[Chapter 325, Eight in Four]

With only two days to prepare, Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke grasped each minute and second to practice the new formation. Xie Ke even slept only five hours for two consecutive days. He had no time to go to the game on the evening of the 23rd to watch the game, and only looked at the results of the official website after the game.

Nie Yuandao and Shanlan defeated Zhen Mun and Shen 'an in the top four at 2: 0. Ling Zhuangtang, Xu Hang 2: 1 beat Zheng Feng and Wei Xiaotian combined to determine the second top four seats.

At 7: 00 p.m. on the 24th, all Nirvana came to the game scene in advance. Today, the second half of the eight to four games were arranged. The first was Fang Yu, Qiao Xi vs Pei Jingshan, Ye Bamboo, Xie Mingzhe and his teammates came to the backstage and found many professional players watching here, including Niehuan Master, who had been identified for promotion to the top four.

Xie Mingzhe greeted the familiar gods and found a place to sit. At this time, Fenghua's players also came in. Tang Muzhou saw his brother and took the initiative to walk over to Xie Mingzhe and sit beside him. “How are you prepared? ”

Xie Mingzhe frowned. “Don't you know my style? Wait, there's a surprise for you. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled softly: “I know, it must have been another shock. ”

Everyone thought they were going to play the game today. Their brothers and sisters should take refuge in each other. I didn't think they were in the mood to sit together and joke before the game. They didn't seem to care much about the outcome of the game?

Soon, the game appeared on the big screen, and the showdown between Fang Yu, Qiao Xi and Pei Jingshan and Ye Zhu officially began. Xie Mingzhe caught up with the metaphor: “Watch the game carefully, relax, but don't let their beating lead you astray. ”

Metaphor nodded and opened his eyes to the screen.

In fact, he is also difficult to be misled. After all, very few people can imitate the style of square rain. Simply put, it is a word - tow!

The rhythm of the Frost City game is the slowest in the entire league, with water beads bouncing between cards, like playing bounce, water poison state slowly overlapping, causing the other party to fall into chronic death, combined with the strong therapeutic ability of the water system shield, Ye Bamboo and Pei Jingshan trying to kill the water system card quickly is not that easy.

This game is a “fast” versus “slow” confrontation. Fang Qiao wants to drag it. Pei Ye wants to kill quickly. The players are particularly good at the detail operation. They exclaim while looking at it. It is also aiding. Fang Yu really did the ultimate in every detail!

In the end, when Fang Yu and Qiao Xi won the Pei Ye combination by 2: 1, he understood that Ke Xin had spoken orally and arrived at Xie Mingzhe's ear: “Fang Yu is amazing, there are too many operational details. If it were me, I would certainly not be able to get the time and location card so accurately. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded with appreciation: “He is indeed a very careful player. ”

In the first half of the regular game phase, Rain was defeated by Nirvana 2: 0, but the same mistake will not be repeated on this player. Since then, he has become more and more careful. Today's game is so detailed as to be perverted, the water-based control field with good minutes has made Ye Bamboo and Pei Jingshan so mad that after the game, Ye Bamboo even has a "relieved breath” relief.

At the end of the first game, Xie Mingzhe, Yike Ke and Tang Muzhou and Xu Changfeng came to the battle area together.

The three narrators briefly summarized the game just now, highlighting the second one, Wu Yuedao: “Next is the final game of eight to four, Tang Muzhou, Xu Changfeng and Xie Mingzhe, Yike Ke duel, please invite four contestants! ”

Four people came in successively, the audience applauded the scene, the fans raised posters in high altitude, the fans of Fenghua and Nirvana wore their own team uniforms, formed a piecewise square in the audience, and of course, some fans who also liked Tang and Xie Shi brothers held up banners drawing their Q-version avatars.

Xie Mingzhe smiled and pulled Ko and bowed to the audience, turning back to the rotating chair.

Wu Yue excitedly pulled out the pre-match guesswork data, "The pre-match guesswork for this match supported Tang Xu winning up to 70%, supporting Xie metaphor only 30%, however, so far, there have been a lot of chills, remember the last time Cheol and Xiao Ke returned to Liu Group, the support rate was only 35%, and the result was an unexpected win. ”

"There will be a lot of variables in the game, especially Xie Mingzhe's very novel in his tactics. Will he come up with a new card? What will he use as a secret card? I look forward to this game today! ”

Wu Yuedao: “The players are still debugging the device, let us enter a short advertising time, and come back immediately after the advertisement! ”

An advertisement was inserted on the big screen - an advertisement recently made by a well-known electronics manufacturer for celebrity players.

