[Chapter 207, out-of-group cycle]

Nirvana fans were particularly surprised by the perfect closing of Group B's civil war, not only because of the handsome 2: 0 score, but also because, more importantly, you discovered that your favorite squad actually had two different styles of commanders - the game directed by Xie Mingzhe looked fun, but Chen's particularly hard play today also made a lot of fans especially addicted to hot blood fights.

Fan confessions are everywhere in the broadcast room: "Chen Xiao is so handsome!” “Chen Xiao's style is very bloody and can be changed in the future, so happy to be a fan of Nirvana!” “Now Chen Xiao and then Chen Xiaobi, it was really a change of bone, I can't believe he would be so hard.” “Don't know if Lin Gon is paying attention to his brother's game? ”

Chen Qianlin of course watched live broadcast the whole time and was very satisfied with Chen Xiao's performance.

His parents died early. This brother could be said to have been raised with his own hands. He was very pleased to see that Chen Xiaolin was able to truly show his strength on the field. He sent him a message: "Well played today. ”

Chen Xiao was walking to the interview room with his teammates. As soon as he received the news, he smiled on his face, like a student whose parents praised him for his high school score. Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but ask: "Master praised you? ”

Chen Xiaoyang raised his eyebrows: “How do you know? ”

Xie Mingzhe said frankly: “I can't think of anything else that would make you happy. ”

Chen Xiaozhe stunned and found that Xie Mingzhe was really fine. He couldn't help but smile and pat Xie Mingzhe on the shoulder and said: “Yes, my brother sent a message that I played very well. He recognized me and I was particularly happy. ”

Brother Chen is the oldest of the four people in Nirvana, and Xie Mingzhe usually respects him, but in front of Lin God, he always has a "little brother” attitude. Xie Mingzhe has become accustomed to watching. He didn't say much, and went with him to the interview room.

Journalists today are very excited, obviously not expecting Nirvana to have a completely different style and direction from Xie Mingzhe, and the interview questions revolve around Chen Xiao. At one point, Chen Xiao was surrounded by journalists and enjoyed the treatment of "stars holding the moon”.

Because he was in a good mood, he always had a smile on his face. Chen Xiao looked more handsome than usual, and he answered the question very clearly: “I am not in the same style as Archer. Before the game, we will communicate tactics privately and think that whoever is better suited to play this team will be in charge. ”

The reporter asked, "What if you have a conflict of opinion? ”

Chen Xiao said with a smile: "There are very few such problems. ”

Xie Mingzhe also said: "We have never had a private contradiction. Everyone's goal is to let Nirvana win the game, so we will understand each other. ”

The reporter asked with interest: "The civil war in Group B has been fought, Nirvana is doing well now, there are still many powerful opponents in the extra-group cycle phase, the tactics used are likely to be targeted by other teams, is there any new tactics? ”

"'Of course there is,' said Chen Xiao. 'It's hard to disclose in this regard. You can expect it. ”

A woman journalist stood up and said, "There is a personal question for Chen Xiao. Before you said you were suing the Sanctuary Club, it seems that there has been no such thing as the following. Is there a private agreement with Sanctuary? ”

This means that private money is used to solve the situation. This often occurs in the entertainment industry. It seems to tear face and sue the court. As a result, private money is damaged, big things become smaller and smaller.

Chen Kao raised his lips and looked at the reporter with a clear look: “There will be news soon about this. ”

His lawyer friend was very efficient, having sent his lawyer's letter to the Holy Land a long time ago and filed a lawsuit with the court, although it would take a certain amount of time for the court to hear it, which would meet almost in mid-May. Even more fortuitously, the timing of the trial is likely to collide with the Sanctuary race.

The gossip-loving reporter added: “The sanctuary is divided into A groups. The out-of-group cycles will definitely meet this old host. You and the sanctuary know, will there be any special preparations for them? ”

Chen Xiaofaintly said: “For me, Sanctuary is just an ordinary opponent. Of course, we will try to score from Sanctuary. As for tactical preparation, we believe that it will surprise them. ”

Everyone: “…"

Nirvana's surprises are not ordinary surprises and tend to be frightening, such as being robbed of cards as daughter-in-laws and pregnant children, and the sanctuary is expected to be mistreated.

