[Chapter 298, Birthday Gifts]

In the next few days, Nirvana's four players sleep late every day and get up in the morning, invest in intense pre-game preparations, what problems they encounter in cooperation and card group, Chen Qianlin will also watch the video in time to solve for everyone.

The week passed and it soon reached 31 July.

This evening, most of the club players were preparing for the opening ceremony, but Xie Mingzhe privately asked Chen Qianlin for leave at dinner time: “Master, I'm going out to dinner tonight, I won't be with everyone. ”

“Can I help you?” Chen Qianlin looked at him questionably.

“Brother said to invite me to dinner.” Lies in front of the master are easy to tear apart, let's be honest, it's just that Xie Mingzhe didn't dare to stay at the brother's house until dawn, just say "eat”, when will he come back? Anyway, Nirvana Base didn't have access control, and then he snuck back into his room, and God didn't know what to do.

“I have no objection to your brothers getting closer, but tomorrow we are going to play, and your opponent happens to be a newcomer to the Fenghua Club. You will meet at this time, don't be hit by a reporter.” Chen Qianlin cautioned. Some journalists are too good at catching pictures, and it won't look good to snap a "private collusion tactic” hat down.

“I understand, I'll be careful to avoid the paparazzi.” Xie Mingzhe gave serious assurances, "Master assured. ”

“Well, come back early.” Chen Qianlin nodded and agreed to his leave, but Xie Mingzhe didn't answer in vain. He really couldn't “come back early” and was expected to stay late tonight.

In order not to attract the attention of the paparazzi team, Xie Mingzhe changed into civilian clothes and went directly from the VIP elevator inside the office building to the parking lot, where Tang Muzhou had long been waiting as promised, driving a very low-key black sedan.

Xie Mingzhe sat in the car and watched Tang Muzhou cover his half face with big sunglasses. He couldn't help laughing: “It feels like we're dating secretly behind the back of our parents...”

The corner of Tang Muzhou's mouth rose slightly: “Didn't Master say anything? ”

“He shouldn't have seen us together at all. Brother Chen, when you saw me come out, did you smile strangely? ”

“Chen Xiao knew long ago.” Tang Muzhou Road, “you don't have to mind, I am a good friend with him, at present I know that we are together, only Chen Xiao and Pei Jingshan, both of whom are trustworthy people, do not talk nonsense. ”

“Hmm...” Xie Mingzhe actually doesn't mind. Even if their relationship is public, he has nothing to be afraid of. Is it wrong to fall in love with someone he likes? He likes Tang Muzhou, he likes it. What does it matter?

If we don't announce it now, mainly considering the team, the game will open soon after the season. Fenghua and Nirvana will definitely compete. If Tang Mayu and Xie Mingzhe are couples, what will the future audience think? It's not good for anyone to lose or win.

Xie Mingzhe doesn't want to have too many rhetorical words on the internet. He and Tang Muzhou are equally serious about the game. Perhaps when the game is stopped in the future, the relationship between the two people will be announced, and people will be scared?

"I think secret love is best at this stage," Xie Mingzhe said. ”

Tang Muzhou said, “I think so too. ”

The two smiled at each other and Tang Muzhou started the car and brought Xie Mingzhe to his villa.

Thought he was going to invite himself out to dinner, and only when he arrived home did he find that Tang Muzhou had already prepared ingredients. The kitchen was filled with cut meat, dishes and a washed fish in a plate.

Xie Mingzhe couldn't believe it: "Are you cooking for yourself? ”

Tang Muzhou walked into the kitchen and put on an apron. He said: "It's boring to eat outside often. It's your birthday. I'll cook you a meal myself and let you taste your brother's craft. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked at the busy man in the apron and was completely unable to connect him with the tall male god of his time in peace. If the followers of Tang Muzhou saw such a "home” side of him, they'd have to line up frantically and beg to marry him.

Such a good man is my boyfriend, not for you.

Xie Mingzhe was happy to wash his hands and help in the kitchen. He could not cook. He could always learn to wash dishes and cook while the two of them were chatting. The atmosphere in the kitchen was particularly warm, as if he were a newlywed who had just moved into the new house.

