[Chapter 217, Spiritual Attack]

This delightful laugh not only frightened the audience, but the four players in Sanctuary also thought they had heard it wrong. Captain Zhu Chongliang frowned and quickly looked back: “Is it Wang Xifeng?! ”

Xie Mingzhe's water card team has not been publicly displayed in this professional league, but in order to practice cooperation, Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke have experimented with Wang Xifeng as the core of the guild league activities. Those who happen to meet them in the guild league are both impressed by Wang Xifeng's laughter.

Two players in the Sanctuary had run into Uncle Fatty in the Guild League and submitted the card pack information to the chairman. Sanctuary has been studying Nirvana's card set for some time. Of course, Wang Xifeng's water system cards were included in the database. I didn't expect Nirvana to come up with Wang Xifeng in this competition - isn't Hahaha's laughter just blatant ridicule?

But the audience on the scene didn't know much about the card, and it was very novel to hear the laughter.

Wang Xifeng will automatically remain invisible for 3 seconds after his appearance and cause a mass water system sound wave attack on hostile targets within 30 meters of each other.

Three seconds later, a beautiful woman appeared on the scene, she had a pair of characteristic phoenix eyes, willow leaf eyebrows, gorgeous clothes, jewellery, that hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Audience: "…”

The lady smiled so happily, the players in the Sanctuary looked pig-livered and seemed to be very irritated!

Laughter attack, this pattern of attack is very rare in professional leagues, the great gods watching the field heard Wang Xifeng laugh, all the divine colors are very complicated. Zheng Feng exclaimed: "Qian Lin, you little apprentice made an interesting card. Laughter attack? ”

Chen Qianlin nodded calmly, he would not tell anyone Wang Xifeng's card data had been personally adjusted. It was supposed to be a 15-second laughter attack, which he adjusted once every 12 seconds, 5 times a minute.

Twelve seconds passed extremely fast on the field, almost in the blink of an eye, the Sanctuary Club was not ready to fight back, and the crowd's ears rang again with a cheerful laugh of "hahahaha”.

The live audience looked at each other and said, "Are we going to finish the game today with a laugh?” “Wang Xifeng's laughter was excellent brainwashing effect, I only heard it twice, my brain was full of hahahahaha!” “Wang Xifeng is laughing at his opponent? ”

- It's too offensive to laugh at your opponent.

Two waves of attack caused the sanctuary card community to bleed, although not much blood, but the laughter did sound annoying.

President Shao has instructed that today's game with Nirvana can only be won, can't be lost, and the worst result must also be scored 1 point. If it is 0: 2, you will not get a bonus this quarter.

The players in the Holy Domain are already under a lot of pressure. They also have to endure Wang Xifeng's public ridicule. Zhu Chongliang, as captain of the team, is somewhat intolerable. He shouted: “Wang Xifeng's defense is weak, and the speed has set her on fire for seconds! ”

The four players in the Holy Land used all of the plant cards, and most of them were made by Chen Chi Lin back then.

Tang Muzhou pioneered the wooden vine spreading method, but Chen Qianlin made many plant cards with many floral, many hallucinations, blindness, poisoning, stiffness and other negative conditions. In that year, these were very strong wooden cards. But now the card sets of major clubs of professional leagues have been updated several times, and Chen Qianlin made this set of cards have long been studied by their opponents.

Seeing familiar plant cards appearing on the track, Lao Zheng, sitting next to Chen Qianlin, couldn't help but vomit the trough: “What a shame, after all these years, and still holding your card to eat old Ben. ”

Chen Qianlin bluntly said: “They don't have many new cards to use either. ”

Zheng Feng sighed softly: “Yes. None of Sanctuary's original card players will be eliminated by the Alliance one day. ”

* * *

Racecourse, the Sanctuary has begun a full counterattack.

Daffodils, clamped bamboo peaches, a pint of red, all kinds of toxic flowers started adding toxins to Wang Xifeng. The result of all skill sets Wang Xifeng was that Wang Xifeng's blood volume was instantly beaten to a touch of blood skin.

However, Xie Mingzhe wanted to protect Wang Xifeng in this game, so Qin Xuan brought several treatment cards.

