[Chapter 227, Nirvana vs Frost City]

Fang Yu thought Nirvana would use the golden eruption or soil control displacement. It was completely unexpected that Xie Mingzhe would use the tactics of the dead flow to play Frost City. Three deceased cards Jia Yingchun, Qin Keqing and Guo Jia were arranged very cleverly. First, Jia Yingchun cheated off a large number of team protection skills in Liufrost City, followed closely by Qin Keqing's appearance to hang key cards and attack Chen Xiao's plant Kaga. Finally, Guo Jia's death erupted.

The game was indeed well directed by Xie Mingzhe. Even Xie Mingzheng appreciates the way he has always been good at counting his opponents' skills. He found that he seemed to underestimate Xie Mingzhe.

After a brief intermediate break, seeing Fang Rain's face was serious, Second Brother Qiao Xi laughed comfortingly: “Brother, this game was just an accident. We didn't expect Xie Mingzhe would take out Guo Jia's card, which was kind of given to the pit across the street. We will focus exclusively on Guo Jia in the bottom of the game. When Guo Jia comes out, we will use his dead card for a second. Don't give him a chance to slowly bleed and wait for his teammates to have good skills...”

Su Qingyuan said: "It's useless to take a character to Guo Jia's death card for a second. There is a Qiao sister across the street who can resurrect. She can also reset Guo Jia's skill CD. I think it's reasonable to retain more protection skills and carry the wave of attacks that killed Guo Jia. ”

Fang Yu calmly said: “Nirvana's second inning does not necessarily use the Guo Jia system. In order to stabilize the top four positions in Group B, Xie Mingzhe has obviously studied the method against Liu Frost City. He will not play the same routine for the second time. ”

The three of them looked at each other in opposition: "Brother means that he has a new look in the second inning?? ”

Fang Yu glanced at the three people: “Have you seen Xie Mingzhe play two rounds in a row with exactly the same map and card team? ”

This question silences everyone.

Speaking of teams with the most tactical samples this season, definitely not Nirvana teams, they change maps almost every game, and the card sets are constantly adjusting, sometimes just a few cards, but can instantly change the tactical core.

Xie Mingzhe played Dead Language Flow in front of Fang Yu. He may be able to confuse his opponents with three consecutive Dead Language Cards in the first inning, but he used Dead Language Flow tactics in two consecutive innings. Unless he was too confident and swollen, a slightly more sensible commander would not do so - everyone understands the logic of accepting it just fine.

Therefore, 90% of Nirvana in the second inning may no longer use the Guo Jia dying language, but instead change the new formation system, and perhaps change the map. You can't even guess how to play square rain, you can only adjust a few dark cards against Nirvana's character card with no strain.

At this time, the players on Nirvana's side were all overjoyed. After all, the task assigned to them by the pre-game coach was to score as much as 1 point as possible in the home game. Now that they have completed the task ahead of schedule, the pressure in the second inning will be less severe.

Qi Ke excitedly said: “We can let go of the second inning, hahaha, even if we lose, we won't lose. ”

Qin Xuan, who has always been silent, said rarely: “After all, Liu Frost City was the champion of last season's tournament. It has been difficult for us to score a point from Liu Frost City. We all cooperated so well in this round. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled around the shoulders and lowered his voice: “We're ready to lose the next round, but we still have to fight hard to get another score. The last time Frost City Home beat us was at 2: 0. If our Home beat us at 2: 0, we'd be even with Frost City. ”

Everyone agrees with the nod.

Chen Xiao simply said: “Why don't you try the ‘special formation’ you practiced a while ago in the second inning? ”

Xie Mingzhe asked: “How dare you spell it? ”

Yu Ke and Qin Xuan did not agree to the same place: “What dare you? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled softly: “Ok, then we'll completely change the line in the second inning and surprise Liu Frost City! ”

The more pressure there is, the more power there is. During this time, because Baixu stubbornly wanted to compete with Nirvana team for the postseason seats, points have been biting Nirvana tightly, so Xie Mingzhe has been unable to completely reassure himself. In order to avoid the last week of the game being rolled over by Starfleet team, Xie Mingzhe, Chen Qiao and coach Chen Qianlin negotiated, and developed a number of “special formats”.

These “special formations” are not the main training tasks of the day, but rather they can be used as secret weapons to practice and grind each other up in the spare time. They can be taken out at critical moments and defeated by opponents.

