[Chapter 340, Celestial Monarchs]

Qin Xuan just finished the loving hate effect of the couple card. Next, he also has to do the special effect of the seal series. Jiang Ziteeth fishing rod, Yang Xuan's asthmatic dog, which family of Fabao, Xie Mingzhe gave him another big project.

Good thing he didn't have to compete in a personal contest and had plenty of time. At the same time as making the card special effects, he can familiarize himself with Xie Mingzhe's new assistant cards - such as Kang Zi Teeth, Qian Yi, Seven Fairies, etc. which will be handed over to him for operation, he must master the use of each card, remember the effect of each skill and the cooling time.

Create your own card special effects to enhance your memory.

The full batch of card effects was completed in mid-September, and the individual team race is nearing its end.

Chen Xiao lost 1: 2 to Liu Jingxu in Group B, beat Qiao Xi and Zhen Mun in 2: 1, and went into the top 16 with the Group's second achievement. Group A's side, self-defeated Zheng Feng and Xu Xingtu, but defeated Xiaotian, the newcomer to Ghost Prison in alarm. Although he was in third place in the group, he could not enter the top 16, but he could win one game, and he was satisfied.

Wei Xiaotian was the winner of the "Best Rookie Award" last season. The ghost prison focused on cultivating rookies. It was surprising that Ko actually beat him at 2: 1. Nirvana's teammates were also very surprised. Everyone went to the scene to watch that game and was almost scared by Ko Feng's sharp beating - Ko was really progressing fast this time, and his overnight training every night was not in vain!

After the group tournament, everyone happily went to eat, and Chen Qianlin did the hosting.

At the dinner, Xie Mingzhe raised his cup and said: "Congratulations, Brother Chen is in the top 16! ”

Chen Xiao smiled, “The group is lucky, and I will try my best to move forward. ”

Xiao Ke was sure to be eliminated, but he had nothing to complain about. After all, all the top 16 players in the individual race were in the league, and Chen was happy to get in, "Chen Goo represents Nirvana. Go ahead. I don't have to prepare a personal match next, Chul. Can I see your new card? I'm dying of curiosity these days! ”

“See.” Xie Mingzhe simply opened his light brain and found out what he had recently done with his Immortal card, "he said. ”

Chen Xiao and Yue Ke's head clumped together, looking at a card skill description in the light brain, Sanguan suddenly broke.

Chen Xiaojin looked at Xie Mingzhe with complexity and did not speak. Yu Ke was a straight temper and threw up directly: “So many love cards? What do you mean," sad to be single "? What's so sad about being single? I'm still single! ”

Qin Xuan: “…” He thought so too.

Chen Qianlin: “…” Master is single, Master is not sad at all.

When I saw the "Legend of the White Snake" series, I couldn't help but exclaim: “Love hate hate is wonderful, white vegetarian is so beautiful, why can't the Snake Demon be with humans? This Fahai really cares about business. Su-jin Bai is so miserable. He was pressed under the tower..."

When he saw the family, he stared incredibly: “Wait, the family is hunting each other? Return the flesh to your father and bring it back to life. Isn't that a rogue skill? ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “Of course I'm a scoundrel. No scoundrel. How dare you hit my card maker LOGO? ”

Yike Ke: “...............”

Anyone who can say “rogue” so honestly is also Xie Mingzhe.

Yike Ke held Xie Mingzhe's light brain and seriously counted the cards marked "Immortal Family”. After counting them, his eyes lit up violently. “Ah Zhe, your Immortal Family cards have exceeded 30 cards, do you meet the conditions of Immortal Family Independence Classification? ”

This sentence also attracted Chen Xiaozhe's attention. He immediately took over the light brain from the metaphor Ke. Carefully counting, the immortal card did exceed 30 cards. Chen Xiaozhe looked at Xie Mingzhe with a smile: “Ah Zhe, you are too efficient, right? When to submit for review? ”

“I still have a few new cards to do, no later than next week.” Xie Mingzhe.

“And make a new card?” Ask yourself curiously, "is that a series of cards? ”

“Well, these are the Star Kings.” Seeing as Ke Manchu looked at himself confused, Xie Mingzhe explained patiently, "A long time ago, the technology of human society was not so developed, people's perception of the cosmic stars was limited, so imagine the sun and moon stars in heaven as fairies. My card is that the stars evolved into fairies, called ‘stars'. ”

“Oh, oh.” I nodded and said, "I still don't get it. ”

“...” Don't you see what you're nodding? Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but grin and rub his head. It felt like a chicken talking to a duck.

