[Chapter 264, Beach Party]

Xie Mingzhe has a particularly strong learning ability. As a dry duck who has never swimmed before, he was able to learn underwater breathing skills so quickly. He was also a little surprised himself - presumably because he taught him personally and was very gentle and patient, so he learned twice as much?

With such a good teacher, Xie Mingzhe found swimming not difficult at all.

After learning the technique of exhaling, he was excited to continue to learn freestyle, but Tang Muzhou said: "Step by step, lay the foundation first. It's late, I'll teach you another day. ”

“Okay!” Brother also made sense. It was a long time ago, not in a hurry.

The two practiced until 11 o'clock, when Xie Mingzhe reluctantly stepped out of the pool. After a few hours of study, he was also a little tired and when he returned to his bedroom he simply took a shower and went back to sleep.

Thought it would be easy to sleep until dawn in a state of physical exhaustion, but awakened by nightmares in the middle of the night.

Technically, it's not a nightmare, it's just something strange about the dream - he dreams of another man, who can't see the exact five, blurred, but the man is in a particularly good shape and has neat abdomen and neat abs. The man pressed him against the bed and kissed him enthusiastically. Xie Mingzhe felt like he was about to catch his breath. The whole body was burning like a fire.

When he woke up, Xie Mingzhe was in a cold sweat, feeling like a legendary "ghost bed” in a nightmare. He stretched out his hand and touched his lips, not a trace of being kissed, but the dream was too realistic, leaving him in a bit of a trance.

It's strange. I've been having these dreams lately. Is it too much of an adolescence craving?

The man who dreams of having abs is obviously the reason for thinking and dreaming every day and night after seeing the abs of Tang Muzhou today. He really likes the size of his brother, a few abs just right, doesn't make him feel “barbaric” like those big muscle guys, but rather sexy with thin and skilful legs and sturdy chests.

Nevertheless, Xie Mingzhe dared not think about his brother.

He always thought he was a reckless person and had seen some film material during his last puberty, but he wasn't obsessed with it, just looked at it as a Kopp and understood the specific process. Since he never had a boyfriend and had no experience at all, he rarely had such ambiguous dreams, and much of his energy was devoted to part-time earnings and finding work.

I didn't expect that dreams have become more frequent lately. I always dream that I am with people. Xie Mingzhe is also quite embarrassed, as if he was young and unhappy with his desires. If his brother found out, he would probably laugh at him...

Xie Mingzhe blushed and went to wash her underwear early in the morning. She was washing and suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Tang Muzhou was up a long time ago. When he heard the noise in the opposite bedroom, he came to see if Little Brother was awake. He knocked on the door and walked in. "Are you awake? Let's go to breakfast. ”

Xie Mingzhe's hands trembled suddenly and accidentally threw his underwear into the sink. He hurried to pick it up, so he said to the door easily: "Brother, wait for me downstairs for a while, I'm still washing my face. ”

“Well, I'll wait for you in the living room.” Tang Muzhou certainly wouldn't push the bathroom open to see what was going on, leaving that sentence and going downstairs.

Xie Mingzhe was relieved and somewhat heartless.

He lived for two generations, he was 22 years old in his last life and had not encountered such a situation, and now his heart is stirring up, like a young teenager who has just entered adolescence, he always dreams of strange scenes at night, and he has some shame in his heart.

Of course, the young man's blood is just right. From a scientific point of view, it is normal to dream of this kind. His physical response also proves that he is healthy. However, he has been dreaming too often lately, which makes him feel embarrassed. It is probably because the holidays are too leisurely, which is why he thinks absurdly. After a while the final season begins, once you're busy, you can't imagine.

Xie Mingzhe washed his underwear, dried it and hung it in the wardrobe and changed into his new clothes and went downstairs.

Tang Muzhou was sitting on the sofa watching the news in his head. The brother who had just woken up in the morning had a relaxed after-sleep breath and was wearing casual homewear, which made people feel softer than usual.

