[Chapter 225, Death Language Cards]

In five minutes, Square Rain quickly analyzed the map and documented the timing of the raid and NPC's route of movement, and thought about the response in his mind. As an old contender for five years of the League of War Professionals, his ability to adapt to new scenes and cards is undoubtedly a first-class level of the Alliance, a scene that, although complex in setting, is hard to beat.

The search team will make a wide range of card penalty stations, and cards in every corner will be “looked after” to avoid the inevitable. The difficulty of this map is "continuous raid". NPCs' route of movement and range of raids have been dynamically changing. Commanders need to pay attention to the pace of NPC raid while paying attention to the situation on the field.

Fang Yu pondered for a moment and quickly figured out the card set for this map.

During the public card group stage, Fang Yun found that the card Nirvana carried today is still very messy - in the clear card, Chen Xiao's plant card is mainly attacked, black rose, black magician, Chiba Takayama Song is still the main, beautiful banana is the strongest single eruption card, the vast group of blood-sucking vines can not only attack the opponent, but also give back blood to the friendly army.

Obviously, Chen Xiao is still the main attacker in this game, and all five Dark Plant cards are attack cards.

Yike Ke's ghost card hasn't changed much. Black and White Impermanence is a must-have. Nie Xiaoqian and Meng Lady also appear in the formation.

It has been a long time since I have seen Meng Lady. This card is actually a tool for dealing with dead speech cards. After all, the strong dead speech cards are fed by Meng Lady a bowl of soup, forgetting what to do. It is also death for nothing - die without meditation.

Qin Xuan's card band is quite special. In the past, Qin Xuan was a dark plant support card made by Chen Xiao. He could form a wooden series of cards with Chen Xiao's attacking plants, but today, he was carrying all the cards made by Xie Mingzhe. The scope of Li Wanhai Tongpo Society was invincible, the scope of Guanyin Buddha was unmanipulated, Shennong's group therapy array, Sun Zhi's extensive group ridicule and invincibility - this was obviously carried for the Flow Frost City water system card control too much.

The above 13 cards are all cards that have appeared before. Xie Mingzhe took them out, and it was no surprise to everyone.

But let Fang Yu pay special attention, in fact, are three other open cards - Qiao Sister, Jia Yingchun, Qin Keqing.

Qiao is a very skilled healing card that can transform an opponent's attack into healing, but it cools down for too long and can be used at most once in a match. This card's 2 Skills "Whenever Murdered" revives a designated teammate and resets all CDs of the revived card.

This card shows up. Will Wang Xifeng show up? After all, mothers and daughters are linked.

However, after the appearance of Sun Wukong in the previous game, Tang Monk and Pig Baqiao were not present. Perhaps Xie Mingzhe only brought Qiaozhi's card in this round and did not carry Wang Xifeng. His purpose was to bring Qiaozhi back to life and reset Jia Yingchun or Qin Keqing's dead speech skills.

--Yes, Jia Yingchun and Qin Keqing are all water system dead speech cards!

When playing Frost City, two dead cards appeared, which was also unexpected by many professional gods.

Playing dead in front of Fang Yu is tantamount to getting an axe in front of the master. Xie Mingzhe's brave enough.

However, his chosen card group is really not sick, Jia Yingchun appeared to play ridiculous suicide silence the opponent group, and the Friend's bleeding effect is increased by 50%. Cooperating with Shennong/Guanyin Buddha's treatment can improve his own survival rate, and cooperating with Chen Tiao's output card can strike a wave of control field attack; and Qin Keqing's illness... Everyone understands, directly persuade the opposite marine creature to hang.

These two cards, once resurrected and skilled by Qiao Sister, came silently twice, or persuaded to hang twice, are pretty scary.

Fang Yu's tactical consciousness was first-rate, and when he saw Mingzhe probably guessed Xie Mingzhe's thinking - he was going to use Qiao Sister + Qiao Language Card, resurrect Qiao Language Card reset skills, and then play double dead language burst with Chen Xiao's output plants.

So the attack rhythm of Nirvana should be at the moment of Jia Yingchun's death, or Qin Keqing's death.

