[Chapter 203, Bai Xu]

After the competition, Xie Mingzhe took the initiative to go to the middle of the stage to shake hands with the Starry Air Warriors. Bai Xu's otherwise white face appeared to be a little red, and he wondered if he was angry.

Xie Mingzhe stretched out his hand with a smile: “Promise. ”

Bai Xu: “…”

Promise your sister! It was you who forced my card to stay pregnant at a critical moment, delaying it for 9 seconds, otherwise the group would be extinguished by you... Bai Xu spit in his heart, obstructing the audience from being present, on the surface he also had to maintain style and shake Xie Mingzhe's hand.

When we came to the backstage for the interview, facing the compliments of the reporters, Xie Mingzhe humbly said: “In order to be able to beat the Starfighters in the Away, we have been practicing the tactical cooperation of sending Son Guanyin for the past three days. In fact, there is also a great risk of sending Son Guanyin this card. If other cards are not dropped in 9 seconds, it is equivalent to sending two powerful aids to the opponent. ”

When two baby cards are born, once the Starfleet output cards are not dead, and with the help of two baby cards, Starfleet will increase its strength. The cosmic wormhole can be transmitted twice at the same time, and the space fracture can divide ten spaces into real “maze wars”, which in turn will wipe out Nirvana.

However, Xie Mingzhe has calculated all the skills of the opponent before driving his sub Guanyin skills.

It is also strange that the Starfighters are too light an enemy. By the time the game lasted 7 minutes, Baixu had summoned all the dark cards. Xie Mingzhe knew that the remaining cards in their group did not survive the Nine-second outbreak of Nirvana. Libra's "Blood Mass Sharing” skill was also cooling down. Xie Mingzhe caught the defensive gap of the opponent and broke the other side in a wave.

Tactical design is only the foundation, and timing is the key. For a tactic to be powerful, the most important thing is the random strain at the game - just now the time to give the opponent a baby is just in hand.

Bai Xu looked at Xie Mingzhe as polite and modest when he was interviewed, and suddenly he felt a little strange.

Remember the last time the Temple was leveled at 1: 1, the reporter asked him, "Do you think Starfighters have the ability to compete for a postseason seat?” Bai Xu said without hesitation: "Of course, we must have seats in the final season.” And the reporter asks, "The Nirvana team in Group B is strong, too. Do you have any confidence in Nirvana next?” What did you say then? It's like saying, "I'll let Nirvana know who's the real Seed Team B! ”

And what happened? Today, Nirvana hit me in the face at 2: 0, and my face was swollen.

The internet guys must be cursing him, right?

Baek Xu opened his personal homepage and, after looking at it, there was a huge influx of nirvana powder and starry darkness to ridicule--

“Who's Team B's real seed station? Nirvana proved to be the one. White team, does your face hurt?” “Poor Baixu, happy to be a grandfather today, suddenly two more card baby grandchildren.” “Little wormholes and little spaces are especially cute and can be grouped in kindergarten with Nirvana's little black rose, Little Yellow Moon Ying. Isn't your house rich? Why don't you invest in a card kindergarten? ”

Bai Xu: “…”

What do you mean, he got hit in the face? He kind of realized it today. Even more depressing, he couldn't refute it!

At this point, the reporter suddenly asked, "What do you think of today's opponent Starry Air Squad? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “I think the starry sky is a very distinctive team. Baixu's starry series of cards is also very creative. The way the space is divided is very novel. However, their tactics are too demanding for the card group to cooperate and are easy to target. ”

"Are you confident that Nirvana is going into the playoffs? ”

"There are a lot of strong teams in Group B," Xie Mingzhe said. "No one can say it until the end of the day, but we will do our best. ”

Bai Xu: “…”

Look at other people, they're young, they're new people, but every time they talk in an interview, it's called a drop of water.

Bai Xu remembered his full mouth when he was interviewed. He felt a little ashamed and was eager to dig a seam and bury himself. If the family knew he was embarrassed to come to the card game, they would probably break his legs.

