[Chapter 262, Departure]

After personally inviting Master to Nirvana Club, Tang Muzhou returned to Fenghua.

As the host of the hospitality, he certainly wanted to make everyone happy and satisfied, but he did not have the experience to organize major events himself and feared that some places might be missed, so he invited Fenghua Club's player broker Xue Linxiang to specialize in the overall planning of the group trip.

Sister Xue was careful. After counting the approximate list, she quickly booked the hotel and the restaurant for the next few days. Even the entertainment program at sea greeted the entertainment center in advance.

It's June and the students haven't taken a summer vacation yet, so it's not really peak season and the hotel is booked very well. However, the exact number of rooms needed to be confirmed with the hotel after the final list was obtained. Xue Linxiang urged Tang Muzhou to give the list, and Tang Muzhou again invited him in the coalition group. Until no one signed up at night, he pulled all his friends on the trip into a new group.

Xue Linxiang roughly counted, this is more than 30 people, you can see how powerful Tang Muzhou is.

Tang Muzhou sent a message in the crowd: "At the beach, we booked a resort with a high-rise sea view room, a vacation villa for two with a separate swimming pool, and a large villa for four to eight people. If you have any requests for accommodation, you can tell Sister Xue that it will be arranged by Sister Xue. ”

Ye Zhu immediately jumped out: “@ BaiXu Xiaobai, why don't we live together? ”

After the all-star activities, the “revolutionary friendship” between the two teenagers deepened further. They were killed back by Xie Mingzhe in the rough island model, and they chased Xie Mingzhe in the challenge competition. The two enemies have become silent dead parties. Plus, the aesthetics of the Great Red and Green are more consistent, Bai Xu promised without hesitation: “No problem, we live in a double villa together! ”

Pei Jingshan was somewhat confused: “You go live with Bai Xu, what about me? ”

Only Pei Jingshan and Ye Bamboo participated in this trip in the Dark Night Capital. Ye Bamboo realized that he had abandoned his captain and immediately said, "Let's live together! ”

Pei Jingshan categorically refused: “Never mind, I'd rather live with Xiao Jingshan.” He doesn't want to be with two chattering little guys, he feels like a parent with kids, he's bound to get a headache.

"My master and Ling Shen will go with us," replied Shirui. “Can the four of us stay in a large villa? ”

Pei Jingshan agreed happily; “No problem. ”

Shanlan gave a smiling expression: “I live with Master, please arrange it. Thank you Sister Xue. ”

Xiaolan will follow Master wherever he goes, almost becoming a body pendant of Nie Yuandao. Everyone has become accustomed to this model of relationship between the two disciples. There is nothing wrong with two people living alone in a double villa.

On the other side of Liu Frost City, because of the leadership of Suyang seniors, it is rare for the four male homeschoolers to make a group move. Suyang and his wife, two twin daughters, and all four brothers of Liu Frost City live in a large set, especially lively.

Other clubs also lived with players they knew. Shao Mengchen decided to make a room with Sister Xue and Sister Zhen Mun.

When Xie Mingzhe saw everyone speaking positively, he came out and said, "Is there a big villa? Then all of us Nirvana live together! Master and Brother Chen live upstairs. I live downstairs with Yuki and Qin Xuan! Sister Xue, arrange it. Thank you! ”

Xue Linxiang: “Okay. ”

However, just after that, Tang Muzhou followed suit: “@ Xie Mingzhe, you live with me. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “???? ”

Pei and Chen, who knew the truth, were silent, and others were somewhat confused by Tang Muzhou's sudden intervention.

Sherin feels a little sore in the face - Tang, I just nodded and you just hit me in the face.

Tang Muzhou smiled and explained: “Master likes to be quiet. Your group of people in Nirvana will definitely quarrel with him. Master and Chen Xuan live in a double villa. You live with me. Xiao Ke and Qin Xuan live together. Anyway, there are enough rooms booked this time. ”

Xie Mingzhe, considering more economical and affordable arrangements, said seriously: “But in that case, you will have to pay for the accommodation of three more villas. Seaview resort villas must not be cheap, money can not be wasted like this! I think it would be nice for the five of us to live in a big house, Master likes to be quiet. I know, we won't quarrel with him. ”

Chen Chi Lin, dragged out as a gun, is incredible-- what does it matter to me?

