[Chapter 313, New Immortal Cards]

After Xie Mingzhe finished making the four new cards, he discussed the skill setting and data distribution with the master, then asked Qin Xuan to help make the special effects of the skills, and invited his friend Luo Cheng teacher to make the sound effects.

There are a lot of lightning and electric attack sounds in the system database, but most of them are similar to current sounds. What Xie Mingzhe is going to do is sonic attack, preferably the real thunder sound of nature. Luckily, Teacher Luo is a professional music producer with a lot of audio material in his hand. Soon, he customized the sound effects for Lui Gung, Electric Mother, Uncle Feng and Rain Master's skills according to Xie Mingzhe's requirements.

After doing the sound effects, Xie Mingzhe introduced four cards into the simulation stage, playing skills to listen - thunder, lightning, wind, storm, realistic sound effects, giving people the illusion of being in nature and experiencing a storm.

Xie Ke excitedly said: “It's so real, I want to buy an umbrella for the cards! ”

Before Luo Chenglian left, he found Chen Qianlin and patted him on his shoulder with a smile: “You are a very talented apprentice! If he doesn't want to play cards in the future, let him come to me, and I'll take him to the film crew as director. ”

Chen Qianlin: “………"

His apprentice was praised and should be happy, but Chen Qianlin only had a headache.

After the "Eight Immortals Concert", Archer made “Wind, Rain, Thunder, Thunder, Lightning, Natural Symphony", which he wanted to go on the three-in-one road of skills, special effects, and sound effects, making a card is more serious than making a movie.

After sending his friends away, Chen Qianlin called Xie Mingzhe alone and said: “How much more is missing from your fairy card? ”

Xie Mingzhe singled out an area in the showcase to store cards that could be classified as "Immortals". At first glance, he quickly counted them. "Seven cards are still missing. I've got an idea. I'll have time to do it after the group. ”

Chen Qianlin said calmly: “I suggest you wait until after the hexadecimal eight. ”

Xie Mingzhe looked up at Master: “Hexadecimal eight? My opponent hasn't identified yet...“

Chen Qianlin moved out of the scorecard of the professional league website, "The 15th is the last day of the group game, I booked the ticket in advance, and everyone went to the site to watch the full game, and there will be results. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded obediently. Since Master must have reason to say that, he was in no hurry to do the card thing. However, he had to spend a few more days seriously preparing for the next double-player elimination.

Xie Mingzhe submitted four cards to the audition channel, and the official datalogists threw up again: “This thunder sounds frightening to me, my ears were almost shocked and deafened, Xie Mingzhe submitted thunder striking sound is too realistic, right?” “Thunder, lightning, wind, rain, accompanied by Wang Xifeng's laugh, I feel like a movie scene! ” “ …… ”

The datalogists knew how many cards Xie Mingzhe had made, and all the pairs had come out was the horns of Phoenix. I really look forward to Xie Mingzhe coming out with all the new cards. This is definitely the best card movie ever.

* * *

After the card was approved, Xie Mingzhe placed four cards in the area of "Immortal Card”: Lui Gung, Electric Mother, Uncle Feng and Rainmaster.

He paused the idea of making a new card and closely followed the status of the group event.

As the group race draws to a close, there is also a tendency towards clarity in the group's spots and the next round of opponents. On the side of Group A, Xie Mingzhe and Yike Ke have already achieved five consecutive wins, and have scored 2: 0 in five consecutive games, with a score of 10 firmly in the first place of the group, there is no doubt that the line will go out, while the other teams will also decide on the final ranking on the 15th day.

At noon on August 15, all Nirvana went to the competition site to watch today's game for themselves.

On Saturday, holiday students and commuters filled the room. From 1: 00 PM to 10: 00 PM, the competition was filled with teams from Group A Baixu, Yitianyang Vs Liu Run and Xiaoqi Zhou.

This is the last game in Group A, with points similar to each other, which will determine who is the second runner-up in Group A.