Seeing this interview, Shobo was angry, and immediately asked the manager to inform the team members to be fully prepared to deal with Nirvana, and at the same time to find a way to see if he could start with the Nirvana Guild and hear some of Nirvana's secret layout...

Chen Xiao made the Sanctuary busy.

In fact, it's a long way from Nirvana and the Sanctuary, and Nirvana's first opponent in the out-of-group cycle is the Fenghua Club.

* * *

After the end of the civil war, there would be a brief three-day vacation, but for Nirvana players, the three-day period was simply not enough, everyone did not dare to relax and concentrated in the conference room the following morning.

Chen Qianlin carefully analyzed the card team of the four Ace players from Fenghua Club.

“Xu Changfeng is the cooling flow method. There are many cards that reduce the cooling time of the whole group, as well as the blowing, floating and other displacement control cards. In Fenghua's position, it is technically an auxiliary position. ”

“Zhen Mun's first-hand wooden serpent is extremely aggressive, and his single-kill abilities are terrible, and he is considered an assassin. ”

“Shen 'an's fruit smashing method is as a mass attack pavement. It will generally cooperate with Tang Muzhou or Xu Changfeng's plant attack, but Shen 'an's fruit tree also has the function of controlling the field and single-kill. Therefore, the cooperation between Fenghua's four Ace players is actually very flexible. Everyone has the possibility of rotating positions. We have no idea who is controlling the field or who is attacking the main player before the competition. These four players are all-powerful. ”

Xu Changfeng and Zhen have won runners-up in individual races. Shen Ann also competes in individual races and scores in the top eight many times each year. Not to mention, Tang Muzhou is the double champion of individual races - Fenghua's strong, because each player is strong. Together, the four strong men, combined with the command of Tang Muzhou, are not only 1 +1 +1 +1 = 4, but far more than 4.

“Tang Muzhou style varies, vine migration control field, floral hallucination confusion control field, wooden toxin superimposition... he is very skilled in all sorts of techniques. More importantly, as a commander-in-chief, he had a very strong grasp on timing and a very strong catch rhythm. Even if we had a huge advantage in the first period, a little neglect in the second period could have caused him to turn the wheel. ”

As a master, Chen Qianlin gave great praise to the apprentice, and Tang Muzhou did bear such praise.

His record of fifty consecutive individual victories in that year has not been broken, and his vision of the big picture and tactical consciousness is very strong, looking at the entire professional league, one of the few great gods that can be compared to him. Although he is young, he has become the representative of a new generation of players, both popular and powerful at the top of the League pyramid.

Even worse - Tang Mu Zhou is the most knowledgeable Nirvana squad in the entire league.

Including the red building water series cards that Nirvana has never played, Tang Muzhou knows the bottom line. Xie Mingzhe did a lot of scattering cards later and showed him the data, only the last wooden set and part of the scattering cards Xie Mingzhe deliberately kept secret did not tell him.

Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but say: “In order to win Fenghua, we have to use a card set that Brother doesn't know about, should we go to the wooden system? ”

Chen Qianlin frowned slightly: “This set of wooden cards is too difficult to manipulate, Guo Jia's dead words outbreak point you are not currently skilled enough to cooperate, Cao Cao Xi's linkage system, Jia Zhao's isolated cards, these lists are very strong to take out, but can all be put together, it is easy to confuse your feet if you do not cooperate. ”

Master also made sense. This set of cards they have been taking time to practice, but it is really too hard to manipulate. Guo Jia's dead speech technique was designed very well, but it is difficult to control the timing of Guo Jia's death. Without practice, it may be counterproductive to suddenly come out and fight the wind.

Although the routine stage is a practice, Nirvana will lose money on the scoreboard if the new team is not scored and cracked by other clubs.

