[Chapter 317, Divine Operation]

After all, Shirui and Liu Jingxu are experienced old players in the competition. From the moment Xie Mingzhe announced the card, they realized that today's Xie metaphor combination is very different than before - Xie Ke Auxiliary, Xie Mingzhe output, and, moreover, each of Xie Mingzhe's output cards can be kept as the core until the late stage, making it very difficult to operate.

At first, they tried to gather fire to forcibly kill Pan Jinlian. As a result, they understood that Ke continuously opened the protection skills of Mon Lady and King Qin Guang. The hard thing was to let Pan Jinlian's blood escape. Under the helplessness of Ci Wei, they had to divert the target. "Kill Lin Chong first! ”

Pan Jinlian is a remote output card, and as long as she hides behind her teammates, many skills can't hit her.

But Lin Zheng is a melee card. He must be attacked in close proximity. At that time, he will be controlled. Fire collection will kill him quickly. Without Lin Zheng's harvest card, Xie Mingzhe's output capacity will be greatly reduced. Then he will be destroyed one by one, which is much better.

Su Rui's idea was correct. Liu Jingxu and he cooperated with him on the tacit understanding. At the moment he saw Lin flush out the "development of Cangzhou” skills, Liu Jingxu immediately let the flower demon release the strong control skills “phantom”. Lin Zhong was influenced by the flower demon's control and fell into hallucinations for 5 seconds!

In 5 seconds, enough time for Liu Jingxu and Hui Sirui to join forces to kill a controlled crisp output card.

More importantly, in order to save Pan Jinlian's life, Monoprotective Skills were all cooled down. Unless King Qin Guang opened the sin mirror table to rebound, or Tu Li opened the group to add blood, it was difficult for Lin Chung to survive the other party's fire.

Yu Ke also knew this, and there was a little panic in his mind.

Do you want to drive Tulip's big rescue run? Save a card with a group of blood adding skills with a long cooling time. It feels a little wasted. If you don't save it, Lin will definitely die. It's really hard not to open a big trick.

However, there is no hesitation on the field, like Kirk biting his teeth hard and making a decision - no help!

Because neither Shirui nor Liu Jingxu's secret cards have appeared, and both have a large number of subsequent outputs, if all the big moves are used to save Lin Shou, then Nirvana will be completely passive, and then counter-claimed will likely collapse.

He thought of the phrase Qin Xuan told him - as an auxiliary, rescue at critical moments must learn to make trade-offs.

If you can't save all the cards, then you save the one you think is the most important.

Before the game, Archer repeatedly stressed to him that the most important output cards of the game were not Pan Jinlian, not Huarong or Lin Chong, but the most complex operation of Yanqing!

He had to retain his skills to ensure the survival of Yan Qing, so when Lin Chung was set on fire, he understood that Ke had withstood the impulse to amplify the game, but chose to quickly adjust the card position, and let Mon Lady, Qin Guang Wang, Wei Zheng and Tu Li Lady quickly retract the four cards.

Lin Zhong was isolated and helpless, and was soon killed by Liu and Liu jointly.

During the narrative period, Wu Yue, who returned to God, said with some regret: "It is a pity that today is Lin Chung's first appearance in the league, and as a result, he used 1 skill ‘to distribute Cangzhou’ to instantly move past and just wanted to attack the opponent, even the subsequent skill could not be released, and was killed by the opposite counter-control seconds. It was too quick to react..."

Liu Shan sighed, “Lin Chung, this output card has hardly played any role. It's a big thank you to Xie Mingzhe! ”

Su Yang had different opinions. “Not necessarily. Although Lin Chong died in battle, the hanging ghost just pulled over by Pan Jinlian Qiang won't last long, so let's call it a change. ”

Pan Jinlian just pulled the "hanging ghost” over to Huarong to beat him. Huarong's output was already very high. After beating up the hanging ghost, Pan Jinlian fed another poison. As a result, Lin Chung's front foot had just died and the back foot of the hanging ghost had also been hung. Pan Jinlian's skills were refreshed.

As the audience speculated, Pan Jinlian used the "enchanting” technique again, this time pulling over the opposite output card cat demon.

Huarong continues to attack the cat demon in front of him. Of course, the cat demon is not idle, and suddenly becomes a cat girl with a cat tail. The cat girl can use her tail to lock the designated target in place and reduce the target's defense by 50%.