Xie Mingzhe felt that the time was right.

By playing Frost City in the first round, he found that Fang Yu was obviously less prepared for the game than Nirvana. Of course, the winning or losing of the game would not affect Frost City's promotion or even their ranking in Group A, so Fang Yu did not come up with the strongest formation and new tactics, and left the better formation for the postseason. Fang Yu's ideas were obviously more conservative.

- This is Nirvana's best chance!

If you don't catch it, it's really stupid.

Anyway, you've scored 1 point in the first inning, spell a hand in the second inning, you can win big money, and you can't lose.

Xie Mingzhe smiled and thought, since everyone thought he was bold, then he was bold again!

* * *

The second inning soon began.

Today, both consecutive rounds are home to Nirvana, and the audience is wondering if Nirvana will come up with a new scene in the second round.

Xie Mingzhe did not hesitate to change the scene.

The "fallen phoenix slope” of the three kingdoms, the place where the Pang Dynasty died. This map has not been used in previous games, and the audience was thrilled by the advent of the new map, which fans in the live room were more enthusiastic about brushing 666.

Unlike the dynamic raid of the Grand Guan Park, the map effect of falling on the Phoenix slope is very simple - some time after the start of the game, ambushes already ambushed on both sides of the map will shoot arrows and assassinate both sides of the card. Map assassinations are inescapable, and unless a card is shot dead by a sharp arrow, the assassination will cease, and a wide range of sharp arrows will continue to be fired, causing extensive damage.

During the 5-minute map playback phase, the two commentators began to quickly analyze the pattern: “Map assassination is a must, so it is best to let the card be shot by an ambush arrow in the shortest possible time, otherwise extensive damage from a group of arrows will put tremendous strain on your side.” Wu Yuetun added, "I think at the critical moment, you can let the blood medal block the arrows. ”

Liu Shan concurrently said: “This is a good way to put useless cards in the way of arrows, actively begging for death, so that the ambush's archery can be stopped immediately, to protect the teammates from being maimed. ”

“The rhythm of the Fangpo scene is actually very fast. A 30-second scene assassination will definitely kill a card. That is, even if both sides stand still, five minutes later, both sides will be assassinated by scene ambushes to kill 10 cards, almost half of the cards will die in the hands of ambushes. ”

Liu Shan was somewhat worried about the tunnel: “This map is extremely unfavourable to a slow-motion team like Stream Frost City... But from another angle, dead speech cards love to be killed. When scene arrows start firing continuously, Fang Yu can completely put his dead speech cards to block the arrows, while protecting the team members from death can also trigger dead speech skills. Unfortunately, there cannot be too many dead cards, otherwise the entire formation will be unbalanced. ”

Rain frowned when he saw the map.

He did underestimate Xie Mingzhe, and the map of Fangfeng Pond in the second inning was too targeted for him to decipher. In addition to dead cards, Xiaoyi can be allowed to block arrows with an auxiliary card. The skill cooling time of some secondary cards is long, and after putting the skill away, it doesn't do much, and blocking arrows for teammates is the final value.

After reading the map, the public card set of both sides, the clear card of Liufrost City did not change much, which is four dark cards, the square rain exchanged several dark cards according to the map. On the Nirvana side, the announced array of distinguished cards has adjusted a lot.

First of all, Qin Xuan's auxiliary card. He brought Sun Tse, Liu Bei, Daqiao, Xiao Qiao, Hua Qi- the audience didn't know, but Xie Mingzhe knew that it was all three figures.

Chen Xiao and Yue Ke's cards haven't changed much, Xie Mingzhe's character cards appeared Zhuge Liang and Huang Yueying.

Seeing here, the great gods watching the war talked about it.

Ye Bamboo was first excited: “The card attributes are very complicated! Chen Xiao's 5 wooden plants, known as Ke's 4 earthly ghost cards, of the character cards, Sun Tse is earthly, Hua Xiao Wood, Liu Bei, big and small Joe, Zhuge, Yue Ying are all gold!” He counts carefully and concludes: "The current 16 cards are 6 wood, 5 dirt, 5 gold, right? ”

Next to Pei Jingshan praised: “Mathematics is good. ”

Ye Zhu picked his eyebrows with pride: "That's it! Although I'm not a graduate of a prestigious school, I pass my math exams every time. ”

Everyone: “…"

Such a proud tone, I thought he had a full math score and only passed??