Xie Mingzhe was right just now, through today's game Baixu also clearly realizes that Starry Sky Squad's true strength is not as good as Nirvana's - because Starry Sky Squad's tactics are so single that it can only be "divided into spaces”, which is easy to target.

Against Nirvana, the maps and cards used in each game so far will change greatly, it is difficult for the opponent to guess their arrangement, how deep their card pool is, no one knows yet, and the richness of tactics is not comparable to that of the Starry Air Squad.

Who's the real Seed Squad B, do we need to discuss?

This season's post-season hopes are slim, but... just give up? That's not his style.

Baixu gripped his fist so hard, he made less than half of his galaxy cards today, so he can try other ways in the future. Despite losing to Nirvana, regular games are now less than two weeks away, and there are plenty of games that they may be able to score more points than Nirvana during the out-of-group cycle.

Bai Xu took a deep breath and turned away from the backstage.

At the corner of the corridor, he heard a familiar voice, a low adult male voice, quite gentle: “Good game today, winning the starry sky makes you more likely to go out of line in group B. ”

Another crisp teenage voice is obviously Xie Mingzhe: “At a critical moment, let Baixu's card get pregnant on leave, thinking about the look on his face, I want to laugh, haha, he definitely wants to hit me, right? ”

Bai Xu: “…”

You know I want to hit you? Still talking here! The more you listen, the more you get angry.

Xie Mingzhe felt a little cold on his back. Looking back, he looked at Baixu and immediately froze on his face. He said embarrassingly: “Baixu, are you here? ”

Baixu nodded in a complex spot: “Hmm. ”

Tang Muzhou held his hand into fists, coughed lightly on his lips and held his smile, "Aren't you going to interview the reporter? ”

Bai Xu bandaged his face; “I am preparing to accept criticism.” Just look at the two of them again: “You know each other well? ”

Xie Mingzhe immediately clarified: “Not very familiar, just happened to meet Tang Shen, just a few words. ”

Tang Muzhou: "…”

Baixu looked at Tang Muzhou with confusion: "I don't think there's a Fenghua team game today, do I? Brother, are you still here to watch? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled: “Come and cheer you up, Aiwei. ”

Baixu picked up the left eyebrow: “Will you come and cheer me up? Come and see my jokes!” His left and right eyebrows were not the same height. He looked funny when picking up the eyebrows on the high side. With curly hair like a little Teddy, the more he looked at it, the more he found this arrogant guy interesting. His name seemed to be Tang Muzhou? What's going on?

Suspiciously, at this time, a staff member rushed: "Bai Xu, the reporter is waiting for you. ”

Bai Xu's face flashed red: “Can I not go? ”

"This… the Alliance stipulates that each team must send at least one person to be interviewed after the game. Your team does not want to go, and you, as captain, can only…"

Bai Xu shook his hand with a wrinkle: “I know, I'm on my way! ”

He turned away and straightened his back was very stiff. When he first saw Xie Mingzhe's full of arrogance in the background, he turned around like a frosted eggplant, looking a little pathetic.

Tang Muzhou smiled softly. “Who's the Seed Squad in Group B? What are you going to do if the reporter asks you that? ”

Baixu turned back violently: “Who would ask?” His face was red, and he was clearly angry with shame.

Tang Muzhou shrugged: “When the last interview was too full, you should be ready to lose the game and be ridiculed by reporters and netizens. I told you Nirvana is very powerful, you should have been taught by Archer. ”

Bai Xu glanced at him and turned away.

After Bai Xu left, Xie Mingzhe looked confused: “What's your relationship? Looks like he called you brother? ”

Tang Muzhou reached Xie Mingzhe's ear and explained in a low voice: “My mother's name is Bai, Bai Xu is my uncle's son, Bai's only son, spoiled since childhood, a bit arrogant personality. However, his heart is not bad. He doesn't know how to be polite. If he says anything to offend you, don't worry about it. ”

Knowing that Baixu and Tang Muzhou are cousins, Xie Mingzhe's much better impression of Baixu. Plus, Baixu was arrogant in the interview and did nothing excessive. After being taught today, the look of holding his head is quite pathetic.