For the first time, there was a sense of "home” that Xie Mingzhe had never experienced.

The kitchen was clean, and it could be seen that Tang Muzhou rarely cooked, and he was willing to devote his time during his busy schedule to cooking dinner for his birthday in person, enough to prove the importance he attached to himself.

Xie Mingzhe's warm in his heart. The more he looks at Tang Muzhou surrounded by apron stir-fried vegetables, the more handsome he really is.

Tang Muzhou's cooking skills are quite professional, the dishes are very modeled, soon the kitchen smelled a bit of fragrance, Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but circle around the group of brothers, whenever there was a new dish out of the pot, he curiously came to see, Tang Muzhou would carefully clamp up and feed him a bite, smiling: “Try the saltiness. ”

Xie Mingzhe ate the food he fed and praised: “Super delicious! ”

Tang Muzhou thinks he's got a big cat?

This is a natural and sweet way to get along, really like a newlywed.

Xie Mingzhe is a person who can't be shy and doesn't know how to be considerate. If he has established a relationship, then what is it? You should hug, you should kiss, your boyfriend needs to feed himself, you should open your mouth and eat - just like that!

When the food was all served, the two of them sat face-to-face at the table. Tang Muzhou opened a cake that had been bought. It was only the size of a small bowl and was exquisitely cute, with the words "Happy Birthday to Archer” written on it.

“I bought a little cake, and neither of us could finish it.” He lit the white candle inserted on the cake and turned off the light, leaving only a soft candlelight in the room, illuminating the face of Don Mu Zhou, making his divine colour look softer.

This scene is so sweet that Xie Mingzhe wants to cry.

From childhood till grown up, it was the first time someone was so intent on preparing him for his birthday.

Tang Muzhou looked at him and said softly: "Happy birthday, Chul, make a wish. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded, before blowing out the candle, closed his eyes and made a wish for himself - he didn't believe in these, rarely had birthdays before, let alone made a wish. He always believed that if he wanted to achieve what he wanted, he had to work on his own. What “birthday wishes will come true” was a trick for adults to deceive children.

At this moment, however, in the warm candlelight, the person sitting opposite is his favorite. Xie Mingzhe suddenly felt that the ritual of saying his wishes to the candle also seemed to be incredibly beautiful. He closed his eyes and said to himself in his heart: "Brother, I hope you will spend every future birthday with me. ”

This is the first time he has had such a strong desire in his heart - to be with this person for a long time.

After wishing, Xie Mingzhe blew out the candle, and when the light was on, the smile on his face was even brighter, because he made sure of another thing - if he really wanted to find someone to defend him in his life, it would be Tang Muzhou, only Tang Muzhou.

He could not imagine himself and other men like brother, he gave him love, tender and tolerant, only with brother, he would feel relaxed and unburdened, as if the whole heart was gently held up.

If you can be with someone like that, it must be your own luck.

Xie Mingzhe thought of these, and looked at Tang Muzhou softly. Tang Muzhou looked at himself and smiled slightly. He took the gift box from the drawer, which he had already prepared, and pushed it to Xie Mingzhe's face. “I picked it out for you personally for your birthday. ”

Exquisite box with a man's watch lying face-to-face. Although Xie Mingzhe doesn't understand the watch, the brand is too loud and almost unknown. The price of this watch starts at least six digits, and breaking seven digits is possible if you have a high order.

“This is too expensive...” Xie Mingzhe was embarrassed to accept.

“I'm looking for a couple personally made by a designer, just the two pieces around the world.” Tang Muzhou took another watch out of the drawer and put it together and said, "Wearing a couple outfits is too conspicuous and I don't think you like wearing a necklace or anything, so I bought a couple of watches as a souvenir. If you like wearing them, you can wear them with you. If you don't like wearing them, you can hide them. ”

“…” What more can he say? Exclusive custom limited edition couples watch. Isn't that too much of a concern? Besides, the watch is really beautifully designed, he has a silver surface, the brother is black, can't see a pair from close range, quite understated.