Chen Xiao also agreed: “Tang Muzhou reacted very quickly, we came up with this less skilled set of cards, not necessarily as strange as when we suddenly came up with Zhuge Liang against the temples. My suggestion is to take out this wooden card set in the next round against the wind. Isn't there two rounds of out-of-group circulation? The first round was a simpler tactic. ”

“Then think about something else. Some of the scatter cards I made later were unknown to my brother...” Xie Mingzhe thought about his chin for a moment and suddenly moved. “Why don't you try it last month? ”

“Old age system?” Chen Qianlin, take a look at him, "make your brother's card fall in love? ”

Xie Mingzhe grinned and touched his nose: “Robbing relatives, getting pregnant, have to make the cards fall in love. ”

Yike Ke couldn't help but vomit: “You're in the opposite order, right? You should first fall in love and then rob the baby. ”

Xie Mingzhe waved his hand, “It's okay, unmarried pregnancies are common too! Let's let Brother's card experience how it feels to be in love. ”

Chen Xiao: “…”

Do you want to cry or laugh? Can't you see this guy wants to be in love with you more? Turns out I haven't moved yet, the card first talked about love...

Looking at Xie Mingzhe's appearance, Chen Xiao helplessly helped her forehead: “Are you sure you want to get old last month? ”

Xie Mingzhe said with a smile: "There are also scenes of marriage trees, let the cards make love enough at once. ”

Chen Xiao: “…"

Your brother will want to hit you.

Chen Qianlin's fantastic thoughts about Xie Mingzhe were long used to. He only analyzed them from the point of view of tactical feasibility. "The old age system can be tried, you can discuss other card group matches again. Since you are old enough to carry more attack cards, you can take a few fewer defense cards. Just go tie up Tang Muzhou's banyan tree and suck blood. He has a lot of banyan blood. ”

Everyone: “…”

Lin god is also full of bad water, directly use the banyan tree of Tang Muzhou as a blood bank, okay?

* * *

[Chapter 208, Card Love Story?

On May 1, the out-of-group cycles of the eleventh season of the Star Card Pro League officially began, while the first round of the individual tournament was all over, and the list of players entering the second round was officially announced on the official website - a total of 100 players, Nirvana's Xie Mingzhe, Chen Qiao and Xieke Ke were all on the list, and as long as the second round went smoothly, they could be killed into the second half of the individual season.

Individual races are usually trained by themselves. The first round of opponents are random matches, and there is not much to deal with. The key is still teamwork. Teammates must practice cooperation together. In order to deal with Fenghua, the four of them practiced the aging system almost indefinitely these days, even dreaming of falling in love with the red rope.

At 7 p.m. on the evening of May 1, the out-of-group round was officially struck.

Two showdowns were arranged tonight, the first being Group A Ghost Prison versus Group B Star Sky, and the second being Group B Nirvana versus Group A Fenghua.

Unlike the system of “drawing lots to decide first hand” in intra-group cycles, the out-of-group cycle, because of its two rounds, is a fixed home game - which squad name precedes and which is the home field.

At 6: 30 in the evening, the contestants came to the backstage early tonight.

Bai Xu was nervous. The home of Ghost Prison had a deep sense of how difficult it was to beat him. So far, Ghost Prison has won all the battles on the home field. Even Fenghua and Frost City could not beat them during the civil war phase of Group A.

The headache turned out to hear two familiar voices: "Tonight is Nirvana Home, how many surprises have you prepared for me?” Tang Muzhou's voice was smiling and sounded mild.

Xie Mingzhe said frankly: “There are so many surprises, I'm afraid you'll beat me up after the game. ”

Tang Muzhou helpless smile: “Looks like your surprise will turn into a shock again? ”

"'That's right,' said Xie Mingzhe. ”

Bai Xu: “…”

The two of them are clearly opponents, and they still chat in such a “harmonious” way before the race. Is that science?

