[Chapter 233, New Ghost Cards]

After the first inning was taken by surprise, the second inning Nirvana continued to use "Grandmother Liu into the Grand View Park Map”, only to replace the gold card with a dirt card. Xie Mingzhe wanted to use the iron fan princess system to carry out displacement control while Grandmother Liu crossed the bridge.

Compared with Jia Zhuge Liang and Zhuge Liang's twin chaos with Zhao Yun's seven break-ins, the displacement control system of the Iron Fan Princess and the Bull Demon King is also very useful. Just let the Iron Fan Princess blow the other party's ghost card into the river, or let the Bull Demon King's melee back and hit the other card down the stone bridge, and the falling card will naturally be banished because it can't keep up with Granny Liu's speed.

At the start of the game, the ghost jail was still heavily attacked and Nirvana was passively defended.

As in the final round, the moment Granny Liu walked onto the stone bridge, Nirvana began a full-scale counter-attack...

The interlocking system of Princess Iron Fan, Bull Demon King and Red Child was quickly summoned by Xie Mingzhe.

The banana fan in the hands of the Iron Fan Princess swung violently. He was about to blow out the card of the Ghost Prison. However, Lao Zheng played this in the first inning. Of course, he would have some protection in the second inning. Almost as Xie Mingzhe summoned Princess Iron Fan, Liu Jingxu of Ghost Prison summoned the super powerful auxiliary card - the Demon King!

The design of this Demon King card is also very distinctive. He is a handsome looking man in "human form". He has quite the majesty of the Demon King. The skill "Demon King Coming” can draw a range of 30 × 30 meters, immunize all of his card groups from any control and make all demon cards appear in their original form.

Demon deformation skills usually have time limits, such as when a fox demon has just changed to a "human form”, and if you want to change to a "fox form” you have to wait 30 seconds for the skill cooldown time. However, the Demon King card can refresh the deformation skills of all Demon cards, allowing the Demon Nation to undergo a group deformation.

Liu Jingxu's fox demon, cat demon, charming demon and tiger demon all became demonic form at the moment the demon king appeared, and flexibly burst into Nirvana's lineup using the free time given by the demon king.

Meanwhile, Wei Xiaotian's Shinigami released the mark of "Death Curse”, attributed to the wise red and white ghost and hanging ghost long-range attack, assisted Liu Jingxu's four demonic form cards, instantly killed Princess Iron Fan!

This wave of counterattack made Nirvana suddenly fail to defend itself. The key is the deformation of the group of "Demon King” cards, which caused Liu Jingxu to strike extremely high damage in an instant. Once the Iron Fan Princess died, the Bull Demon King, although relying on the ability to storm straight into the melee, knocked several cards from the ghost prison down the stone bridge, did not close much of the card gap between the two sides.

The upside was a wave of reversals on the Stone Bridge, but the plan to banish his opponent on the Stone Bridge at least seven cards was frustrated in the second inning because the Ghost Prison was well guarded.

When Granny Liu walked across the stone bridge, both cards were equal in number, and the final battle became particularly critical.

This Round Back to Sway did not summon the late card Ghoul.

Probably after receiving a letter from Jia Zheng, he was forcibly turned into a "traitor”, and Zhiwei did not want the Ghoul to suffer another mental torment, so he switched a new card - the Hungry Ghoul.

This haunted card first appeared this season. The hungry ghost was dry, leaving almost nothing but skin and bones. The image of a long-standing hungry young man was only miraculously painted. He looked stuck, his mouth was wide open looking for food...

Hungry Ghost's skill design is similar to that of a Ghoul, who devours corpses to enhance his own attack power, while Hungry Ghost directly devours the attack power of a designated opponent and transforms it into his own attack.

It is precisely the black uncertainty that has been marked by Yin and Yang for a long time.

Hungry ghosts directly eat the black invariant attack, abolishing the black invariant power, while also boosting their output. This card does not work worse than Tang Mu Zhou's flower transfer.