And that includes Big Joe.

When Wang Xifeng had only a little blood left, Qin Xuan decisively broke off Big Joe's skill to “hide away”, allowing Xie Mingzhe to retrieve the bleeding Wang Xifeng. The card was instantly full of blood and was not used too many times, no repair fee was required, it was perfect.

The four players in the Holy Land are dying of anger - taking so many skills to force Wang Xifeng to kill, beating a drop of blood is actually recovered? How exactly did this Rapid Skill pass the review?!

At this time, Wang Xifeng's "Hidden Knife in a Smile” skills were cooling, and Xie Mingzhe quickly summoned Jia Tanchun.

When Jia Tanchun was originally made, Xie Mingzhe designed three skills for the card: first, the attack of “Fury Fan Slap”, second, the exemption of “Tanchun Listener”, and third, the transient shift of "Tanchun Far Married”.

Jia Tanchun appeared more than 30 meters away from the opponent's card set, but Xie Mingzhe opened her 3 skills “Tanchun Far Married” and immediately moved to the other side, pointing at the plant card in the holy domain is slapping hard!

At the same time, Xie Mingzhe summoned Jia Yuanchun so that he could activate Jia Fu's four sisters' linkage technique “should have sighed”.

Yuanchun is a purely auxiliary card. The skills of "Yuanchun Provincial Kiss” and "Book Sealed Princess” can not only improve the attack power, attack speed and critical effect of friendly targets within the scope, but also reduce the skill cooldown time of all friendly cards.

Yuanchun's state boost made Jia Tanchun's attack power explode. This slap swung across the street from the plant card wind, and the petals were about to fall off.

The audience dropped their glasses - slap them in the face, this attack mode is really 6666!

Jia Tanchun, as a near-war high-sensitivity burst card, caused extremely high monomeric damage caused by the attack of slapping angry fans. The amount of Daffodil blood that was slapped fell, leaving only a little blood skin. Even more depressing to the players of Sanctuary, Jia Tanchun had just slapped his ear, and Wang Xifeng, whose skill cooling was over, stood up and pointed at Sanctuary as a wave of “hahahaha” laughter.

Is this slap dubbed?

Like Wang Xifeng laughing at Jia Tanchun?

The audience laughed in tears - slapped and laughed hahaha, Xie Mingzhe deliberately today!

Zhu Chongliang's face is extremely ugly. Everyone knows that the Sanctuary Club is sorry Chen Qianlin. Xie Mingzhe did not say a word of dirty words and behaved very calmly before the match. But today's game is ridiculous and slapped with laughter. The players of Sanctuary are extremely embarrassed to sit on the big stage. I really want to vomit old blood collectively.

Behind the game, Shobo watching the game in the VIP Bag Room held his fist tightly and his face was blue and white.

The attack pattern of this card is for him, right? Though it was the cards of the Holy Domain, he felt a spicy pain in his cheek - Xie Mingzhe, the son of a bitch, was harder to deal with than Tang Muzhou!

Though Tang Muzhou crushed the sanctuary every game, there was no such strange pattern of attack along the way. Today, Chen Qianlin's apprentice Xie Mingzhe, in front of tens of thousands of audiences, slapped the sanctuary card, what is this?

Are you worried that you don't understand what he means by "facial sanctuary"?

Shobo was angry with his brain and squeezed his fist hard, grinning coldly: “You have to be proud of yourself for a few seconds. When Sanctuary takes out the killer, see if you can laugh! ”

Battles on the field are becoming more intense.

Xie Mingzhe's attack smashed down, Daffodil Flower has less than 500 points of blood left, self-evidently Ke is not idle, decisively let Nie Xiaoqian use her hair to pull a handful of cards with the residual blood, send them to the face of black uncertainty, so that the black uncertainty receives the stamp of the head.

Chen Xiao cooperated with Wang Xifeng and followed the massive attack that opened the black rose. All the cards in the sanctuary were pressed below 50% of the blood volume.

At this point, the scene effect is triggered - Miaoyu tea is served.

