[Chapter 303, Operation of Details]

After the first round, there will be a five-minute break, and the big screen will begin to play back the great footage of the game. As the audience can clearly see, Liu Run and Xiaoqi Zhou have always dominated the opening, but at the end of the game, Xie Mingzhe turned the table.

It is not uncommon for the race to be turned over at the end of the first period of advantages. However, the way Xie Mingzhe turned the game over made the audience quite speechless. The sound effects brought by Pan Jinlian were too magical. The lines were repeated many times, producing a brainwashing effect, so that after the game everyone's mind still echoed that phrase - Taro, drugged.

The narrator was silent for a while, and Wu Yue, as a cold field, had to look for the topic: “The game just now was really amazing, a wave of 30% off, and the final turnover was unexpected! Let's give the audience a quick review of the place. ”

As an explanatory guest, it was also his duty to comment on the competition. Suyang did not take the call immediately, but took a closer look at the slow lens playback, which was why he said: “The tactical layout of this match is very strong. I just looked at the sequence of skills release and found that the rhythm point he was looking for was very good. The audience could look at the slow lens playback. The timing of his call to Pan Jinlian was very instructive. ”

The broadcast cooperated to release the slow footage of the last wave of battle just now, Suyang analyzed from a professional perspective: “Pan Jinlian is a typical monolithic harvest card, her strengths and weaknesses are very obvious, not to mention the high output, once the target of the kill will refresh the skill immediately to complete the serial kill harvest; but the disadvantage is that her kill is not instantaneous, but has a delay of 3 seconds, in the actual battle, once the accident occurs, her subsequent skill will not be released. ”

Liu Shan also discovered this, and he said: “Yes, the single harvest cards in the late period are like carnivores and blood-sucking daggers. The injuries are settled immediately. The carnivores directly raise the near-battle output wave of clearance after the attack. The stronger the blow after the blood-sucking dagger kills the target, the slower Pan Jinlian is in the harvest cards, the slower the rhythm? 3 seconds delay is easy to accidents. ”

"Pan Jinlian was well designed," said Suyang. "The key is actually the second skill - enchantment. ”

Wu Yue immediately said: "Please take a closer look at the design by transferring this card. The second skill is to designate a target in a fascinating range to come to you, a skill that forces people at a distance and refreshes the skill's CD as soon as the target is poisoned. ”

Suyang nodded: “The key is here. Although Pan Jinlian's injury is delayed by 3 seconds, she can pull other cards over remotely to beat the opponent suddenly. At the end of this group battle, you can see Xie Mingzhe's manipulated Pan Jinlian's departure. ”

The audience discovered that Xie Mingzhe summoned Pan Jinlian and did not stay put. He quickly allowed Pan Jinlian to open the moss carpet laying range, and then suddenly killed the cactus with mesmerizing skills to stretch out Fenghua's plant brand cactus.

Suyang analyzed: “At that time, Fenghua had six cards with a blood volume of around 30%. Pan Jinlian could poison at least six targets. Neither was the cactus closer to her, but rather the groundstone flower, the sea belt and the money wood. But why did he bypass these three cards and pull the cactus all the way over for seconds? ”

Wu Yue's eyes lit up: “Because the cactus is a very strong remote punch card! The prick can constantly shoot out to attack long-range targets. If the cactus is immortal, once Liu Run reacts, it is likely to kill Pan Jinlian quickly? ”

Suyang nodded: “That's the truth. Strong conscious players can quickly determine which cards are the most critical on the field. Cactus is the only general strike card in Fenghua output cards. It is not affected by skill cooling and can be output remotely and continuously. Other cards have strong output capability, but at this time their skills are cooling down. So I said that Xie Mingzhe's quite delicate about the timing of summoning Pan Jinlian. ”

Liu Shan also understood at this time, he couldn't help but praise: “Archer's mind is really strong. When he summoned Pan Jinlian, most of Fenghua's card skills were cooling. Only Cactus, who did not need skill cooling, was instantly killed by him. After the 3-second fear control field of the painting, the skill cooled down super strong single-attack card money wood, was also pulled by him for the second time. ”

Wu Yue exclaimed: “In this way, he had already decided to kill each other's cards in sequence. First, he accidentally killed the two single cards that threatened Pan Jinlian most. The remaining control cards and group of cards were difficult to threaten Pan Jinlian's life. As long as he lived, Pan Jinlian could complete the harvest of the whole field! ”

Su Yang smiled slightly: “Yes, after the cactus and money were quickly dropped in seconds, Grandmother Jiu dispersed the ghost fire to depress the blood volume of other cards. Pan Jinlian walked away from several other group attack skills and pulled one to kill one card. No cards could affect her anymore. ”

Until then, the audience completely understood the tactical arrangement of the game - Pan Jinlian never showed up, that is to wait for the most suitable time, when the opponent's strong control skills cooled down, paint a wave of countercontrol, first kill the two single strike cards that pose the greatest threat to themselves, then slowly handle other control and group strike cards, Xie Mingzhe can still be so calm at the critical moment, what else can he say besides admire?