Just as I was thinking, I saw Tang Mu and Xie Mingzhe walking in side by side. After Xie Mingzhe saw Baixu, he walked to Baixu's side and sat down. “Bai, don't let the ghost jail do you 2: 0 later. ”

Bai Xu glanced blankly at him: “Xiaobai? Who told you to call me that? ”

Tang Muzhou said, "I asked him to, you have a problem with that? ”

Baixu: “………"

Cousin Xie Mingzhe and I don't think it's easy? Bai Xu's mind is a little confused. Why don't you ignore them and get your teammates to prep for the game?

At exactly 7 o'clock, the game started, the main scene of the ghost prison was very fierce, the Starfighters were almost powerless to fight, the first inning was broken down less than 8 minutes, the second inning ended 7 minutes, it was less than 7: 30, the first inning ended at 2: 00...

Tang Muzhou impolitely said: “It ended so quickly, I didn't even react. ”

Baixu held his head depressedly, like a frosted eggplant, and was not in the mood to be rebutted by his brother. He sat on the couch depressedly. Xie Mingzhe saw him pity and patted him on the shoulder. He comforted himself: “It's okay, the home of the ghost prison is normal to lose, 7 minutes is better than being slowly tortured for half an hour, and finally losing. ”

“…” would be less comforting. Baek Xu glanced at each other and asked, “Do you have the confidence to beat my brother later at Nirvana's home?” He paused and thought he was too concerned, so he changed his mind immediately. "Can't group B be wiped out today? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “I will try to give Group B some face. ”

Even if Group B is defeated today, after all, the schedule is so, Group A is fighting today in a ghost prison and a wind. Fortunately, the second scene is Nirvana Home, and Xie Mingzhe has already made some arrangements for Fenghua.

Towards the start of the second game, Fenghua and Nirvana's eight players walked onto the big stage. Tang Mayu and Xie Mingzhe shook hands and Xie Mingzhe looked at him with a smile: "Come on. ”

Tang Muzhou frowned: “Cheer up your opponent before the match. You curse me with your mind, right? ”

Xie Mingzhe: “You saw through it. ”

The two smiled at each other and then turned back to sit on the rotating chair.

The fans in the broadcast room were wondering: "Does Tang Shen and Chul look like good friends?” “I was smiling at you. Should it be good?” There are also more tactical fans scratching the screen: “Who's directing today's game?” “Fenghua should be under the command of Archer, if Chen Xiao and Tang Muzhou Wood civil war won't win much, right? ”

Xie Mingzhe was sitting on the leftmost position of the symbol of command.

Explain Wu Yuedao: “Looks like it's Commander Ah-chul today. The out-of-group loop fixed main stadium, both of which are home to Nirvana today, I think Nirvana fans would be very interested to know what new scenes and cards Xie Mingzhe would choose, let's wait together! ”

The map box appeared, and Xie Mingzhe quickly submitted the home map of the first inning - the Marriage Tree.

In the middle of the huge square, two large trees, branches and leaves, almost merged together, the name of the tree is "Marriage Tree”, and it is filled with red wishmarks. Every once in a while, the wishmarks on the tree fall, two at a time.

Wish symbols have special features - they allow two cards to quickly fall in love and fall in love. Instead of attacking the opponent, two cards in a passionate state will share all the positive and negative states because they love each other.

Because it's a new map, 5 minutes familiar with the scene gives the entire audience a clear view of the map's strange settings.

Starting to brush the screen wildly in the live room: “What the hell is the state of love? So today, the Nirvana cards are going to fall in love?” “Hahaha, Marriage Tree, falling in love with wishmarks, look at Tang God's expression...”

The corner of Tang Muzhou's mouth twitched slightly and quickly changed to a brilliant smile.

Little brother, what's on your mind? A little kiss robbery, a little pregnancy, and now it's back to the early stages, are we going to make cards fall in love? Can we not talk about it?