Xie Mingzhe saw Baixu in the background. Since the last game, the two of them have not contacted each other. Xie Mingzhe thought that Xiaobai would be embarrassed to see him escape, but didn't expect Bai to come forward. Seriously: “You and Yike Ke have confirmed that Group A is out of the first line, me and Yigo will be out of the second line, this time it will be fine! ”

In the first half of the tournament, Nirvana and the stars were killed on the points board for a long time in order to compete for the fourth postseason spot, and eventually Nirvana was given the opportunity to leave and the stars were eliminated.

This double-player tournament is another group, and it's a "sin.”

Xie Mingzhe also hopes that Xiaobai will be in the top 16 this time. After all, he is Tang Muzhou's younger brother. He cannot go into the next round because of himself every time. Xie Mingzhe will not feel well.

Seeing Baixu's confident appearance, Xie Mingzhe extended his hand and patted him on the shoulder, encouraging him: “You can do it, come on. ”

Bai Xu shook his fist hard: "Look at my performance! ”

Behind him, Yi Tianyang smiled slightly and lowered his voice to Xie Mingzhe: “In the last game, I didn't trust Xiaobai enough, and you won the tactical idea sufficiently novel, but this is just a group game, your opponents are not strong enough. By the stage of the 16th, the masters who cooperated with the acquiescence are not so good at fooling around. With the secret card, winning by surprise, once or twice is okay, the third time won't necessarily work. ”

He obviously gave himself advice as an old contestant. Xie Mingzhe listened carefully and said: “I know what you mean. Thank you. I will prepare for this. ”

Yitian nodded and took Baixu to the big stage.

* * *

After entering the VIP viewing area, Xie Mingzhe saw Tang Muzhou sitting in the second row. After looking at him, he waved at him with a smile: "Come sit here, nobody in this row. ”

The Alliance reserves a VIP viewing area for professional athletes. Any athlete who wants to go to the game can book in advance, without having to take a seat on the number, and it is common to sit with acquaintances at random.

Chen Qianlin greeted the great apprentice on his own initiative. He was welcome to take everyone to the second row. Xie Mingzhe walked consciously to the end, so that he could sit with his brother.

When they were all sitting down, Tang Muzhou gently held Xie Mingzhe's hand under his seat.

He snapped his fingers and Xie Mingzhe's heartbeat. His ears are a little hot.

Nobody saw under the seat, did they? To think of it, Xie Mingzhe dared back to hold his brother and scratched his palm.

Tang Muzhou's lips were more smiling and his face was calm. He asked, "Aren't you in the game today? Why are they all here? ”

Xie Mingzhe said: "Master sent everyone here. ”

Chen Qianlin said when he heard about it: “It's okay to stay at the club, bring everyone to the scene to see the situation of the other groups. ”

Tang Muzhou shouted, "Tonight will come to an end. ”

We were talking, and the first game started, and the four players went on the big stage.

Liu Run and Xiaoqi Zhou are new to the season, they are eager for "Team Offline” and even use “Team Offline" as a goal for the cost season, so they will definitely do their best today.

But Baixu is equally eager for the "Group Offline”. Since the last time YiTianyang approached him to apologize, his heart has completely unraveled, leaving the matching card group to YiTianyang to handle.

Yigo is right, partners have to trust each other. After all, Yigo was the first assistant to win the team championship. His tactical consciousness is much stronger than his own. Therefore, Bai Xu willingly dropped the captain's shelf and listened to Yi Tianyang's command.

Xie Mingzhe said helplessly: “Bai always runs into a team with me. It's really bad luck. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly and said: “Don't worry, Baixu's mind is much more mature than before. After your last 2: 0, he has been burying his head for practice. I just saw him in the background, his face is more confident than before, and he seems to adjust well. ”

Xie Mingzhe also felt that Baixu had changed quite a bit in the past six months compared to the second teenager who had just released his vocabulary in front of reporters. He also learned to tweet from the dark, and his mentality was really good. Looking at him confidently, he had a sense of "my brother's new growth”. Xie Mingzhe turned back and asked: "On the one hand, you are the new man, and on the other, your brother. Who do you want to win? ”

Tang Muzhou shrugged: “I'm not biased. But I think Bai Xu will have a bigger winner. ”

“Because of Yi Tianyang? ”

“Well, Tianyang is a strong contender. With him, Baixu can play 1.5 times better than usual. ”

“Yes.” Xie Mingzhe looked seriously at the big screen.