A careful comparison of the order of Pan Jinlian's kills shows that whenever Fenghua's control card skill cools down, he is fed by Pan Jinlian, so that in the last brief period of more than 20 seconds, Fenghua has not released any control skill, rarely released a few group attacks, even if hit, that point of injury can not kill Pan Jinlian, not to mention Xie Mingzhe still manipulates Pan Jinlian's constant departure skills...

6666 was brushed all over the live room, and many fans were excited to say: “What exactly is my man god's brain made of? The idea is too clear!” “If it were me, it would be one card close to the second, there's no time to think about the order of the kills!” “Avoid moss in a chaotic situation, accurately find the cactus pull over and kill for a second, Archer consciousness is really amazing! ”

Su Yang's previous impression of Xie Mingzhe was a very sunny teenager, a little naughty, with the youth vitality of the teenager on his body. After watching the game on the spot today, he realized that Xie Mingzhe's not the most terrible thing about cards - it's the calm of the critical moment.

His mind remained absolutely sober, and after all the cards of the opponent were lit up, he quickly cleared up the timing and sequence of Pan Jinlian's harvest and completed a perfect clear field performance!

Few exaggerated Soyans could not help but admire it, "Chul's sense of randomness, though young, is already a first-rate player. Pan Jinlian looks like a simple card. It's actually extremely difficult to operate. The key is how to ensure that the harvest is not interrupted for 3 consecutive seconds. If anything goes wrong in the middle, Pan Jinlian is killed backwards, or the critical moment is counter-claimed, this game is likely to lose. ”

But that kind of possibility didn't turn up eventually.

Because Xie Mingzhe had already thought clearly about everything.

Wu Yue and Liu Shan are also deeply touched. Xie Mingzhe is kind of the player they watched grow up. There are so many excellent players in the alliance. Xie Mingzhe is undoubtedly the fastest growing player. Of course, he has the credit of Master Chen Qianlin and Brother Tang Muzhou, but his own talent is also never comparable to many people.

Let's just say the same wave of warfare, at a critical moment, clearly arrange the order of death of the opponent's cards, and ask how many people can do it?

Behind the game, Baixu looked at the big screen and looked extremely complex. In his place, he definitely couldn't do Xie Mingzhe so calmly. He found that there was still a lot of gap between himself and Xie Mingzhe, which made him a little frustrated and couldn't help but drop his head.

Sitting next to him, Yitian Yang caught his head with no skill and couldn't help but ask: “The next game is between us and Xie Mingzhe. Did you lose confidence after watching this game? ”

Baek Xu's face was pale and his mouth was strong: “Who lost confidence? It's just Pan Jinlian. It's not like I've never seen such a big late card before. It's not like I'm saving my control skills for her! ”

Easy Tianyang grinned and touched his nose: “You think too much. If he hits us, he won't take out Pan Jinlian again. ”

Bai Xu shouted: “How do you know? ”

Yi Tianyang lowered his voice and analyzed: “Pan Jinlian, this card is more useful in the wind and frost city, because many of these two cards depend on skill to eat and can be summoned by stuck cooling time. No way to make a ruling. Old Nie sent the beast to bite a few bites. Pan Jinlian's defense was so low, he didn't poison the dead to hang himself first. Playing ghost jail and dark night capital is also bad, there are too many invisibility cards in ghost jail, and the magic worms in dark night capital can still split. ”

Baixu listened carefully and thought his words made sense: “So our card team is not suitable for a wave of clearing field. If we open the wormhole transmission, after Pan Jinlian came out, I let the card group go where she couldn't reach! ”

Yi Tianyang nodded with a smile: “Yes, he took out this card today, and more likely he was experimenting with the limits of this card in conjunction with Metaphor in preparation for a later tournament. Pan Jinlian, though strong, is also very defensive, just leave a single control skill for it. ”

Bai Xu: “…”

Sometimes I feel that the new teammate around me is not very reliable, I can listen to his analysis, but Bai Xu feels that Yi Tianyang is truly famous.

As the first auxiliary to the Dark Night Capital, Yitianyang is Pei Jingshan's right arm and has served as a regimental commander on several occasions. If he did not leave the Alliance temporarily for graduation defense, he could not find a cheap way to dig him up.