Tang Muzhou had some headaches. Little brother was actually planning to save him money. Should I say that this guy is too considerate or too simple?

The key purpose of this trip is to live with you, okay?

Tang Muzhou couldn't help but laugh and simply said: “Sister Xue's room is already booked, you can't go back. ”

Xue Linxiang had to slap herself. "I was just answering Xiaolan. You and Nie Shen's room have been arranged. @ Xie Mingzhe, you can live with Tang Muzhou, there are only two sets of big villas, one set in Liu Frost City, the little one belongs to Lao Zheng and they are not enough. ”

Xie Mingzhe had to agree.

Think about it, it hurts for my brother, so much money just disappeared!

Seeing that Archer no longer objected, Tang Muzhou said in the group: "If you need to adjust your accommodation arrangements, look for Sister Xue. Tomorrow you can take a nap and meet me at the station at 11: 00 p.m. sharp. ”

"The UV light is stronger by the sea, so you can bring sunscreen and sunglasses, and the resort villa has a private swimming pool, so please bring your own swimsuit if you want to swim. ”

Xie Mingzhe wrote down Sister Xue's tips - this was his first trip to the beach.

As an orphan, he had just been able to feed himself and had no money for a holiday by the sea. He started playing cards and games after the rebirth of this world. Although he was not short of money in this world and his savings had reached eight digits, he had not had time to travel.

Brother Xie Mingzhe was excited to invite everyone to travel while eating and packing. Turning off the chat group and checking the destination of the trip - Tang Muzhou Ding place is said to have been developed in recent years, located in the solar system, very remote, but with the most beautiful sea view of the whole universe, clear sea water is not contaminated at all, pure natural landscape, beautiful.

Pictures searched online look like special effects synthesis.

Looking at the information, Tang Muzhou suddenly sent a voice chat; “When packing, remember to bring your swimming pants and goggles. ”

"'I'm a dry duck,' said Xie Mingzhe. 'I can't swim, can I? ”

Tang Muzhou said, "What's the point of going to the beach and not swimming? I can teach you how to swim. Take it. Many offshore entertainment projects also require swimming trousers. Otherwise, do you want to wear shorts with short sleeves and get wet by the sea? ”

Xie Mingzhe usually enjoys running, fitness, playing ball, and is not very interested in swimming. However, this time it is rare to go to the beach, Tang Muzhou also said that he can teach him, Xie Mingzhe felt that he was just in time to learn - what if one day it was a good gift, learned it?

Xie Mingzhe, who felt good about herself, immediately promised: "Okay, I'll go buy it tomorrow morning. ”

"'I'll go with you,' said Tang Muzhou. 'I just want to buy a new set, too. ”


The two of them arranged to pick up Xie Mingzhe at 10: 00 a.m. the next morning, Tang Muzhou drove to the place where the sunglasses were sold.

The boutique is luxuriously decorated with posters of big stars at its doorstep and seems to be a product of the entertainment industry's super popular celebrity endorsement. Tang Muzhou glanced at the counter and picked out a pair of sunglasses for Xie Mingzhe. "Try it. ”

Xie Mingzhe's five officers are exquisitely handsome, the jaw line is especially beautiful, and after wearing the big sunglasses that cover his half face, it's just a small piece of meat in the entertainment circle, easily mistaken for a star by the passersby.

After wearing sunglasses, he smiled into the mirror and put his hands in a cool position on his chin. “What do you think, brother? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly, his eyes filled with tenderness: “It's pretty. ”

Shopping girls also add oil and vinegar to the side; "Handsome, you look great in our sunglasses! This is a limited edition of the new release this year, which can't be managed by people with ugly faces. Your boyfriend has a great eye. ”

Xie Mingzhe glanced at Tang Muzhou and explained with a smile: “He is not my boyfriend. ”

Tang Muzhou: “…” Have you asked me? How do you know I don't want to?

"" Ah, I'm sorry. ”

Xie Mingzhe waved: “It's okay, just buy this, I think it's good too. ”

Just about to pay, Tang Muzhou took the initiative to brush the card and said with a slight smile: "Brother, give it to you. ”

Xie Mingzhe wanted to excuse herself, but Tang Muzhou moved too fast and paid for it. Mobile payments in this era were faster than WeChat scanning codes and could not be stopped.

