[Chapter 215, Away Warfare]

In the first out-of-group round on May 1, Nirvana tied with Fenghua 1: 1 at home. According to the schedule, the next two games, Nirvana, were both available battles. On May 3, he played Ghost Prison, and on May, Nirvana played Frost City. All encountered were the strongest rivals in Group A.

This rollercoast-like schedule was set long ago by the Alliance, and Xie Mingzhe was already mentally prepared.

With Nirvana's current strength and the reaction and consciousness of the two commanders, it is very dangerous for the home field to win the strong team with new scenes and new cards. After all, after years of grinding these strong teams in Ghost Prison and Frost City, the teammates' cooperation with Nirvana is much higher than Nirvana, combined with the home field advantage and targeted tactical arrangement, Nirvana's next two hard wars are hard to fight.

Of course, you have to be hard on your scalp if you can't fight.

Xie Mingzhe was well prepared for the game. However, he didn't want to suddenly use the new card set, but rather target the team to let go and practice cooperation, an idea that was also supported by the master. It is an unexpected surprise to score in the Away. It is also a normal result if you don't get a score. The key is to accumulate experience with the strong team and adjust your attitude.

3 May, Nirvana vs Ghost Prison.

Chen Qianlin made his first public appearance as a coach.

The relationship between Tang Pastoral and Xie Mingzhe has been exposed, and his master naturally no longer has to hide it.

Thought he had been discharged for many years, he was an exasperated old athlete, few people knew him, but let Chen Qianlin completely unexpected that, after many years, he remembered that there were so many people. When he arrived backstage, he was surrounded by journalists.

Journalists rushed to give him a microphone: “Why did the gods decide to return after five years of hiding? ”

Chen Qianlin replied calmly: “My brother and apprentice want to set up a club, I will help. ”

A reporter joked: "Aren't you afraid of the big apprentice's opinions if you're in a squad with the little apprentice? ”

Chen Qianlin said: “The great apprentice himself has established the Fenghua Club. He is already a mature captain. He doesn't need me as a mentor, so I won't have a problem with it. ”

Some reporters also asked harshly: "Have you been so confident in your tactical consciousness since you left the professional league for five years? Don't you think you can't keep up with the times? ”

Chen Qianlin looked lightly at the reporter. His pale eyes were as clear as water, almost reflecting the projection of the other party. The reporter was seen by him as a little heartless, but he was still strong and calm: “Five years ago, although you were the strongest player in the wood system, the alliance has long changed, and countless powerful newcomers have emerged. Now that you are back, those tactics and tricks of the year may not necessarily be suitable for this season! Isn't there a problem with that? ”

This □ □ tasteful question, silence the scene immediately.

Though Chen Qianlin laid the foundation for the wooden card group, his position in the Alliance was difficult to overcome. After all, he left the Alliance for five full years. After such a long time, the Alliance has changed dramatically. He really has to face the embarrassment of his "inability to keep pace with the times" and "inability to adapt to the new season”.

Chen Xiao heard here and suddenly raised an anger in his heart. He was just about to come out and tell the reporter, but Chen Qianlin calmly stopped him with his eyes.

The reporters looked at Chen Qianlin and waited for Lin Shen to answer this question.

Chen Qianlin Bolan was not surprised to say: “The journalist friend was right. I left the alliance too long ago, and the old tactical tactics are long overdue. But...” He turned his back and swept through the reporters, "Nirvana's performance this season is also in your eyes. Have you ever seen Nirvana play an old tactic five years ago? ”

This sharp cross-examination silenced the journalists.

Nirvana's most recent game, the tactics are really novel, and it can be said that it is the team with the most new tactics in the Alliance! Therefore, there is no such thing as the obsolete thinking of Lin Shen.

Chen Xiao found that his brother Qian reporter seemed to be more powerful than himself and instantly grabbed the key.

He had to take a step back and let his brother play for himself.