The competition begins with a fierce battle between the two sides.

The first scene was also Baixu's home map Gemini star, but instead of using the rhythm card transfer door method, he passed all the cards to the front. He also brought three new cards in this round, all of which were made by Baixu.

—— Chain Nebula, locks designated targets in chains to force distribution of damage.

- Time vulnerability, which keeps all our card skills in the air, delays release for 5 seconds, and avoids the invincibility of the Great Banyan Tree.

A zombie planet, a planet full of death, covered in the sky, will make all the gains and treatments disappear.

Xie Mingzhe looked at the new cards at the top of the field and looked seriously at Baiyi's combination for the first time.

He found that he seemed to underestimate Baixu's brother, and that Baixu's talent in card making was not lost to him, but that Baixu's cards were all confined to celestial bodies, the universe, like butterfly cards and worm cards - but he could not deny Baixu's cleverness.

This child just owes some grinding. The arrival of Easy Tian Yang is a timely rain for Starry Sky Battle Team and Bai Xu personally. Xie Mingzhe believes that Bai will definitely become a top player in the future!

I'm so happy for my brother.

Xie Mingzhejinjin watched the game tastefully and could not bear to applaud the good: “Beautiful! That's a good one!” “Yo, this skill hides, White is smart! ”

Tang Muzhou watched him cheer Baixu up and had to lift his lip.

Looks like Archer is looking at Baixu as his own brother, not at all - he likes Xie Mingzhe's "gone.”

In the end, Baixu and Yitianyang won the match at 2: 0, so far, the Group A matches were all finished, the scorecard was published on the big screen, and a fierce round of applause was sounded.

Wu Yuedao: “The two combinations out of Group A have been determined. Xie Mingzhe and Yueke Ke are the team's total victories, with a total score of 10 points, and are out as the team's first! Baixu and Yitianyang lost 3 innings, with a total of 7 points, and the group's second outgoing line - let's congratulate you on your two combinations and look forward to your performance in the top 16! ”

"“ Zhou Xiaoqi and Liu Lan don't have to be discouraged, "said Liu Shan." They are still young. There are still many opportunities ahead. Let's try again next season! Next, let's take a look at the last game of Group B… "

Today is the last day of the group tournament, and the list of leads for each group will be formalized tonight.

From Group A to Group H, fans are getting emotional as the list is published one by one on the big screen.

Nie Yuandao, Shanlan; Tang Muzhou, Xu Changfeng; Fang Yu, Qiao Xi; Zheng Feng, Wei Xiaotian; Zhen Mun, Shen 'an… these combinations can come out of the group, the audience is not surprised, more concerned about the opposing list of the top 16.

At 6: 00 p.m., after the Group F match, Chen Xiao and Qin Xuan confirmed the release, which is good news - but the bad news is that their next round of opponents will be the first from Group C: Nie Yuandao, Shanlan.

Yike Ke saw this place, feeling a little depressed, drooling his head not knowing what to say.

Chen Qianlin looked at Chen Xuao very calmly: “You should have guessed this outcome a long time ago, right? ”

Chen Xiao smiled easily: "Well, just try your next round. ”

Chen Qianlin patted his brother's shoulder, didn't say much.

The first place in Group F was Ling Xuan Hall of the Temples and auxiliary player Xu Hang. It is also an attacker + professional assisted combination, Chen Xiao and Qin Xuan theory personal strength is not comparable to each other; the time of cooperation and cooperation is not comparable to each other, so they can only go out as the second group, but the second group, which means that the 16-strong phase should match the first of the other group.

ABCD paired against HGFE, and their pair was definitely the big Boss in Group C: Master Nie Lan.

In fact, Chen Xiao predicted this when the grouping list came out, so he wasn't surprised when he saw the opposing list on the big screen. He knows that he and Qin Xuan should have stopped at the top of the sixteen in this double race.

Playing Nelan, he is really not confident, not self-denial, but he has self-knowledge. Don't say that he is carrying Qin Xuan. Even if Ling Xuantang, the most powerful soldier, brings the Alliance's first assistant, Yi Tianyang, he can't beat Nelan Master.

Nie Lan's acquiescence is a little too perverted.