Tang Muzhou quickly pondered the strategy and said in the command channel: "Only two wishmarks have been dropped. Since Nirvana is already ready, we may not be able to grab them. Keep beating at your own pace. ”

Shen An's face was full of confusion: “Master, wishmarks will put cards in love, distribute injury and healing... is it somewhat like our ivy? ”

Tang Muzhou nodded: “That's right. Ivy's link is to share the damage with the whole group. Wish marks will only allow two cards to share the damage. Nirvana should find a defensive, bloody card to fall in love with the Crisp Pick Card and protect the Crisp Pick Card. In this situation, we quickly divert fire and prioritize the killing of single cards. ”

Xu Changfeng couldn't bear laughing out loud: “Are the cards single now? ”

"Not only are you single, but you've also had babies and never had babies. ”

Everyone: “…"

Tang Muzhou coughed lightly and smiled. “Okay, everybody, get ready. ”

Five minutes to go, both sides start submitting the card pack.

There are no new cards in Nirvana today's card group of 16 cards. Xie Mingzhe's card group is a gold series set, accelerating Ma Chao, single output high Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and linkage card Liu Bei; Chen Xiao's plant cards are all in the group attack; Qin Xuan's treatment card is not many, but two more cards are in the group control; Qi Ke, in addition to Black and White Impermanence and Nie Xiaoqian, also brought Mung.

The secret card is hidden from the audience, but based on the analysis of the number of cards on the field, Chen Xiao's plant card plus Qin Xuan's auxiliary card, there are currently only 8 wooden cards, want to form 10 companion cards, at least 2 wooden cards in the secret card.

The only thing Fenghua doesn't know about the card set made by Xie Mingzhe is the wooden set card. But quantitatively speaking, today Xie Mingzhe did not send a wooden set of cards directly because he had too many Golden Crit cards in his distinguished cards.

In other words, there are some scatter cards in the deck? Due to the ease of matching of bulk cards, the tactical system around bulk cards will be more flexible.

Send Ko Guanyin?

Tang Muzhou couldn't guess his brother's thinking either, so he had to "not change everything”. The first inning was mainly about probing.

Competition begins.

Fenghua Battle Team is an available battle, so Tang Muzhou fought very cautiously and did not rush to attack.

This side of Nirvana is quite proactive. Because Xie Mingzhe's golden card moves very fast, he let Ma Chao drive faster in the beginning. Guan Yu, Zhang Fei riding horses into enemy camps, Liu Bei opened the linkage again, Qinglong Lunar Knife and Zhang Ba Snake Spear jointly attacked, the linkage cut another round, priority to kill Xu Changfeng's cooling card “Fengxinzi” and "Windmill Grass” all seconds!

Xu Changfeng's overall cooling shrinking cards are not the key to Fenghua's local tactics, but the presence of these cards reduces the cooling time of all plants, making it more difficult to hit them in the later stages. Xie Mingzhe has a particularly strong ability to seize opportunities, while Fenghua does not launch an attack, he drops two cooling cards across the way at extremely fast speeds to reduce the pressure on skill time.

But Zhen Pan also responded extremely quickly. When Guan Yu and Zhang Fei rode close to the horse, she also quickly released the serpent herd, stacking several layers of poisoning on cards within 30 meters of Nirvana.

At this time, Tang Muzhou forcibly blossomed, 30m hallucination control field!

Xie Mingzhe had to hand over Liu Bei's uncontrolled skills, but Tang Muzhou followed closely and released the coral vines - the vast range of vines crawled on the ground as quickly as tentacles and tied together a group of cards in the Nirvana range.

This group was tied up with great skill, and Xie Mingzhe did not react at all, and the cavalry regiment was tied in place.

The horse ran faster, tied to the vine, and it couldn't run!

Fenghua team's output skills set fire to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Ben's defenseless Guan Yu almost immediately lay on the ground, and Nie Xiaoqian, who is known as Keqian in front, was also instantly killed by rapid fire.

A wave of skills were exchanged between the two sides, opening with two cards each killed in action.

At this point, the marriage tree dropped two wishmarks.

