[Chapter 280, actual battle within the team]

At 8 a.m. the following morning, Xie Mingzhe received an official email as a result of his landing in the game.

All eleven cards were approved, but some adjustments were needed on the data. Apparently, after official analysis, the cards were considered too strong and required some weakening. Xie Mingzhe was pleased to accept that the data had been fine-tuned in accordance with official requirements and that the words "reviewed” appeared on all cards when they were resubmitted.

At lunch, Xie Mingzhe called Yu Ke to show him the 11 new cards.

Silly: “It's only been a week, have you done so much?! ”

It may take several days for another cardmaker to make a card. Xie Mingzhe will produce it in bulk each time the inspiration erupts. He used to feel a lot when he gave the metaphor four or five cards at a time. This time he gave 11 cards directly at a time...

He held a stack of cards in his hand and his eyes fainted.

Ten Yan Wang, Du Da Da, each card has a different skill design, like Ke Zheng, one by one, screaming in excitement: “Card death to be locked up? Scam vengeance, this is fun! And reincarnation?? ”

The more he looked at it, the more shocked he was. Xie Mingzhe designed this set of Ten Palace Yan Wang. He arranged the events of the cards' death so clearly that he could give the cards a funeral...

The skill design is really very novel, but it's too difficult to operate, right?

Metaphor has looked at the skill descriptions of the top ten Yan Aces several times, or can't tell who they are.

Only Du Dai This card is best remembered. The name includes "Da Dai”. He is very good at hearing it. His identity is Lord of the Haunted Realm. He came with the Boss Environmental Effect. He can also summon five kids with different functions to fight for him.

Ko's favorite is also\ 37190; Du Dai's summoning card, the five kids are too operable, especially the powerful ghosts, even if they can only inherit 20% of the attack power, as long as the operation position is dropped in seconds, and a continuous hit still hurts the explosive table.

After reading the cards, it was hard to hide the excitement on his face. He was just worried: “So many cards are XX kings, the names are too similar, so many skills, what if I get confused?” Archer made so many ghost cards for him, he was happy, but he was more afraid that he couldn't really play the card set. He just remembered his name and skills and felt his head was going to blow up.

“You can classify memories according to the design of linkage skills.” Xie Mingzhe placed the ten cards in the display cabinet, patiently explained, "For example, the life and death of the Ten Palaces Yan King, this linkage technique is linked to three cards - the King of the City, the skill of the city is unjust, his name and skill have a word 'city’. King Yanlao is kind and generous, so he will let the ghosts climb to the township to visit their relatives in the world. He will also put the ghosts of the unjust death in the world to sink the unjust snow; King of the Rotation, responsible for the reincarnation, skill six times, can reborn the deceased cards...”

Xiao Ke had no idea of the structure of the province, and had never heard of the Ten Palace Yan Wang, so that he clearly remembered all Yan Wang cards and corresponding skills, he had to learn more about the legend of the Ten Palace Yan Wang. Remember based on understanding that playing a game is not going to go wrong.

Xie Mingzhe, like a teacher to lecture students, was very patient in giving all the inspiration and rationale for the character, duties and skill design of the Ten Palaces Yan King. Ke Ke curiously listened to the story with his card. After listening to it all, he also had a clearer understanding of Ten Palace Yan Wang's card.

Listen carefully, these cards are really much better remembered.

Yu Ke smiled happily holding the card: “I will remember it as soon as possible. With so many Yan Wang cards, the opponent must be dizzy when he sees them, hahahaha! Especially when the cards are reincarnated, I wonder, if when playing in the dark night capital, if my ghost card dies and reincarnates into a beautiful butterfly, would Ye Bamboo want to vomit blood? ”

"'That's possible,' said Xie Mingzhe. ”

Ye Bamboo is his ultimate black powder anyway, Xie Mingzhe doesn't mind bullying Ye Bamboo when playing in the dark night capital.