Baixu couldn't bear to be happy when he thought about it. He gained some confidence in the next pair of players. “There is one more game I expect Xie Mingzhe will continue to win! Let's take a closer look and set up the card set for his new card later, I don't want to be 2: 0 next week! ”

* * * * * *

[Chapter 304, First World War Gazette]

The five-minute break is up and the second inning officially begins.

This inning is home to Xie Mingzhe and Xie Qi Ke. Xie Mingzhe chose the map of the Grand View Garden series of Happy Red Court used by Nirvana in the regular games. The scene event is the full map card attack, attack speed and critical damage increase after the Happy Red Night banquet begins.

The choice of this map puzzles the audience - the full scene output boost, is Xie Mingzhe going to fight fast?

Soon, both sides showed up cards to give you answers.

Fenghua's cards haven't changed much overall, replacing the treatment cards in the upper game with the outbreak group attack cards.

The eight open cards published on Nirvana's side, known as Ke's ghost cards, are Gong Sun Jiu Niang, Nie Xiaoqian, Qiaosheng and Liancheng, and the character cards are Song Jiang, Lu Junyi, Huarong and Master Li. Even if you look at the sign, it doesn't change much, just replace the black and white indefiniteness with Nie Xiaoqian and Joe Sheng.

Wu Yue acutely discovered a key: “Xiao Ke's black and white uncertainty was replaced by Nie Xiaoqian and Qiaosheng. The output rhythm of these two cards will be much faster than that of the black uncertainty. Xie Mingzhe is likely to use a quick attack method in this round! ”

Suyang: “This map of Happy Red Court is ideal for fast attack. The enhanced all-map attack at the beginning of the evening banquet will give more parties with output cards the opportunity to build huge advantages. So Liu Run and Xiaoqi Zhou, after seeing the map, pulled down the healing card and simply replaced it with a group attack burst card. ”

Liu Shan agreed: “Cheol should be thinking the same way, so let Xiao Ke carry four output cards. ”

The game began soon.

Both sides fought a wave with various skills, and for a moment and a half, they could not kill the opponent's cards, but the opponent could not kill his own cards. The previous attacks were merely a test, and neither side was genuine.

Until nightfall, the lights are bright in Happy Red Court, and the evening banquet officially opens - all card attacks, attack speeds, and critical attacks are fully enhanced throughout the scene!

When you look at this map of Happy Red Court, you can imagine that the moment the feast begins is when both sides burst out and spell out.

Liu Run and Xiaoqi Zhou carried a large banyan tree in the secret card, and promptly opened the “Divine Tree Protection” skill of the great banyan tree at the start of the night banquet and the moment of the other party's full attack - the whole regiment is invincible!

Master Li's mass control was blocked, but that's okay. After the evening banquet started, the boost always existed, and then it spelled out to see who could solve the opponent faster.

From the card set, Fenghua added a group attack desert rose, plus a previous water-based plant attack, a wave of mass attacks simultaneously smashed down, all the cards on Nirvana side were mutilated!

It's like dropping a bomb-bomb in the lake, loud noise, Nirvana's card strip being brushed off two thirds of the time, and you can see how horrible the full-scene output boost is after the evening banquet starts.

The audience shouted, and many fans in the broadcast room were worried: “This wave of Fenghua's firepower is so fierce, it directly knocks out 2/3 of the blood!” “Even if Master Li opened a group therapy to hold up a wave, it would be difficult to delay the situation by subsequent treatment. The full scene card output boost, but the treatment did not boost!” “I don't know, Chul. Why don't you bring some more group cards? ”

Attack, Attack Speed, and Crit all add 50%, a group attack will probably lose half of their lives across the street, and treatment will not add up, which will cause the treatment card to work much less than the output card in this graph.

For example, in a normal map output card 40,000 blood at a time, the treatment card plus 40,000 blood at a time is just the right balance for the datagrapher; but on a Happy Night banquet map, the output card can break 60,000 to 80,000 blood at a time, and the treatment card still adds only 40,000 blood, which can become far from the pace of treatment.

Xie Mingzhe still brought Master Song Jiang and Master Li to the competition, making the audience on the scene very confusing.

This wave of banquets began, the wind was invincibly protected by the banyan trees, the group chaos of the groundstone flowers erupted at the same time as several other group cards, striking out tons of damage!

Nirvana only has 1/3 of all the cards left in the room - Lu Junyi was killed by dead cards again, Master Li's skills cooled down, Song Jiang's individual blood couldn't take care of so many teammates, it would be easy for Liu Run to release the cactus to harvest again.

