[Chapter 199, Baby Cards]

The word "Pregnant” on top of the black rose refreshes the view of online friends - cards can still be pregnant and babies are counting down to 9 seconds. Is this really the scene of the Star Card Pro League, not a family ethics TV show?

The whole audience looked blindly at the countdown over the black rose head, and Pei Jingshan, who had always been calm, was also calm.

He thought the Nirvana squad would take advantage of the Scene Crit Damage Bonus at the start of the night banquet to fight back on a massive scale. To prevent his cards from being cleared by a wave, he also brought a card specifically designed to prevent second kills: the Golden Cicada.

The skill of Golden Cicada is “Golden Cicada Shell Removal”, which can leave a golden shell in place, entering a brief “Avoid Being Selected” state for yourself and your surrounding teammates, equivalent to a group's invincible protection skills.

As a result, when the Golden Cicada has been released and her clothes have been stripped off, Nirvana is not attacking at all?

It's a waste of emotion!

This is not uncommon on the field. Especially professional commanders like Pei Jingshan. Predicting that big moves will rarely go wrong. Today's big moves like "mass invincibility” actually go empty. That scene looks particularly awkward.

What's even more embarrassing is that black roses are still counting down to have babies.

On the pro league field, it's incredible for all viewers to see a black rose pregnant with a child...

Fortunately, Pei Jingshan quickly recovered after just a second, and he had figured out Xie Mingzhe's strategy.

Nirvana is developing a large-scale offensive plan. The evening banquet is not the rhythm of Nirvana's attack, but Xie Mingzhe's making a mistake. Let Pei Jingshan mistakenly think that the moment the evening banquet begins is their time to attack.

Map events happen, tactics change accordingly —— any command would assume that Nirvana would use this point in time to do some writing. Xie Mingzhe deliberately delayed the attack, which was really smart, and that is why Pei Jingshan's skill prediction went wrong, the masses were invincible, Nirvana's next tactics would naturally be smoother to implement.

There are three steps to Xie Mingzhe's tactic.

The first step is to make "Send Son Guanyin” appear, send a baby to the black rose, and copy a smaller version of the black rose. Black roses in all Chen Xiao's group cards are a single group, very flexible, and the basic data of the skill "Rose Kiss” is piled to the highest, even if the copied baby card data will be halved, then released enough to deter the enemy.

The second step is to summon Zhuge Liang and Huang Yueying.

When the two scatter cards were originally designed, Huang Yueying was designed as an output card. Skill "Zhuge Lianxuan Crossbow” can accumulate ten crossbows and fire automatically in the specified direction, causing massive damage to enemies on the path. Zhuge Liang is a powerful control card that assembles the delays of mass control, herd concealment and grass boat borrowing arrows to injure one another.

Today's game, Xie Mingzhe joins Huang Yueying and Zhuge Liang in the card group, in order to rely on Zhuge Liang's control field and Huang Yueying's range to shoot at critical moments, causing huge damage to the small, hard-to-hit cards of the dark night capital.

In addition to reproducing Chen Xiao's black rose, Xie Mingzhe also wants to reproduce the second card, which is Huang Yueying.

However, Zhuge Liang and Huang Yueying must appear in the last order, so as not to be seen by Pei Jingshan in advance.

The third step is for Qin Xuan to summon Xue Baochai to kill Ye Zhu's key card, Bi Butterfly.

Xie Mingzhe did not send Xue Baochai in the first inning, just wanted to see how Ye Bamboo's butterfly card really cooperated with Pei Jingshan's trickster card. He found that Ye Bamboo's powder butterfly and blue flash butterfly double card combined attack was really strong, the black butterfly group control was very strong, the red belt sleeve butterfly had extremely strong single-attack capability, and the jade butterfly tracked fast.

However, these butterfly medals are even more powerful, and the most annoying part of the team battle is actually the healing card Bi Butterfly.