Remembering Baixu's complex face when the card was pregnant, Xie Mingzhe couldn't help smiling and said softly: “I wouldn't mind, I think he was cute and had beautiful hair. ”

Tang Muzhou asked, "Like a little Teddy, isn't it? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: "Well, little Teddy the Gold! ”

The two smiled at each other, Tang Muzhou continued: “He was a good boy when he was a kid. Everyone loved rubbing his curly hair. The bigger he got, the less he understood. However, he came to play cards league because I influenced him. He wanted to get a club to take the championship and show it off. However, he thought about the league too easily and should also eat up some insights. ”

“He does make interesting cards, but the tactics alone are a fatal flaw in the Starfleet and are too easy to target.” Xie Mingzhe was serious, "Group B also had several strong teams, and the starry sky was out of line in a less optimistic situation. By the way, you came to the game today because of your brother, didn't you? ”

“I am…” in order to meet you backstage.

Although video or voice chat is held every night, it still feels different to see each other. The two of them belong to different teams. There are too few opportunities to meet each other. Tang Muzhou booked tickets for all Nirvana entry days this season, so that he could be seen in person.

During the regular games, Fenghua team would watch every game in the conference room. Sister Xue also did not understand the way Tang Muzhou came to the scene: “Don't you see the same thing at the club? Why bother going to the scene?”, Tang Muzhou stumbled on the grounds that the "scene atmosphere was better”, but his friend Xu Changfeng had already seen Tian Ni, smiling and saying: “There were more occasional encounters, watch out for each other's suspicions. ”

To Xie Mingzhe's bright eyes, Tang Muzhou did not clearly say, smiled slightly, "Cousin and brother are playing the game, of course I want to come to the scene to watch, why? Aren't you glad to see me? ”

Finding the gentle eyes of a man staring at himself, Xie Mingzhe's heartbeat suddenly stalled a little and moved his gaze away: “How could that be? I'm also... happy to see you backstage. ”

That's true, but say it, somehow there's something wrong with your heart?

Xie Mingzhe felt his cheek burning. “I have to go first, my teammates are waiting for me! ”

He quickly stepped out of the background and felt his eyes behind him, his ears a little red.

Seems like you've met Tang Muzhou backstage a little more often? It's no surprise that Fenghua also had a match when he made the ruling before. But when he fought the temples and the dark night capital, Fenghua obviously didn't arrange the competition, and Brother was there... he didn't come to see himself, did he? Boo-hoo, he's not that free!

Xie Mingzhe quickly ignored the messy thoughts in his head and quickly boarded the Nirvana Squad car. The teammates are all here, and the pool is clear. She walks up to Xie Mingzhe and says: “The editor of Star Card Weekly magazine has contacted me again, asking when you will have time for an interview. I don't think the schedule opponent is very strong these days, or is it scheduled for tomorrow? ”

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and calmed down his fierce heartbeat, saying: "You decide. ”

Ji Ying went to ask Brother Chen and they all agreed, so she replied to the other editor and asked them to come to the Nirvana Club tomorrow.

Back at the dorm, Xie Mingzhe brushed the web page and found a lot of "No, I don't want to get pregnant! Dad, I'm pregnant. Can I have nine seconds of maternity leave?” Emoticons, he laughed and rolled.

Networkers are so talented, he's almost got a G in his expression pack downloaded in his head.

At this point, he found a sudden message popping up: "I found Bai Xu paying attention to Uncle Fat!” “Xiaobai Teddy, this is Bai Xu's account number. Did he really pay attention to Chul?” “Shh, don't say it. He may have to turn it off at once.” “Ha ha ha, he's actually been laughed at! ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Baixu, how tangled is this? Sneak attention, after being discovered by internet friends, shamed into anger and immediately closed the door...