He lifted his lip gently to Xie Mingzhe, "Yesterday I learned swimming so late, I thought you might sleep till 10: 00 today, but you got up early, it's only 8: 00. ”

Xie Mingzhe explained with a smile: "Biological clock, I'm not used to sleeping lazily. ”

In fact, in the morning, after being awakened by strange dreams, he couldn't sleep and stayed with his eyes open until dawn.

Tang Muzhou stood up and walked up to him. “Let's have breakfast first. If you're interested, you can also go to the maritime entertainment center today and play some entertainment projects. ”

Xie Mingzhe had no objection and followed after him out.

Although in the name of “group outing” this time, Sister Xue arranged accommodation for small groups or double villas. Everyone spends more time on their own, so don't worry about getting too loud with so many people every day.

According to Sister Xue's arrangement, in the next few days, you can go play offshore entertainment projects at will, you can chat in the sun on the beach by the sea, or even stay in your own villa and sleep in the dark, nobody cares about you, you are extremely free.

Three meals a day Tang Mu Zhou has a full cost. This hotel has five themed restaurants, all kinds of delicious. Lunch and dinner can be eaten at will. There is a buffet for breakfast, which is very rich, but because there is only one cafeteria, the probability of meeting someone else at breakfast time is the highest.

When Tang Pastoral and Xie Mingzhe came to the cafeteria, they saw Shanlan picking up food in the pastry area at the door with a plate in his hand. Xie Mingzhe voluntarily walked over to greet him: “Lanlan, are you up so early? ”

Mountain Lan shrugged and looked back at him: “Why are you not big enough to call me Lan Lan? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and joked: “The age gap is not a problem, after all, you are the first person I have openly proposed to! All star audiences can testify, and you haven't agreed to my proposal. ”

Mountain Lan's face blushed and some regretted messing with this thick face - why was Xie Mingzhe in trouble at the time? As a result, he was dragged into the pit. Xie Mingzhe is the guy with the "Can't Kill Me" sound when he gets to the end of the game at 100: 00!

Challenging the Boss outcome to be killed backwards is self-inflicted.

Shanlan smiled bitterly: “I was just kidding. Don't keep it in mind, just think of me as wrong, okay? ”

Xie Mingzhe discovered that the character of Lan God was really particularly soft, although he was several years older than himself, but his face looked very young, he had a sense of greenery between teenagers and youth, he loved to wear white and looked particularly clean.

He had always been very fond of Shanlan. When he was still little white, Shanlan invited him to join the ruling. Instead of bullying him because he was a newcomer, he clearly stated the value of the cards he had made, so that he could think for himself. He did not give him any difficulty when he refused. Later, he even returned the copyright of Wuzong card. It was obvious that he was a very gentle and kind person.

He thinks people like this are great for being friends.

Also, the blush is pretty cute when it comes to the tune - it's like a bun that just came out of the oven and almost got hot on its face.

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “You also said that I have no experience in love, let me practice proposing in advance, I want to ask, have you ever been in love? Or is there someone you like? ”

Mountain Lan's ears are now red and her hands on the plate are slightly white.

At this point, a low voice suddenly sounded in his ear: "Ran, I was looking for you. ”

Mountain Lan met the savior and immediately turned to Nie Yuandao: “Master, I've got your favorite chocolate cake. Let's go sit over there.” It's just running away, obviously afraid of Xie Mingzhe, can't cause it, can't hide.

Nie Yuandao nodded to the two of them and took his apprentice to sit by the window. He glanced at Xie Mingzhe as he walked away. He seemed to warn Xie Mingzhe not to bully his apprentice.

Xie Mingzhe looked at the shadow of Mountain Lan and couldn't help but say: “Mountain Lan people are very gentle and have a good temper. Looking at the look on his face just now as if he had never been in love, he was shy... aren't all the players from Starcard League single? ”

“Mostly, but not exclusively.” Tang Muzhou glanced at Xie Mingzhe and did not see the likes of Shanlan from his brother's face. Obviously, this guy was only joking with Shanlan. He was slightly relieved and said, “Others I don't know, but Pei Jingshan has a girlfriend, good feelings, not in this circle. He worried that he would be harassed by fans after disclosing his girlfriend's identity, so he kept it a secret. ”

“Well...” Xie Mingzhe was a little curious, but inconvenient to gossip.