Beatrice, this card doesn't work very well with other cards - buff therapy. That is, when a blue butterfly is present, the teammates around it automatically get a "blood return per second” healing buff, and over time the buff automatically superimposes, the higher the number of layers stacked, the higher the blood return per second.

Meanwhile, Bigbutterfly also has a skill to explode buff, explode all the overlays and instantly recover a lot of blood.

Don't look at the small amount of single treatments on this card, but the longer it lasts, the higher the healing buff will be for your teammates. The first inning is precisely because it exists, and the dark night is in "Poison Bug Valley” so that the whole scene bleeds out of the map can survive that long.

In the second inning, Xie Mingzhe decided to second Bihui before the team battle fully opened, in case a wave of people attacked him later, Ye Bamboo relied on Bihui to support the blood line of the whole group. Of course, in order to avoid reviving Bihui with a revival card across the street and killing Bihui, the time must be closely linked to the time of the overall attack and the opponent must not be left with any chance to react.

These three steps are interlocked, and each link cannot go wrong.

* * *

Shortly after the evening feast, the baby of the black rose had not yet been born, and a lot of internet friends in the broadcast room were throwing up: “Is the black rose going to be difficult to give birth to?” 'Rosebaby, I've never seen you before. I've seen you before! ”" Xie Mingzhe designed enough cards to turn a good card fight into a war of family ethics for daughters-in-law and childbirth! ”“ A black rose such a tall and cool plant, in public baby, if I were a black rose, I would have killed myself! ”

The countdown to the top of the black rose has been decreasing, and the Dark Night Capital has reacted quickly to begin a full-scale offensive.

Since Xie Mingzhe wanted to delay the war, Pei Jingshan couldn't wait for the other party to finish the baby - Nirvana couldn't hit us, so let's go and hit him!

Upon the orders of Pei team, Ye Zhu's tracking butterfly moved quickly, aiming at Zhou Yu, and summoned his teammates to his side.

Once the Happy Red Court Night Banquet opens, it will have a full-scene Critical Boost that can be enjoyed by both sides. The card attack power of Dark Night Capital itself is high, gaining Scene Critical Boost, almost instantly seconds Zhou Yu.

Lu Son and Sun Sangxiang could not escape the fate of being surrounded by worm cards and butterfly cards, but Xie Mingzhe had just released a wave of skills, pressed the blood volume of the card in the dark capital to about half a blood, forcing the opponent to summon Bi Butterfly, which was considered a success and not much affected by seconds.

Chen Xiao's black rose is still counting down to have a baby. No attack is allowed. The Dark Night Capital first kills Xie Mingzhe's card and immediately follows it to the ghost card of Yu Ke.

Yucca's black uncertainty was caught in the fire of a large number of export cards.

At a moment when the Dark Monster was dying, Xie Mingzhe suddenly summoned a familiar card - Zhuge Liang.

Young and handsome Zhuge Liang appeared on the field, taking out the ancient qin and playing it without a soul, his ears sounding clear and joyful.

Empty city plan, group invisibility!

Zhuguang Liang's group remained invisible for 5 seconds, and Nirvana could not make any attacks, but the Dark City could not find where they were, equivalent to a relatively calm armistice for 5 seconds

Xie Mingzhe allowed the teammates to quickly adjust their position.

At this point, the audience from God's perspective could see that not far from Zhuge Liang, a woman appeared with a light veil covering her face, just because she was in a state of invisibility and her image looked like a fictional figure, her name was Huang Yueying.

Horribly, she also wrote a line on her head: "Card pregnant, about to have a baby card, counting down to 9, 8...”

The audience was silent: "Is another card pregnant? Shame on you, Shameeng. Shame on you? To win, Nirvana's card says pregnancy means pregnancy, there's no prelude!” “Mr. Black Rose is a baby. This Yellow Moon Young will have another baby. The hands of the two babies are invincible. How about a doll kiss?” “How can people and plants make doll kisses?” “Pig Ba Jie is married to a butterfly!" ”

It's all Xie Mingzhe's fault, the relationship between the cards is all messed up.