Nirvana's final battle output was insufficient, regrettably losing 2 cards to Ghost Prison.

The game ended with a 1: 1 score.

This score is no surprise to everyone. Before the start of the race, Niehuando predicted that the result of the game was 1: 1. Nirvana wanted to use a similar routine to score two points from Ghost Prison in a row. Ghost Prison did react fast enough in the second inning. The emergence of new cards like "Demon King” and "Hungry Dead Ghost” also proved the importance that Ghost Prison attaches to the game with Nirvana.

Xie Mingzhe quickly accepted the result and took off his helmet and walked across the stage to shake his hand.

Lao Zheng patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him: “Good play today, I look after you. Whatever Nirvana's final score, the Best Newcomer of the Season award must be yours for not running away. ”

Xie Mingzhe was flattered. He had to keep a polite smile and shook his hand with Zheng Feng Dashen. "Seniors have won the prize or not, I don't dare to think about it yet. Team B has many strong teams. I can only walk one step at a time. ”

Zheng Feng haha laughed: “You are so young, you have boundless prospects! ”

Back in the background, reporters would have waited there long ago to see Xie Mingzhe come out and immediately embrace him and surround him. They would have begun to ask: “Playing Stream Frost City 2: 0, playing Ghost Prison 1: 1, Nirvana Company scored 3 points, the gap between the B score list and the starry sky widened to 5 points, Nirvana should be able to make sure to get out of the B line into the final season, right? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “I'm not entirely sure. Nirvana is now 51 points, although the stars are 46 points short of us by 5 points, but the stars still have three games left to play, and it is theoretically possible to score six points against Nirvana in three games. ”

There was a reporter laughing next to him: “Nirvana didn't play another game either, unless the stars scored 2: 0 in the next three consecutive games, and Nirvana scored 2: 0, and Nirvana 0: 2 Fenghua, that's what you're talking about. ”

Xie Mingzhe immediately looked with appreciation at the woman reporter: “Your math is good, it is possible that this may happen, so I still can't relax, at least don't let my brother shave your head. ”

The reporters burst into laughter and thought Xie Mingzhe was too modest.

In fact, by now there's less than 1% chance that the Starry Sky Team will be out of line, and tonight's second game, Starry Sky vs Fenghua, or the home of Fenghua, taking 2: 0 is a joke.

However, Xie Mingzhe understood the reason for not speaking out in front of the reporter, and the scorecard had not yet been fully determined, even though he knew that Nirvana was getting closer to the goal of leaving the line, he had to be modest in his mouth.

Backstage saw Bai Xu in the interview a little depressed.

Didn't expect that the ultimate decision on who can go out of line would actually become a fenghua.

If Fenghua loses 0: 2 to the stars and wins Nirvana at 2: 0, then the stars can recover the 4 points gap at once and win the other two teams at 2: 0 in a row to overcome Nirvana - this extreme condition is too difficult to achieve, beating Tang Muzhou to win 2: 0 points, Bai Xu himself can't believe it. He turned his head and glanced at his brother, but looked at Tang Muzhou.

Tang Muzhou seemed to see through his brother's thoughts and said in a very gentle tone in his ear: “Do you want 2: 0? ”

Bai Xu's heart jumped: “What do you mean by that? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly, adding: "I 2, you are really easy 0-2: 0. ”

Bai Xu almost missed his breath. He glanced at him violently and walked straight to the preparation area.

Xie Mingzhe, who was interviewed next door, said: “Of course I will do my best to get a score from my brother in the next game… As for the formation, the final surprise of the regular game phase is reserved for my brother. ”

The Tang Mu Zhou side of the backstage watch with a smile, the color is obvious. However, the players of Fenghua II caught cold on their backs - the last round of Nirvana Home, the first round of "Marriage Tree” forced card romance, the second round of "Daughter Country” forced card to have children, Fenghua's plant cards were almost broken by Xie Mingzhe.