Seeing as Ke is getting excited, Xie Mingzhe put away the joke and said positively: “Of the cards you give this time, several are very difficult to operate. Practice one at a time. Relax, it is best to practice each card. ”

Metaphor nods forcefully: "Well, I know! The ones you gave me earlier, Grandson Jiusheng, Joe Sheng and even the city I practiced, the Five Ghosts Emperor... well, I need to get familiar with them again. ”

Wufang Ghost Emperor can open the highway for ghost cards, or the kind of "standing bridge”. The paths of the ghost world are complicated. It is really difficult to manipulate several ghost cards to move on the highway at the same time. Metaphor has been taking time to practice these days, but he can't always distinguish between southeast, southwest and northwest, and turns dizzy on the highway.

Xie Mingzhe was not in a hurry to slap him on the shoulder with encouragement: “It's okay, it's months away from the tournament, the five-way ghost emperor is not very useful in the doubles and individual tournament, you just have to be proficient before the tournament starts. ”

“But if I practice in action, it's harder to find an opponent.” I frowned meticulously and said, "This new batch of cards has never been published. If I put a trumpet in the arena to rank, hit the passers-by, in case the passers-by snapshots and video recordings are passed on to the forum, my new card group will be exposed in advance... but if I don't go to the arena and practice my own stuffiness, you know that playing with a single machine can't improve technology, want to be familiar with the operation, or have to fight real life. ”

“That's true, single-machine exercises can only record card data, and real manipulation skills must be in action.” Xie Mingzhe thought about it and proposed, “We can go to war in the team first, you take the new ghost card with me, Brother Chen and Qin Xuan, how about a wheel fight? ”

“Hey, that's what I thought!” It is said that the metaphor of the center thought smiled and scratched his head, "I have not dared to say before, afraid to influence the progress of making cards with Brother Chen. Now that you've finished the haunted card group, Chen has also made several new cards. If you want to rest for a few days and not make a new card for now, can you go to war with me? ”

In fact, he can also practice actual battle with Qin Xuan, but Qin Xuan is used to auxiliary, it has always been a "passive defense” method, from all to the tail adding blood, shielding, leaving hiding skills, metaphorically Ke has a sense of powerlessness to punch into the cotton heap - Qin Xuan's rhythm is really too slow, and he never actively attacks, he has always defended. The acute metaphorical cocktail had some headaches, and he wanted to try a faster paced opponent to see how far he could reach the operating limit.

Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe are both very good attackers. If both sides fight each other, they cannot lose the core output card across the street in the fastest seconds, which is quite a test of operation and consciousness. However, Brother Chen and Chul have been making cards lately. He is afraid to interrupt. He can only practice in the simulation training room all day. He is practicing on his own.

Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but reach out and rub his head, "What are you embarrassed to say? Brother Chen and I won't scold you. You can come directly to us if you want to fight alone. Let's see, the next few days? I'm just taking a break from thinking. Ask Brother Chen later. Let's have an in-team training match together. ”

As he was speaking, Chen Xiao walked in with a cup of hot coffee. Xie Mingzhe waved to him: “Brother Chen, do you have time for this afternoon? ”

“What?” Chen Xiao walked in front of the two of them, wondering, "Is something wrong? ”

“Well, the haunted cards I made for Ko have been completed and are practicing in action.” Xie Mingzhe.

“You made 11 ghost cards, didn't you?” He heard it from Chen Qianlin and came to see it just as he was interested.

Xie Mingzhe showed him 11 new ghost cards: “Plus the previous one, Ko now has more than 20 ghost cards, it's enough to play individual games and double games. ”

Qi Ke excitedly said: “Enough teamwork! We Nirvana also have character cards and plant cards, which together easily exceed a hundred cards. I don't think we're far behind on the pool, do we? ”

Chen Xiao looked at the new cards and nodded with appreciation: “This set of cards is really strong, the endless pattern must be great... Kim is right, Nirvana Club has character cards, plant cards and ghost cards. Next, we will continue to make new cards. We will certainly not lose too many cards to other clubs before the start of the tournament. ”

“Brother Chen, why don't you take a break for two days, let's practice the actual battle and find out how to make a card?” Xie Mingzhe asked.