The audience painted the screen in the live room, but Pei Jingshan could not see the card at this time - because the crowd was hidden.

Tang Muzhou, who watched the backstage games, was full of appreciation: “Brother is really smart, Huang Yueying this card was summoned together with Zhuge Liang, because Zhuge Liang instantly released the empty city plan, this card was invisible as soon as it appeared, Xiao Pei did not find it. ”

Chen Qianlin remained calm and said: "This card's skills are well designed to ignore all the negative conditions of the scene, place the crossbows in the designated position, and automatically shoot arrows around the area, which is better than Shen An's fruit smashing. ”

Tang Muzhou was curious: “What does Huang Yueying have to do with Zhuge Liang? ”

"'Couples,' said Chen Qianlin, 'have a linkage effect boost. ”

Tang Muzhou thought thoughtfully: “No wonder he summoned at the same time. Looks like Nirvana is about to strike back fully when the cloud effect of the Empty City Gauge is over. ”

5 seconds of hidden time Nirvana has been quickly adjusting the card position, and the Dark Night Capital can't see each other and can only temporarily cease fire. When 5 seconds arrived, Pei Jingshan unexpectedly discovered that there was an extra card on the field - called Huang Yueying - and was counting down to have a baby!

As an experienced conductor, Pei Jingshan quickly analyzes the card's skill characteristics when she meets a new card on the field. Huang Yueying is a "automatic shooting” group attack card. Once she duplicates another card, the Night Capital worm card will never escape the fate of being maimed by a 360-degree shooting.

Nirvana must be completely collapsed before she and Black Rose's baby are born.

Time was running out and Pei Jingshan had to summon the Mantis Queen, the strongest attack card in the secret card.

This is an extremely violent group attack card that, when she appears, summons countless little mantis to automatically pursue enemies within range, inflicting extensive poisoning damage. The dense, numb mantis began to chase their opponents wildly, and that scene almost spit out the dense phobia.

Xie Mingzhe was calm and did not hesitate to open up the bright 1 skill "Tongue Battle Confucius” - group chaos within the scope!

The confused little mantis suddenly lost their way and hit each other.

However, Pei Jingshan was prepared to immediately summon the "Moonlight Trick” group to purify and decontaminate the control.

The uncontrolled mantis finally did not crash around, a large number of mantis with the butterflies of Ye Bamboo, quickly jumped to the Nirvana cards, the eyes were about to bite all the ghost cards of the metaphor, but at this time, the blood volume of all the cards of Nirvana suddenly fixed to a value, even if it was heavily attacked by fire, the blood volume did not drop at all.

The audience was very confused: "Is Bug out?” 'The mantis bit me without bleeding, and Nirvana opened the plug? ”

Officially, Liu Shan quickly pulled out of the track record of battle, explaining: "It is a vain skill to 'make money at first sight’, impart a living blessing to all friends within 30 meters, and all damage received within 5 seconds will be settled after 5 seconds. ”

Wu Yue remembered this card and said: “It is a ghost card of self-identification, delaying protection skills by 5 seconds! ”

Delayed settlement, so no matter how hard the opponent attacked, all Nirvana cards were fixed to the instantaneous data of the white invariant opening skill, which was settled uniformly after 5 seconds and bled in one go. White Ambiguity, this life-saving skill, at this moment, was precisely driven out by Metaphor - it really saved the lives of all the teammates!

At a critical moment, Ko reacted quite quickly.

5 seconds is enough for Black Rose and Yellow Moon Young to be born smoothly.

Xie Mingzhe was so excited, his voice was trembling: “Kirk is great! Everybody ready to fight back - 3, 2, 1, fight! ”

By a single command, Nirvana had already practiced countless output chains and released them immediately.

Qin Xuan summoned Xue Baochai, and immediately dropped Ye Zhu just summoned Bi Butterfly to give his teammates back their blood.