This is at least the home of Fenghua, no Nirvana can take the lead in the scene, Tang Muzhou will definitely not choose such a strange scene. Obviously, what Xie Mingzhe calls a “surprise” is in terms of the card set.

Last surprise? Xie Mingzhe, is this some kind of surprise pack?

* * *

After the interview, Xie Mingzhe sat in the gallery and watched the second game patiently.

The Star vs Fenghua match was so fierce, Baixu clearly fought to death today, which is also the last chance for the stars.

However, Tang Muzhou did not show mercy because he was his own brother. Today Tang Muzhou also took out the most powerful card group of Wind China team, using Xu Changfeng's cooling flow method, in the first inning, the accelerated release skill collapsed the starry sky within 8 minutes, the second inning changed the strategy, using the tactics of the vine crawling field, so that the space division method of the starry sky could not be played out at all.

From the selection of the map, to the arrangement of the card group, Tang Muzhou completely treated the stars as a strong team such as judgment. Therefore, Baixu had no fighting power in front of him and failed in two consecutive rounds!

As Tang Muzhou said before the tournament: I 2, you are 0-2: 0 really easy.

The result of this competition also completely shattered Baixu's dream of coming out. With only two games left in the sky and five points short of Nirvana, the sky is theoretically completely out of touch with this season's post-season game.

After the competition, Tang Muzhou stopped Bai Xu backstage.

Bai Xuxu grabbed his head like a frosted eggplant. His eyes were red and he looked like he was about to cry. Tang Muzhou smiled and rubbed his brother's head: “I told you the Starfighters had no hope of going out. You still don't believe me. Today's two rounds are just to make you recognize the gap between the stars and the strong team. ”

Bai Xu shook his head and did not speak.

Tang Muzhou continued: “For some time now, you scored consecutive points in the out-of-group cycles, leveling Ghost Prison and Frost City by 1: 1 in a row. It's not your strength and they're almost there, but they didn't come up with the strongest line against you. ”

When Nirvana is fighting Ghost Prison and Frost City, the Away can be 0: 2, but the stars are leveled 1: 1, which is also the key to catching up with Nirvana during the out-of-group cycle. Baixu was quite happy at the time, thinking that he could level the strong team in the field, but Nirvana didn't get the score, indicating that the stars were strong and qualified to compete with Nirvana for the postseason seats.

Today, Tang Muzhou's current basin of cold water has completely awakened Bai Xu.

1: 1 level does not mean comparable strength, but because the strong team didn't use the strongest line against you at all - you're not qualified enough.

Bai Xu's heart was clear, but he was proud of his personality. Sorry to lose in front of his brother, but he could only keep his face shut. Tang Muzhou continued to rub his head and said: “Don't have unrealistic fantasies. The most important thing for you right now is to enrich the tactics, lay the foundations, and learn about Archer. It took him months just to make the cards. Each step is very solid. Nirvana is much more based than you. ”

Without mentioning Nirvana, it was fine. As soon as Tang Muzhou mentioned Xie Mingzhe, Baixu finally couldn't stand it. He stared at him and said: "Xie Mingzhe again! Anyway, I don't do anything right, you just criticize me. Xie Mingzhe did everything right, you can't help exaggerating him, can you?! ”

Tang Muzhou smiled: “Finally said the right word. ”

Baixu was dying of anger. He couldn't help but say: "Brother and brother, hang your brother in your mouth every day. Why don't you just recognize him as your brother! ”

Shortly after Xie Mingzhe passed through the lounge and heard the conversation, he stopped and looked inside curiously. After discovering that it was his brother and Bai Xu, he walked in with a smile and closed the door with his hands. "Is this talking to your brother? ”

When Tang Muzhou saw him, his gaze immediately grew tender and he whispered: “Little Bai is still young and not very understanding. My brother should also point to him, so as not to let him walk the curve. ”

Xie Mingzhe walked to his little white brother with a smile and patted him on the shoulder: “After today's game, the stars are doomed to fail to enter the postseason. Is it particularly sad and depressing? ”

Bai Xu shook his head and did not speak.