Tang Muzhou was lazy, he brought ivy in this round, so the whole group could share the damage, so the two cards of the wishmark could share the damage for him. Instead of grabbing this scene prop, take the chance to kill a few more Nirvana cards.

Xie Mingzhe quickly grabbed two wishmarks, so that Zhang Fei, the lowest blood volume in front of him, and Zheng Qi Ke, the blood volume of more than 150,000, could be connected, so as to at least guarantee Zhang Fei's immortality.

A text prompt appeared on the battle channel - Card Zhang Fei and Card Vainglory fell in love.

There was another wave of bullet screen brushing in the live room: "We have to fall in love during the game, the cards are so busy!” “Why is it so weird when people and ghosts are in love with a red rope?” “I think Zhang Fei and Bai Ying are very reluctant to have this relationship!” “There's a red line owner, and the cards are helpless, right? ”

Tang Muzhou sees this scene with some laughter - the little brother letting the cards fall in love is enough, it's good that his cards don't have to be tortured like this, as a serious card, or stay single.

At this time, Xie Mingzhe's starting to use the character cards to break out of the line had little blood, especially the whole group accelerating the Camacho, leaving less than 10% of the blood volume. Since Zhang Fei went to bind White Vagus to share the amount of blood, the instant cannot be lost, then the second Matthew.

Tang Muzhou summoned the great banyan tree, intending to rely on the whole group of banyan trees, and a wave of blood cards burst out of Nirvana.

But at the moment when the banyan tree appeared, Xie Mingzhe suddenly summoned a new card, Old Moon.

I saw a grey-haired old man with red silk in his hand and a crutch in his hand, smiling warmly and graciously. The old man waved his hand gently and bolted one end of the red line onto the great banyan tree of Tang Muzhou and the other onto Nirvana's crippled blood brand, Ma Chao.

--Thousand miles of marriage line, the old man throws the red line in his hand, and any two designated targets are connected at both ends of the red line. In the state of being connected by the red line, both parties will find it difficult to make love to each other. After love, the two cards divide all gains and gains equally, and spread all treatment and injury data equally until the red line breaks.

- Love thoughts, cards connected by the red line because they love each other so much, when one side is left with blood, the other side will be heartbroken and willing to share their health value with each other until both sides have equal blood volume.

The sudden appearance of menstruation made the whole audience a little sluggish.

Ma Chao and the Banyan tree were connected by a red line, and both sides fell in love.

Influenced by the second skill “Love Silk", the banyan tree "very painful” crippled lover, so he distributed his blood volume to Ma Chao, quickly gave Ma Chao back blood, the gain state is also shared, Tang Muzhou just opened the invincible banyan tree, so... Ma Chao is also invincible.

Tang Muzhou: “..."

Watching his big banyan tree directly fill up the blood volume of Ma Chao across the street, Tang Muzhou's mouth could not help but twitch slightly.

I don't go for wishmarks, and you make another moon old, forcing my plant to fall in love?

Xie Mingzhe, you're such a pain in the ass, okay?

The audience was also stunned: "The banyan tree of Tang God fell in love with Matthew of Xie Mingzhe?” “Banyan trees sacrificed their own blood volume to give Ma Chao back blood, am I mistaken?” “Banyan trees are adding blood to their opponents and making them invincible. This is true love!” “Hahahaha, Tang God probably wants to vomit blood, Xie Mingzhe is too skinny!” 'Forcing people and plants to fall in love, alas, heartache the banyan tree. ”“ Banyan said, "I don't want this love. Master, I didn't betray you. I blame that Xie Mingzhe! ”

Xie Mingzhe's smiling at this time compared to Tang Muzhou's complexity.

Love with the red line, using the great banyan tree as a blood bank, sucking blood volume in seconds, faster than adding your own blood, so cool!

Moon will soon save two more red lines. Which card would it be better to fall in love with?

Xie Mingzhe can also be skinned for some time, after which the brother will settle the general ledger with him in the bedroom:)

Continue to seek nutrient solution at the end of the month. Continue tomorrow ~