Due to the large number of All-Star players, the previous ads were randomly played, but today coincided with the civil war between Don and Xie Master Gan, and the broadcaster wisely transferred the ads they shot together.

The screen was divided into two pieces: on the left, Tang Muzhou was sitting at the desk in suits and shirts, and on the right, Xie Mingzhe was wearing white sportswear. He smiled brightly and waved alone in the street. He probably saw something interesting. He suddenly dialed through his brother's communication device. Tang Muzhou, who was working, saw the incoming name and immediately raised a gentle smile on his lip.

The two people connected the video, the holographic screen in front of each other appeared, Xie Mingzhe excitedly showed his brother the surrounding environment, while introducing him to his new discovery, Tang Muzhou always smiled and listened patiently to him.

In just 15 seconds of advertising, at the end of the broadcast, the voice-over was inserted, or Xie Mingzhe read it himself. The clear juvenile voice is serious, word for word: “XX optical brain, the latest high-tech holographic simulation projection technology, definitely worth having! ”

Audience: "…………"

You two are very engaged in advertising! The clothes are of the same colour, feel great together, the director is also very good at capturing the lens, the gentle gentleman style of Tang Muzhou, and the young and vibrant smile of Xie Mingzhe are beautiful, like the hero who came out of the idol show.

But right away, it's their game, and they suddenly put up ads that they shot together before the game —— all this tension before the Nima race is gone, okay?

The audience laughed, and a lot of fans in the live room jokingly brushed the screen: “Buy it, can't we buy it?” “I bought one last year to buy another one for my brother for the sake of both of you taking ads so seriously. ”

Some people also said weakly, "I think they fit well in front of the camera and have a super CP feel. This is an illusion. Wake me up!” “I also feel…” But a handful of truthful comments were soon inundated by buying the army.

The three of you explained that the look on the ad was also a bit odd. Wu Yuecheng cleared his voice and was responding to the question: “Though Tang Mayu and Xie Mingjie had a good relationship and cooperated in shooting the ad together, the next game should still be taken seriously and seriously. I don't think they will leave any room for the opponent. This division and brothers game will be fierce! ”

Liu Shan hastily took over the conversation: “The four players are ready. The game is officially started. Both sides will draw lots to determine the order of the main Away. We see... Tang Shen took the lead. ”

Tang Muzhou was lucky enough to take the lead. The first inning was his home, which was bad for Xie Mingzhe. Brother will definitely have special tactical arrangements in the home field. Once the first round is lost, the psychological stress behind it will only be harder to cope with.

Tang Muzhou was obviously well prepared to take the lead and quickly submit the game map - deep in the jungle.

This is one of the scene maps of the Forest Series produced by Fenghua. It is a very difficult dynamic scene map. Every once in a while after the game begins, there will be monsters in the depths of the jungle, resulting in different full scene negative effects.

Six-wing flying dragons, flying over the scene, huge wings covering the sun, leaving the deep jungle in total darkness for 5 seconds;

Three-headed snake, fearing the whole scene card group, unable to release any skill for 3 seconds, stacked with three layers of serpentine poison, bleeding 3% per second;

The flaming rat lit the entire jungle, instantly bleeding 30,000 full-scene cards, and instantly killing less than 30% of the cards.

Tang Muzhou's brain hole is also quite strange. He probably watched a lot of "Beast Type" cartoons when he was a kid. The design of this map really brought many viewers back to childhood.

However, the main character in the cartoon plays the monster, but this deep map of the jungle is the monster plays cards, the cards can't fight back!

The advent of the three monsters will complicate the game, and the psychological pressure on the players will increase, just as the Boss encountered when playing copies - from the initial light effect to the mass serpent poison in the back, to the final flame rat appearance of the full-scene AOE attack, not to mention that once there are blood medals, they will be killed directly in seconds!

This map is also a pressure on the spiritual power of the conductor, not only to keep an eye on the cards of both sides, but also to be alert to the presence of the monster Boss deep in the jungle - one of the hardest maps recognized by all leagues, which Fenghua has not produced in the first half of this season's regular games, but has ruled on in the final of the seventh season and won the game.