However, Fang Yu's assumptions about himself are not 100% certain - because there are four more dark cards.

At present, the 16 cards that come out are simply not able to create any attribute set, only the wood card reaches 7 cards, leaving the earth and water systems very messy. In other words, if you want to form a set of cards, at least 3 of the 4 dark cards can be made into 10 wooden sets.

No player would be foolish enough to abandon the Team Set attribute, after all, the Set Bonus will take effect on all their cards.

It is also proven that Xie Mingzhe will not take the sword and give up the set of cards. During the publicity card group and select the set of attributes, Xie Mingzhe chose “All Card Critical Damage +50%”, while Rain chose “All Card Control Time Extended by 1 second”.

Now that he has chosen a set of attributes, he proves that there are indeed 3 wooden cards out of 4 dark cards.

Wood card? Tang Muzhou couldn't help but wonder: “Did your brother come up with a new wooden card today? ”

Chen Qianlin nodded: “It's a set of cards from several wooden loose cards. ”

Tang Muzhou stared thoughtfully at the big screen.

At this point, Xie Mingzhe is also very attentive to the screen. At the presentation stage of the card set in Frost City, he must interpret each other's cards as quickly as possible and analyze the other's possible strategies.

Since Xie Mingzhe had studied Liu Frost City's methods before the competition and Nirvana, the home of Liu Frost City, had lost, Fang Yu did not deliberately prepare the tactics to deal with this “defeated player", his cards were not much different from those of the previous days.

It is not that Square Rain is a light enemy, but it is not necessary at all.

With home 2: 0 over Nirvana and Frost City steadily in the top four in Group A, why would he pick a whole new line to fight Nirvana? Some special tactics, of course, have to be kept for the playoffs.

And that's why Xie Mingzhe quickly speculated on how to do it in Frost City.

Peach blossom jellyfish, silver coin jellyfish, and shell jellyfish in Joe Creek can all create a wide range of water poison superposition and deceleration control fields. Seamoon jellyfish is a single frozen control that lasts up to 5 seconds. Lighthouse jellyfish is a bright hallucination group control within the range.

The advantage of jellyfish cards is that they are lightweight, flexible, agile, and fast moving, quickly superimposing water poison on the opponent and slowing down the opponent's shift and attack speed, which can lay the most solid foundation for the slow control strategy of Frost City.

Su Qingyuan's cards are all attack cards. Blue whales, sharks, octopus, coral fish, devil fish. Among them, the skills of blue whales and sharks are high monomer water system injuries. Octopus, coral fish, and devil fish are all extensive group water system injuries. 2 Skills with poison explosion, water poison boost and other skills - Su Qing, the third division brother, is positioned far in the city of Frost as Nirvana's Chen Xiao, the main attacker of the regiment.

Xiaoyi's cards are purely assisted, such as the team protection of sea lions, sea cows, the treatment of dolphins, the accelerated boost of the group movement of seals, and the injury of the sea elephant's alternate skilled teammates —— he stands behind his brothers in silence like Nirvana's Qin Xuan.

There is also a "Transparent Fish Stock" in the star card of Frost City. It is one of the famous dead cards of Rain Square. It can increase the speed of shift for group friends. When it dies, all marine life of the friends will become transparent within 3 seconds. The opponent is invisible, which is equivalent to group invisibility.

The remaining four secret cards were not published, and Xie Mingzhe speculated that they should all be Square Rain's cards - because the other three cards had reached the number of five cards per person, while Square Rain's dead card appeared only one.

Liu Frost City is best at slowing the pace of the battle, and all teams fighting Liu Frost City have no headaches.

The negative state of the water system can be superimposed, such as the classic water poison stack of 1 to 4 layers, which is the damage to the water system that bleeds every second. The amount of blood lost can be negligible, but once stacked to 5 layers, it produces a "frozen” effect.

The second brother Joe Creek is responsible for stacking the poison field in the Flowfrost City card set. Especially the shell jellyfish jellyfish, once the opponent's card station is dense, the jellyfish are continuously ejected between hostile targets, combined with the range of peach jellyfish and silver jellyfish to stack the water poison on five layers instantly.