The people of this era have been high-tech societies since birth, with hovering highways everywhere, human footprints all over many famous galaxies in the universe, and no one connects the stars to the fairies.

However, the official Star Card only restricts card data. There are no strict rules on the idea of making cards. There is no need to mind natural science constraints. If cards are truly made according to common sense, there will be no ghost cards, demon cards, or a butterfly to kill a lion.

Xie Mingzhe can safely and boldly make the Star Monarch Series cards as long as he can set them straight.

Chen Qiao said with interest: "Xingjun? I guess I get it, it's the Immortals of the Star Incarnation. How many are you going to do this time? ”

Brother Chen was still better at communicating. Xie Mingzhe ignored the metaphor of meditation while scratching his head beside him. He smiled and said to Chen Xiao: “This time, make a set of cards, a total of seven. There are also a few scatter cards, I hurry to finish, first give the Immortals independence. ”

Chen Xiao nodded with appreciation: "If you make a card, I'll take care of the personal competition. ”

Individual projects, other clubs have several players in the top 16, Nirvana only has Chen Xiao one unique seedling left, the top 16 elimination is just the beginning, Chen Xiao wants to go further, it is better to get an award back, so that you can afford to give up individually focused cards.

* * *

Over the next few days, Chen Xiao continued to devote himself to preparing for the personal competition. Qin Xuan was busy making special effects of the card. Xie Mingzhe continued to make new cards. Boring metaphorical cards were also arranged by Chen Qianlin. One by one, he was familiar with Xie Mingzhe's recently made immortal cards.

In ancient times, when people studied astronomy, they always liked to use mythological stories to interpret the changes in the sun and moon stars in the sky. Many stars were conceived as various fairies, the most famous of which was "Beidou Seven Stars".

These are seven gods, based on the prototype of "Beidou Seven Stars”: "Greedy Wolf”, "Giant Gate”, “Locust", “Cultural Song”, “Integrity”, “Martial Arts” and “Breaking Army”.

Each of the seven of them had different functions, and Xie Mingzhe designed their skills according to the legendary characteristics of the seven star monarchs.

The Sirius King is a wise star, a star of peace, symbolizing a strong and powerful "ability to govern and manage", and at some point he will institutionalize people in the way of descent, giving them hope for peace. There have been several legends in history about the death of coyotes and the end of the war, and this card is ideal as a control field aid.

The greedy wolf belongs to Yang, but the properties of the star card world are only gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and no yin and yang, so in setting the card properties, Xie Mingzhe attributed the greedy wolf to the earth system due to the blood volume ceiling.

Greedy Wolf Star King (earthly)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1800, Attack 0, Defense 1800, Agility 0, Critical 0%

Additional Skills: Star of Wisdom (Sirius Greedy is the Star of Wisdom in the Immortal Realm, with a strong ability to rule and manage, he can choose any hostile target within 23 meters and force his opponent to unleash a skill he carries; cooldown: 60 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Greedy Wolf Born (When there is a constant war in the world, Greedy Wolf Star can come to life at the necessary moment, giving you hope for peace - Greedy Wolf Star lands from the Immortal Realm to the ground, all hostile and friendly targets within 23 meters stop attack for 3 seconds; cooldown time 60 seconds)

Force the opposite card to play skills and instantly disrupt the opposite rhythm. For example, when the opposite party is full of blood, let the other party increase the treatment card group, and waste one group directly. When we open the invincible, let the opposite output card enlarge the trick, which is also a waste of the opponent's skills. While this dominant technique works only for single targets, it is very powerful in action and flexible to operate.

Jumen Xingjun, as the "god of right and wrong”, he is in charge of the mouth dispute, he can "quench the gas into darkness”, if it falls into the human world, he will play the light of his “god of right and wrong”, and become the master of the debate with excellent mouth.

The Giant Gate Star is Yin. The Star Card Game does not have the "Yin Yang” attribute. It is also designed as a Earthbound Card due to blood volume considerations.