Xie Mingzhe had to take the sunglasses and say thank you.

The next time I went to buy swimsuit pants, Xie Mingzhe grabbed the money proactively: “You buy me sunglasses, swimsuit pants and goggles, I buy them for you, I can't let you pay for them all! ”

Tang Muzhou smiled and had no objection.

The intimate, intimate clothes like swimsuits should not normally be given casually if they are not couples, but Archer obviously knows nothing about ignorance, just like he gave Tang Muzhou clothes on his birthday - he actually offered to pay Tang Muzhou for a brand new pair of black swimsuits.

Tang Muzhou was happy to accept that he would let Xie Mingzhe take it off himself in the future.

When they had finished shopping, they went to the station together. Xie Mingzhe saw a lot of familiar faces. Everyone was carrying a suitcase or a travel bag. He had to change his clothes during the week of travel. Men probably didn't carry many clothes, and the girls had a normal set every day.

This is a private space station, so don't worry that so many people will be hit by passers-by or paparazzi. There is a brand new passenger ship parked in the center of the station. Xie Mingzhe speculated that Tang Muzhou should borrow it from his uncle.

His uncle, Baixu's father, is said to be the owner of a large airline, which Tang Muzhou once mentioned to Xie Mingzhe. Since it is Tang Muzhou that organizes the tour, it is also sensible to request the help of uncle in transportation.

Everyone boards the ship, lunch is settled directly on the ship and a simple buffet is arranged.

Xie Mingzhe was full of food and drink, sitting in the cabin, looking out at the strange cosmic landscape, very emotional.

Outside the window is a vast cosmic skyscraper, occasionally gliding meteors lit the sky, and Baixu will explain his vast astronomical knowledge as the ship passes through a strangely shaped nebula.

This made Xie Mingzhe more aware - that he could never go back to Earth.

But strangely, he doesn't feel lost at all.

In the beginning, he sometimes wonders if he can go back? This place is so strange.

But now he's glad to be in the world - he's embarked on a completely unexpected alternative path, became a professional cardholder, met so many interesting people, and made many of his favorite celebrities into cards, which is also a "good trip”!

Xie Mingzhe smiled with warmth in his heart.

He loves the world and is determined to settle here once and for all. Of course, it's best to find someone you love and hold on to for a lifetime, not knowing what your future companion will be?

In his wild thoughts, suddenly a low voice interrupted his thoughts: “What are you thinking? ”

Tang Muzhou walked over with two cups of fruit juice and handed Xie Mingzhe a cup of strawberry juice he loved to drink to his hand: “Have you thought of something good with such a happy smile? ”

Xie Mingzhe took a sip of strawberry juice and dared to ask: "Brother, can I ask you a more private question? ”

"- [sic]“ Ask. ”

Xie Mingzhe stumbled into his ear and mysteriously asked: “In the all-star Q&A session, you said you had someone you liked, it was your first love... how does it feel to like someone? How are you sure you like her? ”

Tang Muzhou turned around and put a bright eye on his younger brother.

Those eyes were clear and pure and full of curiosity, obviously he didn't know what it was like to like someone else.

Tang Muzhou saw his own projection in his eyes.

He drinks fruit juice and his lips are wet, very red in color, very full in shape, especially suitable for kissing. Beneath the slightly open lips are neat, white teeth that also reveal a reddish tongue tip when speaking.

... it's so fucked up!

Tang Muzhou's throat scrolled dramatically.

How do you know? What should I say?

Do you like it when I want to kiss you right now and squeeze you into the bed?

At first, Tang Muzhou was uncertain, and Xie Mingzhe was most attracted to him by his outstanding card making talent. He thinks the little brother is very skinny and cute, his personality is straightforward and sunny, and he is very serious about his work. He is also being the brother's helper.

I don't know when it starts, but it gets more and more attentive, and my heart beats faster because of the other person's proximity.

Want to kiss him, want to monopolize him, want to keep him around forever.

This strong desire for exclusivity naturally stems from liking it.

Tang Muzhou is very sober and sane in this matter and will never make the wrong decision.