“Okay, two days to get acquainted with the new haunted card group.” Chen Xiao simply promised.

“Thank you, I'll buy you dinner tonight.” It was touching to feel the love of their teammates. Xie Mingzhe cautioned: "Remember to buy Qin Xuan a good meal. This batch of new card skills are all made by him overtime. ”

“Really?!” Qi Ke was flattered, I didn't expect that the facial paralysis was quite good for card making.

Looks like Qin Xuan is also cold and hot outside, and has been seriously contributing to Nirvana Squad. I have no reason to relax, so many tailor-made ghost cards must be skilled in time, and I can't drag everyone back in the future.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 281, The Black Coach]

Metco spent the morning carrying all the new ghost cards that Xie Mingzhe gave him, his name, skills, cooling time, his backpack was ripe, any Yan Wang card, he could immediately think of skills - his memory was faster than Xie Mingzhe thought, Ko was really very smart.

In the afternoon, four players from Nirvana gathered for a two-to-two showdown in a ring room.

Unlike the last single vs single card experimental card data, this time everyone carries 7 cards, 5 cards and 2 cards at a time according to the rules of the arena. This is also the standard model for individual matches set by the Alliance - in the second half of the year, all players must also follow the 7vs7 rules of the game at the start of the top 32 individual finals.

I heard that several players were going to play a training match, and Chen Qianlin, as a coach, also took the initiative to come to the training room to coach.

He invited everyone to his personal space and to the card showroom.

It was surprisingly discovered that Chen Qianlin's showcase was filled with - in addition to Nirvana's own cards, there were more than 80% of other clubs' common cards, such as the windy Millennial Tree, the white opium poppy, the mandolo flower, the ruling unicorn black rhinoceros, the lion king, Lucifer of the temples, Michal, the ghost stone giant, the demon fox, the corpse eater, and so on.

Xie Mingzhe looked back at him in surprise: "Master, where did you get these cards? ”

Chen Qianlin explained calmly: “Before you and Chen Xiao went to participate in the All-Star, I was all right the other day, so I made a list of cards, let the Guild Management try to collect cards from other clubs, bought a lot of them back for you to practice. ”

"“ … "

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao had fun playing with all the stars. Qin Xuan and Yue Ke went home on vacation for a few days. Chen Qianlin stayed at the club and actually did so much silently.

The Alliance prescribes the divine cards that are included in the Memorial Wall every season and must be open to purchase, allowing fans to manipulate the cards of the Great Gods themselves. However, it is not easy to buy these cards, sometimes by entrusting professional businessmen.

Chen Qianlin collected so many club cards, must have taken a lot of time, money and energy.

He seemed apathetic and indifferent to the team members' daily lives, but he was a very reliable coach - his focus was on the most critical things.

All four had some movement and a little more confidence in Nirvana's future.

With such a reliable coach sitting in town, the actual battle within the team will definitely make you progress fast.

Chen Qianlin pointed to the cards in the display cabinet and went on to say: “You can't always play your own card group in action. You should also try card matches from other clubs. This afternoon, I'm going to practice the ghost card operation. It's a wheel match between Ko and the three of you. Ko takes my chosen ghost card, and the other three, from my showroom cabinet, pick the cards of the other clubs to fight. ”

This rule stunned me - it's not fair to pick a ghost card for yourself, but someone else can pick one at random.

But such rules as Chen Qianlin are also intended to make the metaphorical keh exercise in the face of different formations of fighting consciousness. When he really got to the game, he had to deal with other club cards, not Nirvana's own.