Su Qingyuan will choose to blow up five layers of water poison and cause huge damage to the water system based on the overlapping water poison on the field, or use the 5-second frozen control field to quickly kill the opponent's core card.

The cooperation of the four brothers of Frost City is very tacit, and the water poison overlay is very flexible, against Frost City, it feels like it's not enough to bring any number of decontrol cards - the ability to decontrol this long cooling time must of course remain at a critical moment.

For the audience, the pre-game map playback and card group presentation phases were particularly long, and the entire eight minutes were boring.

But for the pro players, this is too short a time.

Xie Mingzhe had just analyzed the formation of Frost City and the competition officially began.

Still like in the past, Qiaoxi stacked a wave of water poison. Only peach jellyfish and silver jellyfish used the advantage of the jellyfish card to move fast and agile, rushing extremely fast into the Nirvana card camp. A wave of waves attacked all seven cards present with water poison, shell jellyfish followed the appearance, marbles bounced back and forth between the cards, quickly stacked water poison on five layers!

At this time, Xie Mingzhe immediately stared at Su Qingyuan's action, saying that the two plant cards of Ke Xiaoqian, Nie Xiaoqian and Chen Xiao had five layers of water poison. Typically, when the water poison was stacked on five layers, if Su Qing did not detoxify, the card would be frozen. If the poison exploded, the water poison status on the card would all disappear and cause huge damage.

Su Qingyuan's choice was not to open the poison blast, and Nirvana had 5 cards frozen in place. In this freezing time, Xiao Yi quickly added an attack buff to his brother. Su Qingyuan summoned the group to attack cards to lower the opponent's blood line, and released a huge blue whale to force the metaphorical caulk to kill the black uncertainty.

Fortunately, Ko reacted fast enough to summon the white impotence at the moment of seeing the black impotence frozen, giving him the skills to delay the calculation by 5 seconds.

Black Variable blood volume has not changed, but after 5 seconds, once the damage has been settled, Black Variable is necessarily dead.

Yike Ke was also smart and followed closely to summon Mung to feed Blackmammoth a bowl of sweet soup - forgetting all the injuries he suffered.

Then, in five seconds, the billing damage will be forgotten by the Black Monster, and the plan of Frost City to force the Black Monster will be defeated.

Just pressed the blood volume of the seven cards in Nirvana's presence below half blood, Qin Xuan quickly summoned Shennong, opened a wide range of treatment arrays, and the blood volume of the remaining blood cards gradually recovered.

This wave of interactions between the two sides is regarded as a tie.

Zheng Feng, who watched backstage, couldn't help but vomit: “Every time I watched Frost City play, I was in a hurry, too much ink! ”

Ling Fengtang said with a laugh: "Contrary to the fast pace of the assault on our temples, playing Frost City, like a pile of cotton wrapped around my feet, I was also in a hurry. ”

"Nirvana is well prepared today," said Pei Jingshan. "There is also a bowl of Mengbo soup in the hands of Meng Lao. It should be reserved exclusively for the dead sign against the rain. And the speed at which they summon cards is slow, which makes it clear to drag them down with Frost City. ”

In the case of the Temples and the ruling to beat Frost City, it is usually the outbreak of the control field card to beat Frost City to break their control chain, so as to quickly slow down. Today's Nirvana obviously does not need to think this way, but “slowly”.

Depends on who can drag them past.

This technique is less exciting in terms of visual effects, slowly swallowing each other grinding, and makes people look anxious.

But that's exactly how it works, and that's when the command detail is the most tested!

Everyone knows that Rain Fang is the most powerful commander of the alliance, and he can quickly calculate the skill cooldown of all cards of the opponent, and the card's rhythm controls the opponent's mental breakdown. Xie Mingzhe dragged the rhythm in front of him, surely not much cheaper... so what secret tactics did Nirvana arrange today? How dare you go slower with the slowest squad in the league?

The great gods were curious, and Tang Muzhou stared at the screen live with interest.