Liu Run aimed at Liancheng. He had seen the link between Liancheng and Joe Sheng's ghost form. This card had to be dealt with.

But at this moment, Ko suddenly summoned another ghost card.

King Chujiang, Cold Ice Hell!

A large, ice-blue inferno is generated quickly at the foot, dropping all enemy target movement speed, attack speed collectively by 50%, and stacking a layer of cold air every second, decreasing attack power by 20% per layer, and decreasing attack power to zero when five layers are full.

This card was also used for the first time in the league.

Cold Ice Hell suddenly appeared, leaving Liu Run and Zhou Xiaoqi suddenly unprotected.

This Cold Ice Hell is so clever that a slowed down plant card cannot escape the Cold Ice Hell range in 5 seconds, so the Cactus and Moneywood's Attack dropped rapidly to zero.

The Night Banquet Bonus at Happy Red Court is really cool and the all-card attack is up. Yet the presence of Ice Hell just so nicely offset the Scene Attack Bonus, allowing Liu Run to burst out and turn the idea of banging the other side into a shadow!

Su Yang smiled softly: “Xie Mingzhe was really smart. This card perfectly cracked the scenario advantage of Happy Red Court. Now, the situation is that the card on Nirvana's side gets attack speed and hit boost, while Fenghua is circled in hell by the card, the attack drops to 0. ”

Attacks are temporarily reduced to zero and can be restored as long as they leave Hell's range, equivalent to a “group weak” control field. But after being slowed down by 50%, how can you leave Ice Hell so easily?

Like the moss in the upper game, the moss will lay on the ground on a large scale, slowing down and stacking poison; Cold Ice Hell is also laying on the ground, slowing down and reducing the attack power, the two brothers and sisters thought together in a heartfelt way when making the card.

Baek Xu saw this card scalp about to blow up: “This is too shameful! The opponent's Attack drops to 0, but increases his own Attack by 50%? King Chujiang puts this map in Happy Red Court, it's a bug! ”

Yi Tian praised: “The map and control card worked wonderfully, and King Chujiang really picked this card well. ”

Shen 'an was a little anxious at the end: "Master, how do you solve this? ”

Tang Muzhou sighed softly: “Xiao Liu opened the banyan tree invincible too early, should wait for the secret card to come out. ”

Liu Run really didn't expect Xie Mingzhe to have such a bad move.

King Chujiang's Cold Ice Hell, the cold air constantly overlaps, can freeze people to death.

And as soon as Hell comes out, Joe Seong and Liancheng begin to act -- simultaneously changing from human form to ghost form.

As Joe Seong and Liancheng moved at the same time, the audience also found a movement between the two ghost cards.

The audience in the live broadcast room said, "Are there links? Is this the first couple of ghost cards in the league?” “Haunted cards actually have CP, and I'm a single dog, and I feel like I'm living less than a card? ”

Certainly there is a link between the ghost cards made by Sirui, such as the classic bride in red and the group of white-haired ghosts, but there is never a "couple” set in the cards made by him. Xie Mingzhe's Qiaosheng and Liancheng are really the first couple of "ghosts" in the league.

The audience has a bigger opinion of Xie Mingzhe - can you think about how the single dogs feel?

Even the city appeared in the last round, but even the city and the last round of the game were simply "if two ghosts”, because even the speed of the city attack did not overlap, but Xie Mingzhe caught the other party's mind, even the city was used as bait, and the injuries were very common, and the opening was killed by the opposite second.

Coming out with Joe Seong in this game is the real output core!

Qiaosheng will cut off his mind and speed up Liancheng's attack, plus his own martyrdom to accompany Liancheng as a ghost, the result is that the moment Liancheng becomes a ghost form, the attack speed is directly stacked 100%.

Officially, the card's own attack speed is increased by up to 100%, but the scene effect is not counted as part of the card limit, so the attack speed boost of the Happy Red Night Banquet is still in effect for the card - even the city's attack speed is stacked at a terrible 150%, and it can strike two general attacks in almost a second.

Yike Ke, after being abused by his teammates on a rotational basis, this period is particularly serious. More than a month of repeated practice has brought him to the point of operating the ghost couple of Joe Sheng and Liancheng.

Let King Chujiang put the cold ice Hell control field skill, self-evidently Ke closely follow the action of Grand Sun Jiu Lady, Nie Xiaoqian, Qiaosheng and Liancheng. The ghost fire of Grand Sun Jiu Lady throws it all out, and the cactus smashes the past, triggering a riot directly smashes half the blood; Nie Xiaoqian pulls the cactus with her hair, and even a riot strike in the city directly takes off her head!