Qin Xuan didn't say anything, but Shenzhen revealed a little guilt. Chen Xiao patted his teammates' shoulders with a smile. "Nothing, let's just see the level of the strongest pair in advance and prepare for the team game. ”

Xie Mingzhe also came together: “We only built a team last year. It's not a long time ago. Don't worry too much about winning! ”

Chen Xiaohaha laughed: “Don't rush to comfort me, your opponent is not out yet. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled bitterly: "Group H has more headaches. I'm not as likely to win as you, just try. ”

At this time, Xie Mingzhe's fans were in a very burning mood.

The first place in Group A in the 16th period was the second place in Group H, according to theory, the second strength of the group should not be so strong, but the second group is the famous "death group” of the doubles, including Shaw Mengchen, the female captain of the Shadow Squad, and her partner Shen Jiping, Pei Jingshan and Ye Bamboo combinations of the Dark Night Capital Squad, and Jinwei Liu, Liu Jingxu of the Ghost Prison.

The three pairs of specialty assassination combinations were split together, the competition in the group stage was extremely fierce, the ranking on the scoreboard was constantly changing, Shao Mengchen combinations were 2 points behind, tonight Pei Ye and Liu's duel, will determine the first and second rankings of the group.

Qi Ke whispered: “I hope that tonight's game will be won by Si Wei and Liu Jingxu. I would rather compete with Pei Jingshan and Ye Zhu. ”

Xie Mingzhe said, “You don't want to go back to being a ghost card, do you? ”

Metaphor scratched his head, the divine colour was very dazzling: “I used his ghost card to play the arena before I came out. I learned a lot of the routine from him. If he really matched the track, he must know my method very well and was easily targeted...”

Xie Mingzhe gently pressed Xie Ke's shoulder: “Don't worry, whoever your opponent is, you still have my partner, you are not alone in facing his ghost card. ”

After saying this, Shermingerton regretted it - Nima, isn't this a crow's mouth ahead of time? He doesn't want to go back to Wisdom!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 314, Results Against An]

The evening race fell into the "bladder curse” again, each for more than 10 minutes, and the last game in Group H was dragged until 10: 30.

After watching the game for hours in a row, some players couldn't make it back, but all of Nirvana stayed in the VIP room to watch the game, and Tang Muzhou stayed and waited for the results.

In the narrative room, Wu Yuedao said: “By now, I think a lot of the audience are sleepy, but today's race to arrange Group H is the top priority. This game will decide not only the ranking of Group H, but also the next round of the 16-strong Group A opponents! ”

"I saw a lot of professional players staying behind and waiting for the results," said Liu Shan. "Obviously, everyone is very concerned about this match between Pei Ye and Liu! ”

On the big screen, the conductor cuts the camera to the back stage, and the audience sees Tang Mayu and Xie Mingzhe talking together.

The fans scratched the screen: “Will Tang Shen stay and wait for the results?” “Fenghua's competition is all over, and the next round of opponents has been decided. Tang Shen is definitely concerned about his next stage opponent if he doesn't go back so late!” “Alliance good brother, Tang God really has nothing to say to Little Brother!” “They have such a good relationship, I also want to have a brother like this...”

Tang Xie was talking and suddenly saw his face on the big screen. Both were stunned. Xie Mingzhe quickly let go of his brother's hand held under the seat, so he waved calmly to the audience and revealed a brilliant smile.

Tang Muzhou also smiled slightly and waved along.

The images of them sitting together were too cozy, and fans always felt something was wrong, but they couldn't say it.

Until the conductor switches the screen, the contestant enters the big stage.

Pei Jingshan, Ye Zhu vs Zhui Sirui, Liu Jingxu.

Pei Jingshan is the individual champion of the seventh season, Ye Zhu is the best rookie award of the seventh season. He has won the runner-up in the seventh season of the individual season and has a distinct character of a ghost card. Liu Jingxu came out of the third season, but did not win the championship until the eighth season, creating a unique demonic deformation method, he is the most “late" player in the league.

Each of these four athletes, single-handedly taken out, is a fan of countless top gods, now competing with the stage, live deafening screaming suddenly scared the audience to sleep in the live broadcast room, shaking everyone's mind.