Zheng Feng ignored Ye Bamboo, the second product, and touched his chin to analyze: “In this way, Nirvana's dark card is interesting. Unless you bring 4 wood, you can't build 10 sets of cards. ”

It seems to be proving his guess that the next moment, Xie Mingzhe chose a set of attributes - 50% increase in overall defense.

This option confuses us all. Defense? This is not Xie Mingzhe's past style.

In previous games, more than 80% of the set attributes he chose were Critical, which facilitated Chen Xiao's botanical cards and metaphorical black invariant harvest, why was this game suddenly replaced with Defensive?

People can't think of one, so come on, just wait and see the game.

"Indeed, the four dark cards are all wooden," said Zheng Feng. "It is a set of 10 wooden cards. Nirvana's current wooden cards are scattered cards, and the Queen Mother should continue to bring them to the scene, using ‘immortal medicine' to restrain the dead end of the rain. The other three, why don't we all guess? ”

Ye Zhu speculated curiously: "Could it be the old moon? Tied up with sea creatures, in love? ”

Bai Xu followed closely: “I guess he wants to give birth to a baby again? ”

Two little guys obviously have a deep grudge about some of the wood monocards in Xie Mingzhe, and two people say that all of a sudden -- Nirvana wooden cards, they all seem to be particularly strong? Yue Lao random group is a set of lineups, the sender Guanyin is also self-organized. Guo Jia in the last inning was more cheerful, capable, and directly led the teammates to collapse the opponent to get the whole field MVP.

So, will this single core, self-contained strong card reappear in this game?

Everyone is waiting.

Tang Muzhou was almost certain that Xie Mingzhe would come up with a brand new wooden single core card, because he knew before the cards made by his younger brother, but he had no idea how many wooden cards he had made in the end.

It is Xie Mingzhe's best - secret weapon - that keeps secrets from his brothers!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 228, Another Man God!

In everyone's discussion, the competition officially began.

Neither side of the first inning lost a card for a few minutes, and the audience was anxious to see it. Quite the opposite of the second round, because of the scene map, the pace of the game was forced to accelerate.

Just 30 seconds after the start of the match, only 7 cards were summoned by both sides, and the scene event was triggered.

Only the ambushes ambushed on both sides began to fire wildly at the cards of both sides - the scene attack was inescapable and the arrows automatically targeted all the cards of both sides and fired continuously until the cards were killed.

Water-based cards in Frost City are fragile, can't stand NPC even shooting arrows, Fang Rain does not hesitate to summon the dead card Transparent Fish, let the Transparent Fish go to the anti arrow to die, Transparent Fish killed, all other cards become transparent.

On the other hand, Nirvana released Sun Tse, a wave of group ridicule absorbed all the scene arrows and killed himself to protect his teammates, so at the end of the first wave of scene event, Nirvana Sun Tse was killed, the whole group was unharmed; the clear fish in the city was killed, and the other 7 cards in the presence were shot to about 85% of the blood volume, but was held by the gain effect of the transparent fish death technique, the whole group was invisible for 5 seconds.

Both sides remain even-handed.

What can you do with five seconds of invisibility?

Fang Yu told you the answer with a wave of limits ——

What's powerful about the Transparent Fish card is that when it dies, it creates a "marine bioluminescence effect" that not only makes the surrounding teammates transparent collectively, but also all the cards that are summoned within the next five seconds.

Su Qingyuan and Qiaoxi summoned cards, the number of cards in Frost City rapidly increased to 14 in 5 seconds!

Wu Yue shocked: “Fang Yu, is this going to come to a large pavilion while you're hiding? ”

The so-called pavement is to seize the opportunity in the team battle, let our cards quickly spread out on the playing field at a certain moment, completely crush the opponent in quantity, and beat off the wave of cards that the opponent exists on the field, resulting in a huge advantage in the difference between cards.

For example, Nirvana Nowadays has 14 versus Nirvana 7 cards. Nirvana really has no power to fight back.

This method has a high success rate, but the risk is also very high. If the opponent countermanages it, he will not be able to eat it.

After all, Fang Yu was a very powerful commander. The action to seize the opportunity pavement was very confusing. At the fourth second of the group's invisibility, Frost City quickly launched an attack - Qiaoxi Jellyfish Card group went out, water poison instantly stacked on 5 levels, combined with Su Qingyuan's three cards simultaneously poisoned, directly pressing Nirvana's existing blood volume to less than 20% instantaneously!

