[Chapter 237, Wood Linkage Cards]

Cao Cao's appearance of the strongest flesh shield in the wooden system held up the fire of Fenghua Club, and the output card protecting Nirvana was not killed. The great god who watched the backstage saw the card's skill and also affirmed Xie Mingzhe's design.

On the field, Fenghua's all-out offense was stopped by Cao Cao, and the magic mirror remained intact.

Nirvana took the opportunity to quickly summon cards, Xie Mingzhe and his teammates continuously summoned Sun Tse, Zhou Yu, Lu Son, Guo Jia, Sima Yu, Hua Yu, Li Wan, Xu , Xu...

This is the first time Nirvana has summoned so many cards at the same time, and it is a character card of one color.

- Nirvana's pavement trick!

A large number of character cards appear at the same time, and the visual effect is equally shocking.

There was a fierce round of applause on the scene, and everyone looked forward to a massive attack by Nirvana.


Xie Mingzhe did not attack.

Typically, the commander summons a large number of card parlors in order to defeat the opponent's cards in a single wave and establish the advantage of the card difference. Instead of launching an offensive, Xie Mingzhe has summoned a large number of cards for "pavement defense”.

This is extremely rare, as most team card sets consist of output cards larger than auxiliary cards. Today, however, Nirvana's card group structure is vastly larger than the output cards.

Pangu, splitting heaven and earth, forced a five-second truce.

Li Wan, Haitang Poetry Club, 5-second group invincible.

Sun Tsai, a large group of Taunt and Individual Invincibility.

--Hua Zheng, hemp is dispersed to designated teammate Sun Tse to release, so that Sun Tse's damage is reduced. When Sun Tse's blood volume is less than 20%, Hua Zheng turns on "scraping bone injury", which can directly fill Sun Tse's blood and refresh all skills.

So many secondary cards, one skill after the other, protect Nirvana cards from death, completely unaffected by the wind!

The skills of several secondary cards have almost reached the most perfect connection.

Qin Xuan, Nirvana, the silent oligarchy, very low presence auxiliary player, at this moment, finally showed the audience his strength - extremely precise auxiliary card skill convergence, not a bad minute!

Temple player Xu Hang, who specializes in supporting positions in the backstage, also looked at Qin Xuan, couldn't help but say: "The most critical consciousness of assisting is to look at the whole field and develop protection skills in a timely manner. We all underestimated this Qin Xuan before. His consciousness is excellent. At a critical moment, a series of assistive skills were put aside without hesitation. ”

Ling Xuantang is also appreciative: “Qin Xuan's ancillary skills are indeed well connected, Tang Muzhou wants to break through Nirvana's entire five-fold defense, it is really difficult! ”

First, Cao Cao's "Heart and Heart” forcibly resisted the damage. Second, Pangu “opened the heavens and earth” truce, followed closely by Li Wan's Haitang Poetry Society for 5 seconds invincible, Sun Tse's group mockery, and Sun Tse's blood was again mocked by Hua Tse after refreshing his skills.

Nirvana Today's line of defense is horrible. How exactly is Tang Muzhou going to break through the heavy defense to kill Nirvana's card, which is also the focus of the entire audience.

Tang Muzhou quickly told you the answer —— the gardener.

Another emergent wooden character card, the painting style is consistent with that of Xie Mingzhe, and the skill description is very similar to that of Xie Mingzhe.

The "gardener" appeared in the upper round, using the principle of plant bridging to merge the group attack and single attack cards. The “gardener" appeared in this round, but was a very special functional support card.

The gardener is proficient in flower gardening, he decides to set up a beautiful flower garden within 30 meters, he can pick any of his friends' plant cards to set up the garden, transfer the plant to the garden in a short period of 3 seconds, during which the gardener himself and the plant cards he picks are immune to any controls and injuries.

The skill description fits perfectly with the status of a “gardener” profession, but the actual effect is an astonishing shift in group strategy!

With a range of 30 meters, Tang Muzhou manipulates the gardener directly to the edge of the mirror and arranges the garden backwards behind the Nirvana character card.

Only horticulturists picked the ten cards with the most aggressive wind power at extremely fast speed, and the group shifted.