This control technique almost pronounced Pan Jinlian's death sentence.

Suiwei is a first-rate player, he has released the water ghost for a long time, he has been lurking in the dark to take chances. At the moment Pan Jinlian forcibly took the cat demon from the opposite side, the water ghost quickly followed. After his teammates took control of Pan Jinlian, the water ghost prevailed, and a violent assault directly killed the crippled Pan Jinlian!

The audience heard a shout. One was amazed at the speed of the reflex, and the other was suddenly a shameless ice-blue ghost emerged from the water. Everyone was frightened.

Pan Jinlian was killed, which means that the combination of Pan Jinlian and Huarong La was broken.

"Xiao Mingtze's consciousness was really strong," said Su Yang. "He saw that Xie Mingzhe was going to use Pan Jinlian as a shift control card in this round. He worked with Huarong to kill his opponents one by one, so he released the water ghost in advance. After his teammates' control, he immediately dropped Pan Jinlian. ”

Wu Yuedao: “The water ghost card is really flexible in the water war map, even if the audience from God's perspective didn't find where the water ghost was lurking, I think this card would pose a great threat to Ko and Chul! ”

The strongest thing about water ghosts is their invisibility after encountering the water. This is also a new card made in late Si Wei, which Xie Mingzhe has not seen before.

Today's water warfare map was chosen to target the strong melee card of Zhui Wei. Instead, Zhui Wei picked up a cheap card, and Xie Mingzhe was overwhelmed by the ambush of the water ghost.

Upon Pan Jinlian's death, Xie Mingzhe also realized that the opponents he encountered were numerous times stronger than the group stage.

His pre-game tactics may not work, but he is not nervous. Anyway, winning or losing today's game doesn't matter. The key is still challenging himself. Try not being able to manipulate these highly challenging cards flexibly under stressful circumstances.

Xie Mingzhe calmly said: “No rush, kill the water ghost first! ”

After transforming into a human form, the cat demon will change from an output card to a single control card. Not only will it control Pan Jinlian with the water ghost comes a wave of surprises, but it will also allow its own output and defense data to be exchanged.

Originally, cat demons were 100,000 output, tens of thousands of defenses, but now cat girls are 100,000 defenses!

The hard part of Liu Jingxu's demon card is here. It looks like his demon cards are brittle. It takes a few seconds to kill them. But once they are caught on fire, the demon cards suddenly deform, attack and defense data exchange. Don't look at its low blood volume, but a hundred thousand defenses are also enough for the headaches of the opponents--turn to guard, trying to kill the deformed demon cards is not that easy.

Xie Mingzhe abandoned his plan to kill the Cat Demon, first targeting the water ghost who was lurking and messing around.

Unconsciously, the accumulation of water in the lower city has reached a depth of 50cm, and the full-scene card decelerates by 50%. At this time, athletes can clearly see that the card moves slowly, but unlike the water ghost, it will boost the speed of movement underwater, and once it dives into the water for more than 5 seconds, it will automatically enter the invisible state.

If the water ghost is invisible under the water, thanks to the skill of Si Wei, the divine ghost constantly harasses the water ghost, it will leave Xie Mingzhe and the metaphor Ko completely passive, and then will only be beaten by the opponent.

It must be disposed of quickly before it is invisible - only for five seconds.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and said quickly: “Protect Yan Qing, go! ”

Metaphor would like to immediately manipulate the auxiliary cards to follow.

At the same time, Xie Mingzhe summoned the first secret card of the match.

When the secret card summons, there will be special warnings of battle and light effects. As soon as this card appears, the audience on the scene will stare at him, and Xirui and Liu Jingxu will also be vigilant immediately.

I thought it was another powerful control and harvesting card that destroyed the heavens and the earth. I didn't expect that the secret card that Xie Mingzhe carried was a very simple function card.

--Divine Action Taibao, Dai Zong, speed up the whole regiment!

Daizong made only one skill, so the acceleration lasted a long time, but the cooling time was short, and he would be very flexible to use in a large team battle. However, only 10 cards can be taken on the side of the doubles. Would it be a waste of time to bring this functional card? They also put him in a secret card, apparently not wanting the opponent to know in advance.

The audience were curious about Sherminger's next move.

The next moment, everyone understood why Xie Mingzhe was taking Dai Zong with him.

Because Yan Qing!