Jumen Star Monarch (Earth System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic attributes: HP 1800, ATK 0, DEF 1800, AGI 0, CRIT 0%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: It's not hard to tell (Jumen Xingjun is the "god of right and wrong”, between the cards is right and wrong, he can make the right distinction; once the enemy cards are fighting, Jumen Xingjun can ask them to pause fighting, ask the resentment between them, and then tell everyone who is right and who is wrong, the question lasts 5 seconds; cooldown time is 30 seconds)

Additional Skills: Gas to Darkness (Jumen Xingjun has the ability to "Gas to Darkness” and is good at shielding other people's light and revealing his own. When the Giant Gate Star opens its skill, the glow shines around your body, the light of other cards will be completely obscured, and all skills released by hostile cards within 23 meters will be rendered ineffective for 3 seconds; cooling time 60 seconds)

This super powerful auxiliary card, as a group aid, can be used for 3 seconds as invincible, it can also render the opposite treatment skill ineffective, convenient for me to push forward fire; as a single aid, once our blood medal is hunted down by the opposite card, he can force everyone to stop fighting Ask the merits, the card being questioned is expected to die of anger - what is the grievance? This is a game. Killing your cards still needs a grudge?

If you really want to resent me - the public enemy of the card industry is your Xie Mingzhe!

The third star, "Locust Star King”, is a great auspicious star, five rows of subordinate territory. It is said that he has the function of victimizing the good fortune and relieving the bad fortune, and that he is also in charge of fortune, and that folk worshipping his people will make a fortune.

Lu Jin Xing Jun (earthly system)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1800, ATK 0, DEF 1800, AGI 0, CRIT 0%

Additional Skills: Ji Xing Tao Xing (As the Great Ji Xing of Beidou Qi Xing Jun, Lu Jing Xing Jun can improve good luck and reduce bad luck. When he opens the "Ji Xing Tao Xing" skill, the luck of our export cards within 23 meters increases by 50%; the luck of enemy export cards decreases by 50%; the cooldown time is 40 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Financial resources roll (Lu Jinxingjun is in charge of fortune, and those he protects can make a fortune. Luo Jin Xingjun applies the "Financial Roll” status to the designated Friend target, which requires cards to store props, which will speed up the prop storage speed by 200% for 10 seconds; cooling time by 30 seconds)

This card can be used with “Storage Props” cards. For example, Hua Zheng needs to store "hemp boiling”, Dong Yong needs to store “drugs”, Queen Wang also needs to store "Pantao”. After being held by the financial resources rolling, these cards will double the speed of storage props, and the ability to treat/protect in the fierce battle of the group will be improved by a step.

Beidou Fourth Star “Wen Qu Xing Jun” is a five-line tree. This is one of the most familiar Beidou Seven Star Jun. Wen Qu Xing is in charge of literature and transportation. In ancient times, the talents who wrote the article well and took the exam of the superior Yuan were considered by Wen Qu Xiaofan. Later, the folk also prayed to Wen Qu Xing, hoping that future generations would take the exam to a good university. A man of good taste is said to have the blessing of Venus Star.

This Xingjun's card image design, Xie Mingzhe became a stylish “civilized inker” look, and added the traditional elements of "pen, ink, paper, yam” to the design, symbolizing the divine identity of his director of “literature”.

Wen Quxing (wood system)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 600, Attack 1200, Defense 600, Agility 30, Critical 30%

Additional Skills: Pen ink paper yam (Wen Qu Xingjun is in charge of Wen Yun, said to have a good hand in Wen Qu Xingjun, who can write a good word is protected by Wen Qu Xingjun, he has pen, ink, paper, yam in his hand, can switch to use at any time, the interval of switching is 15 seconds ——

Pen, Wen Quxing can manipulate brushes, write characters separately, causing 80% group damage to hostile targets in the writing path, writing lasts 5 seconds;

Ink, Wen Qu Xingjun spilled dark ink to the designated 23 × 23 meters area, leaving all cards in this area in front of a dark spot, losing vision for 3 seconds;

Paper, Wen Quxing magnifies the smooth paper to 23 × 23 meters, lays it on the ground, covers the pond, trap and all other terrain, and accelerates all enemy and friendly card groups located on the paper by 500%, the paper disappears after 5 seconds;

Yan: Wen Quxing knocked the giant Yan Tai into the designated single target, inflicting 200% Critical Damage on the target and stunning for 3 seconds)

This card will be very flexible to use, pen ink paper yarn can be switched randomly, you can always write with a pen when you need group output, and the single output can smash the yarn table; you need control field to use ink to remove the opposite field of view multiple times, necessary terrain to pave the road with paper group acceleration.