Who says Frost City only consumes slowly?

Fang Yu told everyone that the water system card exploded together, and the instantaneous damage caused was also frightening enough!

The attack will make the incognito target appear, and it was only then that Xie Mingzhe saw Nirvana for 14 cards in the incognito pavement. Seeing that Nirvana's 7 cards were about to be destroyed, Xie Mingzhe immediately said: "Qin Xuan..."

Qin Xuan reacted extremely quickly. Without Xie Mingzhe's finished, he brings out the auxiliary Kaguanyin Buddha and Xiao Qiao. The former surrendered the entire Ganlin group to return blood, and the Jade Clean Bottle was decontrolled by the whole group. The latter's first-marriage skills played the tone, directly giving the whole group card's blood volume to the milk full!

Xiao Qiao is a Golden Therapy Card, and the ability to instantly lift blood throughout the group is indeed the strongest of the group therapy cards made by Xie Mingzhe.

Qin Xuan's wave of operation excited the audience to clap well.

That was really life-threatening. If the two treatment cards were to bleed slowly for 0.5 seconds, Nirvana would most likely be dropped 7 cards directly in a wave of seconds by a massive pavement of square rain, and it would be super hard to hit behind.

That's when you realize the benefits of Xie Mingzhe choosing "50% Card Defense Bonus”. If you didn't choose the full Card Defense Bonus, you might have given Nirvana's card a second after the outbreak just now in Frost City.

So... Nirvana chose a fast-paced map in this game, but with defensive delays?

Isn't that a contradiction?

The audience looked at each other with a mist, and Wu Yue guessed, “Do their thoughts have anything to do with the scene of Fangpo? Set up cards plus defense and bring a large number of healing and protection cards to tire your opponent out of dealing with scenario events, using scenario NPC to slowly erode Frost City cards? ”

In Wu Yue's words, the audience felt the back of the spine was cold.

Let Scene NPC force the Stream City card!

Isn't that too bad?

The Phoenix slope scene is extremely fast. Every 30 seconds, the NPC must kill one card from each side. Once Nirvana can drag more time on this side, Frost City cards are dead and bleeding. In the end, Nirvana must prevail...

The great gods were also incredible, and I didn't expect Xie Mingzhe would use this technique.

Fang Yu obviously figured it out. That's why he wanted to forcibly kill Nirvana 7 in a wave of pavements to build a huge advantage. Unfortunately, the plan was defeated. He was given back by the opposite group of people to treat him. He could only retreat and wait for the opportunity.

When the scene event triggered again, Fang Yu sent another dead sign to block the arrow.

The deceased card is called "Water Snake," which when killed “Boosts” and “Dodge Boost” all marine creatures and produces snake venom for up to 10 seconds in range.

Nirvana had to adjust his position to avoid the venom of the snake, and Nirvana took the card to block the arrows, which was Guanyin Bodhisattva, who had just used his therapeutic and reconciliation skills.

The number of cards on both sides was 18: 18, and all the cards killed in action were killed by NPC.

This number is very disturbing to the audience: “Are you sure Xie Mingzhe wants Scene NPC to kill all the cards in Frost City?” “Kill one card in 30 seconds, Fang Po is truly the cruellest war map!” “Speaking of the fastest rhythm of fantasy bubbles, I saw no map dare to compare to Phoenix after it appeared!” “After 5 minutes of doing nothing, NPC alone can kill 10 cards for both sides. It's a real challenge to get arrows in the back! ”

Initially, you can use dead cards and cards with assistive skills to block arrows. But over time, taking the cards to block the arrows will make it harder and harder to command. Nirvana has already died Sun Tse and Guanyin Buddha. Relatively speaking cards from the death of Liu Frost City can trigger the death speech effect, which is still a little cheap.

While the scene NPC even shot arrows to kill cards, Fang Yu and Xie Mingzhe were certainly not idle. Both sides exchanged skills several times and also killed their opponents 2-3 cards, but the difference in cards has always been balanced. After all, Little Joe's 30-second full group assault and blood retention ability is very strong, as well as Hua Qian's injury reduction, blood saving, Liu Bei's whole group decontrol and gold series shield life protection.

The match lasted 3 minutes and was triggered by the sixth scene archery.

At this time, the number of cards on both sides was 12: 12, and the rain suddenly summoned squid.