How's Nakaji?

Xie Mingzhe went into his account, followed him with his hand and sent a private message: “I didn't think you were Tang Shen's cousin. ”

Bai Xu blushed: “What do you mean by that? Am I much worse than Don Muzhou?! ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and said, "There are about 20 baby cards between you and Tang Shen. How about that? Do you want me to give it to you? Nirvana gives birth to a dragon service in just 9 seconds. ”

Baixu: “....................."


Making cousin Tang so angry that he blew his hair went well. Looking at his long ellipse, Xie Mingzhe was in a great mood and turned off his light brain to get ready for bed. As a result, Tang Muzhou suddenly sent a message saying: "Baixu is asking me for the address of Nirvana Club and said he wants to send you a time bomb. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “Hahaha, be angry with him, maybe he will wake up quicker. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled: “It's okay, he's six months younger than you, you can treat him like a brother and bully him. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Is that how you bully your brother? Probably for Tang Gon... right!

What's that for? Xie Mingzhe thought of the problem, suddenly his heart jumped, some embarrassed to ask, said good night to Tang Muzhou, and quickly lay in the duvet to sleep.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 204, Magazine Interview]

The next morning, editors and photographers of Star Card Week arrived at the Nirvana Club on time.

The two were shocked by the renovations - most of the newly established clubs are small, the base will be very sour, Nirvana is completely different, the best office buildings in the bustling areas of downtown are rented, the clubs are also stylish and classy, and the space is extremely spacious.

The hundreds of square meters of space are tidy and orderly, giving a particularly good first impression, and the soft sofa in the sitting area looks very demanding.

After the first interview with leading electronic magazines in the circle, everyone was nervous. Today, the four of us put on uniforms and took a neat photo. After visiting the training room, conference room and other daily work areas, Xie Mingzhe also brought the editor to the card display room.

This is a recently cleaned up room with three wall cabinets with a solid version of the card made by the club players themselves.

The magazine editor congratulated a very talkative young girl. As soon as she walked in, she picked up Zhuge Liang's card and said: “This is my favorite card these days. It's so handsome. Can you summon it out? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled amicably: “Help yourself. ”

The editor summoned the physical cards immediately, and the virtual Zhuge Liang image appeared beside her - a handsome young man with a brilliant, hand-held feather fan, who looked exactly like a real person. However, when touching him, his fingers would pass through his body.

As you all know, this is an official Star Card fantasy generated in the real world using advanced holographic projection technology. It can look at someone as realistic as it is in front of you, or it can be extraordinarily shocking. Aside from being untouchable, the visual effects of the Star Card illusion are no different from those of a real person. Such a handsome man can summon at any time, it is the gospel of the mysterious sisters!

Sincerely proposed: "Other clubs will choose some representative cards to commemorate the perimeter. Although Nirvana is a newly established club, it has grown in popularity lately. Have you considered building a nearby mall? ”

Pool Shining and Pool Qing have actually been preparing for this, because Nirvana Guild members on the internet often leave messages advising Nirvana to get out of the surrounding shopping mall as soon as possible, people want to buy physical cards, so that in reality they can also summon their favorite Goddess of Men.

The editor of Star Card Weekly came to interview us today, and Nirvana's peripheral products would certainly not be sold if we could take the opportunity to promote a wave on Star Card Weekly.

Thinking of this, Pool Ying immediately pulled Xie Mingzhe aside and whispered: “Archer, the preliminary preparations for the nearby shopping mall are almost ready. Let's take this opportunity to put the mall online and do a free publicity in Star Card Weekly. ”

Xie Mingzhe had no objection, but he didn't know what other clubs were selling. Our mall can't be too sour, can it? ”

"I've investigated that most of the physical cards they sell in the shops around them, as well as some specially made bookmarks, Q pillows and other derivatives.” She was very smart, "she said.“ Didn't we have a baby card that was generated by sending Son Guanyin? Reduce the look by half and make it look really cute as a pillow! ”

Xie Mingzhe made up for it. For example, Yue Ying's little Yue Ying from the previous game was really cute after she shrunk. If she held Xiao Yue Ying and Xiaolian crossbows into Q-version of the pattern in her arms, it seemed a little adorable? I think the girls will like it.