Chen Qianlin continued: “As a general coach, I don't need to personally arrange tactics for every game. I don't want Nirvana's command to be a robot that only listens to coaches' arrangements. Cher and Chen Xiao will have their own thoughts - take them to the door and discover their best potential, which is what I should do as a coach. ”

Lin God was calm and calm in the face of the reporter, and he did have a great senior-god style.

The answer also won the hearty applause of the entire press. To make it difficult for his reporter to retreat, the next question became more gentle, and of course some gossip-loving reporters said, “How's your relationship with Shaubo going? Was there any business after the lawsuit was lost?” “Have you ever thought about taking back your cards' copyright this time? ”

Hearing these sharp questions, Chen Qianlin was extremely calm. He didn't even wrinkle his eyebrows and said in a calm tone: “I don't want to talk about the past anymore. The most important thing for me now is to do the coaching job and get the Nirvana Club to do well. ”

The reporters were unable to continue asking questions and had to disperse.

On the way back, Chen Xiao walked beside his brother and whispered: “Brother, do you really care at all? ”

Chen Qianlin looked at him and said: "If you accidentally fall into a pit and follow him, do you want to guard it in front of that pit, fill it with dirt and keep walking forward? ”

Chen Xiao was stunned and it made sense to think about it. Things can't change in the past, so just look forward and learn your lesson and stop stepping on the pit. In fact, even if my brother's card copyrights are taken back now, most cards don't apply to the 11th season. Sanctuary is almost finished eating old cards. Why should I feel bad about this?

Chen Qianlin was just lazy enough to make a new card, if he really wanted to do it... He personally made two new cards to help Qin Xuan play the Master Games. It took only one day to make two cards, “Blood Rose” and “Black Bone Tree”, to help Qin Xuan enter the top 32 all the way. It can be seen that his talent did not disappear due to the passing of time - he just looked down and didn't want to come back to play the game.

Chen Xiao is a little worried about his brother, but more admirable.

Brother's chest is not comparable to his own, if it were his own, he would probably have to kowtow to Shobo's death.

* * *

Away playing ghost jail, Chen Qianlin personally showed up, Lao Zheng personally greeted him in the back stage, and gave Chen Qianlin a hug, smiling and afraid of each other's shoulders: “Qianlin, welcome back! ”

As players who came out at the same time, the private relationship between the five people known as "five series nose ancestors” was particularly good. When Chen Qianlin opened “Qianlin Restaurant” in the game, it was their stronghold. At that time, they were not even 20 years old. They often gathered to discuss card series, and if they made a new card, they would also practice against friends.

Emotions at a young age are not too impure, and today's highly competitive alliances are particularly pure and precious.

Zheng Feng exclaimed: “After all these years, we have all grown old and even our disciples have become great gods. ”

"'Don't say that in front of Ling Xuan Tang,' said Chen Qianlin. 'He doesn't have an apprentice. ”

Zheng Feng laughed. “Right, poor old Ling. ”

The temple's alarm hall suddenly sneezed a great deal at this moment.

When the two people talked, the descendants could not get into the conversation. Xie Mingzhe had to sit with Hui Xiwei and said with a smile: “God, you are the home of two consecutive games of ghost prison today, don't be merciful. ”

"I thought you were going to be polite and say merciful, you really don't play cards the way you normally do! ”

Xie Mingzhe continued with a laugh: “If you get beaten up by the strong team, you won't panic so much in the postseason. ”

Suwai was surprised - the guy was in a good mood and seemed to have long anticipated that Ghost Prison would not be nice to them.

Because Tang Muzhou in the last race deliberately came up with a new card to target Nirvana, Ghost Prison also came up with a new card, which is to blame for Tang Muzhou opening a good head.

The premonition of Xie Mingzhe proved to be correct, and the home of the Ghost Prison was unusually difficult to fight.