Yan Qing is an extremely flexible output card. Today he entered the professional league for the first time. Xie Mingzhe did not summon Yan Qing after the start of the game. He did not summon him at the same time until the moment when Dai Zong appeared.

With the accelerating Yan Qing of the divine action Taibao, the speed of movement was already fast. He quickly caught up with the invisible water ghost who had not yet arrived. He stacked several note marks on the other party with the "faint tone”. He followed the "prodigal son back” skill twice in a row, just past the position of the water ghost, and stacked two more markings ——

“Bang” crisp sound, swallow blue stacked on the water ghost all exploded, the water ghost should fall down -

The audience looked at the big screen unbelievably, and just now they saw only one figure flashing in front of them, flashing back quickly, making a few nice honking noises in their ears - and look closely, the water ghost was instantly second?!

A large question mark was brushed inside the live broadcast room. The explanation also stared closely at the screen. As a result, Xie Mingzhe's operation could not be seen clearly at that moment. Wu Yue could only quickly ask the director to broadcast: “Let's take a look at the slow lens playback...”

The lower right corner of the screen shows the slow lens playback of the scene just now.

Only Yin Qing first caught up with the water ghost who had not yet reached invisibility through the acceleration of "Divine Walk Taiwan", followed the skills of 1 and 2 simultaneously to turn on, moved back and forth in just 3 seconds, quickly stacked 5 tone marks on the water ghost - the prodigal son turned back, the mark exploded, the otherwise brittle water ghost was instantly killed in seconds!

After forcibly killing the water ghost, Yan Qing opened the 3-skill "Return to the Hidden Mountain Forest” away from the battlefield and moved back to the big rear, far away from all the skills that might hit him.

- Kill enemies thousands of miles away, lose track of them instantly after killing them!

- A true "come, go, go” assassin!

The audience shocked their chin and brushed a full screen of "6666” in the broadcast room. The fans were so excited to cry: “Ah Cheol is too good to say goodbye!” “I didn't even see the operation!” “Can I say that I can't even see the slow lens playback?” “In a chaotic situation, staring at the water ghost instantly moves past the second and then moves away. Yan Qing, this card is so handsome and crying!” “There's another male god. Ahhh, Chul made a better card than one! ”

Zhu Sirui and Liu Jingxu looked at each other in disdain.

Kill a card in 3 seconds, many of the top experts in the professional league can do it, not to mention because the skill design is too strong, the defense itself is weak, it is also normal to be killed by a set of seconds.

But the problem is, while the water ghost was on the way back, there were still a lot of teammates around to protect the flight, including the puppet tiger demon who was preparing to open his ridiculous skills, but Xie Mingzhe stared sharply at the position of the water ghost and instantly moved over to kill a set of seconds, without even returning to Si Wei to react.

This operation is really fast and astonishing, making it unbearable to recall the Golden Series weapon medal of professional league secondaries fastest.

But Xie Mingzhe isn't that style, is he?

Suwai always thought that Xie Mingzhe had won by strange tactics. But at this moment, he couldn't help but look at the young players in front of him.

--Just 3 seconds of divine operation, directly forced the fastest operation of the entire alliance Ling Feng Tang, Xie Mingzhe this is going to heaven?!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 318, The Secret Card Surprise]

The game was particularly fierce from the very beginning with the smell of gunpowder.

Everyone thought that after Pan Jinlian was killed, Xie Mingzhe and Yue Ke would be bullied to death by the wise water ghost. As a result, Xie Mingzhe killed the water ghost directly at a critical moment and solved the dilemma.

At this time, Lin Chong and Pan Jinlian were killed. There are 8 cards left in the Xie Yu combination.

Returning to Sirui and Liu Jingxu, hanging ghosts and water ghosts died, there are also 8 cards left.

8: 8 relative balance in terms of the number of cards, but in terms of the face of the cards, the chances of winning the Liu portfolio are still greater, because Xie Mingzhe's card group has too few cards to output, and the dark card Daizong is also a pure acceleration function card with no output capability.

Just kill one more output card from Xie Mingzhe across the street, and Xie Mingzhe will end up in an embarrassing situation where the output is not enough to kill the other side.

Huarong, Yan Qing, who should I kill?

Ci Wei decided to kill Hua Rong.

Because Yanqing “returned to the hidden mountain forest” and went to play in a particularly distant place, he couldn't reach it at all, but Huarong remained on the front line. Although Daizong's acceleration was not very good to grab, Huarong was a melee card. Huarong Shiwei and Liu Jingxu could completely rely on remote output skills to slowly grind down his blood volume.