With this in mind, Xie Mingzhe simply nodded and said, “No problem, I'll leave the matter of the mall to you, just ask where you need my help. ”

Ji Ying Ying: “Okay, I'll get ready! ”

After the editor took some photos of the club, he called four Nirvana players to the lounge for an interview.

The family situation of the four, the reasons for becoming a professional player, plans for the future, etc., since this issue has Nirvana interviews, the editor's questions are as detailed as possible.

What surprised the editor was that Xie Mingzhe was an orphan, who said he had no family.

But Xie Mingzhe did not want to rely on people like “orphans” to sell tragedies. In his view, everyone could not choose their own birth, and what would become of them would depend on personal efforts. So he didn't talk too much about this topic, let alone the bitterness and hardship of the past.

As his popularity grows, his background will surely be revealed by his internet friends. However, Xie Mingzhe did not want to announce his own death on his own initiative, which would appear to be selling sympathy to attract fans, and he said to his sincere words: “Cheers Editor-in-Chief, I hope that my family situation will not be published in magazine interviews. ”

Nod your head: “I understand this belongs to your privacy, and of course we respect your opinion.” She paused and looked sincerely at Xie Mingzhe, “but to be honest, the orphan is not a black dot, for you it is an addition. If it is announced, it will definitely attract more fans, and the existing fans will be more loyal, your experience is actually very inspiring...”

Xie Mingzhe interrupted her with a smile: "I don't need to consolidate popularity in this way. Professional athletes should speak with strength. ”

Sincerely: “…”

As the editor-in-chief of a well-known magazine, she interviewed most of the Alliance's top gods, but Xie Mingzhe gave her a very different feeling. Although he was young and had just emerged, he had a special charm - he was always so strong and determined, as if no difficulty would defeat him, his mental qualities were first-rate, and the sunshine smile infected those around him.

When she heard that he was an orphan, she was sympathetic, but with a clear look at Xie Mingzhe, she knew that he didn't need anyone else's sympathy at all - because he was strong enough to change his destiny personally.

Though many years older than him, she was very impressed with Xie Mingzhe in her heart, and she was happy to see the teenager, relying on her own efforts, and eventually achieving what others wanted.

In writing the interview, I wish the editor-in-chief more than exaggerated Xie Mingzhe, while also glorifying the other members of the Nirvana team to a certain degree.

On Saturday, the new issue of Star Card Week went live.

This is the eleventh year of Star Card Weekly, which has been growing along with the game since the game began, so this e-magazine is extremely well-known and popular among players, and every time an e-magazine is published on the official website, paying downloads can easily exceed tens of millions.

This issue is the 1148 issue of Star Card Weekly, because it foreshadowed interviews with Nirvana players and introductions to some of the most popular cards. Once the magazine was released, downloads doubled. At 10 pm, downloads actually exceeded 50 million!

The interview with Nirvana was the most correct decision, and I wish the editor-in-chief a smile at the downloads in the background.

Ji Yingying also bought a magazine for the first time and sent it to everyone in the internal group for reading.

Metaphorically turning to the page of the Nirvana interview, Nirvana found a photograph of the four wearing team uniforms, as well as several photographs taken from the club's reality scene, Nirvana's decorative style, filtered by the photographer, looks particularly high-end and upscale.

The editor's questions for each team member were also sorted out in the column.

- What made you a professional player in the Star Card Alliance?