Due to too flexible a skill design, Venus has low underlying properties and is prone to being killed. Of course, he can hide behind the team and output or control the field with the protection of his teammates.

The fifth star, "Integrity Star King”, belongs to fire, also known as “star killing”, "prisoner”, “killing” in ancient times represents his personality impulse, he does things without his brain, so he often acts with some "evil temper”; while "prisoner” refers to him being too proud, easy to go to extremes, sometimes always painting the ground as a prison, wanting to walk alone.

Pure Virtue Star King (Fire System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 800, Attack 1800, Defense 800, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Killer Integrity (Integrity Star King is impulsive, prone to rage, known as “Star Killer," which automatically enters the rage state when he turns on his skills, increasing his Attack, Attack Speed, Critical Damage by 50% for 10 seconds; cools down for 30 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Painting is a prison (Integrity Star is proud of himself, never bows his head and does things extremely well. When Lian Zhenshengjun opens his "Painting as Prison” skill, he will circle a cage in the range of 7 × 7 meters. All cards will not leave this cage. He will attack hostile targets in the cage many times, increasing the value of anger, attack power and attack speed by an additional 10% for each target killed. He will stop the attack unless he dies in action or the hostile targets in the range are killed; cooldown time is 60 seconds)

This is a small harvest card, but it also serves to isolate the battlefield.

When Lian Zhenxing opened his violent state as a prison, the card circled across the street should be cautious, either killed by him or killed him together as soon as possible - either you die, or I die, and the extreme of what honesty does is reflected in the card design.

The sixth star "Wu Qu Xing Jun” five lines of gold. If the talents of ancient high school primaries are all beneath Wen Qu Xing, then the name of the enemy and the war kung fu Herr will naturally be beneath Wu Qu Xing. Wu Qu Xing is in charge of the martial arts of the people who practice martial arts in the world. It is said that the character of Xing Jun himself is also strong and resolute.

Wuqu Xingjun (Golden System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1500, Attack 500, Defense 1500, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Zhongyung Star (Wuqiu Xingjun takes charge of "Wuqiu" and all highly aggressive cards are loved by him. When Wuqiu Xingjun uses his skills, all output card skill cooling within 10 meters of his friends is reset immediately. If an output card itself has a "skill reset” setting or linkage technique, he will not be able to enjoy the skill reset effect again; cooldown time is 90 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Wuqiu Xingjun is very appreciative of the cards that set him up. When any of our cards kills hostile targets, Wuqiu Xingjun can open his skills to award the card. The card that kills the enemy is protected by Wuqiu Xingjun and immunizes any control and damage skills for the next 2 seconds; cooldown time is 30 seconds)

Wuquxing is the star in charge of force. As long as he excels in attacking cards, he will give the cards the greatest help. 1 Skill cooling reset can help teammates fight a wave of explosions; 2 Skills leave the friendly forces that kill the enemy out of control, harvesting cards can achieve serial kills.

The seventh star, the Broken Star King, is called the "consuming star” and the five rows belong to water. The purpose of the Broken Army is to fight and destroy, meaning “break first and stand back”. The Broken Army Star King is also the most powerful star of the Seven Star Kings of Beidou.

Pokémon Star Monarch (Water System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 600, Attack 2000, Defense 600, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Strike the Battlefield (Broken Soldier Star is one of the most beloved fighters in the Battle of the Seven Stars Army, and whenever the war triggers, he always loves to rush to the front as a pioneer - as soon as Broken Soldier turns on his skills, he instantly moves to the front of the battlefield causing 300% of all enemy targets within 5 meters of each other a group Critical Damage Stun for 1 second; cooldown time 35 seconds)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Unbreakable (The Shield is extremely destructive and he believes in the "unbreakable" logic. When a shield of any property within the 23-metre range exists, the Shield can be immediately broken at a distance by spell and copied to any single card designated by us; cooling time is 60 seconds)

The design of the seven Star Monarch cards is complete, and the design of the Immortal cards has been overdone.