Xie Mingzhe also feels that this training model of master is particularly good. On the one hand, it can give players a deeper understanding of the operation and power of other club cards; on the other hand, it can also allow Nirvana's team members to accumulate experience in the field. By then, they will encounter different club cards, have a bottom in their mind, and their ability to adapt in the field will naturally be stronger.

If you know yourself and know each other, you will not be defeated in a hundred battles!

In the first inning, Yu Ke vs Qin Xuan.

Chen Qianlin directly prescribed the card set of self-proclaimed Ke, "Ke, in the afternoon personal race, you bring only seven cards: Black Impermanence, White Impermanence, Nie Xiaoqian, Gongsun Jiuxiang, Qiaosheng, Liancheng and Painting Peel. ”

The explosive power of this set of cards is absolutely top notch, but the defense is too weak to be easily seconded. But the coach dared not listen, so Ke nodded and chose the seven cards in the battlefield.

"“ Qin Xuan, come and pick the cards from the display cabinet, "said Chen Qianlin. ”

Qin Xuan walked to the display cabinet and picked up several auxiliary cards. Xiao Ke did not know what card he was carrying. Only when the game began to publish the cards, did he realize that most of Qin Xuan's card groups were haunted pickups, among them the most difficult elephants, and the most annoying stone giant - opening the dirt wall bounce injury.

He vomited in his heart, but he pressed seriously to prepare.

The other three people watched the game from the perspective of God in the gallery. At the beginning of the game, Xiaoqian Nie was very actively dispatched. At the same time, Jiu Xiang Sun controlled nine ghost fires remotely. Joe Sheng and Liancheng used the boost of speed to rush forward quickly...

In Qin Xuan's card group, one of the “flower demons” is a healing card - killing people to wean first, killing treatment, Qin Xuan will not have the ability to continue. By then, he will be consumed with the burst damage of Liancheng attack full of speed.

Yike Ke's idea was correct, except that Qin Xuan would not wait to be killed.

When Qin Xuan quickly developed his healing skills and forcibly pulled back the amount of flower demon blood when Qin Xiaoqian flew past and struck a wave of outbursts after Qi Ke targeted the flower demon. Yike Ke followed Liancheng and Qiaosheng in the form of sending people to forcibly kill the flower demon. Qin Xuan did not hesitate to open the earthwall of the stone giant to rebound all this damage.

Metaphor failed to drop the flower demon in a second. Instead, he lost a lot of blood on his ghost card.

When the stone walls disappear, Ke switches out of the ghost form of Liancheng, 100% high attack speed superimposed, can strike a super high streak.

But that's when Qin Xuan suddenly summoned a card - a white opium poppy from Fenghua Club.

Chaotic Group!

Liancheng set a series of bursts, hit his own husband, Joe Sheng, with the ghost fire of Grandson Jiu, gave Joe Sheng a second.

Yike Ke: “...............”

Qin Xuan, how are you? Ming Zheng carries the high defense card of Ghost Prison, and the secret card carries the windy mass chaos card white opium poppy??

Metaphor wanted to kill Qin Xuan after treatment with seven pure output cards, but the more helpless Qin Xuan played, six of Qin Xuan's seven cards were auxiliary, one output. He used a variety of auxiliary and control field skills to dissolve the wave of attack of Metaphor, and eventually consumed Metaphor.

Yike Ke is very grievant. I didn't expect Qin Xuan to be so conscious. He also understands his attack rhythm. Each attack is promptly dissolved by Qin Xuan. He seems to have gotten into his own brain and know what he is going to do next. This feeling is particularly bad.

Chen Qianlin looks calm: “Next round, Chen Xiao you go. ”

Yike Ke forcibly fights his spirit and continues to confront Chen Xiao.

Unlike Qin Xuan's 6 Auxiliary 1 Output Extreme Array, Brother Chen's array rhythm is much faster. He takes the ruling beast card group, including lions, leopards, black wolves, antelopes, melee squad attack with stunning pangolin, ultra-high dodging and thrilling nine-tailed foxes, and ridiculous unicorn black rhinos.