The teacup appeared on the scene. The Holy Land decisively grabbed the cup and returned blood to its own card. Nirvana also grabbed two of them. The amount of blood returned from the cup was extremely high, and the tea was filled with blood as soon as it was left. When Wu Yue saw this place, he explained: "Scenarios with therapeutic effects will slow the pace of the competition, which seems to be a lasting battle. ”

However, after all, there is a time limit for the scene to bleed back, and the number of teacups is limited, not all cards can bleed back.

Jia Yuanchun's "group cooldown” effect made Wang Xifeng laugh once every 12 seconds, turning into a 10-second laugh - this is a limiting technique, permanently shrinking, equivalent to putting on a cooldown of 10% on all cards.

A single card is not terrible to reduce cooling, but when all Nirvana cards are collectively cooled down, Zhu Chongliang surprisingly finds that the other party's attacking fire is getting stronger and stronger. Jia Tanchun relies on displacement skills to swim flexibly among the cards, specializing in flickering pickups and slapping several cards in a row, and the front of the sanctuary is no longer able to withstand Nirvana's offense.

At this point, the difference between the two cards is pulled to 3 cards, 17: 20.

Wang Xifeng could not be allowed to continue arrogance. Zhu Chongliang bit his teeth. "That is, the dead card killed Wang Xifeng, summoning the dark card to fight back, and pressing their momentum back! ”

When the commanding team member immediately summoned the cannibal flower towards Wang Xifeng.

Xie Mingzhe saw this place and couldn't help but laugh: he did bring the people, which is the death card, and it seems to be aimed specifically at him.

However, such an approach to the Sanctuary is in the best interest of Xie Mingzhe.

Wang Xifeng was killed by cannibals in seconds, followed closely, and the sanctuary began to fight back wildly - these plant cards are not novel at this time, but the bottom is still there. Chen Qianlin has a lot of research on the balance of the data of the card group. The card group in the sanctuary, the combined output capacity of several plant cards is still very strong, there are group attacks, there are single kills, there are toxin overlays and negative control fields.

Zhu Chongliang forcibly summoned a dark card - five colored plums.

This is a relatively rare flower that, when blossomed, creates a color hallucination of hostile targets within a range that lasts 5 seconds and changes color from purple, orange, powder, yellow, and red every 1 second.

In the short term, rapidly changing colors will not only keep the players from seeing the scene, but from a scientific point of view, people's eyes will suffer visual fatigue after accepting a lot of color changes within 5 seconds. Even if the environment in front of them is real, it will take 1-2 seconds to react. This is the self-protection mechanism of the eyes, and the same reason why they can't help but close their eyes when they encounter strong light.

So, in theory, the five-color plum hallucination control is five seconds, but it actually reaches 6-7 seconds in the game.

With such a long period of group hallucination, the skill cooldown is of course long, although the critical moment can definitely work wonders if it is well controlled.

When Shobo saw this place, he couldn't help but raise his mouth. He thought that the new card made by Sanctuary would definitely work. In 6 or 7 seconds, it was enough for Sanctuary to kill Xie Mingzhe's character card. See how long he can be arrogant...

However, Shobo immediately froze on his lips as soon as his mouth rose.

Because, almost at the moment of hallucination, Xie Mingzhe pulled out a card —— Qiaojie.

All Nirvana players are hallucinated to see what is happening around them, but Xie Mingzhe can develop Qiao's skills, after all, Qiao's skills are automatically effective for friendly targets in the 30-meter range around them.

So, three seconds later, Xie Mingzhe opened up Qiaozhi's 1 skill - fate: Jia Qiaozhi was weak and ill, but her luck was very good, and every time she encountered a crisis, she turned into a danger. When a teammate within 30 meters is attacked, Qiao can convert an enemy card attack into treatment for our card for 3 seconds.

Xie Mingzhe only played it in the last 3 seconds because he estimated the damage to the card in the Holy Land.

At the speed of the Flower Card's insane stacking of poison, it takes almost 3 seconds to stack up five layers of toxin. After 3 seconds, they will definitely blow up + attack + kill their own character card for a second. At this time, it will be possible to convert all the opponent's aggressive attacks into healing.

Of course, Qiao Sister's skill, cools down for 10 minutes, and can only be played almost once in a game.