If a conscious fan zooms in on a careful study, you may find traces of spider silk horses. However, since it was a private customized model, it could not be bought at all at the mall. The names Tang Muzhou and Xie Mingzhe were engraved on the back of the watch. The fans could not find evidence that this was a "couple" model.

“I'll put it on.” Xie Mingzhe happily accepted the gift and also put it on Tang Muzhou.

Looking at the couple watches on their wrists, it felt like there was something invisible that tied their hearts together.

“Do you know what it means to give people a watch?” Tang Muzhou looked at him and asked.

“I don't know. Is this still relevant?” Xie Mingzhe was curious.

“It's time on the watch, and you use it every day when you look at it, and what it means to give you the watch is that you'll have my company every minute, every second of your life in the future -- my feelings for you, with time.” Tang Muzhou said gently.

“..." Xie Mingzhe didn't know how to answer. Brother romantically, what a fate!

Time never stops, love never dies.

May my love and time go hand in hand, that's what he meant by giving a couple watches.

Xie Mingzhe looked at the man in front of him, he knew that he was falling into the gentle abyss arranged by Tang Muzhou. I'm afraid this time, once his heart sinks, he will never escape.

And he didn't want to run.

He sinks in the tenderness of his brother, and he rejoices.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 299, Four Kings]

Xie Mingzhe returned to Nirvana Base at 12: 30 a.m. and Tang Muzhou drove him. He walked back to his dorm and was about to open the door, and suddenly someone came out next door - it was Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao saw him and then asked with a smile: “Go eat with Tang Muzhou and come back at this late hour. Have you eaten up a restaurant? ”

Xie Mingzhe knew he was joking, his ears slightly warmed, quickly shifted the subject: “Cough, Chen, are you still awake? ”

Chen Xiao also continued to tease him, "I can't sleep, go to the office to get some competition information. ”

“If there's no match between you and Qin Xuan tomorrow, why are you picking up information in the middle of the night? ”

“It's not about the doubles.” Chen Xiao explained, "I came up with some ideas for making cards and wanted to check the data and sort them out. You know, when you don't have the inspiration to make cards, you can't even make a card to break your head. With inspiration, you can't stop it. ”

“That's true.” Xie Mingzhe had a deep sense of this. He was inspired to make cards. He could make many cards in one breath. Without inspiration, he could not make one. Not sleepy anyway, Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao went to the office and listened to Chen Xiao's ideas.

Chen Xiao is going to do a set of plant cards, more versatile kind. The output is similar to a blood-sucking vine and is made into a monomeric blood-sucking assassin card.

Speaking of which, a long time ago, when Xie Mingzhe sent four paintings of May, Lan, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum to Master, he wondered if he could make these four plants into cards. The linkage technique is called "Four Gentlemen”.

The Fourth Gentleman's story was not mentioned in this era, when Xie Mingzhe also recorded it in the memo of the light brain.

But then, as the competition grew, he discovered that these plant cards already existed in Fenghua's plant card group. Imagine that May, Lan, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum are common plants. Chen Qianlin and Tang Muzhou have done this for a long time. It's just a few years ago. It's not suitable for the current season. Therefore, it is hidden by Fenghua Snow, and rarely appears in the competition.

But even so, if Chen makes May, Lan, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum again, the system review will not pass.

Besides, Chen Xiao's plants were all dark, and the clubs and orchids didn't seem to match the “dark”, so he put the idea aside and never mentioned it again.

Today Chen Xiao coincided with the idea of a dark blood-sucking plum blossom. Xie Mingzhe remembered this violently, thinking about it and suddenly came up with a wonderful idea: “Brother Chen, do you want to cooperate with me, let's make this card set together? ”

Chen Xiao was very interested in this: “How can we cooperate? ”

Xie Mingzhe quickly took the paper and pen out of the drawer and wrote a drawing on it, explaining: “I painted a set of drawings for Master's birthday before, remember? It's plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum. ”

“Remember, you painted for a long time and the style was quite distinctive. ”