“I know his girlfriend, the law school sister of Tito University, is busy with her work, she usually gets together a lot less, but Pei is very specialized with her girlfriend, I expect he will go home and get married when he retires.” Tang Muzhou told Xie Mingzhe about the situation of his friends. He also thought that Archer was not an outsider. He would definitely have a chance to see them later. Perhaps Pei Jingshan's wedding will have to be attended by the two of them.

“You grew up with Pei Jingshan. Love should be the same, right? Aren't you a freshman about people you like?” Xie Mingzhe thought of the statement sent by his brother. At the time, many fans were guessing who he liked. Some wife fans still spoke ill of the people he liked, but Tang Muzhou simply said "after the certificate will be released”, obviously identifying each other and going towards marriage.

“Of course.” Tang Muzhou replied without hesitation, looking back at Xie Mingzhe, his eyes were very gentle, "If you change your mind, aren't you too confident in your own eyes? The people I like are the best. ”

“…” suddenly a little envious of that person, lucky to get the love so focused on Tang Muzhou.

Xie Mingzhe felt uncomfortable again. He quickly ignored this anomaly and took an empty plate to find food.

As a result, the spiritually trembling Ye Bamboo and Bai Xu were met at the corner. The two little guys were swallowing and the breakfast was filled with tables. Xie Mingzhe laughed: “Are you two hungry? ”

Ye Bamboo said while eating the cake: "It will consume a lot of energy today, of course you should eat more for breakfast! ”

Bai Xu said, "We're going to the maritime entertainment center. ”

Xie Mingzhe raised his interest and sat down beside them and asked, "Are there many fun projects? ”

Ye Bamboo directly opened his light brain to show him, there is an introduction to all the projects of the entertainment center, traditional play such as sea airships, parachutes, and the cliffside bouncing pole, which looks particularly exciting.

Xie Mingzhe was also stupidly moving and looked back at Tang Muzhou: “Why don't we go anyway? ”

Tang Muzhou certainly wouldn't object: “Okay. ”

The water project would be wet, so after dinner, the two went back to pick up their swimming pants and sunscreen sunglasses and set off for the activity center.

By the time the two of them were present, Ye Zhu and Baixu had already gone to play. Xie Mingzhe was very excited. She also played several exciting projects with Tang Muzhou. She exclaimed excitedly. Tang Muzhou rarely shouted, but her lips floated with laughter. She felt that such a happy Xie Mingzhe would make his mood improve.

Xie Mingzhe enjoyed herself with a full day of nautical entertainment.

In the evening, we were supposed to eat at the hotel's theme restaurant, and Suyang suddenly proposed in the group, "Do you want to come to the beach for a barbecue? It must be nice to have a BBQ and a beach party while the sea breeze blows. ”

This proposal was echoed by many people, and Xie Mingzhe thought of the two precious daughters of Su Yang's predecessors and immediately joined them.

So Tang Muzhou went to the hotel to borrow the barbecue tools and ingredients.

In the evening, everyone sits around the beach on a self-service barbecue with beer.

Xie Mingzhe took the initiative to sit with Su Yang seniors and baked the food for the twin sisters with special care. The two little girls sat beside him, left and right, calling him "brother” was so intimate. Xie Mingzhe really had a set of children.

After eating, the little girl went to the beach to play with the sand, and used the sand to pile up all kinds of strange shapes. Xie Mingzhe's not worried about playing with them. She also used the sand to pile up all kinds of cute animal and plant shapes.

By the sea in the evening, a handsome big boy, with two five-year-olds, had to enjoy the scene, but there was a different kind of warmth.

Seeing this scene, Su Yang couldn't help but feel sad: “I didn't expect Xiao Xie to be so patient with the child. My two daughters are so naughty, I don't want to take them, but he would love to play with the kids. ”

Tang Muzhou's eyes grew softer and softer: “He does love children. ”

Su Yanghaha laughed: “Your brother is such a smart ghost. I also watched this year's all-star. Both my daughters loved him very much. He became his deathly loyal powder. He said that MVP votes at the end of the season must be voted for him. ”

Two little girls have gone crazy, covered in sand, and stupidly buried themselves in the sand, revealing only one head. Xie Mingzhe went crazy with them and buried herself in the sand.