Xie Mingzhe said gently with the same attitude as his brother: “It doesn't really matter if this season doesn't go to the final season, and next year, laying the groundwork is the key. You see Shadow Squad, Shao Mengchen played for six seasons only this year into the postseason, she didn't say anything, you are so young, this is just the beginning, don't worry, take your time. ”

Tang Muzhou followed closely: “Archer is right, calm down and carefully study the other leaders of the Alliance to find their flaws. There are also individual races in the second half of the year. Try harder. Maybe you can reach the top 16 in the individual races. ”

Xie Mingzhe said: “You can participate in both individual and double competitions. Don't be discouraged, there's plenty of time! ”

Baixu was ashamed and angry with consolation, interrupting them with a red face: "The two of you singing as you please, you are just like my parents! I know the truth, and I don't need you to stress it over and over again. ”

Xie Mingzhe blurted and corrected immediately: “The couple sings the wrong word, it should be a sum. ”

Tang Muzhou laughed without saying anything - he thought his younger brother's words were very accurate.

Just now, Xie Mingzhe made such a correction. Bai Xu suddenly felt that there was a strange acquiescence between Don and Xie. This acquiescence surpassed that of a friend, but was not like a lover. He scratched his head and couldn't figure it out. When he turned around and left, he turned back calmly to Xie Mingzhe and said: "Xie Mingzhe, don't forget what you promised me.” Just say it and run away.

Tang Muzhou wondered: “What are you sending him? ”

Xie Mingzhe coughed softly and smiled: “At that time, he secretly grabbed Nirvana's perimeter, sliding his hands to his personal tweet, just as I saw it, I promised to send him a big red Moon Ying baby pillow. ”

“…” Is Baixu's mind still 8 years old? Tang Muzhou rubbed his forehead horn helplessly. "I swear at you, but I miss your pillow in my heart. It's so childish! ”

Xie Mingzhe didn't mind: “He and Ye Bamboo are my black, black to deep natural powder kind of black, I decided to send Ye Bamboo also a pillow, Fat Uncle signed version, hahaha, don't know how he will react when he receives it? ”

Tang Muzhou: “…”

Probably trying to hit you again and secretly like it, sneaking the pillow away very tangled.

To stimulate Ye Bamboo with a pillow, Xie Mingzhe was also quite unbeaten. Tang Muzhou could not help but cry. The conversation shifted: “Just now, when listening to your interview, I prepared the final surprise of the regular tournament for my brother. Looks like you are going to use the wooden card group? ”

Xie Mingzhe also didn't hide it, frankly said: “You know all about the card team of the gold, earth, water and fire department. Only the wood department is the secret I didn't tell you in the end. Anyway, now Nirvana is sure to get out of the line, and I don't have any pressure on points. I can try out a new card in the next fight. ”

Tang Muzhou nodded with a smile: "Okay, that brother has some surprises for you too. ”

* * * * * *

[Chapter 234, Double Surprise]

At the end of May, the regular tournament is in its final stages.

2: 0 in a row, Baixu's performance can be rounded up. Apparently, after being encouraged by Tang Municipality and Xie Mingzhe, Xiaobai also set his mind right. With the attitude of "Can't go out anyway, just fight hard”, he brought two wonderful games to the audience.

Scoreboard B, Nirvana firmly ranked fourth with 51 points.

The final closing battle, Fenghua vs Nirvana, will have no effect on the promotion of the two teams, that is, whoever loses or wins this game, the points ranking of the A and B teams will not change.

This became almost an "insignificant” viewing contest.

If it's the usual season, this is a viewing game that doesn't affect the points, it's definitely less than half the attention.

Yet the opposite is true this year - because this competition is another civil war between Don and Xie's brothers!