Chen Xiao's black rose and copied narrow version of the black rose, while opening a wide range of "Rose Kiss” masses, only see pure black rose petals, big and small, mixed together, sweep like a storm rain into the card illusion of the dark capital!

Xie Mingzhe's previously summoned cards were killed, but he also has the ultimate output card, Huang Yueying, and the little Yueying that Huang Yueying just copied.

The shrinking version of Yellow Moon Ying Baby is only as tall as the adult version of the waist. The “Zhuge Lian Crossbow” the little girl held is also shrunk by half compared to the original version and looks extremely cute.

Huang Yueying had already taken the opportunity to place the turret "Zhuge Lian Crossbow” in the center of each other's cards. Nowadays, Xiao Yueying plays a smaller version of "Zhuge Lianxuan Crossbow”, two skills open simultaneously, large and small countless arrows, like a machine/machine/machine/gun, fire wildly at 360 degrees around, causing massive damage to enemies on the path.

When the Happy Red Night Banquet opens, all scene card Critical Damage gets a lot of bonuses.

When Huang Yueying fires an arrow, he can almost shoot half the lives of the insects. Xiao Yueying's crossbow was halved in size and output was halved, but the damage caused by Xiaolian crossbow on the path out of the crossbow can make up for the shortfall of Dalian crossbow.

Twenty arrows lashed out, and for a time, the ears were filled with sharp sounds of arrows breaking apart!

Cards in the Dark Night Capital are simply hard to fight.

Zhuge Liang still waves his feather fan in the middle of the venue, as if watching a play.

Before the 5 second delay, the cards of the Dark Night Capital are extinguished!

Nirvana's wave of counterattacks was too sharp, and the teammates cooperated extremely tacitly. Pei Jingshan looked at the word "failure” that popped up on the screen and didn't know what to say for a moment - he thought that he might have underestimated Xie Mingzhe.

Ye Bamboo's face was extremely ugly. Finally, he couldn't help but take off his helmet and vomited: “Shae Ming-chul, do you want a face? Make the card nine seconds pregnant, have a baby, such a strange skill. How did he come up with that? ”

Pei Jingshan is also very speechless and has a baby. This description is really hard to say.

But from a tactical standpoint, Xie Mingzhe was really well prepared for the game, while summoning Zhuge Liang and Huang Yueying, and letting Zhuge Liang immediately open an empty city plan, Huang Yueying secretly went to find a place to place a crossbow; Zhuge Liang's group confusion forced out the opponent to uncontroll, and the vain delay of 5 seconds to settle and protect his teammates from seconds.

Together, he can get close to 12 seconds while the card replicates the baby for only 9 seconds.

Nirvana has only 3 seconds left to strike back in full, which is extremely risky, and once a link is mismatched, it may lose out on all sides.

They have not proven to be complicit in mistakes.

Whether Xie Mingzhe summoned the core cards, or the time when Ke, Qin Xuan connected their skills and Chen Xiao fully exported, the cards of the four formed a complete chain of cooperation. As you can see, this set of cards Nirvana has been practiced so many times in private that it became so proficient. Compared to the last game of "gambling with the Temples”, Nirvana's tactical arrangements are really smart.

It seems that Xie Mingzhe's talent far exceeds everyone's imagination. In just two days, progress has actually been so fast.

Pei Jingshan took off his helmet and walked into the middle of the stage, shaking hands calmly with Nirvana's four.

Xie Mingzhe knew that he was a younger brother and an alumni of the Department of Philosophy at Teito University, so he was very polite. He said with appreciation: "Pei Shen's field martial arts tactics are really great. Your spider queen really gave me a long view. ”

Pei Jingshan politely said: "Your tactics of getting cards pregnant have also refreshed my view of the world. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

That's what Pei Gon gently means by "you're so strange”, isn't it?