Previously, Wei Xiaotian manipulated the card and marked the opponent's key card for a wave of seconds to kill, but now their strategy has become more flexible, with a tag card for each hand, plus the cards of the later stages of the carnivore and puppeteer, and two single-player assault demon cards made by Liu Jingxu. Nirvana's core card has been subjected to an elite second within five minutes of appearance, and has been at a disadvantage since the beginning.

Nirvana changed his strategy in the second inning, and instead of commanding Chen Xiao, he touched hard on the front, but still couldn't beat the fire and assassination of Ghost Jail.

For the first time since the opening of the Nirvana Games, the score of 0: 2 was harvested, but everyone was calm, especially Xie Mingzhe, who, in an interview with a reporter, smiled and said, "I was not surprised or sad because I had anticipated it.” “0: 2 There was nothing terrible about it, and the home of many teams fighting ghosts was also 0: 2, and it was important to learn something new from it and gain experience for future games. ”

Chen Xiao said he needed more exercise and would get as many points as possible when playing Ghost Prison at Nirvana Home. As for Chen Qianlin... the reporters did not find him at all after the match, he was said to have been eaten by Lao Zheng La.

The next match with Frost City is very similar to the home of Ghost Prison - Frost City's team is famous for its strength, beating Wind China to win the championship last season, and the season has also gained momentum and is currently number one in Group A points.

What's rare is that the Great Soyang also showed up and brought his super cute twin daughters. As a result, the backstage painting became very strange, and a group of elderly men struggled to hold their daughter in fear.

Xie Mingzhe really liked children. The two little girls wore the same pink princess dress and wore adorable braids. He held them up one by one and fed them candy. Tang Muzhou, who came backstage, saw this scene and couldn't help but smile. “Do you like children very much? ”

Xie Mingzhe's face was filled with a gentle smile, rubbing the heads of the two little girls, and said: “The daughter of the great Suyang god is so cute. ”

Tang Muzhou said: “Do you prefer daughters? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “My son is too skinny, but my daughter is better. ”

Tang Muzhou thought that if we were together, we wouldn't be able to have children directly, but we could be test-tube babies, and then have a cute couple of girls with two people's genes. If you think it's too much trouble being a test tube baby, you can adopt a couple of kids - he can afford as many kids as he has saved anyway. Xie Mingzhe would definitely be a great dad if he liked children so much.

I found Brother Xie's eyes very gentle, and Xie Mingzhe thought he liked children too - I had no idea that Tang Muzhou's thinking had spread to raising children together in the future.

As the race was about to begin, Suyang walked over and took his two daughters away, heading toward Tang Muzhou: “Tang, I'm really sorry about that day. I didn't see the news clearly. I thought you were sending a red envelope in the crowd and married that snitch. ”

Xie Mingzhe had no words: “... Senior, the object of the rumor is me! Haven't you finished watching the news? ”

Su Yang stunned: “I always watch the gossip half the time. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly: “It's okay, if we do get married in the future, we will definitely invite our seniors to our wedding. ”

"'That's a deal,' said Suyang. 'Then I'll give you a big red packet! ”

Xie Mingzhe: “?????? ”

Is this the wrong word for "guys"? It's just me and my brother, “at your wedding." That sounds weird! Sure enough, this great god plays the game with great skill, but he always talks outside the situation, I really don't know where he came from, like the home has been disconnected from the internet for many years, just connected to wifi...

The great Suyang god, who had just joined the Internet, smiled and held his daughter to find the four apprentices of Liu Frost City - to see Chen Qianlin was of course the first, and it was only a few red envelopes for his daughter that mattered.

Four apprentices met the master's daughter, of course not empty hands, the little girl's arms filled with red envelopes, Su Yang was happy, said in the group: “I have four apprentices, two daughters, which one of you is more satisfied than me? [I've reached the height of my life]

Ling Zhuangtang: “Get lost!!! ”

Zheng Feng: “My daughter is very cute, you are not cute at all. ”

"Don't make such remarks in a group of bachelors," Niehuan said. ”

Suyang, who was blamed by the crowd, immediately shut up.