As soon as 3 seconds arrived, ten wooden cards suddenly appeared behind the Nirvana formation, forming a wide range of "flower pots”, while Sun Tse couldn't move quickly to ridicule the timing, Fenghua's cards came out from behind at the same time, forcibly killing Hua Yan!

The strategic shift in the plant-group under the control of horticulturists has indeed left Nirvana unprotected.

The reason Tang Muzhou chose to kill Huaqiao first is because Huaqiao's skill in this treatment card is too strong. When teammates have less than 20% of their blood volume, Huaqiao's "bone scratch healing” can instantly fill up teammates' blood, and refresh teammates' skill cooldown time. If Hua Qian cooperates with Cao Cao, Sun Tse and other mockery cards, he can refresh the mockery and form a death cycle.

Just now, Sun Tse's 20% blood volume was instantly refreshed as evidence, keeping Hua Zhi, Sun Tse and Cao Cao are equivalent to having double fighting power!

It was always right to kill the doctor first, and the death of Hua Hua finally let Feng Hua remove the magic mirror effect.

Compared to Nirvana's first time to disarm the mirror, the wind is 15 seconds slower. Nirvana's protection of a large number of auxiliary cards bought the teammates 15 seconds. Xie Mingzhe has been taking the opportunity to observe the wind's card sets and formations and quickly think about the strategy ahead. Nirvana's auxiliary cards can be delayed, but the flaws are also evident - too few output cards.

Limited output must really hit the opponent's soft ribs for it to work.

Killing one or two insignificant cards is a waste of output, and may be reversed by Fenghua at a later stage.

Jia Zhao's limiting technique, "A Paper Book," forcibly killed Fenghua's main group to attack the "Millennium Divine Tree.” Next card, Xie Mingzhe is aiming at Fenghua's super strong output cards - Tang Muzhou's "Four Seasons Tongue” and “Desert Rose”!

The Four Seasons Haitang card is also a prominent wooden flower card designed by Tang Muzhou and has a huge number of fans.

Its attack pattern is quite special. Four seasons of sea turtles can change color with the season. Spring sea turtles have very strong single attack skills. By summer, blooming sea turtles have a wide range of attack skills. Autumn sea turtles are a buff card that increases the attack power of teammates. In winter, long sea turtles will enter the defensive state to protect themselves from external injuries.

Depending on the tongue's colour, you can see its state at this time.

Just now, Tang Muzhou manipulated the Four Seasons of Haitang and then forcibly killed Huaqiao. At that time, Haitang was in the spring phase and had great single-attack capability. After spring, it was just in the summer.

With Xie Mingzhe's knowledge of his brother, if not surprisingly, Summer Haitang can cooperate with the desert roses for a wave of outbreaks. Therefore, Xie Mingzhe prejudged in advance and developed the skill of Xu - swallowing wolves with tigers, designating four seasons Haitang and desert roses for duel!

Xie Mingzhe's prediction was extremely precise, almost at the moment when he developed his skills, the four seasons of Haitang coincided with the summer flower season. The blooming flowers were supposed to attack Nirvana's card, and suddenly they were out of control, and all the flowers fell on the desert rose!

Desert roses are naturally unpleasant, and large red rose petals strike back unhesitatingly -

At one time, the roses and tsubos could not fight, the petals flowed in the air, because of the tiger swallowing plot of Xu, the attack of the two cards locked each other, and between eyes, the “Desert Rose” in good condition gave the teammate "Four Seasons Tsubos” seconds!

Tang Muzhou: “...”

Let my two strongest group attack flower cards lock each other and kill each other. Four seasons of Haitang died, and desert rose skills were cooled down. Little brother is real leather!

At this time, Tang Muzhou also perceived the strategy of his brother - Nirvana output cards are few, auxiliary cards are many, Xie Mingzhe specializes in chonghua's powerful output card killing, so that at the later stage, Fenghua's output cards will also become less, when both sides output the same amount of flag drums, Nirvana can accumulate advantages slowly with auxiliary cards, and finally convert the advantages into advantages.

The idea is really good.

However, since Tang Muzhou saw through his brother's strategy, he would naturally not let Sun Sangxiang drag him to a later stage.

So, Tang Muzhou's solution is also very simple - you forced me to output, I also forced you to output, you dragged to a later stage no output available, Sun Sangxiang can't play a single card to harvest the effect.