However, Huarong is a card that can convert a percentage of its output into blood volume - a typical melee blood sucker.

His skill injuries were high, his general attack injuries were high, so he easily struck out his half-vein volume, and sucked it all up again, and it wasn't that easy to kill for a moment and a half.

The situation was deadlocked, and Ci Wei calmly said: “We must not delay this any longer. ”

The scene of Yan Qing killing the water ghost by accident just now cautioned him. Lin flushed to death too easily. He always felt that Xie Mingzhe would not give up an output card so easily. He must still have his back hand, so he couldn't drag it down with the other side.

Liu Jingxu also very much agreed, "I am ready to summon the demon king. ”

Xi Wei nodded: “Okay, I'll work with you. ”

As soon as the voice went down, Liu Jingxu summoned up the secret card that the game was carrying - the Demon King.

The demon king is the king of all demons. His appearance will allow all demon cards to be deformed at the same time and immediately refresh their deformation skills. This means that Liu Jingxu's demon cards are equivalent to one card and dual use, and the guard is ready to switch.

For example, a cat girl can turn back into a high-output cat demon, hit a set of high-defense cat girls after the output; a fox demon can turn back into a fox teenager with a long tail and develop a wide range of control field skills; a tiger demon can turn into a human form, ridiculously absorb the opposite damage, followed closely by a tiger form with a tiger whistling fear of the whole field; a flower demon can become a beautiful woman, can add blood buff to a teammate, become a flower form and come a wave of collective hallucination control field!

Meanwhile, the Demon King himself will summon four weak general offensive demons to target his opponents.

Demon King, the perverted degree of this card, will never lose to the big late harvest card.

The other players' harvest cards are for the head; while the Demon King is a team gain card, the moment of appearance is Liu Jingxu's big rhythm. All demons immediately deform and refresh their deformation skills. In the short term, he is equivalent to refreshing all card skill CDs, controlling, outputting and defending, with a wave of opponents likely to collapse directly.

Players disfigured by Liu Jingxu's demonic group can line up around the Alliance headquarters.

But today, he lost count.

Metaphor was nervous and his palms were sweating, but at this moment, the intelligent Metaphor did something that thundered the audience.

--King Qin Guangdong, Sin Mirror Station, all control and injury skills rebound!

At the moment when Liu Jingxu summoned the demon king, Yu Ke opened up the sin mirror table skills he had been saving.

He didn't save Lin Shou just now. He retained his skills to prevent a wave from being fought across the street. When he came out, it was like "sending charcoal in the snow”. He instantly dissolved the danger of Nirvana being taken away by a wave.

Even Tang Muzhou, who watched backstage, couldn't bear to smile, "Ko retained this skill well. ”

Liu Jingxu's demonic deformation rhythm was forcibly interrupted, and we can only wait until the time of the sin mirror table is over.

But across the street, there's also Return to Wisdom.

Dr. Ghost, a young man with silver-sided glasses, wearing a white coat, a stethoscope around his neck, a doctor's costume, a pale face like paper, are rare looks in Ghost cards made by Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost.

Dr. Ghost's skills are extremely hegemonic - bacterial corrosion, rendering ineffective all opponent's defensive shields, bounce walls, etc.; viral spread, spreading a large number of viruses within 30 meters, infecting hostile targets collectively with the virus, reducing their defenses by 50%, and being hit by 300% of the population's soil system critically!

The appearance of this card behind the Demon King was clearly a tacit collaboration between Sirui and Liu Jingxu.

The demon king came out and understood that Ke would definitely defend himself. At this time, Dr. Ghost appeared to break the defense, and a wave of “virus spread” groups dropped the defense. Liu Jingxu could follow the demon deformation outbreak.

Su Yang couldn't bear to praise: “This cooperation is beautiful! ”

Wu Yuedao: “Dr. Ghost is supposed to be Zhui Sirui, after seeing that Qin Guangwang has been brought with him, specially placed in a dark card for use, bacterial corrosion, can crack all shield and wall skills, all invincible shields can be corroded. ”

"“ This wave of all-out offense depends on whether Ke and Chul can hold on! ”

With the appearance of two powerful cards, Dr. Ghost and the Demon King, the Red and White Ghost of Zhiwei opened the linkage group attack again; Liu Jingxu's control field of four demon cards, attack, one time, Xie Mingzhe and Yueke were completely suppressed by their opponents, the whole group was left with blood!