In the preparation time of two days, Xie Mingzhe looked at all the maps used by Fenghua during the first half of the regular tournament. I didn't expect Tang Muzhou to choose such an ancient map directly from the gallery at the bottom of the ballast box, or the ultra-hard dynamic map used in the final. Xie Mingzhe had some headaches - it was just an eight-to-four double tournament, is it necessary?

Su Yang saw this impressive map and couldn't help laughing: “Tang God still loves Little Brother, super VIP treatment, just get the map out of the finals. ”

Players watching backstage: “…”

Is that how you use the word "love”? Who wants this perverted love of Tang Muzhou?!

Xie Mingzhe didn't want it at all.

However, since Tang Muzhou could see him so well, he took out the "deep in the jungle” map used in the finals in the eight-to-four double tournament, and Xie Mingzhe could only face it with a hard scalp.

Thirty seconds after the map was published, both parties simultaneously published the card set.

This broadcast first magnified the card situation of Tang Mucheng and Xu Changfeng on the screen. Wu Yueguang swept through the card set, with a clear accident in his voice: “There are many new cards in the eight cards, and I found... there are many succulent plants in particular? ”

Liu Shan calmly said: “It seems like a pure succulent plant formation. ”

Su Yangxiao unexpectedly confirmed the name of the eight cards, and finally he couldn't help but exclaim: “It is a pure succulent plant indeed! The two cards, Cactus Ball and Sapphire Flower, have been seen in the group games of Group A before. They were operated by Fenghua's rookie Liu Run, but the remaining six cards are all new. ”

Zihao Lianhua, Guangdong Palace, Ice Crystal Jade Dew, Bear Boy, Peach Beauty, Aloe Vera...

Xie Mingzhe saw a row of succulent plants with an unbearably stiff expression.

That's enough! I did it for Daiyu, who died of flowers, but you didn't have to bring any flowers, did you?

"Looks like Lin Daiyu's flowers are killing Tang Muzhou some headaches, so the competition is full of succulent plants. We know that the star card world classification of plants includes flowers, vines, trees, succulent plants, succulent plants are a separate category, Lin Daiyu can't trigger succulent to judge death. ”

Wu Yue was astonished: “Tang God is serious today, the card team is completely changed... pure succulent plant formation also appeared for the first time in the history of the league, will his secret card also bring succulent meat? ”

"'That's possible,' said Liu Shan. Let's open the announced cards. Four of the eight cards are group control cards. The fear of groundstone flowers, Xuelian, Guangdong Palace and Ice Crystal Jade Dew are all frozen control fields. The other four cards. The cactus ball is attacked by a remote needle punch. Aloe is attacked remotely by Aloe Vera. The opponent is superimposed with poisoning. The bear boy uses the 'Bear Palm' hit to inflict single-hit injuries. The peach beauty is treated? ”

Speaking, Liu Shan couldn't help but frown: “3 output, 4 auxiliary, 1 treatment of clear brand? This ratio..."

Su Yang said: "This is the ultimate control field method that Tang Muzhou hasn't used in a long time! Do you remember that night he used in the seventh season's finals? Dual group control secondary card. ”

Wu Yue was impressed by this: “Remember, I heard that Tang Shen sold it later, right? ”

Liu Shan also remembered this: “The full card of Night Incense was indeed sold. At that time, there was also a sensation in the game. It is said that Tang Muzhou made another alternative card? ”

"“ Look at the emerging skills of child lotus, "said Su Yang. ”

Everybody take a look - dual group control!

Double-group control techniques very similar to night scents, perfect data distribution and complementary skills between the two groups.

“Sub-held Lotus" is a succulent plant that can easily be grown in groups. When countless spherical lotuses are placed, they are densely and numbly covered with flower pots. Tang Muzhou uses this design concept. During the stage of sub-held Lotus, a wide range of lotus layers are stacked and spread, causing group hallucinations; and each lotus also creates up to 5 seconds of fixation for the target being hit.

By putting the two skills together, hostile targets not only fall into hallucinations, but are unable to move and become targets of the penalty station in place.

Xie Mingzhe soon realized this too, Zi Hao Lianhua belt two group control skills, ice crystal jade dew, Guangdong Palace is the group frozen, groundnut group fear... With so many group control skills, it is obvious that the division will fight the control field to the end.