But it was released at a critical moment, and it was enough to reverse the situation.

Shobo saw this scene - Sanctuary took advantage of these seconds of control field time, so easily broke all Nirvana's key cards. Zhu Chongliang was about to detoxify the other side's core cards, and Xie Mingzhe summoned Qiao Sister--

Big moves, turning into a big draw back blood to each other???

Nirvana cards were instantly filled with blood.

Shobo almost missed his breath and had a chest ache.

Zhu Chongliang was also full of disgrace. Qiao Sister had never heard of this card. The two people who met Fat Uncle in the Guild League only knew that Wang Xifeng's hahahahaha sound wave attack was in the card group - Xie Mingzhe and Qiao Ke went to the Guild League practitioner, but he did not fully expose the 12-cha card group, so at the moment Qiao Sister appeared, the holy domain obviously had some handicaps!

At this time, Nirvana was still hallucinating, and the color in front of Xie Mingzhe became the last of the five-color plums: red.

At the end of the hallucination, the field of vision in front of him became as clear as before. Xie Mingzhe almost closed his eyes for a brief reflection, quickly adapted his eyes to normal light, and then immediately gave the command: "Full attack! ”

Qiao, Wang Xifeng, mother and daughter are deeply connected.

Homicidal Ji - When a teammate dies, Qiao Sister can let the teammate meet the Homicidal Ji and get reborn. Assign an allied deceased card to be revived and have it refresh all skills.

Qiao Xifeng revived Wang Xifeng. She just refreshed Wang Xifeng's smile with a hidden knife.

When her daughter Qiao uses her skills, Wang Xifeng is very comforted as a mother. Her laughter is even stronger and her basic attack power is increased by 10%.

So Wang Xifeng, resurrected, started laughing again ——


The previous hahahaha has been very exciting, this time the sound is bigger, the cheerful laughter, the demonic sound generally runs through the field, the audience in the audience is complex, completely brainwashed by the laughter of Phoenix, some even headached to cover their ears.

Insane Slut in the Live Room: “Playing Nirvana in the future strongly demands an official silent mode!” “Wang Xifeng laughed louder, the attack became more fierce, and the players in Sanctuary looked uglier...”

As Wang Xifeng's attack escalated, Chen Xiao and Yueke also acted simultaneously.

All Mass Attack Skills and Single Attack Skills are released without reservation, and the Sanctuary's cards can no longer withstand Nirvana's super powerful firepower, instantly seven cards in seconds.

Though the sanctuary bites its teeth and breathes heavily back from the scene, it ultimately cannot be delayed for more than seven minutes.

In the first inning, Nirvana won, with a 7: 0 card ratio remaining for both sides.

In this 7 minute period, Wang Xifeng almost died twice, once really hung up, but Xie Mingzhe can always save her back in various ways, she laughed back and forth more than 30 times, the whole audience's mind has filled with her laughter, so much so that the end of the game rest time, the audience is still covering their heads, driving away the brainwashed laughter haha.

Zhu Chong's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, his fist held up hard.

Qiaojie's “Fantastic Death” instantly dissolved their long and strongly controlled fire collection strategy. Xie Mingzhe's sense of command was much stronger than he thought.

What should we do in the second inning?

He's really not confident at all, but he has a bloating headache.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 218, A Wave of Laughter Death?

After a brief break, the second round officially begins.

This time, Chen Xiao took the initiative to sit in command position 1, and he resolutely submitted the home map of the second inning - Ziling Zhou of the Grand View Garden Series.

At the time, Xie Mingzhe's scene chart of the Grand Garden series was almost used during the civil war phase of Group B. Ziling has not been used yet. The scene of this map is very desolate and depressed, and it happens to be used to fight the sanctuary today.

The design of the map of Zipline is not complicated and every 2 minutes, influenced by the desolate scene of the whole scene, the card of the whole scene will be silent for 3 seconds, unable to release any skills.

Chen Xiao's style did not slowly collapse like Xie Mingzhe's rival. In the second inning, he just wanted to resolve it quickly.

Once the game begins, the Nirvana team will quickly attack and compete positively with their opponents. In just one minute, the two sides engaged in a firefight, killing three cards each, at a fast-paced pace.