This set of cards is a card set commonly used by Nie Yuandao in individual races. The style of Nie is simple and simple, so he doesn't have a treatment card to drag the time. Of the 7 cards, only one mockery card is used to block key skills. The other five output cards can basically lock the winning game with one set of your key cards in a row.

Chen Xiao's favorite senior player in the league is Nie Yuandao. He fought simply violence. He has a lot of research into Nie Yuandao's card team, so he is also comfortable picking each other's card group and Ko alone today.

The game ended in just one minute and Chen Xiao won.

Yueke knew that his personal level was not an opponent of Chen's, but he lost two rounds in a row. He was still a little depressed.

Third inning against Xie Mingzhe, but also mental torture.

Xie Mingzhe picked out five cards - Ye Bamboo's tracking butterfly, Pei Jingshan's Bee King, the brainless headless doll, Nie Yuandao's black wolf, Tang Muzhou's millennium god tree, Ling Xuan Tang's blood-sucking dagger, and Liu Frost City's dead speech card sinus.

And Xie Mingzhe against the Bureau, Xie Ke certainly dared not be careless, and played less aggressively than the first two rounds, but was very careful.

However, Xie Mingzhe knew him well after all, and his sense of war far outweighed him.

If Xie Mingzhe doesn't dare to rush in, he simply starts the attack.

He directly summoned Dong Ee to actively touch porcelain - June snow, blood splash practice, the other group freeze, our group attack boost.

Then, the death strangulation of the Millennial Divine Tree is combined with the attack of the Bee Crowd to inflict massive attack damage. After the blood of the card across the street is left, the leaf bamboo tracking butterfly is released, and the blood sucking dagger with Nie Yuandao and Ling Pang Tang is harvested!

The higher the Black Wolf's Ripple attack, the stronger the Blood Sucking Dagger, the more it can't be stopped!

Yike Ke's mentality was broken and his face blushed: “I'm not very skilled...”

"'Go on,' said Chen Qianlin. ”

Metaphor had to go on with his scalp, and he lost six consecutive rounds.

Couldn't beat Brother Chen and Chul. He admitted that he couldn't beat them all the time. But Qin Xuan killed him back today, which greatly damaged Yue Ke's self-confidence - he was killed by assistants, he still needs to be mixed up!

Chen Qianlin saw the anguish he couldn't wait to get into the sewer, and his voice was rarely gentler. “Let's take a look at the playback and I'll find you another problem. ”

Four people exit the ring and watch the playback on the big screen together.

"“ In the first inning, Ke, you fought too hard, "said Chen Qianlin. Qin Xuan is only an auxiliary, but just because he is an auxiliary to the team, he has a special understanding of the rhythm and style of play of all three of you. You just want to kill the treatment first, throw out too many skills at once, once he prevents two or three rounds of attack, you will be completely caught passive. ”

He listened carefully with a red face, and the atmosphere did not dare to come out.

"'And you're in a hurry to kill the key card across the street,' said Chen Qianlin. 'But you forgot your key card, painting the skin. ”

In the last three rounds, he was out of his mind and really didn't have the skills to paint.

"Chen Qilin said:" Painting is a all-purpose tactical card that can disguise and duplicate key skills according to the situation on the field. For example, in the first inning, you can completely wait for Qin Xuan's white opium poppy to appear, and immediately copy the chaotic skills to counter-control the field. Take the opportunity to drop his only output card and slowly grind him to death. In the second inning, you can duplicate the ridiculous skills of the unicorn black rhino to counter-track Chen Xuan's fiercest offense. In the third inning, you can also copy the blood sucking dagger and spell aggressiveness positively... ”

The more he listens, the more ashamed he is, the worse his tactical consciousness really is. In previous tournaments, he only needed to manipulate 5 cards. Archer let him hit whomever he wanted. Besides, with Qin Xuan's auxiliary control field and Brother Chen's assisted attack, it was not difficult to play the core card across the second.