After Hua Hua's death, Nirvana's healing power was severely lacking. Feng Hua followed Zhen's serpent to collect Huang Zhong!

Huang Zhong can shoot off thick pickup half the blood with an arrow, but his own defense is weak, plus Nirvana's protection skills are all cooling down. In the blink of an eye, the low defense Huang Zhong was bitten to death by the snake herd.

Meanwhile, Xie Mingzhe saw the number of Fenghua cards increase, and immediately opened Zhou Yu and Lu Son's knocking skills - iron wire links, burning red walls, burning battalions!

Just now, Tang Muzhou shifted the collective strategy of plant card behind Nirvana in order to arrange the flower garden. Just as the plants stood closer, Zhou Yu and Lu Son's fire directly connected all the plants to burn. The plants were quickly burned and mutilated. Tang Muzhou decisively cut out the "Divine Tree Protection” skill of the banyan tree to protect the whole group, and let Xu Changfeng's healing cards quickly return blood!

As soon as the protection time passed, Xie Mingzhe summoned Zhen Zhen.

Zhen Zhen is a highly agile and evasive single output card that “automatically selects one of the other's lowest blood volume cards” and moves instantly to the front of the other side to inflict Melee Attack Damage, which can also trigger Wood Critical Boost.

Flamboyant, wandering dragons.

Turn on the skilled Zhen's body as light as a swallow, flexibly jump to the desert rose just beaten by Fenghua, the group fan in the hand waved out hard, pop and pop three times, no politeness to kill the desert rose seconds!

After seconds, Zhen Zheng followed the S-shape shift, avoiding all the opponent's skills, and quickly retreated into his formation.

Break in, kill, retract - This highly agile, highly-discovered output card is extremely flexible under the control of Xie Mingzhe and brightens the audience. Besides, Miss Zhen Yu's own face is worth a lot, and a lot of fans on the scene added another one to the Goddess List: Zhen Yu.

Fenghua and Nirvana started attacking their opponents wildly. Both sides lost a lot of cards in this wave of skill exchanges, but Xie Mingzhe was extremely capable of catching key cards, killing all of Fenghua's important mass offensive cards. In the blink of an eye, Tang Muzhou's crowd of cards almost died out. And Tang Muzhou was not polite to his brother, even killing Zhou Yu, Lu Song and Huang Zhong three output cards!

The whole audience applauded, and the civil war between the brothers was really intense.

By the time the second wave of magic mirrors arrived, the amount of cards on both sides had changed to 14: 15, and Nirvana had a slight advantage over one card. The key reason was that the “tiger swallowing wolf" of Xuu had caused the desert rose and the four seasons sea bass to fight inside, killing their teammates.

Once again, Xie Mingzhe calculates the time and finds the reference in advance. At the moment when the mirror appears, he completely ignores all the illusions of falsehood in his eyes, lets Zhen Zheng open his skills and instantly moves past and forcibly kills the blood medal across the street!

Second-resolution Demon Mirror!

This smooth operation also received a warm cheer from the audience.

Tang Muzhou also moved quickly, opening the sleep of the sleeping lotus group, preventing Nirvana from releasing his skills, closely following the serpent card that allowed Nirvana to kill the output card, and also lifting the magic mirror.

The volume of cards on both sides decreased further, 13: 14, and there was not much left of Nirvana's output cards.

Huang Zhong, Zhou Yu, Lu Sun and Zhen Yan were all killed, and now only two female generals, Huang Yueying and Sun Sangxiang, remain on the output card on the bright side.

Sun Sangxiang is a big late card and must be completely disabled across the street to trigger serial shooting harvest. Huang Yueying's Zhuge Lianxuan crossbow is automatic shooting when the turret is lowered, and is unaffected by control skills.

So even if Nirvana had only two female generals left, Tang Muzhou would not dare to relax.

After all, both women will be the ones who won't let their eyebrows go and have played brightly in previous games.

Even more frightening is that Nirvana still has two dark cards left out.

The third wave of magic mirrors descended, and both sides launched another offensive--

Fenghua exploited the more advantages of the output cards, and Zhenming's group of fierce vipers set out collectively. Shen 'an's fruit fell like a heavy rain. Nirvana continuously summoned Sun Tse and Cao Cao to ridicule and resist. Only then did Sun Tse and Cao Cao reluctantly protect their cards. Unfortunately, Sun Tse and Cao Cao could not handle such a fierce attack and died in succession.