Pei Jingshan went on to say, "With you Nirvana this season, the game has become a lot of fun. ”

Xie Mingzhe said embarrassingly: “Thank you Pei team for the compliment. ”

That's a lot of fun. Isn't that a compliment? But he had a thick face when it was a compliment!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 200, Card Disaster]

The Nirvana team was surrounded by water in a post-game interview. Compared to four days ago, the pig's eight ring had just appeared in a match.

Pig Bajie robbed his wife, this design is actually a kind of "displacement control”, Tang Muzhou's vine pull, Xu Changfeng's floating air blows away, due to the hair pull and other skills of Sirui Ghost card, and Pig Bajie's back daughter-in-law's skills are essentially similar.

But the cards are pregnant. This is unknown!

Cards can still give birth to babies? Xie Mingzhe, did you go on the wrong set?

This skill mechanism of "duplicating a half-asset card” has never existed in the past.

Xie Mingzhe's creation of the card "Send Son Guanyin” is equivalent to a historic innovation and will naturally be surrounded by journalists to ask questions.

A woman reporter excitedly handed him the microphone and said, "What was the original idea behind sending this card to the other cards to get the card pregnant? ”

Xie Mingzhe seriously explained: “Some cards are very skilled, but the same card is not allowed to be repeated on the field, so I thought, if you can make some powerful cards produce a duplicate card, great skills, can you put it twice at the same time? That's why we designed the" Send Son Guanyin "card to give the card a baby card and replicate the master card's skills. ”

“Don't you think replicating powerful cards like this affects the competitive balance?” A male journalist asked calmly.

“The official has a very professional team of datalogists, and the original version of this card was returned with significant modifications.” Xie Mingzhe smiled, "I believe in the professionalism of the official datagraphers. ”

These words finally got him a little fond of the staff of the Data Department, who worked long hours overtime.

Xie Mingzhe went on to say: “The wins and losses in the arena are calculated according to the number of cards. Although she can send the child Guanyin to her teammates, she will die after sending two herself, and the baby card attributes generated are reduced by half. This is equivalent to using one card and redeeming two cards with 0.5 attributes. I don't think it affects the balance. ”

“Which card did you say you'd get pregnant with before the game?” A reporter asked with a smile, "How do teammates react when they know their cards will be forced into pregnancy? ”

“In order to win, everyone is conscious that the pregnancy must be pregnant.” Xie Mingzhe looked at Chen Xiao with a smile, "Brother Chen's plant card was first persuaded by Qin Keqing to hang him. Today, he performed the pregnancy and birth of the baby in public, which really caused them to suffer. ”

“Yes, my dark plants have completely lost their dignity as plants.” Chen Xiao seriously said, "Black Rose was originally a cool botanical card, and today's life of a child, the image has completely collapsed. ”

“With Chul, we're under a lot of pressure!” Sincerely, “you know, other team players just have to endure the time of one game, but we have to practice it a lot privately! From April 6th to April 8th, we have been rehearsing this line for two days. Brother Chen's black rose has already given birth to dozens of babies on the training field, and we can open a rose garden! ”

The whole press burst into laughter.

You can imagine that when practicing privately, black roses must have had babies many times...

The more I really think about it, the more I grieve for Black Rose.

A reporter said: "There are a lot of people in the broadcast room who have left messages saying that you don't want to win the game face anymore, so you can come up with this skill design! Others say that getting a card pregnant randomly and robbing other people's cards as daughter-in-law, all the cards in the league are because of you, your cards, it's a disaster! ”

After another laugh, Xie Mingzhe said, “Cards only know how to play games every day. It's so boring. I also add some fun to their lives. Marry, have a baby or something...”

If there were eggs at the moment, reporters would probably throw them at him collectively.

Watching live webmates throw up crazily: "Thank you for my card! It doesn't need to be married to have kids, it's just an innocent card!” “Xie Mingzhe, why don't you go make a movie and make a" History of Card Love ", I'll definitely buy tickets for you.” “How else are you going to play cards?" Feel grieved for the cards ~ ”

Tonight is doomed to be another sleepless night for netizens, the third game of the Nirvana Club, and another topic was brushed to the hot searches of the day.