Followed closely by the release of the cards of Yukia and Xie Mingzhe.

When he returned to Liu's group in the last round, he took a bunch of auxiliary ghost cards and Xie Mingzhe's output, but in this round, the two of them actually exchanged back - Xie Mingzhe's several ghost cards were output, and Xie Mingzhe's got a control card.

Wu Yuedao: “The obvious cards of A Zhe are Song Jiang, Li Wan, Master Li, Liu Bei... Well, they are all protective cards. Song Jiang bears the damage, adding blood alone, Master Li adds blood, Li Wan is exempt from control, and Liu Bei is uncontrolled and immunized to death. ”

Liu Sam said: "I guess Chul also guessed that Brother Brother will carry a lot of control cards? ”

Xie Mingzhe did guess that Tang Muzhou might have a control field. After all, Fenghua's plant card control skills are countless, but he didn't think that Tang Muzhou would be so extreme, and that Mingzhu had five mass control skills combined, and he didn't know what the secret card was, which is the rhythm of controlling the inability to act across the street.

Xie Mingzhe thought for a moment, bring the "Wu Yong” new control card in the secret card, seize the opportunity to counter control if necessary, this is also the cooperation he and Xiao Ke have practiced, and bring the output capacity is very strong, can attack Yan Qing single-handedly.

The opponent thought Ko was the main output and stared at Ko's output cards to kill him. At the end of the game, Xie Mingzhe suddenly took out an output card, making the opponent suddenly fail to defend himself, which was a complete psychological battle.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 326, Monsters Deep in the Jungle]

Competition officially begins.

The audience quickly discovered that all the control cards were operated by Tang Muzhou. Xu Changfeng operated the output cards of Cactus, Bear Boy, etc. - which is also normal. Both players have strong personal abilities. Xu Changfeng also took the runner-up of the individual races last year. All the cards of Fenghua were very skilled in handling them, and the card team could be assigned any way.

Coincidentally, Xie Mingzhe is also an operating control card. In other words, the next two brothers will have a direct confrontation on the control field and the timing of the decontrol, which makes Xie Mingzhe a little nervous.

After the start of the game, because the card must be summoned within 5 seconds, Xie Mingzhe had to summon Song Jiang first to protect the ghost card of Yu Ke. Xu Changfeng summoned the cactus of the universal attack card and Aloe Vera ranged attack. Both sides mainly focused on probing.

But not long later, Tang Muzhou summoned the ice-crystal jade!

Only succulent plants seemingly crystal clear as dewy water suddenly appear and spread beneath your feet, and as the ice crystal jade spreads, the range of hostile targets is frozen collectively for 3 seconds!

Tang Muzhou moved too quickly, Xie Mingzhe did not have time to summon Li Wan out of control.

Xu Changfeng was also particularly tacit. Tang Muzhou held his opponent and immediately launched a full-scale offense - besides Cactus and Aloe Vera, he summoned an extremely powerful succulent and dark card - Thousand Buddhist Hands!

Countless cone-shaped sharp rootstocks instantly pointed at Nie Xiaoqian, almost tying her into a honeycomb.

A massive attack by a thousand Buddhist hands, combined with cactus and aloe vera fire, hit Nie Xiaoqian directly below 30% blood volume!

Xie Mingzhe Shenling, immediately let Song Jiang protect Nie Xiaoqian, and summon Liu Bei - group control effect cleared!

This skill is particularly critical because he knows that in his brother's habit, behind the crowd control of the ice-crystal jade dew, he will definitely keep up with the crowd control of the Guangdong Cold Palace, and if the control is not lifted, his and Ko's cards will be frozen for 6 seconds.

Six seconds, enough time for Xu Changfeng to kill at least two ghost cards!

Tang Muzhou must not be allowed to form a control chain.

Xie Mingzhe's mind was extremely calm at this time, and his judgment of timing was very accurate. Almost at the end of the frozen control of "Ice Crystal Jade Dew”, Tang Muzhou immediately followed the mass control of “Guangdong Palace”, and the result was just dissolved by Liu Bei's decontrol skills.

One person controls, one person uncontrolls, and the brainwaves of the two brothers are like synchronized.