He trusted that the youngest brother would surprise everyone again.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 226, Dead Versus Dead]

Flowfrost City has a lot of control cards, but Nirvana brings a lot of healing cards, you come and go, skill exchange, can play for half a day, nobody can kill the opponent's card. Liu Frost City is obviously probing and padding, while Nirvana side, Chen Xiao and Xie Ke's output cards are not acting, many of Xie Mingzhe's cards have not yet been summoned.

Until the first raid on the Grand Garden was triggered.

NPC Wang Xifeng took a group of people into the scene of the Grand View Park. Where they passed by, all the cards were punished in situ, the rhythm between the two sides was interrupted, but the audience was very excited: “Hahaha, look at all the card punishment stations, reminds me of the fear of being punished by the teacher in middle school!” “Punished card says:" I have no personal feelings, I am innocent, don't come to check on me! ”

The audience was happy to brush the screen, but at this time the arena was in crisis.

Nirvana was present with 10 cards, almost 3-4 layers of water poison on his body. After 3 seconds of punishment, Frost City will definitely launch the next wave of offense. The backstage professional players will look carefully at the big screen to see how Xie Mingzhe will cope.

Indeed, after three seconds of punishment, Qiao Xi and Su Qingyuan joined forces to launch a wave of the fiercest offensive-

Joe Creek's seamoon jellyfish monomer frozen and controlled the vagaries, preventing him from delaying settlement damage for another 5 seconds; the lighthouse jellyfish emitted a dazzling bright light, causing illusions of light in the range; and followed closely, a wave of jellyfish ejected!

Joe Creek was very skillful at manipulating the card, and the path of the water bead ejection was very drilled, almost blinking, and the audience saw him sipping all of Nirvana's ten cards of water poison to the fifth floor.

Wu Yue couldn't bear to exaggerate: “Some of the Nirvana cards just now need to be ejected twice for water poison on the 3rd floor and only once for water on the 4th floor. Qiao Xi can paint all the cards on the 5th floor, indicating that his water bead ejection path is extremely precise! ”

This is the true level of Joe Creek and can accurately grasp the ejection path and quickly brush the water poison in extremely chaotic situations.

Su Qingyuan did not disappoint him either. In the light of the lighthouse jellyfish hallucination for 3 seconds, he drove the poison explosion of the devil fish - only five layers of water poison exploded instantly, causing huge water poison damage, pressing Nirvana's 10 card blood volume to half blood, followed closely, octopus waved his tentacles to hang everywhere, and a huge super strong single-attack card shark appeared.

A full-blown outbreak in Frost City reasoned it would take away a few cards of Nirvana, but it was only after playing that that Nirvana was uninjured -

It's Li Wan again!

Haitang poetry club scope is free of control and injury, Qin Xuan happened to summon auxiliary cards, directly offset a wave of heavy fire attack in Liufrost City.

The audience applauded with excitement that Nirvana was indeed a beautiful wave of defenses, stuck across the street with key skills that allowed the opponent to return without success.

But Frost City still has the back moves, Su Qingyuan and other invincible end to summon coral fish another wave of massive attack, followed closely, blue whales and sharks together, directly swallowed Nirvana's ultra-healing Kashinong, ultra-healthy auxiliary Kali Wan all into the belly!

It's not that easy for Nirvana to drag two cards down.

After a three-minute drain on both sides, Frost City finally ripped the gap in Nirvana's defense.

However, Fang Yu did not dare to relax, because Xie Mingzhe's card has not yet appeared, Yu Ke's Mon has been watching the game from a very long distance, Chen Xiao's plant card has only appeared 3 cards, also standing in a very distant position to look for opportunities.

Strictly speaking, Nirvana has so far been passively defended and has not launched an active attack.

Just wondering how long Nirvana is going to wait to see Xie Mingzhe suddenly summon a card - Jia Yingchun!

Yingchun is a deceased speech card, comes out with its own scope ridicule, the attack of Ryushuangcheng is actively absorbed by her, weak Yingchun, almost died in action - dead speech triggered, healing effect improved by 50%, all enemies fall into silence!

Fang Yuxin said: Coming. Nirvana's attack rhythm should be Yingchun's dead word mass control.