Tang Pastoral and Xie Mingzhe's first round of matches this season, the classic and entertaining scenes of marriage tree and daughter country, coupled with Xie Mingzhe's words in previous interviews to leave the final surprise to his brother, naturally hung the audience's appetite.

The game has not yet begun, with more than 300 million webmates opening "Live Alerts” between official broadcasts, live tickets being robbed and in-game ticket bookings extremely hot.

The final battle, which obviously did not affect the points, was the most popular match, having broken the record of selling tickets to regular games. Not only did the netizens squeeze their heads, but the great gods came to the scene after the big clubs had finished the competition.

May 31, the last day of regular team games.

Feng Hua vs Nirvana, The Battle of Closing is officially on!

Tang Pastoral and Xie Mingzhe embraced each other amicably on the big stage and returned to sit in the rotating chair.

The last out-of-group cycle was the home of Nirvana, which naturally became the home of Fenghua.

The matrimonial tree and daughter's country scene map of the two games at Nirvana Home became a classic scene of the season, and the scenic scene map naturally enjoyed the audience's expectations.

Tang Muzhou soon submitted a scenario map - The Mirror Forest.

This is a map that Fenghua has never used this season.

Everyone knows that the league stipulates that the new scene cannot be used in the final season. This season's scene map needs to be announced in the regular game. Fenghua actually put the new scene map in the final game of the regular game. Tang Muzhou is really VIP luxury treatment for his brother!

Xie Mingzhe was also flattered. Most of the squads published all the scenes last week. Fenghua still has a special Nirvana game, which shows how much Tang Muzhou attaches to the game.

The game did not affect the rankings of both sides at all, but Tang Muzhou showed 12 points of sincerity.

The audience applauded the scene, not to mention whether the map was well designed or not. The practice of “leaving the new map to Nirvana” alone made the fans particularly excited. Some fans who liked Fenghua and Nirvana were even happier, sitting upright and watching the map carefully.

—— The Mirror Forest, a forest map at first sight, is a terrain that Fenghua Club is quite good at.

This forest map doesn't look special, it's just a dense tree, until there's a strange mirror in the scene, and the players and audience from God's perspective look out over the scene and stare at it shockingly.

Magic Mirror, reverse mirror!

Every once in a while, a clear giant mirror emerges in the forest that lands in the middle of both camps and immediately generates a reverse mirror. That is, before the magic mirror appears, you see the other card on the left, and after the magic mirror appears, the illusion of the card automatically rotates 180 degrees to the right of the symmetry, while the original position of the card forms a symmetrical illusion, just like the card does in the mirror.

- Reality, fiction, falsehood and truth are hard to distinguish. This is the terrible thing about the Mirror Forest!

Not only was Xie Mingzhe's heart shocked, but the great gods who watched the war backstage were surprised. Pei Jingshan couldn't help but say: “Tang Muzhou put such a horrible map in the last round of the regular game, he was really calm. ”

Ye Bamboo looked at the big screen for half a day and studied the reality and the fiction, and then gave up thinking headaches: “Isn't this too complicated? The more cards, the more chaotic the mirror will be! Who can remember where every card was? If you remember correctly, all your skills will be emptied! ”

If the opponent has only two or three cards, it is easy to distinguish the image from the phantom once the image is generated, but once there are more than a dozen cards on the field? At the moment the mirror appeared, the fiction and image of the card multiplied, the conductor suddenly saw the double card appearance, the mind had to be confused, who could tell which card was the real card and which was the fiction generated by the mirror?

Suiwei suggested: "What if the phantom comes to an active truce and the magic mirror disappears? ”

Zheng Feng waved to deny: “The map designed by Tang Muzhou will not be so simple, I guess the mirror will not disappear so easily. ”

Sure enough, the next moment you'll see a supplementary description of the map--

When a transparent mirror appears, if you successfully kill one of the other card, the mirror effect disappears; if you cannot kill the other card, the mirror effect will remain. The two sides of the mirror do not affect each other, so there may be a situation where one of them falls into the illusion fiction generated by the mirror while the other party's field of view returns to normal.