Sauyang, who is used to fierce games, couldn't help but shoot the table and praise: "Beautiful! God predicts, just like a second! ”

Xie Mingzhe not only predicted the timing of his brother's control with Liu Bei to dissolve, but also summoned the dark card Wu Yong- divine machine wonderful calculation, the 30-metre target was affected by Meng Khan medicine, and he fell into a collective coma.

Unmanipulate, countermanipulate, it all happens in just one second.

Even the metaphor Ke feels frightened and frightened. If it were for him, he would certainly not have reacted so quickly, it would be Cheol!

A sober voice came from his ear: "Hit! ”

A beautiful wave of counter-control temporarily dissolved the pressure of Metaphor, Metaphor was not stupid, summoned out all the output ghost cards immediately, aimed at Xu Changfeng's thousand Buddha hand smashed down.

Thousand Buddha hand this dark card gives him more palpitations, the criticism is too horrible, let it release another ghost card to beat him to death.

Three seconds, four ghost cards set fire crisp skin output cards, could have solved the thousand Buddha hands, but at the moment when Ko quickly crippled each other, the sky suddenly sounded a thrill, the monster with six wings flew through the air, huge wings blocked the light over the forest, the whole scene suddenly fell into darkness for up to 5 seconds!

Blackened in front of me, I can't see anything, Gongsun Jiuwen's locking moves have been released, it is difficult to hit the opponent without locking moves.

I'm so anxious to scratch the wall!

Thousand Buddha hands are just a little short of a bloody skin. How unlucky is he when the monster slips over the sky?

But backstage spectators don't think so.

It's not his bad luck, but Tang Muzhou is too sick to calculate the timing of the scene clearly.

Tang Muzhou's timing is only seconds away from the appearance of Feilong. Even if the fire fails to kill the opponent's card, even if Xie Mingzhe countermanages it with a secret card, with less than 3 seconds remaining, the output of these ghost cards can not kill his plant card.

Offensive and defensible, the timing is quite ingenious.

It is also because the mind clearly knows that the output of the other party is not enough to kill the "thousand Buddhist hands”, Tang Muzhou is not nervous at all, even the treatment skills of the “Peach Beauty" did not open, and the scene event avoided the fire, so that the “thousand Buddhist hands” survived without risk.

By the time the sky brightens up, the thousand Buddhist hands have retreated to a safe distance beyond reach.

The first wave of fire between the two sides prevented anyone from killing anyone.

But Xie Mingzhe knew that such a fierce start was just a test - the next brother would only be more fierce!

As he expected, at the moment of restoration of vision, Tang Muzhou continuously summoned Shihua and Son to hold Lianhua's two control field cards. Xie Mingzhe had to force Li Wan's wide range of free control to block a wave.

But Tang Mu Zhou seemed to expect him to summon Li Wan, but didn't put in control skills?

The result is that Xie Mingzhe summoned Li Wan's skills to the air this time... and not to the air. At least 5 seconds of exemption is real. It's just that when he opened Li Wan, Tang Muzhou didn't hand over any skills. The summoning card was just - intentionally scaring him?

Su Yang couldn't bear to understand this: “Not a family, not into a division, Tang Muzhou is so bad! He deliberately summoned two control cards to trick Li Wan of Chul into appearing. ”

Wu Yuewood said with a smile: "Brothers are bad! ”

The audience said: "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” “Tang Shen is so handsome, such a liar, carefully go back to be expelled from the master gate! ”

Deceiving the opponent to hand over the key skills, which is also an important skill in the game. Xie Mingzhe's still lacking more experience than Tang Muzhou, but he can't help it. If he doesn't call Li Wan, Tang Muzhou will definitely have three consecutive controls, so they will collapse!

He is a tiger rider and must be stopped by Li Wan.

Li Wan's invincibility gave at least two people time to adjust, self-evidently Ke immediately released the ghost card, and 5 seconds to force the opposite crispy output card aloe to drop, not without harvest.

But after invincible?

Xie Mingzhe moved extremely fast and secondarily opened Liu Bei's golden shield. The entire regiment resisted the necessarily fatal damage.

This side of Tang Muzhou moves faster, the two big moves of Lotus are released simultaneously - only countless roundball-like lotus seats are spreading rapidly at the foot, the scenes everywhere are replaced by the illusion of "lotus blossoms", at the same time, all the targets are set to be touched!