However, Xie Mingzhe heard from his master that Suyang suddenly appeared not only to see his old friend Chen Qianlin, but also to invite his daughter, the official money, back to serve as an explanatory guest in the final season.

He didn't like it, but now that Chen Qianlin has come back as a coach, only one senior in the fifth series is missing him. He also pushed the boat down with water and promised. He happened to be here today to sign the contract.

Xie Mingzhe's in a complicated mood. This “frequently disconnected” Suyang god will definitely be funny when he explains...

The playoffs will probably be more lively than the regular games!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 216, Sanctuary]

Nirvana temporarily reached fifth place in Group B after going through the double torment of Ghost Prison Home and Frost City Home.

Nirvana fans were very nervous, but Xie Mingzhe was very calm.

The key reason Nirvana fell to fifth place was that after losing to Ghost Jail at 0: 2 on the first day, the next two games encountered weak teams, both of which scored 2: 0 in a row.

Starry skies and Nirvana are temporarily outnumbered by Nirvana, as the difference in points between the stars and Nirvana was not significant at the intra-group stage.

Baixu was super happy and personally sent a message to Tang Muzhou: “I have surpassed your brother. Do you think your cousin is better than your brother? Maybe our sky has a chance of going into the playoffs, hahaha! ”

Tang Muzhou simply replied two words: “Wake up. ”

Bai Xu: “… Cousins can't encourage me to say a few words? ”

Tang Muzhou Dao: “Nirvana's out-of-group opponents are the three strongest teams in Group A, after the three, their points are only 1 point above the star's airspace, one more fight and they will overtake you again. ”

Bai Xu depressed: “I know, you don't have to remind me! ”

He was only temporarily happy for two days. After all, it was not easy to surpass Nirvana on the scoreboard, but Baek Xu also knew that the next Nirvana opponent was the Sanctuary. This team would have been superior in strength, and with many holidays between the Sanctuary and Nirvana, Xie Mingzhe would certainly not be polite to the Sanctuary.

More importantly, the next scene, is the home of Nirvana!

The home field can choose its own map and make a targeted arrangement. The sanctuary is estimated to be cried out by Nirvana...

8 May, Nirvana Club Pre-Event Meeting.

"This team in Sanctuary was a strong league team before the fourth season, but we've been going downhill for years because of self-proclaimed steps. All we have to do is treat Sanctuary as an ordinary second-rate team. Don't think too much, let alone think about avenging me and fighting with hatred. Hate sometimes makes you bloodthirsty, but make mistakes. Understand? ”

Chen Xiao first said: "Yes, brother, don't worry, we will be stable. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: “Master, don't worry, I have discussed how to fight the Holy Land with Brother Chen carefully, let me give you our thoughts first. ”

He opened the projection screen and pulled out the cards and maps he had already prepared, explaining in detail: “This is Nirvana Home, two consecutive rounds, I and Brother Chen intend to direct one round each. In the first inning, I came to direct. I picked several cards from Jinling's 12-chairs water system team. Wang Xifeng and Jia Tanchun were the main outputs. Laughter attacks, combined with slaps, defeated the psychological defense line of sanctuary players. ”

“In the second inning, Brother Chen, Qin Xuan also took out a new plant card made by his master. Using the plant card group as the main force, he hit a wave in the front and directly collapsed them at the fastest speed. What do you think, Master? ”

First, Hahahaha laughter attack, annoying the opponent, followed closely by a wave of collapse, it feels like the first round of laughter ridicules the spirit of the opponent, the second round of violence crushes the opponent's dignity.

Chen Qianlin was very speechless when he smiled at his little apprentice's full stomach and bad water: “You do this, some...”

"'That's too much, isn't it? ”

Chen Qianlin looked at his younger brother and didn't know what to say.