The forum begins betting: who can be the first to go online? Who will be Xie Mingzhe's next round of competition?

In the live broadcast room, people say that...

“I think Pei Ye wins bigger, after all, he has been a double racing partner for many years. Xiao Jing Xu and Master Zheng Feng used to work together. This season Old Zheng went to take Wei Xiaotian, he and Liu Jingxu temporarily formed a team, which is not as tacit as Pei Ye's. ”

“You can't say that, the Ghost Prison team has always been strong, and the team matches belong to Si Wei and Liu Jingxu, both attackers and very acquiesce to each other! ”

“Yes, the ghost card of Xiao Hui and the demon card of Liu Jingxu have been working together for so many years, it must be very clear to each other's rhythm, even if it is a pair of temporary partners, but don't forget, they have been teammates for four years, the team has won the championship! ”

“I voted for Pei Ye. Pei Shen and Xiaozhu Pair were awarded the prize. The Magic Caravan is more flexible than the Ghost Caravan! ”

“Bullshit! Demon cards can be transformed, ghost cards can be invisible, and flexibility is no worse than bug butterflies! ”

The competition hasn't started yet, fans from both sides of the barrage quarreled first.

Xie Mingzhe could not see the barrage at the scene, but he could imagine the interest in the game.

He doesn't know who's going to win. But being rational, he really didn't want to meet Homecoming and Liu Composition in the next round, but he was not afraid of the ghost card of Homecoming, but because, once he met the true founder of the ghost card, it would be difficult for Ko to withstand the pressure. Even if Xie Mingzhe supported the late stage, he would not necessarily be able to play the deformed demon card of Liu Jingxu.

Before and after the demon card was deformed, it was like two sets of cards. It belonged to Liu Group. The demon card tactics were also unpredictable. Xie Mingzhe looked at whether the card opposite was deformed or not, while also taking care of Xiao Ke, probably lacked energy and lost each other.

In relative terms, the combination of Pei Jingshan and Ye Bamboo is quite good.

In addition to the Pei team's dick split and the Spider Queen will be more difficult to handle, Ye Bamboo's tracking assassination plot will do much better if he figured out a way to target it and withstood the first wave of assassinations tracked by Transparent Butterfly.

The fate of the next round depends on the results of today's game.

The hexadecimal eight is a knockout, losing is a direct exit. Xie Mingzhe doesn't want to get out so early, so whoever his last opponent is, he will spend the next few days studying the preparations carefully.

No wonder Master asked him to pause making cards. The top 16 opponents were really too strong, and he didn't have the energy to make new cards.

* * *

In a round of applause, the competition officially kicked off.

Pei Jingshan, Ye Zhu vs Shirui, Liu Jingxu. The first round was extremely fierce. Both sides did not agree to bring in a large number of late cards in the same place - Pei Jingshan succeeded in cultivating a spider queen with an explosive attack power watch. After the death of a large number of cards, Shirui summoned a dead ghost.

It was also the first public confrontation between "Spider Queen” and “Ghoul”.

Late vs late cards, the audience was particularly addicted, and Xie Mingzhe also had bright eyes -

An attacking corpse tricks a small friend to quickly kill off Pei Jingshan's split trick card, but the spider queen's silk damage is also particularly terrible, killing all the remaining demon cards.

Eyes on the ghost are closing in on the spider queen, and fans' hearts are about to mention their throats.

Everyone knows that a corpse ghost is a melee, and a spider queen is a telecard. Once close, a defenseless spider queen will surely be killed by a corpse.

At this critical moment, a clear little butterfly suddenly appeared behind a tree in the distance.

Ye Bamboo's transparent butterfly survives in a chaotic battlefield and flexibly flies far away - at the moment when the ogre opens his mouth, the transparent butterfly suddenly opens a call to skill and pulls the spider queen to her side.

Ghoul's skills swept away, instantly moved to the distant spider queen, spit out the spider silk, instantly killed back!

The audience applauded with excitement, and Xie Mingzhe couldn't help applauding: “This call by Xiaozhu is timely.” Tang Muzhou praised: “He and Pei Jingshan have been partners for many years, the cooperation is indeed tacit. ”

First inning, Bae Ye Sheng.