Xu Changfeng kept up with the output, Xie Mingzhe hurriedly summoned Master Li, and dumped the country into mass control!

Control, crack, reverse control, reverse crack!

This wave of skill exchange makes the whole audience nervously hold their breath - it can only be said that they are brothers, they know each other well enough, it's too intense to fight once and for all!

Xie Mingzhe's fan scalp is about to blow up. In the face of the pressure of his brother, he actually withstood three waves in a row?!

Su Yang praised: “Chul's consciousness is still very strong, in exchange for other people playing aids may have collapsed a long time ago, but he arranged every card's skills in an orderly manner, uncontrolled, invincible, shielded, counter-controlled, not a waste. Although Li Wan was just cheated out by his brother, he hid Master Li's group control field and group blood addition. ”

The crisis has been temporarily alleviated, but Xie Mingzhe is also aware that this is only temporary.

With a strange sound, the giant monster Triceps appeared in view - full scene fear, three layers of poisoning!

All cards were inevitably stacked in three layers of poisoning and began to bleed heavily.

I couldn't move for 3 seconds, dropped 9% straight, then I would keep dropping.

Xie Mingzhe has kept Master Li's group blood adding skills, just waiting for this moment to be released. Tang Muzhou also opened the group therapy for Tao Beauty after 3 seconds of fear ended, but Xie Mingzhe unexpectedly discovered...

Master Li's group dragged blood back just a little bit?

At first glance, Tang Muzhou summoned a dark card - a succulent bulb.

This card looks strange, a large light pink sphere, like a light bulb that's dozens of times larger, and it's simple and rugged: our healing volume is increased by 50% and our enemy healing volume is reduced by 50% within a range of 30 meters centered on succulent bulbs.

Loss of self buff cards, very common in leagues.

But at this critical moment, Xie Mingzhe's got a headache!

He didn't expect to see the same trick again, and the perverse thing about the map deep in the jungle was that after the Triceps appeared, the Flaming Horse would follow suit, less than 5 seconds apart!

Xu Changfeng finally plays the explosive power of a first-class player at this time. The output card aiming at Ke's ghost card is a wave of fierce aggression!

The consequence of Master Li's failure to recover treatment is that the rat directly attacked the whole map group, knocking out all cards with a lot of blood, while letting cards with less than 30% of blood directly die!

It turns out Tang Mu Zhou has had this idea since the beginning.

He took full advantage of the features of the dynamic scene map and forced Xie Mingzhe's massive uncontrolled and uncontrolled skills in the early stages, until the whole group bled out at a critical moment, he used dark cards to reduce the opponent's treatment volume, then used the monster's full-group attack and Xu Changfeng's output to force the death of Ke's ghost card.

Too much rhythm!

Song Jiang is a blood medal that can protect his own. Liu Bei can resist a critical attack, but the problem is, Master Li's treatment did not add up. What can he do if the ghost medal is directly subjected to the scene BOSS seconds?!

From this moment on, Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke were completely passive. Tang Muzhou and Xu Changfeng used the chain control field method, constantly used mass control skills to interfere, one by one to solve Xie Mingzhe's auxiliary cards. Xie Mingzhe's hidden secret card Yanqing also did not play a role.

First inning, Tang Mu Zhou Sheng!

Seeing this result, I felt a little sad in my heart and didn't dare to speak.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath, "I thought his secret card might carry a control or output card. I didn't expect, it's just a simple and simple buff aid card that reduces the healing effect... Brother, he really thought carefully, considering every unexpected situation, he played calmly from beginning to end, this game is really the teaching of ultimate control field play. ”

Yike Ke can only idly sum up: "… well, your brother… is really good. ”

But isn't it a good idea for you to brag about your opponent like that in the middle of a game? How can you blame him so naturally?

He's got a blank face.

Xie Mingzhe also found herself exaggerating too naturally, touching her nose and smiling, quickly changing her mouth: “He is strong, but we can't let him bully us. He treats the finalists in the first inning, hitting us with three monsters' dynamic forest maps... lose, I admit it. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to lose the second inning at 0: 2? ”

Yike Ke continued to blind his face: “It doesn't seem... humiliating, does it? ”

Xie Mingzhe rubbed his little buddy's head and corrected: “Why aren't you ashamed? Forget about that game. From the beginning! ”

Brother Archer Kwak's tone, Tsk, see you tomorrow!