Chen Xiao looked seriously into his brother's eyes and said, "Brother, you can care less about the past, but as your brother and apprentice, Chul and I just want to abuse them on the field, so that the sanctuary doesn't lose too much comfort. Is that okay? ”

Chen Qianlin's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and eventually he was helpless: “Whatever you want. But you have to promise me that you will stay calm during the game and don't let them catch the loophole. ”

They glanced at each other and nodded seriously: "We promise! ”

* * *

Sanctuary Club.

Shobo walked back and forth in the office like an ant in a hot pot.

Ever since he learned that Xie Mingzhe and Tang Muzhou were brothers, his heart has been very disturbed. Chen Qianlin was seen in person and interviewed in a game with Ghost Prison the previous two days. His heart is even more delicate.

The man in the picture was still as young and clean as he remembered, and he, obviously growing up with Chen Qianlin, had become a middle-aged man with bald hair on his stomach. I have been busy with business and rewards for a few years and have often soaked up in liquor bureau restaurants. I have long forgotten the original intention of founding the Sanctuary with Chen Qianlin...

When he was twenty, he was also a teenager who liked card games.

When it changed, he couldn't tell himself, probably seeing the number on the card more than a day, blindfolded by money, so he ignored a lot of other things. Now, he did become a rich man, sitting in the Sanctuary Club, and made a lot of money from Chen Qianlin's cards. He always felt that Chen Qianlin was a man who pretended to be tall and stubborn. He could have worked with him to make more money, but had to sue him in court...

Today, looking at Chen Qianlin's calm and faint appearance during the interview, Shaobao is even more angry and trembling, as if he could never lift his head in front of this person. You're the winner.

At the time when Group A civil war was fought by Fenghua at 2: 0, Tang Muzhou's smile kept him in his arms. Now he has to loop outside the group to play Nirvana. Nirvana not only has Chen Qianlin's younger brother, but also a small apprentice...

If it's 2: 00 again, where does the face of the Holy Dome go?

Thinking of this, Shobo looked down and called the manager on the inside: “How is it going with your story? ”

The manager's expression was ugly: "Shao, General Shao, you asked me to contact Nirvana's management privately and give them a lot of money to tell us about Nirvana's card group. I contacted Kim Yue and never heard back. ”

"- [sic]“ Where's Fatty? ”

The manager's face was even uglier: “He didn't reply either. ”

Shobo frowned and thought: "Are you sure they got it? Isn't the price right? ”

This is not the first time the Sanctuary has done this through the other party's Guild Management to grasp card group information in advance. After all, Guild Management does not count as a core member of the Club, is not well paid, and is not as united as the players, the Sanctuary has succeeded in buying insiders several times before. Of course, Fenghua ruled that the management of these big clubs was not so good.

I thought that Nirvana's guild management was halfway along with Xie Mingzhe. It was not difficult to get Nirvana's card group information for a large amount of money. I didn't expect it, but I ran into the wall...

Shobo felt bad and said, "You didn't say who you were when you emailed? ”

The manager said seriously: "Of course, I'm not that stupid. I used the trumpet I had just applied for, and it didn't tell me which club I belonged to, and they probably wouldn't suspect me of it. ”

Shobo frowned coldly: "If you can't buy the card group information, let the players get ready and beat them with the latest tactics. Let me see how long Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe can be proud of each other! ”

At this time, Nirvana Dorm.

Xie Mingzhe just took a shower and heard a knock on the door. At first glance, it was Fatty and Kim Leap.

The two men came to him with their minds in their arms and showed Xie Mingzhe the mail they had received directly: “Archer, someone has been sending me emails for a few days so that I can give them Nirvana's cartels and maps in advance, and they will pay me a million crystal coins to trade privately without anyone knowing. I think this is a bit strange...”