“Brother?” The look on Tang Muzhou suddenly became deeper and the smile on his face disappeared. Xie Mingzhe realized that he might have asked a question he shouldn't have asked and immediately said, "I'm curious if it's okay to say so. ”

Tang Muzhou looked back at him with complexity: “Curiosity? ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: “I'm not inexperienced, am I? I want to find you with experience, exchange feelings! ”

Tang Muzhou raised his lip corner slightly uncertainly and said: "Not in a hurry, later slowly communicate. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “Can't you do it now? ”

Tang Muzhou: “No, I'm going to bed. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Look down at the watch, it's exactly 4: 00 pm.

I heard that Tang Muzhou has a daily “afternoon sleep” habit. The wind and rain are unobstructed. Fans say he needs to sleep when his plants are exposed. Xie Mingzhe dared not challenge his brother's biological clock, but watched Tang Muzhou turn around and go to sleep in a single cabin.

But I'm curious, who will be the person my brother likes?

* * *

[Chapter 263, Beginning Cohabitation]

On this trip, the destination was somewhat distant and it did not finally arrive until 6 p.m.

The spirit of Tang Muzhou when he woke up was amazing. He organized everyone to go to the hotel to eat a rich seafood meal. The seafood by the sea was particularly fresh. Seafood such as king crab and large lobster were filled with tables like no money. Everyone was satisfied.

This resort hotel is very private, Tang Muzhou directly sublets Area A, they are the only players in the lobby besides the hotel staff, don't worry about getting bumped into.

After dinner, you will be guided to your accommodation.

Xie Mingzhe has seen many single-family villas along the way, the hotel has a beautiful environment and the shape of the villa is very sophisticated. Most villas are built by the sea and the beach is the only way out. This kind of accommodation is definitely pricey. Xie Mingzhe admires the pride of his brother. However, Tang Muzhou's level of athletes, income is not what the average person would think, and this money is nothing to him.

The two came to Villa 21 and Xie Mingzhe walked in excitedly with his luggage.

Two-story villa with living room, dining room, kitchen and an open-air swimming pool on the ground floor, balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows that push directly into the beach, white sand looks very fine.

On the second floor are two bedrooms, both large and have separate bathrooms - Though Tang Muzhou would love to sleep with his brother, the relationship has not yet reached that point, Xie Mingzhe is not stupid, it is impossible to agree to sleep with him in a bed.

Each of them chose a room to put their luggage down.

Xie Mingzhe excitedly flipped out of the suitcase and put it on, "Brother, I want to go swimming, do you want to go? ”

The swimming pool downstairs is beautifully designed, half of it extends into the ocean and is isolated by tile walls and sea water; lying next to the pool, you can see the ocean as if you were in the ocean.

The pool is obviously fresh and clear.

The climate of the planet is hotter than that of the capital star, but now that it is evening, the sun has fallen to sea level and the sea breeze blowing across the face dissipates the surrounding heat and the temperature is very comfortable.

Xie Mingzhe really wanted to jump into the pool for a while, and by the way, she felt comfortable looking at the sunset.

He did not hesitate, after deciding on his plans, went back to the bedroom to take off his clothes, and came to Tang Muzhou to swim in his swimming pants.

Tang Muzhou saw him like this, his back slightly stiff, I don't know what to say.

- You're too unconscious! Like a little white rabbit with his belly spread out in front of a wolf. Aren't you afraid to eat you?

Xie Mingzhe was thin and had long, straight legs. The curves of his collarbone and waist were all reflected in Tang Muzhou's eyes.

Tang Muzhou forcibly withstood the impulse and whispered: “Do you want to learn swimming now? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded excitedly; “There's nothing to do with eating and drinking. Anyway, it's still early, come teach me to see if I have talent. ”

Tang Muzhou couldn't refuse to look at what he was expecting.

So Tang Muzhou also changed his swimming pants and came to the swimming pool downstairs.

He was ten centimeters taller than Xie Mingzhe and had longer legs. Adult men wore swimming pants, goggles and sexy hormones all over his body and down to make Xie Mingzhe look trembling.

Brother is a perfect figure for a model, you can actually see neat abs!

Eight abs. Isn't this beautiful?!