Indeed, while Yingchun's treatment improved, Qin Xuan summoned the treatment of Kaguanyin Buddha with great acquiescence, a trick to "surrender Ganlin", instantly milking the blood volume of all cards of the whole group! Meanwhile, Ke and Chen Xiao finally acted together to forcibly kill Su Qingyuan's blue whale and shark.

Xiaoyi quickly used team protection skills to protect the entire team from injuries and help his brother resist this wave of injuries.

Rain unhesitatingly summoned the deck of the dead - the clear fish.

When transparent fish emerge, nearby friendly forces evade to improve. If the friendly forces are hit by enemy non-directed skills, the transparent fish actively take on damage for the friendly forces. When killed, it triggers dead speech technique, and the marine biota becomes transparent for 5 seconds.

The card's touch porcelain method is “non-directional skills", that is, skills other than “designated single-attack skills”, which can be absorbed by it. Chen Xiao's plant card has a large number of mass attack moves that trigger the sarcasm of transparent fish.

The clear fish was about to die, and at that point, Xie Mingzhe suddenly summoned an unexpected secret card -

Mother Wang's immortality pills. Mother Wang can feed the "Immortal Drug” to any designated target, trigger the "Immortal Drug” effect immediately when the target is injured enough to cause his death in action, restore 20% of the blood volume, and immunize the target for the next 5 seconds.

Xie Mingzhe actually fed Fang Yu's dead speech card an “immortal medicine”!

The great gods of the game are very speechless, the skill of immortality medicine is usually a teammate, to guarantee the teammate's immortality. As a result, Xie Mingzhe actually fed the immortality medicine to the opponent, to guarantee that the clear fish of Fang Yun will not die - then you can't trigger the death speech technique!

Smart Xie Mingzhe greeted the audience with a warm round of applause, and many others laughed: “Fang Yu is going to be pissed off!” “Hahaha, let you play Dead Language, I would rather not let your Dead Language Card hang up...”

Fang Yu's plan to use the invisibility of the Transparent Fish Death Speech Group was disrupted by Xie Mingzhe, who was also helpless.

He said that Xie Mingzhe was particularly skinny, and today he sees it.

Fang Rain reacted extremely quickly, summoning the second deceased speech card immediately - squid!

A squid can increase the Defense of a Friendly Group by 100%, making it hard to move, and if it dies in action, it will splash ink to cover each other's field of view for 5 seconds, leaving the opponent blackened, which is equivalent to blind mass control.

This card is very difficult to deal with, but Nirvana has a monk!

Almost as soon as the squid appeared, Meng had forcibly fed it a bowl of soup - however, Fang Yu was still a first-class conductor, and had long guessed that Nirvana was going to target his dead speech card, so while the squid appeared, he asked his younger brother to help protect him.

Xiaoyi leaves the walrus' double skill and assumes all negative skills for the squid in 3 seconds.

As a result, the walrus forgot who they were, and the squid was not affected by Mon Lady.

Fang Yu relied on the squid to carry this wave of attack on Nirvana, but followed closely, Xie Mingzhe summoned Qin Keqing, caught a card with less than 30% of the opponent's blood volume, forced the other party to hang, and allowed Chen Xiao's strongest attack card black magician to improve his attack power!

Chen Xiao immediately cooperated with Yike Ke. The two men ignored the dead language skills of the squid and forcibly killed the squid. After all, the defensive improvement of this card is too annoying. If it survives, the buff and achievements of double defensive improvement of the whole group will always exist.

Certain dead cards do not come out to beg for immediate death. Rain squid is this “disgusting opponent” card, so you have to use a lot of skill to kill it.

After the death of the squid, lots of ink jets, all of Nirvana's eyes were stained with ink. Good thing Qin Xuan reserved the decontrolling technique of Guanyin Buddha. The decontrolling of the scope allowed the teammates to quickly regain their horizons. Otherwise, the blindness of 5 seconds did not know what Ryushuangcheng would do.

When both sides defended the swap, the Nirvana wave killed the opponent with 3 cards. At this time, there were 17 cards left in Frost City and 18 cards left in Nirvana, Nirvana prevailed. But Liu Frost City quickly launched a counterattack, even killing Nirvana's Guanyin Bodhisattva and Mother Wang two auxiliary cards, the number of cards instantly exceeded.

