petals swept through the sky, several cards of big tricks were released at the same time, Xie Mingzhe could not eat this side, had to call a group of small Qiao to heal back the blood line, at the same time, let Daqiao come out, hid in Guan Yu to retrieve the residual blood.

Seeing Guan Yu is going to be hit by the black fog of the black magician, as long as it is hit, it can trigger the black magician's big overflow effect, maybe it is another wave of clear field! As a result, at a critical moment, Big Joe reclaimed his cards, Guan Yu suddenly disappeared from the field, and the black magician's skills were empty?

Fans watching the live broadcast froze and brushed the screen immediately: “6666, this big Joe is really 6!” “I almost killed him. He was actually recycled by Big Joe. What a beating! ”

Chen Xiao was also helpless. He couldn't drag his treatment card to the late stage, so he wanted to rush it as soon as possible.

However, Xie Mingzhe was really smart in this game, went to Big Joe, used Big Joe's hidden residence to recycle the blood medal at a critical moment, left the black magician's skills empty, unable to clear the field, Chen Xiao's output chain broke, eventually was recycled and released again Guan Yu, combined with Zhang Fei, cut several plant cards in a row.

Second inning, Xie Mingzhe wins!

The score on the big screen became 1: 1 flat, and Chen Xiao's fans were throwing up: “Brother Chen's winning streak was also interrupted and ended by his teammates!” “End each other's wins. Do you have any teammates?” “Well, now that the two of us are back on the same starting line, Chen Xiao and Archer have the same chance of winning! ”

Prior to the finals, both were full winners. As a result, Chen Xiao ended Xie Mingzhe's winning streak in the first round of the final. In the second inning, Xie Mingzhe ended Chen Xiao's winning streak. Both of them are teammates, but they are very hard at work. As Xie Mingzhe said, although it is a civil war, they will all do their best to bring a great game to the audience!

In the third inning, Chen Xiao relied on the vine control field at a critical juncture, the dense and numb dead vine covered the ground, Xie Mingzhe was accused of being difficult to walk. He defeated Xie Mingzhe by means of a powerful displacement group attack.

In the fourth inning, Xie Mingzhe sent out a few old yellow covers in the secret card. Direct suicide added Sun Sangxiang's attack to the highest level. The wave of sisters dragged to the remnants could not be stopped. He drew a score of 2: 2.

The audience door is almost out of breath.

The level of this match is comparable to the peak of a regular professional league duel, right?

They are both so strong, plus they know each other too well, the competition with the equivalent flag drum looks particularly fun, today's ticket money is really worth it!

Fifth inning, final.

The map is the most common fountain square chosen by the system, in terms of card sets, with little change in clear cards, key or dark cards.

We all look forward to seeing what kind of secret cards the two of us will choose to target each other in this inning.

Chen Xiao's dark card soon appeared - the bloodsucking vine.

What's it like to be chased by dense bloody vines and sucked? Xie Mingzhe has also seen this card in his usual training. It is really a headache to be on the field!

The Bloodsucking Vine is an interesting design that not only covers a 30-metre range, it automatically tracks and absorbs the enemy's blood volume, but also introduces the amount of blood drawn into your teammates, which is a "self-inflicting" Bloodsucking Group Therapy Card.

Xie Mingzhe also brought the treatment, still the most recent treatment card he preferred to use: Shennong.

There is a treatment card on both sides, which is the rhythm of dragging it to a large late stage.

Since it was the finals, Chen Xiao, who had always been violent, played with some caution. Xie Mingzhe's hidden cards only appeared one Shennong, the other never appeared. He was afraid that this guy would use some strange dead language cards or something, so he would control his position before enlarging the trick.

As a result, Chen Xiao's bad feeling turned out to be true!

The game lasted 10 minutes, with four cards each killed and three cards left, all with a crippling amount of blood, but because the skills were cooling down, the opponent's cards could not be withdrawn for a moment.

The situation was at a moment of impasse.

Xie Mingzhe calculated the blood volume of Brother Chen's key card and finally summoned up the last secret card.

He was also able to stand it until 10 minutes to summon the card.

Only a skinny woman appeared on the field, and without anyone touching her, she actually died instantly?!

Qin Keqing.

Fenghua Club Team 2 players remember this card!

Especially Zhou Xiaoqi, who could have been persuaded to hang himself!

But the audience on the scene didn't know this card at all. Qin Keqing first appeared in the competition. When she appeared, she was killed in situ. The audience was a little confused: “What's going on?” “I don't think Brother Chan put any skills in it. Why did she hang up herself?” "Chen said," It's none of my business, don't touch the porcelain! ”'I'll go, it's not a dead end! ”

Qin Keqing dragged Guan Yu's dream before his death, letting him enter the invincible dream state for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, he woke up, his defense dropped and his attack doubled.

Due to Qin Keqing's self-destruct, Xie Mingzhe only had 2 cards left, one Guan Yu and the other Liu Bei with no offensive power.

Chen Xiao still has 3 cards left, Blood Vine, Black Rose and Beauty Banana.

In five seconds, his beautiful banana skills will cool down and he will definitely suck Guan Yu to death.

However, his beauty banana has less than 30% blood at this time!

Qin Keqing's dead speech technique triggered, aimed at the bloody beauty banana, and persuaded the other party to hang himself.

So the banana hung directly in front of the whole audience!

Watching the black, blood-red plants in the body, strangling themselves with rope, hanging themselves in public, this scene is so weird, not only is the audience silent, even the great gods of the game can't help issuing a row of ellipses: "...”

Chen Xiao couldn't help but laugh!