Chen Xiao: “I didn't win the game at that time, I have been unwilling to take advantage of this opportunity to come back. ”

Yike Ke: “I was dragged down by Xie Mingjie. I never thought I'd be a professional player before! ”

Qin Xuan; “I was called into the club by Brother Chen and Chul. Initially, I helped draw the scene. Later, if I didn't have enough people, I counted them as auxiliaries. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “I want more people to like the cards I make. ”

Seeing this, fans say, "Xie Mingzhe, your dream has come true, so many people love the cards you make!” “Sun Tse Zhou Yu, my male god, asked out the physical card perimeter, I want to be surrounded by the male gods every day! ”

The questions that the editor initially asked were all related to professional leagues and were more serious. Later, the interview became easier: “A quick review of your teammates? ”

“Coco is very cozy and simply cute, like giving a little puppy who runs after a bone. ”

“Qin Xuan seemed to be having a hard time getting along. In fact, it was cold and hot on the outside, and the work efficiency was extremely high. ”

“Brother Chen is a reliable older brother, very opinionated, and things have been very steady. ”

“Xie Mingzhe had too many wonders and sometimes even his teammates wanted to beat him. ”

The fans saw here a profound endorsement: “You're right, Xie Mingzhe's skin is no match for me. If I were his teammate, I would be scared to fight him every day!” “Looks like Xie Mingzhe didn't have a lot of cards to torture his teammates in the squad!” “The four Nirvana people look very harmonious and look after your team! ”

The interview was followed by an introduction to the design ideas of some Nirvana cards and the opening times of surrounding shopping malls.

Fans saw this go online to search the surrounding shops, and Nirvana's official blog sent a wave of publicity.

The first products on the shelf were a set of solid cards made by Xie Mingzhe, including the Dong Wu Card Group, some West Tour Card Group and Shu Guo Jin Series Card Group, which are now available to summon card illusions in the real world once the physical cards are purchased.

The number of physical cards is limited, and it takes less than 10 minutes to be robbed. Especially the recently fired "Zhuge Liang” physical card, was robbed in almost 10 seconds, and the spelling speed is impossible.

Following closely, the nearby shopping mall advertised: "Baby card pillows, the first booking channel. ”

I don't know how many of these pillows I can sell, I don't dare to find a manufacturer to customize, so I can follow other clubs and open a "booking” based on the number of bookings.

Didn't expect to see tens of thousands of orders just as the booking channel opened.

Even more unexpectedly, the account of “Little White Teddy" sent a message: "I have booked [Moon Ying Baby - Pillow - Big Red] in the official store around Nirvana, come and buy it with me! ”

Fans: “??? ”

Following Bai Xu, Xie Mingzhe saw the message pop up on the front page: “???? ”

He slipped, accidentally pressed the "share” button, didn't he? Hahaha, what a disgrace!

Bai Xu turned back and opened his personal homepage, and suddenly...

Nima, why did you snatch a pillow and press the "Share to Home" button? How exactly did Nirvana's official store design it? Can't you zoom in a little bit with the "default share” button?

The fans sympathetically said, "Baixu, this is Heidi's father, the spirit was stimulated, so you bought the baby pillow?” 'Are you going to buy Nirvana pillows to piss off? Why don't you buy a baby with you and make a baby pillow for your cosmic wormhole card? ”“ Baixu, who is Seed Team B? "Please answer the journalist's questions positively and don't run away! ”

Bai Asahi quickly deleted this slippery shared tweet and pretended nothing had happened.

As a result, Xie Mingzhe actually sent a private message to him: "You slipped your hand and pressed the share key. If you really want a baby pillow, I'll give you some. You like red? ”

Baixu: “..........................."

Little theater

When I met Pippitzer, I was crying every day. Confess Tang Muzhou, Tang Muzhou does not defend his brother, there is no humanity.

Bai Xu: The alliance is horrible, I'd better go home.

After returning home... how can this Xie Mingzhe not disperse his soul!

Tang Muzhou: He is my boyfriend and I will see him more often in the future.

Xie Mingzhe: Hello brother!

Bai Xu; @ # @ # #

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