Tang Muzhou: "…”

At night, the sea temperature was cold. Unconsciously, the sky had become completely black. Through the light of the street lamp, it was possible to see the position of the three people. Suyang went to get his daughter to go home. Tang Muzhou also walked over and dug Xie Mingzhe out of the sand heap. Looking at this "sanitized” guy, Tang Muzhou couldn't help but cry: “You are ridiculous, you are covered in sand. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled brilliantly and patted the sand on his body. He was just about to talk and suddenly sneezed several times.

Tang Muzhou frowned: “Is it cold? ”

Xie Mingzhe shook his head: “Probably blown by the wind, not much. ”

Tang Muzhou immediately took a coat and put it on him, whispering: “It's late, go back. ”

Su Yang's daughter waved in love and said goodbye to Xie Mingzhe: "Goodbye brother! ”

Xie Mingzhe rubbed the heads of the two sisters with a smile: “See you tomorrow! ”

* * * * * *

[Chapter 265, Care]

Upon returning to the villa, Tang Muzhou told Xie Mingzhe to take a bath immediately.

Warm water washed the sand and dust from your body, but Xie Mingzhe wasn't feeling very well and sneezed constantly. He only wore a pair of swimming trousers for hours on the beach at night and probably caught a cold from the sea breeze.

He's always in good physical shape, he doesn't mind a little cold, and he's ready to go to bed after a bath.

As a result, the brain became more and more painful after falling asleep, like an electric drill drilled on the scalp, Xie Mingzhe covered his head, only felt faint in his brain, and began to ache all over.

Painfully rolling over and over the bed, the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open and the warmth of the lamp lit up.

Tang Muzhou also took a bath. He walked to the bed in his pajamas and asked softly: “Is it uncomfortable? ”

”- [sic]“ Not bad, not bad...

It's just that Dumb's voice has betrayed him.

Tang Muzhou was very careful, I had long seen that Archer was not in the right condition. After returning to the villa, the sound of sneezing continued to be heard during the bath. His face was also a little unusual red, and he obviously caught a cold from the sea breeze.

So, while Xie Mingzhe had just fallen asleep, he came to the bedroom to see for himself.

It turns out he's sick.

Tang Muzhou frowned slightly, reaching out and gently touching Xie Mingzhe's forehead, "A little fever. ”

Xie Mingzhe said dazzlingly: "Really? No wonder I feel cold..."

People with fever, because of their high body temperature, sometimes feel cold. Xie Mingzhe trembled in the nest, his whole body was cold sweating, his eyes were wet, it looked particularly pathetic.

This guy usually has a bright smile and is naughty. Sometimes even Tang Muzhou wants to beat him up... but when he's sick, it hurts so much that Tang Muzhou really wants to hold him in his arms and take good care of him.

Probably sick people would have looked fragile?

Xie Mingzhe, with a fever, looked innocent and soft.

Tang Muzhou sighed and rubbed Xie Mingzhe's hair gently. "I'll find you some fever medicine. ”

Xie Mingzhe said: "Don't bother, I'm in good physical shape, I just have a small cold, the resistance will soon be fine. ”

Tang Muzhou lowered his voice: “Listen, take your medicine and get some sleep, it will be better soon. ”

Said he turned around and quickly brought back a glass of warm water and fever medicine, which he must have brought when he went out. I didn't expect to use on Xie Mingzhe this time.

Tang Muzhou sat him up, leaned him against his chest and patiently fed him fever medicine.

As the warm water slipped across his throat, Xie Mingzhe felt that his almost burning voice seemed much more comfortable. He sucked his nose and said: "Thank you, brother. ”

Tang Muzhou rubbed his hair and said softly: “You're welcome.” I poured him on the bed, carefully covered his quilt, and went to the bathroom to get a towel, put cold water on Xie Mingzhe's forehead, sat beside the bed and asked softly, “Is that better? ”

The coolness of the forehead made Xie Mingzhe's consciousness clearer.