Squid is very familiar with dead speech cards. At this time, the skill of many output cards in Frost City has cooled down. Obviously, Square Rain is going to take advantage of another wave of strong attacks.

Watch the squid actively help his teammates block the arrow, they will be shot soon, Xie Mingzhe Eye Master summons the secret card - Queen Mother!

Immortal medicine, politely fed to squid.

The squid did not die, as a result, Scene NPC, after judging that no cards had been forcibly killed, fired another wave of arrows, which caused nearly 10% of the damage to the whole group of cards in Riverfrost City.

Fang Yu was helpless and had to ask his brother to hand over his group protection skills before letting the secondary card die.

Zheng Feng couldn't help but exclaim: “Xie Mingzhe is so smart, he used the effect of the map to the maximum. If this immortal drug is fed, Fang Yu probably wants to vomit blood! ”

He turned back and asked: "Master, do you think Nirvana is going to take the opportunity to launch a counterattack? ”

Zheng Feng nodded with a smile: “Almost. After the scene killed 1 card, there are only 11 cards left on both sides. Xie Mingzhe's Zhuge Yueying group has not yet appeared. ”

The voice just fell, Zhuge Liang first appeared.

Empty city plan, group invisibility!

Huang Yueying followed, quickly placing a Zhuge Lianxun crossbow in the middle of the formation of Liufrost City.

However, the next card appearance surprised the audience greatly -

Xun ?

A new card in the wood system! Another handsome man!

Unlike Guo Jia's fashionable wind, this inning appeared in , with a book made of bamboo in his hand, Jane looked very learned, with a gentle and elegant temperament, and a smiling look with affinity. His appearance is also very handsome and not lost at all to the beautiful men of Sun Tse, Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang and Guo Jia, who were made by Xie Mingzhe.

Fans are about to have their eyes peeled: "So handsome!” “Another handsome guy! I've got another god! ”

The audience could clearly see the appearance of Xu, but Nirvana was in a state of invisibility at this time, and the players of Frost City could not see him.

Xu Skill's "Xu Ling Liu Xiang” is said to leave a scent in the seated position by visiting someone else's house, specifying a range of 30m × 30m to leave a scent and allow the hostile target to hallucinate for 3 seconds.

As soon as this skill opens up, Strange Hallucinations do occur in front of Frost City players.

But the key to getting out is another skill - getting rid of tigers and swallowing wolves.

We believe that tigers and wolves are both a major problem in our hearts. If we let tiger wolves fight each other, we can take advantage of fishermen when both defeats are hurt. Turn on the "Swallow Wolf" skill to specify that any two hostile cards will kill each other for the next 5 seconds and that both cards will automatically lock each other when they release their attack skill. Limited moves, can only be released once per match.

Xie Mingzhe did not hesitate to let Xuan choose two cards to open the limited skill to swallow the wolf.

And then the audience saw this incredible scene --

Big shark and big whale fighting!

Influenced by his skills, Su Qingyuan's two most aggressive cards were designated by to begin the duel. At this time, Su Qingyuan didn't know what was going on. He thought it was a hallucinating effect. However, at the end of the hallucination for 3 seconds, he found...

Big sharks and big whales are tearing each other apart in madness, and there's quite a fight to keep their opponents alive!

Nima, isn't this a hallucination?

Su Qingyuan was directly shocked. What happened? Monomeric chaos?

And when he comes back, the big whale says, "You can't beat a shark.

The whale was killed by a big shark with a lot of blood.

Looking at my cards and killing my cards, this feeling is really...

Su Qingyuan really wanted to drop his helmet!

Fang Yu is also speechless. He has guessed what the core of Nirvana's lineup is. Sadly, if he is not adequately prepared before the game, even if he guesses, it will be difficult to decipher for a while!

Zhuge Liang's group hidden just to facilitate the appearance of the skill.

After letting the sharks and whales kill each other and take away one of Su Qingyuan's strongest cards, Huang Yueying immediately started shooting crossbows. After Chen Xiaoqun's group attack and Xie Ke's group attack followed closely, 4 cards were taken away. The balance of cards previously maintained was broken. The difference between the cards was instantly pulled open by four cards!

Time passes so fast that the next wave of NPC assassinations begins again.

Which card should I send to die?

Fang Yu's head is about to blow up!

Because there are few cards left in Frost City at this time, Nirvana's attack cannot be sustained if he dies again.