But Xie Mingzhe decided to design another Immortal Card, which is the essential power of the Immortal Realm - Jade Emperor.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 341, Immortal Card Completion]

Jade Emperor is the highest ruler in heaven. Folklore thinks that he is in charge for thirty-six days and subordinates seventy-two places. Whether it is a god in heaven, a ghost in the underworld, or a mortal human being, a flower, a tree, a flying bird and a walking beast, all are subject to his control. He is also the most powerful god in heaven.

Since the Jade Emperor is the supreme ruler in heaven, playing cards across the street with his own hands is a bit excessive. Xie Mingzhe's design idea for this card is the same as the original haunted ruler " All Emperors” for Ko - designed to summon cards and let him summon Heavenly Soldiers to assist in the battle.

Jade Emperor (Golden System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Rating:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 800, ATK 1800, DEF 800, AGI 30, CRIT 30%

Additional Skills: Emperor Weiyi (Passive/Defined Skills: Jade Emperor is the highest authority in the heavens. When the Jade Emperor card arrives on the field, the light flashes around him. All hostile and friendly targets in the whole scene are deterred by his Weiyi. Collectively stop all actions and look up to the Emperor's Weiyi for 2 seconds. Each match is automatically triggered and only triggered once)

Additional Skills: Celestial Soldier Heavenly General (Jade Emperor can command the elite forces of the heavenly realm, he summons a group of Celestial Soldier Heavenly to assist in the battle, Celestial Soldier Heavenly will be able to reach any terrain such as sky, water, ground, etc., without terrain restrictions, inflict a 300% mass critical damage on the designated hostile target within 23 meters, and forcibly bring the designated single card within the range back to Heavenly Palace for Jade Emperor to fall; cooling time 40 seconds)

Additional Skills: Golden Toddler Jade Girl (There is a lovely pair of Golden Toddler Jade Girls beside Jade Emperor, and Golden Toddler can follow the designated Immortal target to resist damage for 5 seconds; Jade Girl can follow the designated Immortal target to restore 20% of her blood volume per second for 5 seconds; Golden Toddler Jade Girl appears on the target to resist all damage for 5 seconds and instantly recovers full blood; Summons Golden Toddler Jade Girl for 30 seconds)

1 Skill In a different way: watch my Jade Emperor shine, and look up at it at equal speed!

2/3 skills are summoning moves, one output is an aid, the Jade Emperor summons heavenly soldiers and the Golden Boy Jade Girl, and both the Great Emperor summons various children.

After the completion of the Jade Emperor card, Xie Mingzhe made another fairy, the Third Lady of Huayue, also known as the "Three Virgins", who is the nephew of Jade Emperor, Yang Xuan's own sister, Shenxiang's mother.

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor's own sister falls in love. The Jade Emperor presses her sister under the Peach Mountain for the face of heaven and the rules of heaven. Yang Xiaoshan rescued her mother. She is also forced to reincarnate herself and finally become a fairy. His sister, the Three Virgin Marys, later repeated the same mistake. She also fell in love with the scholar Liu Xian and gave birth to a heavy incense. When Shen Xiang grew up, she regained her mother's pharmacopoeia “Pauline lamp” and again chopped the mountain to save her mother.

The Holy Virgin is a gentle and beautiful fairy who resides in Xiyue Huashan. During the dry weather, she will call for the wind to summon rain and help the people. She will also do her best to rescue the floods. Under her care, the wind and rain in Huashan region are smooth and the five valleys of Fengdeng. The people are grateful to her and honor her as the "Third Lady of Huayue”.

The Three Virgins keep the Lady's Pharaoh "Pauline Lamp”, nine inches tall, clean and white, and the base is like a blooming lotus flower, like ice and snow. This magic treasure is powerful and powerful. In total, it has seven petals with the ability to heal the wounded and to protect the Numen of the irregular dead from resurrection, while at the same time it cleanses the world of all turbidity and leads everything in the world everywhere.

The Bao Lotus lamp is very sophisticated. Each petal of Lotus Flower is carefully painted. The snow-white Bao Lotus lamp is held in the hands of the beautiful and gentle Three Virgin Marys, who also rely on it to assist their teammates.