The strategy of Square Rain is clear: killing adjuvants and treatments first, leaving a group of low defense crisps, without card protection, can't resist the slow control field attack of Stream Frost City, it is easy to drain them.

However, at this point, Xie Mingzhe summoned a brand new secret card, Guo Jia.

Only a beautiful man suddenly appeared on the field, he held a folded fan and smiled like a noble man, he had a very special temperament, seemed to wander, trendy, handsome five officials enough to make any girl feel at heart.

The audience in the live room got excited: "Another handsome guy!” “This little brother is worth a lot of money, I love it!” “His skills are so special, he's a dead end? ”

When Fang Yu saw this card, his heart suddenly shocked...

Another dead card!

The appearance of Jia Yingchun and Qin Keqing's two dead speech cards just now forced off a lot of defensive skills in Liufrost City. At this time, Xiaoyi's team protection skills were all cooled down. Guo Jiasanshan came late, proving that those in front were □ □ --Guo Jia, the true dead language core of Nirvana!

Skill 1 “Prophet” to learn the opponent's attack plan in advance, increasing evasion once every 20 seconds. Skill 2 “Heavenly Jealousy Talent", after appearing, automatically bleeding from illness, widespread infectious disease at the time of death, instantly adding five layers of poisoning to the range enemy. Skill 3 “Legacy of Liaodong”, when defeated, the allies attack, attack speed, and critical-attack damage are comprehensively increased!

The great professional gods were also shocked to see this card. Ye Bamboo stared wide-eyed: “20 seconds of cooling, lasted 5 seconds of evasion, defensive words can't kill Nirvana! Slowly bleeding yourself out, dying in action, so many effects. Shame on you, huh? ”

Pei Jingshan said: “It is a very strong dead end card, but there is one way to deal with this card is to force Guo Jia to kill him before Nirvana is ready, and then open the whole group protection skills, so as to resist the outbreak of Nirvana. ”

Of course, Fang Yu thought of this, and immediately sent sharks and blue whales to kill Guo Jia.

However, Xie Mingzhe dared to release Guo Jia at this time, proving that he would precisely control the time of Guo Jia's death and the outbreak of the entire regiment, and would not let the opponent disrupt the rhythm of Nirvana.

At the moment when Guo Jia's blood volume was pressed to 20%, Jiangdong Xiao Bi Wang Sun Tsai appeared, quickly pulled ridicule on a large scale, and the opponent's skills could not hit Guo Jia at all.

A new healing card, the Five Poultry Show, enhances defense. Hemp disperses, reduces damage. Scratch the bone and receive treatment and reset all skills when the target's HP is below 20%.

All three consecutive protection skills have been given to Sun Tse, allowing Sun Tse Ra to ridicule while still resisting a lot of damage, pulling a wave of ridicule, and being replaced by Hua Zheng when he is left with blood, one more wave!

Qin Xuan's smooth operation impressed the great gods. This all-time unheard auxiliary player, his cooperation with Xie Mingzhe is really becoming more and more tacit. Sun Tse and Hua Zheng are both under his control. The two cards together protect Guo Jia. It is impossible for Liu Frost City to second Guo Jia.

At this time, many offensive skills of Chen Xiao and Yike Ke are cooling down. If Guo Jia dies in battle, he will not be able to play the exodus effect.

Therefore, you must wait for Guo Jia to bleed to death, and not let the opponent interfere.

With Sun Tsai blocking ahead, the rain can't help but take Nirvana.

Moreover, when Guo Jia was about to bleed to death, the scene effect of “Seizure of Grand Guanyuan" was triggered, both sides of the punishment station, unable to do any operation, Fang Yu opened his eyes and watched Guo Jia bleed to 0, triggered the death speech technique, adding five layers of poisoning to the card of the punishment station across the street!

Just at the end of the punishment stand, Nirvana immediately seized the opportunity - Chen Xiao's plant card, Yu Ke's ghost card, all output card attacks, attack speed, and critical rate greatly increased.