But Xie Mingzhe was very accommodating and allowed to block the arrows.

Xu In addition to removing the residual incense control field and removing the tiger to swallow the wolf to make the opponent fight inside, there are also dead speech skills after the battle - their group defense bonus of 50%.

Why did Xie Mingzhe choose Defensive Boost when he started picking out a set of attributes?

It wasn't until this moment that the mystery finally came to light.

This is a loop-to-loop strategy - first select "Fall Fengpo”, a fast-paced kill map. Both sides must send a card every 30 seconds to shield their teammates. After a period of time, both sides lost a lot of cards and clearly had insufficient fighting power.

At this time, summon the Tiger Swallow Wolf to initiate an opponent's internal battle!

That's a tough move!

There were only a few cards left. The shark killed the whale and Su Qingyuan wanted to cry. After completing the task, you can also block a wave of arrows for your teammates, trigger dead speech skills, and add defense to your team.

Nirvana All cards are 100% Defense Bonus at this time.

And Frost City?

Not only are there a few fewer cards than Nirvana, but defense is beyond compare!

Besides, Nirvana also has Big Joe and Little Joe, the Golden Treating Sisters. At the critical moment, Big Joe reclaims a card, and Nirvana counts more cards than Frost City anyway!

Based on the fine layout of the map, let Rain Heart oral.

Looking at the moment of his death, he knew that Frost City was going to lose.

However, when a 2: 0 score is played on the big screen, the audience can hardly believe it!

Explain Wu Yue's excitement: “Congratulations Nirvana 2: 0 Blast defeat Liu Frost City! Today's Nirvana, the tactical layout is so beautiful! The offensive swap of Guo Jia Di's speech stream in the first inning, and the second inning is the core card difference method of Xu ! ”

"That's right," said Liu Shan. "In the end, the key to this system is the difference between the cards played! Normally, the other card amplifies to kill one card, which is a balance of payments; however, when the other card amplifies to kill one card, which in turn is a terrible negative gain, we instantly pull one card difference and abolish the opponent's attack power of two cards. ”

Wu Yuedao: “Although Xu skill is a limited skill, it can only be used once in a game, but it can be used at critical moments, it will completely destroy the opponent's card set! The MVP in the second inning is undoubtedly the newcomer Xu , and he is also a man of God! ”

Liu Shan smiled: “Xie Mingzhe's made cards with a higher face value. The fans are going to have a tough time with this. Today's game, the first round is the Guo Jia dying speech, and the second round is the Zhu Poor control method. Which of the two male gods should be chosen for the fate? ”

Wu Yue joked: “I like Guo Jia and I also like Zhu , but I choose Sun Wukong. ”

Explained jokes made the audience laugh. Xie Mingzhe's fans are very confused. There are too many male gods. Can we have them all? Nirvana comes out of the solid card perimeter, and of course the male god club sets it all up.


At this time, Xie Mingzhe and Fang Yu had removed their helmets simultaneously.

When they shook hands in the middle of the big stage, Fang Yu looked seriously at Xie Mingzhe and said: "You are indeed the most talented conductor I have ever seen. Today I am too careless. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled modestly: “We are also lucky. ”

- Defeated by Nirvana using his unexpected tactical chill 2: 0, this is what happens when Nirvana is not valued.

None of the great gods in the backstage could speak, and no one expected this before the competition. Everyone felt that the strength of Frost City's team battle was common to all. Nirvana, even on the home field, lasted 1: 1 and scored 1.

But who would have expected Nirvana to win two rounds in a row with a delicate and brilliant tactical setup?

The timing of the appearance of maps, card sets, tactics and core cards, closely combined and interlocked, makes people shooting cases even better!

Guo Jia's core beating method, the core beating method, two wooden cards were taken out separately, completely two different ways of thinking, but after combining the corresponding map and card group, played a strange effect.

Xie Mingzhe's tactical strength really impresses the gods!

Makes fans proud of him.

This is Xie Mingzhe, daring to try different tactics, even in the face of last season's championship, he is not afraid.

He told everyone in today's game - strong teams, not necessarily winning. The key to winning or losing is watching pre-game tactical preparation. The more prepared and meticulous you are, the more likely you are to win.

Opportunity, only for those who are ready.

Today is another 8K word fat seal. Oh, a wave of nutrient solution, please!

The system of is the difference between cards, and a single card can also be played. Cao Xiao Cao Cao's system will be used during the wind fight.