Like some special mirrors, people sitting in the dining room are transparent and have a clear view of everything; while people walking outside look inside the dining room and can only see their projections in the mirror.

Tang Muzhou designed the Mirror Forest to use this principle.

The Mirror will always exist unless you kill an opponent's card to remove the effect of the Mirror. This is to test the speed of the reaction of the commander. When the mirror appears, the commander must kill the opponent's real card in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, once the opponent kills your card, the opponent looks at you clearly, you look at the opponent as a mirror, and the situation will only get worse and worse.

The timing of the magic mirror is very rhythmic, from the moment the game begins, 1 point, 2 points, 3 points… until the end of the game, every whole point will appear on time.

Xie Mingzhe's going to be big, and this map made by his brother is indeed one of the hardest to hit in this league.

Mirror, this test of command is not only the speed of response, but also the ability to deduce. When you see the image, quickly deduce the actual card and the location of the phantom based on the memory reasoning in your mind, and arrange for us to quickly set fire to the core card of the opponent, to ensure that the skills of the past hit the actual card, not the phantom body...

It's too hard!

What the hell are we gonna do?

Xie Mingzhe had no heart, but he had already said that he would relax in this game, use a new card to compete with his brother. Whether he wins or loses, it is enough to play the strength of the new card group.

Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe no longer hesitated to show off his ready card pack.

At this point, the audience discovered that a large number of unfamiliar character cards appeared in the Nirvana Proclamation card group.

Guo Jia, Xu;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\ In addition, the audience saw two new wooden cards.

The first one is a beautiful beauty, named Zhen Yan. The face value is not lost to the size Joe made before Xie Mingzhe. She has a fan in her hand, a friendly smile, and lovely additional skills - flashy and gentle as a dragon. The former is an escalation evasion, while the latter is one of the hostile targets that increases the speed of movement and attack and automatically locks the lowest volume of blood, inflicting three higher-value wooden monomer damage.

Zhen Zhen is a wooden card that is well understood to be a high-dodging, highly agile melee monomer harvest card.

But the audience was surprised by another new card in the wood--

Yu, the additional skill “Sound to the West” shifts the pointing skill; it is helpless to turn all attacks into lockout attacks that cannot be avoided; and it is foolish to hide one's own attributes, making it impossible for an opponent to judge the amount of blood.

Seeing the skill of this card, Wu Yue explained surprisedly: “This card is very useful for playing with the forest of mirrors. It can allow us to point to skill offset. When the mirror appears, finger left and right, it is easy to hit the solid card, bypassing the phantom! ”

Liu Shan was somewhat worried about the authenticity: “Guo Jia, Xu , Jia Zheng's strength has been seen, the strength will double at the same time in this game! What does it mean that Zhenzheng is an evasive harvest output card and Zhenzheng is a highly functional control card, all of which actually appear in the cards? Four dark cards… could it be worse than these cards? ”

Usually, the strongest cards are placed in the bulletin card group, preventing the opponent from knowing our tactics in advance.

Now that Guo Jia, Zhen , Jia Zhen, Zhen Zheng and Xie Mingzhe have so many wooden cards in the 16 open cards, what would be the secret card of Xie Mingzhe's belt? Not only are the audience curious, but so are the great gods of the tournament.

So many wooden character cards, Nirvana, is this finally out of the wooden set??

Everyone was confused.

Only Chen Qianlin looked calmly at the big screen.

The secret card is not easy to release early because, among the secret cards carried by the little apprentice is the strongest mockery of the wood system that can fight Cao Cao Cao Cao, as well as the enduring, intolerable wave of clear field Sima Cao, and the insanity of even his own brother to kill... Cao Cao and Cao Sik linked cards.

Let it out early, I'm afraid the audience will have to look at the skills and faint!

Go out to your relatives for New Year's Eve. Tomorrow is still the night. Good night, everyone!