13: 12, Fenghua completed the anti-super on the card volume!

The audience didn't have time to see what was happening on the field, and the card ratio on the big screen turned 13: 11.

Is Nirvana dead again? Why can't you see the card was killed on the battle record?

Explained Wu Yuechan said: “Guo Jia... it was Guo Jia who died! ”

Liu Shan also found this, excited and authentic: “Guo Jia appeared a long time ago and has been slowly bleeding. From time to time, he puts a 'prophet' skill group in the crowd to improve and avoid. Does the player of Fenghua Club not seem to have noticed Guo Jia's blood volume? ”

Wu Yue looked at his partner incredibly: “Has Xie Mingzhe been dead in Kaguga? ”

The timing of Guo Jia's death is quite difficult in a very chaotic group battle situation. Commanders should not only look at the whole situation, but also count all the skills of both sides and enemies.

And once Xie Mingzhe really did, all he could say was that Guo Jia's death was of tactical importance to Nirvana!

Tang Muzhou saw this place, and his heart was slightly surprised.

Guo Jia knows the strength of this card, he has just paid attention to Guo Jia's position and blood volume, but he believes that the priority of killing Guo Jia in this game is far lower than the output card.

Guo Jiaqiang is also an auxiliary, can not cause any damage in itself, will only escalate the attack of teammates. Nirvana has already lost four cards, so even if Guo Jia can improve his teammates' attack power after his death, Nirvana doesn't have many more cards to boost.

The more cards you output, the stronger Guo Jia is.

Nirvana's output cards are few, what can Guo Jia do if he dies in battle?

So do the great gods who watch backstage.

But soon, Xie Mingzhe told you--

Underestimate the consequences of the auxiliary card!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 238, Wood Eruption]

0.5 seconds before Guo Jia's death, Nirvana did something that shook all professional players.

Chen Xiaoying summoned Huang Yueying, understood that Ke summoned Sun Sangxiang, Xie Mingzhe summoned Cao Xiao, Cao Si - Nirvana pinched all four cards in his hand, in order to enjoy Guo Jia's attack power and increase the Critical Damage by 50%!

Meanwhile, Li Wan's "Haitang Poetry Society" cooled down, Qin Xuan almost unhesitatingly caught up with the whole group!

Invincibility can be immune to any damage and control. At this time, it is invincible, mainly to prevent Tang Muzhou's "Transfer Flowers and Connect Wood” card. Once the gain effect on Huang Yueying, Sun Sangxiang and other output cards is transferred, it is bad.

After Li Wan opened the invincible, because the invincible judgment has the highest priority, the transfer of flowers and trees can only transfer the invincible state to a card of Fenghua, and does not affect the output of Nirvana.

Xie Mingzhe gave his teammates a compliment in his heart and started practicing the card group operation countless times.

Volkswagen Eight Gossip Array, group chaos; Zhuge Liangtong Battle Group Confucianism, group chaos; Jia Zhiwen and Wu, group chaos...

A wave of confusion control field smashed down, the wind was tired of coping, unable to take into account the actions of other Nirvana cards for a moment.

Cao Qi and Cao Sik took the opportunity to start their wonderful performance!

Exile - When Cao Cao opens the "Exile” skill, you can expel the designated card to any location 30 meters away from you and keep the card from moving for 5 seconds.

Cao Qiao is in exile, it is Fenghua's group support card Dabanyan Tree!

The banyan tree was uprooted and kicked directly for 30 meters, solitary for 5 seconds in distant places, and could not assist the teammates.

Cao Sik, on the other hand, is fully open to all skills--

Drinking into Simon, Cao Sik was intoxicated and unconscious. Riding the horse accelerated by 500%, rushing into enemy camps and repelling enemy targets within range. This skill can be used as a displacement skill, and the key role is to put Cao Xiao at the center of the enemy formation.

Follow me closely, Los Angeles!

Cao Si's sadness infects surrounding targets, reducing the defense of enemy groups by 50%!