The output was already strong, and with the scenario boost, 150% of the attack speed of the city's output was horrible.

She constantly moves flexibly to attack her opponents with a general attack, while Joe Seong follows her around with 2 skills to "Find Liancheng and damage enemies on the path” to strike a range attack, and moves over to make a sword up to the target of Liancheng attack when needed!

The connection between the ghost couples also opened the eyes of the audience.

Many viewers praised in the live broadcast room: "Kirk has made great progress in operating technology!” “Qiaosheng has been in a straight line of attack, even the city flexibly walks the monomer, Nie Xiaoqian is also a monomer output, while at the same time manipulating so many single attack cards, Xiao Ke is really not easy! ”

If the first inning is the tactical layout of Xie Mingzhe, then the second inning is to be known as Ke as the lead character!

Xie Mingzhe brought four cards to protect Metaphor, and a secret card was Li Yi, linked to Song Jiang. After appearing, he fought a wave of group attacks, and then triggered the collaborative skill to make up for the attack on Liancheng's target.

That's when you discovered that even the city was at the heart of the bureau, and the other cards were helping her.

Qiaosheng helped her accelerate the attack. Song Jiang has been helping her increase her blood. Li Xiao's battle and Qiaosheng's sword are also centered on Liancheng.

Although Liancheng is not a harvest card and relies on multiple general attacks to inflict sustained damage, what is the concept of striking two general attacks per second if your opponent is affected by a cold ice hell?

In a long time, the total output of Liancheng will reach extremely astonishing data!

Zhou Xiaoqi and Liu Lan struggled to escape from the Cold Ice Hell, but at this time, Liancheng, a card with continuous output capability, has quickly killed three cards, such a large card difference advantage is difficult to recover.

At the end of the match, Wu Yue looked shockingly at the field statistics table, with a clear line of golden fonts showing “Breaking the Record”. Wu Yue was excited: “We saw that Liancheng beat a total of 460,000 injuries in this game, breaking the highest record of single-card output of previous doubles! ”

The audience saw this data and just felt creepy.

A lot of people have seen a lot of high damage from a single card, but when many big late cards appeared, because the other party was already bleeding, the total output was actually not high, including Pan Jinlian in the upper round. Although she killed 8 cards in one breath, the cards that could be left to her were all bleeding cards with a blood volume of 20,000 to 30,000, and the total output was less than 200,000.

But this round, until the start of the Happy Red Night banquet, even the city and Joe Sheng did not enter together. At that time, Fenghua's card blood volume was very healthy, even the city cooperated with teammates all the way to attack continuously, brushing the damage!

The punch card has a trait. If it can't be stopped, it's over.

Because she doesn't have the skills to cool down, she can beat you all the time, even though the damage caused by each hit isn't high enough to keep hitting, and accumulating for a long time can be quite horrible, not to mention 150% Attack Boost, 50% Attack, and Critical Boost!

Liu Shan sighed: “This game is a classic general strike core game, it really plays great! ”

Wu Yuedao: “When Xiaoke played in the first half of the tournament, he was not so good, sometimes he would lose his chain, but today he can really see tremendous progress in his manipulation of two ghost cards, Joe Seng and Liancheng! ”

- Take off the dodging skills, hit back-to-back, call Joe Seng to make up the knife when they can't kill it, the ghost couples play all over the field together, it's a beautiful operation and the viewership is extremely strong.

The first inning was Xie Mingzhe's tactical setup was too brilliant, allowing the opponent to be directly turned over in a state of duress; the second inning was a metaphor for manipulation, and Hardson won the victory with a universal strike card!

Wu Yue's voice is trembling: “Today is the first game of the Pair, let's congratulate Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke Combination, win two consecutive wins and get 2 points first! ”

A warm round of applause was raised.

On stage, Xie Mingzhe took off his helmet and gently hugged the excited red-eyed cock into his arms. He rubbed his head like a brother and praised with a smile: “Good fight. ”

Xiao Ke scratched his face and smiled silly: “It's a good card belt. Cold Ice Hell group slowed down. It's really great to hit across the street! ”

The audience saw a scene of hugging two people, and the mood was extremely complex.

In fact, you didn't like the combination of Xie Mingzhe and Yike Ke at first. Soon, the two partners were not that tall, and the Pair Games project had a special number of gods this year, so they didn't think they should have a chance to compete for the trophy.

But after watching today's game, many people changed their minds.

Xie Mingzhe's tactical arrangements are too awesome and often punched across the street. Ko's manipulation technology has also made great progress, will this pair become the strongest black horse in the double race?!

Good night ~

Ko is also progressing very fast, he is very smart and can keep up with Chul's rhythm:)