Now he realizes that he is well protected by his teammates.

Without the support of his teammates, he would not be able to quickly analyze the battlefield and find a way to break the other party's lineup by himself in the face of powerful enemies. This way, even though he has reached the top 32 in the individual games of the final season, he will definitely become the first in the bottom of the top 32... feel like a good dish!

If this ghost card can't play 80% of its power, aren't you sorry, Chul?

And Qin Xuan, he really underestimated him. I didn't expect him to be so calm, and he knew how to beat everyone. An unknown auxiliary in the team, and one of the least deserving to ignore.

Seeing Ke was overwhelmed with frustration, Chen Qianlin patted him gently on the shoulder. "Don't be discouraged, this training method is really unfair to you. The three of them know your card group, but you don't know them. You lose half the game before it starts. I trained you like this just to make you see your shortcomings. ”

Metaphor nodded: “I know...”

Chen Qianlin said: "This is where you train today. You should organize your thoughts and come back tomorrow morning. ”

The previous few days have been single-machine training, self-understanding is actually very confusing, I don't know how to get so many ghost cards to match, how to win in action, today by the teammates round-the-clock, he awakened instead.

Strong card sets are the foundation, and strong operation is a sine qua non, but more importantly, the battle consciousness.

His ghost card team was strong enough to handle it, and what was missing was an awareness of how to analyze the war. He only listens to the commands, and the individual races are in the top 32 with a super strong team of cards, but if he wants to go any further, he has to pay attention to his shortcuts.

Otherwise, if you encounter the great gods of Nie Yuandao and Ling Xuantang, you will definitely be beaten to death in minutes!

Metaphor wants to be more spirited, refuses to sleep in the middle of the night, and begins to study the video of today's game carefully, thinking about how he should fight to win...

At this time, in the dorm next door, Xie Mingzhe was spitting on Tang Muzhou: “Master is so bad, he chose a card set for Xiao Ke with a very low winning score, let us three rounds of abuse him. ”

Tang Muzhou asked with interest, "What card group? ”

“Six crispy skin outputs, in addition to the vagaries, are particularly extreme," Xie Mingzhe said. ”

“If you get messed up across the street, it's over? ”

“Yes! Ko was crushed and turned dizzy, Master must have wanted to give him more impetus in this way and make rapid progress. And because Ko doesn't have a heart, he won't lose confidence.” Xie Mingzhe found herself following a particularly dark master.

“Do you know how he trained me when he took me?” Tang Muzhou asked with a smile.

“Tell me about it? ”

“He played Nie Yuandao on Monday night, Ling Xuan Tang on Tuesday, Zheng Feng on Wednesday, Suyang on Thursday. He personally picked with me on Friday. After losing five days in a row, he had to hang his brains and make his own cards on the weekend.” Don Muzhou sent a helpless look, "you can imagine what kind of life I had. ”

“…” Xie Mingzhe almost dropped his light brain.

He was also a 17-year-old teenager. He was abused by the great gods from Monday to Friday. He didn't delete the game directly. He could see how patient he was. No wonder Tang Muzhou was able to create the myth of 50 consecutive victories in his personal contest - he was usually abused by the great gods and played boss everyday, so he wasn't afraid of them at all.

It has to be said that this model of teacher education is really effective.

He deliberately abused Kirk today, and it looks like he wants the little guy to grow up as soon as possible. Xiao Ke is not only young and small, but also mentally immature. I hope he can understand the pain of the coach and keep up with everyone as soon as possible.

Xie Mingzhe believes that with Xiao Ke's intelligence, he can truly control these ghost cards and become a proud player for his teammates!

Ko is not strong enough, practice, otherwise the late Nirvana prize will be very sudden ~

Smart Kit, will definitely play the ghost card of Archer by 10%.

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