Three Holy Mothers (Water System)

Level: Level 1

Evolution Star Level:

Number of uses: 1/1

Basic Attributes: HP 1200, Attack 0, Defense 1200, Agility 30, Critical 30%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Pauline Lamps (The Three Virgins keep the super powerful Pharaoh “Pauline Lamps” in the heavens, the Paolone Lamps have different effects. The Three Virgins can throw the Paolone Lamps to any area and choose one of the functions of the Pharaoh Lamps at will: 1. The Paolone Lamps emit a soft green light, illuminating the 23m area and instantly returning 50% blood to the target in the area; 2. The Paolone Lamps' Lamps The core emits a red light to revive the card of abnormal death immediately, and the revival skill must be used after 10 minutes; 3. A pure white light appears around the Pauline lamp, which decontaminates the world and clears all negative states within 23 meters; 4. The Pauline lamp floats in the air and leads any designated card to its side; the interval between the use of the other skills of the Pauline lamp is 15 seconds, the revival skill interval 10 minutes.Every time you use one of the lotus petals on the base turns black, when all seven petals turn black, the Pauline lamp loses its power and returns to its initial state after 3 minutes of cooling)

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: One human lamp (When the blood volume of the three Virgin Marys is below 20% in an extremely dangerous state, she can choose "One human lamp” to merge herself with the Pauline lamp, all seven petals of the Pauline lamp turn black in the moment of the merger, all functions fall into cooling, the Pauline lamp acts as a pharmacopoeia, immunizing any control and attack skills. After 3 minutes, the three Virgin and Pauline lamps return to position, the three Virgin Marys return to full blood, refreshing all of the Pauline lamp spell skills; limited skill, only one match can be used)

The lamp of the three Virgin Marys is very powerful, the auxiliary functions are complete and the control is very flexible, so the blood volume design of the three Virgin Marys themselves is considered low in the auxiliary card, but the skills of the human lamp together guarantee her second life, so she can live a little longer in action to help her teammates.

After “Jade Emperor” and “Three Virgin Marys”, Xie Mingzhe sorted out all the Immortal cards currently made -

Ancient gods: Pangu, Female, Volkswagen, Shennong, Water God, Fire God blessing, a total of 6 sheets.

The medals made during the western tour: such as Buddha Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Send Son Guanyin, Queen Mother Wang, Moon Elder, and Princess Iron Fan, who built the fairy of the earth, total 6 cards.

Lu Dongbin and 8 other Baxian series cards.

Thunder Gung, Electric Motor, Uncle Feng, Rainmaster, Weather Series 4 cards.

Weavers, Eugene, Seven Fairies in Mythological Legendary Cards, 3 of which belong to the Immortals.

Feng Shen Series: Jiang Ziteeth, Tu Xing Sun, Yang Xuan, Which Xuan family, total of 7 sheets.

Big Dipper Seven Star King, Jade Emperor, Three Virgin Marys, total of 9.

So far, Xie Mingzhe has produced 43 fairy cards - far exceeding the “30" threshold for racial independence.

Of course, the fairy world still has a lot of materials to make cards, but those supreme gods who are higher than the Jade Emperor, such as Yuan Tianjin, Xie Mingzhe feared doing poorly would humiliate these mythological characters, and did too much to pass the examination, so why not touch them?

And those scattered fairies, he didn't want to do it again until he thought of the right skills.

He also needs to make up a final batch of character cards, finish Nekachi as soon as possible, and let his teammates start training in action. The time left to him was very tight. He simply increased the number of cards. He didn't have time to practice cooperating. He couldn't take it to the field to fight. How can the opponent do it without attacking his own people first?

It is time for the official review of the classification of "Immortals". It is also a matter of mind to determine as soon as possible.

Xie Mingzhe handed all 43 Immortal cards to Qin Xuan.

A week later, Qin Xuan completed the special effects, and Xie Mingzhe hurried to submit the long-written "Card Independent Race - Immortal Race Review Application Form. ”

There are 43 Immortal cards and 7 new cards: Dong Yong, Niu Lang, Zhuang, Bai Suzhen, Xu Xian, Xiaoqing and Fahai.

This time, 50 cards were submitted directly.

There are classification reviews for old cards and data/skill reviews for new cards, which is really troublesome for official datalogists!

Fairy cards do this temporarily, if there are too many cards, this book will never be finished, 42 cards are enough, it is impossible to do all the fairies, my hair is going to fall out!

Official datagrapher: 50 sheets?? I have an MMP that I don't know if I want to talk about.