Then again, when Xie Mingzhe had just visited Chen Qianlin as his master, it happened that Chen Qianlin's birthday had arrived. Chen Xiao took Xie Mingzhe to celebrate his birthday. Knowing that he loved plants, Xie Mingzhe drew four botanical paintings himself as his birthday gift. Chen Xiao thought about it here and wondered: “Do you want to make cards related to those four paintings? ”

“Hmm.” Xie Mingzhe showed Chen Xiao the written plant characteristics, explaining, "Plum, Lan, bamboo, daisy, four plants exactly represent four characteristics. If we turn them into human beings, the plum blossoms are the cold pride without fear. The orchids are the Confuciant Bachelors with fresh aromas, the bamboo is the shrewd modesty gentleman, and the daisy is the low-key and elegant alien hermit - I thought, let's make these four plants into human cards! ”

If you make plum, lang, bamboo, chrysanthemum directly, you will crash with Fenghua's truck team. You will definitely not be able to pass the clearance. But what if we use plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum to make four "Plant Simulation Cards”? The connection between the four men became reasonable.

Moreover, the painting of a beautiful man is Xie Mingzhe's masterpiece, and the figure of the Four Kings in the flowers is quite well set. He is wearing a red jacket, a cool and arrogant plum dude, a blue long shirt, a high-quality Lan dude, a loose ink and green robe, a handsome bamboo dude, and a yellow/colored shirt, a mildly understated daisy dude.

Four beautiful men, each representing a floral - "botanical" approach, unprecedented, will never crash!

Chen Xiao got more and more interesting and said with a laugh: "You're actually a fine plant, right? ”

Plants into sperm?

Xie Mingzhe was stunned. Brother Chen's words were not rough. It was indeed the plant that turned into fine!

Chen thought for a moment, simply nodded: “I think this approach is feasible, the plant simulator, that is, the character card, but using the plant as an attack or auxiliary means, combining the elements of the plant and the person, to make a wooden card. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded excitedly: “I think so too, and we can increase the connection between the four gentlemen.” The more he says, the more spiritual: “Well, four cards skills, Brother Chen, you design according to your own ideas, I can help you think of the name of the skills; I design the character image of the cards, draw four beautiful men with plant characteristics, and then combine them? ”

“No problem.” Chen Xiao promised softly, "The plants become fine, these four anthropomorphic plant cards will definitely be very popular. ”

What would a plant look like if it became human?

According to Archer, the four-plant planner cards, which coincide with the four styles of beautiful men - the cold-blooded plum dude, the stylish Lan dude, the handsome bamboo dude, the gentle daisy dude, will definitely harvest a lot of pussies.

The two men quickly set out to prepare themselves, each busy and discussing them from time to time.

In a state of high spirituality, neither of them was sleepy. As a result, they were discussing making cards while completing the design of four cards in one breath. In the end, they were sleepy and fell asleep directly on the table.

* * *

The next day, Chen Qianlin woke up at the office and accidentally found the door open.

There were a bunch of messy drafts on the desk and two sleeping guys on their knees.

He walked over and took a closer look at the final four cards in the middle of the table, named Prince Plum, Prince Lan, Prince Bamboo and Prince Chrysanthemum.

Chen Qianlin: “……"

When you wake up and have four more cards on your desk, when you're a Nirvana coach, you really have to be ready to be scared at all times.

These two guys, they don't sleep in the middle of the night, and it's good enough to play cards and fall asleep.

Chen Qianlin's heart was soft. He turned around and took two blankets. He carefully covered them and sat right next to them. He picked up their design documents and looked carefully.

The design document does not have detailed data, which can be redistributed at a later stage after it is connected to the optical brain. The paper simply paints the image of the card and simply labels the skills.

In the first card, the man was dressed in a bright red coat with a fair skin and a cold appearance, with a bloodstained plum flower in his hand and traces of the first snow on the petal ——

Young Master Mei (Wood)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: AWESOME SHELLING CREAM (Passive Skill, Extra Cold Resistant to Plum Blossoms, Frequently Loaded in Heavy Winter Snow, When Plum Boy Appears, Surrounding Ambient Temperature Falls, Hostile Targets Within Range 23 Meters Gather 50% Defense)

Additional Skills: Blood Plum Blossom (Plum Blossom in Plum Dude's hand is red with blood, he can throw Blood Plum, continuously absorb 8% of the target's blood volume within 23 meters for 10 seconds, and convert 10% of the blood volume into his own shield)

NOTE: Wooden blood sucking brand, the more blood sucking, the higher the shield value, although it is a single assassin, the harder it is to be killed.