"I also received it, but I didn't call you before. I was worried about disturbing your competition, but the higher the reward in the email, the more I felt wrong with Fatty, or I told you. ”

Xie Mingzhe was shocked: "Buy Guild Management? Who would do something like this? ”

"It's probably the sanctuary. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

This is about getting punched in the face during the game, so the dog jumped off the wall, right? Don't worry, Nirvana is really going to “punch you in the face” this time of the game.

Chen Xiaoliang laughed: "Shaobao had done this before, and my brother accidentally discovered it, which is why my brother is determined to break the contract with the Holy Land. He always felt that money was all-powerful and had bought a player before, letting the other party deliberately drain water during the game. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

In order to win, by any means, it is indeed in the style of Shobo.

But then Xie Mingzhe was stronger, and he laughed, "I think Shobo can be ridiculous sometimes, he thinks, knowing our cards and maps can win us over? Why didn't he just give me the money and let me give him points in the game? ”

"'I think that's what he was going to do,' said Chen Xiaoliang. 'As a result, you suddenly popped up as a disciple of Lin Shen. He didn't dare to buy you. As for Xiao Ke and Qin Xuan, Xiao Ke is your sidekick, he will definitely not betray you; Qin Xuan's family has money and can't touch it clearly, so he can only find Guild Management to handle it. ”

Pang Yu laughed and said: “I can't sell my buddies out, even though I have average conditions at home! ”

Jin Leap pushed his glasses and said, “And we're not stupid. Now that Nirvana has such a good prospect, how can we continue to mix in this circle to sell Nirvana for a million dollars? ”

Chen Qiao patted the shoulders of both of them and said: “Of course I can trust you two. Let's not make a sound about this. We'll take a screenshot of all the emails and expose them online after the game. Fear of not dying the sanctuary before, the fools came to the door themselves... since they have no bottom line, then don't blame me for being rude, this time be sure to let the sanctuary name disappear. ”

Xie Mingzheling moved, "Brother Chen, why don't you let Qin Xuan take out a few more healing cards and resurrection cards to protect Wang Xifeng, and use Wang Xifeng's hahaha to attack them all the time. I fear that they will be killed by the people. ”

Chen Xiao nodded: “Yes... I still have an idea. ”

Xie Mingzhe asked: "What? ”

"“ Why don't you go to Wang Xifeng in both rounds? Laugh slowly in the first round, and laugh at them in the second round as you go along with my frontal assault. Isn't it more lethal to mock them in two consecutive rounds? ”

“Makes sense! ”

The two smiled at each other and went back to bed after they had negotiated.

* * *

On May 10, the Nirvana and Sanctuary games officially went off.

After all, Nirvana and the holidays of the Holy Land have attracted a lot of attention before the competition began. After all, everyone knows that although Chen Qianlin said he did not want to talk about the past, his brother and apprentice could not easily let go of the Holy Land!

Moreover, Nirvana recently played Ghost Prison and Frost City in the Away, not doing so well, and was ranked upside down by the stars in Group B, and if they took the Sanctuary in this inning, they could sit steadily back in Group B for the fourth time.

During the pre-match interview, Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao both said calmly: “We don't have any special thoughts about the sanctuary, we fight normally.” “The coach also said to stay calm and play normally later and will try to score. ”

Two smiles, one more candid and innocent than the other, as if this were really a normal game.

In the first inning, Xie Mingzhe directs and selects the map - Cuiyan, the Grand View Garden.

This map is a diagram with treatments that can grab the tea from Magnificent Jade back and forth and slowly beat the beat.

As a result, shortly after the competition started, the audience heard a strange noise--

Ha Ha Ha Ha

If you don't see their people, first hear their voice, and their laughter is all over the room.

Audience: “??????? ”

Who's laughing? Why do you still hear laughter playing games?

”Feng Hua's second team had already met Wang Xifeng's newcomers.

Unsympathetic Sanctuary, Spiritual Attack from Xie Mingzhe is about to begin!

Continue tomorrow!

Ghost Prison and Frost City's Away has been handed over, and the regular tournament is mainly about home games. Will the playoffs be detailed?