Then, seven steps into a poem, Cao Si walked forward and began to recite the poem: “Boiled beans with a spoon and thought it was juice...”

The audience was dumbstruck.

Playing games and reading poems? Dude, you're so smart!

Cao Si quickly finished the poem within seven steps. The hostile target in the range admired his culture and fell into collective silence.

Audience: "…”

Skill descriptions are as annoying as ever. What do you mean, admire Cao Sik's silence? The audience also wanted to be silent.

At this time, Fenghua's decontrol skills and defense skills are almost used. Cao Xi's group silence undoubtedly added to the snow.

But there is even more excessive - Cao Xi saw Cao Shi go deep into the enemy camp and immediately started the movement!

Brother Fried.

When Cao Xi was present, Cao Xi feared that his brother would threaten his position, forcing his brother to write a poem within seven steps. If Cao Xi could not become a poem in seven steps, Cao Xi killed Cao Xi!

All the audience saw Cao Sik just finished a poem.

At this time, Cao suddenly asked him to write another poem in seven steps. Isn't it hard?

Cao Si said: I can't do it!

Since Cao Si's seven-step poetry skills cooled, he was unable to write poetry, so Cao Xi killed Cao in front of the entire audience...

Audience: “????????? ”

Tang Muzhou: “…………"

Xie Mingzhe used this game to say, "I went crazy and killed my own people!"

Zheng Feng was drinking water. When he saw this place, a sip of water sprayed directly out: “Cao Cao killed his brother? Is that okay? ”

Chen Qianlin calmly said: “The linkage technique actually has two effects. If Cao Si's ‘seven steps into poetry’ skills are left to respond to Cao Xi's linkage, Cao Xi will banish Cao to a designated position and make him invincible for five seconds, and will not kill him. ”

But apparently, Xie Mingzhe chose another result: Cao Xi did not respond to the seven-step poem, and Cao Xi killed Cao Xi, triggering Cao Xi's death speech technique.

After Cao Shi's death, he will trigger the "brothers frying” death speech technique, leaving all enemy cards stunned, in a state of fear, unable to do anything for 3 seconds.

When you see this, don't say it's an enemy card, and the audience will be stunned.

Cao Xi killed Cao Xi??

LinkedIn actually lets a card kill its own LinkedIn card? Crazy to kill teammates?!

Xie Mingzhe, why don't you go to heaven!

At this time, Xie Mingzhe was serious, because after the opening of Cao Cao Xi's linkage technique, Nirvana's real attack would come...

Chen Xiao is extremely confident of the big picture. He manipulates Huang Yueying. Zhuge Lianxuan crossbow is set in a perfect position, almost 360 degree cover Fenghua 90% + card!

Metaphor is usually easy to impulse, but today he must calm down. Sun Sangxiang needs a big late harvest. He has been staring at the blood volume across the street, pulling the bow and arrow ready to fire the rocket when the other party's blood is collectively mutilated.

Quite a ruse - Xie Mingzhe opened up key supporting skills.

Very good at planning, never once have the schemes given failed. When the schemes are turned on, all our cards get the Intelligence bonus, and all attacks made in the next 5 seconds automatically become lock-outs and cannot be evaded!

Can't escape, how critical is that?!

Huang Yueying's Zhuge Lian crossbow fired continuously, and Fenghua's card blood volume was all depressed.

At this time, Sima Xiao appeared for a long time.

Since his appearance, Smurfette has been hidden in a difficult corner by Xie Mingzhe, standing with a bunch of assistant cards. The card did not release skills and therefore did not attract the attention of Fenghua.

In fact, the strongest part of Simaan is his passive skill - indulgence.

When Sima is attacked and controlled, he will endure and gain 20 Anger Points. When the Anger Points reach 100, Sima can trigger a Fury State at any time to swap his Defense and Attack.

Because it is a passive skill, it is difficult to attract the attention of the opponent, you can only see him stacked 100 points of anger, standing beside him playing soy sauce.

Zero Attack Power and nearly 100,000 Defense.

Tang Muzhou only considered him a thick-skinned support card and was too lazy to prioritize killing this card.

Who would have thought that this Nima attack and defense data would be interchangeable???

Sima Yan's anger was already overwhelmed, waiting for Guo Jia's death.