The last line of "Remarks” is Chen Xiao's handwriting, and the style of the card is obviously Xie Mingzhe's style, so... is this the card that the two of us made together?

Chen Qianlin curiously continued to look down--

The second card is also a handsome man, wearing a blue shirt with an orchid in his hand, a smile on his face and a warm and elegant temperament, who looks very holy, like he doesn't eat human fireworks.

Young Master Lan (Wood)

Additional Skills: Sky Valley Pyloric Orchid (Dude Lan uses the Sky Valley Pyloric Blue skill to remove his negative effects and apply a Wooden Free Shield to a range of Friends for 5 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILL: Elegant and gorgeous (Orchid in the hands of the Lan dude releases an elegant scent, hostile target within 23m range is affected by a special scent and falls into a brief 3-second hallucination)

Note: Wood auxiliary cards, own control free, enemy group control, the combination is more practical.

The third is a man in an inky green shirt, handsome and casual, with a green bamboo in his hand.

Young Master Bamboo (Wood)

Additional Skills: Gentleman's Wind (Bamboo green standing, like a humble gentleman. The gentleman's wind will affect friendly targets within range, increasing the attack power of the group by 50% and the attack speed by 50%)

Additional Skills: Bamboo breaker (Bamboo dude throws bamboo leaves in his hand, making bamboo leaves the sharpest darker, causing 280% wood damage in the 30m diameter circular range; if the target is hit, immediately generates a green bamboo in the target location, and the leaves of green bamboo can continue to shoot around, causing 80% wood spatter damage in the 5m diameter circular range)

Note: Bamboo leaves are used as sharp darkness, designed to harvest a group of cards, the opponent opens a big trick when the blood is left, removes the head and continues to plant bamboo, bamboo leaves can be constantly fired, after planting a large amount of bamboo, eventually the purpose of clearing the field is reached.

The last one, Mr. Chrysanthemum, holds a bunch of blooming chrysanthemums in his hand.

Young Master Ju (Wood)

ADDITIONAL SKILL: Chrysanthemum spills (faint scent in autumn, Chrysanthemum can return 50% of the designated target's blood at once with the daisy in his hand, sputtering treatment for other friends within 10 meters of the target, returning 20% of the blood)

Additional Skills: Hidden (Assign Friend Target to Hidden for 15 seconds)

Note: Splash healing cards are suitable for small-scale team fights; designated teammates can remain invisible for long periods of time and assist teammates in latent assassinations.

Note: The linkage skill is called "Four Gents”, May and Bamboo plus attack, Lan and Chrysanthemum skill CD. When the Four Gents appear simultaneously, it covers single attack, group attack, auxiliary, healing, very versatile set of cards, mainly used for the card parlor of the endless pattern of team battle.

The more Chen Qianlin looks, the more he finds it interesting.

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao collaborated on anthropomorphic plant cards, four cards, four functions, each image is a handsome guy, four different styles of handsome guy, really the gospel of fans.

Combining plants and characters, this idea is really good and easy to approve.

Chen Qianlin looked at the two people who slept beside him and rarely smiled at the corner of his mouth.

He picked up the pen that Chen Xiao put on the table and quickly wrote down the basic data and skill cooldown time on each card, so that they didn't have to bother to allocate the data when making the cards.

Two little guys so hard, as coaches, should do something.

Become a human plant, possess plant brand skills and human image - Four Gentlemen, in the future, this set of anthropomorphic plant cards will also become Nirvana's iconic card, and Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao collaborated to complete it, very memorable!

Maybe a lot of people forgot about this pen ~

Mei Lan Zhu Ju finally made the "anthropomorphic plant brand" I had long thought of, the Four Kings will be strong in the small group battle, this will be written later.

There's more tonight, but it's late, huh?