Xie Mingzhe said with some envy: "Brother, you are in such good shape, how did you practice? ”

When he was born again, because he had been a vegetable man for a long time in the hospital, Xie Mingzhe was thin as a bone. Later, he was nourished, slowly adjusted, and his body returned to normal level. Compared to Tang Muzhou, he was not very healthy.

Tang Muzhou's body is full of men. The sisters saw that her legs were expected to be soft. Even Xie Mingzhe was subjected to strong visual shock. Her heart beat particularly fast, she had some difficulty breathing, and she was forced to remain calm.

Tang Muzhou smiled and replied: “I usually go to the gym and practice these abs for years. You're young, you don't have to learn from me, you're fine. ”

After saying that, he looked at him again. He was only 19 years old in August this year. He looked like a teenager, with some little sexiness in his green appearance. He smiled at himself wearing the same style of swimming pants, and smiled especially.

Afraid that he would be unable to bear it, Tang Muzhou had to look away: “Aren't you going to learn to swim? Get in the water. ”

Xie Mingzhe, um, followed Tang Muzhou into the pool.

The smart pool adjusted the temperature, and the moment it just went into the water, it felt slightly cooler, but soon it felt smooth, and the tiredness of the day seemed to disappear the moment it soaked into the pool.

Xie Mingzhe could not swim, but was not afraid of the water and walked into the pool to hold the wall forward.

Tang Muzhou watched him as carefully as a child learned to walk, his eyes couldn't help but swim to him more gently, reach out and gently grab his shoulder, take him to the other side of the pool, "Follow me first to learn to breathe underwater. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded seriously: "Okay. ”

Tang Muzhou explained the precautions to him and followed the demonstration closely.

Xie Mingzhe had just begun to completely fail to grasp the rhythm of breathing, holding his breath and exhaling was always poorly controlled. Once his head was buried in the water, the feeling of suffocation flooded by the water would cause him to panic, and he choked several sips, coughing and blushing.

Tang Muzhou gently patted him on the back: “Don't be afraid, I'm here, just relax and try again. ”

Probably Tang Muzhou's voice was too gentle, Xie Mingzhe gradually settled down and slowly adjusted according to his guidance.

Several times later, Xie Mingzhe finally mastered underwater breathing skills and looked up excitedly: “I seem to have learned a little! ”

It was at dusk that the sun finally set on the sea level, the whole surface of the sea was like a golden ray of light, the sea breeze was outdated, the sea level was rising, constantly shaking, waves of sparkling water, like there were countless fine diamonds. Evening summer in the sky is connected to the surface of the sea, truly presenting a magnificent view of the "sea sky and sky”.

Xie Mingzhe looked back at the scene and immediately closed his eyes and looked away from the pool.

“Beautiful...” Xie Mingzhe sighed, “The pictures on the internet, I thought they were synthetic, I didn't expect them to be so beautiful! ”

However, in Tang Mu Zhou's eyes, there is no sea or sunset at all.

In his eyes, only Xie Mingzhe lay by the pool.

Xie Mingzhe, who had just learned to breathe underwater, was as excited as the first student to take the exam. The smile on his face was brilliant. He was wearing only black swimming pants. His body soaked in the water was full of crystal clear water beads, and the sun was shining, like his whole body was glowing.

The wet hair was dark as ink, and the water on the tip of his hair was flowing down the collarbone, shaking his hair casually and splashing water beads, so handsome and sexy.

Tang Muzhou heard his own severe heartbeat.

What a tempting and unclear guy...

Tang Muzhou smiled softly and extended his hand to help Xie Mingzhe draped some naughty hair away from his ears. He heard himself say in a gentle voice: “If you like the sea, I can come with you often in the future, we still have a lot of time. ”

Xie Mingzhe was admiring the spectacular sea view and did not perceive the depth of this sentence.

In fact, for Tang Muzhou, this promise can be fulfilled in a lifetime.

I'll be with you wherever you want to go in the future.

Tang Muzhou pursues the way of people he likes, just like himself.

He would not force Xie Mingzhe to say yes, nor would he want to suddenly confess to disrupting the intimate relationship. He would only do what he had to do - companionship is the longest confession. He wants to be gentle and long-lasting than a fierce love.

So let your little brother get used to his days around him, and the week should be enough.

Get used to it, one day you'll be inseparable.

Life is exhausting, Tang Xie's love line should be sweeter!

Warm, both are first love:)