He opened his eyes and looked at the gentle man in front of him, his nose suddenly grew bitter.

Cold, that's a common illness. He had colds many times in his last life, except that, as an orphan, he was ill for no reason, and no one cared, he had to carry them by himself.

When he used to catch a cold, he drank some hot water and carried it himself. It would be fine in a few days. If it's serious, go to the hospital clinic to hang a drip. However, the surrounding patients are accompanied by family members. When the drip is almost finished, the family members will call the nurse to change it, but he is alone... He feels particularly lonely every time he visits the doctor.

However, he had no relatives since he was a child and had become accustomed to this situation of "doing everything on his own”.

When he woke up in the hospital, the doctor told him that he had been a vegetable for a long time. As his physical memory slowly recovered, he felt confused and helpless, but his adaptability was always strong and he quickly adjusted his mood, found a job and started a new life.

Always face everything alone, sometimes I think...

How would it feel to be sick one day and have someone to take care of themselves?

There's no need to do anything else, even if it's just a glass of water?

I used to just think about it occasionally, but today, he finally understood...

Turns out, when you're sick, someone feels taken care of, and it's warm like this.

Tang Muzhou poured him a glass of just right temperature water, fed him antipyretics, and put a cold towel on his forehead - just the simplest care, but suddenly a string deep inside his heart was touched.

It feels so good that someone cares!

No wonder humans are so enthusiastic about finding a partner to live with, and when there's an emergency, someone carries it with you, and you face it all by yourself, the two feelings are completely different.

He glanced at the man in front of him, and the warmth in his heart warmed the human remains of his limbs, making his body much more comfortable.

Tang Muzhou's face was full of worry and his eyes were so gentle.

Xie Mingzhe's nose is sour and his orbit is slightly moist.

Tang Muzhou looked at such a small brother, very heartbroken, couldn't help reaching out and gently touching his hair, softly asked: “Are you still upset? Why don't I call a doctor? ”

Xie Mingzhe shook his head: “No need. ”

This man is really too gentle for him.

Thinking that Tang Muzhou would take such careful and thoughtful care of his wife in the future, Xie Mingzhe felt sour in his heart. He even wondered somewhat irrationally, could he stay with him forever? If it's so warm, can you just give it to yourself and not others?

Perhaps it was the confusion of the mind that led to this confusion.

How can you have such a strong desire for exclusivity?

Xie Mingzhe looked at Tang Muzhou in a bad way. Tang Muzhou had to pour him another glass of warm water, feed him to drink, and then sit beside the bed to guard him, so that if anything happened in the middle of the night, he could find out in time.

As a result, Xie Mingzhe fell asleep in a daze.

Cold wind flu was not serious, he fell asleep and his body was not feeling well, but he fell into strange dreams.

In his dream, he saw the man holding him and kissing him again.

The man's kiss was very gentle and thoughtful, making his heart melt. He was obsessed with each other's kisses. He just felt his cheeks burned so badly, his dreams were very unscientific, and the kiss lasted a long, long time... until it couldn't be calculated.

Xie Mingzhe looked at each other blushing and asked: "Why do I always dream of you kissing me these past few days? ”

The man's voice sounded low and nice, with a smile: "Because you like me, think about it every day and dream about it at night. ”

"'Are you kidding me,' said Xie Mingzhe. 'I don't even know who you are. ”

The man came one step closer: "Really? Take a closer look. ”

The original ambiguous five officials in the dream became a little clearer in the eyes.

Men are undoubtedly handsome, sexy lips, tall and tall nose beams, deep eyes with shallow, gentle smiles.

- Tang Muzhou?!

Xie Mingzhe woke up from his dreams after a carp fight!

It was in the morning, he was in a cold sweat and opened his eyes. Tang Muzhou was watching him by the bed all the time. When he suddenly sat up like a cramp, he asked worried, “What's wrong? Feeling sick or having another nightmare? ”

Xie Mingzhe: “..........................."

If I said, "Would you hit me if I dreamed you kissed me?"

Xie Mingzhe lowered his head shamefully and dared not look at his brother's eyes.

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