Chen Xiao's tough fight, the holy domain is actually not afraid. After all, Chen Qianlin's card theory attack power is not lost to the mainstream card group of other clubs. What they are more afraid of is the deviant and strange tactics of Xie Mingzhe.

This round changed direction, Zhu Chongliang relieved his breath and thought, at last, there is no need to bear Wang Xifeng's laugh.

Competition time flies fast and turns to the critical moment of 1 minute and 50 seconds.

According to the scenario, the silence of the whole scene in Purple Lingzhou will soon be triggered. Will Nirvana make any big moves?

Just thinking, Nirvana suddenly starts calling cards wildly.

In the blink of an eye, Nirvana cards filled the depressed map of Purple Diamond - they summoned a dozen cards in one breath!

The audience on the scene was puzzled and most of the summoning cards of both sides of the battle would be summoned in 6 to 7 batches at a time, and a wave like Nirvana was rarely used to put all cards out.

Niehuan frowned slightly: “Chen Xiao, is this a wave that wants to crush the opponent? It's too risky. ”

Mountain Lan touched his chin with a thought: “It is risky indeed, if the sanctuary opens up control skills such as group chaos, rigidity and paralysis, the more cards on the Nirvana side, the more it will be affected. ”

This is also why Team Warfare is more taboo in summoning too many cards at once.

In the presence of all 20 cards, in the unlikely event that they are held by the opponent, there is a high risk of unbearable losses. And if you summon 6-7 cards at a time, even if this wave is completely extinguished, at least there are other cards to look for.

The Nirvana approach was disapproved by many viewers, and some even felt that Chen Xiao was too impulsive to play.

However, Chen Xiao was calm and immediately commanded the card to adjust its position and approach the opponent after summoning a large number of cards.

Zhu Zhongliang's eyes shined, thinking he had found an opportunity.

The more cards across the street, the more cattle the clutter, wouldn't it be nice to have another wave of backlash when they're on their own?

However, he had just released a mass chaos skill, trying to control a wave of Nirvana cards, and the moment he could release them, he discovered that the skill had failed - because Li Wan existed!

Li Wan, as the strongest decontrol card in Jinling's 12th Chai Card Group, is the key card for Xie Mingzhe to cooperate with Chen's first wave.

As soon as Poetry President's skills become available, she will draw a "Haitang Poetry Club" address within 30 meters of the surrounding area, a friendly target within the poetry club, unaffected by any control effect, and immune damage for 5 seconds!

A group of up to 5 seconds is immune, equivalent to 5 seconds of invincibility, enough to interrupt the rhythm of the sanctuary.

When this new card appeared, Shanlan couldn't help but smile and look at the master with appreciation and said: “No wonder they summoned so many cards at once. It turns out they had plans. ”

"Their tactics are not just Li Wan's," Nie Yuan said calmly. "We don't know much about Xie Mingzhe's water card set. I'm assuming there are other new cards. ”

Mountain Lan said: Your guess will certainly turn out to be true.

Nie Shen's mouth was definitely lit up. Almost as soon as the voice came down, Xie Mingzhe summoned another new card - Jia Yingchun.

This is a water-based deception deck that, after appearing, when a hostile target in her range of 30 meters releases her attack skills, she takes the initiative to take all the damage, which is tantamount to scorn, and when she absorbs the damage and dies, she will silence the hostile target collectively for the next three seconds.

The sanctuary player's reaction was not timely enough, the released skills were forcibly absorbed by Jia Yingchun, Yingchun Ben was fragile, low blood volume, low defense she almost instantly hung up - dead speech triggered, silence!

The reaction speed on this side of the sanctuary was not slow, so we saw this place unmanipulate immediately.

However, Nirvana, as if time had been calculated, the sanctuary had just been unmanipulated, and the silent effect of the scene in Purple Diamond had been triggered.

The silence of the scene is unmanageable. Both sides are caught in an embarrassing time of 3 seconds. No one can attack. The Sanctuary meets so many cards across the street. Later, they face each other. Their cards may be extinguished. Zhu Chongliang had to quickly summon other cards to prepare for defense.