Hot search for # CardBaby # and tap inside to see all kinds of emoji made by talented fans. Everyone gave the Pro League Grand Gods Ace cards, all of which had a shrunk Q version of Baby Card, such as the Q version of Little Lion, Little Divine Tree, Little Elephant, Red Kid, Little Stone, Little Fruit Tree, a bunch of Baby Card ranking stations, which is pretty cute!

Of course, the Alliance Grand Gods are united in believing that our cards do not require a baby, thank you!

Xie Mingzhe's personal homepage was brushed up by various messages, with thousands of fans breaking through.

At the same time, a famous electronic magazine editor in the circle contacted the Nirvana Club.

When the game returned to the club that night, Ji Yingying told Xie Mingzhe about it: “A magazine from Star Card Weekly came to the door, and they had a good reputation. Each issue of e-magazine has a huge number of downloads and fixed readers. They wanted to open a column in the magazine for our Nirvana Club to introduce the team members to their daily routine and card design. What do you think? ”

Xie Mingzhe thought about it and nodded: “I think so, Brother Chen, don't you think? ”

Chen Xiao also simply said: “Nirvana is becoming more popular now, and there is an opportunity for this kind of publicity to take advantage of the heat to fight iron and consolidate the club's iron powder. I also read Star Card Weekly magazine. A lot of players can't even go to the magazine interview because of their thick faces. Their editors came to the bright spot, indicating that they saw the potential of our club. ”

Metaphor gives a thumbs up: "Have eyes! Our club's popularity has been really hot lately, and many of our home maps and tactics haven't come out yet, so we will definitely surprise you more in the future! ”

Xie Mingzhe agreed to open a magazine column, mainly to give a detailed description of his cards in the magazine so that more people would know who they were - and that's what he had originally created with famous, mythical and legendary characters.

If more people like them, his wishes are fulfilled.

Of course, as a professional athlete, we must still focus on the competition, and we must not end up paying too much attention to popularity and propaganda, but rather delaying the competition. Xie Mingzhe thought about it and said: "Meet with the magazine editor, brilliantly arrange it. It is best to avoid the days when our schedule is tight. ”

Ji Yingying understood the location: “I understand, I will tell them to keep the interview as brief as possible and do not affect your training. ”

The interview was settled, Xie Mingzhe went back to the bedroom after bathing and brushed the web page, and found that the fans were laughing at him, so he was relieved - Uncle Fat's powder, now it's all like black!

Suddenly received a voice message from Tang Muzhou: "Get the card pregnant and have a baby. What's on your mind all day? ”

In the low voice of a man, with a clear smile, he listens extra warm in the middle of the night.

Xie Mingzhe coughed softly and replied seriously: “Do you find that strange? ”

Tang Muzhou replied: “Well, Xiao Pei just spat with me. You are one of the weirdest players he has ever seen. You can clearly describe it with a 'duplicate card'. It's hard to describe it as pregnant or having a baby. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed, “Ha ha, if the cards were conscious, I'd be one of their most annoying designers, right? ”

Tang Muzhou said politely: “You are quite self-aware. ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged his shoulders, frankly saying: "It's okay, I have many more excessive cards, and the cards will have a more and more life in the future! ”

Tang Muzhou helplessly helps: “How else do you want to torment me? ”

For example, let the cards fall in love with the red line, write a letter to the cards, set the team apart, let the cards go shopping with the old lady, listen to jokes, etc... Of course, Xie Mingzhe did not reveal it in advance, and sold a closing remark: “Brother, you can expect to stay. ”

When the scene of your daughter's country comes up in the future, you will consciously get your plant pregnant, and you will also grab the water from the Mother Son River, so that the strongest card can have a baby.

Believe in the other gods, they will also consciously give birth to the cards.

- To win the game, what's the point of losing the game?

Chapter 200: Leave a Message for Nutritional Solutions, OK!