In the second inning, Pei Jingshan simply did not bring a ghost, but Liu Jingxu brought a demon king, out of his unexpected wave of demonic group deformation, gave all the butterflies of Ye Bamboo a second, established the advantage on the card from the beginning, and kept the advantage to the end.

1: 1, both sides are level, due to equal points, one round of competition.

The only contest in the group stage has also become a key match in deciding the fate of the four teams!

Bai Xu sat upright and stared at the big screen - his opponent was number one in Group H, and like Xie Mingzhe, he was waiting for the result.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and looked at the live video without turning his eyes.

Ghasai is a random map of the system, randomly arrived as the "daughter country” in the map library, the one that can get the baby pregnant.

The whole audience laughed out loud and spat: “How is Archer feeling?” “Whoever has a strong baby can win, win, beat Baixu, beat Chul! ”

Ye Bamboo usually said that Xie Mingzhe made a nasty card, and as a result, he made the card student baby more aggressive than everyone else in the game.

He quickly drank the water from the Mother Son River and copied a clear butterfly baby as small as his thumb!

As a result, Pei Ye's original method of tracking assassination was turned into dual tracking.

Two clear little butterflies chased the ghost card demon card and instantly summoned the group twice in a row, killing two key cards directly across the street.

Returning to Sirui and Liu Jingxu regretted defeat.

That concludes the group tournament for two, Bae Ye group H first promotion, the next round against Bai Xu and Yi Tianyang. Returning to the second promotion of Liu Portfolio, he will meet Xie Mingzhe and Yike Ke in the hexadecimal eight elimination.

It's 11: 00 p.m., the game is over, and Xie Mingzhe is in a complicated mood.

It's time to come.

He didn't want to match up with Shirui, Liu Jingxu, and appeared on his hexadecimal eight list of opponents.

Tang Muzhou looked at his little brother's face and whispered in his ear: “You have to change your mind or it will be hard to win. Though Xiao Ke is progressing very quickly, Xiao Ke is as easy to deal with as Xiao Ke is to deal with the Ghost King. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded helplessly: “I understand, I'll go back and think about it. ”

Ko's progress is in everyone's eyes, but whether it's strength or psychology, the founder of the haunted school of cards is an alpine mountain that Ko is difficult to cross. As Tang Mu Zhou said, using ghost cards in front of Zhui Wei is like making an axe out of Ben Gan and making himself suffer.

But Ko can only play ghost cards and let him abandon ghost cards to temporarily manipulate plant cards and character cards, but will not be proficient enough.

what should I do

Xie Mingzhe frowned for a long time.

On his way back to the car, he suddenly thought of the phrase "change your mind”.

- Yeah, change your mind!

His combination with Ko has always been Ko's ghost attack, Xie Mingzhe aided, controlled or assisted in the attack, and the group stage has always been won by novel tactics.

So, when you get back to Wisdom, can you change your mind?

The more Xie Mingzhe thought about it, the more excited he was, holding Ko aside and saying, “Ko, would you like to put down the output cards of Qiaosheng, Liancheng, Nie Xiaoqian and Kurofu, and use the control field ghost card to assist me? ”

Qi Ke was stunned: “Ghost Card Support? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded seriously: "Yes.” He looked Ko in the eyes and his voice was full of firmness: “Back to Si Wei and Liu Jingxu, I wanted to change my mind, let me do the main output, your ghost cards to help me - I wanted to try, if I played the output, I could beat the top players in the league with operational skills. ”

- Novel tactics, unexpected dark cards, are indeed the key to his victory.

- Yea Tianyang also warned him that he can't always win with a secret card, once or twice, okay, third or fourth time, won't the opponent leave his skills exclusively to guard against your secret card? The opponent is not stupid!

Before the start of the tournament, the team will announce that all the cards of Nirvana will be known to the opponent. There will no longer be new cards that no one has ever seen. Everyone will be on the fair stage, fighting tactics, spelling consciousness, spelling operation. What will he do at this time?

It's time to practice manipulating the output cards!

Archer is an all-powerful player, and it is also important to improve manipulation skills.

He's already awesome, but I want him to be more awesome. Become a real first-rate player, not just a first-rate card maker.