Chen Xiao and a wave of rose flowers sprinkled, the amount of blood shed from the sea creatures in Frost City is horrible! After the instability of the black attack speed and the increase of the assault, it was almost a small friend, quickly stacked several layers of markings; after the full attributes of the black magician were improved, the blood medal across the street was targeted, and the range of damage caused by the single attack was such that the criticism numbers made the audience scalp numb! Single attack Kani Xiaoqian, beautiful banana is more God to kill God, Buddha to kill Buddha, no need to hesitate for the blood medal opposite the second...

Xie Mingzheka took advantage of Nirvana's full skill in all output cards, allowing Guo Jia to die in the right place. At this moment when Guo Jia triggered the death speech technique, Nirvana attacked with a wave of full fire, killing seven cards directly in Liufrost City!

The audience is stunned - Guo Jia's dead speech skills are too strong!

His gain to his friends is horrible compared to Dou E's.

The backstage gods are also in a complex mood.

Tang Muzhou smiled: “Count the opponent's skill cooling, trigger a total attack of dead speech when all the protection skills of Frost City CD, this should be what he learned from Fang Yu? Not bad. ”

Pei Jingshan sighed too: “Guo Jia is a strong card, but the operation is particularly difficult. Xie Mingzhe manipulated it very well today, and the timing of his death was particularly precise. In the future, if you encounter a formation with Guo Jia, you must take the dead card. ”

Ye Bamboo whispered in the gutter: “Xie Mingzhe has made too many disgusting character cards. If you can bring ten characters in a game, I will definitely let Xie Mingzhe's character cards die out. ”

Probably the voice of all players.

The more Nirvana fans look, the more excited they get, after all, Guo Jia is not only strong - but also handsome!

Guo Jia's popularity grew exponentially at a time. Fans said that there was another male god. We must get out of Guo Jia's physical card perimeter. Just summon out to see his face!

Liu Frost City was suddenly beaten by the sudden eruption of Guo Jia's dead speech. After Nirvana wave was finished, Fang Yu quickly retreated and rectified.

At this time, the difference between the two cards is already huge, with only 10 cards remaining in Liufrost City and 15 cards remaining in Nirvana.

However, Nirvana's cooling skills temporarily prevented it from posing too great a threat to Riverrun, which took control of the initiative.


Qiao suddenly appeared again. When she became vicious, she revived the designated card and reset all her skills!

This card's resurrection match can be used at most once, on key cards, and is enough to give your opponent a headache.

She revived Guo Jia.

Audience: "…………"

Can you still play like this?!

Upon the resurrection of Guo Jia, Guo Jia's skills were reset, Nirvana attacked and defended. Guo Jia Guang was evaded by a group of "prophet” skills to resist the massive attack in Liufrost City. And Guo Jia kept bleeding, and after that, he could turn into an attack, and once again, a wave of whole regiment erupted!

Explain that Liu Shan lamented: “Guo Jia's card, the strongest of all, is not just the effect of dead speech technique, but his flexible defensive interchange ability! While he is alive, the Regimental Evasion Boost makes it difficult for the opponent to crush Nirvana, while when he is killed, the Regimental Attack, Speed, and Crit Boost can cause Nirvana to crush the opponent! ”

I'm alive, you can't kill my teammates.

I'm dead, my teammate will crush you.

This is the way Guo Jia designed it. Although it is an auxiliary card, his tactical significance definitely deserves the word "core”.

Nirvana took advantage of Guo Jia's flexible defensive swap, carried over the attack of Liu Frost City. While waiting for the end of the cooling of his output card, Guo Jia died in the right place again - Nirvana immediately turned to defend as an attack, defeating Liu Frost City in a wave.

Before the race, no one could believe it - Xie Mingzhe was too bold to play dead while playing Frost City? But the results proved that Xie Mingzhe was not only bold, but also thoughtful. Dead to dead, he actually scored a point in Fang Yu's hand!

The audience almost smashed the applause of the eardrum, enough to prove the game.

Emerging “Guo Jia" cards, whether in face value or skill design, are eligible for the best card of the season.

As an auxiliary card, Guo Jia is a well-deserved MVP for this competition and a well-deserved male god for his fans!

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