Guo Jia's death will improve the whole regiment's attack power by 50%. In the moment of Guo Jia's death, Sima was furious. The original attack of 100,000 went directly to 150,000!

Empty the anger strip, massive wooden strike damage!

Simma's intolerable eruption is horrible as destroying the heavens and exterminating the earth!

Feng Hua Ben was beaten by Huang Yueying into a half-blooded card. He was directly maimed by Sima's empty anger strip!

The audience's eyeballs are falling off - who would have thought that standing beside them playing soy sauce, unheard of simmering, attacking and exchanging defensive data at critical moments, gave Fenghua a a scare group attack gift bag?

Shangxiang Sun, should we do this?

He can tolerate it, too!

Because there is one key skill that has not been put in place.

Cao - centralized!

When this card was originally designed, Xie Mingzhe took into account the situation in the later period. Cao Huo's own output capacity was poor. The basic attack data of the full card was less than 50,000. Even with the dead word boost of Guo Jia, the attack was only 75,000. Compared with the main output card of 100,000, Cao Huo belonged to the third-class output card level.

But the key lies in his skills: centralization.

His output is not fixed, but variable.

Centralisation, which is also Cao's most critical political strategy after claiming emperor, was designed by Xie Mingzhe as a card skill. The effect is that when Cao Mingzhe turns on “Centralisation”, he can instantaneously draw 2% of basic attack power from all friends and enemy cards within 30 meters of himself. After absorption, he can attack in the designated direction, causing 220% of critical damage to the tree system.

Limited skill, a game can only be centralized once, released at this time, the effect is terrible ——

See only Huang Yueying, Sima Ying, Sun Sangxiang and other friendly cards, as well as the remaining snake and fruit cards of Fenghua...

All cards have 2% Attack Absorption.

Gorgeous skill effects appear, a strip of light in various colors, like silk, drifting from different directions to Cao Cao, while Cao Cao's attack power, at the unrecognizable speed of the naked eye, rushed directly to 120,000!

Cao Xiao, after the concentration of power, once again attacked the masses of a wide range of trees.

At this time, Fenghua's card goddamn death, there is only a small amount of blood left in the handicap, metaphorically Ko finally seized the opportunity, Sun Sangxiang's rocket aimed at the handicap - the first arrow fired after death triggered additional damage, the second arrow, the third arrow, the fourth arrow... can not stop!

Sister Dongwu's residual harvesting power is horrible, as evidenced by the fact that the rocket killed five cards in a single breath.

Sun Sangxiang's continuous shooting presupposed Xie Mingzhe's precise command, allowing Huang Yueying, Sima Ying and Cao Qiao to attack the three groups of cards, struck out tons of explosion damage, and compressed the blood volume of all cards of Fenghua.

Even if Feng Hua took care of Zhou Yu and Lu Son in the early stages, killing Huang Zhong and Zhen Zheng, but Nirvana's true strategic core was actually the moment Guo Jia's death, Cao Qi and Cao Shi's brothers linked!

Cao Yue killed Cao Sik, feared the whole scene for 3 seconds, Huang Yue Ying group attacked the mat, Sima Yue, Cao Yue erupted successively, and finally released Sun Sangxiang harvesting residue with improved attack power.

Wave clear, Game over!

Fenghua left only a banyan tree in exile standing against the wind in the distance, the auxiliary card had no attack power and was surrounded by Nirvana character cards.

Tang Muzhou could not but laugh and watch the Great Banyan Tree slowly die by the character brand's general attack skills.

Second inning, Nirvana wins!

Xie Mingzhe's a perfect match.

The great gods who watched backstage gave a warm round of applause to Nirvana today.

From the first auxiliary defense, to the late calculation of the key rhythm point of Guo Jia's death, arrange Cao Cao and Cao Xi to link up. Each character card played its part in this game, 20 character cards joined together, the entire character card array never appeared in the history of the league, exerted great power, shocked the entire audience, it was long impossible to recover.

The applause and screaming echoed the venue, and the Vigilante proudly lifted the banner high.

Nirvana, in this posture to the post-season, is confident that no one will ever question their strength again.

In the final season, Nirvana will surely live up to all expectations and bring more excitement to everyone!

The regular game is finally over!

Crazy even killed his own people Xie Mingzhe, please like him ^_^