Just three seconds after the silence of the whole scene ended, the sanctuary and Nirvana simultaneously manipulated --

Xie Mingzhe summoned a new card - Jia Xiechun.

Green Buddha, Xichun meditates on the Buddha, imposes a state of silence on hostile targets within a range of 30 meters, preventing them from releasing their skills for 3 seconds.

Another three seconds of silence!

Zhu Chongliang was supposed to release the hallucination field skills of the newly summoned flowers. However, he was not as familiar with the map of Ziling, after all, as Xie Mingzhe, who placed his skills so slowly for 0.5 seconds.

And 0.5 seconds at the critical moment is almost fatal.

Xie Mingzhe first released his skills and all card groups in the Sanctuary were silenced.

The silence control field was also chosen because the card set used in the sanctuary was the work of the master in that year. Plant cards depended on the skills to eat, and the universal attack card was one of the best against the sanctuary. Before the scene effect triggered, Yingchun's silence forced the opponent to uncontroll it. After the scene effect ended, Xichun's silence group forcefully controlled it, closely followed Chen Xiaodarkbotanical card "Goldfish Grass” fear.

Then, Qin Xuan carried Chen Qianlin's new cards "Black Bone Wood" and "Blood Rose” released the group bleeding, Xiao Ke picked up some high-blood card attacks, Chen Xiao's main plant output card went out collectively, and then Tanchun and Wang Xifeng, controlled by Xie Mingzhe, finished.

This set of control and output chains has been rehearsed countless times by the Nirvana Four, and goes hand in hand!

The players in the sanctuary were silent for 3 seconds, fearful for 3 seconds, and could barely operate for the next 6 seconds.

But Nirvana began to unleash his skills in an orderly fashion.

Black rose sky flower rain, Thousand Leaf Alpine pine needle shooting, it is understood that the mark of Ke Hei volatility erupted, even Auxiliary Qin Xuan brought two new cards, black junction wood dyeing bleeding, blood rose group bleeding...

When a wave of skills is smashed down, the Sanctuary can't even fight!

Not to mention, Xie Mingzhe's key card appeared again, the familiar Jia Tanchun instantly moved over, without hesitation was slapping him in the face; Wang Xifeng seemed to think that the last game had not laughed enough, and the second round came out to laugh again -


With Wang Xifeng's delightful laughter, he was beaten to death by a group of blood-skinned sanctuary cards.

This effect, as if all cards had been laughed at by Wang Xifeng.

Whole audience: "…”

Pro Gods: “……”

In fact, Nirvana wanted to fight a wave of clusters to extinct the sanctuary. There are many ways, for example, to clear Chen Xiao's black magician, so that Yu Ke's black indefinite final explosion mark harvest, but eventually, Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao combined, but chose this most uncomfortable method.

Plant cards, haunted cards and Tanchun slapped, all sanctuary cards were maimed, and the final clearing task was given to Wang Xifeng.

The group damage caused by Wang Xifeng's sonic attack was not high, but...

You're hurting so much!

Finally, a wave of laughter kills your opponent, this is amazing!

Nirvana's fans joyfully said: "Silence + fear control field, standing opposite you, let Tanchun slap you a few times, and let Wang Xifeng laugh at you!” “The sanctuary card is so clean, finally I was laughed at to death...” “cough, Wang Xifeng waved hahahaha, the cards can't stand the torture, the group died, this can definitely be included in the classic footage of the season! ”

If you've ever seen a card killed by a flower, bitten by an animal, or assassinated by a ghost card, you've never seen a card killed by a person's laughter. The audience watching the game today is quite eye-opening.

Second inning, Nirvana wins.

And not more than five minutes into the game, a very quick crushing victory.

Finally, ending with Wang Xifeng's "hahaha” laughter, is almost a mockery of Sanctuary Red Fruit.

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao looked at each other and laughed very happily.

The more unhappy the people of Sanctuary are, the happier they will be. If they hadn't prevented too many audiences from being present, they would have missed Hahaha.

Late, walking around for a few days, friendly and tired, good night everyone! Have a good year!

Don't dream of Hahaha's Phoenix:)