- Amusement park dreams! Spring/Colorful!

Yike Ke resolutely let Tu Li's two big moves open simultaneously, and Wei Zheng also promptly opened the reward time.

Only Huarong, Meng Bao, Qin Guangwang and other cards were seen. At the moment with less than 1,000 points of blood remaining, she saved a life in alarm. Turima's group treatment quickly returned the entire blood volume.

Almost gone!

Yike Ke's heart is about to jump out, playing against the master, the pressure is really great.

Without Qin Xuan reminding him to retain his skills, this wave would not have been able to withstand.

Xie Mingzhe was relieved to see that here too - Jingxu Jingwei and Liu obviously wanted to fight a wave, but Xiaoke wisely retained his skills and avoided the group extinction without risk. Two ghost cards belonging to Sirui have been killed. The skills of the Red and White Ghosts have cooled for a long time, relying solely on Liu Jingxu's ghost cards. It is not that easy to kill Nirvana in one breath.

After all, Liu Jingxu is a first-rate athlete and extremely skilled in operation. He killed Huarong by holding onto her blood strength. Of course, Huarong was not idle. Xie Mingzhe let Mon feed the demon his soup forgetting skills. Xie Mingzhe took the opportunity to let Huarong go close and take away the demon.

Still a one-for-one, but the key is that the dead demon across the street is an aid, and Xie Mingzhe's dead Huarong is an output.

The audience was a little worried: "Is there only one Yan Qing card left on Archer's output card?” “Pan Jinlian, Lin Chong, Huarong died successively. He thought that his secret card carried harvest cards. The result was an accelerated Daizong. What if the output behind it is not enough?” “It's hard to turn the dishes around just because of Yan Qing, right? ”

The next moment, however, the audience felt the collective beating in the face.

So Yanqing's skills cooled down again, and Daizong's cooldown time was faster than Yanqing's.

At this time, the amount of water accumulated in the lower city exceeds 80cm, and the deceleration of all cards is 80%, making it almost impossible to move.

Yan Qing possesses three transient skills, coupled with Daizong's acceleration, he suddenly flew in from a far away position. It was precisely Liu Jingxu who had just become a crisp fox demon in the form of a fox - the same as just now, the sound of a faint overlap mark, the prodigal son turned back to explode mark, and returned to the hidden mountain forest to move to a far away place.

- Floating, floating again. Xiao Yan dissipated and the fox demon died!

Audience: "………"

Wu Yue stared with wide eyes and said: “Cheol, are you going to take your head off one by one with Yan Qing? ”

Liu Shan also couldn't believe: “It seems to be true... because the accumulation of water in Xiaozheng has reached 80cm and the deceleration of all cards is 80%. At this time, Daizong and Yanqing cooperate, almost invincible existence, the opponent's remote card will not be able to reach them... ”

Su Yang touched his nose and smiled softly: “Xie Mingzhe is really smart. The output distance of the remote card is 30 meters. He puts Yan Qing 35 meters away. Zhui and Liu Jingxu can't hit him, but Yan Qing can harvest by acceleration and instantaneous movement. ”

That's the difference between "long” and “short”.

Until this moment, the audience finally understood that Xie Mingzhe chose to "flood the map” and took Daizong and Yanqing out with him. Finally, I know why he forced the water ghost to kill him - because only the water ghost would pose a threat to Yan Qing!

Once the water ghost dies, the remote card of the ghost prison can't even hit Yan Qing.

Besides, even if Yan Qing instantly came to kill the opponent, she was forcibly controlled by the opponent, and Meng fed a bowl of soup, and forgot all the controls and injuries within 5 seconds, which amounted to invincibility.

Yan Qing is difficult to handle, what should we do?

Both Ci Rui and Liu Jingxu realized this.

Since you can't play Yan Qing and Daizong, deal with the other cards first. When only Yan Qing and Daizong are left at the end of the day, to fight more and less, directly form a surrounding circle, the game map is so big, see where they run!

Immediately after the two men made their decision, they implicitly transferred firepower -

In the next few decades, both sides were caught in a fierce battle. Qin Guangwang's death, Wei Zheng's death, Meng's death, and Tu Li's failure to resist the fire that returned to Liu! Yen Qing also relied on Daizong's acceleration to kill Liu Jingxu's cat demons and tiger demons in a flash.