Turns out Xie Mingzhe was so skinny, he actually hid a copy of Qin Keqing in his secret card. When he neglected to be careless, he let Qin Keqing come out and persuade him to hang himself!

The two remaining cards were 2v2, Chen Xiao's card skills were cooling, Guan Yu doubled his attack power after 5 seconds, and the two plant cards that dropped Chen Xiao were no problem at all.

Xie Mingzhe Sheng!

The game is over, however, the whole field is once again in strange silence.

Because on the big live screen at this time, the image of the plants hanging, the audience looked up and looked shocked at Brother Chen's beautiful banana hanging in public - it was too strange, far more than the shock brought to everyone by Uncle Fat's crown.

Still explaining the first revelation to God, he said: "This card called Qin Keqing that Archer summoned at the end of the day is a dead speech card. After his death, he can let the opponent hang cards with less than 30% blood volume. ”

The female narrator said it was hard to say: “Beautiful bananas are really grieving, I have some botanical cards that care about Brother Chen. ”

The man said, "Cough cough, me too! ”

Chen Xiao took off his helmet, Xie Mingzhe also took off his helmet. He walked to Chen's face somewhat embarrassed: “Cough, Chen, I just want to take a dead speech card to try out the results of the battle, you won't be angry...”

"It's okay," said Chen Xiao. "It's your strength to win the championship. ”

Xie Mingzhe waved: “No, in truth, you must be stronger than me, I'm just speculative. ”

Chen Xiao took the initiative to pat Xie Mingzhe on the shoulder. "If you don't show me a new card, it's like letting me win directly, then you really look down on me. Today's game was fun, I would be happy to win the championship, don't worry about the outcome, I'm not so cheap! ”

Xie Mingzhe's eyes were slightly warm and looked at him and said: "Brother Chen, I owe you a champion! ”

"Chen Xiaoqiao laughed.“ We'll work together to get another one back at the team game. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: "Okay! ”

They hugged each other hard and then turned to bow to the audience.

It wasn't until then that the audience recovered and applauded the scene with a lot of laughter and spit.

It's even crazier in the broadcast room: "Plants hanging? Am I right? ”

“Beauty Banana said: Let me hang myself in public, I remember you Qin Keqing! ”

“No, I don't want to hang myself, please give me a more decent way to die! ”

“My brain made up for the lion hanging of Nie Shen, the ghost hanging of the returning woman, the stone hanging of Lao Zheng, and the image of Ling Shen's weapon hanging... so beautiful hahahaha, Fat Chul you are such a talent! ”

“Why is Chul so skinny? Can't you do something a little normal? What a ghost to persuade a plant to hang! ”

“Think of Don Ee's freezing death in the sky. It's just a card hanging, but you can actually accept it... Forget it, I won't convince myself, I'm in pain for Brother Chen! ”

In a moment, the topic of # planthanging # was hotter than the final results of the Master Games. The talented netizens are accompanied by pictures of plants hanging, expressing their concern for Brother Chen's plant card.

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao went back to the backstage for a break and explained the playback game footage live. After 10 minutes, the two men and the winner of the previous game, Ye Binbin, were invited back to the big stage to present the prize live.

The golden championship trophy was delivered to Xie Mingzhe. The runner-up Chen Xiao and the junior Ye Binbin also received 200,000, 180,000 and 150,000 crystal coins, respectively.

Although there is no shortage of money, but for the first time, the prize money can be won by playing the game. The three of them were happy to stand together on stage and take photographs. Ye Binbin also very politely asked for contact information, indicating that they would consult with each other later.

In an interview in the background, Chen Xiaoxiao said with great admiration: “Although I also want to win the championship, I may come back as a professional player to play the final, I have been very satisfied. I can accept winning and losing this match with Xiao Xie. He really played well today, and I am really happy for him. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled brilliantly: “When I registered Fat Uncle as an ID, I had no idea that I would be on the path of a professional player. Brother Chen was my noble person. If he hadn't taken me in, I wouldn't have come into contact with the game and discovered my card making talent. We have a good relationship in private. If we talk normally, Brother Chen wins more than me. It's just that today, I took out cards to surprise him, and I won very fortunately. ”

"“ Are you talking about Qin Keqing? The card that persuaded Brother Chen to hang his plants? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “Well, that's really a botanical card for Brother Chen. Ha ha, I'll make amends when I get back and invite my teammates to dinner! ”

Reporter: "…”

That's what it should be! Beauty Banana has been ruined by the recalcitrance of its internet friends, and there are screenshots of it hanging in public everywhere online. The great gods are speechless. What if one day it's their turn? Suicide by hanging yourself. It's a disgrace!

Journalists organize their performances and say seriously: "The eleventh season opens soon after the Masters. What are the plans for the new season, or what do you want to say to the fans? ”

Xie Mingzhe closed his smile and said seriously: “I still have a lot of fun cards, I hope you will continue to support me. In the new season, I will work with my teammates to bring you more amazing and fun games! ”

Watching the live gods hear this saying only makes the back of the spine feel cold.

Interesting game?

Today, Qin Keqing persuaded the plants to hang themselves and put an end to the Grandmaster Race.

How else do you want to play in the Pro League?

We are a regular game, you made cards... can you be a little more serious?!

[Volume 3 Completion]

Volume 3 Happy End!

Xie Mingzhe said that hanging is just an appetizer, and my pig Bajie will carry you as daughter-in-law.

The next volume will feature scene cards and fun cards.

Celebrating the collection broke 100,000, changed 4 chapters today, 16,000 words, thank you for walking with Chul to now, looking forward to your continued support, love you!