There are not many cards left on either side, Dr. Ghost, Demon King, Red Bride, White-haired Ghost vs Yan Qing, Daizong.

Looks like it belongs to Liu Card, but these four cards are a group attack, all skills must be played to Yan Qing and Daizong simultaneously to kill the two cards. Yan Qing's transient distance is 30 meters, plus Daizong's acceleration can reach 35 meters, exceeding the furthest output distance.

But neither Shirui nor Liu Jingxu were stupid. They had long seen how Xie Mingzheka fought kites at a distance. Unconsciously, the position of the two cards changed. Four cards stood in line, blocking Yan Qing and Huarong in the southeast corner of Xiaocheng. Yan Qing couldn't get around. If he wanted to fight them, he had to face the tragedy of being hit by the skills of four cards at the same time.

After all, Yan Qing is a defensively low output card, no one can protect him under the condition of auxiliary dead light. He will definitely die if the group attack skill is hit. If he doesn't come to hit each other, the other can continue to approach.

The accumulation of water in the lower city has reached 90cm, the full diagram has slowed by 90%, but the slowdown does not mean it is fixed. The card can still move slowly. It belongs to the remaining four cards of the two Liu to push forward step by step. The distance between the eyes and Yanqing gradually decreased from 35 meters to 34 meters... 32 meters...

The audience held their breath.

Yan Qing backed against the corner of the wall. If he wanted to move instantly, he could only move in the direction of his opponent. It was inevitable that he would be beaten by the skills of the group attack. Daizong did not have the protection capability, and acceleration was useless at this time.

Can't we just wait to die?

Wu Yuechin stared at the screen. “Unfortunately, Archer played really well in the early period, but Zhui Sirui and Liu Jingxu were also really good. He forced Yan Qing away quietly and actually drove him to the dead end! ”

"'Yan Qing is moving,' said Liu Sam. Looks like Chul wants to make the last wave? ”

In the image, Dai Zong turned on "Divine Action Taiwan” acceleration skills again, Yan Qingfei quickly came and played Xiao Yan!

Instead of instantly killing a single card, he shifted back and forth in a straight line.

This wave is truly gorgeous, the audience only saw young men as light as swallows, painted a standard Z-shape on the field, twice "prodigal turning back" hit four cards on the path, stacked notes on all enemy cards - one note exploded, four cards across the street collectively crippled!

However, Shirui and Liu Jingxu did not panic, orderly group attack to force Yan Qing and Dai Zong to kill.

Or is it a loss?

Xie Mingzhe's fans regret it.

However, the field does not show the end of the game, the card compares there, showing 1: 4.

By the way, Yike Ke and Xie Mingzhe still have a secret card not summoned?!

It's too late for Sway to realize this.

The secret card appearance is self-explanatory - King Yan!

Skill “still unjust", our chosen deceased card is immediately revived, the attack power is increased by 50%, and all skills are refreshed for revenge. After 5 seconds, the revenge is over, the card is killed, and no other resurrection skills can be accepted.

Yan Qing, who just died, is fucking resurrected?!

Fans of Ghost Prison really want to make a big bang at this moment!

The revived Yanqing attack power is greatly improved, all skills are refreshed, the familiarity with Xiao Yan sounds again, the flexible and floating Z-shaped displacement, to come shadowless and go without a trace Yanqing let all the notes mark one unfurled on the four blood medals -

Just listen to one crisp sound - all the notes explode and all four cards die!

Yan Qing killed four blood medals and died five seconds later.

There's only one card left on the scene, King Yan.

Mercedes and Xie Mingzhe won.

Audience: "…………"

Another king!

It's the last time a king blows up!

Xie Mingzhe and Yike Ke won a particularly dangerous game, but the audience had to admit that Chul's operation was awesome, okay? Today is the home of Yanqing, while other cards are slowed down by the group, Yanqing continues to fly back and forth.

The handsome, flirty, untraceable assassin played 200% of his terrible power in Xie Mingzhe's hands!

Xie Mingzhe seems to be using this game to tell everyone.

He not only hates the tactical layout.

He hates these flexible assassin cards even more!

This contest will be written in more detail. Archer's transformation from a first-rate card maker to a first-rate player will also change his mind considerably. This is a turning point.

I hope everyone is happy!